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We have a P1 who wants to know how he can tell his wife to lose some weight: Open Phones: Headlines


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll situated download link for the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with a rap as guys in 93 point three good plan that. This is good. Is damn her new Marilyn Manson and has been on drugs disease for keeps or hurt himself on stage any put our great album. I thrown out of their meter and I'm in my frame around me and put out of the new one day after Israel and an upside down our secure her whole thing his good days off to a divorce the museum rarely do you like the double. And my. Glam horror industrial type music via allow. A command of that real quite was the key word again for some sort of thousand dollars tab board it was managed MA NAG. Manger. I. Not them and I should. Now I love you manage your bartender there one time. Men manager. Tom I instead. Tossing them at SM there Marilyn Manson. Then there was a moment and yeah. Manson. A man. How now is the glam thing are here to see when you guys from route Paulus drag race died true I don't know borrow. -- he died as I BS that drew a mile and a real idea or do I BS yeah. They're chick fil policy thing I Eastman beats. It is aired a ball around not just about half a corrupt minds and secure does that EMI assistant. I did arable syndrome rude and out from a prior time error her I'd add Drupal. It right it's. A man who briefly sought earlier I figured he'd be all about that because you love that show. Dario I see is sir Sahara better inform errors fighters is that you dated by grilled a woes aren't borrowers and your name brand harm well. They keep 180774. Double 093 maybe Angel research and haven't in headlines or. I mean it measure if you don't do it yourself. Oh fast fingers or Greer who you know we will idle time I think I'm African mount an all along going rouge Twitter phenomenon. Let's start us off. All man. See just taught that all these people say he knows like and you know I have. Tallied the numbers have been to a lot of people mean advice just tell me where to go first. Star of the anonymous who I'm worn anonymous is in Spartanburg good morning. Thank you. It ain't. Hang and now you know. And the hanging out betting against flu shot latest is drafters her. And into the drafters try to draft her flinch top remains from Jeremy yeah my chimney has flu like symptoms they closed out of place Israelis forestry were you could. Drive through by register your prison bitter yes. Oh yeah they still have won a white Hampton and yeah cornered by Edwards road and went into your name that tractor tobacco users secure and who drive through. I needed the pollution and I'll tell you tomorrow. Trademarked so anonymous. He needs some of us on your mom what was so your mom. I'll eat without. A year and our act skin about when it was too late onion analogy I get my hand but made it no longer in good shape and yeah. Yeah our. We had to try and my mom had a bit less benefactor to engage intimate age. All within the last year issued and in an average al-Qaeda in many times she can't make tried many nines in the murder cash. Don't miss out Edgar. A lot now machine in jail and she didn't end there for a while establishing shot and jump back into my and then our grandchildren Klein and added element cocktail about it. How are they going to its. A meeting held Ali fix your kids. One of damage to do and want to indict my. Contact him at tech. Ceci I was thinking if they write ten or twelve that would be very hard indeed did they that that can still be very. A comfortable kind of relationship there it is on Uga is on year warning to allow that because I think in the you don't want. Then two I get attached to someone who could be gone tomorrow. Why is she. Didn't dig deep bench like a much dead and they and they didn't change. And oral and such time but there are some pain might fight or she asked our mentality ill and that catch on site. She used to eat crap beat date equipment now we're confronting on a person. I think what I would do is may be and this is made it rather then bring her fully into the kids' lives I wouldn't may be. Do a lot where there are you into immediate. In other words. Did semis some continuity going of her being around her visiting before she gets a good if she says I want to see my Graham may be say look. I mean you're you're you get that maternal instinct you don't wanna do that. The danger areas where earned backers tend to bring. The ability stuff that's detrimental to the kids does that I don't. I began grim pro metal those who stuff about this represents yet if you are now it is the world the other kids be better off having their grandma. Necessarily so in every case. So are all out without that particular person in their lives but again only you know that only you can make that judgment that users. I. Hey dad that's probably that's part about the again folks will call land of course in and naming him their their thoughts on it too but. When questioned dad you dad living. Yeah and accomplished. You heard married search fourteen. Here and and and Rick Perry here and act and and eight match carried on how to carry it turns out that he dumped out short of course what that are. And eat try out to go to Mary didn't come into turn to Alan Kelly how when they're tired today. And find out notre ever there was e.'s current