Monday, June 18th

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3.3 the planet and oh okay rise guys morning. I had a fear you Ned serious and all the old people in the whole wide world all drafting Greer every day at 3 o'clock. For the record my favorite drag queens are beyond good Del Rio Alaska and bomb the drag points. I'm just not the person that goes from one marriage to sacking him with someone months later justice nominee because you wanna get to know me I'm out there. There's a popular saying this is go hard or go home I'll take the first one formal way home. Lewis field and eventually a blind squirrel finds an acorn. Think about that for a minute. Nice mornings like jilted. Maybe 3.3 double planet Barack should. In his favor remained quiet I'm gonna say I had got away much try to get a name I ever if there is any cheating were going near baton about fat. It don't say anything until we at least get that okay. Here again. It's wartime. And I've got to and this one right here's fine. They did that the pitch it's going to be fine. It's nice to know a new restaurants are opening up. You know I I let you go to restaurants opening in waiting a month is Antonio and it's this. All I guess we DeMar place. Or sold hey mark Harriet. Our old Aurora wolf I'm doing great my name is LeBron stroman and I'm calling you today to let you know. Congratulations. A good job congratulations. This is. Is a happy day you must first call the morning too because no one else is here yet. I'm calling to tell you that. You've wine dinner for two at the soft opening for speech chateau rose Henderson go north Carolina's newest downtown destination. For fine wine and dining. About that. Portable well it doesn't stop there Mari union gets you invited to come out and weekend of June 15 it'll be an evening of great food wonderful wine all courtesy of chest Llewellyn and his crew. And we really listen this week designed to new Zogby truly unique. Undeniable. Romantic atmosphere on the upper floor in the roof top of the building dating back to 19109. It's course world renowned chef Douglass well and is crafting the finest regional inspired dishes from scratch nightly in the kitchen so. When you gonna join us. Oh well what Oprah yeah I saw it. I'm good right to a degree got Al this is there anything like that are only should. You can you can get free you don't need critical on our program and kept you get right to quote the. Now now none of that no no credit cards required I won't even ask for your address in pain and kudos to you for being cautious like Dicey things on the news all the time people seeing how you are free stuff give us credit card or yeah I I. Exactly. What our issue. It won't let me again now what we taught us you know you've heard of a grand opening that's when you're ready to go soft opening is when we're a couple weeks away from the grand opening and we're just getting our staff trained we're getting everything kind of that though them. The bare bones laid out and then now we'll get everything fixed up but here's the thing. You're going to be able to join us on the weekend of June 15 and that right there is going to be at times he'd come and enjoy a a wonderful dinner all free of charge courtesy the chef Doug Llewellyn and all the fine folks. Sheath to resist. So congratulations. Are. You Jim since June 16 stash right we got why that couple weeks away so loud. You may be no. Yeah I'm sorry you do that I. We can't. Jimmy always ended June 5 to eighth. Oral and okay well what if I could offer you the same deal with the same free email on blob of a week later we would say that would be. Actually I came in I can have you any night Sunday through Thursday of either a week so would you do the following week which would be the week of the twenty seconds. I am now I'm sorry but you're I'm sorry I can't tell you this I am not a bit. Thinking that at all I do appreciate ultra celebrate nights. I cannot make you delete him or are no current. Carry anybody's turning this down this never happens before Mara. Yeah so. Xiang out and gosh. Knows a great sales pitch. I no matter how working my hardest on the don't. We are ordered the first weekend because that's we give that. He's going to be homer. That's why he taught now. Bring our bring him McEnroe clip from CNN's Martin Lawrence is there yet I hear that's so we genuine when we talk we knew it's on the had to say her name and all that now was getting to the date. Your home that weekend. We geographical more. Weak in the 15 PM without the air terrible weaker than her. Really wasn't. OK so Jim Porter Goss fewer home more wrong. Throws. Sly and the owner Donna. Okay so. Maybe we color back in and I'll I'll say you know I'm from them we could say OK what he'd like to join us for the grand opening a giver like it too much when that. She. I wish we can get the name. That's the thing she didn't what she can use it any time for the next three months but we just need to know she's gonna bring a weather for the the place cards or whatever we said. Are you cola that. The year. Yes army and we didn't we didn't cry and thinking I can push her around now pull all of three or blue or whatever eager longer. You're news and again the bigger windows. What do you do this lap I had this. Rachel do it lies in your name been so let's call her back right now and you taught her as your wise and just lay it all out there you can you can. You know you can just just tell her how you feel this is semi should mare Don and and I in love. Pint sized sweets when he lets call it back and you just talk to. Crew born very. Are you scared of your life I'm beyond them. You know any relationship Nero or won't he and