Tuesday, November 14th

If you ever wondered which order you should watch Star Wars in or questions about custody of kids in North Carolina, then this open phones is for you


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. They're nice guys doing. Joining us. 3.3. Rise guys morning show this morning say it's too sweet Tuesday yes it is weird deal when opened shown it's 18077. Affordable low 93. 180774. Double moved 93. Anything new to talk about questions comments or whatever it may be. Maybe USSR man. You guys don't go playing now yes AG yes you brought it to our attention we are. I'm very true and Lesnar now with the podcast now variety of ways to get it besides that besides the website iTunes. Google play. Slacker radio is that their own people I use various means of listening Garcia so it was spread the word and in and listen to the show as much as you'd like. Let's go to. Jimmy Lynn near eyes for a moment we're concerned it's very. You do if you never get this. I think that's interesting. Yeah. To hear then now to the end prelude to Armageddon Chris angrier because Barings Hobbits very list of topics he wanna talk about arrogance of hey Chris. They were going oh my she's there. Until well you know just opened the Morgan who would like Google and brought them spoke all the robot they discussed citizenship would go directly to. Right. Robot out. There robot what our automotive. Like we did learn but they've reorganized or later they'll emotional social and emotional. What in this sees somebody you know then. The street she's somebody that warned that behavior and then thinks they human or are terrible people and then decides to overthrow the world. Like how do we make sure that bit of Havoc. Least yeah we have to be nice turns. Yes you know I talked to her about it and so that is close we've played. We didn't you play not as good as humans. We'll do certain naturally creature of habit. And so we've we've gotten into the tablet look you know I don't like somebody. Oh well people do leave so they're gonna go on an overt about it a little crow would do whatever they think you're right. And she has twittered to like she tweets like this to say her name Sophia. By the mom on golden girls but yeah I'd say AI robot kind of thing and Saudi Arabia gained citizenship. But that was back in ninety the group last month couple month and then some and then there. Yeah I honestly don't know about it okay. I think that was. Hit are they make him in gimmick and it's citizenship I think this was all just a I think it's like they're gonna give citizenship program I think this is morally marketing ploy for this said rove like say bitterness and kind of big money expo over there were only sheets rat and stuff there. But decided that exists and they can pick up an and learn that stuff yeah I mean I don't know I didn't hear about. Sky man for years and maybe it is a thing. The eat out a way that you can also bought Marion I have I want my ass and it's now what is she married somebody. What because someone or can they get married again because technically not a new but they have citizenship. Is society. I made a bench and Perez should scrap all his short career and all laws and every sing along blog for Hillary Ramon who I mean I mean you're let us robot outward traits or their remarks were well. And nightmare that is as does a citizen in the United States if we camera about citizens and they can them. And everything else. For sure there are ways though that I make it so people can't be citizens I mean we know maybe not people citizens. Making imagine a nightmare and that. But we have a robot assistants. I think it's there it's sad or am I he's crazy then they say it's 2007 came robust are getting citizenship the gay people can get married. Meanwhile strange really weird. What we're gonna go to different directions the slot and uploading got a Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey good morning. An ordinary Arab Ed do you look million buys the way we did some movies all morning movies what is the morning guys. Come OK so I never seemed or she pushed. Guess what me either I've never came. Old movie air bearing any other married any avenue and not the cinema be narrower. Okay and control over that's actually a total merit I'm really infineon and Elin in my own universe and a lot of other things can. Kirk summary you can I'd never been really rich are getting that kill people try and try and now. I agree 108. From. Am really carry it. Order blocked and delayed start with Glenn. They came out in front of our friends at equity decreased or Africa or. Prequel from the nine years or what I've heard many different opinion about it. I don't know. Zambia who are your browser there's. I saw the original. Trilogy yeah. I Arab concerns for five and six the first remember is it gave around the fourth fifth and sixth ones. It on our. I saw those ones. And if all goes well I think you know what was going on Manuel was happening obviously I mean most people in the world who's seen Star Wars. Started with a one in 1977. Yeah that in 1999. They released. Episode one the phantom menace a little kid daughter and it it there smoking and Lincoln who don't agree beads are made by aliens are. She is viewed. Is a good question I don't know and I personally started when the ones in 1977. But all the back story before. That movie I never sought could ever watched any of