mess yet given her and change it and a blaming him coming lightweight women's team and Alan every anxious. Wish I had issued called it that you normally enjoy it and they might get into not going to be a lot of your. Team. AA Adam man oh man the immediate you'd you'd kids are so young and a a team. Boy I don't know guys so I am and I'm kind of undecided about what Italian out. She does she feels guilty in the she comes back within when she wants to go gallon band around or do whatever she does. Well then it's like bull crap on everybody else and that's it. People who live their lives like that have to deal with the consequences of the way that. Is destructive it's careless it's ultimately reckless. Let me ask. Can't eat it like machine in jail are warning. A war are not showing up in color all our distribution and his position. Object half fussy and now there's so let me tell you an alligator Alley and not have anyone who has this track record and district this. This should be distributing the math whenever I would not use you wanted to go and made a mile airlines says visit whatever. That's why they I would not have my kids around that. Of course take it is a sign your leg big time trouble when mind. You ain't even got it together enough to show up to you court date they have gotten one of the problems and I'm handle. She actually. Receipt points each I do like try issue in the Tibet airlines parent. Joker and saying they don't care and why literally watch to. See what that G. Change and that seemed a key ally however. She came on illegal later and you know she comes out but you want to do that they. I should only take like ten minutes early. OK now what do we do this age you're cool that way we throwing all get your number and check in windy here in a lot of what could be a year before hear from me again now is. Okay are anonymous and good luck when volunteers do what you know her her kids yours yeah now that's the thing kids and yet appear to put them first Aaron Riley's decision. As he is wasn't ready until further notice because that's her mom I don't mean you've got to have anything to do whether she's out there right. Please and she has energy again I wanna join me on the launch of the light wildly. Lyle and I never caught a fish one man bureau in order for state case almost eighty K that's right what is MI carries there. I don't know Ed good you need advice about. You wise. We're proud of the school did. If it's a matter order. Now Al. And it's it's not a matter of oh baby weight after the fact is we you have you he would. Everything went back Jude. Pre. Pregnancy weight after the kid they're all better built back in taper Derek. After a while it did kind Saturday. Come and are mute and some amount the government not well she doesn't know you make comment you eat. Or any bank. I'll to generate an eyebrow agree look like she's very minute or earn. Although I tell her that. You really need to drop. The crown her whole little I have little in what else. Man if she's regularly comments to currencies means she's aware of it that's as she knows it's just. Says she's aware of it but it's how do you. You married sorry we're out. And there were out Desormeaux what type of weight gain are we talking about here. Not not not necessarily what she weighs but the talent wise how what what are we talking. 20/20. Mean money in these companies receive proper it is. I'm sorry volleys you tall tall for shortly. Don't know she's. Like five fired early you know you should be honored brown dirt and what we're meet. Immediate payment Matt and the bank. There. I mean how. Are you from a woman's point of view mutual's husband who's waited really comes rural place of you know. When you to be healthy but it seems like when a mammals is gonna superficial like a much it'll certainly want. Right yeah I know my mamma say my dad you know. Mean obviously didn't work out Macy's she'd say fail while watching here forever once you know when she did live as long as you can't. There and I sincerely meant that from my daddy was that he went might be you know when you look and say. Fast there are their mayor yes him. And please get some people are more perceived than others but I think you're a woman about five foot 500 pounds is generally speaking under way. At that that point and she's just really petite and I mean yeah and he's here yeah. Cheers and very very PP ten. It it's been a point where. I may be shallow but I'm not that attracted any bowl. On that can be and it did what it all it's where the way I have been getting it ball. Mid section ten bucks got. Yeah. Well and Illinois is how what what about you and eat. Way what's your size with someone leaves you think you're overweight. Now I'll I am I'm Ali about six foot. I go about a buck 75 and then looked pretty pretty tight and. There. Are so you gotta be yet to be easy way to here's what here's one thing I'd do a must pursue an act and stuff to do together you know I remain like do what do you walk in the walks and we're creating a hot somewhere like that. Now another word you'd be you know it to write you suggest that and then here's another thing. Well. They let me let me and her son I've been met Ben never done I would suggest you go one. All heard major walked on the trail bout destined go on not. Mountain bicycling through the trial of the black on the current and everything gets shot down and yet we do. End up doing that might. You get out of breath real