Friday, August 11th

P1 Blind Luck stops by to chat and catch up, also to challenge Fat Boy in another spirited round of Fat Or Not


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll say to download link for the planet. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with a rap as guys ninetieth street calling me because plan that. Rise guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Right guys and minds Johnston added by Amanda stayed are marrying a family. Lights candles to ward off evil spirits. Of ours Tony they've burned down their home. This is a fan and that was living in a duplex in Costa Mesa, California. They held ceremony here on nine. Ish. Nine ish Tuesday night to ward off evil spirits. Which involved like I'm two candles. And they accidentally burned down their home. But fortunately for them firefighters were able to put it out with its opening minutes the fire was especially in and the bedroom area. Yes it is so no bathrooms no one went and churn things. And thinking no evil spirits were injured eaters and how about that we don't know you know what started if there is paranormal activity because it was disclosed in this story image. People do when they move runners moved it. As mundane they ask clearing house I usually you burned sage candles that maybe it was a whole ceremony. And I don't burn sage well hold a vote of they'd burn. Right. Well again you here creeks in the house you know how's this had to land now home thing. Or you get togethers are you can just have a blast. Without fire. He went away and get around here to do that because most of the ones around here don't believe in. Pair normal activities they only say holy ghost any more than say only spears there don't want to order the saying goes and church. Canada's Ali dosed my father son and holy get them all Tom hauling trucks full trinity. Who who. Meanwhile there's an investigation under way after a man Dinah and a house fire. Early Friday morning today and home on park Kansas immigration terrorism as the those Jewish congress a fire broke out and mobile home. Around 3 am. And animal. A man and Tiffany amounts or in the house and when the fire broke out Altria that made it out safely how are. The man went backhand to retrieve his feminine. I'm his phone. Am. There's only twenty teen who. Phone. I had insurance. That is awful. As an army has assigned name me or America and Europe. I was saying hey you know what I would've guessed pictures. You know would have guessed a pet toward the pitches you got on the farming neighbors on the cloud. Ask a point. Oh and imagine for anything Newton who you're constantly or foreign. Always keep that stuff some are out to me just you know am I mean if you get a note don't have one overs yeah it. You may want to risk life or limb for a phone in. Now how long news secure nonunion insurance house blow. Ordered you mean dollar ran a news are ranchers in trash talking about there position is in the house who have woozy. Odd man almost a year almost a year to get together to give all there. You might go to the big portion of it was almost two years of payment that did Valencia to get the money back from the insurance company was about a year and I mean it's a good insurance company that people like a lot is that things are apparently that was pretty good listener there's lizard. The owner owner but burger when you affiliated with him. Could you believe this stuff for UB year royalties. Compared to. You can go a year that's even. Think it'll play a lot of money would it take for you fab lane a purveyor of all things TV. So you are going twelve calendar months without. Us dollar. I it would have to be enough to learn to welcome him spend money you own entertainment and 2000. You have probably enough for your well you know I think I got a TV leg. Bad as soon as we moved into the house we live in now because there is some some dudes. Looked me up some do as we know embodies an hour's. I won't say exactly who they are what they did but their names are Darren and burns and I hooked me up. My nose is as friends here yeah on the on that that one thing is. Now. In his own honey baked ham and especially. Serena is the first general indifference is a vapor riser is cut. We don't Greg you you blackmail Roger Clemens and buying your birthday present I mean when you. And English. I can't into Canada there isn't a lesser women be so often I'm sorry you didn't Mallon started him is that for us to dale have more. This front as an airport agreements in good. Well for those and yeah there that love list buzz being put together a list of seven email that couldn't happen and this year 2017. Port exit. Sixteen candles came out 1984 and thanks to face that notification snow that you would have forgotten Samantha spurned them. Odierno the movie would be different where's that one beard is stone and hit a member out. Yeah and didn't Sunnis that they would have used GPS. Yeah. Yeah stand main kids don't go outside alone anymore. Yeah. Eminem opened nuances I can't stand may have latest Batman into the seventeenth. They're being fourteen helicopters and 800 people on the ground locking arms look of those kids 45 minutes after the movie started them. And the fact given of when. Gone on yeah it's all just face time they going to get there you see their body armor Google on the tablet with it's a statement. Former Omaha and yeah. Pretty common came and 1990 Edward. Never would have gotten lost BK has taken a look at the directions on has found and that she would never met fifty. Any probably would have been on ten during that for free. A radio