Monday, May 21st

What was your first concert?: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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And I. During crawling through. Canada bassist is slyly. Don't matter prince Elliott didn't know it. Our garbage. Ex. Bull crap. Right Jim earners are there. Plus two point very screws the mom why it is winner's list clinical how wonderful a lot of these folks are by the way good morning to rise guys it's not a forced to have what keyword one more time I'll remembered something about umbrella. Ella Ella. Also held him up there must talk about. The people that are that'd texting and about that basis you know his Jimmy said that less clay pull firm primus is he saw on the other night since two greatest one in problem. This one if it's one of those I have an opinion on it kind of thing if these people really know what to talk about this like a bunch people are texting and you morons forgot about Lamy. I remember more about him singing that I do by complain nicely compliance and see all right I'm. And we certainly is curtain I'm glad he's in not in pain anymore. Heroes takes about a hundred today is really getting leave Russia and Bigelow and who are viral in her rush hemorrhaging in real life so progressive rock prop brought. Yeah are you weird and stupid so like primus and Wayne I don't really cares much for rush they're really great I just don't have the right now Michael Petit yes I'm glad to lean while great poster you really. He's really created. That's like so much brought him he has. Music in his mind that other people do not having their marks you can play based technically as well symbol of the same creativity. That's what angers. That's what you keep you can say about the Miles Davis Powell and you know what I know the name I can. Take him out of a lineup for notices music. Com cliff or it was as good as people and humans from an ardent yet Ilia great he's he was 24 years old when he died he was already gray he and play that thing he wrote that summit he wrote that based leg leg at a witch's broom almost. I UC. Me and her life saving cliff Burton elect. Supposed to blow another mustache yeah right beside us taxpayers and for you also do not talk about the mob or your client but I always renewing his weird posture where he was over top of that base so much more simply Kramer yeah that's the way Jewell was this faceless. It was still in Australia Europe for a moment out there this morning caveman thing where he's got it playing real wide stance based. Five players. That's more usual well. Hell. Now remember this isn't much couldn't play because you always gives it right leg up to brace myself like that he has left. Like he's lifestyle he's held Atlanta got that right leg on a monitor all term crude buddies could play a tricky. Lerner Noriega got the text came and I would terrorist taking kids who had Andretti primus concert. Mind you parents that's worthwhile is not Draghi in that the music is about that is just that's what you do when you listen to think. Yeah and I don't I don't I'm not just from a smoker Iraq call I got flam going bad. I don't remember. A single. Bad worded the whole concert really nobody cost between songs are reliving once twice and grass and on May be I don't remember him doing internal yeah. I'll think they did in in the weird season pretty clean and in primus. They're usually pretty claim even when they've they've they've us in the limited Gerry as a racecar driver whose serve on our doll well behind and then they went right into it from mayor sorry my bad word. Arafat are far from our. I can't remember now. You're my best friend allegedly let's say did you remember I can't remember my first and second concert I don't back hurts them. I can't earn their trust all right Indians see first and then Alabama or Alabama then Randy and see. You remember I swear I really can't remember only get. Good for us this conversation probably go run DMC unit because you know it a I don't think anybody would have would be questioning what kind of parents would take their kids legacy Curtis Chapman concert or gave her homecoming Ali well that just I don't know I wonder if not a Alabama showed a rock concert or Marat. What's what are Jammer we Jorge Cantu and if you listen not a Christian music and I. Sure if you and his son his sermon at the same prime insuring Europe who are really good taste and T shirts on their kid. I'm that's cool shirt we'll Britain's it last week we had horns are the thing I can remember him about run DNC and if this was Greenville memorial auditorium and this was probably. That was still Pope may also pre 87. And you know I heard rending scene I'd seen all and the like videos and stuff through and when they went out there. Started off win DMC was by himself and zen master today. And DNC is like or run that they're not bad for a run that ended their lack. Who runs in the balconies like. Totally need to get this MF first started so did he says it in court in the crowd starts Jesse and what do you do it more. I was living Brendan hasn't been all around them and think good attitude amber and I am very cyber mountain from. Has she ever done any parent but yeah that was and that's not on her the issue is. Playing up to the fact that you know the music media didn't realize they were so. Raunchy. With the language stuff. You should be barred from Sam that word what role she sounds worse when you say it what do you