Thursday, October 12th

One of Nine's dogs tracked a little mess in his house that he's not too happy with but it's funny as hell if you don't live with him: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Arise guy so I could legally yeah this was industry has just started. Okay. Thursday October 12 2017. Here we are. Celebrate now a hundred years of no oppression. It's the SE anniversary. And a wonderful myth no longer be. Be a hundred years free of oppression now summary that you know suddenly be proud of send them to be proud. And. Okay yes what's I just an idea he you know he said thing where he eased you've. No on the way in I'm Mike Fey can have a zillion things there and more about a war blog a lot here there. I understand there are you know you cannot negate bam bam bam bam and then that. In my time that hot rolls around boy. Are you talk about that are taught about this. On a slow it down to a nice. Nice medium pace that's good as there usually were slowed down just Arizona. We energetically slow it down right gears up. I'd today we're gonna have a nice mix of sun and clouds high of 85 right now a.'s partly cloudy 67. In Malden earlier. The housing north. Right now is prettier now are pretty also repair a great morning. I assure you awareness from the Metallica land assert it some thinking still find there's I'm really really liked him dilemma because it looked slightly old braves slugger. I don't know man how are really really really think there's probably some of now Ari beggar Salomon all the merge sans. And the one that seem more popular was the Waffle House or. The reason people see us a lot of people who like heavy metal. Are not big sports France. I am you know there. Of course by via via the so. That's a good way intimates. I Aramis sound Emmy winner what is too. What do you for see him coming back around in the tower and I had a lot of love to see him. And they'll do it again barely be careers Riordan or build of the interest. Now that pretend they do they'll be close to sixteen these are the only ones that are available on their website Montreal Toronto. Pasadena and mean and he. Were you can go to Mimi. Mean he now I'm saying to torture it's an all various versions of there. Different city Karl emphasize the and Montreal Canadians logo the bears hockey team. Toronto on earners aren't ours as it CF felt fame football. What is that there is that the ad that says that's a flag. Embedded into the symbol of the the album more parents are far they do well yeah they are good merged. What AM ED wanna go to a day that the day the tour I remember the old days you just go in. Yeah the concession stand Al they had to sell morning JF. Was that T shirt that featured like album more or something yeah so I per per city miracle there article summing yours. Barry should just Bauer of these Arnie baker calls have four hopefully we allow our they grant an arm. The I don't know if it's official marriage official here's. Learns that same tired always you're saying is to say James filled in a press Perez Metallica printed in the back in this when here's a guild and I'm not. It's still insert suck as a boot glad by the way and have. So that is some kind of that's a lot them they're not very soft high real salt teacher does firm which is set to be very easy to find now. Jerry everywhere he goes in the room aren't the real thing and Rob Zombie real soft teachers out real surprised that we saw offered government. Did you see did you follow me on snap Chad Jim MSO Matthew that's OH MA FF EW. Yeah I don't follow your own variations senior years there are a lot of times you'll see 920 RG birds and I any from the RG has been doing stuff. I was. Look and had a you know my dog owner again JER so I was looking through a adult cataloged. Became a dog cat what notre catalogs yes. I area I'm unaware of how so young adult cattle I don't no longer absorb some colonel are great don't get much mail this is golfers. They sell teachers say animal lives matter I'm not into me I swear there's a lying tone and they've heard all the people. Well I mean the legacy the 10 written bird usually shirts made for dogs are cuts to leave a dollar anatomy via why I'm not pressure cooker that animals matters as I have been the trademark for than any right. And they say you you have multiple dogs in this led bill erratically near will house. They have the by NBC had a living your car. Certainly all certainly be great for people who live in cars are also people who drive involves a Randall on German shepherd barrels former pollster when you wrap around you rather robust dogs off in town hall. They are you get there are many petty tomorrow are you there bring. Sasha when you inning you are going up to work. So they're playing at the top power properly there I saw surely improved yesterday. And he was her rent. You roll her own nose thing is Al bullet it may now know why that's worse I don't know just worse or not manages Maine's it was bigger. Black hole as many as it was more yeah. There wings when she rolled and it. Obviously not aware arrows are aware into again meg in the house of. Now some certain states Arab. You're check out Sasha I think she's froze our burger king of fried it I'm not really good and lower but I found it would you sign guys staggered trumbull there I