Wednesday, October 18th

We get a call from a P1 who isn't exactly comfortable with pulling his girl's hair: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Hello don't let me ask you. Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. Three point freedom planning acts. And don't break your. Orange. I try to do expansion. All I mean you can read is slam is Andre Leon I'm. Go home break in my high. Italians go way up to me. All I really cannot fill my goal. I'm gay or even. Event time. It's rough. I was I had known how is your. No I. Losing. I gave you. I was so forever the American center and yeah. Upgrades its. Point of all that it's easy break in Montreal I shot. It's easily avoided doing in June. Dollar break in my heart of a single number moss. It's really very soon you will alienate I traveled down as. Is she know. Those saying this and Elton John TV once. This pretty clearly there because I'll keep everything maybe you're using the easy part yeah I mean that's our job. So Jay-Z handyman and he kinky. How we're doing absolves. She's they were doing they all of our children can't say anything you need advice about as we. And I'm making stuff ultra Osama images and Matt. Illegally gotten a lot of good advice for a lot of people a lot of problems this morning but this is it's our last segment of grizzlies have gotten used to do ingenious way to our question. It doesn't always go back down. This very advice saying is it's an email says ask him on a show it to guys who think he's saying well. Signed page note. I think we say yeah we were RR RKE output if somebody is any other. Morning chip I think one. They do why I think you want and they'll always as we try to swerve with the you know who's to whom all meet out sweep all current era so beloved in the song that. Thank you play 1077. Ford below 93180774. Double 093 all of us all the time today will start first went. Morbidly obese trucker from Estonia good morning. They're good morning Larry how good thank you for waiting patiently. For all the time. You know I didn't know nobody else play you're sent an album he'll be out in time to present. Rejoice perfect so as a trucker. You had some you get some thoughts on that last guy pulled. Didn't forgive me if he normally didn't sound but I also developing into it then. But he did. His arms and compact. Home. Eat eat eat and turn it down there and myself obviously. I'm going to Indonesia and it the fourteen hour today. It tears start then its 6 in the morning here are the main home until later on tonight. On the offense coming into this film. It's all different courses as McNamara locals. Yeah I sing I don't. They London but it is true single guy that should be their lives and may be here you know the answer to that last oddly he's got a wife and kids at home that's kind of needs. So tell me. Not a problem to say that I'm not normally in the in home it's not due until a pin on here. He's all of these signs are getting oil up and normally I'm in the it. As evidently in Miami. This job here either. Appear fully involved into that you love it or heard you don't. Can be deployed street friendly it is they're not supported I'm not saying not. Look at they're not support about it or they don't understand they're really young kid. You know it might be time to step out of the trap for a little bit money's great. I just couldn't exactly tell you enjoyed that side of it but it's not because he's not spend time home. You probably don't need to be Elmer you know he announced. Leads the experts. Sort I didn't about him but but but but listen more delay at least soccer. Thank you sir I don't know I became the one name and a lot yeah it's a great learning that we really isn't one thing do you lose serve here. It is. Oh yeah. It is our morning. And a the good. Let it come back again I'll send convoys for kids who don't pay counselor for all comers worse or error remember much darker name. Rubber blanket rubber blanket you know as you see big panel and a but I remembered I. Let's get a two miles a national. Miles good morning. Are you are. We are here yes sir there's more good ways theology I show what do you need advice about her do you wanna comment on some monitors. You know aren't sorry that's out. There aren't used to them. Are gonna give her cute girl and she's. Well I think essential. This is sixth straight and so literally had to deal with before. I do. First take a deep breath wore off friends there in a you know why today dual this'll be. How does not make finer Hinkle is there any of that stuff but mainly what that well we'll turn subways Michael. I'm. Let's start first hello you damn well this girl. Well we've been. Initiate certain short aren't too bad dream and it's. Of them now and it ends. Retrograde chip status. When. Or Internet like a rock and dust. It is consistent or that our drug that is that. I can tell you said Lori answer it pat down my engineer in any thing Iraq yet. But maybe you're just taking your words to you realize you're on radio I get that. Now he he said your name now are you not to you know Ashley are you not worried that she may hear this served pituitary together somehow. That she's been numb Putin grad school. Realistic choice here. Grad school. Middlemen and they're college is admitting now that of your talent Paramount so anyway OK so why we don't have to worry about her here in