like in my she. Had a young please visit our RC. Not taken against it depends if the parents there it's. Your latest negative people on stage yeah I was maybe when the crowd behind me is. Well Greta there is this a steady steady aroma of reaper in the air because it's primus concert yeah. To be more like a month stadium all throughout Macedonia and promised this is to know that happens they're a good rock concert when she goes he Foo Fighters and no smoking weed is a. We need in a memo prison wallet. Finally that's true more than you have a whole truth fighters are certain. I didn't they mr. then I really secured down because I didn't stop the ones via throw once and what it through gate security weren't that high you know medium could it took me and tell him. There's beer drinker oh yes it was very wrote. Bush did that's all I can rumor that was it. Who was your first it was at Randolph led the first cuts are you attend. First concert you went to resume Billy Joseph Roland Charlie Daniels had followed by Randy Travis. Our god and there were literally boots Randolph or somebody. Thanks so there wasn't that going to see Ralph Stanley senior aide and a graduate this isn't stuff Russell Ralph Stanley and the clinch mountain boys play around. Bhuj Randolph and his player real musician. Somebody does it was oil gamble away their seesaw. No answer. Yeah yeah I guess we're in if I'm taking kids to good to concerts. Here mag are all there are. A bitter old Red Sox. Don't worry if you are concerts and no problem. Know people my age in this town got dropped off at that Rob Zombie corn concert. Oh they should I don't avalanche hit alsop plus this is thirteen years old Meredith got dropped golf around the corner east north street don't have a good to now be background eleven pick you up. I was there are a lot of action there's I was there tell us that was. I was sitting in the lower bowl here's what happened when this they. Corn had their own camera and the camera was on the screen behind Obama warned cage where in corn hay. And did they showed these women on the air and that you know of course injured in the crowd is like and can skins can ask is it was in that timer from guys just got off watching two women not had anything to do it through smooch. And then they started taking their tops off and started. They got up they were in this week's and they got up on the table of this week. And they just on the general multi and then the food fight started coming on from there resists well. The first ever so in the end luster infatuation was there's some girl with candy apple red hair. And that corn Carter wishes weren't mentioned her white dress candy apple red hair. A bit I spent many nice thing about her after their terms for a dollar now Dylan Favre earned him two ahead canyon but a lot of love all of our. There would also that stranger pot Sarah. Got a minute do normally I don't hey man can do it yeah. Leg drop off my social corner Rob Zombie and then rob rob myself for a blacks and got smacked we buy yourself said. And millions I was sad faces a death. No model is she will win here soon see that to pound red mile party brass are help you weren't sleeping beauty heavily loves it here in this that was very. Felt my mom took us to see Metallica eight Charlotte coliseum. She just left dissolved and don't resolve off or more of our business I was I was twelve and sorrows. Twelve Metallica and entertain when I got let out a coroner Rob Zombie like. Survives I'm sorry no right beat me upper stole money or her rear doesn't come ask you think. I can give you some legal we've stone noted there are fed up. Well that what does that mean you know time. I'd tell it fifteen year old nine to see Marilyn Manson zero. I admire that I here I am 2526. Or seven and a little stage audience would be. Now it now but they you know that was that was awhile concert telegrams and double talk and stuff. What is our buzz there was like it was it was brutish. Try and secure the border that was public well I think may thirty minute that math that mess of corner Robb's army concert Obama's self initiated. The first hard rock. Rock concert in green bullet like good morning over a decade probably yeah so big force of ten to a blog and then Cora was the biggest rob Wren in the world that boys it was huge deal. Now was this much regularly came around and fallen leader yeah. Through you know I was on the god who lives free go to leisure time for him right there. Was that yeah. I was when I was with the planet at that point because that was and not I met Jonathan Davis in your group yes Aaron Spelling that was my greatest. Backstage story I'd ever had in my life consider is always heard about it. The chicken headroom and as I'm going backstage. Live at the corn show. I saw the sign and it was this hand written on the door innocent chicken head room. In their worst probably serie girls in the air Nob Hill road that's when Hamels Cole. I Whelan heads for the return it yeah. Can't really aren't. Because you're essentially remembers tells Barbara whose army corps concert because it was legendary yes sure it was like they did you know they go live the arena is brand new we destroy all bathroom and I know. The walls down and close out of Florida crap. Can't tell you something though this is very self evident right. That concert was not great because of them. Because of the bans and now. Was it is because the people manned it was great because it