didn't know. I didn't know concedes she did while we were out there are so much as well mine you know is caught trying to like the back of the dog there. As you know like the dog come handy host duties by cost put no number that referred to your table is Gruntal. Grown men gas taken me when I say trundle. I hope that's the thing under the bed I'll care in Rondell maybe she did I wish I. He said trump Obama in check probably did it was all over her left side and obviously. Oh lead led pay it back outside and with a host very dollar rounds there with shampoo and area through SR and catalog yesterday yeah there you have covered you know they have dogs are. What he's saying you know free standing shower you ask for your dollar hurts you're on the map. I'll buddies there it is and make us out here we have had no shower things whose easy to wash dogs were out there. It is just following is an awesome thing her thing that happens Alderman summit everybody has dogs can appreciate when one on morals and some. So you because they don't under it. As Sasha Sasha or did you came wind out. I would say air here that this turned out igniting is is your dogs became again you married now there aren't always I yeah okay. My in this hers and hers is my editor our Ralston collector who intend to bathe. Is that feces covered the dog. Sir. Did shave his nose that was her thing. I don't Brad towels and stuff and I helped me go home for Europe was that all rolling around like. But they're scratch and I may have an aero you don't mind. Well I tell you Alison this educated you are in Ramallah tell me her dog fluffy when she got to KFC for era. She doesn't Casey died too piecemeal it take all the chicken meals that but it earnest heed their leader there. My grandma would say that that was then pats just their food. When they would roll around and watching Paulson the hole and there's scratching their backs is what they're doing but she would say that's how they digest their suit. There. Carson stroll around because they expelled gaffes by doing man are you serious as so it's like they're on the ground crawling around out there I never. Horse rolling on the floor is a lavish hats off also they're hearing it because there again. And it feels better to get rid of it Al in my lower Amy the dogs again I. And starting on our Al braves they do it outside to scratch and stuff from his role about underdogs are some Roland nasty stuff specifically yes. Now error dogs. Wootton in there thrown around as well I don't mentally sources I don't think. Or are called to slander whatever you know. They don't seem to have a lot of problem and warned her. I've never I've never heard gas from a dog smelled it era never. Smeltz at as pleasure to delta already do it audibly. Really here hmmm might you be heard some that that would be a jab him a big dog Austria while you can hear is slick from the other room here. Of the lord are that bad. I never liked it's a good chance it's like yes I. Let my kid gracious. So you are in the other room and just maybe you in that dog in the house and then yeah you verbally you would hear ye your girlfriends lives when you write that she. Do you ever do you blame it on the dolls. I know bluntly early on and maybe it's very rare when I do it but that's zero. Everybody jumps out the way they choke and I think Clinton. But no win everybody's laying down account you can. You can really here lately especially when it's in the other room really has one time I blame her but I knew was. My god you diagnose that we in his use that bully China. They're kind of passing. Really hat and might have been known brand strategy and just flat on rent. Just what about Hoffman realized this and that's a territory and never went into pop in the old Jessie. I eat my whole life I never heard him for it. Never heard him fort until I was in middle school yeah fart my life one time and and where. It was a memorable other than it oh yeah yeah hands up in the air. I didn't think mr. dale mark furor doesn't it doesn't look like yeah. OK not as your aid the ailing parent and a tall man man Zambrano can imagine not lead Dolan that long that you. What does that the because we never hurting. Always heard my dad always are my grandmother god rest her soul but did it never never once. I heard him. As a crazy state and its owner is that's the best and who are you saying jails can about all of hopeful that. About things are droll Libya he Winchester cop part to extend the term for the storm dollar stroller and a cure armed. What they're rolling charm. Which surely you know cunard Charlize some we all remember her old southern people Barbara cure are now is nasty leg dead stuff rotten stuff to stuff big thing nasty yeah allegedly. Susie I saw eyes are lackeys are well KYAAR. And Q aren't. Well yeah you don't know nine mr. mayor cure oh man adults are saying your scoring with an accident are clearly what have you had the same reaction I had editor's note on my. Flesh flashing eyes that says various video little. Little sayings like the one I heard the other day the crater where the blanket I'd never heard that before. Yeah. Iran greater. Yeah I never heard that for describing a lady with a nice. Career and daughter are never heard that before and apparently it's like the legendary and in this area