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An OPP from a guy who lost his dad and his family is nowhere to be found: Fat Boy was surprised by a conversation he saw a few old Southern women having yesterday


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. Stewart here homes for the rest. When each 93 point three okay. You hated gym and I'll watch it czar now. So like you would hate it because it's. A lot of keywords in NASA a lot of nursery Ronnie stuff but. That's his best. Good old boy rednecks are thing. It's Larry and this Kid Rock is just utter cliche is grand but there's unrolled. Kid Rock new song Tennessee mountaintop edited Manny. He get a good read your run for governor and a Michigan. And win. Agent you know. As you guys growing up southern. And got to take away from a thing you know what BJ from the inner city of Detroit singer about what's your growth with. Devastated again as always Jimmy said. Since they want is that the rednecks all over like literally there's rednecks all of. Are there are so there's there are no more from Michigan until he turned into long light you know. Probably about fifteen years ago and a lot of Redman Michigan has already rednecks as any other place Michigan Pennsylvania New York ring there's over. It doesn't. There's a lot of them off there. What gives you know how many get this email is is this is an email that. I thought about earlier is not going to be the most pleasant but it's definitely warmer as some I need some help men I dare say who won and yet there has. Has dealt with some very similar. As far as some on this and a now Austro to find that she's always had literally just open that you are you guys he had somewhere I don't know if it. I know I am in a really can't. She's always hold on Monica find them and have fun and I had told the gathered a deathly do it today bad blame it. You have it my way Ed by chance Jenny. Yeah I just for American forward. If Allred if you are kind of the other parent our ally of the waste are soft first off. I refuse to say save his morning radio visit thank you very say did I prefer monarch key of mourning radius is you've already established and will continue to roll. Now all that the niceties. Are out of the way our responsibility I need some advice. Last Tuesday I lost my father at page 57. He had been doing and rushed for awhile do with the emphysema and on the oxygen 24 sevenths. Given two years to live those four years ago he was a fire and held on for his family mainly for my kids is grand kids. He always fall for every one else even though it pains me more than I can't imagine knowing that he's going on thankfully suffering is ended lost my 28 year old mother when I was just twelve so now. Aged 36 but haven't been laid to rest and it steals so surreal. Here's my issue. My father was not what you'd call the formal tie he had to dress up for some media on death he left the letter behind that he wrote three and a half years ago tell us on the buy. In in that letter he stated that he didn't want us to. Go through all this stuff that normally happens when someone passes away he wanted to be cremated and wants. Thus to celebrate his life with a party hosting a cookout was his favorite. So Izzo assign I've honored his wishes and we'll be having a get together this coming weekend for family and friends. Well at his four siblings and mother. Only his mother and one sister and said anything to me at all L live at a town and it. But haven't heard anything for most of them even though they know the news. Have also found out and only one sister's going to attend. His mother my grandmother is choosing to keep her weekend vacation plans when my dad younger brother and his wife to go camping. Senate making the trip overplayed to pay respect to my father. About lost my mind when I found this out but I'm torn as to whether I should express my disdained them or just move fast to consider their loss. My father was definitely the glue that held the Stanley together. I feel that the pieces of that clue were starting to become brittle already. As of now for my own sake or for like I should just let them do what they want not say anything my father's always look out for those. Around him more than he should be concerned with himself and I felt that I should not tarnish his memory about trying to guilt and in the coming. And difficult time for shore. I'd rather cut the ties then do something to take away from the reason role. We are all. To gather and that is to celebrate the naming my father or should I do thank you for that time he took to read this. I won't say first. Sorry for your loss in the hands saying that way in the utmost sincerity Al lost my father Ed that the age of 59 says some quite similar. Com. And you know his seasons the complications of lung cancer and heart disease. But. Boy. Did the other stuff. Or there is fighting about well this isn't what they want that's why you should definitely get a living will if you got kids first of all that's my advice to you. Second thing do you worry about guilt guilt in them into coming. And I say hail and a. Ed Bradley is really mind who did they don't come by no processed heroin processor down earning. You know. You're going to worry about this you're going to be concerned about this to some extent. I'm sure you admire Hank attacker anxiety issues aren't there. Now he shouldn't over whether what they're doing their bid would themselves is because you're all grown people ranked Presley hit you know anything that you