it's it's man or woman. Either way if you're scared. Of a reaction or this and you're scared to be around that person or that means something really wrong. We are obviously as the rain doesn't mean you have to be afraid they're going to beat you are they deserves to be for you can be afraid that you're gonna reserve walker been there and be miserable for you go somewhere else there are so. I just gonna dial the number again. I would I would just I would just tell how you feel and tell her what's going on teller that he's got to the point where you. You know. Impossible to say her name one time and nobody knows how to spell it so we're good mister OK you've each year you that's her. Yeah yeah. I went out again when you add dialing that mean she did it dialing out when she answers you just talk tour and then we'll join you. If she'd tell us on the phone. Okay are you sure you're always. Yeah where most in the car. Stroke. More don't really know it's me. There are no. Troll it's. They don't. Everything. Yeah you know literally burned her career. Okay economy out clearly what auto right. Our rules you know earns just curry who was her. What are you talking about. What's gone on like are you okay. You know help. Oh yeah are important component. He's not. I'm not tired Mora Tyler. I LA is a broad stroke many gambit really it's it's my name's Matt man. It's the rise guys were a radio show 93 point three the planet in Greenville, South Carolina. Are you calling me OK so that was needed called the Joseph is rich has we we tried to get something not that he didn't work. Rich has got some concerns and I think rich and save entity. Well armed. I'm just hung on just confront no more crucial minutes in order permanent. We weren't trying to call you and we're gonna offer you this dinner and then when he says hopefully yes we I want and now is that I. He went. Windows. Live right here and you know would include radio colony which you sort of hear why I'm probably lean at the. Solution is that a week in school my high school they wouldn't like they're a week in elementary. What your question you can eat as in the what do you want ritual. And I'm just turned on her one year old little ordinary and eat burger burger and not only let you anything. To accept like expected it to be all you got me on re elect. The number one sure exactly what we call. We do didn't look or I'll tell got a bit on the street you give them a bit. You know woo. Armed and carrying. But he said he you know like he tries to talk to you anytime against this same kind of you know. A key election. It will roll arrogant and spit out. And are you armed border Suu Kyi literally. A well you know that's the last. I'm Irish and leaned yeah. Just. Edged in that didn't mean it GG. I don't know like we're in great okay. No I don't. Cannot believe. It is a source vendor like. Time are. Rich. Seriously. Stacks what you. What is he could you keep saying he acts like he's in the fifth or sixth grader like what does he do. We work. Yes I know it's all pink to be all about you know much indeed they are going around he had much. I am not into love their car I am the mother of course. I am not about speech you or not they're urged it. I'm an on little little little older than them and you're going to war he. Similar thing when I'm aware of the word Google. We knew who aren't usually come aren't certain policy that's really really are really is not the only English or not I actually can't wait to leading did more to deal with this crap right here oh my gosh so. Wanted to call you literally hang up was among nail on the air. And just you know just really wanted to tap into concrete steps according about the look like it just. Did you get home ritual Hulk action and I really do need to get oh OK still are just cannot deal with this coming lyrics this early in the morning. He. Hey we submit that on a billboard. And ignorance in the morning just us guys many 3.3 dollars Altria Group. She wound up again. OK you're rich and current. Yes no kidding heroin. Are about all loose the but the what are your thoughts right now rich. He wouldn't go so easily now. Murray. I don't know I don't know. Have you always been able to parliament transport technician. I have you had a job all the time we've been married or is that something that you went after to maybe get out of the house defeated easily. So consciously. Urban or rural parent and now terrified you know I don't dig a holy further four. I don't think she I had my gut feeling is she's not cheating but she is not happy and I don't know what would make her happy. The Arabs only you would know that you may have footprints on your ass maybe you hear more power over him. Aaron. Jason Sarasota Florida this is this'll tying him though and the funeral or talk whatever. So these two guys your roommates I imagine that there you know whether they're one was 23 the other one was 24. So I imagine. That there are probably like college roommates in Indy they had this. This home that it was product fraternity style house or take this is just what I'm thinking just based off their names. Long story short dude came home for imagine not being out with his girlfriend he goes and opens the door here is nothing in the house. He goes into the kitchen nothing like he's so well this is weird she's usually party Alison what's happening he does that to his buddy room. He's dead. He's buddies that he calls 911 he's like I don't I just got home I don't know what happened about Obama I don't know what to do please get here soon as possible. They got there and eighteen minutes which tells me they were very close to a hospital there was this one night nearby. They get there. Go