Thursday, June 14th

Matt and Nine talked about seeing a co-worker's dead cat after yesterday's show: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guy so I could. The good guys. Morning show gets more. Thursday. June. There's your name and visited being welcomed. Welcome welcome welcome welcome. Welcome did welcome guards who do you. They heat near murder gracious as more. Today is going to be no access. Sunny to partly cloudy afternoon thunderstorm not be possible I'm not anyone right now it is clear skies and seventy MP mark. Say somebody did today. I decided talk myself into it really is charged her today Kellyanne what excites you most about today. Moon. Honestly. Well god I don't know if you put it in any kind of in kind of order and show is gonna be good at that. I think you did not remand. I had a a business launch engineering roll out of me but it's not let him kind of business luncheons you know I don't before now. This is this'll be right back to kill here but it birdie life change there'd be a life changing to burn birders and burgers burgers now. This right. So yes I'm not afforded that and to salute afford to have its fine. Villains and find stuff or any day Romero random buildings completely ornaments are. Bell's car has its chords are now. It'll Paul's yourself there. I'm not show's going to be great day we'll get a brand of Facebook's lesson that'll be going down in about an hour and a half for so. Will have their own face for the last three to watch it while you listen. Thirty Thursday today here is quieter Baghdad quiet rarity in an area in here it'll be him. India way for jazz to get dirty air also for years to when birthday bash tickets through dislike that. Birthday bash tickets. Com which of course is. And I got a lot of dates to remember here. No it's in September there. Torn first okay because I was gonna say the the twelfth and a site now smiley said something about it being too close to September 11 Soviet when he first there are there was reversed with god snack shined down. Asking Alexandria you know at the boss core ones arena and you know hopefully I mean there. I commend them them them ain't mad mad man he'll be there there are ton of them through lead to Jim. Ali area and a there. Dean. New Elsevier. Let's see that's a good question who else will be there. Tom Davis and come screamer. Possibly now who loves arm Parra. Probably tomorrow probably power grab it's engineer Robert Eugene and area. Yes he's nice he's back from midget wrestling hill. Three out. Feel as silent on nine Seagram rob went signature restaurant last night. This group that apparently just towards the Carolinas who's there all over the Carolinas all the time. I really. They work 300 nights a year I'm sure. I'll crack well. Were they don't yes so did the concert yeah yeah we're guessing who else will be Fiat will also be away do you hopefully we're gonna have tickets today tickets are on sale at all Ticketmaster outlets. Andy. Greenville Spartanburg. Airport international airport. Ticket box up so yes. So you're on the south in that one out here is a clear national airport box right. So will have tickets to that the big shows that big frivolity is a birthday bash will be backed. And then poppy we'll take its threat today to likely you TS so question of the day Jimmy's. Yeah man that shows coming up soon reserve will be Sunday night July the first serious couple weeks. A strike that is so sue we get through all of next week and then all of the next week and then that sending. Yeah there. To each Sunday two weeks and are few days into weeks or three days yeah. As exciting and wait for the weekend. Was can be is going to be fantastic summer it really. Is. And to you again he had against man's on again December hum. And this poem. Hash tag that bro I'm willing to to make your teacher died Ted lot of big things coming this summer are fun things fine how much time. Toronto's best I don't. Don't give kids who don't like fun and there are so mind for instance sometimes just does not like fine liked. Yes exactly where we're gonna go but I said that. We're gonna go over to this place. Okay. You and a list. I just stay here we're learning and it is a place it like. When I was a kid out hardware like clean my room for a week to just go into it but now it site. You know our sought an old man now but like he's similar to the room. Well what what what punishment is that I'll just turn on the TV or how did. Play my guys who don't have switch but whatever the other went in moved around. I don't the way you believe we can win the tablets you get the cell phone. Eject the now it guy and Herman experts say he he got a lead bearded dragon. Dolls and that yes. Yeah but it was sick and a and I didn't want and take into veterinarian. They are saying. I'm sorry the Arab owners of her son entered. Are there. Roses are still lower short. I gotta narrow or regular I don't know man that did it was so personally it. Percy. As a person. Named Percy import or is dragon murder Miller hamster during re edit it. There wasn't a named Percy at some point is that low lizard I'd be achieved in my pocket with pocket Percy. Ramallah and the possible name personal issues he cares nevertheless that's who personalize it pocket Percy now and has different version lizard and a oh man as of glory days hey your mom had a pat Fossum obstruction happened