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Matt breaks out some special socks today, ones we've never seen: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guy so I could. Typically it's. Rise guys morning show good morning good morning. Wednesday July 11 200880. Yeah. This error. Yeah oh yeah yeah ha strike. How it is bird ready refuge from time thinking that's wonderful you know. Thank you know here I. I thought about you this morning Jim. You were talking about. Various things he'd gotten for free through like what was it in the movie you've got through Papa John's for awhile back. We gonna learn they have this sort of was there a dvd some engineers ordered pizza. You know. I got the socks and a balsam dinner hour against them. You barren year core brand here our series on the black man I more or see things around the bend the leg areas yeah. Guerin but I have old spice man socks off. He's on a horse and Lola on a whole lot of phone Isaiah Mustafa or is that Zain thanks rooms or a loved him in the lanky. After I get on the other Sox and I thought about it a slight relief program note Peyton. They actually don't even smell like old spice that's like the boy they missed the mark should smell something that she's not old spice though Timmy Cain embed that in the fibers actually can't I realize after. Three or four war shootings as my grandma say men the smelled we don't it's still. Eagle and that your bread and butter I wanna Wear olds I smell and soc. Singles not our depth yeah that's true. That never be able to make that costs and damages and a purse sprint bright and Thai person buyer might seek sweat when he hot restaurants. I've breast cancer. It into some people think in the first group could be linked to breast no brother. I'll tell me that I just put some home today. And that's part of the appropriate pace stuff you know. That's the reason people use like. Vacant senate an all American. And a a man down. There's beautiful Sox our thanks so much the Sox a regular breast cancer but there and then my my cheat and never looked better and but I can't Wear rob Sox sort who Wear shorts or reader. Underwear socks like that was short senator. See that's the thing I wearing. It's it's funny because when I was at that need attention but as a Caroline's reverent view and I told guarantee you knew Jamie redheaded actor and he said. Toma las thought that was Matt mansion sits yet he's wearing crazy Sox attempt. And Newt and I do they're like who didn't have not claimed Sox but when you wearing shorts. Do you that's becomes another layer of bouts it. Yeah it attracts too much attention to Wear socks like that with shorts again so if you went what wild socks and short shift to where a milder sure. The pocket to their. That we can Wear crazy socks and any kind of problem. Yeah I. I couldn't because I got to were no shows on. It happens almost all. So it would have to be normal for a university and a sad. I went through a mode where I had to catch it would times because I just steal Ward Just regular tube socks for the longest time then I noticed. Passion was changing it so when I would Wear socks. It was almost to the point we look at a leg warmer and the like I was elect has gonna do Reebok and aerobics back in the eighties they were just all pushed up on the air here. So that I can get with the times. I can't wait no shows because I'll gladly in my ankles. Our truth and I honestly never and they show a little bit whose original yeah kinda hang it on the rim of the bank I as collateral in my ankles you know like going to be blood vessel goes over the top and it just looks. Nothing wrong with the youngest and breast cancer and another in the potentially walker and a. Yeah easy it is your issue and it's ours forever isn't. I hate weren't tall socks are socks that's what I'm saying yeah I have. Johnny Dane. Tasks like they've made the Sox and the calf welcomes its giant might. My. Jeans and take a ball big it's stuck on my calves on the way now I am giant cash attempts. How i.'s Asia could face Werman schooling you know Elliott appearing medical. You know I was that it they're running along to songs. Once or weren't the low 'cause she used were notions but I looked so crews are so wacky stuff like Muppets on an alert. Wider legged. For big but that's adding Tim is there's a particular topic. David makes crazy socks and no we have put all chemical designs on and they look great on the website and but when I put among the design is all stretched out through in it is you know what I mean like that does that stuff like what is that the process called Jimmy some. Some lemonade it supplement celebrations. It's album nation itself after a few washes it kind of fades a little bit but. We need stretch it out it's like it becomes great. You know that you see the fibers and and distillate is go to my foot when you designed fat cat socks a