can't tell somewhat then. But I think one thing. You gotta keep in mind is how people deal with a loss a a lot of times. They deal went in LA you know I had there's a thing called respect and paying their respects to the dead and things like that but it. You're really paying their respects to the frame and not paying their respects to the dead because of dad's gone the dead. Kid may judge may look down on our op or whatever the system may be an end and see you came their funeral I don't know I don't think they would be concerned lead I would have behind mound and then into the casket look and see who comes up. Do you go and you pay respect to somebody but you do it to the family for the family name but it just is precious sort of barely get better and you know you don't need to free yourself to. Yeah as some people don't want to admit it we absolutely go to funerals for you. Now what is really do. A lot of a lot of stuff that we do that we act black is an outpouring of emotion is for us yeah they say it feels good idea. Feels good again there so there at the beginning of that to make you feel better. Which is true it does but that shouldn't be dead the sales. The point for an A you know the the there's sales pitch then it makes you feel good view of these hurricane victims out there no need a new album how. Any expectation that right Aaron let's say let's say Matt back. And then I have to Guerrero and her funeral but you might yeah you know Matt Matt guys that are going to be there for his mom and it is kids Pam Weiner barn you know I met. It did twenty years now that's all you got to do so I'm going there for me as well I mean I'm not sure we're doing it for them really yes for them. But also. The part of that is for me. So just a regular day and bring you covered this yeah that Hassan car on and must thank him. You're nobody wants to be there mimic item on and I. The family it's a horrible thing to go through but. Have stress on top of that with arguments and people not. Getting a mom would make it worse for getting what they were so called promised -- some actors have that locket and I can only announced whales are gonna press. Arm so what I did is the best thing is I can do is take every day day by day. And do what I thought would be the best thing I pay virus backstage but I asked us to do yeah. And Allen have a party or whoever and players' backs. Not worry about what the other people do because you can't he can't live their lives formed right in this present it and if they wanna be jerks at Saturday on. His daddy's last wishes was to have a party a celebration took out not a formal thing you want to be cremated then that's what you do and if if they wanna show up there are fine but. In the air member of our guys were saying not everybody. Mourns the loss the same way a lot of people don't wanna deal with a bunch of people around an XE. Must say war. Not take one for the team but he billion might need to be there for everybody else is her. In how sometimes you have to bury as certain people in those situations have to carry more weight pull more weight than others when that goes on and a bit. Even so it's great. The most children singing can do in a whole world is. Basically say to somebody else reroute moral right are you more into the longer you mourn long enough now I don't have their wages link in the blink along right. KG still mourning the loss your us and every day of course happening you know my brother didn't go to the funeral on I don't harbor any feelings towards him because he didn't do nice does not him him. Doesn't that he does I don't hate him because of that we didn't have a argument I never discussed it you know the. Everything is when you guys are down here in the south with how to receive Air France. When that is you know when he dog thing we have though the line of people easily starting with a spouse or whatever in the person and then the line really aren't in. He did to boost but here they'll bearish right they always do and a very important so the person at the end as is going to be like they're about marriage or something the amount of the first person you shake hands with Gregory is there because usually don't know west yet you built did the first person will be spouse or the mother earth and the kids in and by the and you got like a second ahead. Guys are cousins on my case. We don't do the third cousin's first thing you build up doing mom our husband wire border and on the can be close in the past I had started that had the line how from the casket this is found or created the funeral Director General literature there original planet in you know you are wedding planner a year and a bad tire relay to you earlier out. Depth. Out. And not be selfish but again my daddy's. Being gone for going on ten years a man not to be nine years next month and and maintain that there is not a day goes by and there's not when I was scared the other night Alice in there Alice aside. How would love some from Monday to be able to be here and now I want my greatest memories is mean him and I'm going to see Def Leppard that was one of his favorite bands. He knew every song every buses in every layered every song. Said maybe we got to go back and meet him that was one of the best memories ever. But I still am it's still grieving I mean I would never not be never not me. You know. My sister and I talk about this issue as a way in Charlotte just hate that I'm not near. Degrade I hate I'm not near the cemetery you know oval in Charlotte and this hour