on the didn't like. Yeah her and her daddy like I got it better and she just wanted to keep it. They cared for while. Maybe it was Percy out back yesterday is nine it's that burns to land line a picture of a possible model on the wall here to Entercom. There's no bail I had never seen around and they liked them it was weird to see your policy men under the sun BJ completely steal and yet near. You walker so very closely eager to jump off their retaining wall and been on my face boilers are very user friendly era. Yeah I liked it or acute. All right I'm a little bit those he's got these these mouse ears but there like big Mickey Mouse ears or as little Boston red he's got a cute that's. Things chain saws is lovely. You in the 800 and things he wasn't rabbit I don't believe this is darn cute right at the apostles are cute. Murmuring email kiss Newsom Arby's. This enemies in there probably another Q when their his selection. Wounds they did they hit but it's not it's. So many he has been it's more like. And giant cat ran it can giant cat Ren how scared are tiger. Mary my dog we ruthless when I was a kid had one of the tree though it did not stop barking in my that in to shoot that gossamer industry trade apostle. Trade apostle. Com. Yeah lies so and so we got a big planned big show planned for you today. Especially with fuss and holy Moly it's one of the funniest ones I ever saw. Any kind of in it would make sense now better. Yesterday was an odd day. In that. Again this series of tax from one of our sales persons. Ourselves executives fear account executives. In it says. You have to come down here so and so. Found their cat dead this morning and rather than to leave it brought it to work well them. It was in the trunk of the car. Yes. Now alert today ever hear that story to share yesterday yeah. As I saw Jackson has likewise turned a busy at the Molly and then I thought it was just some kind of sales Sunday scavenger hunt and stuff some of these easel fund team during exercises or some kind of a as I don't know it's like whodunit sometime mystery lies that are doing you kill Temi scat. Or loser here is care. Now some are resilient Tommy what are they out. Coming stash house downtown Greenville. Now so that was kind I did that that would was going on yesterday and then last night and went straight points after her car rewards journalist I was told them CN among well. No I don't I don't wanna see a dead cat and a car trunk. Com. Dan cat in a high chair. No record that village or royal from cardboard come. So that was kind of go hand in last hour now when I went to dinner the place and I go eat I think TR has tea. I don't know what you call it is just the thumb tack board brings quality community board broker is just for people to put advance on the on that you know bake sales classic car shows are even business cards. And sitting there in the end I'm probably get eight feet away from it would not the best eyesight in the world there in my eyes centered an owner a business card which I. Commanders say this full name as I know I haven't. Pet. Euthanasia in the comfort of your own home okay that's that's basically the business and then on the back. Providing peaceful compassionate end of life care for your pet in the comfort of your home. So it's basically hospice she dying dog or cat. Just come and euthanized it the house and put it down it your houses and you haven't paid too that's all right. Come here. Why did they test didn't make sure that it's okay like he might his be sick. Shirt soaked. A lot of people probably get you know from their bit maybe your forgive their general go to her house and to have them on a deeper I don't know man and I'm sure you've. Do you know by terrorists or somebody asked say yeah we got to put it down. And while that's disservice I think Curtis told her arguing their niche that boy threw a I didn't realize there is such a demand. Four I mean I understand animals get sick and you have to put him down. I didn't realize that there was a serviced can do it at your home because some people don't wanna do it because let's say. The roughest mind off from my childhood I loved him so much based bad though let's say was still alive and had taken and they say hey let's he's. He's teed up would you can't say it. If they euthanize him bear. Do I need to take him home at bear hammered they take it the B remains. You can come home now you can take a moment Mary Ellis had put him on top of four runner and he is a big dog then big barrier here to do as many litmus test. May again in the dog that means that takes more hassle than it takes a bit. Yeah they can take them home very few out there they they usually. As impaired in with somebody who cremate them. And I mean did you know what it just shocks me at first that that was a service and I was like. It's kinda nice presents an older person he's had an animal furlough long long time you know who's your best friend and they don't want it to happen at a office in the end. And backer. Or whatever. Is indeed a big animals you know your burial of some homes. Like. I mean I 120 pound ball yet. As a 120 pounds of dead weight no pun intended bride you gotta paint that thing about take it out of the office and get it back home in. Move it wherever you are buried on the problem. Putting them. I understand I mean MM reading text now paper reliant I'm sure