quick. I haven't tried to countered. You get it. You know you are AE AE edit build that into doing too much are obviously wrestler and his baby steps is gradual man I'm. Get out. You say and it's the way are you sure there ain't so mayor besides that Detroit wearing browns is gaining design I mean you resist the way obviously. Is is that all it is. Yeah yeah everything else the leaders state. Yeah he got a grow our out on my term is there's there's there's some folks and Allen called him and why should say what you think about this page what he's a hate. And take him buy you new dress this week and we'll go out to dinner. I think if he's with her while she's tried it on and all that that kind of shows eighty cares let. So if you gain weight where in the same clothes are a lot of times you just need to just keep clothes. You Wear and you don't insane and when I when I lost weight I wouldn't I would still wears some of the same clothes and it was way baggy army Xerox office he goes if you're wearing the same clothes and you gain weight is obviously getting tighter so. Maybe she's not taking care for self all around in the 25 pounds is just what to sinner and. I mean. Who's to say what's going on where her main thing Nina yeah anyone excited to add. Yeah I am sorry Ed that's why I wondered if there's some more roms are torn torn from parents you know surprisingly the matter band somehow sees everything else is great. I'm. Merrill. I don't know what. Well they're related to making this is looming lost all the attraction it's hard if somebody's not motivated did today he had to figure out why they don't. If they're not doing while I don't wanna do. That we got him on hold will allow will come back we'll talk to him we dad Jamie commanders in. Much much more to go in the rise guys all are advice show. Agent that doorway ninety degrees going through the planet dry. So there example do you think you got problems. And everybody else has problems too there's. This is are all invited showed this is that we did did our first segment on it and phones out the ones suit maim people order wanna Barbara our current infrastructure and yeah we still. Used to have Mike from my quietly Mike says it. Does not tell us why she needs to lose weight she's put on 225 pounds and he's not attracted to her anymore that's fair my niece and all their right. Pretty much certain I do remember my has long been married. Literary it being here okay. Eight bad all right page he had some thoughts yeah I is gonna give me some advice Mike had a friend that was in the same situation that you current RN and she divorced her husband. That told her to lose weight all the time and she's with them and that. Like served for the way she is and they both plus weight together and he encouraged her so my advice to you. Is if you are doing is way we. Be kind about it and also. Eat healthy together but don't make it that is her problem and make him that it that she seemed. Austrian losing our minds patience is wearing fan base orders and to this year. Yeah he's draw and I bet it was worth it. I have well up there. Humor side I do martial arts I've done it for a lap thirty years. I have after the government try and you're repeat basically. You know that kind of thing it. He didn't like what I will play up I thought it very very nicely I do why did not bring up. The late issue out there I'm what I suggested that I'd suggest it. There and hurt cute. So you told her he told her that is she like she got punched in the face. You are being cleared and my ear pretty yet. County content sharks wallop limo there angered. Know my we have out there. And now and military no way and act there I would bet I would ever. Contemplate. Divorce I mean. They're there a way that I I would do that a local woman they'll be here on I adore Kurt and I just want to hurt you. From some of the weight that they that did everything else is thought. Now if a candidate last year they rented some say it's soaring for Brown's eyes and so 125 pounds is a big part of it there. It shows me. Party you mean you sound I hear they sadness in your horse there and that's fine bit. Is partly just Morgan did to be active in and do something and have they just be alive and vibrant again. Yes yes yes yeah yeah yeah because the news or use the U. It doesn't billing okay. Understand them. And my daughter's we've got cute daughter and import the third. Goal then he. Added. It it. Well let me I can be depression also from Kazaa the thing early depression as you don't wanna go anywhere you know wanna be around anybody at the site she brings it Betsy obviously she knows it. Oh yes he does know he doesn't know what I teach you a leg up and you'll make comment about. You know her but it pagers. You know you've got the belly girl pop up bank. You know that she'll she'll bring it up well. You know like who is you may degrade and eyebrow all agreed to a third you know like you know it's what I'm quote new I don't know what I think these are. So. Just a matter pronounce your name. Avery Avery is in Greenville Avery you add a suggestion for Mike. Yes I'm currently actually okay. And now I can't agree with evening. Is being year advice on how to talk to her on it or lose sleep I mean. When Arafat or scattered 3040. Our they look perfect they look healthy every day. You know she should be under pastor bill that I have. And then you know you'd please keep that same comment and let you know might but that looks