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Nine brings up a dueling neighbor story that gets us talking about exotic animals: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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The radio dot com yeah. Sexual. Although rise guys morning chill out. Your fellow IAM have you America I want my son and so like Ellis and then all of their rallying them when I'm driving into words reflect creators did you. Sure let you to rise guys morning. The thief. And the teaching fifth. Number actually. Susan knew Sloan knows Steve Earl alone. Will lose. Question you never going to be before and now or Moses wants. There was newer. Glasser rockers or is it really. Thanks. Doesn't it is all knew it before is it's Steve Earl little under the Christmas song. Orbiter and I think in the same line murdered sister brought home a Mexican boyfriend or something. I would do occur and now. I'm on a lack. Matrimony. Catch the copper had erode our counter area. Mine. He or did this for rejoin sizes and also songwriter in order imply. His I want to remind myself of something assault that was just. It's better at a guy and this over a week ago this was her first of the month. And we are all. Gary Texas. Had a disagreement with his neighbor and live in the our campers next to each other on an army Barca think hard. I'm so what does he do when he has his agreement was his neighbor. He tries to break climbed well. After they argue that it more or his neighbor sees him leaving his camper. Invite the neighbors season leaving his own hampered argument that the guys leaving the neighbor's camper in the neighbors coming holding her. Why are you in my house the progression and the guy says oh you'll see our. So gaga isn't there looks around. He finds a three foot rattlesnake sit there where else in the world no way and the thing is. The rattled risen off the state. His neighbor found a rattlesnake somewhere in Texas governor bush. Bit rattles off details and then turn it loose inside his neighbor's camper so they wouldn't be rattling and my bike to get. You are rattlesnakes or ebitda tail off and turned it loose in the camper however had a hissy fit ha ha but there's all right then I killed it was a machinery. Lord. Guys are it is has got his you knows you could practically is asked bill all that well today. I do it by somebody to. I didn't know did you get by the rattles off she can't and rentals or does it will be fine or they likable but did you have a snake round. Probably him. I'll warn. Renewable. Wow in the investment world it was a thing there was some guy and it died here recently heaves in this the state. South Carolina via. His name was the same man ball carrier and it was he had to mobile home any held is black market snake from the LaSalle and hope. Hey I thought at first your reverence then guy got a bit in this Ashley river whatever rather I think we rattlesnake a multitude now laughs Soledad I don't mean I learned things he's probably lives overseas buyers he's got him what to pick us think about the alarm or kayak in America. There was a rattlesnake and have been among the Hamburg return. Diane wow wee bit from Aaron Anderson. This guy right here was like hey international wildlife dealer but on the black market owner of and or black marker of the dark what do. Same for silk road snake pilgrim gone on his computer they they've found emails from mysterious wildlife brokers. As well as 76000. Dollars that was the proceeds of selling. Illegal snakes and totals. John's. First bought another market for those. I mean if there ever such things at three Peter Billy good you know repeatedly. On the ground yeah. Seeing if there's are on the endangered list of people to eat turtles in different places. A murderer and Earl. I'd say a guy now here's the article this is in spades this again stated South Carolina but here come. Reptiles including dangerous snakes in rare turtles Austin saw as food. Or exotic pets in the main concerns but stayed investigators are also worried about disease carrying hogs and deer. And black bear part Sarah such as palsy gall bladders and command top dollar on the open air market. People pay a lot of money for a good gall bladders of blackbird YZ cure cancer. Don't avoid this is busy it is who bares all wire but I will say this. We need much tougher penalties for people pensioners and stuff them we have been in America anchor we need much much stiffer penalties because of the if the penalty was stiff enough that would discourage people from doing that criminally do aircraft. Bear gall bladders are used in traditional medicines to treat a variety of illnesses including high fever. Liver disease convulsions heart disease. And diabetes. Jeff did. Yeah air all blacks aren't you both go to prison for brokerages are a bad. Can I have added his dad brother and our man broke in your first. Yes so today they're selling the good lord. Wow this is this is crazy. Here this that's about I mean that's a good. Big conservatives are approaching the burners instructors you have to sort out just to show in California man Ali had it right shaft the people who are here for White House and Cambodia and they post Blake any anything that losing breeds. And then speaking off the record said he's a former. Wildlife