Tuesday, May 15th

Michael Carbonaro of The Carbonaro Effect on TruTv calls in to talk about the new season: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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Your list yeah rise guys morning. Maybe three boys read Atlantic route. And ladies and gentlemen plus starting lineup of your roi is god. He's got three days. Who pulled the guys that want to you earlier in the street today. You're always the it reveals the heavyweights. Your lives together all our. She's got a big heart. And even bigger who cause. NBA players. They spoke the same amount I believe. It's not. He's gone radioed his law. Along with a lot of sugar. We'll be here but man. Well let's turn. In the nineteen. A thousand bucks is their last that he would pay off for us today. Fluent or you. And for reasons including. Maybe blown lived. So loud music wasn't in this. Oh by the way Michael Carmen are of the carbon RO effect will be only this any moment now whenever he appears. Whenever he appears so disease a magician. None of physical wise teller and I says in 1970 Pink Floyd played a concert in London at a place called the Crystal Palace mole. And did they play different in this largely. That it is right there in in London. In the music it was so loud that hundreds of fish died in the lake because the music was allowed her. That's what it says here Ben did is it sad truth. Won't hurt you really you know I never heard that before it was so loud it just fried the the fish. So I say again. I just need to get get a and that system and Angola delight roms and this weekend turn up the music or allowed ended just scoop up the fish him. Says the same place in football team plays rock Crystal Palace talk Clinton. I don't most are bent on an error very hundreds of fish were you aiming at distressed them and then they during an. Man that's crazy in Pink Floyd did that set soothing music. Not to fish and officiated during the finish the hour in the flock to examine element you know my lord have mercy. As we made to wait for Michael Harman are to call and I got a taste on this really bothering me and I gonna take a moment. Her. I don't like this hold John scene in Nikki bella crap this going on right now man I'm really I really I really have a tough time with this because. People think because allied wrestling that I like total divas are in bella divas or would total mail as it ever seen what I've never watched is sag a moment and mom are always asking me about that. She said. You reckon it's true you have 'cause Tressel and. You know why now the adult. Just barely John's senior went on The Today Show yesterday crying his eyes out the hoga. Say and he misses Nicky super eights are broke and I I might work. Well I like wrestling and I know that it's predetermined in that guide paying what really burned out fellow commonality related undertake his brother emblem on our block. The adult. Slap me in the face with please. I was I I I did I don't like it much a man in miss Elizabeth really were married here they were really mayor here. Here blacks didn't they got divorced before it merits are slim. While they got to know everything generally when the curtain back too much fun this whole crap. I think you don't usually are saying here do you feel the same way about this his weight when you. Just think you are absolutely do the same rare memorabilia hey it's obviously a word Mir wouldn't care who wasn't working city. It is a works acquit lay enable. This makes me wonder like I wasn't ever a thing unless it was worth when he proposed a wrestle mania. Usually Israel to that extent he did yeah that's where you may try to Venezuela is debating how much. I don't know evening talk about now. I think there is all was a real relationship there may still be a real relationship between TV they're gonna break doubling give back together in your merry little. And remember how lagged you know when they would have liked day of special guest host of draw every week in the bella twins would like be the ones who'd like. Be their you know their ballet or whatever is almost like you would lead you to believe they're bad they're service and through. And then all of a sudden all won as wood and a bronze one of the woods on CNET conveniently. And move them. Think it's all I don't know I don't really think birdies his. An anchor your experience how often as a man Manning guy amassed on TV to say that she broke his time and crying when he's paid millions of dollars in meal. Any oh really how often does that happen now. I'm not a lot. I really do your own our reality show where they could make millions of dollars for cry around today Sherman he's a position where I gotcha and he can make money off of that now I've. If robbing from the machine shop happy Sheila cheats on him if he goes cry I don't TV we're. Our TV Roy knows gears and Rodriguez or she'll and it's unfortunate but then because I'm sure they're good they really tell our camera guy and that's. Sheen there rob these are working machine shops that are married Sheila as we're not term actually don't know that she's necessarily responsible answer. I think Serena was the husband of the chick we don't