Wednesday, April 19th

Headlines: Nine had a realization about his relationship that's pretty funny: Some of the street names around here really should be changed


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel they're nice guys doing chest. 3.3 dollars. Right guys headlines with a neat. I guess headline plus tonight at Sacramento state armory love a woman destroys her boyfriend's truck why. When he needed her cheated owner I don't know the man man he's well H 45 year old woman named. Hariri Corwin. And you tell Florida was drinking the board for NN Saturday. When he did the unthinkable. Save. What is the end I think you'll be able. And it changes from what is it called a fat I'll partner who. Is she asked if they have certain bridges made her look that way aren't as she set him up to fail. Yeah I imagine he just called her fat so you know it even if you say something new set amok you don't say yes they're fat ever. Well no more would you Mercer user unless you wanna you know a beat down and that's exactly what happened. So fat shaming. Bad for a domestic Obama's answer no neither are good. Well yeah. We and it's true because ready for his arteries in the punch and know there's a real crime called me Brad and I push and loud rally go to jail after a veto entered. Was she grabbed a tire iron. Own and smash spent helped. Out of its truck. It's a shoe strings about backing a you go for man's truck that means business. Has tried SA no way to a man's heart is through his truck a subscriber. I'm getting married truth is that. And by the time the cops got there the truck smashed and she was arrested for criminal mischief that we're gonna truck please tell me. I don't say dozens are we do have audio that. So. No way I imagine a pickup truck Madison line are without yeah I imagine a newly I try to read. To me. Mean I saw the biggest duly ever yesterday there's like no we sure did man as they were zero RBB date eliminates key tape yeah. The message not only. You know in my oil what comes after Billy Jeff. And auditing. I really don't know what comes days or eight days a truly truly truly very. This one had six tires on the back I don't know how and it was jacked up to you don't and it was an I had that weird liked. Does that dual lease Bullard they put on the recruits. Ran a bad thing today and nothing that should be there Lusaka. I have pot but it's a little are dismayed at stainless steel I guess it makes it more or dynamic now are what else makes it Arab dynamic is getting one this regular sized. I would move forward and six as few he's earning what is that anecdotally it's a mayor in that I don't know what you ought to for a 650 chance now. I wanna I wanna truly. They should get one after a car that truck appear during such. Well here's another story and they giant corporation Macon a faux pas I'm saying something stupid on the Internet again. This time it was indeed it is apologizing for sending an email saying can read it's you survive the Boston Marathon. Albright and does that happen yet. Yeah it is Monday I'm sorry. I don't I don't keep that marathons limited notch yeah and I know harder although I am competing in my first one. What this is no bit it's in Charleston on my birthday. Out of Tony it or don't you read your river. If you re really not enough and you're what do I think and group whatever the river as well as I want and I was battery. This went to pass and it cell walker and a fun. This will be caught a good beginners to miss me on the novice and begin a shaman knows by stir it sure you say you're competing in America are your arm our shooting guards in the bathroom for gas station hello I have every day and this couldn't finish. OK OK as did did you should come soon enough. We're where it. I'm cinema in sexually in the in this hotel Carlyle. Apparently for good luck or is America. Charles burger. Socket. There was Columbia mare had a reason to run there. Oh yeah Mac-Gray ball every down rabbinical earlier our starter rent somebody would start chasing me down so perhaps in and the folks with the data stay warm. China being meaner and saying they just forgot what happened both Rafael. Please look. You don't hear the words Boston Marathon and not think that terrorists on nine you don't think of the actual race now I. I don't I mean maybe bush may be semi mid down there when you're sick colonies in your years. He's very dew and AM running she's. Wherever proverbs. For teachers isn't it called the ones with the terrorists. Glassman the site there where much of gloves on their feet favorite. EE ninety year you may think held the race but when I hear Boston Marathon. I'm. You know product in my environment I think bonds I think crock pots down the here are three faults amount by his right hookers and pressure cookers when a rice cooker that's a pressing her. Rice burner is says carpet fashion fears here. Thank you wound. And is main things lowers the body of the email by using the Boston strong phrase that was created in the aftermath of the bombing trial yet. You're Boston's strong password racecar and then with us