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North Korea is pissing us off but what are we gonna do about it?: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. On the rise guys morning. 3.3 Beltran. To Jehovah's Witnesses. This Guitar Hero loved. Yes. This is name again fab or Edmund Edmund what. Columns and wouldn't Collins Edmonds ED. WY and am Edmund Collins and Olympia. Against zone. Come. Get a moment with president trauma surgeon is president trump is morning I lay in bed your thoughts on. On Otto warm beer. On auto and auto warm beer who has yet. I'm beginning to wonder if IE that's that's how the real president when respond. His humanity it is a meta man with a you know he's the guy that was held ever in North Korea and when they finally released in these in Tacoma narrow. American by the way it's gonna stay and responsive wake fullness of his last name in German means warm beer nears. SH is. There room temperature beer that face them. The reason I bring that that is Friday. I heard a tirade that I think I wish that was on the radio this is great. Notion Jimmy Jack Jackie issuers and I didn't I would I think if I ask Jimmy right now who who who do you. Doing Padres do you hate morning any other politician. I think that I know the answer to nobody hates me not you know. Don't know man dom. Well. Him borrowings Gingrich is our him yeah. Why not make it you should go. We should be Newton. Now I anger as surely as he is dumber of the year or her potential. Front investigation. He's going which I'm very do it during the Salem witch trials now it actually murdered nineteen people in there and really they actually murdered in nineteen innocently. And you know burn them the death of being the one politician's career is equal value into the lives of nineteen innocent women. Much of pretty much what he said and what he's doing just make yourself so far above the people that you're supposed to represent. See your taking exception to the fact he had made. Congressional baseball game here this sheeting bit this year which is unfortunate incidents certainly not so that's supposed to happen. Now happened a couple days after MRSA in the last name right and charm senator Barack and is due to watch the news and they heroin that's what they don't have when you hover over a word on the Internet issued save for Paris are receiving that benefit they are more bears a warm fire. You don't want and are talking about a guy you know crept I don't wanna once it is almost two years to going to. Yeah that's that's. What it's turned into like if you see people borrowers Witter's mr. stern and are entirely partisan politics. I am or is it Obama and and don't have to get amount linger on drugs there's our. Are really cynical almost as a math that yeah it's it's six months and then he moves follow released in any case he's he's back now and then that. The exit the he came back in his coma from North Korea an and the very next day you had need to be shooting in baseball practice and that speaker of the house Paul Orion. He goes up on TV on C span and you know it's. Each is an attack on one of this is an attack on all of us are not members of congress they sit there and he said their big dysfunctional family. But it tackle one of us is gonna tackle. Homes and I'm just wondering why not apply to the people you reference is why isn't gonna tackle one congressman is an integral congressman bit. You should have that mentality when an attack on one American is an attack on. Absolutely. Made in this well this whole argument us. Well I think you're not slide about our medicine people where I had imagined. By you know what I don't care what the last two Ryder whatever they are they about it SA and well he should have been over their start with you made that that statement. All right and made a anybody else made the same statement ask the same thing about them and no matter what sent out there comes from at all right and just no matter yard don't. I mean don't elevate your status that part is. Are quite mistaken your responsibility for a privilege it. Privilege it's a responsibility what is the the reason why they see as hard enough for you what is the reason why they say is in a coma. Well they can't really definitively say tiger is eight happened during the last marchers are. There's a lot of brain tissue lost a lot of in all areas of the arsons in their revenge polar bear arms oxygen deprivation would be the year their calls it that. Was he. Beaten severely most likely yes I'm and then that led oxygen deprivation will get could have been beaten in the head and then choked out too well. Quite possibly the most. And then that ended the fact been. I eat and don't know better. You can't regenerate Arnie and he's missing a lot of his brain in all areas he's not going to have any. Not Gloria hard he's just don't like they're from now until the eventually your body gives out that's his future there's no I mean that's the prognosis here is it. He's just don't lay here from now yeah this place. And the thing about Otto warm bear he pled for his life and his crime a ceiling on assignment hotel and he spent his time in jail. And our politicians don't care about that. Well the fact that he actually take some from the hotel this news I really do it actually try to take a poster or did he not goes. I'm Betty didn't so what are you. I guess not what your whole but what do you think he's real I what is North Korea is North Korea just like. Yeah I struggle whether it is because all he can this guy does you know Kim Jung in and he does all these things say it says all these things and is why we just can't vote laughed at them which ME a lot of stuff he says or