terrorist tons of money it's now like the other. There's lots of guys who Wear a bag. Crazy crew socks if they would set up their legs better event that's my biggest thing. I'm cable oil well. It dozens if it doesn't stretch out the design it is at the ankle is you do pullout that stretches yeah. Muppets aux are like you're sure socks that know her scarlet jerks hurtful thing at this attention. Who aren't here. Sonja. Mark does audio. And oh yes. Did everybody. I mean I'm talking you listening right now and everybody had the opportunity to see beat 102 video sadly diving is absolutely there. Again alike. Is not well in the Nick Cannon ball and can't listen at this blacks. A perfect sound effects and yet there that his hand like he's Greg Louganis have to get behind that are got a message from. And he's surprise here drunken jump off a pool house. Well he's one up on May yeah. NASA people have Sayer and yeah that was look he's it'll come out there must take due to resolve. To brown. From from lion out there herdsman. He's physically like he lay out in the sun. Yeah they got the cheers re pulled back out and worked a little gimmick yeah so when almost front Wilma back here and that's will lose in turnover firm with the facts in front. And then we will I. I know that I didn't think my buddies like eat you know you put something fun on on the you know against Graham in I think we put it up everywhere yesterday but. Think people start to attack in them. Oh what a week those weeks was until fall and over into the pool made a bigger splash. Any inmate richter scale weeks week small splash for him really for anyone his size for that matter. We need the Olympics the small splash is what gets the gold medal I hate him he was doing that can't. Well only on gold medal cannon ball at the Olympic judges rather Allen and blow it in his legs and aren't part. Lately Allen and place it was a completely animal about Eric Gordon I'm not balanced and all the damp concrete I'm shocked and jumping all been in the. Almighty is force on the way bail in effect I commend your bigger splash all and then he's pattern and I am well it's not just that OP one Haney who is a woman Cynthia Paxton said that. She would like to challenge. To a so I'm saying you know well that would be insurance wise. Not possible from a mine grounds. So I think we could just do hash tag contest. Yeah vote on your own. Hash tag. Again and make it small because he did make it too long in an area hash tag. Rise guys splash. Hairston. As I splashed past it's a slap in the unit because it would have been a perfect opportunity to have you know one of those pool parties YouTube geysers and back in the day. It was summer. Go to one apartment complex and as a whole element Alia that one time we did that up there or here or time of Jericho. That's why it just moments lineup point. One writer there but offer proof do we did have a paid appears that a hells angels rally once you reduce. Not having some best food I've had at an appearance on restaurant related near oh boy via a secure those guys. It's all mr. plug in the camera miracle perhaps. The jackal beer shoot. You know he burglars those guys. They'll be work from their security for Grossman yeah Herbert ever likely. Blackley so hash tag rise guys splash now we're at right now at 6:11 in the morning you know you're saying oh but just remember that later when he get off work. And that's the thing to do in the UAE swimming trunks and teachings to work in the need to take them off on the way home each run right into the political assembly did the opponent. Here's what you do man and downstairs. And Susan community. And access to pools and Campbell. Some of them are doing the salute literal probably die valiant people need to have a house in you know rally did you want there I mean this well I don't mind you know. Is pulls geographically closer to me that your interest now I see him around. It there's somebody over all from number eight hazard is real not polled by our morale there about it most days launched roared in camino real. Don't know I'm sure Nokia went a little color element for a friend about. Friendly about it and you don't have kids that's what I'm. So I'm looking for why is it when making OND dating profiles as saying I'm looking for a college educated man. The ACC preference. Blah blah blah you can even been put as smoking preference but I can't say I'm looking for friend who has about and as I have kids neutral bats aren't certain. This year. I'll make nine notre Mamas that weekend all right. The works for everybody who the enemy wonderful. I got it out over afterwards garbage your suit me the invite extra it was a C murder and amassing money she money I don't know him going our grave as though and yesterday there he is good they're easy to get in through real nice gentleman. That was. Do you interpret barker. I'll really yeah I don't