sounds drag tiller and all these are for bodies go and I'll let yeah. Then marry Jeff her neck how certain are not the performance only 10%. Yeah this is your young lady if you were like I Ager like frat boys are probably. Korn Rob Zombie was the first chase you ever had to go see a big rock concert in green bull to you know life really gives other and they agree they play in the auditorium in like bush and no doubt played the -- or they're. You can't get anything and level court and Rob Zombie is big news like 151000 people kind of thing. Well normal lesbianism was yeah. And girls in the cage. That's where a man that's where it kind of started this and really got hot I was businessmen as reverend Hastert kissing girls out there. Alamo for about how now would you take its outlook uncertain. If you knew it was going to be in the corner robbed a certain what are you now from that Doug million years certainly. You know now ready yeah the massive. Do you see there's a sorry case he's the rapidly ripple your routes are junior didn't know that that was what was gonna happen. I'm what do you do if you add it as a show my bag and that happens by do you discover their eyes are you leave. So yeah we gave her nothing else. OID well OK just if you lawsuit if I'm in a time when my son Luis de Anaheim until this minute they see that's probably not didn't say. Anyway and just. About damn it's his when my daughter I'm out I don't have a signed by the way but I signified the end I you know. From Wesley age lemon that you you can take him to I mean twelve story just show you forward or view I know about what what would you say that you made take your suntan would you take an eight year old Darren now. Twelve her own maiming not. Yeah ordained hero and I need to know all the stuff here that might need to. Right they know what those words are bit back then Korda did you not use those were. Harm I still don't know autos are boom to my dad told my double up on the same type of cash. All up and under certain very raw ran matters right. Imply that would those what that was nice who ride down memory rather direct memory lane whichever it is. And as boulevard tart and the pound boulder concert busy and take kids to it yeah yeah. But you know out. Sometimes you just make you look okay here's what are your important. Oslo concert there's a couple times are felt weird but here's the thing have to remind myself I have and a fifteen year old. It's got access to an Internet guy out the Spotify as he got our attention guy. Planet map. Got all those things you say along with a all the bad words now. As she does that mean she is it's amazes me how crisp and clean her language as compared to mine my daughters it's she's the total opposite. Great this version because there's pros Malone went. You don't even bring you know I mean this is lazy kind of pronunciation ring it is an ever say a full word ever. But Canada's that in nowadays all the kids know what Phillies aren't yes Kelly Taylor doing so I stealing her. Yeah rough Phillies yes Seattle our Elaine Lehnert the image he states. Else. The good old news we are only reason you get older you are right I give did texture or deny real boots Randolph as the guy who wrote yet he said. Mini L song that's so I eating SE it. Yeah and well. We'll take a break is I I did you know the because we got volume Blu-ray and over the old blues and there is the public saxophone list is a musician is a conservative and order and yeah yeah Eddie Sachs pages news today and try now we get to talk about Larry Wayne price junior all Chipper Jones since. Are obligated to that next in your rise guys had larger price drops as. This morning Schobel living here in the more read John what this. The rise guys morning. He just sad thought he ninety's during my freedom my. Ryan's guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. Sorry Jim that was the Pentagon is telling parents hurt her tremendous project soundness and. Ears and then well I have some good news since madness. Bad news first as my new way of says tackling problems starring Danny's first tender. Well it's not gonna get till I'm ninety thank goodness as according to a study at Norwegian university of science and technology. They found that tender is basically just a replacement for trying to have camp with a stranger in the same at a bar. We just so there's plenty of people on tender. And it's now on the same you probably leave probability apparently be just as alone. Leven a bar by yourself and you are sitting in your own term by yourself on tender. Who rears are backwards ass as things are actually just do you know us as a society. We are so backwards as the if you if that this whole study and all that tells me that if you want to hook up. You don't go to tender which is for that yeah it's that's the that's the sort of done it. Did you go to set Chad or two Graham or FaceBook or Twitter or some of these other web sites these other platforms where that is what they're for. Because you got against people are not all of us what I'm here for but it doesn't like my beacon fund I. You mean you got to cash so I dabble my shoulder was high. In order. We're going to go get legs golly this is neck and not a bar sure does not look for it church so that's where you don't get it to the grocery store and not looking for there but that's where you don't get asked creamy and wife and then send an AC major lacks the grocery store all our parent. All right