or read page out in the girlfriend experience towards Robert rugs that you and it paid her home alone. It's it's an easy one casino had to get there an hour early now. Take off their shoes where's Kevin issues though you know she came out in 1990 can't think it can get a just texted or called his parents. We have telephones into the they sell or yes off funding to become a common before a main point here on a plane 1990. Yeah well you knew it may be when had a Foley who's known that the bad phone in 93 amid buzz Alito foam that. I was a little Muslim and a phone certainly I was a kid walking around Haywood mall in 93. You can figure out marijuana probably at that time no official here. Barely out of the briefcase which was opponents I'm glad I felt like such apparent how anybody has ever ended in a zoo. That America may have made you realize you don't file MP noble and all got a phone but usually when my girlfriends house went to her driveway and I called her at all ever stop and say hey Walid a net Dewey decimal pencil and a she does that she's things are USA you singing out here on the phone. The phone she. RadioShack. I gotta go get out here and figure and Alia she'd seen I don't know. A little kid my they had corporal who hundreds of our hands underneath the seat he had to have the actual gimmick on the on the. O's had a car on the roof of the car spinning into heroic figure tale yeah yeah horse under him Mandela's goal thing or does it be right around home builder depend talk on the phone. Elliott you and Aaron and a that's. They'll not produce every it was a car for a seat again because hundred dollars to call anybody for thirty seconds or. You ever use it unless you absolutely needed. But then now the not to talk people in the hallway here aren't pretend to go just to. Well. My Cousin Vinny and tell you and it's a. Came out 1992 and the kids and women have been wrongly and she is because every convenient store has security cameras. And Harry Gant and Ellen's not semites is the Netherlands. Houston open who dresses COLT wouldn't. Hairs and and run Forrest Gump came out 1994. S forest just looked up the directions on the sun. He would've known humans right near Jennings house as he wouldn't have been sitting on that bench telling everyone this story. Based would. After to force Wendy's or iPhone. Yeah yeah so Savannah Georgia in the summertime I chocolate melt as hundreds that's a better point he was all miss one doesn't line. You Winona do all these things yeah Equus and if the right. I learned about iron sixty I'm not Smart man and I had GP as well as this is his argue is 2005. I hit a one he was valued at. You'll always been yeah page what city was he from. West city rising and now. And a machine Savannah and yeah. A move to cities from exit remembered. Oh loss could quote while the point where state. Now with an Alabama who was a great well. I call. Graeme. That's like the one thing that. With the exception page I guess now that there could. It's like a second language for us Forrest Gump now. Yes they say are flooded the course it was three hours longer is planning material than maybe they'll register with her as a deal to be an all American. Tablet that's a leaves and it guilty pursuers for storms are dramatic is either in South Carolina or Georgia. Let's say agenda and mail but talks house florist lived in the movie probably is after orders or to warrant bodies is biosciences sleeping with the enemy else. Consider as my as Goodman. That's great bird. Missiles same speech she command hand towels or messed my god he's here. There's an 8000 acre plantation in her in South Carolina are hindering him master list now Bob why. I didn't go out all itself. Our north benefited. Do and a third all of you for this warriors who fought and on how does not near the nights are rooting to announce. The bishop Allen and Savannah I have little plaque in their that they took they took the bench now I guess I mean it makes cents. It said the bitch from Forrest Gump out of Savannah and there and they departments and Sami people pupil and pesto moment. When there's a lot of going on as usual back to square that extranet telling them. Well or the other house of Fords lived and was constructed on a plantation site just for the movie as it probably has no real. Just trying to serve wasn't real house and how does don't. Make sense answer mrs. doubtfire came out 1993. And Miranda. Whenever Google mrs. doubtfire before trusting her to watch her kittens. And when I found out she'd ethnics and confiscated. At. Its best estimate holds their parents don't work with the mills could lose to be one. Psych. I came out 1960. And Mary crane probably would've looked at the hotel before she posted online idea Syria from travel a site. Analysts say it's as Allen found out that it had very bad pretty it's a no reviews and a greatest killed. Here's the thing. If I just embezzled a bunch cash. If I'm on the run with stolen money. I'm not using my credit card but a motel room I'm wondering does someplace on this side of the road like Bates motel and we will finish our UN look at the review before he went. I'm desperately only Ron I'm just confirm place it'll take cash without a car of any sort needed that's your problem now days. It's trying to look any hotel room anywhere without her car at least for a security deposit and there's I don't know Ari are you can't stay anywhere lets you got to attend the jogging route KLA in most places. You know and a popular cash. Thing I know a guy that would put the cash deposit down because he'll stuff from the hotel and you're