Monday, October 16th

Nine loves his Nintendo Switch so much that it might spawn a new segment on the show: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and we'll say to download link for the planet. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning can interact with the rest guys and 93 point dream than plan that. What how many people thought this was a desk peseta. Who is third all payoff it's 00 it is is that just the CNET or gasoline. It does this is one of the treasury. Jimmer I Rashtchy bear he sounds imagining this deceit and. Desperate great and that's burger anger and are yet. And money maker from and to really make him throw away sort of people say things like undertaker and battery on the Internet. Internet Internet. Getting it there to work very glad the president basher. Yeah we were going through the other Chucky movies run. Trump I'm on the watch bribe CNET COLT cursor. New and to Colton call for the person person who wins is seated cereal before I say it was algebra. Brown was a version called just outscored its trials where I wouldn't say he now child's play zoo than child's play three in enemy had. Brad and Jay Hagan and see Jeremy and they don't care suggest he and then call to check you could have seen it before rather. Independents. Could have premarital siege and about China and that come out as an adjusting to move the idea. That's right I'm confused slaughters. You real quick. You know because a stupid legalities and rolls and stuff I have to be very. Weird how say this. But that ratings just came in and we killed this year. I I say that hadn't lost big in a fab we specifically. Now with that thank you thank you hanky Greg if you listen. It's so weird. And then you have you you cannot. You're not able to able to advertise the ratings you can save as she did well. India when actress turned out they would say Tony did say the word ratings a year report card era and Mike White towel because they did that's like. To the people that are listening mess like acting either kindergartners Hollywood error per guarding guys. And I'll tell you that after the make the coop. As it's crazy but thank you to all of the event. That support us the loyalty is it's definitely not anything we take for granted them think you think thank you. Favor listening in morn and then for ten usually or I mean now I spoke to work again. And a great group of people that tell you would've if you get a Jimmy's wedding he would have ulta that was a just a regular parents therapy once a cat just order you know. Consumer we have some. This is your relatives of the ways is starting your thing is starting your third wait a million man three weeks was Saturday afternoon about two or 25 PM via there. What do we do anything to. Somebody the month yeah guess and good day after a four way we're going to three B. Yeah. Out there are now blocked another. You my neighbor call and try to win tickets are not so are you know he Bolivar magna iron from here there magnitude to the fridge right now everything. Surprise marriage and over and. Let's change anything anything's changed in. Does it's kind of hard to say sums changed because the only thing that has changed is the papers. Oh yeah arm. No Ariza is rolling papers or Obama the legal papers Garrity married what are really living here well. I started just suits or surely about a month before the way things when we're among that Nintendo switch now Nintendo. Or burn written agenda agenda and agenda Nintendo involvement attend a switch. And act. Well right now I got yourself part fractured all videogame yeah I got that I'm on pre order. Now and the new Mario Odyssey game for an. We intend to switch again I bet on pre order tier I wanted that to me than Powell a mob book worth the fresh pressured by hall Sarah. So bring tourism or whatever your heart a good bit so apparently serves got married and word play more prettier game. Are you open it up and sticks. Yeah as a percent of rejoin us they get fat again yeah it now or wait on that takes years are you married or at least five. Our you will Islami be mean saying you will but as America you will if you have warm in the group code. If I thought I did lose weight so it earned our debt with a woman who cook. Yeah but why has Harry Miller is why did you stop playing video games big because you were. You may be worried that. You know like we knew when you're doing you're engaged or whatever you you wanna put your best foot forward you want always be your best look your best kind of thing and then after the wedding happens would then everybody in both sides feel comfortable. Well I didn't know by the council for the way things are if it was bad news was that there overtimes. They just have to coincide with the wedding. Imagery talking about all these new games are now. Has made stuff craft and stuff and Bernstein's have been. I don't play all that moderates like Mara girl turned it on their blood for racism like thirteen minutes and I'm done for awhile. The only play one think come on you only play one Tom and you walk away from sometimes some probably two or three sometimes and play and rumor fifty races many iterations. But some German registered foreign going to be done for a little while it's going to do it every single bravely given up as she asked you to. I don't see any reason or after the problem estimate that poem all of well. And the video it's. No he would not and I don't they want and ask you to clear reason that she would. My eight and started master play less and less where I was still singles careers ago. Okay is he did especially if your big fat guy act now you get self conscious about playing a lot of video games and go a mile Wii Fit