does this is. This pattern. Kooky funny crazy weird all this but yes. This right here is this is an example way by if you've been waiting for example where he does something to in America runner Barack and the other thing two or three others still Wear. Referees Tony adult Americans. This also quotes from a United Nations that are report on North Korea yeah yeah yeah no I they have put sanctions on yet. Further sanctions are quote the use of torture is an established feature of the interrogation process of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Starvation and other inhumane conditions of detention or deliberately imposed on suspects. And it continues persons who were found to have engaged in major political crimes are disappeared without trial or judicial order. I took political prison camps. Their families are even informed of their fate if they got. They've been limiting that there are decreasing their inmate population. Because they're starving them and they're they're. You know working them literally to death there is getting people. If torturing people and rape and people there denied people reproductive rights I mean there. Arm there some people their fortune to have abortions are the ones they're forcing to have kids and killing the kids that's what they do North Korea this all the corn the United Nations. Yeah. Hundreds of thousands of political prisoners as the estimate how many people have died in their prisons in the past fifty years. It says the end this is a quote from the UN the unspeakable atrocities that are being committed against inmates of the acquire at least so political prison camps. Some of the horrors of can't sit totalitarian states established during the twentieth century. That's as it's not she concentration camps are so be it Google arcs it compares it directly to that any nobody don't know about it. We know we for China Bewkes also not to do anything. Pronounced Jiang now I think led to is is Rodman back yet because he's not I don't mean more to let him back again I mean for real. You know I am not saying that there's trauma caused this happened at. If this doesn't overdo and that kind of crap here in men and then. Rodman doesn't there does whatever he plays ball in him what every the weapons they do however there than. Police we had enough that he. Dad. They went fishing is why nobody's doing anything about North Korea or did you political sense I know why China is very annoyed by North Korea but. If Bibby came one career. It would obviously be eight South Korean minded western friendly kind of Korea down bordering China and China obviously doesn't want to act. I'm maybe they they were Brennaman it's bats. In their mind working against them but aren't China and Russia in bed together averted that oil pipeline we instant. And managed so I think it's South Korea. They are a lot of citizens who don't want to unify with North Korea tell us. They have to pay it all this money all this tax money all this welfare money because there's. 45 million north Koreans who literally don't know anything except this Kim Jong ill and then and hamburger ten years Darrell. And reverting to cannibalism I read yesterday because their lack offended that they distribute out so I'm just a grocery store imagine if South Korea is right Kamal look all well hold one Korea. And you have to bring these people out of the stone age and they don't want that burden of doing Matt. So South Korea doesn't want to do anything about it apparently because a lot of your citizens feel that way. I Germany did choose sides wanted to come together and meet people are risking death to be an emergency family members Russia and China and wanna do anything with North Korea because miles South Korea is doing. Friendly with the. Asks them. As it's a great point it's like okay we don't what all those people to die it's can't come here are so Australia. And I read something about negotiating with North Korea and an hour at our negotiations aren't aren't going that well and that's Switzerland had to negotiate that. Really Switzerland yeah I don't trust them and then. Just anybody anymore I just any other countries. Counties now. I'm wasn't doing. Back AME like. It's it's annoying it's annoying I can't imagine being in this family of bad guys and just sat there just waiting for phone call are waiting for something in dislike. Well Lou the congressional baseball game shooting guys well they're holding three other Americans are they a librarian colemans have they been beaten half to death and Indian state of and responsive wait lists maybe eight Rodman is gonna bring them back. Hillary Mac years yeah I just saw a Texan and he's he's back he came back there he's unfortunately his home but I can. It just. Ate at a certain point again. We say every day every time there's there's a war somewhere in some little country that its humanitarian stuff. This is just perfect evidence that it ain't because if you were about humanitarian things in the Middle East and a ordeal and so when North Korea. Or does that have any precious metals or any kind of resources we need I guess I only have his humanitarian crisis and nobody on earth cares about because there are sitting on an a hole. I mean hey guess but it it this millionaire poppy seeds we don't know well they have I mean American citizens of their being held at the did you say this kid back in that shape. Now this is. Arm I'm one would call liberal longshot. People always rail only be in liberal yeah. Certain point I mean again that they've been doing this for long long time it's been bad for a long long time. Whatever. I mean what corners and even gonna do so why how can nobody not that nobody. I