dealer. In a single year he reportedly made a 100000 dollars selling turtles and snakes in South Carolina law under the table. Cool. Of him alone. Can honestly Susie salary I don't know isn't it doesn't say. I just don't just get his hands orders you know did they did the venomous snakes from Africa or Australia becomes hard to get him here. It out very don't rattlesnakes and copper reservoir remarks in the war. Unlike many states it's legal South Carolina to buy and sell venomous cobras and and wildlife show pro care. And congress some media are here. But it really is like a big trade off because in some states it's legal others is even in some countries like they're saying that it's legal in Asia. To buy a camel but not a turtle. What you want just the time. A it's it's and it's legal for a handful of people I'll call. You know the big thing in Asia is. Harvesting rare baby Eagles that Fitch 2000 pounds 2000 dollars per pound on the open market. Well it's excellent. It's gonna be like some kind of delicacy I'm in order burger now some rare baby eels. I don't not going to be something with the electricity write something they do for you. I don't know but it's. I mean did you people are great and they did there's laws for the stuff people say why how come he can go if he used to have a fishing license agreement bid makes perfect sense. In China there is a bowl of soup that will cost you three or 400 dollars he would tiger paid a suit. Tiger penis soup is three or 400 dollars per ball in the senate apparently it's supposed to just make you the most virile man on earth for idealism for a bit. Wealthy people in parts of Asia Britain 34 dollars a bowl just for just formal suit. Out what if you buy one of those fish these did skin off your feeders ball. Step I do you feel it in your foot in the tank. Yeah you do and then bared their their mouse are so small that they can't puncture the skin they can only to dead skin them. I'd go around here and be that surprised hagel as much favor works. Mary. Had me sad that here's the question does anybody have any reason anybody needs. A venomous cobras and in South Carolina. I give you rattlesnake or comprehend because you can find him here but these other lawyers go from other content abstain from hero you don't need them here. For her. Science purposes for anti venom is. Syria and I heard yeah yeah we shouldn't eat cobra. The only ones usually lose now in a lot of these people now have the sticker the proper sticker on your door that says that you have a venomous snake in science and the authorities when they come to your house or knock enemy in danger of I'm getting. Bill nice and kind of pit viper something. Uranus crack down South Carolina and our thing words okay you have cobras yes. If you get if you're dumb ass with a covering you get be get your dumb as a bit by your cobra. There are flight to Miami Florida to get anti venom I remember it years ago a dude in Greenwood got bit by his pet cobra. The fly his ass to Miami to get anti venom from October but that was the closest place to get it was Miami Clark jewel of their empire little. Wow man so early you can overseer but we don't have any well hey did you get bit by it. And they find you in time with them and to fly into Florida. This article again the solid state newspaper it says depending on the species of snapping turtles a single turtle can fetch upwards of 101000 dollars on the black market in Asia. We're here. I'm here. You've worked so those photographs. Injectable Thelma and Louise this place and just leave with all the turtles in the good to make you think why if you were so afraid of sharks. You see all the teeth in the gift shop. It's to be more afraid of people did. Single turtle came 101000 dollars while a rattlesnake from South Carolina and may sell for only fifty dollars in state can go as much for 200 in New York. Yeah because if you really all when he goes final in some kind of platform. My guide and imagine there about ten dollars a pop in Florida. Ten bucks they're probably going to talk about can I get one of those. Yes there's Christmas. They're gall bladders are 3000 dollars by the way just looked it up and China too eager and importer of the where do I'm not sure the laws on alligators and crocodiles and caimans and stuff from what you can have and can't have some of them are protected yeah. I had to get the tags. If you don't attack you have no business following alligators under par on the beach and a joke Arab. You are mango and relatively little lime and some others black mayor all our came anger goes up. Young men Howard Dean did very well yourself. I'm gonna and thank you get past but so random man used to current black bears to their gall bladders and Asians. In the Chinese 'cause they like it is so committing harm yet been making absolutely yeah it can now. They pay top dollar swore an average Hollywood themselves. I used other irons personally. I didn't have an agent and in news that process could sort. But he's pop's estate please take. It didn't mind this is southern Illinois senator will you be careful out there aren't due out there RC. Only the mayor's salon. You know that up into the seventy's you can hug Bayern South Carolina. Now. Let's bring whatever laws against bonds felt that we damn near