earlier. Impedes getting my own guide the I do believe you when you mirrored instance is X wants to do for a whole Lotta market says here TMC caught up with Nikki who's with her twin sister brie and she told teams see that she was kind of unimpressed by gulf. Well my god page she's a bitch. All you don't need a national television crime said he wanted to banks how many path. I think there's a premier and a couple weeks. In the season came to go to the season it's. Now don't get it right news. Felt like I dad's edges that. I fully admit when things are the way they are bad that is don't like that. Right like if you guys if you goes somewhere let's say you go glad to someone Arnold sudden you know some he's making things disappear they're doing this or they're doing that. If you know ahead of time we are okay fine. But if they make your grandma disappeared you don't realize it's a magician are loaded and illusionist feel like. Well we're Ramada yeah. Yeah it was a horrible transition but I am trying to find a way to get to churn average sale as early as your drummer in this. Well they're both TJ we know from talking about that total delisting now talking about. 1 of my am not just a brown nosing one of my favorite television shows the carbon RO affect. In here is Michael Corbett Norah good morning. Good morning look I just magically appear in the studio how do I do it. Mulally delicious good morning sir Harry crazy. That's an unknown great guys how're you. Doing well I actually shocked that your only on season four this season premiere Thursday night at ten on true TV back. I tell you the I turn on TV. Usually when I turn my TV in the afternoons swear to god. Going to be on true TV in if it's not you it's impractical jokers and I've noticed that network would not be around when that the two of. I'm gonna let him know you should go overrated when you're would you write that down. All right Ed Dowd and talented nation going ditch I'd get a hard and they should get rid of by the did the other ones where they're doing jokes on the he had this and it ruins everything they all back in just re run all your shows any practical jokers I think this week should. I've been telling them I've been telling them the same thing over and over like guys c'mon let's go let's sit there Harvard are back when he Forsett and I want my own channel. They just need to hear from me Marco I'll take care of that until early this hooker and here's one of the things I wanna about watching issue out have you ever. He's a lot of times to be some older folks hey you ever feel like or maybe think your body gets in my religion heart attack. Yes I do. Com and that that like that that's the crazy little line to try and figure out I've had people like I did one this season where. Ahmed a storage locker and we found these old instruments and we we'd like just like looking through the minute we leave him inside the trunk and start playing by themselves. So it's like twelve midnight we're standing outside of storage locker in the south side Chicago is pretty scary I mean. These people when that instruments started playing and I didn't even get to the end of the trick with the things looked up in the air if people running away they just looking down the street I'm like no comeback you gotta come back please tell me finishes. So yeah they get they get. They get wrapped up. There are people in an act and I noticed I had that toughest things it seems for you especially like the this and indeed did the ones at the end when you know you do degree reveal your own Carbonari affect analysts think. Sometimes you have to pull all the people back in the shot because there is one guy when you're at an antique shop and he literally ran out of the room your back any year. We got to finish the shot yet getting dark. Know. Exactly I don't think that exactly but yet your right no complete set of those cameras. In one little area you know look like they can run outside and I don't have coverage all over the world. Yet yeah yeah too bright but yet. That's what we're doing yet Michael Carbonari of the carbon RO sag season four premiere is Thursday night 10 o'clock on true TV Jimmy I love that show. Absolutely how you see things we love. Are you that you were doing some acting dozen movies before her Carmen Arafat really became a sensation it is. You wanna do more numbers as the biggest horror when you have become successful doing magic and stuff demeanor does acting get hurt your reputation is an illusionist. Oh my god so loved the US the question that way I've always been afraid it was the other way around you know I don't like to be an actor and then also magician. We're kind of making not really look like an actor but I'm. I never heard it the other way I'm gonna take that hum I think it can be you know I'd love to do more movies I think that acting is a big part of how I make these people believe that. You know I'm not really magician that I'm just abnormal person and every day life. And I think that's what it didn't camera aspect and also works so I do love I love comedy and I love being papal. I think it can be a lot more believable enough in my live show I can be more duke beat more off the wall and