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Time to play the Feud, P1 Family Feud that is: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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You just come and he's the addition new. Home of the rise guys morning chill undue or phone. And he three point freedom planted a big red color Michael reversed you can lose your lucky to the rise guys morning. Maybe 3.3 up. Some money on a cruise ship. Should have Metallica. Right there in the eye of the storm play in this right now. Knew I was thinking how great it would be negotiate a fan medal event and bay units are gonna around the time yeah. It does a Waffle House waitress. Swinging around. Yeah romance and a break and Florence. Way aero wise in as many of you are lives who web cams which is really truly in my view the immediate priority noticing find webcams from really anywhere in the world put in that address or whatever. But in webcam bottom. I got the the Myrtle Beach cam up and the the win keeps shaking around. Somebody's operating a moving back and forth but when the stops shaken all around wow are they doing the hokey pokey and must be that's what it's all out. They're that bastard on TV. Is named Joseph bastard. Bed the starting pro Communist. One week from today is birthday bash. Jeff would you be a it was a solid and go grab our contestant. If you would yeah it was. A couple of June but he is Joker. See if I find some mud director oh here readers tracker. Tracking Florence the new donkey serious. There. And guys standing there he's in Myrtle Beach that look too bad there. Now it's it's went further out and welcome to fraud and devastated. I mean not debt. I don't look at what it looked awful. All right. We have tickets to birthday bash a week from today. Dodd smack. Shine down asking Alexandria. It's your chance to get our new rise guy's beer he went pills or by Thomas Craig brewery. It is now time. Call 180774. Double 9310774. Double 93 we need just two people to play. Senator Tom Green bill in studio scored twenty inside. Didn't quite. It's up for grabs today you'll meet our families in just a moment but first. Lay say hello. To their host Ed if you. To me. Thank you and I. Steve caddie out this week is we've told by Julie Anderson stepping right up to host fees. I live for these guest hosting spots we're gonna have fun today at a welcome. Our mothers know Richard Karr and play your own words among on workarounds cry. Now they get Julia Anderson do you Anderson that is your name is Steve Hadley is now that's right Syria Anderson. Let's meet the families playing today. Family member Warren. Is endemic. One point line. Hello my daughter and I hi Heidi hi you doing still marry you and good aerial IA I've known you for fifteen years I believe and I can't believe has been a long way it is that long or longer yeah. And I got wet now it's gonna be about sixteen years no matter the weather could be raining its leading snow whatever it is. Shorts and flip flop as analyst at. 365. Even when there's even with a suit. Did you do that when you live out in Iowa is excited and start wearing flip flaps until I came here really as well you've well yeah I know you know five feet of snow now we just traded in for remains an uphill fair to say you live the salt lines. So Malia. Through tequila would then that's fine but I had a lot of movement that it is the kayaking is the first water line. I know what I see people on the ads say drown around their salt live thing I am not did you like the beach as the disease too much of the condiments and easier. I didn't think it says sultan first oh sorry I either. She didn't either I don't know like mine with that's like another car sounds and my name clip from across the Ramona mantech sit in related and its commitment mystery cents a I. All right that's this don't and family let's talk to yeah. Still magically adjust and adapt. Again again as this plus. This is is it throws to. This digest is going to be a father congratulations and thank you thank you you really an edit. I'm going to go out just doesn't really till one. Now while your sleep now that I know yeah I've been told it's not a lot of time really mean what you you here 602 you're at the door at 1001 there's no time. Did he do all right today I'm doing fine thank you wonderful yet still easy still on time Renault. Is he still on time you get your success to today. News instituted six or seven yesterday that depends on when you look at the clock against Brighton right. All right guys know. The S highest why I have to write down the days and at times I. Try to discuss and I'm here representing its. Teen star man it's Brittany Morgan and hate Britney. Peso closed only a Britney. Hey let's kick some Aniston. Here bringing you over the age Beijing. And yes why and I just making sure what you watch it attitudes that. And I hope when you add to our