ever. Who is genes. It's not give him anything and what does deals with a Russians are unpaid and as your eyes and and I thought I'd try. It is it is get rise guys morning show good morning to you it is a torn five flustered Bubba. Whole element. Monroe is one step removed about a bit in elements for a limited today. I mean Jimmy Jack Jack you're gonna do what we call snap collars here moments he says. Have you on snapped chat. Follow us on there and follow me Matthew OHM. A F asked EW bureau HM AF SPW. NN. Notes Ed Meese met me that's that's what lead to a snap Holler and us to have hollers when we say yours and that name on the radio any of its followers off of it and everybody. Everybody has fun. Now there are maxed out and people men's if you don't Sammy I can't and you. You can add mile to my stuff but if you don't snap me how I want what I knew if I don't get anything for him out Ernie is Sammy all the time and not. I'm from TO RG I NI NE from DRG. This meal where oftentimes I'll snap you back at 2:30 in the morning to turn you know stations that cracked the boy gets so where is under way early in the morning it's. Our good friends are gay did friend is in studio he's making his way and right now. Jefferson meal. The system produce. This is when tabloid daily is out there responsibilities of the producer. Is as I'm not bringing end Belmont gas. I'm here. Botching intro songs and thanks and much much more to do much much more to work on on this. Right things happened. But it is Friday and we were talking about this young man. Something came up the other day and I said fan boys like. What happened that Josh they heard from Josh and embed he says our friends on FaceBook. I won't message him. And then they started talking and then. I'm a powerful man it seems like anybody I think they just appear clear why Justice Souter who's next Phil I think. And make EG ROI naked chick. Thirty and here they're here for Josh hey Josh. Joshua even thinner December oh yeah how are you doing Josh. Knew he Dylan and so. I I don't know how much you've heard the show let's talk a bash earlier here's a good question. Sometimes I in the past when I was wrong immensely college viewed blind Jai she would get angry. He prefer. Do you think it is obviously the one thing there's two names have and comment are blind you cool with Betsy do you hey Josh you hate the name John. Eat no I just figured the the whole blind luck. And you know it's a little more clever yes where is it. Creativity stress and that is exactly right then and it. I get nervous and automatically start treating him like yours glam seek. And that's another thing I sent us here recently there was so I'd let. I'd at a they were not blinded there was someone like I could just shows him some difficulties giving him a door somewhere and it was not you. Usually given king data place is not oh yeah. And and I went up and I didn't touch salmon anyway SNL let me give them for you end. I can then trying to figure out what the disability was and Sheila Grammy and then you know said some some words like I don't need your help kind of thing. So it wage. You understand that people are just trying to help but I also see decided view as a click here blind guy but I can tell you very independent. You acted as it is where are you from time to time. Oh yeah like I did. Training for computer to learn to use a computer with software yeah. And walking in that building there's other things located in that building. And the people. I don't want to a couple of different rooms to get where I was going. And even though I've been there for months. People would still they see me pop up no let me help you because I'm not gonna walk perfectly straight. To where I'm going now but it. Luckily I mean are realizing you're just trying to help but in the back tomorrow mine as well lit. Only yeah active. But you but you understand though that stuff about when folks are trying to help is not with any kind of found though is no malice there Meehan nice and luckily I realize that so I'm not blowing up and people are anything but -- still frustrating yes there are times because it it's belittling a life you know. Course you know as there but on the shoulders the most I've noticed. Midget stuff every single one that I met that through the show have always had. Just a negative disposition about a when you see those old Bridget Bridget was our star in Qian major issues I'm talking about. Iran in the mail him little creep me out just. Always just I have never met then the nice ones Iceland so I want Charlie downtown was regarded bartenders sounding while you always know I. Always nice Shia led as the exemption in the role and that was never Galileo Walesa. I've proms when there's a little beaver and the little Brooke I heard George's gyms to work with neon in the strike we'll there was fellow when. Via old company I used it for aids assistance whatever. And there was one or nursing aides say that every car. Working out there. And I east and as many long time and I asking you know did generic how's the weather down there may he would go I don't know hasn't looked at all yet. I smell reality show. Have you already knew I Robin big. All can be fun out there now or visit gave. Does it get easier over time obviously not not having your site because I think when people. Kind of freak LA LM ELB Josh you need to that extent because it did seem so. So devastating to them I did their thing it mad world last year mad then have less room you go through they re just doing that tunnel yeah and it's just. Blinding white fog and you can't see your hand and