obviously I'm admitting that I'm doing magic what I do a live shows so that the whole different scope. The only I had love easier live show and just you know I notice on a lot of the episodes and I watch and Corbin are affected their film and in the Atlanta areas are you based in that area or is that just where the may be the production company as a way. He didn't want to ensure an Atlanta Georgia and he didn't three and now beaten four. Is Chicago we have been in Chinatown and it didn't adopt them yet. He had different states have different laws about hidden camera you know whether you can shoot hidden camera in you know it when do you need that help someone curse that they're being filmed or whether it's OK to ask their permission. Have to words which of course we knew he would have to get someone to sign a waiver you know to be on the show right and I'm so you can't if he can't guarantee a much right. Yeah but I had ever been one's where they've been like this just the most amazing tricks in the reveals Linda and everything and then when you got to get the documentation signed their like. Can't do it I'm supposed to be here at this time or who are right I don't live in this state yeah this grow our hardware now yeah yeah. We we we actually stumbled on a couple one time that. We couldn't understand why they weren't signing everything went so well and they were just laughing and it was a beautiful. Moment and we kind of figured out we think that there was a little afternoon rendezvous go and weren't supposed to be. There are bad that's all that's only send you gotta get a plan ahead for their run Michael and have to. Com. Sensor yet no more you know or afternoon shoot that random. Restaurant right that's what people go and hide out. Do you view the live show do you perform a dead he gonna be coming on the south any day any time soon South Carolina Georgia North Carolina. No no no no in the the new tour when I opened in the new year will be going back out that way but I'm gonna be locked they get starting Memorial Day. I'm at the back trying to Hollywood at the Sachs Peter Pan am for like 20/20 gates some of the new resident resident become over there and just. Just be you know one spot but at the toward been going on for the past two years off them and look we'll get back out there again. I wanna be bought up onstage. Like I do I that would be the best thing is I've I've seen had several magic shows us up I always wanna be the guy. Who is brought up on stage and in and disappeared or turned into a llama or something like that senator Jim average. And they don't want the Holler on long yeah they're turning into Obama won aren't great yeah I just so seasonal work and just. Palace court season foreign aid yet. Let's do it believe me up. I'll be on their season for the premiere is Thursday night at 10 o'clock on true TV we look forward to it as a whole new season of carbon RO effect and we know we have BJ in this area to want to see alive. Automatically simply aren't they in turn into alarm. Can't wait to finally club and our oil and Corbin are saying good talking to you sir will see down the road. So I think user. You know I can't stand when they have. Handler on the phone vessel is that the way there was a delay there concede some miles called for him on the stairs pestered forest site cover any Graham on speakerphone. Thousand we're good you know despite all the trust please yeah yeah yeah referenced enough by the way they run their own delay and as we say something bad whatever. Andy he sprayed the pencil number two pencil and pick it up in Mosul went up. I am heading to jump up a continent thing. Didn't matter. You know what else is crazy till I was gonna work and iPod connection to sucks I hate phone interviews to that he is like he's like a huge fan of ru Paul drag race Jimmie I'm sure he's a huge fan you know Jerry loves. Nothing on that something in common Rooter. This or drag queens armor. I don't know you know discovered him. Known Jay Leno G and a moon then and only source tells him in the data and acting and stuff and bunched up for single to Brad never realized there was remember Kurt do back then yeah if you put in Michael Carr and our own Google image search show as his scene from when the movies it was then you're employer left the worst things first guy I thought that was a major war I'm not an analyst at ten. It's gonna make an. The season for of a carbon or effect Thursday night at 10 o'clock. Things are real good ship itself ally hidden camera stuff for him I like boy here is among like at all. Would do some headlines next page you want should not wishing right. The rise guys morning. Thought he 93 point three different. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. And we may find out soon who's going to be the new. Owner of the Carolina Panthers are excited about that. Lose well according to NFL network's Ian Rapoport. In insane and the Carolina Panthers may have a new owner who is a Florida hedge fund manager by the name of David tepper. Luke is expected to Simon dale. San. View holds liberated. And I'll support. Who's one el Hage manager run and our team nor heard they're tame they can tell you about him for women quit reading up on him. Is he keeps. And brands proceed gives senator brass balls on his desk. Really and they can bounce back and forth and people from side and I like that like testicles another cat breast test basket needs to learn today. To make people laugh while he's trading in making much money out there like that. Yeah barrels bull market. I was I know my drill. No idea there there are secondary area like Jeb Bush for presidents are doing they are and how it feels. Hamas is the problem nor had a stroke you gotta they told the other people in we have to put up 30% the team cash value. And they're valued up things to Winamp billion him. And the serve from there as they sell the other guys you know and it's not looking you know in your favor. A money issue loses guys connections that that's what it's about yeah Puff Daddy was behind the same route or distort group stepped Currie know some on hand. Well and tell the paper signed. We don't know for sure of it at someone that's Taft to. Make the deal happen. Donors have two votes but Jerry Richardson shouldn't give in endorsed memorial. I'm sure he. If he can get busted with a although that what happened with that in the day allegations of you know he has some. Sexual allegations toward him and then Nelson's famous for sale but you don't hear anymore about allegations. I think some of it was. Settle previously run it just came out sir and previously serve earlier 2.2 billion in cash account. What is Steve Ballmer Baltic clippers in cash included on the palate this. Forklift. Cash is king that's how they Rico McFarland cut. I'm dead injured and they let me get the car seat out. One is my god how well does or you save all this I was years ago he can pan this. Company well in US retailer and bagged GAAP you know you've shopped there before wants a class for yes back in high school where they issued an apology for selling on and their teachers that got some people are upset. I think it was wasn't something. Vulgar. Something about women and it is something about race. Not exactly. They had to issue an apology to China. I now for the design and then. Aid omitted and Tibetan time line. Who moved to Big Ten years or is that Tenet claims says it as good at this alone there are guys who otherwise they're unknown now. Of this T shirts so on there's kind of like it has GAAP 1969. China and Manila little eighteen and then China but the math is wrong. There's no time and there's no Tibet. And that's I was sure it was mainly designed ram while they apology came after someone posted pictures of the T shirt on and these social. Chinese social media network we don't. Yes I think is saying that. Chinese claim territories including south too bad the IMF Taiwan. Where men and and that sound. People need to be aware that we know this is where cab cowboy boots are sold her. Oh times. Send it in there at all. Pulled the product and reassurance I am sorry what else can you do if you already sold it right. Who gives a crap personable. I mean they okay big oil. China cares okay. And they care Herman they they really. We know Wal-Mart is so many years ago there was some an American flag with too many stars on it I remember that it's happened or that may just be the Carmen are saying now. And apparently many like if you self laggards in many stars learned to view. Hey you know what admiral at a state take on oil that make it work for burger giant had thirteen bay there's no. There's no. Room for negotiation. And compromise during thing when it comes to China and Tibet and China and Taiwan arms and no reds hours and edit you know whether they'll war with big gap if you get doesn't admit that. That is China's as they do they. Bombed again. This is serious minded don't bomb terrorists who are critical issues for them. Beijing considers the self rule democratic I aliens. Is they wayward programmes. And the Allen has been governed separately since 1949. But maintains a formal diplomatic relations. With that area also. Got to vent. That's been very. Two officials. And I Wear a T shirt since a bad that is where and tell us when the whole phrase imagine trying to keep to bed. Its own region and China claims as. Orwellian in a sense of an engine. It would turn the other way they did the teacher in a way an orwellian. Yeah yeah it could be a if it's not the math doesn't exist. They're I bring news to be occupied in Australia and Ireland now. On on but now I'm Iraq in Russia glass who they are they and ice wall around the inner. System of chatter and I'll. Yeah I think Mary's leg madness I'm saying I mean. There's no like you hit states cities outlined. There's no points on the map. So they can re constructed teacher and people don't have to be since incident. So this there's a new work program the mind it's outdoors. Main requirement that a money and a lot of march after running outdoors. And wish you need to do is strapped an iPad on your trainer smacking you can watch TV use is up and down the road. That sounds great TO it's happening there forever. It's. Not. When going to shows that home. Yeah you're a true. He joined plaintiff in this training included boarding up with a DVR about a is that in is these weren't