congratulations. And Jonathan front entrance. Smeared with Jeff Lewis now and now. Our job and this is dangerous we now he's going to be daddy and daddy potted Tabasco sauce yesterday with no problems at all to the point where his nose bled so this streak will continue I feel like for. How to atlas do all right we'll throw you on hold. I now I'd give the hosting abilities back over to Julie Anderson jail is that you want families he. When we do diffuse this is like fast money toward the end so. One person's gonna give five questions you give us the top answers and we'll tally at the end so now we got to figure out who's gonna leave the room. A mom who's gonna go first. Page here's the deal breaker in the show Jeff please Jessica imagine them. I still remember your first. Little contentiousness and everything else here I don't know I'm not gonna say it's sexual Jess now. Engage and Allan and your father that day. Pages sexual tension within email CNN's I had swagger shall by myself new and you'll see exile classic rock the only one I'd gladly let. Easy you guys really have ever seen nearly you should set up a hurricane playlist the case yet scorpions right. We're already ready to do you never going to be doing a hurricane block party weekend starting at 5 o'clock this afternoon easier yup I million but two Wednesday had to do is mass destruction and riders on the storm that's going to be in the let it rain or clashes take interest job thunder struck AC DC who. Screw. We play thunder rolls by Garth Brooks no but I will play thunder island by Jay Ferguson okay. Works aren't thundered down there's a bank of thunder for us. Yeah that's yeah there's also a band called just under rarely yeah. I had an Iron Man back in the day right. The thunder from down under if you're watching the real thing we do at this point has been with a hose is not a war. I. Can't I'm sorry Judy other arcade you Richard Dawson storming it and really kiss to my getting. A give us your ass the won't go wide Thomson first qwest. Name a place you visit where you aren't allowed to touch anything. A gentlemen's club. Next question. Maybe something you would hate to find under your. A man. And. I I Iraqis daddy if you would America or I'm right here whose name something people do while riding a roller coaster. Scurrying. And and something you wouldn't want to have happen while giving a speech old fart. When he's run out of money at what mighty gambler put on the table credit card. Are. So cool a year let's say you I'm I'm gonna go through and camera condensed on the engine and then got a few. All right. Can't remember of answering yes they're good nick now gone back I think there's maybe a few I would change but I'm confident I'm good with a senior and well and I think I'm good with us. You you were. And on your time. Yes war I'll always screw obviously if you give me like an editor to Akamai would be number one answer and I'll hop my head well it's funny thing we are watching the celebrity family feud last night take a break you and I had no idea who I was on the bright celebrities and we know had no idea they were blah. Yeah they put the names of celebrities but as I did recognize have no idea who Taylor to show I was who. No matter is on the speed half hearted I am all right guys you and you bring Jeff back. Students from. If usual areas. He's by texting autumn that page won't stop sexually harassed cherry was not listening to the street and though he. I don't I I have a the more trust widgets now do. Yeah yeah yeah I've been around and yeah I haven't been around that. In here now he's gonna he's not cheap it's this is all he's aged men he's all of us have a report so me and this is all fun. So this for a 3950 plus fees you do not want to miss it. You don't resent their bed Saturday morning escrow and three time Monsanto. Among all it was was not. How was he knew miss that dummy. Behind Giuliani planet even Stallman implement our sister station up there think and again. Are exaggerating former and argue you know I have to say something so minorities say to get our cash. And I'll write down they had an answer so we ought to worry about that. Come first course is in name a place you visit while our worry your art and that's all it takes. Africa. Name a place you visit where you are allowed to touch anything. Antique store. Name something you would hate to find under your bit. S. Food. I'm only seats audio phone content. They've something people do while riding a roller coaster screen and and hold on. Maybe something you wouldn't want to have happen while giving his speech. Never. A question. Win he's run out of money what mighty gambler put on the table. A watch. OK our time. Well. It's good answers on the hernia. I still felt confident that. NC. 56 money behind. Let's do it was doing I was re do you we have five questions we had polled a hundred. Has the most points wins he went family feud