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Nine encountered a Moose this morning on the way to work: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Arise guy so I could legally yeah this was illustrated just started. Really yeah. Morning. Usually Tuesday November 14 2017. Finally. Did to another to sweep Tuesday. Tom up. All are from Jamie I can do that Ayers are bad boy an entire suite from me. Are you familiar I can make it sharper. Nozzles now. I does it matter what my fingers I am trying to shoot the two sweet radar to Simpson bill we're justice. I'm over Malden morals he's under I got my bald elongated skulls mixed up there is just one exit amendments moment yes sorry markets and indeed if there were no rules Sonoma rule is suspect us and yes. I Najaf on a mission helping your momentarily as soon as his yes. If he Jesus take it and I hope it Denis isn't hungry Powell Canada's mission well I forgot. A myself this morning on I hate those days. You know. In the luckily enough and hear from our prisoners two things sometimes. Lot of people can't leaving nearly. It's true if you forgive your for you're remainder stuff in the too much Kevin G and a beautiful people that there's always free fair and right around. Now he's well I ask every time I get home in Santo in the afternoons hey. As Seles so just brought a smorgasbord of so it is downstairs I want to ever deliver when we hear. Primarily it's our then don't be like I just have gotten home and then I get the email. Breathe and don't barbecue hello barbecues are favorite thing in the world. We'll always say oh. You live the life he'd be home artists and their about last time all you lived the last know. All afternoon people get all the good stuff. I have to I have to say with a free food think you have to get there fast. Otherwise arraignments take Dover and I'm so picky I don't like take your eye. I am totally sailors and that's why I hate Sunday dinners at my church with us now the man. Barbecues. Philly cheese steak chili cheeseburger. Oh my that's I've got to be not top three foods that are really our missiles raining again as universe Daytona barbecue time. Philly cheese steak and knew that that's them there will be and her chili cheeseburger. Beam on top researcher. Aren't terribly just this year out they're run by the clock only can't sentimental gift card form and then and then and you know pizza from two places and yes. Two places. That's right yours below the rest my top things mercy here. You're right in my wheel house from this conversation because he got me thank you barbecue. I had or who say of the initial query output pizza down there but there's certain place muse certain couple plays a minor. Philly cheese steak for sure here and then. Do I mean I hate to class at Alabama on the New York strip dealership I mean think about when I go eat that I do Wear wet rag yet. I when I go to. Than the Hoffa didn't shoot cheeseburger like you've said or when I go to most. Restaurants and adult or a New York strip that I want to Philly cheese steak can hear her seat now verve. Alia beard is now bulges out and buy now and I would say and the king because how many times and I've been a bachelor partner rooster. Now they're they're paired down must hand you donate them. Did you just we get out somewhere that you want to be really Gerber and that's why an AMBER Alert homemade meatloaf phone and stuff you know as homey yeah. And and now that I've told everybody this hatred of microwaves. Boy if people let people last night and snatch that Jamie was you know to get sick and gory video isn't GAAP pictures they're like. There's hash tag ma'am and changed my life was trending yesterday in traveler dress on put our minds on real bottom left. Is it being even know about it. So page. But no because I used my ancestors and I'm glad I repeated and growth in and that's by needed testy but it's. My. My Koreans and -- the directions I knew our mind seeing as that's the thing is yes he's pays homage to wage is some heat have for twenty years often on you know he's had relationship problems with mark. LA but it art in your life and death he read the directions to it you like okay power control whatever Obama by say easy. But every one I told those and they were listening and 8 o'clock hour yesterday. You put leftovers and they don't cook it again you need to do it again you Dennehy at the read button. In almost Michael ways it'll come get to let's and a group the sensor with perfection the sensor does. Yeah that's another thing a lot of people's new and say sensors century took longer censor took. That's crazy. So now I'll always he left members Alice still eat out a lot yes. And then how would bring home. That's our phone container and then how we read it rather than throwing it away in 2800. Wolf wastes less food this war and a good and that's why take pictures of my suit on his two grams not to show all for say hey look at me it's so. When I look in the refrigerator and go back in my heart out out that was from Tuesday yeah. They went out there or its fervor and hopefully you have lots of Thanksgiving thing to re heat you can use that. This will be the first time yes even you grandma and turn I believe the same over and everything. Not really purgatory now