Wednesday, June 20th

Truth and Consequences: Mayree sees Matt's blonde hair for the first time: Exorcisms are still real apparently

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. Look if you must and they show for fifteen years or fifteen minutes you know one thing I stir the pot and nonsmoker. Is it possible that you did not come up to me for a handshake on your way out of the men's room your router bridge you wash your mayor always your drive. Hi I'm decided to dye my hair brown get her breast reduction and finish my masters and then maybe people respect me. Bird or Bucher sometimes in traffic I can't decide which one afflicted people. Lewis meal. Some people say lovers and here we are just stupid there's nitrogen oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air dumb ass. Nice morning's budget. Maybe 3.3 dot planet Barack. Our intro more in please. As if that happens again the goal to say something. Around. Hello Eric. I don't. No he can't Anthony at it for me it's great we create create some are. What what are we don't. Right it. Gore and me. It well you do you seem to be talking all my culture and ignoring my accent I hearing you talk trio. You know I know about him. I'm sorry. I touched I know I know it's historic progress I really yeah I have been leading to call. I just a century since January. Q I think we've been together for thirteen years and he's certainly gonna China Turkey for treatment art. And he just be honest to me am I I'm really worried about you and I let Hugh I this year or what what's going on released him. Looming. OK. Well I told you you know I wasn't gonna call alarm I'm. M.'s turnaround to okay. I only got to like pre incan in January you said the U forgave me recurring back home. Is seeing a little more time and it's now the April and the Dutch spoken French and so. I feel like you need to get clean explanation of what's going on. Tricky if you don't some sort of explanation out or not you want me to give you a little stir when he. You won get into who owes who what. Okay. Okay. I am so sorry for what happened. I actually admit that accurately eastern how are not in my right mind I'd be doing everything I can can kicks and it's been scheck's. Well it's interesting I want you hanging up only three times arose obviously wouldn't bet. You're not crazy I more yeah. Anthony you didn't you and me are you an idea how I knew I was I was waiting for Tony shirt. I answered I said hello Oleg I'd like OK I K I did I didn't hear you I did I did it legitimately I didn't hear you. Anybody with entity if I may everything here you all of that and begin mourn this is the rare this is the rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet. Angry bill. Tomorrow you will be hitting that well you Nicole wanted to. She went to holidays it may have been our Mary on systems. What Anthony you wouldn't answer me I felt like I had to do something drastic to speak Qiyue your kids are only bring you are. You are saying the now I'm not quiet and not Anthony I'm just turn which Hough cheer. Little right here oh. Well you take your call otherwise are sure your doctor. You you boys Michigan. Yeah and I view my voice. And good power unit tell me what my boy do what they don't look at what they know what they don't. I'm just a guy that's outsider who can elect a man and realize do not have anything to do with your kids according to her. Sounds like he's still married very very manly getting figure out what's going on a managed did he RB you know like. You don't don't like say you're not if you are basically you know OK buddy Matt. Okay I'm good arm to assume you're a minister in your guys. I called isms are yelled you I'm assuming you guys really don't know what happened last year. Yeah. I told them everything that happened I told you actually take responsibility. Sure everything's. She taught as a day ended the year first of the 2018 channels and different medication and in mess to their head and are you guys you know you went to a would you pairs. If she's also the male and feels like she's back in the her old self. Decision made your life hell for a couple months even made it all that words are words you make your life hell for like two months. Yes yes she did edit OK now granted I was just. I was like I wish I could handle it better I wish I could those. Which I had more patience with your record sorry I wish it did what do you. I cannot get past you almost hitting me fire toward you did my job. Did you tell not part. Are we know was that when there. She came into my job. Slow remade. Blowing things blinking things accusing every single female coworker that I work with an even my boss. That I would split. All of this. Imus got fired. We have met sir. Almost Jeremy your lucky day. No they don't know look crazy okay well sorry but let me let you are pretty. Anthony Arab station it and I fully kick irresponsibility it was a horrible thing to deal. And it's something I would never due in every night and that's