would be eighteen Stoneman paired with Britney for Morgan she tells Forte. And then you have team Jeff Lewis nailed Jonathan. Let's revisit see the big winners are going to be a pretty usually. Well the first question was name a place to visit where you are allowed to touch anything. So massive strip club Jeff said in antique shop. What Jeff got the fifth answer on the list with a five point Stallman did not make a list. Hop. Don't you heard today did they do that that's my fault oh man have a third answer just had the fifth. Church so as analyst it is on the I got that. Church number four answer number two answer zoo. They museum gallery was number one answer was 68 votes. He wants polled. Please read or allowed to touch anything you. Let's say how would strip club now. I would that would have been a disappointment met this guy does not number one. They're in church you're not allowed to touch paint. Should be or is not a money such an offer plated. I am money or other things are I had a name is ahead. There's only 300000. Elusive but it. Question over to name something you would take to find under your bed. Can you remind newest element six my chickens stressed. Only instead of Maine and another another man and another man now again you money she's already and another manatee and recognized rise that's where. Actually it's called went straight man. I think Jeff O'Donnell says food food Jeff said stated. Jeff talk Dell and so man's another man was not in the Todd guesses who was number three with oil. All right you'll and snake in number two. Monster was the number one answer less also prevalent on the list coming in at a respectable number seven. JL wins big bug does just don't. And if you look at image had never put a mayor under you can. This year's I don't plan on us soil and ahead of us don't yeah. What's number three names something people do while riding a roller coaster. Salma isn't scream. Jeff Lewis Nelson soldier or in the royals fans and so men's or downstream the number one answer on the board with 43. Strange also clay ARD and instead says enough. Jeff I was number two though we'll hold your arms up slash tens of 32. Also on the list number three. Get sick or through yourself. Number four laugh closed their eyes and sexual favors also went along. Yeah. I. Are you integrated into hell I would I would we know and I'll be sure. And again on the jobs would be a bad day data rot they are gonna get that aren't. Name something you wouldn't want to have happen while giving a speech Stallman says forks. Jeff Lewis Nelson for. Weren't would you they would you never away yesterday for that because I ain't saying. Oh yeah. Good news both of you guys made the list but Jeff Lewis mills burba was number two yeah yeah installments for was number four installments are. It was a it was a number one number one fly is open car accident that with the the overwhelming majority if you want bold. I was on the list Atlanta at number three. Get heckled stutter and coffee. Content you wouldn't want to have happen Morgan and speed but taught papers to the foot on it and make it might do that await him in graduation. Here they let. And I guess only is it a verbs you know totally bitten as mandated. It stayed on their perfect and at what made it stick to your foot that. What are the odds you would have to step one. I don't in the bathroom and then settlements on paper it's breath I think this may mr. Hank Hughes Obama machine at her. Our last question when he's ran out of money what money gambler put on the table. Stallman is a critical arguments. Jeff Lewis mills a jury. Jordan was the number one answer yeah. With the forty of the others on the list clothing. Pizza house and a night with his wife Mike. Yeah. And we'll. What does that with them movie from. It was Demi Moore and indecent proposal yeah that's it. Now yeah and they want and really the day sedan and I would would you don't make fun and that was it we gotta tell doing now which is what I do and the it. It the scores here we got him. Do we do time to okay. Let's start installment. It's time of 42 seconds. Respectable round that was due in storming intersection a roller coaster in 42 seconds Africa. And that it flopped up for a minute and he's really go after him. So they came in with a very. High score of 82 points wow that's just. Season earnings and Jeff Lewis and narrow. The time wasn't as good needed 492. Blacks. He made it up employs 109. Point. Huh yeah Ali yeah. I don't know but that means that Jonathan and from Woodruff on line four is our limited. Arab Arab when there yeah Clinton third letter from what you do it letter. I'm gonna. Jonathan I give plans we from the bank. Matagorda Bartlett. Ed thank you sir hold on Jeff is going to get your information gently and high five him good game the whole thing. I birthday bash a week from today I cannot express to use. How important it is to get in 933 