this people instantly started criticizing them on social media and they quickly email that an apology quote. We are incredibly sorry or very apologize. Clearly is there was no thought given today insensitive email subject line. Now now don't need it could have been worse you know you know as a tragedy is not a holiday so don't let you know don't capitalize on something we're. Or think you brag and they still do the maritimes they canceled the marathon from now long. And they still do it and now he celebrated. His right. They veto this thing from a marketing standpoint. If they really wanted to put their message out there they would have shown as seen from the marathon run three guys coming up on the finish line. One alms where and Saucony East Europe one's wearing Nike when Brandon Davis you know. Bombs going off from the Bagram. Began indeed this is first place. Irony here princess today. Outlined terrorism I Davis all right and also where there's your lyrics we aren't here and there are so plus holiday you dream about set. Think. Well how about this a former guest of our show was hospitalized with severe indigestion. Long way way back home knowing what was that Charlie Daniels down seems looking good picked. Richmond. It was aren't you know always closer Bobby Allison. Richard Simmons. Are lower your hole man is hospitalized for indigestion for severe indigestion. And share my stomach can't. And baby I mean here. John did all these this OK payrolls. Hey kid get in terms of ours and let every heart attack. Started kid anywhere okay according to his rabbit doesn't excuse me he was battling. Severe indigestion. And discomfort while eating. But he's expected to make I. Having that Larry I have discovered leading some times you step over our. How well I Al Al Burke and his literally make more random Earl Wilson I'm says sorry February Vannatter mayor Harris had asked that sometimes his party are details he's in you know because some time did just that on his shoulders in the towel in right now eyes and his bottom toll stated yeah. Oh boy sorry I mean look on page Nazir has been ten years. Just saw the rise guys morning shell 93 point three the planet will drop. Jackie Jackie do. It's. CNN news. CNN today. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay okay. US yeah it is that is the bad Lou and is the best so long to. Yeah he's singing. Is none none. Sold Mobley tyrant. Did you really. Did you went past its hey it. Our and so you know Sonny is. You know February and said hey owners rejoined Smart way of Judy judge Jackie but don't worry. I have it every year I'll play. That your talent in nine out there I'm sorry our need for a bad idea since I had Jackie. But stars and Abdel more elderly. So all of a sudden I look if I have always liked. You have that many hits. Often hear the stuff good job Campbell I appreciate how lucky this job I said Marcel I know England and near the muscles. Aren't that has that in united channel twelve. There are you just now. Sir Colin brokered on the subject of bush contract process and the Mayo Syria. Suggs America. There's nobody west. No way as career. It was a mixed irascible but I saw him out there and a president saw him around there I mean that. Silence and arms are the regulatory and I never spoke to him now that's all I I'll want a close friend that. As you present pay you four days later on the on the radio show we had these exit easier. From a distance. And there they are so many inspired a fault in me. Does the thought he was zero point H and jazz means he's on he's Bill Cosby down. On that chair used here and there are handed ace on a gets America reader presume you know I'll answer them Bill Cosby did not many like he doesn't date rate girl now known of his name's Bill Cosby do their examiners as his treason anymore. It is as their media is the energies and ends are in my organ and reduce our afloat and now for TV and all that. Is this flaw and I don't I mean the technical stuff what is a floating mounts or why aren't you and stuff. Is that where you put the you lose your swing or. Well import OK some like that broad. The only dozens leveling mechanism. So here is another example PW board Clinton entertainment centers together. That they take pictures that to me. They are not something is a couple years and there but it may need to be talked about on the air because it's seven dual do you some good man. And so you do a lot of people some good only shot places where they will put the stuff together for you for small fee and sir we are after the house who have moved into the new place to get a new TV stand. And now I wouldn't be standing here right and they went and a scanner a floating shelf and it. Where you put your boxes and modems routers your Xbox as they are floating shelf no. So I'm putting it together and I want to open a couple places on backwards at take him back off from put back on the right way. And and do this why. Are my fiance is there and she's not my girlfriend at that point. And this is really learned that. She's really really oppose. My lawyer sent a bulletin is