the pre calls that came out. Torre whose murder. Ideology may I mean I mean nine novel the best is the first one. And my stepson had may go back in March all of them at him because I didn't floored you election and that's why punish from Annan alana but it'll Charlotte wants arson for. Its first look far for its eagle watch part one is the fifth movie he wants to backwards yeah I agree did you Starwood Freddy's dead the following I American. Asked her wish Freddy got fingered as frustrated Gloria you know Tom Green movie while the first one ever. Hours whatever that is a new growth observed for. She doesn't I don't know that's a problem only I don't know I can't actually he domino watch you know from the. Beginning in a freshman and every day yesterday that there make in a news Star Wars and that's gonna come out saying that will be all brand new characters they're not gonna be any more skywalker is there any of that stuff here are going to be all new Disney it's. Fired Star Wars cared government to a whole new jewel would you be very different sort of star worst thing I have ever mouse. And then Star Wars mouse I also been charged are basically all carriers now. British Airways and I don't. February and the stars. No we don't want to I'm kind of the same boat you know I had him watch more home I'm finish those cell when new store wars next yeah. And there's wanna comes on the month and I can't watch out who's Arnold story. I haven't seen any of kindness. C am and gun came along I was never as good science fiction gas it is never was ready and bring the tax Carolina vapor room sex lines are as Dario or one. My recommendation is to not watch the movies. Here's some. Watch 452367. In that order. 452367. As somebody else's 456123. As somebody else's 423567. I actually say down down flat front right BB a solid start writing now rising eight VA CAB they. Nobody can. Nobody can agree on there's even people texting thing a few people say watch in the order they came out they were releases the easiest thing and now present the right way to do it. Gamma. I am and Kelsey look. ED had this long why do you need it SO island castaway how I look at it I went to you know what he never seen Lord of the Rings mid year have a. There are here legally. You ordering you see what I hear that amaze me not want to see it and how you slice it it's good regularly wash your Milan would thousands of people tell our parents had so and I can't can't our current it's hard to me on star horses in America than to either. And you know there is no longer observe for now it's episode five because of rogue one so there was never said Carl there's still Lisbon is broke monsoon don't par fours par five now will they skill. Arthur cane like elevator companies. Stand metrostars are adjacent movies come out chronological order mr. As a so DG yeah you're looking for. Not. Feeling. And you're cleaning it getting them confused by is anchor next thing about Kirk. Quality of free called down until I also don't want that with champion and I'm not like and that. Yeah makes me miss out on pumping. It with the lake effect action and it. Order might I don't know special effects and suffered not as good as. 2000 and change. I don't know I have it. Seen them I just heard that the creek government are. Really Irish. Wonderful at the originals or her and. Now that say hey again and Zain them I had seen bits and pieces all of them but I know Luke and his father. That's not a direct clutter and I had to remember that. I don't really turn what can I come on you while Venus earth and at least now that. Let me ask you this you do in this horrible usually eat now you are rural rural land it's some guy came and he's like call into and you wanna like be in his world. No patent legitimately I'm actually really injured for lack ordered restriction or culture really. Recruit channeling my own into the marvel universe and Bob Barker brings a Latin Nintendo. And wish you did and a teacher and it's so wonderful and I think Manchurian government count and I get in there can be used car. Okay all right let's turn it in your passionate response makes me believe you are telling the truth there and Hillary supporter like. I don't know if she'd say here do discount I glass started watching Star Wars are started with. We are there in the release order and people can say that if they hadn't watched Brian those ones first and they might not have been interested enough to keep washing. If they started with the phantom menace they might not elected enough to keep watching all the other looks. No matter where are OK so maybe I guess just go and order and Aaron pace ordered race culture and the hopefully I'll make sense. I'm very very very simple question that so many answers it's unbelievable. Thank you calcium in morning. There. Here's a question what do nerds do now quite real nerds like is like people and other conventions I don't think they're true nerds say yeah. How are people like good Saturday is all right Dave you know I mean it's like you real Harley people there every day doing not just Saturdays Weekend Warriors and the pressure mainstreamed and they have to Afghanistan. Underground hundred type thing give those nerds celebrated until but the ones who were shamed and pay down everything went Vega now garner. Nowhere because people treat Democrat. Swept. Please give Obama their. Those who is also on the phone is about it is we're shopping in the mall and spent forty dollars and wallets and Mario or that it is wanted to keep all the calls you get an edge among the Star Wars thing or we cannot talk about anything you want to 180774. Down below 93 matter of fact hold on Jeff. Please tell anonymous national holes called on it's okay thanks Chris. Our more calls we need right after Al we get down this hole. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 833. To sweep Tuesday. Would do an open phones anything you wanna talk about questions comments even advise. 180774. Double 093. The device was good to anonymous a national on line to you wanna talk about a hum bigger here we go out there and on good morning. I user. Fair to Midland. Thank you for asking. Yet some advice this you need to hear you need some advice rather. What's a little. Out of order spot spot. Have a lot to them a lot of people. Swap. We have a little Ole. And relations. The Port Harcourt. But the Bobble. We. Had. Multiple hit your borer our. One. The port apart on. Paper or at and but they make as well we eighty. Always thought we have more when we get that we can order or we block big bat or they do. Our heart the body that rubble. And that while. That. They brought them a lot of people. Is like here they don't you. Steve how to Lori. 26 all right yeah kids. I'm oh. Yeah we have an OK so you listed it. Good did you go. In it to make an announcement to my family members about the the sect may and let's there and firm. Well let me just witnessed this people that got caught by we all but yeah. I shot it I helped a. The idea but but but did the point though is like let's let's say France is just for argument sake let's say you say some two years your your brother Jeremy and he said hey Jeremy. You know Bob a box and think about it in the second Amazon when now you and immediately he Ellie woods. It's a his response is no don't do it I want a third nature and happy. Well off road map people label what does that what happened this sort. I didn't always feel all ups we we talk about but I would like got our. And got a group that we won't know the first of genetic yeah. Yet and you and I are you off for anything that you. You any in vitro fertilization. They're just not get mad that thing you said there are getting it. Chances are. Or so million dollar million dollar on the same page the ultimate conclusion in Arjun you try and interns trying to in Maine from now on May then not getting that assemblies. Well this is all like do you have to let's save it like I'm just a coworker or viewers anonymous and. You know you you come back after he had descended child and it's how congratulations. Anonymous co worker. Who when you gonna have another one. If you're wrong or to just say or even to family to just say you know what this is going to be it why do you why don't we feel the need to tell people. I well I got my I'd motives tied or the woman while I had hysterectomy why why why can't you just tell someone. We this is the mere zero I decided now than what we won't. Did you tell someone I can't they just say all okay why they have dogs certain. Second guess send it off three all this advice you know I ask him for he just told him what happened now. That the buying into I've got a brand bit I just I get their vote. No only children and they were only two out and it things like airport at the overlap than more than mop up an area. Yeah but successor and then for them though likely. You know might you consider name is your brother is an imam a niece my close to use giving you hell about this. No. Just I'm probably spotlight. Oh yeah they are hot bat at a bit a young great. Oh yeah everybody that there are naked except that that they have. I guess people that don't have a bit tired news out of order will I should be should we like about it I don't buy that I want. Would that day and they do. Sure you can in the heart if you like I'm sure we are. Now or she or about it. Well you got there yeah I mean you know this having been through it once before I mean her overheard wires are all cross track now anyway million. Yeah me and it I'll tell it to our ability but it is our our our I don't want to. Yeah mere. Yeah well a again you do what's right by you knew watching your family anyway don't like it below is just like anything else they Israel and average out Afghan Sally hill. The NASA's. Is is health concerns here is talking about yeah. They're bored you create your business is I mean it is. Elbow was doomed you want to yeah yeah we're out anonymous he ear eight year a year and it did screw on. I don't scary idea and I think he's here now is high aegis don't have any more kids most assets. Decision. Issuing give it. July's gonna fill in you know two months or two years. That's why is saying you're it didn't one ups your risk of prostate cancers are winder thing that would do that to. But then again what conflict he said issue is raising it to questions and their maybe a little voted down there are so he should back off for awhile maybe. Given up. Six months and make the decision can I say no frame of times you renewing the pregnant Paul's is upon the car. I know I just think an amended. In nine years that maybe six months and I go back and reevaluate question with both of them not having any doubt. Now the fat boy to your point though by EE might change your mind like you want more kids. I don't OK