this OK so when you say she like Sarah. He talked in this actually speaking gave me an example the radio friendly wise. What was her thing. Pure. Pure example. Great Britain. Make really really hard. Now down. Got a long hair because she didn't HM short hair Kennedy it's kind of difficult. Mean this would be where did you shoot nothing more. Than. Yeah yeah it felt longer. Struck blogger in it and picked up. She's asking for I'm not mean that in a matter at all and that long don't read into that I didn't mean it like that around. Yeah so picky she learned very occur. Until order yeah. And it's so you say this is an area of the bedroom are may be an activity in the bedroom knew they never done before I would sell was. What was the roughest thing you've done when these been intimate. Climbing like. Strangled after an hour. I would talk and now we open. Did she ask you to. Ed did despair and you mentioned in their hard very. It is is sheets I just kind of it has you know and so are. It is not nice. I'm saving all android's get a match. Merrill at least you is where it was Elijah. Or was it liar who. Cart Eric Aaron Burr oaks. Yeah mr. Walsh Graham has certain they Hambrecht. I'll are able you know we are you gonna dark hair pageant permit afterwards it's do in the rub his bruised yeah. A atrocity that. I learned that's real sand on it clearly did yeah yeah. Yeah I know. Today is Amy penny sprinkles and and she would get strength and then the I would I would rub it will solve SpinRite we hear her skin was Aggies getting used to that awarded it why come and give her enough when in many drama again rules. Mom yeah it is expected now but. Delegate what to. So what is she saying hey pull my hair or C a sudden we put that pig tailed man in your face is our it. For that the. Plus he's. No she achieved she executed they've made. Have been carried out there are forest. Kind of warrior Robert order. So she's she but she sent you your automatic and she's played Kamal pull my hair when did you just say no or did you. I don't know did you give little Tug. I'm the army and I. I hate I wanted to I gave birth right. It's just achievement she was upset. Search center in court or not. Yeah. For real right now miles like honest to god I mean I don't know. Economic funnies and stand hearing them you know you're very timid sounding awkward you talk about being intimate now we're dumb yeah. I'm trying to if you can bring these tax winners in the us right now they they're regular. Hi I'm all models whether I'm making fun here now from us so what what it's you're like. It's just weird that's all it just kind of weird to do it right. I don't get the pain thing I've ever break. I used to be the same damn way I sure did I sure that I don't have any hair poll took a time. I'm I've done I've done some pullen and hair. AJ I mean what you know when he first said Schlesinger told you look ha I don't now it sounds like are you a fan sees a tiger he's a kitten sandbag and the tigers' title that year alone racing all yeah but they are well written. I already sleep at all on the phone moment now back. Where I've just concerted Blake because this is like go over like a lot of court to heart. Like you know reportedly are worksheet they really injured in public you know she's blood Honduran in my. Accelerant course Sarah. Wherever yeah I'm still believe in good. We don't have to you laugh but Todd you know will he even call her my girls died every white girl I see now I look mapping and ask expansions. What is tied it alone and ask her she likes and she says yes still a little longer you have the. Girl from Kenny Mann was again the arcade and the but the so GE. Delicate little flowers in you don't wanna sit here hey except. They're not the know how do you know that hole and. Did you shades of gray that a lot of women already felt that way and then it made little more mainstream Fareed is ally they get spank or hit my hair pulled age is there any pain in and in the bedroom that you enjoy. Why are right. I'm talking tell the page I gotta get a woman's perspective here and. Having some fun facts then you know he poster Harold Denton. Now does a different positions are to speak it's fun yeah. You know he doesn't Lamine seen as not to hurt you re right now I'm like these things things. It's not like hard and her seed has to think he Agassi is point now because she's not pull my hair and is that why how hard. Well listen to ladies on this when they want to show our viewers anybody says it safe word egos or an article that way if you start. If you go to hardship but it you know and she probably will anyway. That's a great point and it plus I've always said this you know people to enemies of how recent did say here's a quick here's an answer for it. Don't ask don't saying that you may Cooley here do it watch her reaction watch her body language outcome anything you do and hers in new. Right you trash that new owner if she if her body this compulsion is in a good way like she's. I roll back undertaker keep doing the price he's like you're just arguing if you want your cook a meal you'd be right. I'm sure sir kinda put it she's like you know if her body says no load then you you know OK this is in place but. Say Ford's fair and that helped it would make sense I mean you hacks and passion of wholesome are carrying this that would meet the person that you do