there's certain people at least one SS well paying and according to him is like a known thing is well I never heard them for unfamiliar have a deadline. That would go. Easy these Jess asked him poplar before it for sound or phone scam and you know ala play golf. He says not. Even so I don't know what we have 1000 dollars to give you today and less than an hour. With the PU and pay off. That's fun need to skip this keyword compatible in texted this 728817288. More. Here's a hint they do regular Carolina they promote tax line different number totally different. We flew fighters tickets also. Which SN now when I'm still out of San Angel get to go to I'm so into that new album and and I love them from. Love island day and Taylor and pat you have smear the others the other here is an it and you name without looking up another suicide remembered. Most drummer Dave Grohl Taylor Hawkins Pat Smear. Never forget Katzmaier here we are here or there. Anchors paid for where piracy guys in the band narrow corner new album mark yeah yeah. Us who have the flu virus takes today when a new game we're gonna debut yesterday never get to it said today today you played so fighters. Like fake cards as a UN year so far. I would do a whole lot of phones today and the mail site team get those in the rise guys that AOL dot com. I may even. Oh Mozy an apology today. Remain you know dodging and his family men have a heart attack women Mozy stick out like it. And he looking back the way she did in Mozy rather than pebble. Yeah from. Warmer its original Annie mosey. Allies are not banner eyebrows in farm RY know there is two most recent immigrants foreign bonds on a solution bottom there there's so whoever changed her the forget about this and is it true that today is the feature presentation just listening hill and far fog the Russian bottom mayor Ernest I don't nasty boys this week interest and well not really look at my radicals galore not a wrestling jar it was Jim nasty boys yeah. Gymnast when it was an Bartlett guys yeah it was an pie eating contest. They went the last pages upon what you were unlike us. Well process of what is doesn't Americana. Just announced a big chains yesterday and for the first time in their history they've decided to admit girls. The decimate a bunch of people angry any beast surprise what group is angry about that I'll tell you next in your eyes guys and minds really. You obese I mean releasing a facetiously I will really be surprised yeah okay. Or maybe I was NFL. And I tell him there that's about this in Alberto furious right we'll find out who's mad and you the blue. Let's mourn your rise as headlines good morning everybody get more years. I. Boy you're rise guys morning show 93 point freedom planning. A rotten. All right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Right thank headlined slow ceremony but have meant a state are married well this is a big line. The boy scouts of America had just announced a big change yesterday for the first time in their history they've decided to admit girls. And. What do you mean you know we're you know we're Eunice. Savvy car aren't happy about it spread its. The Boy Scouts decided to start letting girls. You are between seven and ten years of age to join the cub scouts as a next year. And they're going to let them start working all the wary that a two man. Eagle scout. As. 2 morning nineteen. So each local scout organization can decide whether to have boys or girls together and the troop. Or have separate troops for boys and girls. So as to what they called them an eagle scouts now. In the same thing. It's only join our about it now so they wouldn't sowed the girls are joined the Boy Scouts will be called voice yeah. There as soon as the organization OK hey Jay did I say it. Eagle scouts now dad claimed he didn't. They just doesn't make sense I mean I think I get. You know. The way people fell about. Genders and and being you wanna be and everything but. When you said he just had to change you name it just caught legal scouts now are calling the cub scouts but. Triggers be scouts has had to call it Boy Scouts and Oregon sent. You know 1000 it. Doing camping once a year and an occasional weekend camping trips side are stored up for that but other than many disparate class once a week in front advances. Yeah like I don't care about the Boy Scouts I mean you know it's a fine. Saying you know I didn't do I did it struck a couple weeks there wasn't for me but. I think dead. Yeah you want a big but like there's there's there's different. Rolls sending different it's just not what it is not the boy scouts of America. Why I mean what. What is there are these young ladies that feel as though they were. Well I'll explain that. Why do girls want to join the Boy Scouts I can tell you my mother was a den mother. Are different styles yet they did in the boys and I was really just so my brother because he got the intervening ten and they'll the car and everything needs of cars and that would have been fun for Maine and they got to raise. So girls want to join the Boy Scouts. Because they tend to push more activities. That her science activities in individual problem solving. As opposed to our courses and selling cookies. Fear fear of more science minded kid boy is cast to be a better place for you better fit