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Nine and Fat Boy talk about growing up in bars around the Upstate: Facebook Fussin: Headlines

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The radio dot com. You think you'll. Rise guys morning gel yeah. You or hello I even have you America I want my son and selling analysts and then all of their rallying and then when I'm driving into our. Understand you've moved your left you to rise guys morning. And am morning everybody rise guys morning show good morning it is seven LA is Thursday June 14. We still have. A brand new Facebook's us sing we have. A dirty Thursday today that will be able to earn you taste a birthday bash. Call of shots in the dark he has since been a lot of fun today. And needs revenues. Then ran. Seen new ways down and. And for here's the Phillies. Ever let me just let him. Mr. Lyon and he is he can put this is after the Allison relive their blessing Murray in an effort than I thought weasel face him. And creative license test and this. It's way easier. They're cents a equal sign doesn't equal sir what does that don't follow what album. They just put it out recently is there a single. There cover of Africa back took terror which is a song everybody universally. Likes at least a little bit I think. Seems depressing to me that the song. Why not this dark ally the Weezer version better honestly they're happier depth they have on this I don't know maybe just reminded me of like. That time when there was an early eighties probably Toto or sewer camera. Colin man. He's Google staying seeing. Leaguers. And secure 1982 yeah actually our sanity there Ellis Ellis heighten the Landon and haven't at a day care not crap. Yeah sure the first ever heard this song was it Jews did and Jim's hand yeah used. Now you might know it is club a rocker. Let's mark Carlson Bob you just give our home like thirty years ago our whole Joe's bed and arguing their occasionally. We've believe it probably did it go there Taylor my mama. To the bar yeah I think some business. Yeah. Well you mentioned business and and the bush you start in this and doesn't go with Herbert I usually it bargained my daddy and beer joints and my daddy as little as a tight yeah. To Blair went with him but I appreciate your first urge her to back her Africa match hello hello. How would exert. There was a Jews then Arabs from entered for yourself. My commodities boom like that business like mutants who. We seem to San Antonio and did take some decent business that she's in their doing a couple of shots having a couple caballos CA. We took our dog out there for some of them are series man is that I tell part of how we took a cold and something. Somebody to get groomed as some in the broader amendment in the bargain to get business mum and enjoy they were doing pet. That was barred under Torre I was right proper ball or there is a different did Yemen anyway beer joints my mum would go rhubarb. Every sheet should go up there and see. This guy's shoes truly with their mommies to be married to Tom layman here he's dead now you go bearing and see him some time. There's some friends of bear are you get divorced a variance though some business there or via federal open to a regular he did you get you grew up in a bar. What does that mean exactly. There's a there's one place he knows rules sentimental to me you know the rainbow downtown in the easily. So much damn well come get me. And then my mom would drop me off their -- warming on there you know because they have beer. So I thought that was a restaurant while Paul have been. Great she's worked so you come pick me up the good news here and they indicated this is probably. Let's say for example there and somber you know maybe give me like 11 o'clock twelfth on the afternoon we'd be there till it closed. 23 days and era. He would sit me down so the Disco record store with some money come back get to see be throwing only cute play some poll. If I wanted to you know go do them a move yourself that I walk into the movie theater. This restart going to movies by yourself pretty much death and are there isn't their joint premier forum for all our sucked deport complex. It too short as a kid graduates aren't any kid in bars do you were too short for anything anyway let's play poker machine hoped they would let you drink. Those first time ever try to severe resume work command Budweiser of the Boston lunch which is now the have those million barbecue education on a few offers the jobs out there. I don't break a bat and all my name yeah. And I'll bet you anything is still lying in their there was a shot of the chicken Budweiser bikini are too much it as like one the first half and the women are aerosol. You should look like could look at it. So machines there wouldn't even let you watch because I had to happen again. I was. Carolina drive isn't the mail in your life has some kind of a parchment would cubicle setup thing about the bathrooms yeah and today what are you doing. I'm gonna go period talk to a man about doll here it's just tried. You know it and then does told the man about a dog yeah and there were you're pretty comeback PS thing is hitting it to doll manually doing little for girls menu foods are. Regime there and disagreed until she's. Death in the cheeseburgers