bigger whatever. I'm expecting you to agree it her you know and he wrote I you know your your packet can't eat. Play even if you're not saying like that that party taking no wonder he. There are no receipt and motivated because at that point you probably I. You know he's not a privacy because that you have ever heard I feel like you would lover Brad Bartlett went to the it would take twenty pounds for you to be exact to any art. You should have heard. At what ever way back you know for the fact figured iMac and it acted. You know when he found. Weight gain is it just blows my mind and that grieving giving it at our house you. The ninth about it prior to lose weight related I. And if you want to lose weight she would you say having your partner sitting there agreeing if you win you're probably know where overweight. I mean issued an agent of mine I like you can eat. At ten model very you'd even be judging her are. I'm gaining forty pound and he'd probably like once when he ivory analysis at least helped mark well. You know. All right Avery takes you honey I don't know Mike is gonna report but either way. Yeah we did you know I thought during that some of the similar things there's always figured out that. They don't want a divorce might. Is he wants her to me. Active and vibrant and alive again that's Canada and I think that's bigger to might do in the Tony Tony time pounds that's what came out of first group. Hey M mean it is deeper now all the way around com. I mean I manage. If she dogs are very issues you talked in some merit in almost agreed to talk to some. And we got doctors have told her that it would be a good idea that got. Well okay she had to be Olympic did meet development was hospitalized for a lot. And doctors you have a cabinet that it would be it good idea. Okay you get more physically there. May ask your question too if I'm wrong term im wrong but it would you be in a martial arts instructor a year a fit guy and probably you know muscles and all that stuff. And then when you've been in love I'm just mouse Ireland Amanda you eat you you're out would you you know if you're out with your wife and Cecil heavy. Maybe you're thinking enough. Well I'm not good. You know what I'm saying like what if I can even get mile wide sale and save how many get these the students write IE Ito may be felt that way but that's kind of the the social stigma she should Macs years she should be fit in your mind. I agree with that yeah yeah it. Gloria I know. Applying of the new wardrobe don't meet. A lot. Believe that she used aware that it no more boat you don't bite you wardrobe and EE all in all right. Now man I. My what I usually do we'll let you go if you live the wanna check back in loses her would take your number now whatever but now we we just have to move on them. Okay now. The hole and held on from their mind thank you for call. He feels like these wires is not disarm territories wherever Brazzaville and a woman is given up. Not just on I mean arm arm or him on the kids on their relationship ourselves. The army feels like she's just or is in the process of giving up entirely now I think that's what that's why you hear how. Shaking his voice was just an editing error the second half of that now. I mean you hear the eroded then there is scared he's losing his wife. But it is her life and her body so it's hard to decide what she wants to do with that. Holy Moly. All right let's. Maria woman whose father 500 pounds is our health. Jeff we we have time for one more call should I take. What you know annulment bonuses Janie inform Anderson then when the longest. Hey Jamie. OK I didn't know who you talk. I'm really better at. It or how it up and adopt them. And there was a whole lot of fire I'd leads extremely enjoyed that and I usually and after appears to have. And I. And that many that would last but it was and a ball those great. I didn't let my Coke comment on that center here. It is like you said Mac it and liked asked to stay at that here. Now. She doing Portland and what would. Like you are. Wouldn't she do and seeing who you're on a leash and the elation I got Brit Brit that constantly caliber below return and a lack. Not put my country guy and who and you. You constantly telling me no matter how I look how what I Wear what hair as. The matter you loved me for me know if you truly let parents forty pound it pound it you gotta matter. But as someone who is your equal a 5050 saying EGQ we did some good advice from you aim pages well it's a woman that skewed. Is not fat is my butt look and fatter or you know I am I getting fatter web. You know look we all have byes we see things but what do what should be said if this is fantastic view by a woman don't you ever ask a question if you don't want the day it's like I played all right yeah you should be honest and you should also. I don't ask questions I don't hear an answer. Exactly if you do let your child so don't ask questions you know they have answered this I mean that's what we all got to get. It's all he said it you'd follow it which as you know. Yeah I Wear different cars out there look at what then you know what I mean all app which back then. And week out on the aftermath. And there aren't you had to get under and that maybe I can't get bigger but I want to how we'll. See it. Why did they make it make the cosmic deposit Amanda does more cushion for pushing the right Jamie and and I generally have a good morning on the. I. My Austrian