mean it seemed like. You know we talk about the swagger. And they're carrying a big stick of America McNamee remembered the I don't I was born in with the 76 Olympics when I ran there are those guys you know. They they said okay screw this rumored no you rain neither does. Certain point isn't it does but there was someone wanted to and I ran out of gas that we won some and RN. Well I mean Martin I think want these three Americans back. Safely in one piece I'm is something to want to do you know what though here's a problem when it is got to take enough people. Knowing about it I don't you know Jeff you know no offense but you know you did trump. Voice on the show moon but he you know you were not familiar with the guy's name it the disease itself. It's a last week's story now right it's a what we got bigger that Jane didn't BR had a baby east. God sakes. I wrestle it little. As David and there's other things to talk about we can't just focus on one thing only we're a disposable society we forgive forget and forget everything according make people disposable. Oh yeah we made people disposed of we need to talk about meg and Kelly and Alex can own sex they're real so we need to talk about Kushner. More out of all this is let's just be honest. Let's be honest about what we care about what we don't care about let's not give these impassioned speeches. When we're just lines there are teeth I mean let's be honest we should still get support he did say look guys will go whenever you're did you console if we don't even be paid fifteen dollars a gallon people same. Our boys will say yeah I mean there are people out there that if we think that was laid out about okay. But then there's soldiers I imagine that. They look at it as serving in America serving you know so. I don't these guys to come back until Sully stories about guarding poppy seed fields they know they're not of their fighting for our freedoms home percent and now. He is not and I think more than who were worse than line NASA line of the soldiers. Oh yeah I think a lot of you know and I think a lot of say you know what regardless I am a patriot I'm gonna defend this country among the over here and won't do it up. He won't you don't do that when they're they're called this. You know within reason you know me and probably eternal the general public of America people are friends and then people get nervous when he used this word but I'm gonna use that arm. Uprising of breast. What are North Korean president no in this in this country. Now we did see that's the thing I mean didn't beg you people would just pay attention it would. It would kinda happen but it would just be real quiet and would be violent. Just beat people pay attention to me why do well actually going to do care and. It was Eugenia on Friday show you're like man all of these these explosions these are natural disasters always things happening all over. What is the what are they taking the focus away from barrel. And I made it may very well the auto warm beer. Yeah create it I don't say it is there or is it but it it. Can Bailey people don't want them spotlight on that certainly I would love to go back and see what happened on that Friday when they filmed the OJ. Bronco. You know they're trying to. Overwhelmingly or first week on vacation where all my friends drop in doing drugs and girls suck yeah and we all we're just. In the living room at that beach house focused on OJ and I'm wondering what the hell's going on they have driven. And then I'll think of you know and Paul Ryan you Taiwanese Taxol and take some rest the last thing you want is the last in Iraq come together. Oh yeah Erica we don't demean their barely don't unite against the the rest of us has just need want and forest vs all of this instead of so called split it up out of love I love the statement Britain. If you don't say it is now it's about all of us writing I don't. You're related new position that don't mean people like did you could be better than them try and again you are responsible for a lot you're not privileged few are responsible if you don't understand that. Elected official is a responsibility. Not a privilege you need to pack your bags and him and get this a quick. I think there needs to be a march in Washington and of all colors homosexuality is a small religion just Americans that. Not then not in the stroke play event but we want America back. Like where. Now manned agency feels likely the protections not there anymore or was it ever really. Hale who knows her case or subways to song and this out we're right we got there would be some. Headlines Pedro Sosa latest on auto warm beer next maybe maybe are more. That run after there's. Boy your rise guys morning show 93 point freedom planet. We'll drop and. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're beatle who well wild wild breaking news we're glad the thing about rides guys headlines exclusive. The thing about Russia then they're going to treat US jets in serious targets. Now housed on our snapped. Chat that the smaller their way of knowing that waivers get information you can follow me you know Matthew that's. OHM a FF VW 08 in eight FF DW. I I follow back on Mondays. And it. Our fault well look. And she's always file back and ask sometimes snap Mac that's that are. Nine from TO RG is it any friends DRG whoever gives the least amount of ads today in walk down a mop into the show. Would not be able to give out their snapped handle for an entire week yes there's. Entire week until next Monday right silence I lose you a member here OHM AF FEW there's. As you'll be able to get into any frontier urging ACC now 420 X now just into Italy France DRG high note. Arm and