Friday, July 20th

Twisted Todd talks to fellow bassist P-Nut from 311 about their upcoming Never-Ending Summer Tour with The Offspring and Gym Class Heroes, the promotional video for the tour on Funny or Die and raising kids to appreciate music.

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It was dubbed one of the arguably best summer tours of 2018. Is the pairing of 311. And offspring for the never ending summer tour and I had the privilege to talk to. The man himself. Peanut basis. From 31101. It. I know I'm innocent eleven. Something you don't and they're good I did and I'm not that sells love Elaine sitting in the sun does get tour kicked off yet no you know we just started her her saying and word just as good as always no kidding Lindsay let's first got out just terse. Showed gate I believe is. Men like Detroit extra. And now Seattle weekly and yet shoreline at mountain view's shoreline amphitheater. Up there in northern California has we've got that we got a warm up show before that in Reno. On Monday. And and were rehearsing there that night before so. It didn't release. Also Nancy Castro about two weeks handling Ella. At Charlotte August 8. Afraid you have we're going to be belated and across the country elect. Like you know the only possible if you're determined to forty year old man and to a much. Exactly managing it is the amazing thing is is that Joseph had the best tour promotional video I have ever seen in my life for me I've never seen a tour. Promoted you know in a funny or not video like that. You have that that was that was candy it's good to have friends didn't and funny places and doing it was really really enjoyable during that shoot even though it was it was kind of exhausting. And a little nerve wrecking bad. But I think that certain result came out really well. Really did yells go ask cal how how was shooting that especially. I can imagine you and and it'll sit in a car for awhile now though let's. Yeah we're in the car for a lot of work that's easy that's no problem were you so hurry up and Harry have been waiting and it that's a part of the gig an innocent little super nowhere is. We'll just stay in place but the nerve nerve wracking and the beauty part of at the same time was having OJ. Directs and acts. You know insurance from your saying. He's like scared straight you know China and again give that a little bit more whatever get that part I'm glad. There insists it was a little area there was little slow motion all day. Absolutely and I bet he would be reciprocal work with man I mean you know. I mean sip Richard prison the hope broken lizard thing that's awesome. It's insane so yeah we do we we just clicked work friend the friend we ran into each other before. And it is really fun just out of a lot and making this happen just from me good ideas. And Ambien lose. How did the idea for that she'd come about. I don't know I think our our manager Peter wrestlers came up with he. I know you certainly wouldn't. It has just kind of worked out word about their promote them there. Elected dvd release of super troopers to rule. And and just I don't know it just it was great how much can expand production and I never never got an answer. A super cool look as you guy has got to be the highlight them I mean like he had Dexter and nick. To sit in the little studio without him curl and it's like hey way to make Gaza tour's been. Put on hold they just got hopeful ever and it's so that it just all focused on you guys I thought that was really cool. Yeah and illustrated there was sort of that worked worked out from shoots well I've not got a I've got a real election she's doing acting gigs different different needs to run side. You've got wonderful hello I am DB page now because of that. We had I do wonder could have been added to it that the you know the so the culture is so nice to just make things happen like that. And a separate cola mean that it was definitely a good video it's due and definitely a killer to ordered to perform and her eleven. All spring and you are bring in a gym class heroes of the guys. Yeah awaited. It's going to be fun at the later in the in the summer so I think that the tour is and the perfect like you know the summer's not over yet in fact. It could possibly never BO where so let's look at the time some one more time and I would not on peace CH with my kid. Just a few days ago and I heard. Posturing on the road until one stereo and they're driven by those like I'll let the good side and slick and cool off the suit the so be it from somewhere. Yet assessed as I haven't seen either of you guys play before and our plan Charlotte just about an hour and a half from here and it sucks because. It's on a Wednesday night and how would normally flock cried out to a you're talking about kids and a have a six month old right now on the 41 year old first time that. And yet people like me and things are gonna change after you have kids and like I'll still be going unlike Gary go on and the show unlike. You know. I've got scared. Early on in Russia those Kidd chipped away more important. Absolutely man and I hope we raised right you know and get a month's rocky and Cesar. Not rock and