is very expensive and I think a bullet cost more than 49 cents to answer a figure according old statistic here experiences. You're quoting a bowling for column by and things. The gross domestic. Passing to meet their end. Utilization here they get olden saved and they can't do anymore and got to put him down now. Armey. It did something I know I know that it says boy gets back to fraiche and doctor Bork in that cost. AM main page. They've been the problem with the even talking about that is it always goes political toast the person who doesn't agree with it always comes back with a well abortion you know remain. This site well this and then it just comes to what not but it's just some I started suffering. You know. Yeah well there's a lot of places normally you can do that if you Ortiz have to have enough money to trap and her and now it's like anything yes it's like you know they say they see certain. Treatment sinners for various diseases that people they know they attended a little bit better but it's also in Arizona somewhere and it's a resort to I mean I've I've been on the web sites before yeah yeah Arizona Texas there's some places out west of here where people go if they're very sick and a lot of get a lot better for Roland there now might. Remove it in eight in the cards for all of us to do want to go there and get that. Lou and Vernon. Now. Also what is panther training camps start has got an email yesterday an hour ago. I really wanna go this year. I was sometime in July tournament and so I wanna go and well here's the here's the question is is still on the water. Gentlemen Scopes and isn't out of it and that's gonna say about go up there in the wall of the campus and then go participate in some. You know watching a football. Might leave after the but the pins normal temperatures that is right. Carter's name is they're they give out against one of the things were mine mine would have been would be they would soaring stadium. Probably just closer to Charlotte and it's still in South Carolina. TJ. Or more mail area Caroline should add those sub ball umpire insurance. Go on top of the hill thunder Redding C ad agency at Camden urban areas. Intercepted a pass on the perimeter whenever you sound. When Andy some misread dale it. So yeah there we get we get we get a whole show planned for you usual summer plan for you mean we really do all the various events coming up and there's still had vested thing. WWE smackdown leaving started to get away so that till tomorrow you are right. So we get that and then there's two other big announcement selenium and major shift to more then what. Secretaries have been about this right handers or. Yes. Oh. Really you know. Awesome guys that we need to know the good way to do that then yeah we found out. At 619 moral we have to prepare for or all of these said that to him as he enters its fourth for a no no I mean for prayer. At tech for a pair you know one day yeah. Well that's what the decency I native hair. Pebble Uga toward heavily spared Jimmie are doing yeah yeah pagelet not share pagelet yeah go prices tasted. I don't Brad sellers Allison and not to Paisley and a yes so what this summer man don't take this summer from this program as we get a low. A big things going on we really do and it's going to be benefits use it totally does here I feel free to call us at any point this morning Jeffrey setting body take your call it's wire 1774. Double 093180774. Double on 93 and the Carolina may promote dot Comtex line. Is 72341. Page what is up in the flat. No well alcohol is definitely involved with the story that a woman at a music festivals somehow got her head stack and a tail pipes over time that he thinks that it's acts at my guys each and Ned. Did that chrome off a bit we don't now. Yeah I always heard that. I don't think I had to skip her head stepping Mattel pie. Was it funny car. Now it's into some sort of vehicle market to give to the bottom of that next in your ride these guys headlines good morning everybody. Each and sensible idea right guys warnings now 93 point freedom plan into the rocks. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Then money everybody Lou well topping our news this morning an attack about a concert Goer who got her hand stack in and tell Piet. How does that happen wound. Sometimes you think it's a brilliant idea at the time and it turns out a main stay. And it happens. When alcohol is involved. But doubt what happened when is this. This woman who is nineteen. Our name is Caitlin Strom Suzanne the winds start counting music festival on central Minnesota over the weekend. Boy yeah off and she was checking out a track when she decided to put her hand and the oversized tailpipe. I really don't know why anybody would want to do that. She did it. After ha yeah well firefighters had to count and they they had to extricate her by using a sonic had around and then tell time that she survived. And there was a video that shows her own well and the firefighters cut hair around. Is it available we have. A who want to see this earlier actually. I'm right. Up under head stuck in tailpipe and there's a firemen laying on the ground whether assault. Before saying videos five seconds or so ago. I is a large. Big help high for maximum exhausted years what do they call them. Law are what are they call I've seen us in cherry cherry some. Can't