recent. Now it happens all the time eight got me thinking about that now ordered it to show why don't matter what happens all the time this crazy Lama York's. We have one bit. I have to go through life just living with the knowledge that. If we ever get a desk or at table or any thing you have to assemble. Any thing you have to assemble I can do it put a puzzle on the outside and she'll put it together I can do just fine but I have a strong winds and say good. The knowledge base if she put it together. She would do a lot better and a lot faster a lot more efficiently and I want and it would work but yes it will work rented the only open page Darwin opened. And the deal would bet that that fact because they give you million instructions sounded if you really good pulse. Lasagna just aren't together rice IC mu let's say like Jeff 500 piece puzzle hollows and ten months couple are there are going to be. Probably give him a couple of hours I as Madonna of the attention span. For two yards a proposal together then nor do I find it it stimulating and thinking completed a lot of dissent until tonight and on I don't need. And says you know yeah. Course I got a cracker rare why do you always play the the end we'll think lunar Keeneland and not a game plan their attacks are of course if I get down the wind two weeks ago. Take a picture that nobody believes me attitude. I assume where I got one course is passed we can get for that come in a mayor ray news then. Are your mom did trigger a emerged that's gonna. I'm. I'm supposed to do this view of all people dusting my mechanic guy like that's that's my bit like I'm the guy you can't put stuff together and aspect. You've been the got hired there it we still I guess but here the guys come over and you put together material for me. I can do I can do these things just fine yeah. I guess don't know him as good as she knows well how callers I'm tired that you should she's better than many energy issue my has so. Put things together sometime they don't work properly and I background that an iron was never put on Sarah never lit right here there hasn't done. And Matt's career. I am I crazy etc. I said. The wheels are down in the ground now but I plan on moving in the sky and don't go in the house and senate does include whether they wondered how. And since you should always take these instructions away from me read in first and then. When you go to sleep reassemble it. Dad he usually yeah. Well obviously offer out of myself and that is a big man stuff that's an. And as he put it to get the right way when I'm outlook and indeed she did she know a girl playing tetris. She attached here as. It's good puzzles and stuff like there agree and put things together anything us insane again and I'm not a dollar Lego Batman sets still in the back tomorrow forerunner of that and put together yet. And it is great for children to resemble yes. While I'd ask your fiance said he really didn't and ever brought an honorable thing and sure I don't know maybe I don't know I mean she plays. And notably let us not playing with legacies piecing together parts and how crazy is this. She is some kind of puzzle guru. And you played one in the movie now and I was really worried that she would find out wasn't really good at that that was a work for the movement. And it's your be disappointed brother Nicholas award the Russian kid really won the error and argue that every rescue formerly known under the stickers off I didn't accept them off in AG in new when you put him back on Selig I wanna lose a war Cheney gets get that it is Lin stuff all MS Vicki and then they sold the one that was that was black and then it would come with stickers in you can just arrange it as though he had a gun and someone on just about one and don't. Screwed up the secret is back to wonder screw up that no I haven't seen it now how anybody can really be with us and to really love what you wouldn't sit together yeah I really didn't you can go right. Now and bush is in the back I can't. Look I am gonna say it again. In the end and people try to tell me that I have Asperger's. I chuckle when I hear that. It's not asked burgers Asperger's has hurt him. Asked her loans went so I can't look at directions. And translate that. To action and it is not laziness I got. Work ethic I can't get up and go under cramp when he put together sometimes make dammit if I can't exist at all. 88 I feel like pressure closed down in my hand you have just putting together I do anything this is our ride or anything that you know things just put together like me should bookshelf for whatever. Now I have that's why part of the reason why I say you support that the local wood workers and stuff it's because you don't put their crap together there is already done he's gotten back you know I can't test the full of Legos via you put them together and got a little figuring you was how open that sucker related all out and do you have panic attack lawyer to guide. I don't know what is that do I don't know man. I now know again to have. Eighty Z of course smug and you don't know what which comment