still when used for pizza. We used to feature very gains since he's OK he's. They get that they now than then that you put it it's like hello this far pizza and you put it on there and it turns in its cooking it. With some kind of a laser is our own. Crazy as for the person who eats pizza a lot Madden and reads it and it here. It's can't do it now but at some point today I'm going to. Tell you about my afternoon mayor yesterday at at at as I escorted her to this fiesta. All that's wonderful he had not peace in that period of the chair there are okay cinema horrible. I do to the cinema I noticed a lot of us okay get to a citizen law. Answer I gave way to your map there this result RCA classic called. Bad of mom's Christmas yes this you don't see a bad mom's Christmas starter bunch of people star and of Mila Kunis and in this. The other way. Not any of my birdies ever won a major award for acting the people you know minor offense and Cheryl Hines and Christine Baranski and she's will be Spinner in the mood OK you know not in reality there are okay and from that are before him. But I am my mama by Taylor can't wait to hear dude is a little bit about that movie now. They don't seem like your mom's top from those are usually let me I know she wanted to get up well against bowler learned she wouldn't come on reveal. Well it's bowler. Well homeowners luckily good version of an injury. I don't know what you token bad now and that takes place no decision I think like she doesn't want to call you that Aaron that and but can wait it's a little time you heard that Nasser Al yeah. Don't know even that now and metals fifteen year old boy and little man does so bad and a pair of snow until there's other people that were brought. People are you Bernard roads maybe I don't know what my family was talking about me behind my back when I was. You know. And runner Howard Jimmy he might for real they may have seen as solids a Big Brother kinda thing but did they think so either it was going well. I was fourteen and I was my conspiracy when he owned it and I'll leave arm thirty years now. Has a dialogue change between the two in you because it seems to be the same conversations over and over again than in million mom. I'm Hannah and now I know yeah it's always verify and. Always does and I let's check Charlotte that's pro wrestler happened now and most people he's footballers are nowadays we use grassland and get us now with furthering. And us and yeah. And all this so there I was 23 with a fourteen and runner around and state line. Two different way yeah. I wonder what they're saying it. You know now there are things come alive. Anything you want I'll only to it. You're there you'll come out with our camera angle I have. How much time almost geology. Is different is. The talent a socially drive and and Rollins. That parents. Which as you know in the morning we didn't that we're still a year and a has been. You're 01 urge in 2002002000. Seat is over seventeen is still wish and ask guys. Not ask you about the amount you have the long straight with me not on snatch that. Are not in your underwear either but with friends and we're really Daniel brings yeah. Friends and I've been friends business like you know hard court since like middle school I see him anymore here banner can't. The air I don't Brad Stone L slightly longer than I've known you but I'd see him that's when he hears thank sounds Lawrence wage SR one night out of platinum that it remembered doing reminded me. By the way who's that guy is the cows that had earlier they. The mailer in the mailer the postman drop manner his name here or history when they ran out as first to Sweden today he taught him Jimmy Jack era. Jimmie JJD Jack Jack. How did you hear that can lead. He is and as a transition jacket. Hang on there Gary Player now yeah. He can't see where you said. What his name's Pamela who loses out no hard ones mode one here and I say you know. That it was. That makes them. Nine yen in afternoon with your mother yesterday to me now are similar army ST emerge here in a new. There's no when she came else is smaller but it. Alone. What I saw I I don't know is what we walked in the same time. Of how favre's first I was here first year or one of piracy in college you referred you to let me. Part of our version let me. Article makes it he's not filed first bet he would first thing and is now. Not in a negative way was Santa. I know Zack how's mom assigning it in a full air cargo for most mrs. Santa house tunnel and. Oh. This is there is Lauren Moses and Hannah here. She's yet to Korea. As she came in the house is sort of fire her for our laughs which is weird does that ever ever had my momma come over to the house right before I left Thompson who. Here and found that implies that shows our AM yeah I mean she usually don't anyway here. I don't get that amount checks don't go to bed late you know wash your Cologne. As sheer earliest. My wife needs considered. For the rest of bull till about 5 o'clock this afternoon. And a general procedure on her highest dreams she can't be here she's was as somebody there Weatherford for source for. Is that truth that didn't lose ordered it even more checks Mets from Amazon and there's nowhere for even heard of dear home. Yeah she didn't come