in this Fanny pack well as. I cat and so it's got to be included in the iPad cloud based easier. Now and then you're gonna have bugs in your year around behind your trainer. And that is good there's health club in England where it's working. And sanitation ever right now redemptive apparently do roots. I if you shakes around two months is commencement you know like a very small person not a personal trainer. The person who the are bound out you're not a personal trainer. Or does he do his job where I'm Mary Beth you're a walking TV stand there you are are you have to do is be in better shape than the person Jason. But you know have a problem I mean maybe the person running as tang and song now OK city but if you're not paying attention when you're running good trip from following her yourself. I just don't let us say things you know. And again I think and get sick you know not as I was of the activity but also that I'm costing you know winning drive and they are not when you're driving your ride in the car and you look at each phone bill. Knowledge is insomnia through I may have vertigo era if you do promotions and her burden yet. Might have a better chance of thanking him having a caring and tastes the cared or hamper her children and grand. Chaste love care Hasbro Jason. From. I'm running anywhere too fast anytime he says he said it I mean. Until and I Chad mound but on the street that really hurt Cheney's being fantasy trip on him in the rooms crying and tread marks they. And. The turn and all versions carriers or hate I hate followed then I turned into the Fred Barnes and learn the shorter term yet enacted after a treadmill actually hit. Some learning here as a fellow on the treadmill he made it what did you go on Iran and Iran and bacon well. The treadmill SC or some of our journalism our lives by asking students middle. I knowledge is wearing doubts arose when he got on the entire means you could call it. Up went up. We've got 56 of those like David and hammer pants when he I don't have Senator Obama isn't anybody's eyes getting any other ones not. 00000. Yeah sometimes you because those. Andre admit. Well that's it if you ever heard. Doesn't something is showing his passed down. And it's something on a face or. (%expletive) hit something in there be harder maybe an eyebrow or sorry you don't like those cars being learned here relate to your buddy and you'll hear don't know. I don't think like. Like Adam Dunn 'cause he never comes to my mind about dragging in any loses in practical joke if you've ever done anything like that. There's against our Fareed. There's 845 your own guy in Colorado by the name of Stephen Elmore he passed out does living ram and snow mass village Colorado as there Aspin for those being him. Are not in the now. So is there aids. They decided to use that I perceived shooting. And I know you Fraley have done this is some only for a said don't get all holier than now. And they do a phallic symbol on this guy's face he knew when I'm talking about a big line. Yes and what it let me ask you this for you go on if they drew a vagina. What what does this kind of phallic symbol what does it. I think the Alex and half I mean I don't enough stimulus jobs and salad. Ari would it require imminent in the monitor them. I don't know if there's an opposite of families stingray on my forehead now not a vaginal sex is just not an artist track us. Yeah. It's. Conan had a good bit about which ones you can draw on some is is on TV yeah it was can't. It's in those certain states. Yard neck yeah I make here well. Token knows that young. So apparently this guy passed out pretty early in the party think it is. And people are like you know we got it it is so we just got a did assume that called odd time to do our little artwork and a ending a sank I you've got. Ankara Mallory of hip and I and we did that somebody in my house. That your house yes my brother he passed out sound in my system on his side and that means we make fundamental thing. We're not healthy so we said that we just couldn't light weight on his forehead and off. Now my or you know I don't know intelligence failures. Rivers is yeah that's why they hate hearing probably kill us a little I don't woman at that corner I think Canada out and then our current. Out here crap so when he got up in the morning remain in breakfast and Mike did you party did he. Cut lightly in dollar earlier faced similar entity to own a nap. Crap spilling into the map there he's like yeah yeah. Sound. That's how this guy felt and I'm really pissed on need to party with us pay your dues and are common in it F donor he's ever done. I've ever dug into the wall. Let's hear that tape into the wall my brother and a well. Don't believe it's. Birth and it happens here in my. Adding I had problem we didn't know but in the run around town for free from its on our defense and timely and essentially we've had this finger in the bowl loss. He tends to freelance and say yeah I we've got to thank god dollars and smacked him with some when he woke up we thought it was something else. Head and you. Think message anted to scan his. Wear underneath that he's the only Clinton speaks English through on its own ports