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What does Matt's latest dream mean?: Do you believe in past lives?: Headlines

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Nice guys doing. Any chance. Three points really. What he's listening. I know. It is good. Rise guys morning show good morning it's 70 wait. Call me Monday Tuesday easy. Walk and you boy was in fact more beer Frederick lure back carrots you're not compact Hanks who. We'll have always bring out our khakis today which is quite odd. Wasn't keyword to win 1000 dollars doctor. DO CTO war. Doc pregnancy in the day met Steve. Usually find. Since this this a blow your mind can you believe we're only a year and a half away from your twins winning the bloom. Leo. That's crazy thing. 22 winning game that's like so any future so in the future. You're 20/20 out. Bury your kid did you think you live alone. Now other members shortly how little gym by the year 2000 was obviously but we moved past that they're now 20/20. Christian warriors the year 2000 low amateur record bureau. I just expected more. From your tweets when he and bigger things can happen but I expected. The the extended to have a look up to guarantee the Internet and it's come and there is going to be something yet to set a new floored it sheets up these little lasers and it. There's just vaporize or use it kind of clouds up an area they're minorities in the demos for sure if you've Richard crazier and catches you. In a vehicle there. I'd be very good at it idea when you thousand dollars text doctor to 72341. Now. Our all of our show tomorrow remember I don't know it and employees that came out of nowhere kid it's more of an example that time is flying them. I'm here all advise show it's more so if you got something invade you need advice for the whole show tomorrow. Sands headline sports is the Paula if I show so. You Glenn email us TRG. At 933 the planet rocks dot com. You in on that now Papa Thomas line. Head has said this is beginning to show we have time and another one of them but in my bad drinks. You know I had some dreams sometimes that like they stay with me for several days ago like yet we're fed which is peculiar something that was one embryo. That was one moment and very memorable. When a registry or you are each came out each he was behind me in the shower as I was in my new home at the time in the started certainly out there are. So this went in I've made no bones about this before payday Nene and explained my. I guess it's a phobia but. And I know why dreamed it does that tell you what I see the Rampage would that are are witnessing a Rampage with a rock river not the Rampage in raw. The wind Saleh and that's of course a lot of you know over the top stuff and flying around and all that. So the dream is. Our doctors say are 2881 uncertainty truthful and I say that apparently. Everybody doesn't anyways it's not like this are guys hundred drove off. There's a race reviews of their awards remember or realize I'll change the word right now if you know who you know chill out of that attitude this Monday when he alone and just in you stood again this. Everybody tell you that in theory are shattering dream I had a few hours ago even mirrors. So I knew if you ever been awoke in your dream so another words you're dreaming but shouldn't eat mutant. So when's waking you up in the drink. Yeah so in other words I'm I'm asleep in my dad. And then also in the dream summons waking me up there's some great immune to reality and Rihanna. Eight not to chase through my man alone compared woe is me lowest nation. So I'm not so I'm being awoke in all such as soon as I wake up I error in the dream I opened my eyes. And grind for me a soldier in fatigues. Any. Dude this is strange I know this because there's Rampage that. A soldier agencies is handed me a pair shoes he's like come on we gotta get all this plane itself fire. I'm Jim not Jane you do I woke up in the biggest. I'm gonna change my sheets and that's what I'm sorry I didn't mess they are bad guys I just sweat a lot. He's like we can't get off this plane is so fire. And I'm life. Dolly bomb first ball. We're going. Secondly there's no way I'd be in the military. Because they wouldn't accept me and drug programs in broad enough that I do stuff that happens. So we thank you get also say we're in this is Indy. Yeah how dream kind he could have been two hours or to have been five minutes but it seemed like there was this struggle. That he's trying to get. But this parachute on me and they get me off this plane I don't know if the pilots have already jumped he's just on the back this is one of those that. The bottom of that who who you know list would pale and early failure carrier what does that call. With a back an airplane list there and in the contrived stuff up into it. Seen them that's how they running jump out of the military stuff. I am fine targeted area here it's harder or harder fine thanks we'll. And so easy you were right there and you can see dude it was so great. In this is why virtual realities and be the best easy if you didn't like the way in my mind was. Directing