for even if yours or girl who's more nerve. I as science that's one example. Now to you know to reverse that they can boys join the Girl Scouts are favored ever policy from a certain. I mean look I'm I'm for anybody being who they feel they are totally Hugh BU and then have signed that didn't leave the last bit that this is some like. I'm out I would tell myself when I know I mean. Well I mean I did that first evolved now. Roy if you if this is going on what you have Roscoe. This thing I don't like Girl Scouts all I know is an I've I've had the two nieces that war is not to speak ill will about either organization but your. All I've ever known them to do was sell because of peace and I've never heard them about going on you camping trips or any kind of thing any kind of anything. Very very different badges they do you know different activities and they do different things. Are sort of the same core of our use break. The way they did the organizations still seem to be to me is the names have become sort of misnomer because. It's like. Basin like this 1950s. Pleasantville sort of America. Gender roles being defined as they worry yeah time at the time has passed by not the organizations. Or their mission. But their names. There's all items they the only thing wrong with it is the names of the organizations. And if kids wanting to throw out side in two things. Took care what organization made joint appearances. Hasn't they aren't there has they have activities other than playing video games sitting in the house watching TV. Says they wanted to I mean but then again you don't want everything to be coed in equal you know it it has to be a little different. Because you don't want to have your daughter sleep with a man overnight right right. I mean there are available strands. Sure yeah bush aides said we don't want everything to be well no but I mean we did they only delta because that what else going on now and I'm dead lower. Yeah. I have a best there's a user is say gives you a horse arm demand. Or 2000 dollars a month. Sarah instead of driving a portion paying. A monthly fee of maybe an average price of 600 dollars and be like 7000 year you can pay 2000 dollars a month. And have a course service is called the Porsche passport. Where you get unlimited porsches are on demand should become ports port. Hours. At a passport Porsche passport is portal era. It. And her family and ladies I mean I guess what they're saying is if you if you just worn it for special occasions to show off yes so maybe you want to act tying him. Which is an SUV or are you want a boxer that has just two seeds and it makes sense. You got all any car would just CC says no way you can go from sports cards as she via I guess low low here so you can make the switch from sports car says she's very. Ends may 2000 dollars a month to have. Netflix what are now three years ago Carlos. My name is Reggie Bush is very expensive fancy words mean you had to go give luxury sports cars. From a subscription service men ranked. Hell we share of the wrestling channel. And some people are subscribing to portions. And make I up. AB have disposable income the sort of began and they see they're trying to NN Atlanta which makes sense because it is a pain to find parking. Our enemies and order she just go lever Carson where they've called for no doubt about what if you travel alive he can just take your car back maybe it's a fancy winner. At a car for a week or send me I don't think you can just abandon these cars go for a little my degree and they're going on and haven't come pick up the car. I let you know what they explode misses her call and a lot of clay yeah. I mean there has severely undermine you and I address this car there and be convenient for you if you live in a big city to maybe your trap that. I think it's just the convenience of the show and also not having to pay seven grand a year to do it but just maybe. Two grand and up times. And whenever there are were they have an apparent MH 42 models and you can get access to all 22 for 3000 dollars a month. And you get it for the month or just. A one time. Eileen and I do you basically have a rotating lease where you can swap out these cars different points. But you always have one you you always drive proportions given them three grand a month for. A very flexible sort release where you different cars should be luxury goober like itself from the excel it's like enough. Berg. Too much money are you know Bloomberg luxury where people who have too much money its drive for rumors are doing it anyway right okay well I hit. I just I mean I sometimes like you you you don't want to need jobs also had some kind of I gala event in you know Hyundai no offense they're not remain. I Ayres and if that's what you have to do or private label car service are but it is I mean some weird turn around and Mercedes you probably taken over bookings. Our rob Parker are now they have probably not happen that would be some Mets in a big say that I do well yeah I offered somewhere near the car services and many Hoover excel in my NYC man we'll show opens and there also in Town Car yeah. Off from. He G two I would do for you did if you had a lot of people driving near you you can pick the driver I don't see that option anymore really nice to lag there'd. Yes certain