why they do everything I can't get batter. What I did was really wrong and I'm really sorry I don't I am not making any excuse to score it. Tell us about that means you know I thank goodness oh I'm. No no I'm sorry I didn't I didn't know pressure delete all Ichiro that I fully take responsibility for it. Like that I was crazy for a little garlic actually creepy and I am not now I'm balanced. All my blood work looks good. I mean I'm totally myself again it happened for awhile so you Ryder wanna beat you with your our kids you don't that you need to try it. You are calling everything prior to the medication change writing Anthony Ameen that your view live for as it was you know sure there's ups and downs with everybody there. Yet I don't gigantic guys I mean. I have been. I had been a good husband I have I have taking care things I've paid for that house I paper everything. I I'm taking care of it right. And you are hardcourt or noble for you to go to the point where they could okay truly. Almost each Lori what do we took to meet great job. I don't know I don't think it's still OK I'm hearing that and every little issue. You can medical I don't I don't think it was OK you and I are gonna end. The quantity I get it again it's a medical issue a kid again OK seriously. I almost lost everything under workable one years OK I almost twenty years of it this talk at you about it. I don't I just. Every day I go to work I think of you and I we go crazy work and how you almost destroyed everything I'm not ready does not ready yet I. We are more. Appreciate happening and look Andrea I I understand that. I think doing everything I can't get better but at this quarry the ball in your court. You can't just string a prolonged indefinitely. You have to make a decision about what you want to do your family. If you ought to do right now I NG United's. You know. But didn't he just a point where he's got to talk to each other Payton you you'll talk terror about this and they'll be some kind of conversation. Today after work or something like that. There are here are in because it's not just this well it's not just one thing in a while to stop and we're gonna need to worry anymore really trust me we're anymore help that won't. One conversation. I I am absolutely the air can you would not mean you want your marriage community heard a YE. Like if you wanna give Porsche uniquely front with mean Hamid act. I don't want to abort abort abort I never wanted another woman ever ever wanted to anybody but you and you are alike and I'd. I'm achiever like now. The warmup or Michael one of the Olympic gold back. The woman who literally EE eight. I don't know man I don't know I'm proud of him and your card in the mail how IBM and a work all the that they aren't I can't I don't know what to do this. Why do you work you'd like you are why he ended this job be verse four when he why do you do it Democrat Agassi. It's against tea man here I'm not saying you gotta run back bad at least start a conversation today. Are also proposals. There's a pride thing to work there out there and obviously there will be some excerpts yet. Don't let what other people think keep you rolling back if you wanna go back. I so she's can't she come out emerge. You know the bit that the house tonight they lost house and say here would you rather come warehouses now while when I get some kind of playing here for a hangar waiting so my stomach disease somebody who's going to be. And maybe go see the boys I'd be tentacles. I elegance really allow you to read you can tell the boys shall allow on the mom and dad go up magna talked a little bit maybe that'll work. That a deal Anthony aren't. So crazy why you work may have and it's a reason why you work is not for the job his for the family. Okay yeah so good. Our allure routes so that the very cable and being killed in camp are. There are ancillary also. I think it was his lip service IAD get a handle him a kid gloves right now. It is a pride thing just like Jimmy easier to announces he's worried about everybody's gonna think. You bet that woman commander and broke everything ordered by the way Jesus Christ and tell us about now. You know I mean it was horrible I mean I was in such a stay island I was terrified that he was I am now. Matt and I didn't seem to defend what I did but I will say that. Okay hopefully just something that volatility in the when I went crazy decreed it that way with care try to saluting him not Blake. Acknowledged something else yeah and now I was. I was really scared that he returned in a scare reported co workers and speech kept. Brushing inside and he kept you know telling me that I Richard acting crazy which which like why isn't. But I I went to his work kicked confront it was really really upset and angry and obviously. Now I realize that that was just looked horrible thing and I am completely embarrassed and humiliated. To be was seriously. A law called his work place like where you. No why would direct column palca