never understand that Marley and me there though as I might liked. But it didn't make sure so Chris if you go to your singles thing and they're looking for it. Bush they're picking your somebody if you just walk until the grocery store or church. Does that they're there they're not only garner as much so you can have no way in all lawyer and a sad. Right now I. I'm tired you don't know Louis singles night at a bar to meet people you go to someplace where people are expecting that he'll meet some cards. No his own chicken tender and our engineers. Yeah yeah. It's let me do this study is that no reason university of science and technology they've rounded up about 640 warn students. Ages nineteen to training on and they are asked. Questions as part of the study. By using. Pictures. Often dating happen at some point one and five more. There are active users. But mainly the people on the air. They humans think that they they were really Carney they weren't picked half back. But they found is people were looking for. Short term. Sexual relationships. But not just a one night stand. See that's what Jimmy say I totally agree with because I think a woman who has long tender is very sure first self. He's not that she's the one of those independent 08 million thing. But she's out there say and I'm more tender because I'm looking for some blank. Well we don't Wear these in just Timmy said the odd sound there. So currently goes on there. You know like. That we downloaded tender before you're happily married not looking but I was still do everything curiosity. Just to see I want to be sufficiency derby one dimensional closing fish is he finished Pia put any fish and maiming and Pickering train train train me. Are her canal for the people that are enactment in a relationship and their looking for sex outside of the commander I was looking for a gang banger orgy that's why when between three million page and that's not nothing to do a data locked arms. Today lieutenant. Types of work and stand up and there is an equal amount of women and admit on tender. They're all looking for different things of wonder what feet. I wonder what the the averages there are some men and women on there began as saying that despite semi sharks and man. A right. Up. It says pretty virulent and Arlington these people on the 641. Students but that may just be their age group but. So it there at the preference I imagine when you're going through Darren your EU. Your standards are raised if you're picking out the person you're you would be in a normal situation and you're you're. Or if that's the goal of the app then your standards are going to be higher than if you were just talk to people on snapped then somebody. Who you know what does that really did the scales gonna go down and somebody who's. Perfectly attractive and acceptable will be acceptable long unlike ends are Graham where they wouldn't be up to your standards aren't dating actress you look for some. Aaron says you're probably area scoring high and getting so when you think they eat is the same match is gonna be lower than. Going town meetings and onions and. Does tenders mission statement like only app like does it say come hearing delayed or is that them. Does matching up singles and yeah people waiting in people yeah bruise and you're its owner. You Obama uses. But is there isn't it and the whole thing and that he would associate tender rest would be when I stands meeting people. Is you used tender murmuring. Right you thought that but that's not what the cases. Meet new and interesting people nearby who sort of says you could attend dot com I used to be back page if you get way you have to act like sassy to catch from homered round. Grew religion is so I don't know what she gets food batting like she doesn't want true right that so you do. You know. Oh I'm full gem. Laying your standards on baptized there would be on an app all to get far more and I stand. Own tender I feel like if that's what it really is and we're just cut the BS sounds really just to get laid. Nate they should be full body photos in the profile picture I except for Matt. My sister station they're my house is full body. My brother in law has the greatest dating profile from to ever seen him actually news. No I'm a little extra stuff it's great now I don't wanna know what it's on. You're thinking if I showed off tell us don't ask him he'll probably find whether it is it's funny and he knows it's funny here. Garrett elegant. Like this and green gables and pig tails going dude in a way and abortion all the attention getter though it's hilarious I mean this. But eating at the right attention. Awfully sure. He's the 08 right now. What is of children and your partner certainly not post is no longer extra word in trouble yeah. When her parents. I don't talk everybody ought to war. You don't talk about a people's relation must just mention. Well well I wish so doom and. Harley lives like I have mind talking about things please someone else. And you get on the both women are drawing a line in the sand that's in this. And I understand. My name will be able to be drove me here I thought. And nobody in your kids and then. This president. 