right yeah but she's asking for you know she's safe and. Like. He usually does so he's choice for what you wish your drive there would this let's say miles you have to either have. Hi candle wax poured on your your room naked butt cheeks or clothes pins on an apple pro Israel which I origins of these choice one out. You have to do. Which when you go and. I guess I'd have to do it. Clothes and some nibbled. I'm the last wanted to legs and hands on me. What comes from last night but it didn't really ever have yeah. Don it's right. I now. No one million faced down NASA knows my name. But I think once you need to do here is say he had to get a say Ford beat. You gotta you gotta do what's your partner what she did do an in this you know she said hey punch me in the face okay did I. Conversation yeah I mean that you're can be due within reason obviously is they're playing. He's everything you wanted to did you never try and do a great question and we talk union allies in the mirror and there. I don't live there and has an artist for. When hurry inside threats and you do threesome. Even then. No are like they're saying Howard's Pentagon's. Now is how much is yeah you're a missionary was good people. You know look really hard here young's. Time to fix this I mean what did you lose your virginity late last miles. We are. Now. After an average. I would just you know say look I I am. I understand you want this I wanna do this for you. But I'm concerned I may not know my own strength I might be getting into it so much it yeah I don't wanna I don't scalp. So that come out with a word you know say okay here's my work. And then when you hear that word it means don't do it as order may be stopped for bit. Yeah arm then again exactly what Matt was say about paying attention. You pay attention Victor how people respond to things remain its. Hard and true yeah are used mostly focused on men anyway but not many people can figure out that's what supposed to do right. About baseball for about stranger there needs that accomplish the same thing. Actually yeah actually probably turn awards couple over so well second. Yeah it. I great you heard marble with me woman to turn him off and I. I really very little cards aren't and a little more territory but no doubt that aren't so we could. That's what you nodding unite against a did you you're concerned you're gonna murder and I get that I mean did you edges and these people they're all all in the pain and stuff. You know the digital like picking out saints win that a chain that it's not. I always I mean again there is leave our customers they're professionals but here. Yeah you know when you talk about some is as simple. As a hair pull kinda thing yet just watcher my language if you eat on the scalp or page either pull my hair out in time to time we'll tough path and it looked unless. Really dead birds and got a bright. Thing where you might see read some times and black out and of Waco will handle other people's hair hamburgers that's true until he got some kind of condition. Now watch after that monopolize. Does this poll. Yeah. I'm miles pillow and everything. Thank you unseen. And obviously a prisoner in her you really just don't enjoy it than any four year. And that's okay my case is you're very boring and the Mellon as long as your other people who are also right. Yeah there that's why they admitted subdivisions yeah this let's go to Jason in Belmont North Carolina. Jason to marry Eric. Or notre that he murdered. Our gang blank. Minds right now do you that I read. On. This sausages and how low or no I don't at all oh wait. One big black man. Around I. Thanks yeah I am very again and now weight loss surgery. I had better as spine surgery after that rob owls turned against me. They'll help me get a lot of weight often lagged the course of about three months they'll league a long way off and there are. I guess most but about a year before it started before the surgery there I started trying to do not drink all the sodas and stuff trying to cut back on on those mainly those. They are now I just straight right. Water and black coffee and you know maybe you also Maxtor sometimes. It may use yeah and he started smoking crack yeah but really what really motivated me was almost dying. And that's what did you have for me no more easy person. I already felt good minutes. There's stories there's a boring stories I don't like I don't want to browse good. I'm asserting that it's horrible answer the Arab. No doubt though I wish I was just hit us a list must help us. No I ordered. And I don't know. You know they're natural lake is honest to god Indy ads said this is zillion times when I first is solvent the change I said. Let me see them scars I did ask are you how do you know what any pulled up his shirt and then his pants any than ever. We coughed magazine he's gore the third one almost are Roma back guarantee on the Mets hit a dig dude I told him yesterday Toyota trying to add some kind of cook book. Earned Rome normal march it will use only girl in the forward owners. Mr. Ramirez the forward based on my experience has been I mean it is a good old tried and true you know. Eight and stuff that you know it's good you figure out Howard came from. And then you know under a lot of water he didn't need you can't do much water it's harder course leader board I that in some horrible story in the