Mikey Carvajal of Islander - 3/1/17

Friday, March 3rd

Interview with Mikey Carvajal of Islander. We talk about their bus getting robbed and whether not it's cool to wear a band's t-shirt to their show.


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On where's Mikey from the Banda island our local boy from Greeneville making good he's travel in the world Allard Colorado right now on. Man I gotta get to this first I I heard something about your fans getting a broken into tune some things getting stolen what's up with that what's the latest. We went San Antonio Texas just finished up and also show we would do and did he concentrated in compliance and after reading we came outside militants such laying on the ground outside of that they would notice is that they have -- the pop I'll worst sort put Iran. Cricket laptops past or external hard drive motor vehicle loose either van itself. You guys is goes to show you there are some real scum bags in this world but it's kind of incredible to think I was able to. Break open locks rummage through van with you guys just mere feet away and nobody heard a thing. Give somebody credit where credit due. That they have a lack of integrity. I was a stay at NASCAR could probably use a guy like that disease quick poll I totally agree that adapt well to me what's been so incredible about this is that immediately afterwards. You guys have posted on instead Graham about how you would forgiven. The guy who broke Indians and I know that I could not have done that. Or bad that blew her to give this we believe justice and I think it's important that we remember that our quarterback and anybody yells at people they didn't purple finger obviously hurting themselves. Now for fans who want to help out help get back on your feet a little faster. They can come out of the show's buy tickets and definitely buy merchandise like T shirts and CDs is and that's where bands make most of their road money. But for fans who aren't near you how can they help out. We have a PayPal. You can go to the leak aren't FaceBook rates stand by its regular sailor the most important thing for us is just a matter shows in their hearts out would I ask you write pretty big. There's just that those people that they have want to give them. It love on us it's crazy like the whole thing that's somebody used for evil and erupted so. Without Sterger grout used to the talk market d.s to get this other people that it's just been also. Now you're on tour with I've prevail wage war and if we survive how to those guys take it when they saw your fan and a broken into. Couple days prior and stalled out our community to get work started they gave us some of the buyout money. So the liked what they eat off they want it to have that to put into that these oversell it and that's huge Beatles see that a lot so I have major respect track ergo you look back at school. And now wanna sort of changed things up a little bit I don't know if you seen this movie but to me it's something that sort of shaped the way I see rock and roll how I behave when I got to concerts the movie PC you have you ever seen it. Of that Italy in the in that movie. Jeremy Piven the actor lays down a concert rule. That I taken as gospel my entire life you're gonna Wear the short of the standard policy don't beat but I seal Lotta bands breaking that commandment did islander guys where islander tee shirts on states. Yes ma'am I've got a video right now I noted that he where we're actually hit the band that you're there should be your favorite band just not there there are human and I think that the same amount in they want to clear our teachers so that look at look at celebration that I don't think the patient so hard about where they think it's called cool I think that's so cool. Think about it so far repeat that the lame aspect. Have there ever been any lyrics you've written for songs that may be just word we're goofy maybe a little out of your comfort zone not where you normally write that you just. You got close to recording nearly. I can't put that on a record. Oh what they do feed the hardest day. Like when I was writing the song darkness you know the lyrics are completely get to our him as a person. So say stuff like that it targets that it the best not be our heart breaking to put myself from the perspective of somebody that's in the dark arts. The last time we saw each other face to face it was about a year ago you came into the station and you play the big band and a little man shall we play a little island trivia. And a lot of it has stayed intact since its UJR. Aron and Zeke. What does that like and how's that affected the writing and touring to have that solid lineup now going on for two years. It's cool bit right it's slightly different for me just because. I've always been cover art of Ireland there are quite near to what. I think the reason these guys even jumped in the first place they were terrible we were doing prior. Nobody really wanted to see that changed drastically as far as stylistically or whatever Regis did we always do senator Ruben Kim got together cable cable acquitted in the producer definitely cool locked up our oldest brother he situated within a broader accord ex set. Kind of abuse should be makes sort of be little dude cares who doesn't want optic upon people to beat. Should anybody wants a good follow they got to follow. Listen Carla hall on instant ground crews are already did you go to because a lot of studio like me merely like Newt.