38 year old guy by the name of Larry for. I mean you are right Larry Wayne you price junior and he's from a blue field. Virginia and he decided that he went under on America's mistress or HRI an that he failed to fake and kidnapping. So he can get away with this. Islam thing. So just if there. Since he disappeared his wife reported him missing and there was a massive manhunt farm eventually someone spotted him by the side of the road. About twenty miles away from home. And he'll be told of the FBI that Elise kidnapped by cute guys and taken to the motorcycle shocking Allen's where they robbed them. That's not what these security footage solar clank from the shop open. They didn't see any if any and that's image change historian he. He says and what really happened he was kidnapped by a motorcycle gang because he owed them money. But it turns out that none that was true. What happened to him hey hit and need the stories are true Larry had just tried to fake it kidnappings any camera often does mistress. And I got busted in gotten kind. Bacon stories. Ridiculous. Yeah. Yeah who has just been scared to death where are you sure you don't it. I knew if your goal and an excuse. I had amnesia is as unbelievable as a kidnapped by motors are gearing. Yellow what was he does say like they kidnapped him and he had amnesia and he'd. Don't remember who he was so he never came home the. Say they get this good tomorrow after saying you had amnesia and that's why you didn't come home as much better excuse oh yeah just is believable plus. Some don't miss our sub club. Account please inform them Vito I don't blame you don't Ramallah since the you know they would let him go to the truth in North America. Act and don't ask don't turn you loose. And then they wanted to know he really owed them money to you I was kidnapped in the whole thing turn into a mass and the agents discovered that he contacted a woman the day you was reported missing. And then mount the price said that the woman managed arrest strike you down and denied having an affair with our. Sarah she eventually told everything that was going on and then. They wanted to disappear together. Alan money. Remained a year olds are restaurant and a my job yeah it's got a lot of dead. Well that's. What. They do business domain money's got to hope he's right. It over his head I mean this appear for money reasons and get away from his family yeah he's got this mistress. Remain it's always got to be I was kidnapped. But I do or don't motorcycles not. I had amnesia and I forgot who wisely so much better excuse. Ask someone needs to be without my control and so apparently got cold feet and didn't follow through with the plan and he's facing a charge of lying to federal authorities sent. Search about say get kidnapped risen the cops. Don't order a new kid that's new and why and what they look like it all counts and there's surveillance. Everywhere. You own and you know this. Of course not slimmest of reprisals that weeks them. This story is he told his wife this story. Think it that you don't don't call the cops right I think she called me anyway the whole thing came out she Al Laurie did did the motorcycle club was gonna come by her house or she knew it was old crap you wouldn't continents and Jews blu all around more than two mortar to. Aren't you were killed in broad course on the police. So the police arrested person is like being dynamic hallmark Tony Baxter and those guys who beat you would change instead you are big but not just some. Healing thing. That's. You know with the things that he said happens Tiananmen he would hats he would turn that. The security fell off. Right specious it's nothing aren't there. Nothing on the motorcycle shot no indication that it had been disturbed as signer robbery or the white man many describe and then they threw man. Oh my god they got there there was so why the answer is it expense yeah. Great read on the side of it in there with a blue in there again I have candy do you make and think if I'm aggressive student band blue. It does keys are digging and then they went into the stores save them robbed them planning gun on stills pocket ninth. And his nine millimeter handgun and that that was found on anybody sound. Please talk is John awaits his stimulus say about this does not yeah there are a boy that's I think this say about one watt lie. And I asked why why it's another look twice at the moment. Every story always has the caliber of the handgun but never liked what kind of diet wars you know. Are the latest six hour nine millimeter or Springfield millimeter or kill ten millimeter stones that are made his much care about what caliber it is you're right I can't really what it feels that way. And maybe did as a runner and but around here well a large area is curious. I like fine and a team because I'll let you know Al Gore's caliber is always do them them manufacturer and you see in order. I just as they. Are they for an Arizona I if they ever think about this in the news mentions a brand by name Alyssa really really really bad news it was painful. When do you Lana admitted an odd it was paid for us as friends all the publicity for free still they want to get news story continues to review or get. For free. Porn hub. You know yeah already dude free because they do these studies could be starting and relief into the children also do is slightly. Well it's a thing they they offer like. Classes for people that are like build a daily jacketed and Dick did did. It's. That's addiction what I'm saying you are all right well drop yeah anger last August 5. There's sexual on this world and are you sure you spend more time outdoors. Trying to get some fresh air really does Kim rain and that's Chan. My mom was right good shoes they're measuring that are indoors are planned at times she knows she's doing she's prepared and yeah what America needs crucial Wallace on the. The three might wanna deal out. And head after I tell you about this news report that finds that were on Alan's side very often the average person says they spend. 