killed all of and we had to make walls and is on the hill like bison and alligators for one down right there isn't much alligators in Louisiana and Florida Melbourne. We we were hunt and then towards extinction too so we had to make it so there are seasons four and only so many tags etc. so we didn't kill all alligators. It's South Carolina has a coastal bear hunting season in Myrtle Beach Boca. The beach leave them alone my gosh I can't bears can't right and may even go on vacation next thing you know you stick them at a pizza restaurant and is that there and it. Indentured servants for kids birthday party and dance they give these frogs secure. Secure bronchitis and breathing problems. Whose civilian breed runs troops complain too soft for a good results. Or no incidents. Oh man oh man well. This gases. So longs for the days of pollen in her friend's pickup truck and going through the woods and go hunting and gathering your fair yeah there is days ago well. This also might I don't Sallyann. Singer this the other day about how it's fun to go efficient right now and if you wouldn't finish until I catch fish to eat. Are you spend more money on the fishing trip that you would spend just going to the grocery store minds of frozen fish. Yes you are. You are going to spend more money on Fisher crap and Nolan away and then you would ever ever that you would possibly been ordered by like five barrels presenters distort and now. Meanwhile fish and why did fish the frozen fish nearby and I came from Asia there. The rights of those at least if you shoot a big bigger ruled it you've paid for a rifle and where is worth me. I. I have a bear pick and I always hear about these pigs chickens and a bear Pickens my lord of the page come down. We're going to be some who's next. Has some some and tiger penis soup at their nothing's going to be flowing perfectly. More right after this is the right. This. Rise guys morning show. He just said boy 93 play great player. Planet rock. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're big goal who well link him car dash cam Patterson is to Graham picture people listen. People techno people listen those pictures Harmon is known her message and according to this she posted a picture of herself. With a camera and pineapple juice. Hyping the benefits of pineapple juice. And she asked her followers to Google the benefits of the send use. And you know the benefits are obviously for vitamin saint. And also make you smell that well yeah ericsson's share alluded to that point. That sounds it can help with your vaginal health and the odor. OK not to be Grossman. We our I wouldn't say an odor that just more and they just they wonderful Schrager smell a Vinny time. I would go to my arm this is not like pineapple jays are those horrible. My nose. Well. And back in the day Kim and her sister and they they tested the theory on their reality show Kim and Kourtney take Miami. It is is this great new information people goes under this for like twenty years easily veolia. I had a spare us last night semi yearn will wreak later sulfur. Well so you are which he basically our drinks. It's an ounce bag and now I'm thousand Moscow barrel on Saturday. It's gonna. And backgammon out that the and then the theory is he dead main page or anything like this ever. I mean if you want an island hammock and weaken as bettered him Amy detox and smell banner if you had another problem but. If you do have some sort of problem not a doctor first at bat. A question I don't know if it's radio friendly I mean it's it's friendly for me but I know some people mandala Douglas is how is it like this. If that's what that's for and that's what she says is for. If a woman smokes a lot of cigarettes. Malia yeah. Really were those. I don't know about that situation and admirers. Know your own okay Murrow and that's going to be grows animals they don't liquor and again drink a lot of liquor. Now I can also parents are done. So any kind of g.s can help beyond I mean and we think pineapple would be the best moment because it does have a again around knocked him maybe not clam Jesus couples. Got some office cranberry juice is helpful to you. I heard Kim is the good thing because she's trying to encourage pavement there's something very healthy for them. But she found an angle on which to get them to actually do it because that's the angle to get people to do things. Yeah and then you know posting in a bathing suit with a can't miss is kind of sexy feel people are gonna pay attention to act. While allied ally and it is our opinion a lot. Why not why. Pay twenty edit certain hood if you and I we're going out this weekend would be something you had me drink. Water water a lot of water it okay. Now we're going to get him concert featuring fresh us tequila that we general reeled into getting us you know on the third and I'm on the on the floor Jeanette and support. They some of those pummel. Therein if you are if you earned or help. Yes that's it fifth. Think it might well not do that sort of thing right okay now just make sure. Anybody complain I think if you've had complaints about something well I have duct tape on him well this is not allowed to men aren't. Kids seek a professional. And an inconvenient you have a problem soon have to deal with and while there's