think. The masters earlier. Sane and send a new boats. I'm scared and I see these stickers on cars listen to score related hare thinks it. Flow masters regards I don't know order parkers there to see if it was him may hurt her. I think it's safe that would fit in mirror her as she got and couldn't get out. But I imagine you can smell the arrogance and Mary to face of this at tailpipe on on a big truck I couldn't putt at it that's true or anything real us. Everybody under Amy Schumer stories this isn't there. It hit right inside right in this tie and owning has been. Did is that it don't are not Amy Schumer did it. So I didn't like there's the video then turn to pull her out. Am and where she is stuck and and people picked an Arab and they can get around practiced with forgetting removed from the truck with a firefighter. So. Sheila is. Escorted off the premises and charged with underage drinking because she is nineteen years of age that ten and a San lesson learned. At a charter reserves here had starter cal fire that's punishment enough. I'd like to poll the key ones who worked at hospitals and tell us anonymously of course. You ever had to get anybody's hand out of anything. What did they then brought in to the ER wins there head stuck in something. Not stuff that you saw on TV here on America's Funniest Home Videos had harsh but I talked about you saw somebody coming and and then their heads stuck in some they've gotten tighter around or whatever what it was how one enough. When I was akin and one and a kiss and never and got their their heads stuck can iron railing and can get him back out on the town. We think in a minute there it is take a while before the parents got there and then they called somebody to help to get out net. Everybody's got a baby it's baby Jessica's story it up pretty hysterical netted Jessica. There are people get their heads they're doing things yeah. Curtis. Is plagued by we do do that and mileage ago elect an icing Cole and know what's gonna happen but still people on their name in news stupidest things and you think. And then. Yeah Chan and late today late day if president Paul wants or ideas I have we have pictures. It was so and they when there was no winners on glacier. As a glacier was his name. And ray Floyd this could pull away. Are let this happen during Mac's are your Browner Neil McCourt of Morgan who played that festival moment I bet it was after manslaughter brown O'Neal McCord I just had to take against the bulls need. Yeah. Oh did I do that hello all I do that are. And then an. Most Photoshop that's a year and lived her regret it a little boy yeah we'll be right you haven't already some of the nerds movement. Earth well he's. And if you've ever had to get closure with something traumatic in her life and you involved your friends. Eight you'd have to have pretty good friends for them to be on board from this. I guy served his friends tacos made from his own amputated leg. Law time. Skidded as pleasure and just curiosity to see when it would be dying but why did the F what are his friends have aided his leg really gave cloud your work or sell for Psycho as this. Well they worried. All along I'm born and a friend had a shaft and he even told the shaft about what was gonna go down Aaron they're gonna prepare it. Says chef Mary Ann and Andy. And meaty part of the land which they kind of cut off that mission par. And it is kind of must late. They marinated overnight and sought Tenet with onions pepper salt pepper and I'm used only and then they served an on tortillas with time the TS sauce. So known. I mean it was Hamachi is some clear winner like they'd just done. It passed through on a plane sent here's my leg they kind of made a meal out of bed and right they joked about it afterward saying. You know now you have me inside of EU and then people aren't stamina that could be honest and I thought it was funny name but. One friend did stated I napkin and he died but he said it was a way of getting over it and he said that he taught this doctor said do you wanna keep your lag. And he said yeah I kind of want to keep it for religious reasons you can keep your leg he can because some people need to have their whole parts buried with them. So he can't really. Like this you know as I have it's my and then to have their leg amputated what do you installment and I didn't freezers something. I mansion arming and cream and and parent my dear stats party for your religion. Some people can't be cream linen. So with this guy did is 88 is lanky manic Humana cast and then it is strange. And and then he cremated and and it's sitting NN at Aaron has some soreness in his girlfriend's house right now so. Aren't any the other half agreement yeah it's if he can do said hey I have a leg amputated. By the Maryland keep it. I know he's said that you would try to you know me and here's a chance to do some and nobody has to get hurt because look I just was an excellent Gary in my leg cut all. So our. Armed overall he could try and you don't like it too much Susan you might want more of it you'll never get more. You attract. Jimmy. Maybe situation because. Yes or no well it's a stranger's life are slaughtered for human meat is right it doesn't you don't relay takes care of itself is English Davidson healthy leg you don't. Below is an agitated. He is in a motorcycle accident yeah okay. So it's him getting