Nikki Sixx of Sixx A.M. - 10/18/16

Tuesday, October 18th

Paige talks to now former Motley Crue bassist about taking his other band, Sixx A.M. on the road as well as politics and the new heroin epidemic.


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I'm Toews and yarn aiming down as a one and only a legend Mickey six now is six say ending carrying a Graham Allison and and I got a chance to talk to you before all that happened tell you today Nikki. I'm doing them happy we just got back from Tokyo a couple days ago and at a great time over Japan in the book or that we run purified Internet bunch Papa Roach. In Canada and the before the bat we were able to order in Europe. And the before that we're on tour in America do in headline and fast rules so. It's been a really. And happy year for us first the dam came out we had. To be singled off of that and into moral actually. Is the pre order for our another cup for another album for my first bought. So let me backtrack a little bit with prayers of the dam can I was reading up on about that and and you kind of eluded to how society is now on how ridiculous it is with politics in that. A summoned the writing was inspired by Donald Trump on that CD. I would say that the writing some of those long it was inspired. By. The immediate terrorism and what I mean by that is complete media takeover no matter where you go. Online and offline. TV streaming out of here where you go into dinner with people. They're talking about. The insanity. That is the presidential campaign. And we hear people are some people approach problems some people are pro Hillary. And we instead let's write a song about it this song would rise in news basically. You know pick your poison. But at least pick somebody because. A lot of people were feeling. You know what the point you know what the point I don't I don't wanna vote I don't care not to make a difference. I don't know what you know we. You know don't don't give up half our country's America stand up. Whenever you believe it is not my business what you believe it and actually what I believe and is that really not that you should really be worried about that either we should just vote who we think is gonna run our country is about us. I think the media is cinco vulgar and I'd now like a month before the elects and. My money money does a lot of stuff they'd stand yeah and they're bad people that are American and enjoy a night state dinner. Paid for by certain people but at some point we did you get to the tipping point. And job that would that figure watching right now. This is some people hate you know Hillary Clinton. Bomb how did Aaron in more than ever in other people can't stand Donald Trump. On more than ever meet in your you know my political PO I wish we had someone else to vote or. I agree that's how Ryan. And and if I say one thing and you know how it is you work in radio you say one thing somebody's gonna take that the wrong way you say another way. It is just throw away and maybe in a seeming announced I say anything about Donald Trump and not say anything about the women I'm in trouble here without. I mean yeah you're right about that and you wanna be like Pearl Jam on stage. You know viewing your political opinion in the rest of the band is to stop you right. I have I have a little my wife came in one day and she goes what are you doing and I pulled up pictures of Donald Trump rep says Adolf Hitler and I would now chatting it I was doing like. Like a monologue behind it. And he's like going I know you're big you're finally the year hit a lot of people off right now and I'm like yes here yeah. But hey they're allowing that person and pick it. Alessio well. You know let's see what happens. Am I do you wanna ask you about heroin diaries or the night and I know you don't wanna be the poster child for heroin an addiction but after seeing the video of the grandparents. And dean on heroin when they're. Ran town in the car when people or making fun of them use spoke about it and said that heroin addiction it breaks your heart and I respect that fact that you said that people need to wake up. Law I mean listen I I don't mind speaking about it because I think. That somebody who has recovered. And Hu what ideas they recovered I mean at the daily work daily. Recovery. You know weekly it is they do say one day at a time I'm not so book off I'm not here to preach about what you should or shouldn't do. I am a messenger. Of evil. You know I will tell you what it wiped out there I experienced. It I I've seen it. It's not pretty it's not glamorous. And in all I try to it is just help people the truth. The other truth is. Drugs do you feel good. But the problem is. Big W. You kill you they kill your family. Drugs are are or were made for a reason map up pain reliever is meant to relieve pain from surgery. Problem. You utility issues surgery as an example of oxy code. All once you have had a surgery break your leg you break your back horrible car accident they give you these pain pills. You your body developed an addiction once you have an addiction. And the doctor says okay you don't need the pain medication anymore. Now you're addicted to see your now your new penis called with all. And people start finding other ways to get those drugs. And right now more than ever. Those drugs are street street drugs opiate. Are being mixed with even stronger drugs. And that's why we're having heroin epidemic so to speak your heroine is being mixed with that at all. And send them all what killed cramped and at all. Is the most powerful drug that we. As far as the pain reliever and drug dealers are getting it for cheap mixing it with their heroin and so the drug dealers. Our selling a better product. That is sick of that cell and the dead the addicts are going