bearing any gifts that I saw today I don't know what might have been in the trunk of that force and note -- Christmas and other Ford's got a big room and party birthday our checks mix all man subtle ways it's only a couple weeks she had ever -- aged and I saw how long you know I'd say what's procedure was moved what what kind of timeframe we looked and as there will be just fine and we. About moose and nearly I don't know owner and I just this morning. I'll just it did I hear is when you have so in my bed and you're supposed to bend over limelight and you know feed Nadal hasn't taken them an ounce up in inner. So this morning uses Sarah conceive since. Eulogies sleep it's. As she's potentially far fumbled around or will there ever or toward this man and mobile blogs rise six and Aniston for for two months at a Norman hey you know I would. Say it would milk. On the ground and losing and yeah. I and then again comes downstairs. Preston is brought him up far fiercer. So later on two parent. I guess I'll give you the bad mom's Christmas review but not unless I knew I was doing the movie but the review of seeing a never heard on the show. Boy she's is not a big fan of any. Lose here Maurer in no grass words narrative we. Things like that yeah in the opposite extreme where she makes me feel comfortable. Very. Jerry your car is more traditional and is certain. Yeah I mean she's this rat down buckle one in the Bobble well here are the Hummer models store several notches Merrill now. Yeah that'd that'd be that amoeba she wouldn't come on today. And I don't know why she didn't tell me not to say that we went. Yeah Wally say that human being sold you mean you can give her or give like your review of her experience. I'll tell you this one quote from mayor you assess them here just five minutes in the movie. She can't was previously by February and then. When now I know last traded all alone yeah. Now I know Lance writer dollars in little girl there all of it is true then the little girl. Good nobody knows people of sane in this I won't give too much away but which alimony thesis and again it's more about CNA. Very very dirty movie with your mother. In a movies a year without other older women that's the thing boy. That's the demo man very murdered older women you think there's. And for the magic and a centered on a remote there's other women out there who ordered. Like my mama playing these middle aged women like his old ladies in his you know don't give a blank and wants all her weird stuff and a a lot of talent out there really love the movie. Our Jerri did as it loses its right at their lives in Akron or say you're an amount probably a similar takes and finished yeah let's let's you are John Grisham. Large rainmaker. Now well then and I and it is. Who's to say about team and I think to marry John version via. Allied media allowed me to that Al Lawler your stuff right. Yeah I decided outlays for the movie is good enough to be made a movie castaway and you look at Airbus were Rob Reiner stars Brian Crowder fictional star ridden. Right crime fiction crime fiction there now. So we'll have a whole lot of window lot of phones today so lab because you know quite frankly after 28 hours we can really be shown that well. We had to listen to with the speaker which was echoing through the concourse in the bonds for lingerie and who now is kind of tough to do go ahead finish your map. Yeah via hopefully work pride because it is this summer in this studio yet have looked there. Well you name them in this room gaining any tally disconnect from the studio aids. Age some just something. It's never been perfect did say that the problem emanates from in this rooms this internal wiring issue assuming there. Palace source Rogers death is determined by Jeff Merrill who said something in this Rome. Well Jeff I mean lord he had to come back nobody can do it you were the only guy that's right written it. You can call jets and then say hey I'd like c'mon there and talk to everyone 18077. Ford to below 93. That's 180774. Down below 93 so treated Texas on the Carolina paper mill dark contacts find that 72341. I anger about social media in a while you can tweet this were on mr. Graham at the rise guys FaceBook. And I just found this out front. SB dot com slash tries to. Every our congress or ask you here now this news mean you know even shorter and B dot com slash tristar BR com slash 933 to plan. Yes and from your term as V dot com slash. Favre are the Russian bottom of her illness is alias page what you were gonna place and no more and nothing else to say. Well what does it is hospitalized in several others are arrested after a brawl outside of it Chucky cheese did this happen in Florida Georgia or South Carolina Lincoln into that story next in your eyes guys have much. Oh wow this is important to me because I have a nephew as a birthday party coming up at said place. Ball. Very soon real really brewery he had a game green on left bows round engine trampling Newark has next year. There are right we'll find out which state that dead travesty happen that in your rise guys headlines good morning every. Each and centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the plan and LeBron. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who. Or unranked guys headlines like this name mantown that is state armory. One woman is hospitalized several other people were arrested after a weekend brawl outside of a Chucky cheese restaurant and Athens Georgia dog George JJI Lan. I yes we can't problems like this here in Greenville, South Carolina one Chucky cheese restaurant that was years ago like tin ears again there's only warm. Now this he's bishop is no doubt mr. So authorities say when Sarah Gibbs pulled her child out of the arcade. And restaurant. The child knocked over another child that's when the other mother was upset estimate card. This says gives ignored the situation chased after Gibbs and according to authorities. The teen mothers immensely fun in the parking lot. And multiple people we're sending to separate the physical altercation which led to more pushing him yelling and causing an altercation to worsen. Eventually to the two are separated. And then the verbal. Reference. Returned a we sure this wasn't a false flag for Black Friday shopping now united. On this is. A child who pushed another child and then the woman got it satin and pushed a mother's. Like dominoes there here's your kid could securities has knocked the care whoever didn't or armored now you know feminine manner he was right yeah. So far this is wild one there's got arrested as the best name ever lets his name. And his wife and oh well Eddie's indeed this. Indeed his wife had they did this flight had well I think that was my rap name on a rat named generator you know well and he is why. It says that would have. Top US McCartney and Petrie punishment cart significant other by the name of Andy this Whitehead they dad blamed his full name is indeed this storm Whitehead. I am fresh white had allegedly struck at least two women and a crowd. When they closed its own though and that's where things happen. One woman who is charged had swelling and bruising under Ryan she denied medical treatment there's another woman him. I left I was severe enough to be taken to the hospital. Paula it's a Ichi gap kids. My car might have were arrested on charges of public fighting. My hand is also charged with battery. A fourth person was also arrested when pursuant to the hospital so it was a big deal on and a parking on an attacking she's in Athens story. Send lawyers jockey John he lost his heart Joseph and I did you do is very my kids and are happy time and I see this. Where kids engaging Americans out of there. And the reason that the fight here in brain I was over some birthday party or something meant another relative. Was there and someone said something and that ended in a big fine thank. A look at the mug shots. The individuals in this story and my thing well all know here's a video I have done me any idea and it's. It's me here's the issue it's from Florida couple years holiday ballot tomorrow on assessment there and it is why did you miss him this year is different. It's. He's been an analogue hole. They with a name like period together trying to break the wall my father. These YGA that's brewing storm. Disney is on past or Linda from management. I have a decision and the feds are proving a pill with a digital. With a digital tracking system in the film. It was a made basket do you storm now wasn't. You're tiny Tim does but then there was communicating with the Smartphone and the reason why they're doing that is to ensure that patients with mental disorders take their medicine that's prescribed for them you care. So it kind of makes sense. So they can see it's details are being sold. Now though get a as with the sensor yeah. The finest they've taken it because it suggested in the patient NC yeah word press fancy but why. They like Janet just beyond I'd like monitors like and I need money on sand like to me if there is a chip inside at that scared as eerie. I mean right to why do you put a tracking chip is inside the truck and alzheimer's patient is so my view as you know. Senility. There are bigger for the. Well according to that FDA as a reason for illnesses that it sends. You know if you're taking a menacing on. Because somebody's barn cat and now. Get maybe signal frat amino that they've ingested menacing eyes and says someone really needs to do their medications to get fame are Mara Myers arm and a looser why don't now. And it people with mental disorders is what they used and the story that issue on Mars or rules of its remain dangerous but not that I now that I think they're trying to hurt people this is from Haiti a good thing if you have a parent who has him. And our alzheimer's and trying to. Track him down and be perfect to be on a fine. And if they heard themselves. He killed and yeah very very is especially dangerous to themselves yeah but this is one step food clothes from the 1984. Early there's turner. And our cellphones and that and ended our cellphones and that. You're never sure you never go anywhere that's a cellphones you do utilities so imagine they'd tell ethernet and that's or does it matter right built into the wall in your house or the TV yeah if that's as far as it went out this is his merry manner we hear your partner yeah. Is. Pill works with the sensor but don't wearable pat spent their daily caller of the patient knew how to take the patch out. Truth it