announcement of a common. Don't let the trees are so many underdogs say that is a joke please bring your overwhelmed bottle here as well I am overwhelmed. It is hidden value lots of who just don't like being told what to do it here so it isn't a turnaround model Irene instructions. I don't have any interest in the coming out 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle and piece them all together. I don't have eighty attention span and be much desire to disown my pants are different proposals and things remain. Are you being caught a chauvinist pig. I am and say it doesn't understand it. You know I fielded the need to do man stuff to put this stuff together but my guess is much better than me aren't yet they were gonna get killed us on that would air carrier makes human and we got grass oysters and America. In May it was real hard and we don't all day Friday and Saturday to lead in Florida. So we don't address on Sunday not good enough that the umbrella for the patio tables. Shareware and yes are on the grass to get the umbrella. Put up. She's already done three quarters of the are all to do is back. You know really good stuff yeah she's good as which UN sirens. Yes yes easily as you get that. Our guys are just not seen in this game maybe should focus on what you're ad in Internet and at the day is our bureau we have things together and you know argue that point for sure and you don't get frustrated. First trading I. I enjoy I'm restaurant. So I was loaded I went and then things he's always played there two Linda helping hand and tell me is very big news in in the four yeah. Hey you get a lot of people are is Dan but after I don't be stupid if I'm sitting here right. I'm frustrated because I can put this desk together but here's someone who's better at than me. I army Subaru is from a basketball team right. I'm pretty good basketball. But LeBron is on the team now I'm gonna be mad about that yeah where are we happy to have LeBron is my teammates. Jesse yes LeBron Bronx so do you still get to find something that maybe you're better at that they Beers and SM a semi game not gonna whip her ass I'm not any insecurity about this and pushing it means sets. Yeah are you not a word about pollution spiders while nominal and when that prevents. Straddles the one thing and that's our board do know one thing that I have bigger ever mortgage leads me and does it it's easily and you land known as soon as is like hey that may or may CNN that while it. She's colleges and narrowing your readers I don't how. How long it could change like when you do a monopoly stuff you doing I'm guessing you don't do their own hidden. You anti apartheid song play. Battleships you leave me. Celsius we battleship wonder if you want you games of chance that's very competitive does not that's a games like hey you got two days to keel. Let's play battleship hero. We liked it. The worst in human tendency when I know you could be her hand what what do you what is your booze like white. When you're. That it asked if you're in India there talent journalist hundred pounds guess what she cannot she is a chance it can do an exit its. She can start a small business on the side rail. I assimilating. Well. Especially around Christmas time did your little elf costume she goes or people's houses into a script together. Do yeah. Yeah. It's Esther Esther ruin their presidencies. Oh lets for an hour and a lions to their now. You have to get you get a swings that he can put it together they're seeing it brings another. Apple and it's great idea nobody's ever done by about rock and sock on you need leader in that. How your reflexes. I. You wrestle her what you do mostly slept late Lorca put on her pants funny sometimes you know arm wrestle order of the dolls ever foot race hurt in the Olympics in my you engine didn't offensive I don't know impairment are the balls all morning and it's there are sometimes use mass. Seller half. It's beauty super backup gentler Jerry bench had to raise your good exerting their wrestling buddies you don't don't forget star guard yeah it was important do you do that Sarah Emanuel might be fake kicks like you're slips out. They usually done he's not. Gigot is under them. I am now on what went. What about LG people are sending gains the hit hit hunger hunger can you be here in that we are in play every play is play it you're thinking dire need to reactions. They do they do reflect who we played sound. And I went right. Did play enhanced my game no known by. She went. And arguably did land game I don't know what are done in years man god every year and now page no hand side game. Now. Mean I mean I guess you can't please thinking am I know you don't in my brain. Each had chance. And then eat in a slight simply don't know. Don't isn't Macedonian. Orders as a quiet kid at hidden man trying to fight each other. Here's where we get to competitor always serves every general in the hands lose we'll get her I know I would miss tonight. This spring assortment of forms and Lucy you have shot or an Indian mirnyi has a right and didn't bag in that run them