these kingdom back. Big scary yeah out there and aren't trust counting their next show and I would never you've got anyway. Bridge I don't know I mean I also sort of feel like. And his wife I love him and I went through like a medical emergency. And loudly that the during the fight and angst skirt up once and now he's it's gonna drop after thirteen years it's you it's going to or medical issue I would do everything I could help. Am am. Okay well he says he's going. Yard talk tonight so loud I expect Gil emails when an update or something them and let us know what's going off. Sharon Sharon thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it yes man yeah a day. Inky camp. Our. As a model won't presume there's a whole lot more and their futures. I just think that they should focus on being better parents and maybe. Maybe after a year of separation and they carrying value rate that you can Karen anger that there's a problem with that relationship. After years severing both Robert Morris Christian knows it. You can't OK you medication and all I can have an episode flip out gave him an ultimatum is does it fits your window. I you wanna give backs we have right now. And in blood I'm not trying to point fingers here either but like if she's I didn't like that. How easily you kids in that situation if she's action. Like that and now is that. And we don't know where they weren't do or that they might have to go stay with somebody to you don't know who's idea and then we came around we don't doubles early enough. Sharon is what. Three point. Now did insult choice Jimmy but this. It does have double meaning of course it is a national weed day. That is warnings. But also the song that mentions Nyerere who of course is my mom often and I told everybody that day before yesterday or whatever her house and no wish recording audio. And the tissue and seen my blond hair because of the bear walked. I'm so I'd call it so I have all the audio it's broken down here and I think December of best may re ever. I Calder had Thomas said look I'm coming over to the house. It's door unlocked the end maybe that's an okay thing funny. I'm gonna when I come to the dorm and then not and then I'm gonna walk in ocean had your eyes closed and that way. I have a surprise I don't have a surprise for you I said I have a surprise I have a super. Or you can hear me going in May restore here you can hear the Sammy bail she has honored or less than when thing are you different locks and Sherry Lansing yeah listen through three million. One. As you. I'm walking pistol during the un walking over to her chair. And as I get right she realizes that mayor again we have visitors as your order thirty seconds before I got there so I finally get right in front amber and I said down. Out of the surprise and of course typical may re marry has some. Certain rules that she has on you know our eyes being closed in you coming up by near her yes yes you certainly nerves. Thrown over them yet but I told you to close your eyes that I have the surprise. And glad so you ready I'm eighty. Don't hear me but what else Kearney. No kids no rent and then in Latvia. Daylight that power. Cat in the hat and put that on a T shirt just finishing next teacher at the he's cell Mets moms merge as your gimmick table possibly have separated no cat no regret nothing like that. I don't like the skiers hit toy notre shirts if you steered say steered. She steered. So okay a total is not a rat who's not a cat it was nothing like that. I don't count 31. 23. Well I haven't heard advance and I feel. You are. She round. You hear the sadness. Yeah. Repeatedly give me that god gave their warmer Temps as. Not I have. And over there last. The I don't. Think it's. All those silly maybe I should have realized that three days into mayhem in the blonde for seven days. That. All I do know about their. Arbitrariness of the goes are supposed to show he keeps it. She just keeps changing he's listening Michelle. But she already heard about that Moody's saying that the Internet was on the local news that boy. Losing in the Anaheim newsletter or they may reduce San nor do we make it any the distributors in prison term. Here's the reveal on how many re signed out about my blond hair. Well I don't think it only the current associated got to see what she does. This may be careful on massive. I mean it comes across the say yeah yeah. Angel. Angel my sister or is there is an Angel barges brought. That I hear so much in the background some immediate fifty grand to coat. I don't Milosevic launched a while she was watching and I did. Some kind of discovery murder investigation Chapman. C hair blonde massive. Her her finger and the person I was repairs are watching drug shows maybe watching Sanchez there are one headphone often the volume turned Aramis and mailings and perjury. Well regardless of the the cut a deal in the background or whatever. Angels such. Now here's a funny thing and I'm just gonna tell you how I feel I went