this dream I can smell the fire I have a cold right now and I can't smell them. In my dream and a chemical. So drainage are very Carter actually Irish cargo bay trying to. And try he's trying to media mainly due or whatever this thing and the jeeps come out of the movies and video game it's there yes yeah I can then I didn't jump. Like he scream and NB. You aimed at assisting us try to remember what was he calling me I don't remember madam and call me bad words matter call me. Old. Private hair is we've got to show off his plane. He's a good job get a job get a job and am I can't do it like I cannot do it I cannot jump off this place and Hamlet again. It seemed like it was forever admitting convinced a five minutes' worth of a dream that the plane was crashing forever yeah. I'm purple and Kirk well do jumps and leaves millions trying to do him good pen them joked with me. He just left me on the plane as it was crashing to the grant but you knew you thought you knew your dinner. When I had I don't know who I was what my role film and cargo plane was prepared. So you get off current. I look younger brother I woke up before the plane crash I I am black Cadillac ally who rode it all the way down to the ground but I woke up before it crashed them and I can't. Lucent is the word such a real dream section eight. I mean just like gay. Heart pounding dream. In General Counsel appearing in my life and I created all that mean it was the most terrifying. Thing in the world like. I had some bad I can't tabloid choke me out in a dream they tried to. Okay and I've been chased by Satan himself and series and dreams when I was a child. Yeah. I had some real real messed up dreams but that was so who so who. Paralyzing so. Pierce up there. Like in so I say AEA when I wake up in my house because all the Rampage with a bit like if my opponent that the crashing plane. I think that would probably wise up and say OK I'm women die if I don't let the ball. People who do that are fine how much god I don't give a what's the difference between me and mimic adults say it's the joy we balls because of back. I'm done some. Pretty daring things in my life and a jump out of an airplane and I went down category five Brad Pitt fell out of the bank but steel. Ourselves and their owner burned. You know we're coming in order governor Clinton doesn't go off the ground ball to him two mile and then her when Aaland. We now know it's gonna hurt matters plane crash out now so I would do is sit and play aggressive but if the plane crashes I'm not German image does not. I can I have my. I think the same level of them to conserve the you do don't or do you don't remain yeah is that no no desire whatsoever to do that I had. I did special like we're doing that there's anything else is not so. There's a new play if he said there was a million dollars on the ground matchup on this plane you can be shores. I would have to turn it down and that is so nuts but I felt like I would have a heart attack on the way down Ella doctor Murr. In Lucent's I didn't know the pair shoes or they always gonna work. Now sometimes things just know where you can do is it what magnate Jess won't close you do the yellow and green get their nets of a bitch just keep all live. Yesterday he wanted a ball over and we know little gimmick done. You know parachuting into the same damn thing you know how they're doing it for fun and a name to just get all phone it and I am I dissing and that's one of the it's amazing to me they. And I can do. Within reason then is something that people do for fun. I can't imagine that. An afterlife there's suicidal in the sense but now and indeed that's just to their thrills say it's time. For me it would be. It would be death it would be legit that I think I have liked to hold myself back. I would have a heart attack and I probably look. Barry afraid of are you afraid of falling highs should come mentioned it to your. Heights don't bother me like a little problem big buildings I've jets flying in things like that literally years hum. So much not advantageous certainly just did the thought of hitting the ground and dying. There is the fall there's just the hitting the ground is portrayed in the ball and who are all in all I'm Greg do that of all don't argument. You know like why is this that I did the thing in in Cherokee or lectured gallon Burke from where they do you get net thing with the big fan in you float. You know what's it called. Jesus in Chicago hundred dollar gap. In due course skydiving yeah that's what I can handle I can handle indoor skydiving but not outlook or skydiving. What are. We won't understand them. I don't dorm bathroom or volleyball or slash. Obama got. By appealing to Hancock fan just tweeted went skydiving in Chester South Carolina and it was amazing children. Gurode gesture but didn't even earlier blown out of printers you know if the failure and quit working you don't fall like four foot god. You're gonna how their own sharp blades that is there is no blinking. C gearing down. Is what it's. Well if I close my eyes out and sealing its ascent Derry but this whole thing since learning