right you're. No really big factor here are singled pushing 38. Sierra games rated games asserting upstairs action toward you hit thirty year old version of it. One now but like within the Wii Fit so those are that that's the new treadmill. He sees many as the week's fit inside a platform for like they're dvds or something now yeah right good stuff aren't into why they didn't have the treadmill is like the friend ever it was anger yeah. I hanging clothes on their regular army tanks boxes and he's great. Storage. Unit of Warner would look playing and results in muscle sometimes onscreen. And soon they're on the council fans Ide controller so small. Major game the other night and insane it's a male social media and I was from direction that it like. And Alice talk in saws like this that major. I don't think I look good at best and let's I realize the pictures being taken that's where you are him. Yeah because if I if I don't I I know that look like you're like watching a movie and you kind of become a lawyer what you look like why you watch and you know so I'm like this at a movie. Our blog on my summer and I am looking at best of flying saucers colonies that. Let's help people look nationally let your natural state we all kind of stupid words watch and somehow. How does it well it Balmer I'm remains sex tape. Here's some stable dollar. Estella low death until Sanchez simulate and opened the screen only computer. Now why don't have crooked and categorize and friend or your parents or are you just completely don't give a blank about nothing. On an omen. And he's like as far as game in shape should. You always those longs you have this job you know you can always do trim the 1 I am I felt I. You ever reform bills you won't. I'm what I'm sheet what if if you watched that hey look album. I would not she wouldn't say hail would you lose weight issues that are what she'd say I want to be around longer would have been motivation. Yeah man to zoos are being offense sucks now. There aren't sure it. I guess is that got us our heads some of our marriage real bad it is so we think this is like a a physical element that only you can like they yourself. You know what I mean I mean I don't give a lap band whatever but Billy Bob has now. There are you don't want to do have a major surgery in and just you know wind. Norm actually came from yet you need to get back problems and then you'll go through what nine days and then you never have problems escalate doses account or do you have anything. Yeah must Doocy insert chiropractor gym bag like a caravan opinion and a nation as he's a Muslim question mark the diversity or dark DD pay about Asia him. When a lot like to do you have like truck. Other YouTube fans do right now you know in traveler's rest and this such community gore shoe store we need to do yoga with goats. You get in the gut pan India and they charge you to do us all they have to do cats do a thing. Really academic data gut says I know it's I would yoga with doubts do you know the daughter's campaign asks yeah at. You know it's just a rod RL Warsaw. Surely don't topped out eighty pounds German shepherd were under my arm applying this all these downward not cheap either as usual don't around the chip. Yeah so video games maybe that you know I said the other day we need to get somebody who once every couple weeks comes on and does like it I'd. At tech. Video game kind of report. Order our Miami charter and the guy I was gone bad as Scott sank as you would tell me about switch gloat told me about the many super Nintendo Wii I have one on the way parents can finally. Thank you MP one Avery whale furs and Karin Knapp. Since our new valley on the switch over farm and role playing game simulate a song god on these serious source we really fun turns around you'll need to me that's got to ten out of ten minutes as we release are also an old game you play online games seem to cover New Jersey Bamba now Kamal and they are game. Now let's do I don't birdies no actual be your game and he keeps up at a time. Yeah. Oh and don't tell there's just gimmicks to steal your money. Present not games Bryant Burberry the phone games quit being game's about five years ago in the game gimmicks to steal your money Sarah. Rose is a waste in the NBA two K eight dearly Xbox Live up to be nothing but a gimmick to steal more money FY sixty birds for game and then if you ever or me good you got to give them money to get enough points. Or you got to play some 200 games to get your player to be an above average player yup on NBC have. So all this traitor all the Strasser you money immediately it's Hillary and bill are console games now. Would you do that have won it again. Every other week coming commentary owned. Tech gimmicks. Guy Gonzales stuff you are going to be good especially here. Is a fresh start read the magazines I don't know enough about I don't know processors I don't know. This from that switch from Minnie yeah. About this as the mayor ray Ferraro press which are my taxes next year that is shocking about it always me who changed in the I'm sure you know. The recipe card came and I dare tell Paige play for real doll here. Just talk my little bits Jeremy Irons towards the real polls and some call Tony and yeah isolated and maybe that's some fun that'll come out of it then that. You do like I don't know twice a month kind of things are really should there's something to talk about you know don't kimono and do it where there's nothing to talk and has always does and traffic always talks. Sorry regarding that. Video games or fewer the latest Grayson cellphones Romer arm in a battle that would be best worst had happened at his game it tested new iPhone now. You won't