but. You'll you'll still in the and in ten to one years you know. I worry about my kill all the time I concede you know put myself through that of an advocate I mean every second that I was gonna happen comes in there. We have now for another. Yeah throwing let's go to Conover North Carolina this can very well be our first always ever taken from Connor ever worry is that James. All the new. In his broad side of blood Newton play into new Newsweek. I'll cut you can how can that I've been through there then voice that would be what you need advice about. A little sitcom mom my daughter could go. And old are you actually born. Patio at shell out fourteen and loan you warn us all wrong yeah yeah started. Little secure and calm but. Her mother. It's. To the front page it was truly unique situation because obviously her personally. It won't be around here Chris and his fourteen year old daughter pregnant nuke. You an awful situation but unlike most people are actually wanted to be embraced it mam ma am who like. Yeah I'm not much followed some specifically the world signing outcome goal. And at that point you know are kind of allowed box or we know about that first cold very interpreter there. She would. You can't do that person who drove it close made an abortion doorway. Mom so I heard from about nine years. She can't secure the way you know wall Mario. Operated much farther they are traditional warmer air. And now this June to exclude and they want to know. All European child supported fifteen years old. Home. All of that is supposed to turn green country and retain its internal got a lot want to want such and illegally retained I found the commercial trust or. Operator Maureen you're. Gonna say I got a job that got a job at fourteen. Had had gone another source control law and I did that. You know do I noble what ever received as she didn't want my help it was like you know. I read this job and let me go much of which is cute and how we don't see what she quit school you were there bad she just. In the little girl and one do you go away I didn't understand. And well no not yet fast forward model first thing you know they'll just engine this year Paterson tell people. Because. Mothers in the state where. You only want her because of the recession worse shoot across the street from the altitude. It is in shambles Scioscia I've been contacted over the years probably do afford sound from the SSA and yeah we're gonna investigation you want your daughter she's Irish in this situation around and of course you want do. But I'm. Oh you are no problems we are now actually I have read what mark we have street street children. Promoter pastor or other children and actually won on the way he talks so. Yeah it literally. I'm not a single literally caught in the middle and my question really isn't the buffalo warning is. In this situation. Because of that single from nine years. And them to come that have been around and now they'll finally effort there's no capacity whatsoever no agreement at all. Our mom actually going to court on Thursday that much just Forestar. But now there are so no one knows she's literally stuck in the middle. I can't take her home certified do particular home. Your mother who Merrill Lynch initial kick off not a home not far overseer. And then. Problem is is that he doesn't want to go home. The only person that she can do about CNN that hurt turned the most is her Mother's Day at herb Pope well that's. The world. Achieve it is little. There are issues raised here. Permanent when mom's not you yeah. Yeah and she used to be achieved the sweetest stroke this last session or certain days and school are you as far as everything outside I mean I guess sir commode are jobless forests. You know keep pressure here to go to Milwaukee so there that maybe turboprop problem when that's done it yet. Even now it's now it's Meehan and I've always been there but she's always everytime I watch our become and there are a lot she's polished you have meg yeah. And now now the tables turn now I have turned into April. Tomorrow there is this the strangest thing her mother has been contacted persons being called a bird thing. Didn't try to contact or do all mothers are not from. And certainly looks to me if you like I had. Why tomorrow try to comedy acquired Rasheed. So it made me. Herb page at I don't know what to say it's true leader. In this situation and I can be in the nom I'm doing their mother because. She to a nine year as much a lot fighting it could be at a hospital I didn't see the first steps are first learning thing. There are drugs involved in this situation or his mommy just. As she's saying it may be lazy and don't wanna do nothing. No no no drone no no country literally just doesn't want me involved in her other three children she had a husband. We live in and out of jail and the first round match here and his words to your arms is not adding that you can back ultimate so that. So that's situation there and it's. Don't really eight. I think in the is that most moms that do this still too bad they bet that the need for you know it didn't do that they'll also be around for four rescued one dark. Well I'm not a Linear mode that would be just. Maria are hardy and hardly hold Jeanne in his favor and hold on just another saying that we we gotta have make this break your barrel coming counties more cash. Our resident worked OK hold on. Why hasn't. Yeah