I need a better product the last money league don't know what they're doing. If you're if you're drug addict right now and you think you control it. I'm I hope you're listening to me you're gonna die. You're gonna die you can't control it I'm I I thought I can control and I died. You know a lot of my friends that died didn't survive so we have. Two awareness is he's so I'm glad that you know you ask me about that you know why I loved doing a radio show I can talk about stuff like this. But life isn't just about. Darkness you know life is about is about happiness and joy and I got I think this six they have. Hackles some pretty. Heavy subject matters whether homelessness. Or drug addiction but we always find that moment when we seeing. Life is beautiful. Or purse the dam just like you know maybe there's a chance for all of those. And and that that's a really bad that so what I think since they have spread a lot of joy yeah of course like worldwide we can put that figure out. That's a lot of rain and that there are a lot of part of that they'll end and I was talking shined down about Scott Linehan then you know they toured with. And you know them. And you know I guess I asks. Aspirin Smith listed how would you like to being now and when you're definitely you want people to say about you. Do you can't change your history are re write it then maybe you can make it the way you want to be remembered. Through and you don't want to rewrite history and I'll tell you why not your history. In the lesson. Or somebody else that need a road map. Write your history is important part of who you war. So I hear people say well you know I was kind of messed up back then but you know I'm all better now yeah ot that why. I'm happy you're all better now that part of the we loved history lesson but don't forget how important. The bad times war. Right any Zeneca blond thing around. So anonymous beautiful stuff she probably ever root when you're miserable place at our eight. When we we have so many layers as human beings them. If there's anything I can do about like should go to school. Go back to college I'd like to psychology class. I think the human mind is phenomenal I think that. If your parent you're probably not a perfect parent. And your causing some kind of damage in your kids. So for all the good because there's some damage you cause and then that in the past Saunders battle level wanna do about it mate. And in it all but disliked let them this word lyrics are comes from this is more music comes from there's nothing like a heart may. To me I hit song that's your butt. Some people forget there's nothing like a beautiful day to write a song to you and that kind of what we try to do is we try to. We try to look at like our lives ago there's so much to write about. And we're all so much why. On the the idea. Will find that the producer as it is now that I'd like to punch in the face is like. Amen what the top lines. In this business this format. You do when you're hot line in your format. And let right tomorrow our. That's what we have to do that with a great do and that's whether wrap. Alternative. Heavy metal. Like country. Get in there weren't premier horror telling your story. And people will connect to a stop trying to make it into a machine. Right and that's gonna save music because people are now and it's trailers is something that you don't feeling you're seeing in in the states because you've our hearts bleeding on your he can feel it in the guitar and you know everything that you're doing. Yeah and and let me ask you kind of a silly question I know imitation is flattery and I think Tino how many people look like you or how many bands advocates say Hamlet like you. If I was gonna look or dress like anybody it probably would beat me stuff it will pull up in the morning and I look at myself and I'm like. Thank god. Don't look like a trade Iraq. My wife I swear to god my wife will be blind as you like rolled over the Washington I love you baby you're so beautiful autumn like. There must be a male model long limbs it is actually sure it calling our. We have to confess that I've learned that growing and pocket and you read it does well let's let's. In you know I saw the sky leniently moniker came agreeing now I'm back on a motorcycle ballad just like you and I'm thinking and are being picky six or there are some might think it you know you ride your bike around town we need talented artists. Any or is there Nicky six in person Nader's turn again laid. And it unwelcome people get laid them and how. RA Nikki my final question I know you're running and it's time you're chairman of the well. December senate. With your buddies five iron at times shined down and as lions and 68 it and what is there are many what do they expect I know six and is is scan via loud and what what do you guys gonna do. Why does it tell you what I loved about whoever is from second outlined are. Think they have. Shot down by finger I think it's a great show from beginning the airmen and go to the ultimate concert I loved to be involved in. Bob no matter where you're out on the bill the AM it com and see. That artists give a 100%. And not local artist of the bill I think it's going to be that happy we're really grateful. To go out and do this you know we got our new album coming out. Pre orders is starting tomorrow who's singled out we got this great purified angered China down. So we we couldn't ask for more we hope the parent deserves as happy to be there as we are we're gonna put on one how would show. Let's think he's our minds and it was a pleasure lasting and in talking to you and I and we both have called SoHo it's been sentenced you know I don't get better get that get that we have been. I know right now seeing Greeneville have a great two or the other.