back and look at the picture of me as a blond person honest man removes not a single light from Angel. She didn't lol I do you know I don't want it now I've sought that is got to go to a mother my hundred Barack nicer. India and even then mom mom I knew. Since I guess it was Monday and she didn't pick up the phone call and say. Her hair is blond woods jet for when you regular banks from Cheney's residence or your current. Is that what it was aghast yeah towards it for herself but but what does she think about it what does she think about the blonde hair. So you see it till just now got a great thing. Well it is there. Well yes but are well blind he'd do it. Professional well yeah. CJ miles from your man and here. It's like eating small mom man. It's not as like Michael Jackson go home and Catherine same white shiny. Because ten pin on its daily Syrian. The beach brother student okay not a good now. Who would like you know. Angels saw it in England description on the photos could quite clearly says it hasn't been there law and then but she calls you give may rial was you know Bowen. But why he did do it I don't know who hasn't been ready if I don't know to be at our record captured as you read captions phone calls may reveal mr. room now. Shall we don't know them there's more always keeps going. Well first off thanks for let's head of the show yeah. Heads up to do is show business they've been on the show but anyway yeah I get to have per week. I've that I thought they would this pet fat and in Finland the shadow. And she loses well I don't know what Elvis later netted Clinton hit list and she was just saying. She can't see it that was the only thing I am very happy here no it was nailed him. For the shin yes but she did tell me you're cooking classes blues. She is on the alta Daschle and ended talk about madness you critique that the public didn't consumption there. This is the good cooking show and you momma watches it and then she's undertaken now well she's good cook. She is good isn't great I learned it from her hair and we learned that that recipe from our very very reserve had visited mayors have Pollard name correct annually the war in newer. Well it's so asked her not only and not having a surprise and and being told that well it's different and then and then not knowing. What it happened on the show them photos time to link. And I'll I'll I'll whack at it and I don't play this on the radio as a teller by half their day. Day ever big and I got a blind kid gets learned again ID in English one hit it as a one in ten years ago that is he got older it got darker what I have. I don't know if these changes does that frighten you know. You are and how well they end. Well it did surprise me there is no meaning Sheehan saying. She and I did. Did he do his hair blond and maps about on box you're listening again yeah. Reporting live from Mary's house it's Matthew and Mary's mom. Let me. Let EJ Ramallah I'm prepared now blond hair and I'll from couture. And then sent led sent by have a daughter. She said I love Isa and not Isa lightly around here you say yes like price you better do it. Did the whole six hedge drug they're yes they're paid highly. I led Nissan and arms and now. So wait a nice visit after you know lies she relented to me that that I was the number two child now is blonde headed to Guillen and all that. We just started talking. And you remember about a month ago when she cleaned out our head at a cleaned out and found a bunch in my childhood toys here earlier she starts talking about valiant it's on another box of my toys and I did that thing where as she's talking as I hold on mama and I got the quarterback out in the end. Our question after this gold happened and. From a resist telling me she found some of my old toys what were they again. We'll figure things don't keep their own pet grooming and. The rap on cruel and barrels down. Number I can't begin food girls are barrels yeah. That's firm yelled company mansion you. Know so I was startled by that yeah. Bet it's. All of you and reach out at first when again she don't homes don't told you may save Iraq play. I don't drink at all and it's the Mickey Powell. How lesser this for you what is here was an hour. But did Karl page all of our side Alvis Gaza. Student and a and it's gonna yeah. I'm like what is at a forehand slip mom what I want Haley yes but are you saying about. Conditions don't eat home not only. Neighbors he. And. You'd also know that he knew what he does on the lips back I'm like wow that's not. Ordinary when dragging down we don't know I don't know this is why don't we urge spur you miss them yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I was crying when yeah. What is your take or lead. It's clear facial expressions though in the mouth is always different name to interface with mom's death. This she when she saw you reach she's just where I brought it now. Nobody sees she said enduring this isn't concerned she said hello gets came with Airways