do when when David Beasley take a poker machines out. We ended they do across Georgia. To the state line and play in the air these bill placing his crossover pilot pen every other weekend kind of thing travel with your batteries that Russia. What I Summers did he go back and forth energy stay with one parent or together. Yeah we go back and forth there's a little window for a few years where you know he was a pretty regular. Was there any vacations. Admiral leads and we're older and was there would like to give the Dick's last resort and you go to wouldn't it would do no doubt do you doghouse this family stuff than their old statement thunderbird motoring and yeah. Take you negate elephant problem though in two and a pink pony and ecstatic. That's surely all the bars and beer joints were at home and never Myrtle Beach you're obviously on the mounds are minority drink of Herbert parent. Still I hardly. Rummaging around these when you're. You did aria before unfolds of course nobody believes you didn't have a camera I have as Celeron or dark and at the gates at the pavilion of all places. Mom my daddy is here and and he'd make finale. Aim is to god and that's really young and I was like. Holy crap that's Ronnie Gardner Kansas audience is scholars say his car somewhere in the guests only area really yeah that's under the pilot and most Jimmy it. Based upon Jimmie Jim Garvin is higher. And it paid fact as a unit and I have to imagine hey Travis is saying today is he is kind of carbon this precious did that there's very strange in the face of the air software. There's ever an important story about the Jimmy Garfunkel hypo her mind a fight from now there's been beer joint staff with the best not a thing anymore now. End and because there was a difference like. Apo mill there was out on the the outskirts of town for the downtown there were beer joints billion. Tomorrow Barbara there were couple I don't remember I remember couple the closest one within walking distance that would have been the easiest. Yeah the veterans of foreign wars drinking hall. Governor there's a college. Places. How out how aged 45. Out highway twenty in the end of the Piedmont belzer area out through there and I definitely would classify as beer joints. I don't know what the the ones and I in the band right near the river there's. There's a couple of about 153 years summer 253 and out over that way too that that resembled beer joints to me. And I think there's still open for business although vigilant but there and there are mistakes that these hero around town now do you or find religion beard join you gotta give at least fifteen minutes outside of town. Sales of the same thing you just said you could only you know well. Everywhere on Sundays you can buy beer them saved due VF WP twenty bucks a case Eric. Port remains the area but that was raising money for them as they didn't have. IPod this. We're here they are good the veterans of foreign wars were drinking for free because people going affair by embarrassment. Indeed you can stand in our yard you know where my house was Jimmy you stand in my yard in you can hear amend their saying end. Gospel songs and stuff like on Sunday while they're drinking and rare but listen mom is white church standing flat chair. Armadillo now and I'm cloudy day about with Willie Nelson announced a great song it's fun but it's what they're doing money saying it may here. Let's go and I am very sure the program are you shielded I mean. You tell let my mom always said still pride to this day it's drinking wasn't what it was I would drink and a mock horror. Is she would save drink it she is she'll tell you straight if she lost it tasted beer but because of what it is she's just committed on and won't you know what drink it bruised but. Like there was one time in her and my daddy got into an argument about this. Matt what in my daddy's favorite singers of all time. It's far soul stuff was Percy Sledge Perrier loved her what a man loves a woman all the songs here's payments over fox can't was so it was torn the silver fox which was considered to be a beer joint slash almost a hokey talk example here and my days until my mom racism embarrassed AM I'm not gonna dragging a finger Coca-Cola. An embassy Percy Sledge concert and I wanted to go so bad through and my daddy wouldn't let me go and mama's is no he ain't taking our son until. Your joke up there are men if you bring momma deuce deuce the inside the post hey is it isn't Oregon representatives are grown up. Trash do. I'll come on boy and I trash. And then as you can get around trash clear bad boy that we grew out. Got a trashy because we spent Xoom and I mentioned arsons and beer joints and small children on a major family were trashing Archie I saw little. Hey I'm. Your wives and girlfriends coming of their game and arguments there was a quarter phone in the banks only called bar that you know rules somebody's life or the bartender whoever was ray or whoever don't rely forms and Izod here. It's been playing yamana is maybe two years only 32 I think when I was around Obama and Osama dad's car in the parking lot of motel Bora blew up his spot on these rich Arabs. I didn't I just how I learned. Thanks. Take several query my guess transform what someone in my hands new event. Her