the planet rocks dot com indeed your tickets. The case you'll get tickets obviously and it's more than a concert it is a party. Still man from classic rock won a one point one will be there as well I will be there yes and well below hurricane thing yet. It only the show's starting anew this afternoon and then coming up with I don't know. Yeah yes we have a I'm gonna do nothing but well we're gonna do everything else but we're going to be up highlighting some of the greatest in Iraq general songs that have rain thunder hurricane whatever the element in this mass destruction that's nice so for you displace folks that are worried about your homes and stuff come up here installment remind you of it on the radio as it that's it everybody has already evacuated from the coast that are here welcome. Fantastic for everything to argue back to connect classics like to try to guess what they're going to be then had a little bit of foam that forget about that noon today connect the classics where these last night. I'll let us honestly the first letter the next hour we'll an NC yeah. I I they keystone man IQ. Or are also inside neighbor just the site is there in the hallway. We'll take a break wall come mob back. With his competitor. In the afternoons is pagelets and headlines right after this. I rescue has morning. 300. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who. And I got a story for yeah. Plame gate house media pulled the plug on meet the Wayne's build daily diet on Friday. There's a hole on the local media covered in this central Missouri town. But they've got and you newspaper. It's called hearings examiner. You allow. But there it ahead there as a tourist attraction and central Missouri called Iranians Missouri. Which is technically a bunch of shops on route 66 but the local newspaper for the area went out of business so. They've launched that year reign as examiner makes complete sense. The Iranians examiner. In fact decade there they would launch a new newspaper. This kind of just shocking. That is you know I mean now. What is the official newspapers radio Wisconsin. That I. That's a real talent that we did that thing that they were we talk about. Funny sounding town name's Sam calls Indian through takeovers from. Intercourse Pennsylvania as long all kinds. Around him and blue balls that are basketball's Indiana. Why would you do that why why do. Even if there's some great historical or is it significance from. What would you change the name yes after all of this. After all this time. Nibble you saw some latex and now I don't have timing mast whether or not I don't know that this. Out of page right nipple Utah is that real I don't now and Arab anti nipple ute there is only town North Carolina and then that's legit. Part of the state. Now. Now I mean now it's your reign as examiner columnist rob. Volatile is that. Serious question when we were kids ending is going to school in and do whatever it was your anus now when I hear like nailed Tyson. Earl ray he says are on the grassy he says. Uranus. Yeah just because he he doesn't want to say your anus. Now I changed if they try and if you change your name above the as a whole planet. I don't they keep saying spilling it is so different what if they say I'll guys we've been saying earth wrong it's actually pronounced here you're. This because a year IAE AT hey are right here. Put that thought they end up here. That's only welcome to your welcome to your system will assume the Sunnis don't send the wrong as this this is an NB. No ads. It's the Malan. Now I love you under the M Mo limelight today. Celery Mauer on my of them though line late. My fitness that is and Uranus absolutely ridiculous it I know it's it's it's you're famous and it will always be yes and just like Tata. Well you know people are addicted to playing video games right. Here yes well catering your marriage. According to a recent study and a lot firm. In England. They found that fort night and other addictive video games are now cited as one of the main causes first splitting up. I percent of that divorce cases so. If you wanna have a happy marriage Mimi should just put down on the control on pay attention teammate. But he's playing because she's on her phone on Amazon and that evidence. Or some of whom wore on you know game together. Yeah I could also women game and Hannity Ingraham. And 49. In the crazier in this gonna sound sexist there for real may have made a shopping video game yet I mean really. As we can do whatever else life yeah real side this is without damaging. The bank account or your credit score this is just like. If supermarket sweep was a video game tell me would have preferred guest for. This. Half of the excitement there waiting for it to be delivered from Amazon and a couple things get to cheat codes and that's far out of the big wheels of cheese secured a meat purse. Yeah big wills it season ending ending goal logs