bring your face off but all you have to do is walk a straight line and you come out the other side. But it a lot of people go in there are some power and others are going straight big turn right they turn left because this is a new thing to them and sort of get that is doesn't get easier over several years without having us. I mean did you learn. Little tricks as far as being never look as the walking straight that is extremely hard and outside and you don't realize. Is hardly attitude I'm I'm I'm sorry I. So I was absent an actual financial crimes a clumsy financial. Yeah I am I national Estrada what do I am I have an Angela. I know he's not my dad has said it in his own house before he's walked in the kitchen and just to see closes eyes. To walk to the other side and unions are ran into the wall or some men is like this is my house I know it you know downer of but. That's one thing LA it's easy to be just slightly off but where you go back over. Couple steps that distance gets bigger and bigger and bigger and assure our assures people on blind Locke is in studio list Josh the man himself. Quickly reset her everywhere and how to use you had your side then lost it right what age was it that you lost your sign how I happen is bound. Three months or so after turn to anymore and I. It was an current. And then. I had a head injury during the race and I don't think. Doctors and everybody really recognized. They did surgery to fix. All the other parts that we're all messed up and put me under anesthesia and apparently a head injury plus anesthesia Willie Walsh broke. Lighten 90% of the time and you know I don't have good luck have odds for that 2% in outside a stroke but the day after surgery. And that did financing. Of paralysis yet I've got so alive in the right side. Like luckily through therapy in just constantly using things. I've regained a lot in my hand used to I couldn't feel that hand held pretty much daily. And I can now and I used to feel it slightly on the side in my face as well that it's pretty much. Got on our spirit like it there. Innovations or any kind of tactic that's being worked on that one days. EU being blind would be a just yesterday's news like you would get your site back is that some it's. In the works I know I've heard. Things like from my brother whose sole different article things online and there's apparently something oversaw a line that is almost like goggles. That they they put on and as Scott apparently like elect troops connecting to their brain somehow in the while it's. I guess hanging images form because this person was able to walk. We look cluttered room. From morning to the other without. Touching anything in out. Now to perceive that serves are as crazy man I'm sorry is obviously. Causes. Born is on your doctor or anything like fabric. Lot of different causes Ryan Loney a lot of different calls as from liners all across the moral Ernie and not too many people you meet probably here are blind to the same reason New York. Right as. Well when I went to the the commission for the month for training. There were constantly. New people common people leaving and I didn't know there're that many blind be wont learn anyway now but that's also would have realized Mostar. Blind like wow I considerable line like I always follow blind light what I am I see nothing whatsoever. Eyes open eyes closed hope you're not for use our lead when your eyes open now okay my ignored. You know sleep hanging upside down and again. Listen you've got attitude. Just ask. How Levy and here we just suggestions have a conversation. Go marriage and easily would you if you sort of fall asleep in your eyes stayed open would mean they get dry and you have that right you feel that I would I would imagine that okay okay I mean just like Lehman you know Tokyo and AM. The dating. I know last time there maybe not last summer before there was a smile you're doing deeds will we did though blind date. But I was doing them more for you know ratings and being released and I'll probably aren't look growing into a job you know Bryant Alia Al here yeah. His outing I can do this is a mine in a black guy can do drag I mean you do that I don't know I am half and now. Animated what about. He's familiar way of a website. Called sonic erotica. Dot com. No it is the first ever website. For blind people for pornography. Of it is. Question nurse just pop I went back. I have I. Is it is it is. Pornography. That is only recorded. It is only audio recording they do not Thelma and anyway and they say that he equipment everything is easy invaded that they use. Some then it stimulates. Blind people worried maybe. They feel it they still isn't there almost seeing. On the DEU's. And look I don't know if you answered this for you nursing remedies pornography. Well you know one thing I mean some people would probably sees his bag in a way I think it's a good thing on porn now how. Win blindness see men are very visually oriented. When it comes. Sex there or anything very vision based price and I guess because I don't have that visual stimulation that. I even you know you're I think I was 21 when the wreck happened team and you know Brees could go by narrowing. You know but now. I just I don't really have any. No drive not really enough. I mean it. Came from time and time that for the most part you know and how thankful for that as it's not like on. You know beaten women office that turn things. You. Imagine every bad bad scene on their violation. Regular game can mean potentially for more frustrating if you did have murder hyper drive. Oh yeah McLaren and make some