is OK I have taken account of the matter. She made a soul patch they won't notice there is here. Why is it all magicians have soul patches as watching a magic show yesterday. And edges a candy every magician as a soul patches that or they're hiding stuff. Re watch in the European until our magic show. Now America as question. Would that break in the dishing code or whatever means to make them a mysterious. I don't know I don't know I design kind of anger over here and nursing a bearded magician who. Even if you count them you're good at math and then when my heart that appear magician or putting a bearded tenure at. Well that's a film they communicate well together and it can also track activity levels and sleep patterns says he can't leave that to get things now that are instead of maybe putting. I've never had a is it like it started and I'm just like how does the body digest. This chip. You know I'm saying I was in Maine and a. Can't even put too much. As I guess it very tiny violin matter even if it's a little bit of metal flake in ago out the lights and a be all right now and everything else that you eat. Writing me. It's small it's so microbe and. I mean are you pregnant microchip I don't know whether it's an Olympic event. You know as rules and citizenship. I Simi Valley it and here at the tiny zip inside the tone contains minerals. Now whatever the minerals are like silicon and copper. And it's gonna wash out hard and it. This. Yeah so they say I don't know what I'm not that I'm not a scientist but I think. As he would like to bracket that ship and like see it go through the sewer system and their Siewert ends up. Legal and what they need to tell me he wouldn't watching you log in May be like the newest commonality. Turning out great it is o'clock. NC were against surrogacy you treasure a duck in the reader river is. Yeah going on Mars we'll do this shrine room. My Holmes who is at this completely safe according to authorities and contains no more silicon. And a banana. I didn't know bananas and so Ghana fan and I live and learn every now I have no limit to human and a jobs if that let's say your rise and it's morning. Lanny. Right guys sports with the best ball. The things you save. So Jerry Jones argues really deep enough and I tell you first off the Panthers really pretty good a large area. In my another one them create a seven and three they beat the dolphins at home last night 45 it's when he want them. VW do is all things are still. Bad man. And a what is their villages through into the game these biggest Miami Dolphins fan and a earlier this model down don't. He's used to it you know and then our buddy who's a giant cowboys fan got to go to that game Sunday and see them get this not look down of them dual while it is not it is just I know Leo our friend and my contained no need to go to the game get embarrassed. Make you Wear shoes it's a million of film and Sager. It's a quarter rose went. I came newest one warmth 35 to the 54 or two for touchdowns. Or a lit up seven shoulders healing nicely. Finally Andrew Luck was like man must be an honest here her. This is going to Europe seek treatment her also Ezekiel alias training in Europe since going to be off a little bit let's hear vice one year. Year earlier today that people are learning in Europe to get better it's enough. I came to hear Peyton Manning did same thing is we're thinking and you're hearing that there's strange. And on overthrown two over there. Always at police though Kobe Bryant wants theirselves. We'll use them here no later there runs or less exactly what it is it's where the swimmers themselves now. Well shoot him in two via into the injury you know generated fester there are cool brain. Then that on Amazon now. Expenses one now lends some I asked you are all for Christmas I at least I got a way to you know position on stem cells Celtics down around natives physically now although I if I think a bath and so he. Reason donor pays now. As more shocking things don't you do when he's president Pia. Are more Somalia for stem cell researchers found shark men and a big Republican and all. Listen this Jerry Jones weirdness. So obviously these men are low Z dual LA's situation. His take her out on to bill. But the all other owners alike artists enough you know let's get this going to its contract. Resolved. So there thinking about I don't know how many owners. But the majority thinking about invoking the clause that would calls. Slash force. Jerry Jones to sell the cowboys. If you don't. Okay command leak relying Gambill. It's weird man and it shows you nobody in the NFL really has power there. Nobody knows the players sure is oval. Because there's no. I mean. It's a bunch of billionaires. An end to end that ultimately in the grand scheme of things that they're really nothing in the grand scheme of at all you know on main man and a bit but who all is yes well. On lowers the balance power. That is a private bank accounts seem Martin Zeno cite the Fed. So this fancy BA sticking point was money. Players like committed the killing we want money so now the next sticking point in the next agreements going to be commissioner's power. A lot of people say the wields two months. But the players negotiated for the let him have men. So you get abuse