cancel the same hardware you're on the galaxy S six international I vote for thank you Matt for governor. Not all jail you'll call a mob haunted but I gotta figure you know a lot of older don't know me like aluminum bar yeah. Sulphide Salmonella. Now I'm glad you legend Peggy mag is the man who's trying to guess thank you Matt and I are afforded from people as they once he has his own mind. Yeah I meant blog girl. Hillary Clinton not happened yet. I don't know I mean I don't know if it's to no matter I don't get that one and I you raise all the money you also I don't know what her name in certain interval to never available. Wimbledon she's a 46 year old lady from Columbia Al lady I'll room she were to walk her. There were for our American. Air has a law degree from South Carolina. You locals somebody whose name Ronald pebble. Riots in a home aside didn't many flashy look. I'm answered that what does it matter further thank you Mack hit a few minutes I don't know if Obama uniter and. The wooded area where. We'll Walt bullets are we'll take a break we'll come back we hear delays can Gray's friend queen who are trying to do this and had this. The rise guys morning shallow with a man. Thought he 93 point freedom. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. Right at MI is like Tim and it might come and it stayed armory a guy is charged for singing jingle bells in the streets. With the ball hard money men Halloween. She be double charged and I don't think it's too early for Christmas music. And he was blasting gig kings when Phyllis. Is and no momentum. UNH 24 hour loop. This is a 41 year old man from Iowa City, Iowa named Erin colts and last week he got a little drunken apparently Hugh. On the Christmas spirit. So he went out into the streets. By his apartment and singing jingle bells. Are as Werner. And just wanted to make sure that everybody heard and he used a bullhorn to project the sound. Some of its neighbors called the cops. And he was charged with disorderly conduct. Moreover his stroke and these are reducing jingle bells terrible more funerals are planned but I still does it was. Disturbing. The peace. No matter what he sang both Europe Britain ME singer rob peace on earth surrounds it are. Her and her. Peace on earth thrift shops to man. Braves keep it to Marshall now people love him for a gas than it that I am a Halloween steering students say no you tell that through our radio station in town hall. No adverse termed it that income Malcolm on door and do it stand on my porch that was must see this stuff ever Christmas Carol thank ally Sudan want justice jeopardy. They owe money don't want to ever seen on TV in the dressing room there waist dress like his you know just seventeen hundreds. Jerry yeah. The limit but it's simply case. All throughout the kid down right there is Christmas Carol or Zippo male or our memorabilia I'm sure he would always put on Nina the last pairing. Period piece. In those wars they addressed here. And upon Christmas. They were wearing Kurtz in currency in Christmas in Hollis our Indians are. One analyst story and and New Zealand. And folks an amazing museum and wound a bear country to remain. Green and a pleasant land and voters Torre for their countries pristine reputation. President well let's over the referee chicken at such a tourism symposium. And Talladega delegates name the world's longest running national tourism slugging. What's the tourism slogan slow and all okay our computers are. Matt that's where you wanna girl you can go anywhere in the world music do you go to New Zealand and they are complaining that it's overrun with tourists. And now they don't want me there I think though idol I mean if I have some have until America and you know my horse. Outlet and acting go anywhere and live I'd get a New Zealand for sure there's a because they have Trout is larger armed economics and the bush lacks all I ever. Reasons you're girl in the middle earth it seems like the social climate bears pretty pretty chill your flattered concordes hilarious yet I you know and care for that during the beamer called kiwis and kiwis are delicious I like them. Then what they're upset about is museum and 100% cure is the slogan OK but is not be 100% pure pure bring him once people and preserve restore order now prevailing is an independent survey here. They have fast Clijsters jagged peaks and I know a lot of people got their for fishing and also. I have caves that people like to go into McCain whenever it's blinking and that's. All they know they all are yeah called I'm far. Williamsburg blue and Tom's album jagged bigs got small room. What is right what is Cain go and when Carlsbad caverns well I think it's according that is but that's that's a big draw New Zealand and you're right you're just the launch. They have been done and a deep toward the edge of the earth. You know Miller out of this little room you get on the beach fishing test set being reach and touch Furman bureaucratic under the age group. Then there's reserve has all different. Scenery man and it's that big America. So more accident you can finance. There are accidents like southern accent or bad English. I think this law you. He's played Brooklyn English hey I might I Yelp. I should really polite in the museum in like Canada polite. If McCain is boring I think there may a lot of things to see into in his a lot of anger hang on Australia for want to go to the Lou what do you do any and Australia offering house now joined them and then Newberry. She transcended your candidates are huge country Canada him because the states while I this and I'm only part of it. Yeah I know I've lost nothing in Canada ever my sister and brother at all