yeah I guys don't come home Clinton taken out and watch T I Indian motorcycles you don't. And a giant pickup truck and all of four wheelers and pollutants guarantee Seligman shy shy of the always have to me is more toys in any any doubts on the line now. You'll Mohawk and a well here in Grozny Herrnstein Bayern exotic places like Missouri. Really hear what she did her little thing where he worked works on those tires are. Specialist in the vehicles and so are probably builds motorcycles are so I don't know what exactly he does he's. Very home randomly talk about it and Ricky does pretty well from so. As wire from an environment or borrowed ours radical moms on the go Kart race really you know. I did ducked out early on Tbilisi this is as it Varian runners we've. Assembled and I'm sure if you had been standing there he would also reminding on Shura a picture. I'm sure. Well anyway. The back to bishop related stuff here. First off we have more tickets to bush had. I believe I offended some of the fans that bush yesterday the same net. Bush has fallen on hard times because they're playing here is Cherokee casino wings and now it's in Cherokee there I was saying that. It's just amazing to me what twenty years on duty because I went to see him at the Greenville memorial auditorium now. And then twenty years later. I'm doing radio show and airplay and parents. I would have thought I would have ended at work and at Harris and not being on the radio the save. And I would have had a better odds of being made him blackjack dealer at Ed Harris and I would've gotten a morning show in the town I live there. Almost been a wild you know devil's due to growth was able Google's or their shirts here. As it crosses merit their Busch program Goo Goo Dolls was. Now I don't that was an I know is bush no doubt bush America where I think that's all the laws don't care now. As they grow it on that she's on the house until a day. Sending markers in. Jersey and see if it would have been that share immigrant and more auditory or bush and go play there. Look at how what do people have been there what the crowd would have been like that night. Well enough oil all that is what we've gotten. And that appears to biggest giveaway today to see bush you know there and we're doing in a very special way it is to return of the king of ninety's trivia. And we have a raining changed who part of the deal being the king and ninety's trivia as well we have ninety's prizes which you know bush kind of falls under that. He would get to not only compete. For those tickets earlier but it also defend his title this crowd so fat boy has. Bill in the liaisons for all of us zoos are promoted his appearance to an LP UN slapped dog is already on social media announcing his parents today who's got a good it's. We'll have those things today and if you know when ninety's trivia. When we get re you do that so free to take on the change. Indicated queen. Could get quite an Easter yeah. Vessel and that's what that's what's up and Jimmy f.s invest their money a force today to. Here are very mariners while. Wild start from wild wacky stuff. There are Florida's brag about certainly probably should never brag about when I mean he's a bad ass but he brag about musician Brad about it. Lackey. Lackey Lackey. Our system indeed DA today. It was the other thing I was. Let's you know to do. This thoroughfare. And taking it. I'm not saying that somewhere and that I'm gonna have address. And picking out my outfit for tomorrow today. Dragged us dangerous drag doesn't mean the way you said you've taken a piece dress. Directorship Madrid business dangerous or words here right now. February Nolan is new jumpsuits. All the grade jumper here or jumper thing. In my opinion up everything today yeah and a one stop shop and started it and I. Are they not open on the way in this one as didn't do it now. So let's hope Wal-Mart has confirmed ultimate level and Eden and arm Otto Martin farmers have been women shop. I know when jobs and means that when he went one particular one or Moeller is a little now. A month ago there I got to change you know one thing Els looking for a pre Sherlock and building on thing confederate currency. Percent. Troops nice area order is there a lot there's any usually LC and they're playing characters on the program goes. No Kmart. Route on bargain hunt. Well we what we have guys some updates on tomorrow's second annual rise guys dragged Padgett. We we have a not a rule but just kind of add another layer add to the nearest so will we look to have some fun today we hope that you will to feel free to call us at any point 180774. Double 093 that's 180774. Double low 93. The Carolina vapor mil dot com tax minus 72341. Were on mr. Graham at the rise guys Twitter at the rise guys FaceBook dot com slash tries guys. Page. Good morning good morning what is going on the plants can you imagine if you went into an escape route many accidentally broke the door non. You fair and you can't get and a. Jeremy Clements is a big fan there's room scenario is it's our reactions like really really good at that burgers aren't signed her. He's tried to slide through the door or reverse his wire fielder Gardner you think senator it's a well when a man his lost a woman funds is why Iran yeah that's the way. All right more on that and go all the headlines of the morning with Pedro right after this morning there. I. The idea right guys warnings now 93 point freedom plan and. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're beatle who CNN morning everybody aims. Hasn't been in San. Well yeah yeah are or George Clooney is glad that he wore helmets. Ellis Diana accident in LA yesterday when a car pulled out in front of a scooter. He was down two when he feet in the air and he shattered his helmet. When it hit the car's windshield and and apparently he's OK here and MRI and he's got to Wear with some scrapes and bruises but he's funny more than Helmand. He was doing about sixty miles per hour it was a great to dissent. Because he's in. A movie called catch 22 he's a producer art he's directing and starring in a movie. When you said George reviewers happy your helmet or focuses going to be some light funny story about a pregnancy scare. Now I wonder is he award because JC's made it cool to Wear helmets. EC Jay-Z where in his O'Meara. Almost all grows Harrell Holliman is on his Google Jay-Z helmet there's a picture of him where where. When he says things on a limb Brad lamm brand as Arthur called. Lol scooters. And he's wearing a helmet and he loves the silliest thing ever but there's so many good mains of him like. He's on a roller coaster where Aaron and then he's this in this as setting by the apple where in the hell it is it's a real pitch. And I started our way of terrorism. Yet yeah the original and flagrant assault to close Lucy to shoot India realized. Well no notice to or based on the Jay-Z and beyoncé this year you know. The tour makes a video of those Lugo our museum in tone from anchors are all well and verify. Am. As scanners can pretty fast and angry for many did Wear it Wear a helmet on as Wayne or. Is Cisco and armor of that that's yes now. Isla Italian when slot and an accent and there is really annoyed that Jim Ross is washed I don't. Yeah Sheridan she is Ryan went and hit him. When new things here. Dangerous. Premiere here in India where. Refuted something here is certainly our membership homeowner. He talks. You know order sent me a racecar than never some. Go faster at 35 or scooter former parent equivalent there of him. And somewhere you Lar eminent figure out there on the beach in there's not a lot of traffic yeah. You retarded Robin I don't debates no but I mean if you're honest on the story and to strand turnaround now and that's fine but if you're out there and their trucks and traffic in things they can. Bringing over. There also are very geographically we're York you don't scooters all rights and they saw I mean personally I would never arm opener berg a motorcycle we're doomed by your remarks recorder. Any thing open air and get on the highways anywhere around Greenville, South Carolina and it is there. And we are in Boynton nuts people don't liar and has tons of copper over the weekend about that man I really I. People drop like crap here and here I mean Nash and they do everywhere bit and specifically here. Here are you and everybody comes everywhere says it's worse than where they came throw. Sig Gavin Rossdale as the worst driver and a ball it just I mean you lose people on Twitter about bush now okay because I said that they play in you know that's I think at this. Asked. Now not everybody likes Everyman. That's fact. Well eat in do you work for some overzealous people who never had that experience. What's your definition of overzealous it's well and has an example under Zeller said is that defended its analyst at ten volunteer firefighters and North Carolina. Have been accused of multiple arsons. So talk about being overzealous these these facts whenever it started some fires there on their arrests follow an eighteen month investigation. So all suspects or make their first appearance in court this morning. An arrest will be expected so Kendall yeah. Says ninety arson related charges in the investigation. And you know. Think of the damage that these folks have cost in North Carolina going to these fires that they. Set on fire in different houses and structures. Because they're volunteer firefighters and they wanna gotten. Prison fires out. And they work with the Fairmont and arms fire department. I'll see what happens and you know how they will pay this restitution. Antegents. Hurt in this occasionally had their dollars and 81 time but not that I'd never heard of that that this kind of extend. Well that Meyer's