and a half whatever met here at tourist you know what I'm here in mantown have been a dozen times and there is who almost ten years. We fair. It's it's a racquet. And if you fill closeness there and he goes there and he speaks to the person or just day to meditate already do. Yes we can't paint a hair they're not they're not it's a funeral either again it all goes back to the. Respect this namely in these people are part of the family so they don't wanna pay the respect. And respect everyone else and so be it. What you can do he's a glue that held the family together corner of the emails what he did he say screw us have a cookout is more fruit possible in my daddy would save money on steaks and we don't get more tea did Brandon may become homeless say there. Where else would you do you try for me it man it's one thing you've got to do when you when you do don't. Fuss over of materials. I have seen it twice and it takes stuff never mincing. Page image you would agree that it is absolutely. He can take with you and in and if I ever petty things and to have an enemy now. Is not worth then an especially if it's like a close Brothers something wants to send sad and. Oh and came when I got Justine on and sometimes you can imagine the family and a homer whatever you know I don't think they can make me feel better is if there was a honey baked ham it took a stand that turtle from Spartanburg is on line one. Turtle that got our gas. At more at how good morning I years. Where are we so I'm doing great things you're thoughts. I'd rather read only we all my mom and are we went through a lot of praying like similar feeling good this girl talk about it. Like that is it necessarily till I. Maybe some some of the employee. Respected not not really respective but reached out are we thought they should let hum. The one thing you've got to remember you you got you've got a lower your expectations of other people not not the favorite they're gonna let you down could only put. To have this expectation that they owe you a phone call or your program street Bernard Barrett should. It's childish. Are you you've got you gonna mourn the way you're gonna mourn and they're gonna mourn the where there are you remember that. You know Kirk cousins and sisters and Brothers and who ever lived without their. They're mourning tribute you have I am I am a warning that necessarily worse than mayor's so why should you expect the call on them. A subject with their Beers director of his personal. Care or near your career. Talents in two years and screen yeah there are certainly a good morning sir currency gas external. So weird to have his somber conversations eternal. Usually always it's always happy outdoors of course of course he gives me advice about things are here's what we're gonna do are granted to break. Still different than we normally did it take a break and able to come back okay so we're gonna break. We will be back. Now be running for help that. I'm flying rescue has morning you know nine. Is recalling during. Rise guys morning show good morning hello. It is 8389. What was help me with the name of the guys who were gonna sail into the the guys for a mass AV this AB is not a big when I first read this I thought it was apps. There are no firmer a very compelling tales of their Kalin mound no word. Deep Magnum K good. I try it down we wanna say what's up to those folks from actually in building services me well for any sponsors here on the show. Analysts think and they they were saying hey you know you guys than anything down around the house can thing you know site. This in my candies bathroom downstairs Lowery around if you or your written about them basement for fraph more like I may have I got it. This morning and as to what the cause 1257. Go to the bathroom and now is so weird is that I'm standing there are more crossed the bedroom. I am partially need. Well I'm wearing underwear isn't a sure. And I started ringing in my ears are. Seles and entering into the matter and as are there Arafat was like golf man. I officially here right now you have to go all the way upstairs to applies to flights he lived in the basement your mother's home just catch and I'll tell you you're ready to get that house. And took their that's going to be. Men you know me in my hardwood floors try to remember that. So. You didn't think that any mean realize till yesterday I guess it was is that when you have to get the math and yet to go upstairs room and a bathroom in the basement you did say that sometimes there's just number one you will walk outside the basement going yard. Only which is bad for your grass why are you familiar to Manila Dana I know our progress and I have a grab a grass come here try a map to hold it still as she goes a bit. Sought sere so Israel he now should probably do is build a time you leave for work well like who. What happens is you know this isn't page emphasis sexist I think this. You know with fat boy's mother is that was mom's home does that buoy his wife and child are staying in the lower level the basement. He's got to be some kind of tension between the two women even when it comes to like cleaning type thing yeah because women are masters. I am on our round home right you ever have any any kind of day a very good to butted heads the mom and wife. Not really pulling back in horror or supplies clean and a wrestler announced last month's town of my likes to order a little bit. A lot of well also the moment. But so you know we Norton mr. Lee Yankee Lou big mama as you