tried to they did they took the Alaskan cruise over the summer try to get Medigap. It either gonna get through Canada and has gotten away. You're just anti can have on cruise when it's cold you hate Bret Hart. You can yeah hill clintons and the and no interest but then using that for sure. Yes so that. One of their biggest industry is the dairy industry. Well I'm Zaza cal site and perfectly little love you there he can be thought I was trials but it all of us to visit nudity and New Zealand new deal and yes. I don't want to her being a gala in their trump was president is. The new DL and there would have done me. I know this is not a 169. Restaurants look and taste like mcdonalds but they're not special in India where they can't serve beef. They use what they just seized golden arches GAAP. Any news and I imagine it would be the same thing in the same restaurant that they can't serve hamburgers that have served some other angry or India certain McDonald's. Pulled a bunch of their international franchises. Eight or ten months ago and down. And a lot of international. Franchises that they knew they would pull back by Chris is only McDonald's in India come home. View the domain and nominate myself. I'm doesn't work off their chickens are still present these straight where there's one river resort called McCurry. It's like McCurry Broussard McDonald's. Is gonna end else. Why yeah yeah Powell's. Via the big Mac and every minute. They are ready fast food not. Jeanne. Sir when you say them them. Craig McDonald you don't mean like the one they've built in California that isn't open for business because they only using the film TV commercials incident scenes from movies and TV show Larry on. There Haskell business for years picture it's just a television set. Well so what are they use in India and in lieu of not been able to serve beef so. Yes maybe some kind of tofu burger at home so according to this is an all big hammer me. About a 170 rest restaurants have gone Rogen have completely gone off McDonald's. And you. So they don't they don't change the name written Sicily that he can't have. So you wouldn't give it a go then get a big Mac per say you just get whatever they they offer. Now in big solely and in China assume it's a McDonald's student in China what do they serve they serve label we would have here but except like. You can't supersize anything. So there large is like a medium job would be here. Fries or same but they also have chicken wings on the menu. So is very different. There's very different they had smaller concentrated smaller coastal Maine a lot of the same stuff that we would have here. Like they would have of their like you could get apple pies you couldn't get like a lot of those specialty sandwiches that they have here but the big Mac you can get. The county can Rory oh geez they get others that's one shots in line did you get an idea you. The McDonald's we once of Obama's. Riley is very expensive yeah jail plus I mean the only difference is you can get nicer off found drinks whenever rebels on vacation isn't getting rental. On its Paramount and McDonald's menu in the term mayor Donald menu and India right now you do get out of bed and enough and I'm close they had eventually rough and we're my intimate isn't stuff all the Derek sauls is often had salts and then often they got out so does serve pork but not beef theories aren't Cal's. I am a solid grilled vegetable salad grilled chicken make chicken filet of fish makes spicy chicken is par. Reason why I hit Hindus. They don't kill thousands and they they do you know. I must worship from some of sacred or activity is it because they think that there ancestors have passed on into account. I don't know I'm going to. I don't get allege that don't get it right and owner arm they did the chicken Maharashtra Mac I'm Labatt employees at royal did just Maharashtra Mac its name. And I don't know why they don't need Calvin minute. Am an amusement park up in the mountains called Bollywood polar bear I don't know you do if I hope they do. Our operator Bollywood. At all. Hold and that. They're like Angelina Jolie is and injuries elbows of the whole Bollywood world turn it like there is famous that we don't know they are so. He's it is little tiny worldly guy we know everything going on we'd all there. Are they got the wings then you're in part of India through bell south and west India has make wings and Coke for us. But no I know on the toilet paper available where did the bench pizza Mick puff. Via. The minute an early stand just holes in the floors or Polska. I don't know about India merry Larry I know now Dallara Honda is not a partisan. Is that like an odd old little lull toros in India and then your red wine Hindu story Carroll's thank you Mac there is a whole floor. I don't know gods under their hand in our national standards for bathroom itself. Now saying now mountain and this is Jeremy yours there's no policy. Just dull. Really good nine Bailey's and ought to go and got a Hummer right little amphibious duck and chicken altogether lecture that I. Are very early murdered so Lavoy and Serge quit killing cows so they just quit killing term there. It had a nice to Graham of the beef industry in this. Maher remember seeing in the sandwich and AM stock in jail anyway but at Cisco led to beef patties with a hot dog Sweeney's. I remember seeing Ted over there this is bringing its report on another. Can pronounce it who doesn't porn site Intel. OK ladies and patties not only are right then well at the box office there was an upset. 