sense. Grow quicker question on the text on I think as a group we're murky are. Brandon says when Josh sleazy have dreams are you very visual drains you seen Harrington is. Dreams to sleep and before Brooke and the real thing as a lot of times you know and injuring. Especially. Not long after the wreck. The dream was I knew I was blind but some happen in the dream where I could suddenly see so every time you wake up inside. Off you know and then wake up. All thing and I always sleep mode and being well not gazillion visible and urged anyway the. Yeah actually just try not slaves didn't have legs by Anna narratives and makes sense palm so that. You know I have miss did which USA you hated and act I'll have. Sex trap eye test for. I think you know what though they've probably clears your head of everything I say is beneficial because it's not like come. Going to the clover and I think you know now I recently read business book and I said. It says we're in the club right now judge you realize you're nurse brought you to. Club who'd seen the page page has her top off for an hour Josh Boone Cheshire does it com. Well don't let your bottoms or are you realize yeah. We're gonna come back we're gonna do. We're gonna go through a little a little game that we played with fat boy in and I thought boy. Interest is if Josh is co whip. Just did you hear yesterday when fat boy did a brand new game call Saturn not where you would listen to a woman's voice where she calls and rye yeah decided if you touch your heavy senator not yet. You know wing of the you know this when your blind years senses are heightened and so I think you have probably did the best the best hearing in the room Robert. Well I guess now I don't know I actually don't find them you don't. I try to go job but will not all of thing where there. As. I've kinda gotten under the impression my hearing is no better than anyone else's with the you know averaging. It's just I've. Focus on what I hear a lot more now because I tracks have all the original template to be you know. No other stimulation get in the way right it certainly saying you know I ignore a lot of what you hear because you don't need it or you don't get makes as he wouldn't hear better let you know all of a sudden my. Lose your side and be able to hear like the way a dog years. Where did you should if you here and don't say you're this you're here is Ayers issue here paying more attention to what I hear. Right well I. I I want to see would you be cool with playing around and that was fab way to see who kid if you better than him and I decide who can have some is some fun with the U Colin that wouldn't. OK okay. So we did and here's the thing to us and we discussed this should we just stick with the women 31 doomed man and women just so we're not always just one way or the other it's over in that regard Britney you're always in Millard borders on not allowing kids fat they know kids calling you know really fat shaming if your kid. Like you would Jameer ask question and answers anyway well mud but yes to PSA answered Josh is a question on the form thank you. Well I note writing in the car when someone is talking to me they still turned and faced me and I'm like you know I don't know him back Bernard. Yeah yeah. Now it's announced the craziest thing there's just have turned him right there yeah I think it's because I don't have like. Glaucoma like additionally you don't look at me go yeah he's blowing. Room. Which comes in handy because of people like amstel notice now which I prefer president NATO treat you like. It. Echelon I know I'm I'm not gonna I'm gonna turn toward Jeff as I authority right all right maybe not go to page Benjamin that you were. Cool guys. Okay you go so well didn't demand or a woman we're gonna play out around hotter not win the fat boy AD champion vs. Who says his says senses have not been heightened but I bet you just bet you he was to flora we use even her nose as a working here. All right it is easier smell better than in didn't anyone else's Josh. Well I can smell like someone else on. In LA get Smart mouth and you excited I'm like you maybe you should be harder on yeah. The feedback we need some contestants weigh a 10774. They'll below 93180774. To below 930 we'll see who is the best time. The rise guys morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download a free app is bad now H fastball. 3.3 don't plan. Rise guys morning sir good morning shows. Slow not slowed shows. It's a 48 it's Friday it is good. We ask subsidy going to play. Fatter knocked age yes we did yesterday but. He won blind luck is in Syria whether it's Josh and hey you know I'd had posed a question about what losing one cents others are heightened they say. Josh says that is not the case was his site he did not hear any better in fact. Josh I think you said you your hearing not so good and I think I just need more attention to do what I hear right. You know you know say they're talking this one -- a conversation with your cellphone in your hand. Mine is doing that minority our team has. In some last in this match heads that way there. I we're those problems are weighted announcement regions where where your we're gonna see is fat boy you'll still be the remaining the the reigning champion of fatter now let's and we do and men and women on this conscious not to comment. It doesn't bits is doesn't do those Earle is this Sodom anger Maher of radio. I don't think Delores appreciate you DC MB it's just now I dislike her I have her head were. All up and look at you and I did it just a bit much Lawrence I'll listen endorsed him are