related to fire. I was little play my own food source sure how is we have seen in 77. Atlanta some are going to be a boy as a slam on the matter. It's terrible. Just like in the story fell. There's a 37 year old guy who owns the place. So you know there's like a back story. With some woman involved. So he got he got that he got the guy. Like some real news like this yeah he's really years later sir Mirza and I have I don't know the back. On the last Tom English. When I woke up around midnight he saw his face stormed off than a few minutes later he decided to retaliate by setting in the garage on fire. So he knew one of the people who do that I am as BI and a place. Them there again. They sell stand up to fire out. Turn the ceiling but no I got her best lesson. Learned in yank it in retaliation if he didn't summoning. And I put way either Clinton can say to port their fourth degree arson and it. But I'm signing my friend mailing list. Before that so. It's. Because every now we have been and embarks on her I added him to do not. To not answer the thing you ever did somebody when they test out my own nevermind album. Other than income. There's there's some big hits yeah there was that time I asked. And a kick it to forget that in general they donated. I think we overdo anything not elect. Now and I mean draw on things on the stump and nothing ever like real painful drone people's merit and it was at one time where I passed out and is this summer camp from our friends that put me out on mad and barge and certainly often know the lake. Member that on the king Arthur could limit our torture for me and said in the hit it in Maryland say. Paris I have left in the field hasn't he passed out of party. And then his cousins and his friends who got his car and they drove him out of the middle of a cornfield. And put him in the driver's ears his own car and left him there so when he woke up he thought he'd driven into the slat bed Millwood cornfield would have no idea. How aware well. An awful good. Apparently but I wasn't their forces I'm crown Merrill had timer endless it is is throwing out for any drunk and I stopped and we took him mountain left him at his house in the passenger seat is on car and he woke up frozen at 4 o'clock in the morning. A lever. And you can get it back in his car and I don't know why that was neat yeah you can just I'm bid for a grand gauge their burgers Scarborough while you're. Dan K can we didn't in the way he knows aren't paint Qaeda in the analysts had a. So I could have gotten him. I can't but I around you into the bath and consensus for human talent and am back it they hold studios Warner while people. I was drawn to work. No hours after war on redundant annum your past and plan and Andrew you are and. He went in the holly did it was best he is going he was well on his way so we announcement now is you who your friends. And hard it was all right. He's lived I did OK once we sat on the curb trying to figure out president. In my car that night so I opened in the among elderly player I think and tell me there and it's apparently gotten over the first whenever. Defrost the Putin assured. I know. Are you okay. Yeah it's true we didn't put some T shirt she stunt flying you. Plus ahead and Jose wouldn't write terrible moment appreciate usual breakfast in the morning and and. Oh yeah and along. The Cancun lying in your own mind. Over the rest guys until I. Three freedom it's leaks at this is the rise guys morning she 93 point three the planet just rocks. They get everybody called FaceBook engineer end. Snags. All those things. And paid a model Carbonari even though I didn't like the interview with many ads Aaron how well he was nice I just didn't like the the alma tunnel that I lied could have maybe made Maine and like the way I did things that's probably wouldn't. And I like that and ask the question so why that's that's that's they kept the flow going better cern can. I'm very. This season premiere is Thursday night at ten on true TV season for the carbon or effect. We told you early on we had a big TSL questioning today and we never realized that. Violence tears open one. No but there are a year. Whereas they're trying to go back. Over the thing we did this Morgan. How warm they can somewhere you had to listen all day but not sure on this too hard to if you were in and out you know you might have a chance. Those guys they've entered the consequences would make it very easy you had to be list and around seven Dowayne senate since. Why was that guy's first name extorted only namely said during the entire truth from John scores. How about we take the 93 correct answer text his name in the Carolina very real dot Comtex I'm 72341. 72341. What is gonna get tickets at the all star race the monster energy all star race this Saturday's travelers BS's way Kenya no yeah. Get today's podcast go to the rise guys dot com iTunes. For the other stitcher radio is everywhere look this up page Ambien as Iraqi Oregon a thousand dollars he would view and pay off travel. Three while ago I was six. Thanks relived and happy to sweep Tuesday it is good thank you. Fewer humor jokes connecting cremated let blood keeps you between me yeah. Next.