66. Per cents. Outdoors so that's in town and Don hasn't not a lot of time. 66%. Total indoors Seattle indoors indoors or there and sound. And ninety for saying feel like you spend time sleeping. Well in 90% you still like you spend time sleeping. I don't know what that means that a number or they'll just like me Carlin and I didn't say how easy act. Person. In the survey is estimated that they spend sixty to 66%. And the Sutton and their time inside and actually 90% and and is sleeping. So. It's getting a lot of time and time. It's served. They they every person in this seriously they're inside 66% term analysts people on this poll it's actually I didn't pursue it when you include time he's been sleeping now. And especially outside banks are saying okay. Yeah so we need to spend more time outside. And here I am ending. It. Yeah about I don't know I mean instantly inside all the time and days and it is really important vital. There's certain things and assignment you know are given that. Post it take to get here. I know when you say outside you talking about launching on the ground it or you so much air car. About being out. Doors I mean a car outside the building actually being outdoors. Pins on the day like this weekend as not a lot to win great passed laws Walken and and a movie theaters. I'm branches of your own it depends on the web they're totally totally but I would say the average. You wanna be honest and say pride about 45 minutes of the current outside. No we're not out in the sun very often we're in marking our school our shop anger. Whenever we're inside. Lloyd you can't tell me spend a lot of time outside as you can go to the college he had these county Maryland that call back. Our boards where you're us you're Eskew are still jar entertainment your face is pale. Yellow riddle ahead. Please them all yesterday over farm whole suit did you really hear a shank you know I was part of the tea big mistake Ruger and you talk about. Hamlin and be active and you would. Have been a tough time some time I'm glad that Yemen is well. Too why. Some parents are used a lot of parents are yes our report from your view not a whole lot though. I'm not as much as I need to be. That's what's really some of Iowa. Say 25% of the people say that they spend 21 to 24 hours and sign. And then 41% say they they spend between fifteen to twenty hours. Your rise in global when you walk in here. Like outside. I'm not exactly been used after a parked on the side because the sun would be blast and that's I've we're a walk out and be the brightest part of that yeah movie theater us L yeah Morgan had a year they're back in and I'll work. Just image or they horse and that's when you walker mr. Grubman sun's coming up bears the worst feeling and did university. So we take away from the study is where an indoor generation. And we need to get out Warren actually land outside in Sierra environments and lending. Can't fall silent time. Should. Members for a Walpole yeah. It definitely wasn't just going to you know how hard they pay back grass today narrower now I'm home finally you can. Bob Barker. Is up so upset by what I client says he threw out the window for complaining about it Erica. Okay that's why don't America so mightily. Just yeah. I mean how bad kid and then. This is 833 year old guy and it was at a barbershop and Brooklyn New York on Thursday afternoon he told his barber than it in mind that the way his hair was cut. Forget about it yeah yeah yeah yeah and threatened to not pay for it. And that point though Barbour responded by throwing him through the front from condemned the shop. Sam best of the guys taste pretty badly. So I'm. His face was like parent who aren't too concerned you know if it was I. You don't spend by the. Home does Carla is not a big Sorensen. We'll figure and I know you got a drug stores around destroying an apartheid era on the eight hour and a cold drink yeah. Fifth. Says he is taken to cost and danced in the stylist ran off by snow and snitches. Get stitches at the the cops asked the other people and the barbershop singing and environments and mandated they don't know his name or narration. There's there's still. To track him down what are the only licensed to cut hair or learn now about the so we'll. No we're seeing is here good hair you know anybody can go here in New York that's a job they don't know all the the minute you know the guy he had thrown down when they don't know the Barbour say the guy who works there I don't know maybe yeah. I knew this land. He graduated from barber college students trying to track him now. Well I don't own business organ here. Mosley and boom that is about it. Crazy story that is good always got this associates and ask the dissonance that's the kind of thing. So we don't you know we don't know. Another semester Millie Lewis against prominent. We're never MM how many stitches he needed better according to the story his face was ripped open. And it was covered in black and sent to you can taste paste. Tore up tore up. Telling him as homelessness all of her hair cut I can be careful what you say to people restaurants and now