then husband. It was the Manhattan drinking but he said he was just going to play pulled. Long story short there's there is a poll hauled it up there was a a platform that went up to a bar. And ahead Mears there through. Wed two way mayor's so when someone walks into the pool hall all they saw over mirrors but the bar was behind that so they can look through the mayors and see so. If somebody came in US first big day you can run up to backdoor. Way else. That was known that that was the way it was and then her brother my dad's brother or stand at the back door well that's a a former oracle SOA Seles coming back doors had to wait wait two way mirrors to hide drinking at pool halls and as Anderson Anderson, South Carolina. Have been in the eighty's or ninety's. That's funny. I realize it was like there. Yeah Amanda Beard joins pull out what is it hokey talk passages media exclusive country western music only right. Yeah we're applying it to our player and chain link fence right where road house I don't La. So sublime always nice day is just a AEA a country club. I didn't seem to the saloon yeah Miguel let us on Obama it out but they play like hip hop on the weekends and stuff. It can be how he felt some I don't doubt that there. Pleases them and they go to Celeste did that falls are letting him borrow because it has. Only start selection of all kind of beer and liquor and all terrorists are all kinds of stuff I think there's a little bit bigger join my mind's a beer joint you can just go in there and get beer. No liquor. Maybe a little bit beer at a lot of stuff right. Mainly because they're original owner beer and her one time nobody's in there drinking because they think it tastes good because it's. Ellen yeah yeah a lot of people come in you know brown bag a couple bucks fifty apiece per can. Is a couple walk out. Real quick on account three. Your favorite bad bar food appetizer 123. Mozzarella choice for its own. We'll take a break before we come back at the moment you've been waiting for. Each face and a jab each cell phones out an addition Foss and face us now notoriety or. Agent Mandalay. He 93 pointer in Atlanta and Bronx. What about your drill. We'll FaceBook arguments. Screen shot and scream capped by use the TR EG in 933 the planet rocks dot com. Names are changed. To protect the innocent. The guilty and stupid. This is FaceBook fuss and I just warmer here. Well they did comes and goes in their man one man and his some meat on the Internet and next minute it's a meat smoker. They and I were really reliable FaceBook dot com slash rise guys right now and now you should get what are your resume or your microphone. More that we get reminders of the sizes to one on our cameraman mark farmer and sort of getting better audio FaceBook dot com slash right guys who watch. FaceBook dot com slash tries guys and Tyler lack acquired there. Share and share share share it share most importantly they share deal people who matter most caring and sharing is an acute care of us you care about. Page in us or save her because they like Herbert in February Jeff yeah plus participants taking care there or else. This same one of Facebook's lesson. Playing the role of Tristan. Will be tabloids here and playing the role of Dolly. Will be pay extra. Playing the role of Terry. Forgive me. Playing the role Wally will be Jimmy Jack Jack here all I can play the role of Bobby Jeff Lewis any all you. And actually it. Truce imposed to pick of blue lights flashing outside windows. Finally had to call the cops if it's 3 AM some of us have jobs in the morning. Delhi tags totally blank Smith and scary. Let my Alley and I do find it fat cat food and allowing young. Post crying laughing analogy buried. Its. They shouldn't sayers like Diaz lucky because now why would jail this time her. Yeah now and this pitches and that is okay didn't days LO well watered down OG. A lot of what are you. Threatening mean now. There's a noise ordinance for a reason you know you should take your chill checking two outs in the country if you wanna get down on the far. Rob not a threat and every time Israel as a lesbian neighbors are and every night until today and but now really know each other clergy go Polly's home. I thank he's mad because he didn't get invited aloe Lal. I know well our way and tags Bobby several girls don't play their wish you wouldn't lollipop my urging his chicken emerging. It's yeah same thing ended same thing. Blunt Q you're in my her Duluth. Play my asked the blank out of you crash employees I am angry would far away from golf and I am happier now Buffett. Her body know you moved grim orders gauge Jerry is facing relaxing and counting anymore. No it turns out I'm the only man allowed their realize there's no more trash and Lance then NG mood. I want to votes and this point broke down apparently due due to write Hillary in very Big Bang. Oh my god page has been civilian rule allied trash no you don't ride in on the primary. Will Blaine may god and now I don't vote. As a real shocker I did that I'm proud American. I have the sound man I would appreciate if he didn't make sun a mob people. Oh man I'm sorry I did not hear your sorry sack boy. Who promote you did after. And they need he's also login dumb blank when he realizes that outages Megan blank violin