or aren't what they did its eagerly do that yeah yeah. Actually do Valencia at any time there's no other word pro agent from space river. Stride mirror and seeing the Red Bull got the whole way down yeah Deborah good. And it. I am still scared that's there's a responding to a that tax I'm scares still scared of clowns not as bad as I was through my fellow strapped to a plan ongoing down. Or a parachute lol wow yeah I mean that's that's got to be the worst. As much bigger there's got to be my biggest phobia that's why what happened to me like your previous life I was price either. I see it killed by Cleland or I was tell me. And the crashing planes. I mean how I died previous like I'm not a Cuban people they say major phobia is I don't know how shall about previous lifestyles but. A lot of you say your phobia is a result of how you may have died the previous slots. I really pure and other words why do you have this fear that you go you never experienced YYE scares certainly not a tree. Where you're aren't airplane get a thing like that yeah they're generally good. And I even Kidd the Libyan this artistic Jirga the moment we'll beat you might say that was big bumper no I don't hear a little islands learn yeah. If you are an air data and I'm not then then I was sailor. I was more palm tired almost seem I don't mind. I may have to pass logs so scooter nor Mexico. Number I mean you put him late notre how women the so. Right now are really it's like I. That's my thing I hate ocean I hate knows no I always who were. Lack of you hate to ocean. The end to be army Yahoo!. Oh wow are we don't always hear more about that in there and asserted failure to bring music are good again our little right now we'll come right what about how Jimmy died on about in his previous life. H I thought I. 93 point three the planet dry. I'm being called the full I'm being called a dummy I'm being called somebody who doesn't and start to understand how dreams work. My degree we have some of that. The government part I can't explain why the hell I feel that way about. Dreams and how. Phobia is they might LB are acting like you know I had my dreams of did not mean it would jump off a boring playing the 'cause maybe. And I don't know of crashing plane in a previous life the day or it's killed by a clown and an open. Alicia big phobia Jim. I it's it's tough when you physique you you've ever come some you gain new and. And the heritage I hate the most Suze. Vieira bloated see a thing. Do you like being sea at all I was your series yeah I hate I hate I don't like beer or borrowed not Gramercy land the navy is not for me. And underscores armed agent. He's so you think maybe like in your previous life in williams' previous lives. Orders are exterior es this and you think you are same. I've Narnia hamburger than a year in that pet. And Titanic what are your various current quarterly our schools are bad sir. Yeah that any of that are currently is an unsuccessful sailor but lady not a sailor maybe your just a passenger. Well so alienating carries. Maybe you were then the movement was area mandolin player on the Titanic of course I think extraordinary for Aaron there's a mutiny. You walk the plank. Page are capped her screw and a previous slides home you do believe I. Think some there's some kind of strange thing sent you may know end. Have been somewhere and you don't know why it's from nineteen why else would you be born with a fear that is unexplainable yeah. I don't know. That's WiMax I can't say if I was born without fear of this is similar figures also employing nearly early all look at our crews for the government you like freaking out or anything. I didn't visit my gear but it best thing. I don't like it doesn't mean I'm Mike I'm having an panic attack you wanna me. Analysts say that's how I can tell spirit I I get up techtag even thinking about heaven it's up out of a plane there. And is seen in movies stuff that doesn't bother me but if I weren't feeling dude. We had to get easier to Freeport Serbia Mariah anxiety medicine ever remembered for the rest of Burma unless died and at times. Yeah should I be scared as roster Florian in my next the cars are very then I turned out they were very nice I resolve righted the note. So they gee you know you're scared of snakes are venomous snakes. And in not as much as I am last season haven't encountered any you know I saw the trailer for venom yesterday and I was saying rampaged. The whole lot of analysts also never leave your Mercer Kingsbury is your first coral square. Well. You know. Yellow and red she feels like a grand. Seemed to me now that's earned our I don't know is it Randle had a fire is that when you're thinking about which way. Rail until. We are asked the business I didn't think. Parents are glad yes. It's. But in that there may be you know for this conversation sake but. To be like I upstairs thanks also can problem dinner Muslims have been a big because it venomous I think. I'm also scared of negotiating enemy. I'm scared of you know Ireland is possible with radiates through here. You know renovate this there's a reason babies cared about