officially call your mother. Does something stupid from yesterday come under me Hartman. Power. Salt and abs. Okay. I get home yesterday whoever's launched a songs all school tomorrow Disco week. And take your son Ali yeah normally would go home and eat on the way the Oreo. At this time. Is considered. Sort of home mom's a containment of the trees is now is that for centuries now. Traces of trees is mom's in town and he's no Trace it TRE. ESH race I think resonates in there somewhere. I made into a door is good serve and Trace are source CH. He does not twice that is weird how rednecks would choose how to be well read like sometimes they'll be like it's mother Theresa. Then they'll say hi Teresa didn't care that they are. Our lady saying hey. SA hi Teresa do you know how old mother to right so was there are they'll say hey. I'm gonna go watch the toward defrost down endless frank some piano so weird that we cheese to do things not talking about doctors wash arrays that Theresa may remember when you don't cousin of the Minnesota does that take a pitcher he stole sweet day Astor hotel off premise that's at LA and unsweetened. It's so she won't there's only good drop brawl Patrice is an ounce. Our surgical. Number Welsh is that why you go and Al jarrah because they want is seeming to form because you know how to go there is much trees is mom while he's in jail. Sensing bombings in those cute I lost a lot of your legs so that when you can play a guy and a weird. Lining losing jerky while this came out here actually ketchup. Is it true that you have more gray hairs in your mom oh. Who am alma. Where our cal colors. This verges drapery is probably neck and neck no problem always them. How come so did you use say 2 big mama I am. This is it about the as. Your grandson and I will offer lunch loss to take you by traces yeah because it's easier just to appease her. It sends trying to have a conversation and arguments as strong role as mom I am happy. Watt the CD everything. Mostly had numbers every zero. Lazar yeah eight iron off every he'd heard. You feature deciding on the cheek and iso sticky under others who are coming up for a few minutes we're only do we. You know we're normal launch this she's proud of her baby boy that. Battle of the saga may be grandpa and so. Mark article interference. You know it's almost on the zone is YouTube anyway that is watching BHD's so whatever. I think on the car for a minute whatever when here for a few minutes BHD and dances and blasphemous HD is considerable way to do little Twitter. Not Twitter YouTube got tons of followers now. So mark inched up but I don't go for humans. Earl talked and why ability conversations going and no this is conversations little awed. Because it's like you're watching women have a conversation that you would expect due staff. Is Tracy seven remain. It was not a girl when she moved out. So the conversation came up or trees you gonna do and remain Trace. So I'm now I'm giving her roommate. I can't have another woman in here they'll be a lot of guys going out the door in and they'll all Croatia she says that Bill Clinton's body starts and oh yeah you don't want that. All these women around here these days run around all these men borrowers. I see him every war. So let's set on that any room. This unfold towards better store tours. For what seems like an hour is only a few minutes. Back and forth back former parlor sit with smaller guy he will mom because she says I'm bears are. Well over because I stepped in a Mike latest years Marsha parent I think you guys are having a conversation. That you would expect me and they have. About maybe winning the man had been you guys are talking about women you don't even know as soon in every woman you've come across is a more us. Why should you guys kind of stick together and that women do. Moment we. Eight weeks and Assad's iron carrier mouse on its not about women. That's all I want is that you know our kids may grow and I'd say that I've never seen a whole lot of evidence of old southern women sticking together is made tendered. I'll stand by their man and a boy talked him up and down turn. Sol awards she's older. Her only is she still slut I see your still this all the laws and talking out about science and mouth. Mike did you guys chatting candy that never seen that before where did you Gaza's I know some of your girlfriend beds locals. But you want to reiterate what they say to each other yeah years and years ago. This finger and I always enjoyed is watching women interact bucket church or it worked first thing in the morning and they've. Oh he's so give it Petraeus is you don't need here Earl. Would get a hand makes room and then as the as the woman in the new dress walks away is the the other woman would turn around and say yeah. I don't think it pounce on price and outlined brought now the all time you're in the wash his friend Shane I promise you I do not see guys do it. I do it each other's faces I I think I mean week. We colleagues I'm gay slurs at all kinds of slurs but it's 'cause we love each other were buddies. Justice is a different thing men are getting worse by the day you know like candy your caddie your bad day did you get worse you don't mean Macy's is is getting worse and Mikey used to being like when it was cold. Yeah but I think we are some reason USA good women right. These harmonies are about talking much have they are they're very much recent daddies and uncles say when they are growing up. Up and stick there penis stuff and they do