in mate. So what's the take away from that I let my regular cursory learn to pay attention tear me. Or you sank. Any guy is an oasis I mean don't don't think. I'm gonna go home and spend quality time with 49 think I'm gonna go home and spend quality time. My family. My significant other. Everybody's got to wanted. Do that though like I know lake for instance. My irons are obviously full custody of my kid Michigan is her mom's every in the recant and also on the weekends when I know she's here and weekend time you have more time I I say okay. I wouldn't do something. All of us this weekend though you know what I'm saying I don't want us to branch off our what she does you know could I am she doesn't want to she's got a second hand. View and use some Zimmerman support some people on the phone with the Diaz said then it's okay five of them go to my rim plentiful. And then they're kind of checked there have a bad attitude when you drag them into anarchist element of their game tying them. As ending and you can't take your weight in play now. This might be the the new credentials for dating like you have to game. I game you have the game to win game together that's how we spend time in the and you have a common bond again and came in together ending years spending quality time Nextel. There's no communication relief here. It is this causing divorces there's a problem. Yeah page is what's going Noob. New book that I know anything about it movies I don't play two games like that is they have never played for 9 am I'm very aware of never played. Well the reason is is because my husband and my son are so good at it they don't play with me. I unanimously can't get it don't touch that controls enough Warren and them were suspended. Infant and I'd rather be shopping and cooking iron and announce a gone outside yet click uninstall. But I did clean this thing can't there's a videogame for cleaning. Yeah. Idol face that they're gonna start something new back checking. And they're gonna start back. Fact checking means. A hole made as a man agency asked. I like the track for a second I mean I was. So they announcement yesterday that only means but also pictures and videos that people opposed. So if you're gonna have some mean that's kind of taken so many Danny gonna make sure and it's accurate. Like the one that I still I'm confused about what the dog do you right eat it appeared about to be displaced during hurricane do you shave your dog and write your name on it. I doubt that Maine and I feel like it's somebody just. Play in but then people were texting and say no that's what I'm gonna say Red Cross had to do you have somebody said to do that so the dog's hole of the day Odom pay you back up. Let me just kind of losing our sense of humor because face but. Messed up. We may minister. Well that I mean they all our information was released so now they've got him with with the whole scandal so now we've got to make sure that everything that we're doing is accurate and and we're putting on face and we can't just have crazy means out there. I mean everything you say though serious enough light hearted ending march of the people or basing. Their way they voted and the way they were trading error in neighbor and all this stuff based off. Not very factual means but you know it is tell us what we're saying unity within paddling in schools like. Why don't we expect FaceBook to be the ones who say is strictly he's still got a big night. Have a little bit of common sense and not just trust the main that's why I've talked about it for two days about the same yeah adults if you're gonna. And that's your news source are you expect them to legislate morality and then he needed to its implied they can't be real dog. Thing was to stop you if you hate your neighbor's dog from you know right. Somebody's number Romans is innocent animals or. Or assigning a dog riding your phone number on it and then stealing. Either way if the war or other people bit. What is your dog. What does somebody got your phone number of page all feud audiences pay I saw you in the park today watching Nadal are walking one dollar and poorer and I got your phone number of your dogs Tommy what is some dude find images dog. Takes a picture of his jog on the dog for her. I'm like god sees your phone number 864 nibble nibble nipple for you and I read it in the bottom of your Don like action somebody who really is call protests and tell me just for my own sanity if that's real that you shade your dogs Tommy and write the phone number on their gear and a time of hurt your rated neutral. I man I don't know if it's really not. And those. I don't feel is begging you don't know either I think here's an alert that. You know you're an authority on that I have a dog tag and my dog is tips. Yeah whenever it was always jealous yeah east champs. As in he's missing make it scam. Well about. Half the easy listening scheme climbing