and only once it is zoo is there an assist like this physicist like what would happen if you know god forbid something happened man I think Israel Russia. There there's a higher or OK so there's a vice commissioner. In the NFL itself whose character co op of the 32 came young yeah Charlie do it served each individual team is as. Main component of the league as a whole as well other non profit is revenue issue and there Sonoma they're mean there's no actual. Owner of the NFL. But up until two years ago they pay taxes now. I'm one I gave. He Maine or revenue sharing tentative and inviolate the wall a lot of pressure bureau of surrender and yeah I mean you can't do that and then expect the city to pay for beer and stadium. Seems like to welcome or thing right all these guys to report. Her don't pay for his right me TNT and a. They don't have to pay for it except it. Harry has this series started say no then. Greg will bring Boeing gonna come up with a billion dollars to lower the cowboys away from balance that's enough people but I can't stand. Lingle told me the fabled and jets and a million Yemen there's only so many metropolitan areas in America. They can afford to build NFL stadium and duke did the truth is that. There's probably more NFL teams played NFL stadiums that there are cities in metropolitan areas they can afford. To put one up. And a few and Knox white told me mid 2030 we're in the Olympics yeah. Going full clearance in its when he thirty and I the Special Olympics right here doing whereas going from AT&T stadium as a player to stream stadium there are. Remove Kabul is there are hundreds just think you're the player or else or any of these teams go that already have attain very many options left they can get a serene and so mile longer charge Terry parades and finger on the morning lions ever. So I confirmed. And Jolie adding only the bearish. Alone does scare easily won. It seems like when something's going wrong and a player's career. Port stalled. Just doesn't fall on no league to do look switch it up they fall back on him remain. Seems like in this row Purdue Greg or he did he won a five. Next athletes do it tech swagger. Unify the belts or Butte. If that's droll bit green and you billfold. Yeah now but this thing he had remember that he is a former are all American collegiate wrestler and a BA in middle aged man in person is just using a list anything now. As neutral. I. And I Nana loves seeing kind of a real enough. Now holds barred from a sort of follow. Or zero. Irons the myth film it was this. Civilian those of most of the story or let's car McGregor bill Mortimer L one and his buddies fighting for another promotion and Ireland. Khalili engine on and a pass AG jumped in the ring afterwards whose element the Grasso says now it's he could be pulled from USC to nineteen 'cause. What I thought it was selling his his buddy wanna whatever anyway and jumped in the dot to Ghana like jungle is back in a congratulatory. Way but. The grass for whatever I guess didn't recognize him or thought it might be like he was jumping indicate his ass. In light pole and Connor McGregor off eleven and then you don't pull Connor McGregor also. This is for him anyway let again. B director of the Mohegan tribe department of athletic regulation is going after the sort of thing about who I don't want to officially pulled mafia. Talking about home mall on why would. Hold on power these people have don't miss a card. Let's the other column over the story is up. He's five in the at the next five US seem to nineteenth and I. I am yeah 219 S into our world like in the US anytime there's their version of the year share. How well off and maybe so but it is mentally Sinai. Not now doesn't. But in our me and it doesn't matter now he isn't fighting as we're seeing bantam weights when he was headed charters arm. We unifier has other titles in our language in the here are wayward. Is there's a TBA decided been waiting is Jimmy repair all of our Vega area the cruises are far Emmy for his arm. Honest wrong. Another. Another boxing legend. This call Al Connor McGregor city could take him in two rounds too. Is it real bill. None out and if some people consider this guy when the greatest ever and it really got it. As a promotion company to hold do. Oscar. Or less similar areas that are the golden boy and and and no really great. I really only wash anyways and right you know that I guess was. That's the weird delight you know is the perception about it is and you can't exercising your way but if you know like a big huge guy in are really doing drawing orderly. My locker and Alan Whitaker never Purnell Whitaker HBO try to make him the better and I've made trying to make him market Tyson has kind of gambling was a small little guy yank him keep gas that. I acknowledge get a handle size to be needed to be a boxer I guess. Are against Milan among his targets as they measure now transferring. Barrel or Emanuel who had his number resume sugar Shane Mosley yeah really want to and classed as abolitionist cross dressing pitches he wished he had has them. A. That's right guys I love your radio station knows how low have you and I got the wake of the morning got here every year I'd let. Oh well rags yeah. And 83 point three the planet Iraq's.