vote even if I didn't have a felony have a post crying lasting emerging now playing this I moved back to Florida. Any snap where Allah oh well I hope you get a mud snake emerging in saying. A dad told you one day we'll get back to hire Glenn six you have a talk in some biology only Raleigh is a redneck who's figured it emerges because usually it. Old older redneck does the road he's been he's figured it out older dudes like like would like myself I still don't would be a plan gifts. I yell at the end platinum. You know what I think universally the peach is where emea for the didn't compete and your injuries. Seems it'll FaceBook trusted. Seen live right now FaceBook dot com slash tries guys. Playing the role of Alberta. Alberta. Free can made an. Now aren't often there are playing the role at 10 am pleased Jeff Lewis meals. And clearly backe will be Jimmy. I played by tabloids how. And yeah. How wian has some funny stuff and we Garrett and I shouldn't. Good morning sized boats I am I need some real bad Voss lac de sap. And without going into too many details. Harold king you'd get the smell of smoke out of your house black kids it's all in your house I'm talking to the point in me and I are seriously contemplating taking the kids. And stay in the not in a hotel. Is everyone OK. Bush third term as to your home. I text you Alan K through okay please. I don't hallmark no there wasn't a fire and nothing like that. Is just smash it threw out all the house in. Food food. Food is bad news ya all. They're serious. Do my favorite needs burn accident post flame him OG a frying pan Mun G in the sad face a Moochie. How else. Joseph Thomas Schroeder the. Imagine it's some income over a smoking place. Ray ray is still MySpace general report to swears she can still smell trials you kiss my ass budging him knock. I know you just messing it ain't seeing smoke. Got to smoke don't stay smells good and blue. The money. I agree that this kind of smoke don't smell good a thorough seven times a five hours guys. And Alberta had to run over to CBS clinic thing. The CME's. Impede the old season I work today but I ain't going home there and I know anybody. Yup I love new Iraq. But she changed stale for blank it was it PD a lot it was a dull alleged allies LO LA oh you big dogs at the low. LOL whatever our our robbery. It's it's a pretty good and you losing orange pays like mad dog an alcoholic of course since they some energy. I don't. Laura you've liberal way yeah yeah yeah. I stay engaged wanted to wanted to use still in text me back and overblown. I'll look dying to see it takes for me you have Monday Nuremburg. Our fault. Well look any way if you do let me some think smoke in mirrored and you didn't burn dinner or things and make him Corel. All right now don't judge may we didn't think about this before hand. As late game hey. It is here during idea that if I told you ten times and I told you once it was a dumb idea walked arm do you. Whale. Porter. As so here's an embarrassing me in Iraq. If you're low boy wants to cremate his dead cat your Evan just tell him no when he asked anyone not ever ever turn to and ashes they'll only keep burning and burning for I. Hours. In saying here. I. What we have the real screen shots to prove that this was authentic it was hot for May mean service or whatever that was real that somebody tried to cremate. A dead cat. In their. Home of whom had there's this crazy suggestion of child. Mama when it cremated OK okay hurry up and Castro it for. Certain roles are those things are all all you use conservatives don't like you Greg win. Where I was little so efficient right and I don't will be turning blue guilt that when they gonna have to eat priority that fish right so my grandma cooks a couple fish sticks and serves it to me is Fisher call. Since Max out size crowd out perfectly. Perfectly. It's very sad and funny number grandma grandma you know. Old grandma. Seeing jury remember you can send these into us it TR IG. At 933 to planet rocks dot com we'll keep it totally anonymous. These are some of the best I'm I'm I'm may give back a face but just don't look at stuff. Who were once seen before and our three our last and final scenes. Hoosier daddies everybody ready timer here we mourned. Playing the role of Carla. Will be fat boy eighteen years now. Playing the role of legacy. Is that right that is certainly won't be Jimmy jag Jackie are mere gimmick play in the role. Of Tony. Will be freaking me here at our Tony Dwyer assume is due out loud it is oh yes OK all right handed. Ladies when you start your own drama and did you came back to blank up. The star like with someone this seriously ain't scared of blank. You need to realize is bits and you know why they gave you my address so pleased you and whoever let me know when you on the way even if you'll like SI go to these scary as blocks link. Okay this cool I'll see your ass real soon to expect to see imposed. What's your session lasts a does not about my husband said the same thing about blogs you howry tagging linked. Alan Mayo last night came to your blind side circle dressed do you go outside. I don't you come over your daily card come here with a ha ha. Unlike you I take care of my kids and don't leave them in the milk the night to sweep of white trash like