Monday, August 14th


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Just us it's not meant last week I had some run ins. With some mud get all Internet strolls through the planet FaceBook yeah I'd get that all the time but and gets late last week. You're just particularly mean like for wanting a poster of a picture of me in my new up profits raid shirt. You know neighbor like almost like Seamus and fat bastard had a baby and I'm like okay were you know if I know you are a bit like how hot I didn't know this person. And they may very well have been joking but you know if I don't know you I am assuming you mean that to bring me down and saying it can't hurt. And I know a lot of people think that pain and I'd count on the radio you know you got how thick skin. You know you gotta let stuff roll and BellSouth via an I admit there's a lot of people on radio that there are probably a lot better than me letting stuff like that control off problem. I admit I am not so much I wish I could say I was better at a much you know it's one of those things that I'd constantly struggle with Shia. Esteem issues and I costly struggle with some. You know my feelings of inadequate C and self worth. And you know it's worse actually around my birthday which was just a little over a week ago really not sure why that is I think a lot of times I get the feeling that you know. Lot of people just don't care so I mean that that's something that that affects me a lot so it kind of coming on the heels of that last week you know getting. Strolled on the planet FaceBook you know hit me a little harder. Then usual and it says stub it's one of those things I just don't understand what people have to be so mean. Other people I mean it just for no apparent good reason. Am buying those main man and knows I can't stand bullies. And that's what a lot of Internet trolls are hot pieces is all like to call on the kids you know if you know what a cod piece. Yeah it literally is well cod piece to me is somebody who's over compensating. For that says that's how what I call a lot of Internet trolls you know trying to overcompensate for their lack of manhood. And a lot of cases I think these are people that apparently. Have been so wounded are hurt boss something's selves that they're only ways of getting backer coping with a is by lashing out and get bring in someone else down to bring themselves up. I've never really understood the logic that because. You know when I'm down do one thing that actually helps me is to try to bring someone else up which is why become a lot more vocal about. Things that idealist because the more I have become open about the things I deal with more I realize that other people are dealing with the same things as well and a lot of times. It helps them cope with a it helps them palm open up about the things they deal with and that's something that being in my position I have. The unique advantage of being able to do and take it for me man helping other people. That there's no other at the ceiling of a fulfillment. Helping someone else can do even if it's work related like out late last week's we had a situation at our sister station. And even though you know I don't know a lot about this sister station you know about how it operates calls able to step up. And step in and help out in a place that was needed enough and made me feel more important as my role in the part of a team. Then that did it is so it really took. Then needing me to really help me feel like hey you know I'm actually important Arab people think I'm crazy when I say this because a lot of people think. Yet being on the radio. You know you're not supposed to have emotions like your body else does you hear the radio did which why they think I have no idea I'm just a regular date is happened have a cold job. If anything this job actually makes me more vulnerable because it's like. Phil exposed a lot of times 'cause I'm like you know I am out there and there are many days when I am feeling you know really really extra vulnerable. It's hard coming in and do in this you know I'd rather go crawl up on a hole somewhere then come into work anyways man it really is like just exposing this nerd of the Simpsons spot. And I think a lot of people either don't realize our you know they just don't care what actually had someone refer to me as snow flake I'm like really. You know because I have feelings you know that makes me ask snow flake come off. Offer all the lack of understanding why people are so mean you know all I can say is you know I just try to go out of my way to not be that I'm their towns rocket did complete Dick OK my first name's Richard I can live up to it. I shrine not soup but you know I do have my moments but I really do try every day. He tried to be kind to other people even though Internet Charles man get under my skin. I'd have really tried here as of late to really pray for my enemies and to love not enemies even though a lot of towns. I would love to love them with my fists to cling to their threat. But I really did try to give people the benefit of the doubt and no one is ever without hope Muslims they have breath and their lungs or even though this is called mean people suck because they really do lag a lot about it. I'll offer ever hope and pray. That people would change I know that sounds foolish but you know what I refused to give up until all the Internet trolls out there to all the hot pieces. Alone the man.