12049. Didn't do as well as. Happy death and you're already a bomb now. The first and into oil. Now the first hole is a class and within seconds but learned and then this one came out last week I didn't do well its first week. I almost almost almost one saw had a death day looks really easily PG thirteen kept me from heroin I swear to god if it'd been an. Does the thought Bob is like. Groundhog Day this girl die she gets killed every day she wakes up every days and days are. So everyday stress triggers kill me every day is your birthday she's gonna get murdered that night. Wonderful is on the illness is good paradise when they shrink people down or make them rich you. Well people are definitely an not Halloween mood in flocking to the box office to see that film. He brought in to 46 point five million make him our number one movie. It lessens five million dollar budget so it's already tremendous smash success some stars say there may or may probably grower who is. Well it made noises and made fifteen point one million yes sir it's only play your hundred million dollar short hit in his budget even. It's a bomb and then Jackie Chan movie the foreigner front end twelve point eight million dollars sort of sunroof. Our generation and then. Have to alone you know he does is on stone. And so is Tom Cruise I asked all right and blew all her horse. Of course is still strong in the box office and number reform front and six point one million dollars. Half the and a fourteen point nine million dollars that six week. That's huge. They don't know what they're going to save out like. The good thank you James corn did thing the other night and he says catch people after they come out and they say. We get is giving away something missing anywhere. And trivia on the movie were given away this if you listen I'm the clown they're like yeah now he's an act like they just came out of a bitter I want so does though he has watched his. God's name the most. And I mean the iron. AG just watch it for two hours and thirteen minutes you don't know anything about what you just saw and what color was blue yellow kid from. Your face it. No problem any and had no list in this one. A stolen ballots it's weird how dumb we are Bassett man that's a great movie it is agreement here again it was cured. Better than I thought it was going to be cage you know you've seen the first morning team well I can you top that easily and a very very easily very different than the first 1 and so am kinda affects and everything and. Wasn't there it your first is now eight is. Tim Curry did really great it sucks but yeah. And it really does it's not a good incidentally miniseries for houses like eight hours six hours long. This weekend he gets all. There was jigsaw jigsaw Chad always looks like just another saw movie from the trailer arsenal and what does that there's another arrow is scary when. They wait the last minute to drop is that there's snowman and the Sonoma handles and there's a bit advertising that for a long long time and endless trillions. Especially the gas and air all day and the list faces snowman more. Just a first time that I've seen in my evil snowman be a killer renters were told Jack Frost. Now what many believe this early are forced himself on your Shannon Elizabeth. And kills and apologize for that aren't they grow she died in the murder merger sorghum laboratory set for disarmament. Reported how stupid are they don't get this has done his girlfriend or thought I was doing NB mean you know the point of their stupid forgiven it. For me he never is and how we know now I if I had a Halloween movies wal mart's got costumes mom movie's out. We celebrate Halloween while we do Christmas now is a monthlong younger of course is. On page and as your eyes and semi. And just the rest guys and your mobile. The seniors about stays morning radio I'm mad I'm not engage in central. Gags. And 83 point freed up. I. I just didn't work. I think you'd ever buy that first of all thanks to everyone to listen thank all of you individually thank you thank you thank you thank you. Do you think things Bob thinks there might FaceBook and mr. Graham and snapped and Tweety and all that stuff. Tomorrow we're gonna play jets audio from my go into the trunk of dance tonight. Okay yeah I mean let's get excited about that the manager Johnny go infiltrate our mean deal allowed him to be where the president's going to be tonight. Excited. Yeah and the big deal knowledge in a deal with Bjorn in the thank you Mac port and wealth on time mr. hanky. All of whom you womb babies they've been number oh donations on the what is that everything is at a chicken as small chicken a government masters and chicken hawk. Are you did your little I always held until after the that the target list is someone and don't get some women yeah what does he went out. Lives we'll still watch football but there today in honor of world food day. So keep it simpler than. Earlier games I have on pre order currently one video games I have on pre order currently just accident Carolina big real dot com Tex lines. That number 73 for once again 72341. Not me third correct answer you're going to be a large. Winners I am going to. I'm gonna celebrate world today and I. Has missed him for lunch in a tie for dinner and a Camilla and cot race at least some out there. Page has a thousand dollars a year in a little over an hour we order for a tour tour route from Mexican to watch this page give us a word it will not be. Stinky that would not be stinky home run word will not. Stinky. But she will have a word Korea and 11 am fortunate AP when payoff. I did today's podcast a rise guys dot com I'd change in text five cast a 7341. Thanks so much Liz and have a blast Monday Tuesday she. They're good guys good. Is touch that dial one I'm a little. OK so it. Just a new wow. He three point trade.