safer waiting she's a war you gonna be the end and that's. I have thought about that yeah I had I really don't know woman I don't know what to do it this. Q for a Michigan. Learn how I admit I did the de Arab. Paying so I think now much how does too sensitive to get another dot CA Petersburg I don't know who mom was sure hands and shake my head and yeah. Although I love everything works don't Qingdao home yeah illness. She didn't fail when he you know a unity before Mother's Day I am not came up at some point I don't announce a luncheon the other night Matt LA cage they came up. It came up I mentioned Mother's Day sigh yeah. So they need to Asia when they got us ha ha at this time. Christmas Mother's Day and birthday image birth Mark Cotton top surrogate may take sent her character at the end of and the morning show your mother hates. You see drops you at school match this morning. 83 point 301. Lab must know believed in Havana and I don't wanna give any attention to that stuff as you know how a nine until the last sacked him and but I'm watching her you know get that big a helmet hair and you'd say she sit there and also what are your fingernails flew off. I had what I can offer and in her to Romero is more than guys it was at least our let me set. My Big Brother told me usually do when your fingernails. Maybe she lost in the course. Flop her hand and I'm like I don't know how they did that Criss Angel probably behind the camera did you instruct her to do this she was levitating I think. Are losing their Cyrix. Seen it does it sings the yeah is what is so soft like it's like Oprah you know it's. You know she's talking like this in that but generally you seem like there is some kind of like. She what scream like what does seem like Alice you can get exorcism or something good or excellent government. While there and do they are through your buds I think so I can tell people finally. Kind of not seat room but I think there's some out there that are for sure connect matter of fact again we met what. Who was for sure connected to the other side and really hope. And evil is bullet blindly Lindsay vale do I'll tell you some. Sure I'll tell you get short residing here and gives you would think the whole thing all the details are just as senator a year to talk about it with her before from about a public. One years' worth of therapy. Spirits since there are what about exercises into the. Do. So there is a bunch of psychics from last yeah you're you're always goes murders in the it was mediums are psychics and now now I Susan's children back in huge way. I'd be a good Catholic Church right now ordered recently sometime soon is training like 250 new anxious this. But then why I need. JJ did they charge short this year there's horizon demonic possession oddly experiment and they charged her with an armored yeah criminal. Criminal Armon somehow skip I thought we I felt until society. Agreed not necessarily made up a society agreed that. You know those two were afflicted and and were thought to be possessed were really just haven't mental breakdown. Various types of you know lies split personality is different kinds of you know it's mental illness I felt bad but now so did church is now see Catholic Church is now saying. Actually isn't they're needed Edgar an all time high for the need the wall the desire. Well I would say it would well we're 99% of all mental illness undiagnosed and untreated in America we still wrapped round imagine I mean I've I'm not even kidnapping upwards of Spanish and the mental illness and good in America undiagnosed and untreated down so we don't ram we still have no grasp of a mental illness Herschel yet we're still doing much next citizens like apparently more more all the time. Is the Catholic Church has apparently at least have ten excesses in the United States and all parents. Nom but they're more on the way and they're not really low. They're not exercising their priests their exercise would equal what they doing there exercise exorcise exercising when they're exorcise. X or there are sort thanks sir may work out when they're not. Our work around right and donate one. There aren't going to the hospital to blast people regardless of whenever Anderson it's Tim symptom has meant the demon spirit and their priest but they're trained to do actresses and so there's still priest ever thought back when all those slight edge schism of Emily Rose movies and all these different I felt that church came forward and said. You know X archaic ways of thinking we don't do that anymore. Apparently not betray them and they might say did then the million walked that back is they're training a bunch and it wasn't Milwaukee back well there's this other thing your friend your heart just sing about that the number of they're at least five or 600 evangelical anxious as ministries in operation today that's a conservative estimates there might be. Two or three times I had to write yet but steal their could be upwards of 2000. Exorcism