over and Imus a shock any time when you lose a lamb and probably general consumer wound. Pletcher barbecue and abide not you're in February last. Eating together spit it Els like OK you got. I don't wanna canal in my put in the hot dog on targets in Iraq. But Howard never needed that guy's house again we ever wonder what it tastes like you way humans but actually does it taste like chicken pork lamb. Journalists I'm sure it's a read me certainly ensued face hard to read me then I mean. According to this it's like eight and beefed up after a big beefy must. Muscle through the united T down. Not mine I don't think I don't think mine would be like Tebow. It's going to be well marbled. Every day didn't deserve below the main thing is getting some cast me there's probably not as good as like I mean it would be better. Right for us to them pinned down how well. The it's kind of journalist I do not like there's capitals who have written what it tastes like note. Mean this isn't written about what do they say they say changing. Its Redmond were written so we do as I say we stay injured men. We share an office when whom. We GM Ina most of it's not a it's negative them up pullout deal machete and a that I have some some maps picket. And next time I cooked steak from my dog and then be really pressed out is an and I think at this hour again. Oh my god gusts could hit dust up at hello Mel you give when you tell about it at stake for themselves. I do am I now he is better than I didn't. I didn't think. I mean tiger's text if there were case to cannibalize this is more reasonable than most that's a great way to say it. You now and like because taste good. If you if you corny people this is the way to do it art in my nano is your friend who was in an accident and invited you to meet tacos made from his legs. He's either. Races cannibals that would only eat like a bear on race or are they would not ease their race because that would be you know. Dismissive to their own ranks yeah I'll be disrespectful they need another race shows supremacy IDF to gain power by eating the heart and another line here not you're out there if you're races lead you know what I don't want that in my body it's weird are you can't be racist and cannibalizing. It's. Different. Rates of people out and don't know for a fact he anyway people. Yeah you know it was like mainly engaged in as yet mainly black ready basically isn't the same energy and of the skin and blood and that understanding him. And really never know donor. I'm usually. Don't have children as a person but I have seen those photos from a guy in her at Jeanne crime series. Right then on page and as your guy's hand mind you. Stewart here girls for the rest watch 93 point three. Rise guy's sports with the apple. I'll just tell you today's NBA elect used to do this is a completely different sport. House. You lining is that it is the money why they just a big part of it there's a lot more money in the media are to be quick example of that. A slight dog carrier and about assigning an extension possibly still the Celtics. And he says financially Demme makes no sense because. He didn't say that it's it was pointed out that if he does sign an extension now you believe in about eighty million on the table. Susan with contrary run out in the union. Renegotiating free agency. But says it's on among the highest paid player Louise James Harden you make so little above forty year. Forty million tons. Stay occurs second. Of course the other broadly you got guys. The you know you never heard of those who lost a Mike Conley you'll know who he is now you makes a lot of money to turn marine murder you know he's good that you know. I say that because. You know back in the day when the when guys would feud with each other out they fight each other on the court. But it's we got a little feud here than a lot of people were like what is your dissension in the ranks. There has been one of the NBA guys know where Eric Powell our. How Lowry cauliflower. Now he makes 49 million dollars a year playing basketball. While her aunt Lucy's insult those great care of business and they like they made him look are you familiar with the name call our dream story nine million dollars a year playing ball. Says that's volleyball man where he established grossly overpaid skull our Battelle logs of ball and talk reasonable plea for the lakers. They're few back and forth or have rat medals now what most fuel realizes there you know this France. Brevin Twitter roasts. People iron on not a taken so they think you really need each other. And the lakers management to tell on the you know we don't. Is it going through some some more before Wu a couple of players lakers here why have been dated escalate into something more. Wall in this situation there's. Dis tracks going back and forth so man just for fun. Shaq coming due to a well actually you know get in fights of practice and you know Daryn this tricks to. Shaq yeah this trend toward Kobe it's important I can't remember if they came out afterwards or what but. People get a man young guys having fun make a ton of money. As funny back and forth. Lob the ball would weak Al coups my jab around about growing up on that day he's just give personal banker for. This policy I guess what you like Kamal. Snyder to detain some people who conspiracy theorists saying actions like this as was