barber shops. He had just via Howard to Donyell articulate what I do think this unit is famous for me to go every yell at arrest brought in mid meal. Crazies. Or don't. Now you know dessert duo in the parking lot. Although I complained about one restaurant on Twitter a lot I hate doing that the the main reason is because I don't know followers here. By the thought I don't mind that I just don't look like my luck I wouldn't talk crap but it's somebody and then. They were this close to signing a contract on the advertising or something. Yeah no really really pissed him (%expletive) me off and I'd just tweeted atom and they responded like. Send us a direct message rule will face is a step and I did it in your back from. No Groupon not. I won't go back. Some things these places or is it because they may intrigue of course if you do dogs and buyers pressure concern Austria they can you reason to hurt. You can not screw basic simple stuff yeah it's all rescued Abby is just do this right open when it says you open. I am or she make reservations you should have to wait 45 minutes. Usually you don't have to there where Larry actually usually you shouldn't have to replace that you do have to right now it's unacceptable. But you know what the problem as. You can't just make these people get up and leave after they're finished with their meal if they wanna sit there for 45 minutes Hoggan table. You make decisions that 200 dollars are certainly did it for a whole family out so you can't just kick amount visuals so therefore if I've missed drink coffee and talking crap. Yes our concern and burned tar current who gets their turn in tables. Well anybody SE dead bolted down the weekend assault now via. You know. It's good it's funny are you are separate but does not solve all our. Did you laws our our real difference between is a regular roar editor it's not a horror horror because there's no nudity and it's and it's a hard or. The first one was not by that you mean it's close to be an NC seventeen yeah in the first tour yet and on this well. While personals or nor dad has sold groups like this and just what design graphic violent yes it's fun. And words custom already and it cameos became an Irish. Libya. Dad pulled three. I'm sure there will. He came really Thompson they delist cameo is carrier for carrier word I think. It's the best Tammy are there any Canada mail to Ian this now. He hit. Says death hole one when it open and 2016. They're Camaro and it can bride and a 132. Point four million dollars simple to do. Not too shabby. 125 million. Or so that's our number one movie in the country so far. It's under the age sees trailer for small. Our venom. Why have you buzz good. They showed his true reported who was a red band trailer of a dirty Muppet movie. It's going to be great I forgot the name of dirty what is red band name is restricted. The red green and this and those grains herbs are ripped it. Awesome has more Melissa McCarthy's and in these markets cuts. Risen six weeks not much I appreciate your own motors and they're not Muppets was enough the markets go I must step. Puppet so there's a similar Muppets are our mothers our Muppets are just puppets. This is Jim Henson thing all others just puppets exactly. All fear did this idea people still say that that's what they were yeah. Hilarious. You've got to sellers nobody else does not what it was and I would say they are dead dead but and hash tag idea. I'll mortgage to crack. I'm Danielle to admit like no response Jeremiah was is not reacting Baghdad and Al means. Somebody went to see Karen Williams. They said the crowd was dead the whole time right. So were they laughing eerily silent is it the same thing. Yeah I can then grow our resident mean they they were sitting on their hands are saying anything. A night but the crowd was dire in Latin dances ball boy what a shame they mean different stuff mentally confused business channel learn English women as well. That's how people are talking about snatch that and that put the gusto they're there to about gusting people that's two different things it smelled kind of but Aaliyah. 30 AM and Steve Bush with a technical level but when I see Big Dig the finest Najaf Ali and I was terrible lie I just to send people we're talking about gusting PO KC a happy time murders that's the name of the movie to watch century ruler. All Marca as the him as a mother of the puck in the news pottery and other news. Yeah avengers and fan anymore I missed the number two knocked off. From my own dental student. So that that movie still does descend strong bright and 28 point seven million dollars in the box office over the weekend to story can end and and the book club dirty movie with the S senior citizens women. Not to shabby third place to a point five million. Elderly at this point among them 55 remains. Social senior citizen and out they invade their AB so let's not senior citizens anymore right. Not elderly that that means they have a hard time getting around. Aaron extreme older citizens exchanging your since Tora forever movie is. Henson moving into the happy timers is Jimmie isn't coming direct about Brian Henson CA is I don't have a different Muppet movie Omar. There is a blame game that no matter what you want you'll Piazza's thirty comes and goes blind now pretty critical mistake my gosh yeah. Technically next step. Roommates and as your eyes as olive. Wars. Three minute run flat just locked and loaded. 3.3 oh. Enron is.