that in. Pat Willis your big fear and Ed knows Netflix. Probably hides hides is a bit. And dying of course yeah but. They had you feel like previous life I don't know Amanda I think it could be plausible. But if you're religious account defeats the purpose which we believe. Community of mine in there is presumed to have religious beavers was an extremely of murders are. Open lag it and that's Obama can't yes there religious announced at a time. Jeff just there and do a your thought here is rest. Well not really snakes snakes and the stakes and through you Graham. Is grads because we did the rest have that time were we made you Wear red the dog called on Iran your neck which toderat idea but I I overcame that just because I face that fear then it's almost all the fear of now snakes is like Luke. The other one. Liberal and right now plus the mouse but we are entirely doesn't tape them blouse on in my czar in his fillets short of the rat and he was I was uncomfortable. Oh I guess. He would challenge overcame that sets but both you and pagelets snakes and not regular sex and trust one bad venomous snakes. But at the end but you going to be back at identified snake and now that their venom and tell my Shanahan. Is cigarettes and yes I know look you did. Garcia is slithering the here is why it certainly water snakes looks so much like copper Saddam does not only because of figured out I'm just gonna like get a shallow thing can they heads off regardless they are evil snake and our army is brutally can be so yeah commuter planes and I don't walk away husbands and summoned house about. Not sure what else. Its request if LSU les and make your calls. I. I'm. Cindy is getting our young Joseph there mile. My relocated Rangel kill unwittingly doing maybe you look at Kelly miss right you're getting good dogs. Yeah utility. If it is thank you Mallorca yet all this is for weight. I'm here I'm as good everybody failing all. Ole southern people would automatically kill us later and they saw or even yeah I did their houses before memorex and they wonder why I'm good for Templeton. Ahmanson and are running over blacks maintenance thumbs up on the window. Right after an incident. You see it pop and turn and twist why you still have waited that I am wrong for Killen in his backyard. You know windchill I don't know they're not in my backyard I tell you I probably don't buy so to give it went gold producer rent. Just want to be announced Friday are make initial I had dirt it's. Right. Yeah did Neil delegates hand you don't do it I don't understand. Our Diebler is afraid of snakes as they are because they don't have arms or legs cousins church as why the only reason it isn't a creature with no arms and legs they can do damage to a huge careful I don't go to the hospital look for the logo on the wall yeah I don't feel are Diebler freedom always goes hand to hand combat role and usually wins. I think it's how you're raised a lot of man because my grandmother has spent the last name and she was sick firm hand on time I am and it. At that fear of black yeah and give Pitt students. Out seeing. People are telling me on their Shelby is in like nine did that text you just point out and you guys and gaining knowledge and on the on the air vent to when you just points about the guys probably. You don't say that he must died from public speaking at a previous life consensus of I don't think yours every single time okay there. You know IT CU weirdos on TLC they're like scared of mustard. You know are there any doubt about the mustard and weird colors and stuff I don't think that only supply Gergen John from. Yeah at times first call. 11 if sneaking in a row all right there you know who you are we had talked Spartanburg from Clinton or Clinton Spartanburg your choice. And you've Richard Moore you are let's say Clinton's farmers and good morning Clinton mask and immoral to tell you. Our corporate. Publisher big phobia. Our low debt now until they're talking about banks got most ironic banks have been slowed last night to secure the burden on my porch and I had structure that pitch my biggest sort of yes and needles. Because yen needles hitting shots from a doctor give blood taken her entire life General Electric the Euro would count. And I army military has had gotten a little legit you know current activities. Right hardly get tattoo you're scared of needles for its assortment of our group turner are never gonna cover combat. God blessed just this year spelling correctly because he read your drug means a marathon. Out measles death is needles. If he said measles and you're zero. I didn't notice. Life you don't installation doesn't Eagles had measles GB doubles scary when you Spartanburg there and ask. Does he say measles anybody else who got a good yeah. All right well maybe god trim men measles and represent our need a hell via presidency thank you Clinton and good morning. My lords. They act like he hates it when seen insult to wasn't really dude selling the pit of the aria off god let this. Send this say his name right he is his. You always needles thing found that he was type one diabetic and GeMS a shot every day as we got over the probing. Yeah 1210 and only as measles and we'll take a break news and headlines and page right after it and worst days. I go to sleep planning and just the rest guys and. The seniors of upstate morning radio couldn't match. Engage in central LA and the rise gags. And 83 point freedoms. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're big goal who. Well I had any new powerful parenting tool and having problems with your kids. You need to punish them this the way to do it in Warrenton where they live from sentiments. Highly important to them kingdom where they live down. It's birdie you're down that well. Now and I ask you Wear it sounds like clock. The answer is Darren Internet down tomorrow restriction down the keep them from having dinner whenever should have a bad and that's all I ask cruelty that is that man that is that president elect. So now. The thing you're doing to punish your kid is to take away for my privileges. Our Ford and GE. So and so disconnected now what is that they're games people playing on the phone and Xbox and placed over wants. Yeah I've heard that a large lead in fort and I didn't G mannered q.'s latest game I've played in my iPhone is the new stat check social I try to milk that cal was only understands my arms in front herdsman. This order shouldn't be able first person shooter game cards oh this goes it's. Call of duty map type stuff. Dollars. Ram and and a lot of these parents and they've been faced with a huge film has her via mount my parents whenever we think game. Well the first politician have the access so you debit card. My only in the there's ways to set that up if he's like apple pie and all app. Now doing time privileges to. Well I mean. That's what PlayStation and X marks go to bed because. The only car only. You have to be you know tuna you purchases of one dollar Xbox if you go my son's gonna get into this sort of softly Portsmouth court Wednesday only. Which in early Saddam incas in Arkansas Oxford act or whatever. Other or you gotta go by. The selling products and their expense thing 300 dollars a pop sometimes. Well that is still Keiko was. So taken away from it about gee that sounds intersect if it's on the phone MLB semi men arrested ever gonna sit down you know remain. Vin and then it becomes a thing for me and I don't know if you give a hoot. Video games as so important quit being video games are no longer remained entertainers they're now made sickly to make money. Which is kind of the point like the end game is to turn a profit are right back. You know this used to be like other steps along the way to getting to profit. But now we've gotten rid of all the news on the steps we're just concerned with. The cheapest most efficient way rip people off and to take distracted parents away from their money. Modern kids play games and they all have printed. You early. Why don't injure our city it's in wait till you are really happens ladies video games all of now selling you everything. It is I don't games free burgers for a hundred dollars aren't the first month didn't act. He's just cost sixty bucks once that was all you ever spent our day ever let you mark T shirt some. So how Matt yeah according CU ages eight to 37 people apply and that forty million players worldwide. And the average is thirteen hours every week. So you think if you don't be so invincible look veteran Clinton phoned them little five dollar incident. Laugh alaskans as what we do now yeah. We're we're near your rescuers cardboard and ask you for that virtual boy little reminder militant contact lenses now. And in minutes. That's that's like you didn't go in and out. A real life. VR I don't know how long that is that they're working on where he's seen it this fact that I know they're working on and losers he did a year hit you know I mean they're so far advanced what you see. You're conservator of her Los Vegas. It's a giant sphere let's look crystal ball where you can program visualization all over the walls the seal and everything. Sphere so you're going to be inside an 181000. Foot spherical ball. Washing some all encompassing show you're going to be inside the music when you go to a show this place. Nicole I think it is cold like did you see what they're doing the Japan what did the they don't. They're do something about fireworks you cut back on the fireworks and using these droids are not towards. Eric don't. Yeah. This is shall it skidded attorneys fireworks sport yeah it was a sinker George sky aren't my bra color I mean they're light just it's synchronized and it's like. It's so beautiful here like. Kudos to the people using technology for beautiful thing I'll come. Oh. You know you should you be sure and hasn't had a disease after perhaps police say he's in and kill people. We're in Los traders are less than us this murderer and people developing that's that's what they did they entertain us with a half second a saint yeah in itself enemy tourist attraction can that be great. Oh man oh man. Earlier on page has your eyes and mind to. It's arise and see them that show us where do you guys everything.