so weren't many numbers oriented. I really have to thank you. I doubt that editor yeah yeah the new listeners are resisting and it's you know I don't know Woodruff asked her donors unhappy what he'd ask us. Probably bet I know I may. Yeah. Well what do you want permit pets get this stuff let's LA GMA FS AW all right now simply place we get. All right guys headlines locked in the it and I've come at a state armory start our news that the guy who put and mousetrap in his mailbox to catch his neighbor stealing his man out. Clown customs announced instead and had my mailbox in Indian enough. Just say 63 year old man in Bradenton Florida named Nicklaus double. Dabble in the wrong he was having issues with his neighbors he claims a guy across the street is they drug dealer. And the woman next story is running a brothel out of her house. And it's not clear if that's all speculation or anything it's true but and the one thing he's worried about his mail and he claimed someone had been stealing. Here twice I lived near brothels and that are fine. Well it was great when I was a kid because it was a rock house on -- mill around a third avenue and you know I would stand out on my porch I didn't know when my parents would say that it was a brothel or that was the emanating caught courthouse because of the Dolly Parton unfair treatment I didn't know what that meant that these ladies series one had long brown hair real pain and then she'd stand around cigarette smoke after she just did some dude and I look over there and make our content eye contact women's she's like a silly way of enemy. Ellen laid back and I remember thinking. Why I didn't smoke and there. Yeah and crime. RA is and then the other one was my old apartment after my divorce where oh yeah. I set up as alleged that that lady would go there and hang out at lunch time you'd look you tell there was nothing in the apartment I would see guys go in there and not. And analysts on that she was private masseuse. Wink wink you know just the table and not perhaps anything and that is laid on the carpet real idea how I don't think it was Susan associated there's down different groups. Yeah we always always businessman Tim. It. Now by making more money although she worked harder than most of us I'm sure right there a message you're an hour day and I. Mean I still more than often. And actually before that. Well I come let's connect to the story with all necklace double. Earlier this month he decided to catch his neighbors to eye opening and mouse trap and is now much that is planned backfires. He was planning on telling his mail coming in about that spent when she came at different times since. Then the usual time. She got caught on yet it snapped her hand back content and it happened she called the cops. She could have. Had him arrested for battery but decided not to press charges of god that doesn't matter the US Postal Service wasn't so nice though now they. Not deliver any of his male. And have to go on pick it up at that post office. And a friend that delivered. He had to have that dent has stalled you know I am sometimes now. Here is dead it's like they'd be like in 85 year old man is enrolled currently 6030. That old may not. You know you've bags don't go to work every day it's 63 most people and a couple more years ago yeah I mean people are out doing normal day to day stuff out there are these. I'm Aaron is going to be built little eccentric. Makes well he says he has no way to get to the post office and this huge inconvenience for him to have to go pick up as ma'am I do don't care. As a junior made his first neighbors if they're neighbor thinks they're drug dealers and then run and brothels are houses. Yeah I'm sure don't like that much because that anyone hurt true probably I seriously doubt that he put together a list of pros and cons before he put mousetrap and the and then. Mailbox I wouldn't put a rat and that would have been way that it is to rat out boxes Iraq. There were survivors now and he kind of think well I'll be charged that ballot and yet you mind. Cruelty till passed. It back. Varela there is a study done. And and they wanted to find out which should make it faster Porsche Porsche Morgan admitted to brown is against ambulances and there was a clear winner and the reason why they wanted to do that is because they wanted to get. Did simulators to hearted heart attack victims got a. You're gonna say they are being airlifted to the hospital via drone psyched I'm. I must take one just did that any phone choice between dollars and Dalembert for him how effective is the dram agendas there are sixteen minutes before an ambulance and she have annulled an hour to say someone's life very down. Well I you know what I'm Jimmy you may not get to live mad fantasy of viewers are. Being a a beached pilot as you wonder do we do things in them but you could fly drones to save people's lives. Even why don't know I think with some like that aegis. GPS where the call originated that just does his thing. And do. Closer. You ready didn't. Trump this each kidney donation now. They're headed for reliable and defibrillator put Chelsea isn't. You want to do the big Jim Mora and console and here in matters of race or copiers liner ever dream of really yeah last leaders on why copiers copy loses big banners or need a copy of I'll play hard. I'm wondering what she meant like carrying by actual copiers and you know it also. A guy as there is I mean. Your work pretty good ever has seen them afraid danger now you know who's got beach towels on sale between Eagles and wings and Pacific I beast how will get a free Democrat. Best way to sell copiers and this is now Arnold. Underdog and I swear when