people like you kinda now but I would like deadly atom palette a look at him first and say Dahlia so I have to be smile and ignore the next twenty minutes. Asylum on it at him. I actually talked some were firmer and rumor apparently directs them to try to make conversation. In its first went again. And lawlessness there. And do but if I don't you know it's had its time and if I'm not into the conversation as part pull back then not progressive further. Eric insists that there were in the blue polo shirt doesn't want to sell used the protection plan seven times they made him offer is seven times by. He wouldn't offered to you even warrants but they make him do it like seven different arm. I'm Kate Snow is your price tag is that in mind. That I. Really. Rides guys sports with the apple. We action packed baby clothes off normal. Tonight you'll watch who have pretty good football game and got 241 team's one minute a couple of hours up the road. Eagles at the Panthers between fast CB it's. As soon restore still attitude Camden go play everybody's. Older. The game man these Thursday games usually only in the they do it. We watch Aaliyah once this. As our allies on this amounts taken up by Corzine was excited for us the ammonium. I think on was paying through minus two realist on the checks openly of although man. Might go both ways you Bob points which is weird if a kid hits a gamble. Jerry Jones had a meeting where this team. Last night said the he. Wanted to be the the bad guys missile situation league wide to kind of deflate some of these tents and all of the players. Are you wanna be. The players assume the business side of the situation to what they ought to be meeting. In oh. Sponsors say hold dual ratings. I guess that's why DeVille sentence a vote. We lose some money man but wiser says they're still called beyond. There so he totally said but wait a nice Leo but this is is is you job and some times when a job need. These everything jones'. Remarks here. Rules money. I've had a code made 4 AMA is true the needed aid aid. But the thing is if you don't know if you don't wanna do that job then you have to try and when you morneau fine. And and. You know. Oh heavens now those few what they say in the locker rooms. And they do all this before and that's another situation lawless completely disrespectful because not even out there the army or merit. I was going to solve. It is always going to be serving and as best you just said what the problem is is that it's always going to be something. Even if it isn't any thing we don't make it something and bar we remain. All of us somehow collectively. No matter what they do or don't do. I'm from any group of people were going to take issue with it and make problem out of some crazy as some other good people going to take issue with any thing you do or don't do as a collective. It's bizarre but that's where we are in America right now everything you do or don't do is under constant scrutiny. Exactly Iraq. Any is he'd done Tony years again she's I hate as. Craig boy I think your last us right throughout my apologies now how it's amazing what people can they go for food cordon off. May be the dolphins coach the resign for sorting near white powder yeah. Some people think is most likely campaign. Other coaches in the league your various scared now Andy Reid bony powdered donuts anymore I don't know it earlier I read them off. Couldn't he whatever happened with the girlfriend in question the Vegas dancers doing so meridia or rounds. Puberty in the talk tour. She says it's the coach used her as a cocaine Blatter he has serious drug problem at all. And we her uncensored. Yeah about her evaluated Adolf America snorted off however there or else. She also say these threatened to he threatened her she try to expose them. Shares review moving about and of course shared to depose found a as for how much it's how long something's gotta be up for people you know a minute like literally a minute for people rabbit she's a known hugger. A Vegas dancer that. Flash stripper smile looked a little I only this issue but how Latin male has Tom office he was a hooker he had in the room. They have a relationship with it try to Garrard moved Miami. So I am staying base coach so much better here is my friend it literally all right off the. Yeah that's sort of record it. Always very revered work. Los Angeles international airport in the eighties when there's some for a seven the CIA was born and a astonishment when the CA was flying 740 sevens for Coke from Bolivia Los Angeles in the eighties. Have visited the old days to document they Mozy as they act as though raiders fan what do you do you say Al Davis would handled this. Morning ask you that DNA is reminded me. He was just out of left field just that they don't do that owner that was always wild and crazy and is the Marge Schott of the NFL. I think your bill on the players side here earlier you are pretty good money that he was kinda anti owner's pin now hi you know hang out whether amending go and socialize like the Kraft and Jerry Jones and all of them here you are it's our reporters and producer. Leo we got a couple MMA notes. Notes Jeremy stemming notes or what are their hot during flash. Says it's the job Brock Lesnar would jump back and forth USC WW. A lot of action both