to show you ma'am are you that were hurt him. A bad idea that I don't want to wonder where you know I saw somebody else. I think this is done I know this is old and I remember watching a Sony bombs world people do and slap fights again and like you know. Redneck city and moved on from beer pong in the wouldn't see anything the we sort of thing you're Rivera everybody well Heston says corn off. And they know passe now let's stand in front of each other page and have a slap off like hard slap in the face and. Blame it tells it but it's. It's ridiculous and everybody stand there with their phone and this fight and lose the draft is there's gotta be that guy every party. They'll go opened just take one run saves and a hell out of each other off you know there are you ready. We eager putting everything marine office and how we'll tell you that compared more child to go home. By the way did minus had this energy shot. Please let me announced a long one. In daylight savings time whatever question. All right all right senators and let's too slow for just Roger drained and assumed all the time on the you're on top here on the bottom travel here. Are his own loans are reminding him to go off. But I've played a thing where you kind of start tapped ended today you try your hair trigger and I threw my hair grow our GAAP net and there. Place whole spate of are we doing this already are and as you stated he is on the area or two. We'll all move. Eaten a demented faith is about his rough. And I got a veteran or you give me I can't forget teasing me. Diesel tickle balls moma smack him. So my own all. Of a mess even look at them. He's looking at me. They just holding my hand now does it I don't know you guys are getting a silent but not again Barbara. And I have got little and his masters yeah. It just seems to me but I'm always make up. Yeah it kind of. Two masters Mexicans things upon her room and skin can turn in hiring him home and Lehman's quarter and others in the had been responsible management business. Cool yeah yeah yeah yeah. You. Touched just starting to see how it feels taken away is often these groups as the last round right and then replace classroom and. Minimized those they've actually came back over Ellison and am married man on tumbling and oh yeah they come back say they still do. I would yeah O line is we've included so we just can't thank you. I dead Dave Camp now I'm trying to that was her tonight not only them and other workers. And quit being such a pig showbiz tonight. I'm showed us how many and I'm not does that thing you are they aren't you because she's quite tardy tumbled to an apparent. Ambition this. The question is for ever you can never talk about one or the other ever get on the radio. House blowing everything to her parents who lost. One of them will never ever exist mayhem nobody ever got mad and losing in the house blue book yeah. That's the point I don't know what soldier eliminated once a mayor sync and the other ones some be proud about Billy America. It was a great insight and analysis very proud of our well know they've got management house. Daria Mahan is always problems not about management and yes all right Tom. Your right to marriage is you go to pre planning and just the rest guys. Oh this saviors of upstate morning radio I'm mad I'm not engage in central. Guys gags. And 83 point freedom plan. My dad's got determined person residuals some publishing Brazil image I think we were somehow backed him. And so I. In. MIT Mac people saw went to see her last time he tees aren't comes here. Too so I'm fine. The fine fine and a I know that. I imagine it's tough to head to go to restaurants with her the amendments and as when she's at and T man shall just like hold her glass in the air in and air. She's like there are some kind of rednecks statue of liberty was that T I have promised she is she does is sit there and you know scream later Gore's home more T believe me there are pushing this can hold up in them when she makes our contacts shall. I'm a nod at him with her cup like this eight page here and here there waitress or server skating. And that and you look at me and I'm. Winning it she would go less I need more every year Tata and a me. Fumble it just AM a million things and how limited at he has. It's this is to have moved here I met is very complicated orders to. Yes on the UNC and out how I've paid and then she's out and friend the way you're too sooners are. And later I don't care she says oh hold on their coupons Amman on paying while you don't wanna save five dollars one about a entree instantly mom. And then she finally signs Sydney you say we got a kid finds his man on an event of into the mail has some places task force first just like. I agree task. Paul had a black sized cheerleader Lisa asked to like drive right through 5 o'clock traffic at all. Do you follow my trade via the feds out of it. Own my navigational ma ma vehicle. I get that. Matthew is called. And influence on whatever and maybe you saw them as stairway has a steering when I asked me at the end of the upgrade. That's a stairwell where