busting into the road and they start set nut ball this equipment didn't leave ever has what's wrong. He wasn't vet her very rarely was it bad he was just he'd drink so much that he was almost an eight. Astute Burke or asleep or a blackout or what every college. So clearly you haven't got shut him a couple of times wipes his chest it was a moving. I do that they were put my finger under their nose both men no just one. Nothing less if they want to go into an end but that would be no way I wouldn't. But so anyway long story short big guys being billed for the 911 call the guy who made the call. And now he's facing their room they should have to pay for. What are you know these guys and good morning do African truth and consequences here means sort of at a disadvantage URL to terrorize guys court when judge Jimmy. I mean god bless like. How much did you drink that somebody came over it was a shaky news and looking bird. Eddie you know to be a skinny guy too because when I'm asleep I breathe ol' boy I'm Maria. That was jerk all the always it was he came home after a date night with his girlfriend. They did say it was in the mill denied the 911 call came in at 3:43 AM. Any good read like a good thing the other guy's dead even if you don't read he had any of you. I give if you were there are so real nice climate than this or am I forget things that I think did. You know the lucky ones not a party old boy Jeff we'll tell you went to iron. Our reality yeah he knows how to party. You know I'm a part in a few never thought you Fran was dead. I mean there's got to be just as situation where it like it's real call she can be anonymous if you need to you don't have to tell us your name and they're named it. I wanna hear how many times it happens is that story really doesn't grab me and I was like I never heard anything happening like this tonight. Fourteen years. When I thought nine was dead. Our you know some listeners stored there dude our room my room and I take some. It's far is. Top to scariest moments of my life. That is as. Yeah nine was the producer at this point he would get this when we would get to the radio station like. For a fourth thirty as we would just prepare prepare prepare prepare. And a bad way like over prepared to act like you don't want to plan out everything you're gonna say and all this out. I get a call in he said hey not he's not here yet I just got here and I've tried his sound there's no answer did you run by south swallow islands and easily at the time nine live downtown Greenville. So I pull out the saws vehicle they're did not see his roommates are there moloch. I'd go to the door to knock on it and as I went to knock on it open prayer ass and how good our our Rivera that's our own. McNair. Creep down the hallway in it was a wooden floors so it's what and it's an older home of one of those nice will be built homes that when you take a walk on that wouldn't for you would hear every crash was decreased to seven Florida it was very scary and I hear nothing in the home and I appear around the corner where 92 bedroom was. And I saw his body healing there. And it was it was brought in a way out it looked like there'd been some kind of come boasting some kind convulsions going on it was just like kiwi aegis froze in some kind of weird it jump man position on his bed with. He's playing toward the wall so as I go over toward the wall and a roll him over in his body just fought separate rightness. And do I I I promised. Owner grave on a Bobble whatever for about five to ten seconds I thought he was dead he was pale he was sway I think. Now by many sweat all the time but this was kind of a for you learned your girls slept well it was almost like a more yeah but he was almost like the morning do condensation was telling year you're an icy days there's a stain on the wall. From where I think he sweat when he would when he would sleep with or did something. Com and then I write rolled over. All of a sudden I hear that right. If you ever see where their work and stories chest and they're pushing pushing pushing hot tempers and us. By that Jones just like rebels announce all of us it was great and a birthday party the whole time. I times and I would put knowledge gesturing impression it's just miserable mope when he flopped back is art. Like he just. He just came alive for something I've met him. Yeah hi it's Jay bird yeah does that bother my birth they say yeah. It was after the Christmas party there and she's on the bag he had an iPhone now or else the twins stayed on the wall Mo like miss some we'll all those doors to knock in the paint all I was used. It looked like it was it was quite the same little brown nose knows what else I tell you man who called it odd that I've never been so. I can match earful that would be alarming to see that it was and I was already thinking okay. When we go into and show today without much thought she would you attribute every planning Alec you death tree view would call Moses and Sarah get her to reflect on your life in. Yeah I think last oneself and you're too old feels are still continue to I felt I say designs and indication. A video page read I have right now. It's so I took that. Com. And in. That. She's always do we have a backstage pass or something nine pass out. Can't let the white yeah means grandson robot who is all messed up all the bills. Here's what he was 18 this morning is entertained because he was murdered don't do your own pills and drugs and. He had the wild and wonderful lights in West Virginia we had Mamie and Kirk and anger that was Kirk's son. I believe. Or one and then one of the canyons Mars Israelis grandson is where they are remaining in December