have no very little if any respect for women but. He's that way. Because they have very little engineers met to themselves. It's about anyone needs are met they seem to have any self respect now there'll boomers by the way they lived through a baby boomers in general yeah. It the way they live they seem to have a self respect. No rings something's always somebody else's problem yeah serve little ball. A so so I didn't do this how would be here right now would you like this there have been rumors I'm no NetApp boomers manner baby boomers age is not necessarily their own fault it's like they were raised where the you know. May and the house man of the house and dad comes and have his cocktail ready when he gets home from work like that whole thing you know women a lot of women we're not even working their moms are not working. And they were just seen is like. Not a 5050 K boy that's absolutely true. Do you really see when men like we knew what may be objective five women to each other but that's as far as it goes as ally called. Social organize your Jersey is like issues I'll miss your markers over whether beer. I'm want to pay some and you you cast. They're pretty far but. Who came that I hate more than anything is leaving this studio to go to the bathroom or to get water. As I know that when I do if it comes off the real hot segment or maybe I was did pitchers and might that. I don't imagine the conversations or haven't and I don't even know that that's happening. But I know that when the rest ideally this is Dave Baram. All. How true smile on my face all we all laughed him out gig down at home and wonder with another single hour every time we. So we did you mean this late hour now here we really do where did he did just is best women. Isaac just dispensed women in gossip as much as women do wild now as far as calling each other horrors and stuff you don't do that then. And a did he say he does not look that in the NL and moral this kind of in our live earth it is just reload and guys paired up slice it. Just the fact he knows that they were given other women chances are just like you know and Earl Morse a normal around me and a I wanted a bunch of dudes in women's bodies almost like do. It was like a hair salon pages are a lot of is that I mean I don't. I go to guys. Well. We don't talk about other women married now I mr. was conversations with me Arafat's anyway that can be repeated. But as far as amongst my friends. We usually don't Collie each other names are bull crap no we don't slut whore no I never called one of my good friends on Idaho. You never sales slowed. Now well I see I'm not act like I don't I hear that all the time from women I see don't interactions allows us immediate and it's because they're not followers than mantown. I don't. Frequently with prostitutes. Other I have eminence honest answer. Nobody says that anybody that really means you're out that you charging for his mind you know and why you're actually good samaritan or you didn't. Why can't you call each other those times it nicknames that now. Spent a whole lot of time it bars. The ones I've known anyway most of those but a lot more time out on the town on the same page does your domain they are party girls certainly. Usually normally do warm I you know you have friends that day a little more than others and we just accept them for who they are not judge them and just had our you know Aaron a guy around. Did you you have present day little more than that's not what you say about that I had. His act out of that you did now when I. Actually easy group messages does that respond back and talk crap about persons on the group when they probably time for a word to describe your. Friend who dates a little bit more than the rest of us might did you use that border work. They're saying they're assertion that habit you know law that that he's nasty shifts goes out more and and other people yeah if you blame. And other people's parents I don't I don't let me tell you yeah right no where else I did. This is actually get there's always already calls command to. What do we what is the argument that there's no argument what is the what is the conversation causes some but I notice and then mom tells you didn't have to do very you know. I you have to take her home just a question is do you guys do that as much as one girl aren't I think in this one woman's advice and here. Who alleged her voice of women in now. It's charity side Jeff Pena got a little hard disk is bad and some are worse. Out. And so women don't do it all when I go to get my hair cut I never here give gossip I don't wanna tell Josh carvers started dancing Dawson down there. I don't know why we Russo jealous of each other. This is ally Dubose they won't we got a five to the same do because of USA due to healthy slug it out to you both right now Bangkok who I. We talk when you hear anything. Got going on you wanna talk about fat boy eating pig testicles Maher for instance for the bare wall whatever it is 10774. In the below 93180774. Bit below 93. It would love lives on a vicious or blood here for some first some callers you never got through Holler at this 180774. Double load my three together as one. We will talk on the radio next. Dear Maggie 3.3 implanted here in new avenue expletive expletive rocks. Plant in mobile last. Send them to DOD line set up deal Lima new phone with the rest guys every morning. The new planet that's an easier and it's green in the end still. Powered by Quaker steak and blue for many 3.3 the planet.