wife there are brutally wiley isn't. Jessica or nutritional deficiencies are gonna nutrient deficiency year minerals and salts are also getting him Allah. God has an early old national are here we are there any religion down the whole past she should make homemade deodorant marrow. I won't really know there's remembrance cancer mom when men and women really while it is amonte there. I will take a break we'll come back page enough for this advice was this news right after and it's. Iraq has. Just. Civilians every morning line you're listening to the rise guys morning she 3.3. Right guys headlines with age and you're Beagle who. Praised guys' headline is not an noted by comment as state armory and I have it and an eleven year old kid and fight off an evil clown. Hear about stories like this from time to time and this eleven year old was riding his bike to school on dealt Tana Florida on Tuesday knowing that is up like. Dario passed. The near delta day they don't know Schroeder on the they said dale tone. He's still rose partner how well when some underneath the clown jumped out of some bushes and tried to grab on that's pretty horrifying especially. We seen in or something like that. Your imagination I'd be going crazy. But fortunately this kid was level headed any. Managed to avoid the Claman grabbed the only weapon any cash and it was a selfish stick. Can have that in an NBA game now but he managed today beat that clown off. And so I try not kidnapped literally. With the so feast day you know I did not just amazing and Brodeur and you're good at all. Yeah I know. Sometimes you gotta save your own life and the that in forever cursing us out their issues. It's and they don't exist and Richardson. Yeah editing thing. I alliger big moment stating they will be able to lose obviously yes yeah he's not a time Jindal. Yeah auto McClellan so according to the yeah beside clown and that area around the school. Bring in Medicare reported its eBay himself offstage without one now we he'd beat the plant own eyes. It right yeah yeah now edit its. Are right so. The police are looking for a clown and said to be five feet nine inches tall weighing two and thirty pairings with. Lou clown hair are my what my from Weil Ellie what he says is climate solution when it comes from rainbow painted face and a red phone knows. Along. Green long sleeved shirt black pants and black bits not big red shoes on the finance a PM Ingrid she's I had gotten well yeah. Yeah so completely different to them. Graham. So well. He's got and a gunshots on the on the crown and managed to get a Wayne tell that. They're crossing guards you call the cops are no other kids have seen said clown. Allow him. Maybe you learned this last. Hopefully maybe you maybe we hear anymore stores like this one over and a good cop hits don't happen whether this. Eight feet I'd sit canes and rains other people's luggage during a bus trip. I mean they I don't know what then. That's great. Day fear. May die in the luggage and he was the luggage and now while they were all you know is saying income by on the buzz he is that they're going through their their luggage. Now police in northern France were baffled by a string of robberies. Erica extortionist kernel that hand is happening. On an airport shuttle blasted their life how is this happening and then airport shuttle bus ticket office. It make any sense because their bags were and that car girl hope cargo hold under the bus. A little talk time and no one had access. To the luggage because of course there on the bus and that our viewers everybody was accounted for. It seemed like they didn't know how this happened. But. One of the best drivers figured out what was happening he noticed a large suitcase was moving on it sounds. And it lends snakes on a bus ten. When he got the best to the airport when of the passengers picked up picked a baguette and tried to leave with them but the driver had called the cops and they were waiting. Turnout and a guy I was working with an accomplice. It was hiding inside the suitcase and once of us would start moving huge runs at themselves and go through the other backs and get his valuables like laptops and I'm an inventory and other things that people have on their backs on her. Masquerade I mean it's sad today you know and fortunate for that those again rob good. These man I swear if it would only get their lives dry they can be onto consumers are so blood Smart when their ways a lot of. Errol if they planned things that are front and get in the community just thank Allah from being sentenced stealing things right in that somebody can fix our traffic problems sorry. You know he pledges to their minds it's. Dress up as that. Palace of paper towels and then go to Puerto Rico and start throwing out towels to people turn Chrysler and my football guy that all of Dalia it's been as Princeton who either. Says this is how it turns out amber at the guys are around forty years of age. When you hit my suitcase was sentenced to eight months and down on Monday. The other guy had a slightly longer rap sheet and he Gotti here and jam this. Now they never ya. Island on weekends is it could spend your our remaining in Romanian gymnasts and how well you know. And I had skills or remaining engines. Out Rebecca remains famous and yes I'm honest I'm paints measure as cameraman. Extremists are a lot for the rest guys Hornish and the cherry tooth well it's over an hour. Rattle Manning 3.3 the flat.