over the Geiger during the rewind sort of outside the guy does anybody we will soon then coral there. You do do you think and a big dinner pastels sort of formal Malcolm mouth here prison tattoo on his hand is said to talk stuck. I mean it is literally looked like you know as seventh grader wrote and they just tattooed you don't care. Idea what he passed out of there and it was in the cold sweat kinda had claiming you looking away aria and we told Mamie that we said eight. We figured you boy's mother has some trouble ovation I suggest a slightly. At least. They're either doing a bit were salespeople are bringing clothes and donated to thrift store. Yet they just let us into I think at that event took out of the Quebec. Calls that are literally hit and then that was the funniest thing is it was all the sales people came in so scared that dude was unfortunately had a case where our our special when they found out who they work -- do this for the people from that MTV documentary the wild with the likes they like do nothing but pills marathons you know I think time I think initially their lives up since then. Michael Clarke Duncan is on the phone let's go now Michael from duck excuse me and my whole. My whole faculty dead. Michael. Model. Are all right Michael died here's our. Gerri come alive and just say I'm here and he's finger. Hole here I am. Kerr McGee younger 110. Minutes. And he was everything he beat me there had stopped its changing aghast he beat you are this. Sell specialized yeah it was a rough rider is a rough today a rough. Few years we always tell me in my way when we gleaned an advancement for and we know. Preserve was their old are you were loose and my mama I used to think you their all time. Michigan nicely today he absurd as I would zero right there isn't thinks she honestly Greg eventually it viewfinder. On in my. Soft well I I stand here I sit here today saying I'm glad you not Dagen wearing they did animals and and let me say this I'm surprised you still live now let me show. Any way you think. You can see you're. Good day for our eyes and mornings yeah. New Year's drill. FaceBook arguments can you believe it FaceBook arguments. Screen shot I use the CNN anonymously of course we would never ever share of anybody who's saying what in. Names changed to protect the innocent. Very guilty. And stupid this. Is FaceBook plus. And it did un. Seen them wine. Playing the role of crew. Will be Jimmy Jack Jackie yeah yeah playing the role of Tina. We freaking week coming. Playing the role of Danny will be just listen you'll pass and play in Roland diary will be fat boy. Yeah. And action. Throws him OGU overhead. Followed by remote G of watered down. There should CAD Deb. DJ ES have to incur in. A version always just thirteen dollars a werder I don't have Malaysian mills a lot surreal. What begged our religion you owe money share. I blow hardy here about the news the bad news. But if you're not want to go there's by beginner let me know so I can get back up for sale but you mind. God man I got demoted to better as I don't have no motive bills not mock drills and it's not that's it. I'll be a barrel Friday afternoon after lunch Merlo one lone. But it. They're you have put your business on FaceBook again you'll forever be a little loser of the boy friend. Ewing didn't eat each you've corn and give in now okay don't. He has she's today they know I knew our resolute no number one Vermont hundred. Who missed three regulator daddy. How many show tool he's taught. About this for years. They crew. Please just say you broke the largest human way alligators orally pleasure for I was asking you about the wage garnish and believe you totally breezed past that I want. And I also heard I had dollars a year and a program. The Burma and I got thirty days some well I'll be out but I did. I had either extend. Do look not pay your bills Bob May regain its Biden baby alligators are not tight courtroom institution this image. I live first off did not mention numbers who lives and then do that were I would then gore okay. Let's say you are abrasions that you should solve black man no saying says you know our amend many alarm. This familiar yellow denoting still use that that's between third team okay. But I wonder when they come for your car because of the miss payments are repossess that are just gonna go ahead and sixty alligator all the mainstream Jolo. You know when they took my butt and they named Thompson may I. I got home from work went down hard to take a score come up the hall turned the TV download out the window at his tone and why. So I am. You guys to start a support group for so I Susan did beats you beat team credit risk Hank you listen here you don't know things I do not know who you are. But as far as I'm concerned you can choke on one and got okay HUA Walton in the issues but east. So want to watch your mouth because cardinals a bitch I save our mall is a bitch crude. And also the whistles candidate. Our Gary brings more in this series so Barbara page. Pro some energy of stops aren't still here heard it. They deserve our OK so here reload this his save commission blocked me. I want to set as a bigger nor blamed RO mob ranks while I appreciate that I think that was probably the right thing to do. I love you signed early general didn't say it. Yeah. Well man. Teens yeah. Playing the role. Of Paula. We'll be sweet baby Jane street and clear role of Lonnie. Free can meet. Playing the role of Vinny who will be fat boy it's. Pros name of tropic thunder cast in Vietnam retire. Ben Stiller Robert Downey junior Jack Black Brandon Jackson any gun looking Dave Poland ruffles with a jumbled backdrop. So I would lessons every