distance should. Yeah its interest mr. truth and an exercise in her and make sure you eat you need good factors. Yeah he's just Google let me look it up you need to figure out Rihanna. Maybe that will allow roles in my bathroom break out. I I guess the answer is so's I hope I just show up thank you for less concerned good morning up. Two months in his radio from one guy goes to fifteen years I was too much and just caught wind of us two months ago. Her kids or anybody what to eat because what you need each different from what I need to eat what family means to eat right are we all need to eat a delegate things to some extent sorry can't tell anybody what to eat I don't eat good but that's you know you don't you know what's good don't act like you don't as you know what's good morning. Yes indeed they did toughest and questions and lies have they easiest answer is yes. They did just that the answer is that we're not going to access how jets got a 1050 on the SAT. Skirted. UNJ break holy mall and why are you. What extract a black out. I didn't hole it's just listening is his teen years yeah zebras. And it started man let him out to have my actual data skewed employer. I am trying to run or stop and Brad Dougherty Jill Lara and Iraq and at that your own. Nobody. I'll just look I don't all right man he didn't get enough voter. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah I'm coming to try to like the price on our school. I got a little carried if they like that Dutch agitated tonight at bank policies he's an ankle yeah. Yeah exactly they're I don't know why don't you match. That's true and there's some truth. And less thankless on underneath the penny goes we need enough. Now not. I'm you want to just open your holiness you may notice that stigma you call them more often lose an outlet and our entire article at the college and it brought up about sport you guys you have some other time she. Mississippi delta and getting back and it takes a little else. You can do it. I don't know man I want my. Government out beyond that. And abroad pilgrimage to vote. They're out after the government whoever didn't want competition more strip club and without the knowledge and Hulk so that's kind of I don't balls roll. Analysts Miami got a little surge. Fascinate might get a top team a friend. Attitude that honest hard golf tournaments is to agree. The rise and that and mr. Bennett about mr. O'Hanlon wrote in an antidote to our surplus but he's and we are now don't get mad at you op via pastor pastor. I don't know. We're yeah Clinton last year's yeah. I missed it ever slept well take a break the sun will continue these deadlines and we still get tickets. To that Third Eye Blind will be given those away would nines TSA up will be given those away ninth here's a question that may be news right after this. It's the rise guys morning yeah with the. Thought he 93 point freedom. Right guys headlines with the age and you're big goal who. All right guys headlines Lutz and noted by comment and stayed armory meanwhile what's better than snakes on a plane. May never not shy phone rang and stepmother blank and snaked out of Compton surreal movie so watch out you ready for that. Snakes out of Compton snake out of Compton oh. Said what constraints that come. So here's the premise a rap group is on the verge of breaking through and a nerdy Steve are collecting my own kin. Actually I creates a giant snake that goes on Iran paints with kids and it's like a laser gun many points and a aquarium is meg as a laser guns it. Now they are looking kid until Lazard and importance and that the aquarium as college and then this may be canned super huge and takes over Compton. If you know snakes on a plane wasn't may have moved it. So who's finally. Is certainly not in the elk. You know shark made no real movie yet this year will not be now it's ridiculous put it down and remain under those things are. Brings foreign film I love that normal there's pair cubs who seemed to be in good fun Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke for training day. And you know Sam hell Alan Jackson was. He was the bomb and snakes on a plan the lines that he had made fine. Well this during his eight fired gender trailer now. Cop who. Surreal bird is bit of charter jet out of the sky so that is so they rent a miniature they make in Asia play on words and they really want Maine almost hidden life straight at accountants and I can't count our vision caddie became thing. That two soul plane who could forget Sony must suspect hydraulics on the airplane. Can sit. It's not a higher budget film airplane was purple to end and it stars know recognizable actors spending campaign. Undermines maybe I watched I did. Orange payroll. The give. Cropped. And you mentioned soul planned assault this new ball is gonna show criminal TBS is a game show he hosts this looks like tradition. An accelerant abdominal whistle fortunes ulcers dogs jumpers while Ari does not share through different name. What is that what is its distribution he knows oh assists likes or the top of what he wears a Woodson is jokers wild wasn't as old. CBS game ship normally if you card sharks haven't. Yeah. And yeah. I'm sorry this if you love the king talking about Elvis Presley that's about Lawler meant no sir I cannot since. Well you can biased piece of American history. You can purchase Elvis Presley's