no mystery that has been unearthed a mysterious giant sarcophagus. Is discovered in. And egyptians there I guess the average height. Be around five different something. World right here on now because the average height of people all of the world has gone up. Four to six inches in the last hundred odd years and so are you got to think this thing was some time BC yeah these people were tiny Baghdad. What does that allow bigs the sarcophagus. Round exit a sarcophagus or sarcophagus. As say six but sarcophagus. Which is about eight point seven feet long and five point four feet wide. Is the largest. To be found and Alexandria. In Egypt so now on the scientists there are you know they're gonna study to see. Who belong to you and then they have to have a lot of archaeologist different scientists to determine. Their on an accountant. To be complete agreement on where this came from. Who belong to rent there's also nice as stats you found my way in and we just isn't a man or woman. One does not face on biased but I sand their jobs if this person is. Six foot tall and it's Mormon she's one academic giant. But like who you know here's the thing and when I say this to certain people may roll their rise. We there used to be giants in this world. Well here's the question if you have a little wider and AM your time liberals are obviously. Why would you have a certain Robert is that what you would not put me in the casket Belfort and Shaquille O'Neal. You just went right into the shorter fatter we're. This has got to be one of those giants and for Disney's all that's bull crap OK you regroup. And Skaggs or really mean person. I am giant goes into its call for a minute and I can't argue that because the only thing that makes any sense is that someone who are urged would be in all our. Box yup. Giant has them I mean that's probably not into modern times will write them and in any any kind of. In us. This session of the ancient egyptians were about five foot hell yeah for that we are hurt and powerfully to this is a big yeah there's a large person like twice the size of the average Egyptian damn near. This. This Tim dates back to that Tomei period which was between. 305 BC in thirty BC. Analyst I covered in the city of Alexandria. Said the doctor posted this on faced that of course is really exciting team and you know it's gonna take years for and then to an agreement at Fontana and. Yeah the zionists it's got to be put through all kind of political filters and and will never really regardless if you want to students via. I like the rest of the Bible but what is it over the revelations there's more. Actors Bible to whom are much about it is Egypt and the ninth most powerful military force on earth walls of snow. You know what I flashback to this and if he grew up in Baptist churches in the south is Sunday school and all that I ever remember him not just one but several preachers saying. In in the end times there will be new. Pieces of information found and it will be blasphemous. And it will be you know fake and it will be stuff that man has made in they'll try to say it was just. Have you not that. Eight NB. You know yes a look at yourself. Like if some guy came forward now says I am the son of gotten and blah blah and I'm gonna go and he'll analyst at. We have to die in an insane asylum. Even he's even people we do know it's got black magic whatever it may hit the TV sure. Yeah that you like so. This is good tough days and times and all that stuff I mean obviously. Stuff changes hell America has changed in the past five years but. There were giants Baghdad it's in every part of every world literature that there were giants and and I must say and that they went back to another planet I think it has died off. Better support for what an R&R pitches so. I think it happened somewhere along the lines there were some very large people roaming around in this time there's. As a giant sarcophagus to go with possibly very large person who is coolest things. It's been open since it was put there over 2000 years ago passed. Liable I pay per view that. You know luckily try to you know. Roll Lou announced turn now what's that. Al Capone vault completely empty. They found big holes and big scholes and big and then some stuff from. The reason I would say about the blast some misinformation chairman is it. Archaeology. Are already begun. Finding things that they did not like yeah and it may be would prove other things to not be valid and yet there was so little we start digging up all these damn dinosaur read only Democrat to. And if there's a society of rally large people and amazonian people really do axis. There is so close friend of mine that believes that a lot of dinosaur bones are giant bones. Does it dam Plano road Atlanta this like it was a real placed a yeah so I mean that's that's ahead at mile homer. A lot of well known very real historical people wrote about Atlantis like it was real place along these things. People seem no way back when you only thing about a movement is so I don't know about it I'm going to assume it was somewhere. And a lot of insurance a man that some of the societies and and the UK your seen a lot of the crops are not necessarily but. Archaeologists are funny things because in fields and because it's so dry things are being exposed