gonna keep LeBron James from a coming your team. As the barns know was negotiator. Yemen he's all business Kevin cargoes a lot of these games it'll told jaunt to the people Lisa's bronze ago it doesn't pay attention in Yuba. Analysts. Rich get richer yes Riggio bush. When is flavor of the 49ers. On a punt return I don't know if you remember and he ran out of balance. And does slip also concrete. And put him out for the year. You towards meniscus in his in the remember that yeah so you're like okay he's out for the year. The team won't give them some kind of injury settlement or. You would think Hewitt thinks and maybe they did but he this is against Ramsay took the freedom rams to court. And a jury awarded bridge you bush almost twelve and a half million bucks for a disease slip pour concrete. He says and I'm very happy with the verdicts for the is Demi did he die moments is due to injury. It sort of meniscus in his in the used our for the year that. This twelve noon on this. Carrier's. Load of money losing make him play in the development board I don't use my two memos and I was making them play football history. It's all I guess got a made perks the USC a Leslie and get as high as a trophy back where he's going to armory more money in college and share. Kids stand skull and play sports. Plays sports you think Gus Frerotte was she thought about this Miranda said the wall. I don't blame anybody in the gospel Roberts and his daily news then produce the wall didn't. So how old. I'm thinking yes you know or not absolve well. I. You says here all of you trust source of the story. The US counter spies are saying you know Americans and other travelers little World Cup to Russia that don't say can sell devices we've because it could be hacked. Okay. And and related story. The capitals hockey team. Said they wouldn't turn down and visits the White House which I remember I think there's only like three Americans on the team anyway seven that's okay. Those of Merck Russian and foreign so of course they wanted to. I wasn't imagine when my family first came here this jerk mister there was no American air strike or people been here long long term. You don't collect some and oh. I thought our illusions that. You playing your sport Saturday just have all the papers sitting there and you just grab one by one and disease seem like you pull out of order every time locked out of I got the tens here but I don't think this is big but it was all over sports a news yesterday. The Alvarez True Blue G rematch is been scheduled for September. And it's the biggest boxing fight is about to happen but I don't know how people give a flying I think about boxing ever. It's a very big deal in other countries and other countries are a lot of money and like I can support boxing Bert did it isn't nearly as big a deal here is it is in other places it's a big deal. Should people love boxing's big deal to a lot of foreign people in America where it is and a lot of big deal a big deal to very many Americans. The World Cup ordered like either we're seeing USC is down like our road are we just like simmer and all phone own violence his deputies at an all time high right now and it's perpetuated violence and maybe we just like violence in the movies and don't wrestling but none and you know real competitive combative situation. I think the biggest thing you have sees facing right now is they don't have. Characters are some of their big characters you'll see site for two years in retirement grow longer. There's too many random dudes fighting you know Brentwood we don't end random dudes fighting handling. If they just put to him did you do it Robin would be into that but it's because it's the same guy you saw last week to be able to bank can't. As well we quit watching bum fights didn't know these people who cares. A on the way out rule quicker former cowboys cheerleader is suing it seems she says they owe her money but she also says she was unfairly paid. Because she made and for a list in the mascots. She said was a guy but she says she was making a bucks an hour. A rally the cowboys mascot may 25 an hour in about 65 brandy year. Sheila may sixteen and a half. She's also out there in short season and gave no lack of big old first suit. So a lot of money for a man's original animated cowboy outfit yeah okay so that's hot. Plus he. She goes and does her personal appearances and makes a mint I mean we know how much it cost to get the clubs and tiger out an event. You know. May cost to get through the mascot out there. And it's just pricey. Seriously I don't know how much to lose the cheerleaders again barrier after their personal appearances wants to clean and place your domain yeah there's always grows up that they never got paid very much for doing any of that stuff for the intense this thing way to be a cheerleader. I don't they have the calendars and stuff they generally get everything Arabs. Basically Dylan and then you know. It was like ninetieth game and then you get modeling fees and staff because you're going to be booked. With the cheerleading cost him and everything our parents and a movie book with a balsa. Runway as I was that would cheerleading for us or there. That's right guys I love your radio station knows how low have you and they got the wake of the morning got here every he had let. Oh well rags yeah. And 83 point three the planet.