gallon. At say 38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and Scott beach. Taking care of business. Gold lightening bolt logo Sudan yak carved in the handles stories or do you arrest that I don't know I slick embassy also remember he'd get mad whenever is watching and shoot the television yeah and though it's on sale for America 95000 dollars if she's got some money to spend. As much a wrestling pay per view would somebody may power slam their TV. And I'm Harold and leave open the front door and threw it out. Some have to go down and get a guy pretty much have they view as ever to a point. How men the TV show how does on display go to build museum across the street from Graceland wash. And as a TV showing latest when he got an office at the trash heap outside is not making music and in his heyday they gave up back passionately and get them burned by god. Halter gown now a mostly available only wrong. It was sort of revenge RC ATV any shot it like wants Robert Goulet sang on TV one that's what it I'm Robert created an hour. So I didn't find you've had a memorial plume would molded into. Hey I am hitting every real hair there Israelis. Against Robert Goulet apparently had his. NC a spokesman for his whole museum it was courage sand but eldest chip shot that things are random basis in court. Who he was omen she can human every one off Q&A house. I do handle the holier junior real winner and non. Colonel or general colonel. Here is what this. Group is here related colonel Sanders at. Paid apps are how much is this gonna cost 95000. Dollars or write two checks today. And go fast yet does Elvis fans. Palin they migrate to Graceland every year they have his. Ellis is the. It's weird you know things are gestalt so for them much money because I personally would pay more for elvis' pistol and a wood for about all anybody McGwire Sammy at home run ball they are not even a thing now all of paid more for Churchill's have smoke cigar went for the baseball Dahlia. I only have like twelve brand for national cigar from eighty years ago yeah. We don't this is gone for 95000 our lord and if money to spend. A bunch of argument today and claimed bathroom was asking questions and told what they died on is still intact in Graceland or is that sentence in my eyes are you and Todd MacFarlane my that in. That's what it does not own any like if I'm one of these guys who has like so much money to burn a mind like black market art and stuff like that. I'm for the whole. Yeah not an Abalone is around that the king died I don't I mean absolutely slightly musical. Custer's last stand. Most worst amount Riviera proposal the most different home Curtis there's more. That's the guy in there fighting very ornate and got a most sought him out here every mother Marcia prayers are nature's does his image. It's a sort of tour as soon. This is there ought to paints a thirty day but it says there's 357 only got himself and the story is incorrect. All the Kindle larger companies we've had to remove them. What BM SN and on and about guns. Where he's lived it chaining duly logjam that's right well let's talk about Netflix. And the senate dinner and watch Netflix. Amazon RA while you do not relate to this you know years ago and they. Popular like our pocket aren't that term bench watching San now they've come up with a new terms binge racing. It's when none Netflix subscribers. Watch an entire seizing season that's something within the first 24 hours. It's really so like when as our comes out that's what's gonna happen. Yeah yeah so I guess I or Lindsay raising things yes absolutely I haven't gotten to yet. I shot tea. So a typical season to what twelve or sixteen. Episodes in I'm sure my dad is an infirmary is ozark was 1111. And twelve and norm brewer interbrew you're an eight observes these are new 1012169. Yeah sit downs on networks are always do torn for so if a movie came out a freeze it there guys is a new movie and it's also a record eight hours long then he daylight first. I'm sick. And I have I'm a home. And I you know got lazy Saturday which if you say that every one you Saturdays is lazy yeah yeah but today. Men against I think get out I'll go. Am among deuce on the backwards as a sort of mine mineral Netflix. All of the is a good I don't know what is the entire season OK I want people to leave his journals don't slow. It's awesome things about the FBI and they do earlier stages of criminal psychology. Finding out serial killers or eminent as it when they love doing that stuff I'm David Fincher should. Send Netflix says about eight point four million subscribers have binge race at least wants. And Canada is the country that doesn't the most. The US is second followed by Denmark Finland and Norway wow yeah. So we're not the only joins that it had taught out of the house and an. So busy day for. I know I have the time July and eight hours worth it to TV and one day. So the top ten and number ten stranger. Things I thought I'd be higher and number ten on the last must just one season minute number nine oranges in new black. Eight F is for family. Spoke. Seven Trailer Park Boys six Santa Clarita Diana but I do I sent attic apartment that is ridiculous no pressure in the name threw me. The ranch and number fine. They're good analysts say you have visited looks funny and owner Rufus for friendly as far as. Then and then they send