any merit because there's no rain there we haven't heat wave across the world. Talk America still got a lot of uncovered stuff. I'd even go on the Internet and see where they're supposedly like. Big huge burial mounds in America. There's this one called snake killed atlas like a snake the goes through and then there is. Misty at the other big thing about. I don't think of the Grand Canyon in a base easily found all those. Sarcophagus is because you be home moral in there and then. Suddenly dismissed Sony comes in and takes over and you don't hear about any of those great things that they. And you you know look at the volcano prison. Hurricanes and things it can wipe the society and the minute vehement. Finally sings because it could be buried and then and it can't be revealed because another act of nature. There's so much stuff we have found that I did earlier this year in Guatemala they found huge very very large. Mayan city with pyramids and stuff is in the jumble of Guatemala and all over Roman jungle for hundreds years bit. They just started it was a very large fairly advanced city and you've seen the pyramids in China. Yeah I have I have seen pyramids and shot. They get they they put they put they started growing in foliage over them yeah that from the satellite images can see it's entirely absent Jeremy it. Let's throw pizza in there all over the world. Yeah I mean there were pyramids on multiple continents Alaska. Not all the same design but all basically cleared. Sad to get news this morning as the final boy reason they're soccer content and rescued and that. Haven Thailand no more field trips now Umar field trips and not on the mile borrowers out of McCain now. Did he get to use the U almost submarines even though yeah. Yeah you're in these. Yeah menace. Is okay now. And some news work tunnel rises amid this talented is with an Oprah quicken your approach you know. I still don't know what he's doing. I don't either ultra arrested on orders I don't wanna trusted and ask all the magnetic loops and not just that the day the underground stuff he's doing. IIID. It's just weird or businesses you know fund in space was Omani. This is also funding old underwater drilling they're doing with all these fiberoptic score and report. It's all him and bays has access to alternates. You think is all of his clouds now and it says you listen to me. Like not scary. Yeah. And I. Sorry you are Cairo where he thought the box was gonna be mounted on the ball. And they hear you talking in question on the TV news. He was half right the thing is a rush is still trying to bring your slave to your eye opener and if they can do it he can. Use your TV. Like a computer with a camera and inspiring you to your televisions that that the Indian channel. Push your webcam on your TV you know but if they had some kind of device where maybe through. Amazon person in here using a different. Despite only tournament television because the only time they were note I'm doing is two or three hours a day loans and on the couch. They have no idea where I am what's up. Please I don't think so let's say in the matter I. I mean is it mural governments and they see everything has gone on Richard ailing and you know that's where your whole family and. You know I see that like I'm still a big fan of watching America's Funniest Home Videos each week and I am seeing people wave video cameras in their home life in the living room or in the kitchen. Innocent happened grandma falls over her usual live they cameras like but why is everybody have the inside their home videos can win their iron. And again I wonder about him into that parents are in these. Spent I. Well 1900 and any length isn't as your as guys and minds. Iraq written word I 93 minute grab. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. How was so funny. Rise guys morning show good morning GA it is 954 figured everybody called the text FaceBook it's a grand. Snaps any of those things we appreciate it. I don't forget to get today's podcast go to the rise guys dot com I tune into Google player anywhere you find. Podcasts look for us subscribe. And be apart. The movements. The move is part of the movement are our quarterback threw me a minute ago. The bowel movement now I tomorrow as he missed today's truth or consequences will give better read premiere tomorrow. As well as a brand new nine's best damn audio. And more tickets to bush which we have right now. Lies he has no one. Good golf but there are a year. When beepers and and that's how we should know bush game. We've been foreign. What was one of those drag names for Matthew this board one of the drag names I was though and and Matthew this morning. Just X one of those to the Carolina babe mil dot Comtex line at 72341. That's 72341. We'll take an army third correct answer when digs to gussy Busch gladly chaired our. The terrorist Cherokee casino Rogers Cherokee casino do you imagine that Paris church he'd seen her. Shrine. Page where you rock them or next on all day Nash tried fat waste. Well look I'm not allowed to six thank you so much for listening and voting for us and spread the word we do appreciate it. And extreme gratitude for use that he would think you'd. Untouched as a guy. Found out yeah. You're just a little flash yeah. But he three point trail left.