you. Bother us give up Chris charges are harassment get a job and live in many your own article buried shorter contract my husband again so had a good night. Page you have no blame game idea about the lakers say and nor do I give a blank. And not contact your blanking husband and don't talk about my game KGB it's my k's got dropped anyway because I'm a good parent. I never let my baby alone. And as for Berry who cares he's a liar and piece of blank anyways a blank you come home baby girl anybody that knows me knows I ain't scared of blank. I love her to be URE gel on you dumb bitch I swear this will forever be over. So your face meets my hands you handle it now we can handle and now I'm ready ride blatant now you don't like. There are screen shots through the back of what I say he'd grow up after nine. They don't care what should go I think nobody worried and besides checked the mall audio employee don't working toward you more severe it's big dome but I I'll see you one day so fiscal. Can't blank him wait. A do you think you then I'm scared your fan asked fiscal refund I'll bring the cookies. The Iraq and I didn't told you not to Bob SA DN there. That I don't know you weigh in you don't know me in that that you'll call them problems among half mile why ask our man at the first place but 'cause he called me out in my whole FaceBook page and when I was NI CU. I had to tell the hospital. They keep you from cull Lynn and getting information about me. Stop and leave me alone he did it help of god damn rocky few we all in saint. It was a perfect voice of the situation that I was embodying the great American dream dusty Rhodes just embrace her. And a three years ago this week that's right as I was Tony. Tony Tony Tony. Let's look back at these and rim in this. I mean it did they can they catch in the Evans speaks for itself my caddie you know who was beautiful for an canyon and speaks for itself. I dime but I enjoyed it Terry while interest in his well at all. And Bobby had to be about body whose stories in every way announce a bomber and Molly moved great award from I guess Lexington county. Somebody give me get back. At. I pack my uncle or Mac or not Akamai Michael I can map up which is her Israel. Real FaceBook arguments screen shot screen cap by UP one since who was it TRG at 933. The planet rocks. Dot com. Names changed to protect the innocent. Big guilty very disturbed man that was based book buzz and. This means 341. You're listening to the rise guys morning show right reborn through the. Rise guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Father's Day Sunday are you ready are you prepared. I don't have to do anything my daddy's dead. I assume they're value here is a bad guys to ban doesn't make any of the plans or anything this is like these the Ultimate Fighter I'm more than under any thing. Probably is I'm not a bad don't have advantages this is Sunday to millions for yeah not complaining just there's arrests on paper view every year on a Sunday I got a card for fat boy issues. I think are just three days rank he's been in the way bill bad night but it also appreciates Noonan Charles to come apart. And I saw Madden and in a photo this might put out on the Internet at the inside the issue the man. What's on the inside the billion souls with missiles split in the often only a sort of well gonna have blood on. You paid based more thought. Crude and dash she's dot com feminists. Well you mentioned payday tomorrow but there's a study and Google Google that revealed that south Carolinians. Loved their Nantz Phil least. Sorry to tell you nabbed but there's a difference between the north and the south and on get to that but according to. But Google searches people looking for Father's Day gifts are. Father's Day ideas. And there is research compiled by. Four pro brown makes and they found by using Google search. And the volume of the people looking for guests are ideas that. South Carolina wins dead last. Ranked number fifty 'cause we know down here what you get all. We don't even want a close insurer game dark shirt or camouflage shirts are related to go and some car park near her organs and Brando. Or gun and ammo accessories turn actually wearing tonight and I'm wearing a car hearts is their new spring collection or we know what kind of beer drinks what garlic relaxed and we do in order to. And my issues there by ass kickers and if he's seen me this looks like Skechers and it says as kickers. Stickers news Potomac I'm sticker that's good now. The stakes not animal. Us Texans. Are number one they search more for gifts send us an idea is then Georgia's second place. North Carolina I mean it's you and number nine and then the people and in the midwest they're kind of like the middle of the road in the forties. And then now on people up north they ranked higher. You know it's just can't take this the opposite way this tells me that people in the south know their dads and people elsewhere don't know what to get their debts. My daddy was still living right now I know exactly what I don't get it they would like it right there and get in Roseanne on dvd the new. I give credit card cigarette Zealand and a senior napkin into skier your dad the typical tire barbecue tools or something like that. Roman had never wore tire parts or bolo