he's heard navigation way for so. And adjust anything on there and does say you have them mayor's house and the whole thing sets up witnesses in twelve miles there is an accident. Here are some options. So Brad just going I fastened down once when he won her once when he nine came out and whom Inman Lyman whenever we Americans not an option gives it. Now in the annals kind of does that hate any ship. But it. You know when the back weighed down Lama and Henman and it's a I have never the navigation is just really good like you know some of them like you have to like sit there and I don't like them. The lady telling me through the speakers messes that my music first ball tore my tar right here can't pick. Assist the lady they always have that British overtones and that they're not full on British what are you you know listening Saturn the anger they're well spoken. Enunciated everything they have been. Do you know this if I'm then maybe I'm the only person. There in this is somewhere Lama amendment right off point 39 because I'm looking at that they could do it navigation and look at some of the ten. Road names and stuff. So resolute. And I'm amendment area. On a watcher buys violently so road called neighborhood drop. Our and neighborhoods drive neighborhood just private here now. Man where there's there's weren't so Merkel meeting place for beer and matter much in terms that I have Soledad here is my problem my office action packed I'm like. Allied creativity and I don't know way back when when they named erodes slightly lose jobs that was. Was it just the person I'd like to zoning manager or. I mean they can be semi City Hall I don't know who decides. You know there was certainly no vote to decide their sinks isn't. They he had made that mean you didn't have now wants obviously easier these roads were built one at time. It is named editor who ever lived on number of these new subdivisions on roads and stuff in the current you don't mind. It's just a bunch of an original generic. Ambling pierce I mean. Do you like neighborhood route put that neighbor would put the neighborhood road always around our neighborhood nimble lakers this. But he did do something a little bit of originality to this government data Gerber foundation during. But that you and I can't big Riley and I are where I was born. CEO that's a great example I was fourth avenue now pill mill is like this. First second third fourth Fifth Avenue. Room. AD. Eight a street beat street C street the street. Although parent and that was it. He had a chemistry that technically what part of yeah hatred and one through seven the seventh avenue is one blocking no sentencing really we have the chance to name any road here that. And lash out it was a temporary meaning. It basing their houses still stand and Kurt your little. And Althea hundred plus thank and I don't know I. Maybe people by then we're just glad to have grown so much who cares what it's called Matt it's a road but now it's. The postal office thing to never. Should have and name in the yeah. It's real road names it's it's addresses its maps it's who you know 125 B street I remembered but I'll remember my first address in my first phone number on that. Price for either toward or into text Carolina liberals are signs 73 for one Dorgan murderer and Pickens got a gold driveway. He said he never. I they're gonna listen. You know all of that aside there is just as it is at iiroc treatment program would be stupid day. It might change the release of a road the civil war road named snell our you know when Michael Jackson in a bid that they changed. Michael Jackson wrote ordered held was. Lazy to do some mad but they don't back and I don't want us to start a list of stupid road names. That we need to change local insight I don't care about where you grew at Minnesota and here I am home but the ones around the that that trust factor here in the Triad area there western North Carolina State and in northeast Georgia are. It has no wish we could help him out there. Inviting Latin. I wish you live and grow from beaver ruin. He for real and you know Saint Paul Romero made her considering it stays and immaculate and Christina I should be changed when he enters a room six mile. Over branch road test a lovely time there are definite I'd love that. Brazilian Indian. Aristide can have beaver ruin the F one near the Indian trail early yeah Hawaiian and native American troop movement that's all city. But Indian troop. There has to change and to do what they changed the name of Indiana to native America on the issues huh. Oh all its competition and pony show is famous Indiana native Americana. Where they are as I am India to America Venezuela. Boo yah. There Trulia Jesus must so there's a Rudolph 85 called road to recovery. Let's listen homes on leper. Is it lights a pill addiction plays her meth lab methadone I had only. Methadone clinics he's rose is there aren't a digital lab visit the clinic when it's their stuff the missile and it's our stuff it's a lab. Like if we're doing this or we change may be too you know away everybody's presence