series you lag isn't shared his picture bravery in our soldiers. So let's say you know relax and shares they can get a hash tag war is hell. Also judge is true American hero thank you for your service. Are all though emerging certainly knows he deserves our respect is our brother. Lonny does not just like the post he does that thing where you can ha ha holocaust. Parents Lori. Eight skiers and daisy this fellow oil. Yeah but then I read the comments I realize the you know what to tell you just posted. Why memory of war is funny. You aren't you guys say you can go yellow yellow FaceBook and be off work today and. Yet what I don't say they signed up to five so I can click stuff on FaceBook but that's just besides that point because well that's a movie. Doesn't matter does batterers is a vote. Are you imagine you learn better. Now on knives but neither of those guys in fact that's Iron Man skunk fu panda and Ben Stiller the. It doesn't matter who. No it isn't may soon go for more uniform there representing my memories. Well I don't know how many women served in Vietnam that I know that's a comedy movie about a bunch of spoiled actors making a movie about Vietnam. It's actually a movie about a movie and I couldn't possibly be any less about Vietnam unless they were making a stupid Saddam about Steven baseball instead. Urged Russian military. No special America's pastime. Pro Dave painkiller all around you so old girl. Pose to be moved bill emerge from strives pointing at the camera and the caption I want you shook them like go up. Are so there are out Brothers there are to say it. Come on the Blanco on man and that's bill blink in Murray I mean blatant show this Israeli search years and not know you deal Essen and Murray is. How is too busy there are fighting issue layering history books and Paula. The smile went all the from Long Island. He served Chandra ninety's post could Pauly Shore name he did for me in the army now. We'll remind ourselves well sometimes your last go round and. That's your right then that's great in the national media itself is so good to eat. Did it all is sure it big. When it is clear he's got all their boutiques at its. The so called on the army good yeah. Crime war is hard man in war is hard the our last and financing. Seems increasingly. Playing the role of Terry. Will be fat boy yeah. I'm playing the role of John will be Jeff Lewis you know yeah AEA playing the role Becky. Obviously will be nine. In Roland I assume that this is a nickname and not some kind of international name. I will be playing the role of Steve -- I. And and. Action potential all consider this if you see if you will if your grandparents. Urge your grandparents still alive that is cool it takes a lot of luck to make this more it's their birthday the bio means celebrated with a but whatever you do do not pose the pitcher the more FaceBook for all of us to own fortunately seat please thank you that is all. The Atlanta stuff. You just not a preacher god yes you know Saudi mammy and I'm sings some of the people she really use some common sense before posting slump. Willis is say unflattering pics of her grandparents on here. Why I holes. OK I can't even delay but I'm great right now are you serious when they ask. Did serious things a large age gracefully. Some of these old mill ransom weathered scan pork farmers should have the pigs blast Saddam public brawl sleep. Are okay coming from the same person in just put paid sick himself with his grandma few days ago. Oh she got dealer Mayan. Yes so what my managers had a birthday what do you think may be taken as opposed dummy. Only post pics of people if they are cool with it and I would consider before posting besides my man takes care of herself. Doesn't smoke socially drinks uses a lot of lows more than I can say for some old people won't hear. Man. Honestly I agree I mean damn I have been somebody would say some immensely and I'm glad it was may met honestly. I sit here say the bank in the same damn thing LO oil. I know man no shame and it. I was so guitar of people posting pics of her grandparents' home here. No wing they didn't check them first to see fuels coal and knowing some of the brain appears scanned who's like dried up desert cracks. Way to say happy birthday Nana but it bears you have FaceBook photo now for all of the upstate seat. Well guess what James Malone. May be simply just sort of celebrate I have. Happy Millwood their lobster share amounts don't look their grandparents also be out at a certain age certain area really birthdays have less evermore limits no. Look I don't delta York. All I'm saying is don't post a pig when you know good day well it's gonna turn everybody's stomach when they click it. Happy birthday dear grandpa but it looks like Freddy Krueger will accord cup I'm sticking out of his mouth and. I don't need to see them. I know people like you are the race while FaceBook is so full and negativity. Don't even think opposed Belmont place in fact you follow me right now. Don't post pics of your program although our skin so I don't like tea bags that we won't have a problem is yeah. I had never heard that before I thought additional news channels. I found my fellow man that is the that is ask you run through the weekend that is he messed it fine line remember. You can send us. Your facial fuss sunscreens she'd been screened shot and what everyone I do send them to TR IG. At 933. The planet rocks dot com. Names changed to protect the innocent to guilty earnest thoroughbred that. Was. Faced off site. I was more power play these big. Go ahead keep dedicated work Sharon is work or. Al lol I do that Clinton's Dell Dell every day every sport yeah he's free to.