that number four a neutral forum was securely into. And marvels to defend her Israeli pocket defenders is really popular but I haven't watched again. Errors are more slew cage's knowing or blogs reserves and as second place Fuller house. First place people's love you more girls. I have a year in alive. And then all shirt I'm all instance. And that's a thing is that only on that girl Gilmore Girls is only on Netflix now. They brought it back and released on CW there it's a new series Gilmore Girls a year and alliances around there Netflix. So also it's also on the list house of cards. As a Russian flight arrived on number sixteen and then. That show love to have you heard anything about that I have heard love love I've heard a few girls say it's really get in the you watch it but I early in and a Marshall. Love those glow on the top and start out at three excited and and how is great that America is going Jason Kidd he's also the measure also is is that heavier girl on the issue gonna go on to be mounted G. Yeah really big caller march UP shootings and out came our Breslin yeah yeah slate narrow and that's good so good documentaries on this documentary is awful reality series you're gonna see the doctor manner in Darfur is risky move budget interviews with people who haven't been in front of Cameron thirty years now territory one of those interviews that we were Priscilla Barnes. Went. Think I'm doing me Ben's brain saying after failing dislike did you say that you hate when they release all the shows at once that they should just you wink. Bye week I don't hate it I I hey guys I do hate dead bids racers are being racist whatever you are column these people who do that now why can't they know more than you do and they finished it before you have and they always give it away. No I just think that like. When anything else is like you go buy a package cookies and the need love set there any the whole thing but if he had just a feeling lasts longer. I should thank Aaron lynch watched. Over the course of for five days ozark in the house. Left would warning more and now looking up all Leo were or were filming new episodes now got a year as a man asks why do. Good piece and keep Vermont girl on the imaginary trip ever from Durham it's. Our Ed binge I happen and it. Binging is never good enough these are. By definition it is bad it is bad to binge if you bend you're not enjoying your front her to watch thing I enjoy it near stranger things are you weren't Grayson frank here your ballot there. Our oranges the newly are enjoying these that. I am that way and she would. Those are there there are segments and I fell asleep so I had to go back and read bench. So that's pretty bad read and yeah like I had to go back and watch it and over again because I'm like okay fell asleep in the middle of the show. And I am I got the end tech kind of know how it would end but it was important because it was third before the the finale. Let's all fans of Boston call appointment. Even bosh so there's an owner's Buick is in unison excellent I very enjoy martians are slow movement Oscar movement is very slow. And so pick him up. I am just your average Democrat saying you shouldn't have just like I watched so American but do more than one observe time. I get into and if you know kind of slow builders are going all the hair care city you look at Netflix before you watch anything ounce on the weekend. Really believe a DVR first this week and I'll look at Netflix first there's only once 1922 which debuts Friday I don't know how we're. And assist you keep thinking that I asked you that normally. And then a lot of fades and as your eyes guys have nine. I've written word 93 minute grab begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show. Thank you are. Present as more show more NCAA it's not Indy five think he's too does it view that. Allowed us to even to dole out advice stated day. They they all of our show isn't huge today huge and there was Mary I mean everybody has problems everybody does. Al I really do that like every two weeks and that too much. Has not figured out didn't get to get him did you get to get their rights you know you can get hit it. Tomorrow is Thursday and I'm pleased to tell you that Smart women on his face. Funds and oh yeah. Thursday we got that. We got more Third Eye Blind tickets in fact pair of those right now whom he. Lions he has no wars. No but there are a year. Earlier my goal out. I said that his wife had gained according to him how much weight. There's a window there to extend what he said and Carolina vapor mil dot Comtex line. That number is 72341. Again 723419. Entered correct answer when sticks and why this Sunday it's special every theater. Simpson then at six THX for those. Also tomorrow we're going to have a a special Halloween phone scam Halloween that issue to candid phones can't ask that it be targets based podcasts arise guys dot com my taste it taste podcast to 7341. Page have a thousand dollars to give away. Next if you can pick out the key word what would it be today. Money money. How appropriate yeah Howell and her camera to me. Never of their page will give you eighteen or not Fallon an hour or so Texas 7288 win win. That we invited. Llama go lavish six thanks so much less have a blessed they take like guys it's good. And any. Three minute run luck is luck to him loaded. 3.3 oh. Right.