you said there copiers being flown over the this money Kay Mason TJ really at stake aren't. And I'll melodies and Temps are they don't get in trouble for juvenile makeup on remove troops Alley bomber's. Well right dollar and. All if you've ever wanted to know how much you should give as a wedding gift. They may have an answer for what are good three months carries around us now. Well there's a list that's posted on every State's and I have to tell you Wednesday ET don't wanna annual wedding would be all of it at Oakland CA. Let me Connecticut and Vermont. Because Vermont's the average price to see her 45 dollars for winning yet. You get a lot of it eccentric weddings have been Vermont Connecticut 200 dollars. A lot of money yeah. An island to turn 35 dollars us the small stuff okay I'll remind you that one of our own is getting married in September and this might help us decide how much to spend on themselves from time imagining how what do we know what can you may wish that Timmy was getting married in Mississippi because it's only 88 dollars spent in south aren't out it's a 154. Now. Kind of sodas and every jet hit his chest and heard it's absurd. A 150. You can't let him there's only four dollars I don't know any right. Nobody find out what it is in that North Korea and that's what I'll give Jeanette. It's negative yummy twelve dollars and bears and her. Now let's defense in the heavily indictment against and the property and then what about North Carolina. North Carolina. And on second row back on this Saturday nine dollars. I'm just wait and 150 dollars more than they don't. Tennessee and Georgia. And seeing. Tennessee is a 113. Policy SYD Georgia Hamburg 133. Dollars off Carolina still higher most generous state in the region ya all right here. Yemen has cousin by some rich people gave lavish gifts and they're still catch up on my twenty dollars already has probably not remembering the way and try and Charleston when stuffed. That's how you about. Those saying there's plenty method the wedding that I wanted and the faux pas that I made with the gift. I think Syria okay yeah I am told that person yet are all here happen. OK so I attended a wedding and I I stopping got a card because I. I usually don't look teacher who registries mean I got to go an extra mile like I gonna go to the store I got to go to the website has really give. Cash or check some easier so I guess I'm that the card how big cashing checks are signed a car and off. The card and late bit. Because I wanted them have peace may yeah somewhat similar MMS 'cause I'm glad I got beyond LA Fayette and up but the main zone and I dropped an end. And as I was doing some doubt bills couple days afterwards as we Africa to Iraq that India and I looked and it was an error and get them car. Are we again Jack what are you all know. I'm not like him as I slowly got. Kelly told them I wouldn't receipt and I they had organized and I'm not a dance. But don't do it didn't even notice is hard to get the jar and your dad I didn't write the check out I need to do is. Wrote it is Clark okay an album. Stop insurance yeah but maybe that's what happened earth may Courteney may be Jeremy just to check the fact is that you have your name and had assured him. It. Well trust and let them I had to say the name I can't believe it. Okay. At the box office over the weekend there's a new number one movie. Now Wonder Woman. Wants to be considered an early to talk is that when this is that we got screwed over. Cars Ernie. Our story apps on the kids and see that 53 point 59 dollars in second place one element forty point eight. Third week of I have release. Bring an end 274. Point six million dollars saying it says RNC. To enhance our in our armed man. They're coerced three is badly fourth or fifth worst opening ever for picks armor and there is Larry cable and this Clinton problem. I wish it did it is unlikely it would what is Leary Campbell he's at dinner it's Russian mainly travel outside of a cliff likened commonly. Starting out here that's the worst one of how you've delegated. Let's see cars three outbid good dinosaur. I did it there it's also in the 500 more theaters. Aren't as good don't let them for cars are. Yeah now I had had been incarcerated is probably going to be firm. Kids to solve the first inside one or maybe their bedroom I decorous Carson. They changed the idea there. Cars is old yeah. Say you're wondering how well on this hour. I mean dead a third place 27 point one million dollars. I really wanna see it. A little. Slowly makes some ceremonies first they have to resolute reducing your daily weekly review on it now. Which was a review written by due to his fans of hip hop and that was a lot about to talk and he said it was good it was accurate to the story. And is angry it I think so yeah. I just turns out that emotion like. Mainly older white dudes are right movie reviews for newspapers in big cities. They don't know much about the rap music guys. Yeah I've been in this college to park. Yeah is that this group in the god plays in Marcus said a year and a man when it dead ringer and that really that might be real to pop. If any what a great way to reveal himself at the end of the movie hey guys gentlemen thank you don't tip top play by himself remains. Sent them on me. And McCain fourth place thirteen point nine million dollars just said it sucked dale wasn't really good moment. No well it's one of those Regis got to wait until it comes out. Everybody says it's. Everybody waste anybody's it was really it. I've now and I haven't I even was trying to kind of watched this week there are awash Rosemont. Isn't that Scarlett Johansson. So we're proud of how the bad moms club