tie one time immigrant must you Wear all my days were telephones there. Yeah. I mean he was the reasoning Hamlin says it may remain in the coming deaconess. And then that means you gotta be Asher Indiana where tot mom pleading get to go to casual church. We didn't have a rock commander mullah now. We just had a bad asthma investor Buchanan. Movement but it that is good diet is more like address servant as Jack and Jack and it answers. With a clip on Qaeda I am I had never learn how to tie ties and even after nine Sammy YouTube video ten years gusto and a guy that was okay. Taught him how to do it but it worked so any look as if they're managed you know. Still if you could work from home when do you. The temptation will be there to play for me now regard owed absolutely and our. Didn't this job now. Impossible here and not impossible but. Don't be our Big Three or later I gotta get out and go somewhere else and so outgoing at least and a house I can't. Yet to have bet there's BO line between work and home to some extent in some way you really dancing next fourth home having to go to the bathroom this isn't exactly. Within their their client gets blurred you work at home I think it really did you know you wind up not taken a break from work work and all went to bed timers here and is. Tricia if you get online to Google stuff that's that's my pitfall every time you are anywhere from home some sort of learned her jobless or no regard probably work all the time inside of our work from home port or not get anything done because she'd be watching. DVR you know. Are worn out of trade later. We're import job has come out there on line if she used fan boys athletic shoes or in NASCAR he's not he's not a joke and in a million to come out and. It's working from home is kind of a new thing for professional especially and outlast and Los Angeles and and San Francisco may be because people are online. Says 77%. Of these people say they wish they can work from home. And 19%. Say then there's no downside. To telecommuting. It's they're doing it from home is easier. First do we give some offers I think heard talk people who are very appropriately worked Roman had a rough time where. Well I don't like having meetings I teleconference meetings early like that Indy. Recently. Maybe a month or two ago nine overdue and a one of those with a client. And they were it was and national client and they were also at the same time meeting with every other radio personality they renew an endorsement Swiss. So for fifteen minutes you have. It's Tony from Kansas I'm here yeah hey it's Robert from Greenville I'm here this is like a roll call and then by the time national meeting started outside my lord. Get these as I can say they're a very a year ago polish up its mark in Simpson dill chicken and do you buy some yeah. Last down there that's that that's an area that you think you're kind and that only in nineteen top mark in the mailman income this year absurd as some distractions and. Go get lines and wander off I got things like that got good Mellman and that have never meant but I want to I just a very just. Very nice moment. He won't shove stuff into the mailbox I just is is in a Manila envelope them from Amazon doesn't mean you can be folded up shop then he'll take it. Wrapped window rubber band all my other lenders can put her on the front porch forming this such a nice guy this guy I've seen from a distance that. To shackled. Lamenting it's it's it's not there aren't bad karma always awesome she always suits she's have she's every entering any packages where does your owners and dogs as an income or packet off. Although there are no more we got some although I don't thank you really out there peace or you don't stated there oh poor thing my game yesterday. Is it carries at 35 pound boxer relegate. I thermal. But I think the plus sign. Tim working hard you wouldn't have to find parking UN have to take a train you in have to commute so be easier if you lived in a big city then things going on have to mess with that. Or especially in the wintertime you wouldn't have to go to work and snow or sometimes other. Don't leave home you know the types of people that want the houses are a lot of subdivisions where if you live in this subdivision as far as you can tell that houses deserted. You've never seen people outside the doors the winners are always shine its light. What serial killer culture we creating here where nobody goes outsider talks to anybody you're goes anywhere does think anger sees the light of day. It's not good. There is a house in my neighborhood near the front not the first Aspen near the front that I swear for six months I thought it was like the model home. Illusion he's the Israel is they are so perfect yeah window treatments are amazing that the indeed you never see anybody going in and out never any kind of lights on you know other than you know and traditionally night from Portsmouth. I saw a lady walk Allentown. Oh yeah he's robbing the place all. Eliminated from the model homes it bigger step for length. On Faison as your eyes guys and minds mornings with the rise. Get up every morning with the hose was still live remote wake up tomorrow I'm with them on my door and next three minute throughout Blackstone. 93 point three. It brought.