Nameless Ghoul of Ghost - 5/3/16

Monday, November 7th

Reposting this audio interview I did with a nameless ghoul from the band Ghost at Carolina Rebellion 2016. Around the time I recorded this interview our new site was under construction and it never got posted. Enjoy!


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We are backstage Carolina rebellion 2016. Diesel win hey hey what's cool from goes I've actually been. And it goes for a while you're up. Ben what if for the first three albums and one thing that I notice especially with the Joe's as compared to honor but lack of better word satanic dance. Is that you do not take it adversarial. Kind of what have you. With a double. What was your reasoning. Behind that. I'm not gonna speak for all other bands but I think that our point. Storytelling is a little bit more from human point where rather than. Some Passworder glorifying that DT Satan as far as slandering vehicles are lyrics are mainly dealing and we. Humanity. And the little humans relationship we. Keeps us. Either above or below so where you personally fall best actor I am very. Imaginative person. Have always been also. Sands also in my life as long as I can remember listening. To music. And watching a lot of film side. Expanse years education. Beyond. Sort of just watching this thing and the cultural sea. Came into my life my early even before it was team here that doesn't mean guys are where you've seen that these. Phone line from or the idea of CPU. Either person any necessary for the doubtful. Four acid character and do more yeah beats watching a film like the answers it's you know as a ten year old he finds it. So because he entered my life quite early I got it actually with a culture that was so early that it's very much for being very homely he had. Nice to hear it so my message inside in my cultural tastes. Sort of defies my Angel and sometimes. Great for. I can't explain. That no one can. I will never. Do you consider yourself an Israeli combination to beat. Bandwidth. And an agenda to push. Pop your personal beliefs or do you see yourself more as an art project or whether. Votes my personal belief would be sort of seen just saying. I am fine. That your religion. To be a crush hit. The Bible let's see how it. Was compilation. Yes there is easy behind I viral. Or you can control team as well as. Anybody who has that is wrong. We. Donors she the only thing that we know that was actually happened given by god. What is it that. Nowhere. Homosexuality is. Where I have. It says so in the book yeah. It what it is right. If I write I posted that I'm not lying to us we are truthful. It's as if so it's almost it's like it provides a much. But just because us moms are very did you love it. Very few people who sort of user ratings that doesn't mean for automatic. That I am a complete meets all my life as far as long as I remember. Watching or listening to music dreamy life. Miles away something. So 82. That's a possibility in my head that whatever I find. Supernatural. Life just eat something that I can imagine. Do you see yourself trying to tell the stories maybe you can't fit in into a nice two putt a little song or into an album in another media. It wouldn't necessarily TV pass Coles. I have. An idea yeah. That we can. Accomplish. In the future. And it is absolutely like that is basically taking well story and just read that onstage. The thing is that this might feel more evident more in the next. Wherever you're supposed to these are god bless stage. Mankind. Which wasn't you know old Mikey is unity bringing world he's very. Disconnected from the U don't believe that (%expletive) anymore. Most people in urban suburban. Futuristic world. It's that way. Which I personally find. Possibly eat. I could wave. But first and tell them. Man it's relation. Here and God's revenge. On the but this is written from a perspective. Where. You know this confuses things about. As we are you acting. Sort of in that context that there is a guy that. Even though you know I now know that it might not be such a thing. But it's we've playing with the idea you've been easy and which it. I would like to be I want. Outdoor show you can't. Pretend that we are right now doing this. Feel when we go. We. Wrists. And they and six. Why are drawn to venture. Mainly it's because it's it's more collective. Noses it. That makes you. You answer. I always personally been a really big fan and I'm sure you've read it many times. Paradise lost that would be it I think you're great bar pieces to tell us stories from. Lewis for his perspective in a large scale for everyone to see what would you think about to lose like that Bear Stearns where. That is sometimes earlier are teary act just because there are. It's. That there difficult. Take out of your world. View screen. Or stage. Whereas there are other stories. But yes theoretically if it. I can get my head around how to. Did you instantly mind. But from an album that like and sauces that you were. Firm believer double parkers. It's a really good. Because there are reviews. It is great music. Remembered at all talking bans and Israel all records they are not good. Please don't. Stop doing it.