elementary madam I say me me. There's people who go downtown seemingly now. Old duels at Mac may back and then. Man managed to get to started there and change the name away and the boulevard. Somebody. Or to change no I wouldn't I wouldn't it oh good lord what are your most famous for getting lost in the woods I'm talking about. They get penalized schools named after the two of them in there are taught about roads that needle morgue. Little morgue you know. Clever to it more originality. IC Schorr wrote. And you grew up on. They are saying. Oh and an F street. Was loser and have streamed no. Now and ends at the government housing and there today and Sunday. Nearly sews makes sense. Coming in lakes. Sands but is just so. Again it was at that time when you address this matter now and then neither it nor did your phone number your phone number would be like RS 362 or whatever. Here are still doesn't matter. A gracious and now we want and resilient as a religion that I don't know necessarily right today they'll have to choose road this as a means for all the names and also division they've been limited to these trees. Are at a hazardous crossroads of world farm and I was for trauma album yeah where there's going to be some gonna creators are gonna Farmar sounds like I'm new brand of wines -- hand yeah. Yeah gas station roars are accused me of all your finest Montebello whence. That can't. True try to just listen drew conclusions it's in memory it would if you adopt a highway you both candidates are manifest a yeah this is fun if you've ever Ben's arm and I guess I went to the corn answer your coach tells. Let's have more ten Sagan is you to use disputed a petition argues to change message by a lot of let's fund the wars. Road name and the listening area and and we started petition. And see what do you know what we're going to be what's the big deal pleasant burglarized and I don't Eisenberg. Our order and all of the murderer was a razor close thing where people are calling dream about it before it was burned down. Let's go to. Summer Andrew Morton and unpredictable so far since it's already past hours. Good because it. I've got a tough talk about that streak of three year I have for a live act like you can't tell it like the movie. Yeah that's pretty good mood here. But I'm Terence. It's Samuel L. Jackson. I can use a neighbor with a slide luck then but that's a really good movie at all you'll do current. Yeah well and did did you see I was there when he did with the national. They were in a wreck. In our own words and you know armor against that in Peru. Errors and while her genuine changing lanes thank you Jason late view terrace where it you were now. Are you work right now block our. And come Robby when you get their thank you sir for taking a look at doing that yeah. This is. He's one of drug suspect cigarettes in his. Any real it was going up instead and my name among go hidden via Google Maps suddenly you see while it's not a mixing cal pins good morning. Hello Larry or user. Our orders adorn this brain on the way to work. Well being. Dark talk about mess up road Maine yes there's a road in Shelby let his name Nikki sharks. Are sort of gut naked short track. I nobody out before we fully last lives is named after a dead firefighter here it's just four I've heard that before. Oh there are payload on I don't know well I'm sure everybody hear the word sharks in arguing about in page messner transit time we give me. Failure melt into one sport that once or whoever or I don't know what I'm up Nesta one thank you sir have a good morning. Thank you wrote yes I wanted to throw that out I'll we'll have left I had I just didn't I was laughing out and placed into Tennessee. I don't think there was room yeah and I now I know you can't look at that say rooms from. Yeah I'm real chance but I think that I know a couple ladies that live on their own. What more would do one more. Than a Nashville guides warns against any Jordan. Yeah well you. Well I did not think about this road when we started talking about him and it is it's authentic I've heard and it was too when you think enough. Our big you know. Ballmer lake road they're like ultimate. Barker because I spelled Boehner. Yes yes it is not Bonner is Boehner for sure it's only down dip and you know what you know what kind of bay using man. It. And while I'm healing for the owners I was asking you to. Now I'll start I can marry under outnumber you will. Move them. You don't get the jets and you can hire whatever Angel tries to meet him thank you guys have been more ammo for. You. Sure took their dual Israeli and zero but children are going counting. Who'll. I'm going down in my tail off and have an opening for Jeff sent Israel. We'll ever found history all and answers. It's your room. And listen no blueberry hill. I have a safe and like write him a letter to Alter his Chubby Checker reference under union members movers so Israel's punitive Spencer Salisbury steak. As soon as fake page they beat you can't think these are we'll be back. It's business as usual but it's funny business that is.