as so many fans and the fines I'm. 359 dollar. It will be scanned in pages in the tasting Ian. My god if Steve sounds my fee I suspect. Adams my feet. Ximian accident dining. Art how this you've heard of an hourly waves sent you AM people are surfing right now including. When Jimmy Buffett. He really is surfing in South Carolina yesterday. Well according to this he posted a picture himself on a beach in South Carolina within lyrics from a song surfing in hurricane. It may just be Janet there's a song called that they asked. In and but a lot of people go surfing because you get is maybe twelve foot waves as not only waves it's not gonna Nancy and it's not I am not does ways mad. Those dollars are blanks isn't hard times hit this arts others are and if I was surfer I'm sorry if you wanna get the getaway it's better get out there and they'll roll. But how are they allowed. If they make you rightly. These people just rebellious. Yeah I think the light as some point the cops stop searching is they're gonna take shelter to and his way for that to happen. But no weatherman in the annual get paid to go surf those big waves. Oh I don't think there are you on Wednesday and Amy yesterday. But I mean people that search and they had beepers or whatever and Maine people edges are calling each other guy and men who isn't ready gonna get out your game. You have the books via you know. Are back in the day when we kids they would just go and send messages to each other to get to the beat. Yeah amateur like actual from a surfing community. I don't mind anybody who serves around here unless hazard and there was served our year round even in the wintertime I went states. You can it's I mean like you never see this thing you can do where if you have two votes going down the middle of a way. Certain speeders something delayed if they were waves crashed coming off the two votes may for a wave and people can surf. Are real and yet at what they do is they pull behind one boat your own serve border whatever the hell. And then you let go and you're actually surfing a way that is made by the two bussing people do that and a part hauler QE1 arm hopefully Vonage on moon and get out there in adults with. Only job over the murder two different they are the greens and outgoing. And optimal. Ronnie. That's on Torah here's Allen about that animated tornado hit with a different guy and I. It's a way to. My name's Ari said Namibia this weekend the predator rated. It's pretty good and I'd like to see where you're always violence. Star. Boyd Holbrooke Fram narc as he's gonna play a sniper who pulls of predators helmet Friday. The wreckage of a crash site in Mexicana and mails that back home to his. I autistic son. Discuss Olivea among sterling K brown as predator. Did that was the original plot. Is this a reboot or continuation of settlement. Ahead there was an autistic kids the first predator. Maybe afterwards we agency and a have to watch it and found. Leaves is clearly on the spectrum. Yeah. This weekend another rated. What does that about drugs yeah well it's. It's based on a two story a guy named Ritchie married is the FBI's youngest informant. If fourteen year old drug dealer who works with the feds try to keep this data jail. I mean you could mean a fourteen year old drug dealer. We told we do which ones. He can go one tablet predator tell me predator this white board rate was going to be creditor that's only one movie pencil which the it's. Upon I am I'm done and it is all that's and I Kyrie is it true fine person is so I was since it was agreed Dylan and Noah was a new sustain itself the when they are stupid options like. I can see creditor continue to bless the broken road. All that's a hard decision it is. Obama take at third ms. Truman. It's. And I'm page in his eyes as and I thank you page all right when we come back we'll give you run down of about Monday show plus fat waste TSL question of the day all that much much more right after this test for a. As guys into yeah. Three freedom it's leaks at this is the rise guys morning she 983 point three the planet just a rock and. I think everybody called FaceBook is a grand snatch at Ed. Mediated Ali email all that stuff they giving you think he these very safe this weekend for real though I have funded being careful is on the amassed when this and that the other and the whole 9 yards Monday morning. Will be Baghdad it. Page Iraqi Edward next fat boy will be a Monday 5 AM rise does remind we'll go live at six takes a motionless then. Have a blessed day. And also got denied it supported he won no law Marty Allan comedies all tonight 9 o'clock downtown. Responding to answer avail Monty is a hard core and he and his lovely girlfriend. Makes them some great videos together policies worth don't see that's right. I face journalists have a bus they tickling as it is good. Arms and 83 minute run block his luck to. In the loaded. 3.3 oh.