my gosh. Are had to do it up fair what you need to do Mansour out of situation there. As a lot of situations and I mean it and he kept getting deeper is it as it went wrong. The oh man if there's no. There's no jokes are involved right you can isn't serious illness all the same engine is the man that is shared some places are very common over. Yeah okay we continual calls 18077. Ford to blow 93 specially if you ask men rushed for this guy especially appear I've been through it up in North Carolina. More calls right after this whole. The arrest. Just. So maybe 341 it's your risk is the rise guys morning she 3.3. Morning show good morning. His age fifty we've been talking to James from Hannover. James has quite a story idea. And it's shouted the age fourteen mother was fourteen as well we're talking about ten years later. He has three more kids mom has three more kids. Mom has custody. By grandpa raises the shroud. Now mom is is MIA. And James has the daughter and has since April yeah mommy called on Mother's Day a college no time at all hasn't made that receive tiered and the kids like. Daddy won't won't mama come around anymore moms on his own is for advice here in the James said he still there weather center. Okay it's we -- as several people who wanna talk with you Jeff would you say that and our Charlotte call it beef more to go first. Go to Morgantown for RS morgans and then Morgan ten is anonymous is well good morning. They've really got. Guess in my advisor James in this custody situation. I'm good. Might be looking percent by the end as they term. I'm eighteen I had my first child but. It started about now about those that'd be. Hey get four GB lately the convicted felon and as it is you know ever since. And. Several years ago hours. Strong now really bad. All of it and that's. And I would that they have won today and hour although. And there's not dealt and I I am I humiliated they have been very. It appears that it will even though every day it. Is. There's been a straight up my act of been clean for almost four years. It didn't loaded brainwashed kid. Did Billy bat he was not immediately. Hello I'm giving any known. Or here. Business saying maybe she's just you know. We'll talk to me he doesn't want us being the very same and now they can do exist. You know wait and yes same prayers or whatever and you know hope that one lady that someday they didn't want them back around and and be part of this family could not have three other children look a lot as well. As you know it made it big saying. Right or right I mean I don't know what you can do it sucks I don't of these ads in their lives as I said the weight. Tight candy I mean days they eased just. Every incidents aren't as apprehensive to hear how India if he knew I don't know what situation was worried greatly impairs its child or whatever when he was high but. Really you can't make them now now. Changing there. Yeah they're okay so. I would like to get your your phone number so we can check in with the in the the next couple days that I think for now man just. Take care of that little girl holder tie enjoy every moment he got and then you know whatever happens will happen but you and your certainly doing the right thing right now. Bob are really appreciated them and make it true you'd. Yeah I mean costs and mean to you had to become I tell everybody say. When you become an adult eighteen years old know when I heard on the phones were pregnant and I immediately became in the. So you actually would. We would wouldn't wouldn't be actually use our member of the Beirut bitterly and vote plan. Outlandish to guess who and then as I want sulphide actually played duty from school that day in the group phone call. And I'll monastery in the kitchen and our friendships will have white soldiers and when he told you. Local social currency called and I don't like my camera almost the cease central command and change in your own. In the first question actually you know did you have relation to it you know. That person and you know right here in the world chief chief striking and expecting that dominated the due date there is saying it's. They should unfortunately it's a question that you not you not be there. Good to not complicated thing gum I should tell me can be there sure. The burden much unless they should you know poor question that you're not be because Shanley has perished. I own you know record bowl question bad just not gonna happen on my wall. You know that. You have a good Christmas for hello Carl James does. Oh yeah we have all I maybe it's total credit and make sure that that's good somebody who's been through a lot of this custody stuff did six in the UN's any sense. Whatever you do you know don't let the kid go back bears you can help it and then do whatever you can try to establish custody for yourself. Yeah poor irrigation number James and should you win the next few days again. Our mayor our hold on. Man you know what it's a sad tale but it is don't have they and that way you can certainly does acting that way I mean blood I was editor got custody situation or my kid and I was three years ago on back and forth before we Raeburn their resolve that amongst ourselves knowing god. Aren't gets expensive would take a little break it will be back right after this. Mornings with two guys Jack Solomon hilarious stay out of Timmy on the drive to work. Because everything else terrible night.