roll out a put him to sleep almost every night I am. Singing Tillman and poorly singing to them. Pennsylvania 65000 my Glen Miller and you know had a great day he just gets a bum shoulder man I'll start Dolan and the Glenn Miller needs like is now. Charts that's super awesome yeah I think. Honestly it's built into us so we've worse such a long line of those also who enjoyed rhythm. Men melody. For generations upon generations it's. It can build to built into it no matter where we grow up or who we are and what we're exposed soon and are used. It's it were musical creatures and that's why we we all get together and we we re very kid Garnett. We we gather in the in the summertime listen and you know and and we make me let everyone know us you know look at it it's it's it's it's the one person audience sort or there's 101000 people it's. It's something that that we have to do and that's something that we talked about in the band firmer like the troops like. It's it's such it's such a natural thing for us to pull off an a so enjoyable. To watch people smile back content to back that. You know any any frustrations that ever come out get squashed really quickly because this. And the Summers nothing but enjoyable for a doorknob sweating and dancing in front of people trying not to look totally true. Cancel it out on the bass player must Celso. You know the Kindle come in whenever hammer you know press on stuff upstairs my wife and bring him up and Nina who just kind of sit there and salacious in all of what. You know I'm I'm playing and so I'm I'm really hope and you know given him that kind of exposure that he'll be interest and in doing I'm never gonna push anything on him. But you know if I can always you know just kind of always put that bug it is weird always the coldest say that goes somewhere. I shirt sure you will the best of it they're going to pick thank you you you will no matter what it you know you're all doing it doing it. Yeah I knew I knew I was gonna have. So frustrated yet. Now that. What a great way to grow up that's what I think too it's like bases in the palace jump in the house key word guitars of some of the music all the time. It's just. It's a wait for. People. In my case I've got two son of an editorial and a seven year old I think it's a really good waited get out frustrations. Even if you don't have the words for a and and I don't I don't know how much that changes as we grow up. You know I think it's it's it's located say things without word and it's and it's old and he got to find a way to get him out no matter what. If you're gonna guilt card real crazy New York Times musical answer live in Rhode. Try and try and do both if you if you can be changed and didn't give way to get frustrations thousand. I don't know mutant it solid and therefore out in abandoned. I think it's something that we shared an audience. I mean that does not. They're a little bit and listening to you lean on somebody no matter word and we all have musical heroes and elevated in this. In this way because. Of you know not the exact word but the mood that they could UN and strong demand the situation that you were in personally offended exact moment when admitted that in print Narnia. It's just it's it's made for. Improving your life and kind of saying things that you're not capable of saying peninsula. It's a wonderful thing to make your career rather than be appreciated this long period where sank four at a collective. We know it's funny we talk about you know oppression kid in the doing something Alice named after a football player came in musician. And you know wasn't going to intentionally name him after musician. But my son's name is Gideon his middle name is Lee and for short week column giddy. And I didn't think about Hitler put that together that he's DD Lee as a as they live close to get a life that's a ups. I didn't mean until they declare it is actually if I'm it was certainly happy accidents. A lot of other. Also great hope flabby bringing the kid out to conceive after eleven and offspring sends them he gets longer. You have to be greatly degraded. Yeah discipline you know light means the and any aid to the wonderful thing kind of startled hello I remember following my brother's lead. That you always taken his kids to go see it like it jabbed in the park. In the summertime out in Lincoln Nebraska. And I thought that was great sides and it did the same thing. There's. They're they the place so we conceived from the same crowd here in Los Angeles and the CN everybody sit on the lawn with their kids some. You know together and listen in the muse sick and it's just it's a great way to slow everything down especially in the big megawatt clip that we live in over here. Indeed we'll peanut man I really appreciate you taken the time and do in this and I really just. I'm sure yelled and getting the word out with this tour so I mean I have no doubt that you guys are not packed places out. You know and the hot summer sun dance along to the music. I'll man I can't wait thank you further good vibe in a couple of surfboard around at the brother thank you for tickets on the and yet a problem what toxins and regularly. Yet Iraq.