ministries operate in all over the world including the bush obviously in the United States made. Anybody who ever said to me I was possessed I'm I'm Mindy my daddy said he's to get a daily limit it would brown liquor. Ali Al. Analysts as a demon date it was Christian Laettner did they are rather limited Jack or jail or does he played their best to get money. Album. Well did their damage that's beds and is your seizure like in other words let's say patriot Catholic. I am baptized Catholic. OK but I practice episcopalian. Who. CD Ichiro any he faulted and not fall but today he needs validation of that nasty bit of a film because the criteria for them to perform. An exorcism. Is that these people have sought men a call health. And they don't know what's wrong with these people call so then it's escalated to. So every second and whatever is Ron's precious present the church is saying seek medical attention first finish that they can't figured out Dan Collison asked you have to go to doctors and servicing an extra medical problem that I am okay with but earlier but a lot of stuff doctors can't figure out to plug him OK and but you may. Arab but the director around here are dead and the first exorcist men Maine yeah he found another thing. And this is kind of like a documentary. We generally cannot be so yeah yeah this is an attempt yeah this exercise and it and whatever his name is and Billy does this documentary amount that is coming out like did a documentary on the next says. The guy that was the director the director Jeff. Do you think he's in these Hollywood director Dennis Moore hauling me I don't. There are only the mini documentaries are all just garbage crap anyway and saying. Omar really ideologies and I'm not dwelled on and you can't film documentary from documentary now sometimes yeah yeah ever who really listen and did ten years requirement documentary project do it right is Kaymer Jim burns nobody doesn't write his impersonation of a man trying to make a buck but that is what Skype X says everything about that. I might get if you need anything and are eerily. A guy Arizona who doesn't not at five bucks an hour now mansard not a five dollars an hour you'll exercise your demons via Skype for facetime ha ha. I let it get does stages of what you have to do to determine that this person needs to be exercised. Yeah. Is you have to determine how what kind of demon and is inside and a person's body and you know typing maybe a little difficult. Now in demon is always negative correct. Earnings are so. Sugary you know white hit like jug you know positives. Influences. Possession like GE could only be possessed by evil. I don't think good would possess you are good he would not until possess a prettier and I mean then Gunner to ask and you wouldn't have a lot of voices coming from our person that you can't explain my understand is this trip to Texas orange or they're light. Streets me how hate Harry if we don't carry you priest like you calling us nuts and I always. OK hello highly learn the. Every brown went people's source speaking is ancient languages we think rear of the rise soon. Excellent against him when they're speaking Latin anti violence by that and couple hundred years served I don't know how long were balance and they're from or gets hidden heads are speaking fluent French never knew word of in his life that happens soon and we don't think that this disaster and it had happened. I think guys are your reincarnation if anything if you can stars speak your language you never heard before Isle of Man. And that's pretty I think his reference then. And do you have French horror. Relax and or Aramaic in your mind unless you've you've spoken at some at some point point and opens a can of worms and narrow dirt and pet. How do you know when would you never heard how can that Bob could you know French view from their never hurt. That's that's the one right there that that's the one that always gets me I saw one probably and the early 2000. It. And even same wind it was out of her. It was I think you know Muslim country in the guy started speaking Latin. And you know gallows used when he skinny was like Middle East and we're starts speaking Latin which he's been more than a couple of gears probably since they said but. Despite that you cannot it cannot be explained. But what is it nobody can explain that and also the super human strength because a woman normally can't throw crease across around. I think meg can be explained by adrenaline. Could do that but the good you know what on. Manure everywhere regularly more peril actual activity or your. And and settlements that kind of electromagnetic disturbances in oil wells going all over the place in that situation vibrations you got to think about doing all sound lane what's the sun have to do it either. Invitation you know al-Qaeda. I wanna cultivated here. Get ahead keep dedicated worker Sharon is north yeah Al lol I do that Clinton's Dell Dell every day every sport. We.