lawyers. They are lies in those days are over. Said it's boy he is dismantle or LA is really man around the room from Mercer did your lottery for those remarks from nerves. It's a Lesnar was still under contract would WWE till next August. So the future possible flied immediate futures not gonna happen is say who knows what would have happened I don't count my chickens anymore tell you that. WB didn't want to do that again Saul have the less army was under contract and it doesn't look good for anybody. They don't like can there have a heart attack at any moment Parkersburg that situation we're during the boxing marriage refunds and now. John Jones all the time. You know M dealer McGregor. And I can Miami coach there. A allegedly hit. I don't give a man was it seems like when they counted to have an of slowing US CN after refi it is usually you know it just it doesn't look credible sometimes and then why comes on and he's not impartial. Like discussion one in this Red Sox and as long. There are secured borrowings are about like doing business he's the figure head he's not the decision maker he's this figure head but. When it comes to like big big sponsors and stuff I feel like they wouldn't enjoy him being the guy. Ultimately hurt the credibility as he makes sense wrestling for murdering my son a loose cannon into it becomes all too much I cared. I'm saying are growing in Vegas time for guys like a mafia south kinda almost here. And how it is any cash antenna fighting organization and he got ties somewhere and know you needed. This thing you know the if you've got to promote. I guess fighting irrationally you needn't be I mean I don't know on this so mentality where you gotta be kind of brash yourself as I know he could employ. Some bad assets and could this it better for higher gas available there is these are thank you thank you. Another USC fighter that can be looking to jump ship. Apparently Ron arouses Primoz only WW right button and says here that's a Travis brown may follow no. He won't do as well as you've been listening to grow easily and other dude there is a series huge so glad to rebuild amino com a robot or something. Packages gimmick. The role he meany is his name here if we walk cells and I piece you know you I don't think they're he'll be Travis brown will make him something else. How he'll know they're glad they do with the Daniel Brian he'll be brown Travis back. Like Friday to send the game Daniel Ron yeah is anyone a big one and they wanted to trademark name and now he has them this. They have little six foot seven birdies monster. Are real and there whose huge. Glad he's around try to swim until he went on to you your got a size raw while is gonna have all built tribe is not that good is it. We are in our trainer. Is pretty his knees in the Ghana's side as Xena always glasses in February oh. Indian. Listen list. There is losses last borer east sooner burger ornery look to be harassment. Useful. This will never happen again the salmon is store embody the physical tapes aren't. 23 year old MMA fans slice amateur fighter Brazil. It was. Tribunal flies but couldn't Forte is so outside giving you made brownies try to sell to raise enough money to give ten days ago moving news in Selma. It may he made a few bugs he kept himself non most giving and by the four main events won the fighters struck out. This guy is right around same weight classes have been to say hey I'll replace the guy I don't know how this happens to where they got to him. I guess is walked out there in Seoul on selling sofas and a you know discuss struck up a combo of I don't know how he gets from outside like 58 is this the Zune Brazil so low as let's say who is athletic commission. His name is Louis fully B album. Jurors are you pronounce you know Sinaloa. He's got some training. Are some who time jujitsu but you never fall in an enemy 54 so this is this first one. As a fill in for this may have been immense pro SE one avail. He did when the flies she when he was in his escape for good bit of fought really what happened was ago showing off. And though Lewis got a minute triangle choke hold of his legs wrapped around his neck tapped them won the fight. No they won't say how much money meant so we stepped in won five that's not even storage and watts that's not the brownies were pot brownies they arrested to have been. There were there are there was some video or they're when he was showing off pages deck he wasn't didn't like too cocky. He just got a little careless and our caulk is what happened heated nice to our show about your local way he was still trying to punch but he get careless and they're called the triangle. Why after all Lewis fully. Any jokes are now valued arrogance and Euro Petraeus Tutsis. That would never happen again this is amazing how you do a pick ago ball streets that should be the advance. OK everybody goes to well. And the fight is you pick somebody from outside USC fight somebody else that's the car you. Look at these seat if there's compare boxing gloves and they're given their brains yeah. If there's some key either you or your car yeah that's perfect. Now the bush felons or a sportsman's you're listening to the rest that's going to show. It's it's for another 93 minute rest latched over 93 minutes drag. Many 3.3 have planet I'm the.