his ego and his way to offend people moment. I am close to her first in Greenland and talked to. Good morning and those user. I'm doing absolute phenomenon Ariel. It's good it's Friday we're playing Saturn out would Josh and family and I guess. Fat boy injustice you know couple questions. An end in just make your vote on if you think peeling ginger snap his fat or not. McClellan just go first he wants to. I Josh. What is. I hope that her first just to give an idea of an article that idea. What kind of work you do. English. I am okay. Correctional officer. Oh wouldn't be messy. And and scan the buffet question ask great questions. Oh yeah if replace if any any restaurant or offer buff Fay were ordered me a freedom throughout your fantasy dust say which restaurant. Should Chinese food and make it through combined with tight end. Did you stumps me tore you major organs. Anyone you let us live are they. I got water system. I you have it just JD are you ready to make a voter you need another question I don't know that kind of makes me think yeah I know. You say you say he is not fat. Well I think. I. I think perhaps discuss it would take I. Someone to appreciate. That combination of food Nokia and a tabloid or you are you're straight man to understand I am. I am. I'm gonna say is asking that it is on for personal curiosity as an exit again he has actually. And as Superman. Yeah thing about us is saying. When he says I'm gonna say I don't think your fan I think your comes skinny you know you go like 6319. What we're not doing what does do and fat or not I'll like to find things feels OK Josh fatter not what he came by ginger snap. I'm gonna say no he's one of the ones. Bigger people only just like alive because he can eat. Anything any studies relatively small okay all right we'll people engine that your height is. 63. And how much do you weigh. If you're a fan. I hear noise six or nine yeah yeah. Know him you all know you don't buddies his arm nice not on the screen here. He's right it doesn't say we've birdies and as hi there Kyra you're going that is finalists now beds to to cola. That we and the liable and had a girl is Donna's I Donna. Harry years. Say hello to fat boy and he went blind lightly or playing Saturn not today was a big dude and it's just not just ourselves the question. Aren't so high right now you know. Wide. Well hey dude do you normally eat breakfast and so when is it typical. Right request. Exactly this kid got interest hot at Kirkland. And it's so. I'm let's say when you was dressed for bed in the evening. You have a extra long only need to ensure that a slide have a cigarette burner to catch all of it in. Hot button at an angle was less than. Normal. Current pattern it accurately. Again only only personal speculation. Josh sure. I'm trying to guess myself I I and my guess and my low flight this last Josh what do you mean any any questions and on. And I'm going very and his Donna it is your city heard a thing of the day. I. My headset down Cleo formulated Chalabi and really sat there for driver yeah it hurts. And and what do you. I may try to edit corolla. Mean here. We Dylan and a Smart Car you know what. I think you do lose for awhile. A figure an older lady if you will tie. I've always say you're probably abouts 51. Thing and somewhere in the range of 15160. Cage I. To its the year or brokered last thing you realize that's not. That. What do you think Josh you're doing seventh let foreigners leave town and isn't. So you want and they put it out. Of heightened state of mind I have no idea what message do you think do. Probably better as I imagined. Cigarettes take the place a lot of meals. And standard that's. Did you hear her voice. Yeah a heavier smoker Donna. Yeah it hurts so bad boys says. About Bob warm once it's it once good taste issue not. Think there would be bigger and be in my name in our book little BMI because as some women you know send me pictures they on this and I am I fat. Mike no he's got a big as some big boobs now so I can't really say fed. Honestly she's not asking me. OK Josh. Senator did you stand so we have one he says it probably closer to fat we have when he says not so necessarily like. In the end I think perhaps that you know I definitely know thing. That dharma your height is this. And good lord sadly waiting guest hi TJ UDL highlights how. I don't know man it's like to steal your ball like a stock back to you see you changed dimensions time wind how much do you weigh down. Only. There's any Ozal and 96. Pounds. I think he doesn't weighs more than that not. You know what that means let's me it was like boom or narrows it Josh that's right and wrong mr. hinds is time. Remains time behind them yeah so I don't know what you are tiny little thing. Boy don't I don't quit smoking yeah. All right thank you Donna have a good morning. What a little sweetheart she was just you know got the first when right yeah and I got that went right and wrong on this phone. Are you. Does get it they ENEU one Joshua drew warm I tried to pull the cover every year. No one is better manage I'm. Josh became an again and you stole the show would be tabloid is owned NBA game. We and so did he really did. Very very divorcing he's guessing how hole you're on how big loop in mailbag here again I'm not a good supportive of soccer market gradually it's not as. Of course not there. Joshua you wanna hang out or fire him you can get Dorsey get. OK good well hang out was a little bit aren't there aren't very good we'll play game would come back Sammy was in many. I can't say that harm their own narrative so did you rack yeah.