movie provides a bad it is all four is as from the worst movie of and this long how would you Varma copy of Needham ski. More and it rough night only Amy Ryan. These movies come out really man that was terrible man all these movies are. You still go back and get more money next weekend and you don't want to saint Thomas is his movies came out here animated if you don't like the version of the same families you're watching. Will you quit giving them money so they will try harder just only get him to make at least if you think. I'm joking when I say Hollywood made the same five movies watch this documentary college Hollywood. Beneath the surface and it will show you. These ways where there's one director I can't remember his name is back in the seventies he made the same moody ten times equation yeah it all has to do it. Well I don't wanna save you go watch it's well worth it. There are only so many really basic stories you can tell yeah they're pretty much every book in every movie is just one of the same. I lost every war is you mean if you bring it out every war has been exactly the same war every time somebody was against imperialism. And a booming voice and so my finance. Aside and so for shark week there's a shark maybe 47 meters dammit Mandy Moore and answer typical shark pay indeed more. Hour. And that on them every placed fifth. And brought an eleven point five million dollars at the box office who are. How much is being can't do much for the shark. I still hot women and there could demand bathing suit some dignity and I still wonder I spent most well. When will we see the end of movie theaters I mean like literally the you don't it's like him like a drive and I don't have gone down. Cedar lane road the other day they'll mass clock. As a member drugs. 200 for man's wedding gift here and I'm going to and I had. There are. Joseph there's a good photo and audio boat Marion of and I signatures if you know they used to be driving in that theater unaware he dressed as an added a lot of earth and it's. Those things when you see him every once while. She won a calm hand and be cool to do you know you win but when you go and you set the core that if people on the although it's kind of but. Movie theaters. I feel like. Maybe ten years they will be the old movie theaters will be turned in a Wal-Mart or if you remember when their driving news show the home movies. Now currently at the shine the light outwards you concede in a man and a top they. Asian car wash rags tied a fairly new interiors. Ornamental. I come under the saying here's a story I saw only to the that they just remind me of that dry winds the winds are still open they are driving Merrill killer right now. Then the the streaming world we live there where we yeah you don't they do you know they do. You use Bluetooth you know in a different places on the car speakers which in that's that's kind of cool yeah. Permanent marks a lot cooler a little speaker box or to do you want knowingly used big break it I mean that's that's seems cool but it. The movies died. Does to me is like what is Ginny well I'm bore it almost go watch TV somewhere else. Basel. On maintenance and as president I. Listen the rest guys. Morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download a free and here's Max now agent tackle. Three point freedom planet. On the wheel leaving yet we have some big news we're leaving it about sixty seconds well listen. For me I'll go ahead and start before we get an event. A new must match you can follow me on snapped chanted no man's view that it's OHM. Eight FF EW 08 M hey as best he dubbed. I'll follow Matt on Monday it's what does that do. You've hurt you and Buford says that he wanted to stab Hillary. We were against that aren't well liability at the American in the style margin given what he won't be one shenanigans. Christina Ferrell. Holly Joanna Mathis. TAK it's camera Collins. And 46 birthday. I don't ever say Robby raw read of a messy. Here we apparently assuming if a student hinder. No I will say now I'm from Jersey is in any front DRG I'll say good morning dew AMP one tasty cake. They want wall a whole big Macs and happy one cotton. Aramis and on. Us as a zinni. Chills that was more Zain had a big Macs when I'm at the beach this whole couple weekends. Look at two years ago parents faced. We didn't joke are delivered enough need to get so well now do you think. Okay. Now the final total gasoline we're gonna have a contest nine Nancy get the most followers in one show I counted his he's counted man yeah. Who goes first made goat and verse. Nine you've got. 100. Final word. Doesn't sell him. Like to live the way. It's not right. Is pretty good number on problem wondering Dahlia Internet you know I guess if you don't like. Just about everybody in at least in the listening area who already added the odds that they got snapped right. Get 134 which is why he got a 140 fives so. Still laps remaining top class. Plus thanks. Right so you don't get to you about your handle anymore narrow ever again. OK you don't know. Friday but hey that's just means I can you know snap moral with the thousands and thousands of people who already added nine from. And then anonymity. Nice try oh you already added me to UK would order for me yeah see you. Yeah here's the if you hear this right now he you don't snap need to tell me that you heard this I might and follow you all my yup. You know. The announcement find out had amassed in the low wage you may have passed VW tomorrow is Tuesday. Thanks let's have a good dates are good guys good to me oh why. We did some. Touched down. She won a fun little. Just a little wow. On Wednesday. He's free points radio. Planet Iraq.