ten guys will go around burn out. All kind of stuff to say handsome dude is notably firemen. This city officials say that hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted responding to these fires that they created. And now and Wentz and abandoned structures. Say again structures. On the North Carolina and and interesting to see what happens. And are parties you hear about other people. Doing that this is something that. Only firemen do like it. Jamar Garnett never heard of cops can hinge over Goran tripping alarms are they do have some bigger response here. Geez didn't he would ambulance or they have some in various. And there aren't that. Tyson served communities where are you guess that they have for the most part here I urged him to ease at Geithner people here and it's terrible. Or am I right there to help of security. Is Robby accent. But the other say add burglar who broke into an escape room. Because he damaged the Durham than the building Ali is he stays around us and and that he can get them as a forty year old guy named. Ryan Morlon Vancouver Washington broke into a business in the strip mall Saturday night. And that has happened to me the northwest this week's gains experience. One of those hardcore scampering and yeah. Now. He can get out Syria had a column I don't want any actually gave them the wrong address but they figured out where anyway as became the cops came underestimate how far the second degree burglary paint and the shame of it now. Those big staple of India nuclear women Wear environment and a there's one right here at the road I went to it overdue break. But that was like an hour and a half way. Like almost Kapler mad I'm gonna wait. Indeed. I here's my thing withers. Always hottest talent there it's. Very uncomfortable and I know it's you know earlier in the year guy I would I a year real hot and when I high India claiming or whatever. I can't wait for that day like I need to just get out there if sort of conditions newspaper mom might look into it. Through nearby as well other than imported John would be. Varian airfares and has a toilet and instead or at some dude we're Jaron is an anchor Jones are going to be awesome. It's been only doing once they retains a mile and a they asked is is there's some of these and I brick and mortar is it steady year round here and in Charlotte and answer in. Asheville members are at stake here I'm assuming they had a change of the puzzle sometimes you repeat customers can get a group together and in here if you can make an out. While I are all right and well when I was in the bowl and but experts say well how are. Puzzled me damned if the foreign press in five of us waging a terror wherever stuck in her room and a house is something like we can get out. We get Jeff through the door winners are merely get out we went to Ole man there's walls I think and eventually one of us would just say I'm fine I'll take on for detained there apple like. Doors are working out well here's hammering out now that. But that's more like now Laver and and instead of getting clues in this ski being clever move if the porn is just get out. They're going to Andorra Austria that. I'm page and as you has and. This morning. 3.3 eight. Beltran and. Cause this'll. The Panthers had a new owner David tepper you know news officially introduced. As you can actually have purchased the team until late July Brian. Regional. They hedge fund guy yeah so once. Ought to value yesterday when he was introduced. He said it's you want to promote an open and safe working environment. Ironically. He's contractually obligated to keep that thirteen foot high statue of Jerry Richardson outside the stadium in that them. He's as a part of the deal when he agreed by the team. Contractually asked. I mean I understand legacy. Glenn have you legacy but not when it's. Tarnished. Singing it and we don't main stuff after people anymore because we're so scared to death before they die. That we have to take they did this statue down or change the name of the building. Well. Good serve and that's that big beautiful very nice generators and knowing Wofford. But they just finished it named after him in the last three or four years now. And then Greg been all the scandal happens or you've got a building name and Samari whose barrel associated with scandal. And it it's. Just unfortunate you know but yeah it does little to do are we don't blame stuff after people anymore. Never. Is now everything has like ambiguous names and now it's like it's the Ambrose of building a winner Gonzales you know he comes stuck in between. A rock and powerful as it is Wofford and the Panthers both have else. By Sam Wyly can name them things after me now. When the real low minded prolong my news school or non interest is who brought the unifil to Carolina on them like a solid core aids. How much you know that means are we allegations. I just think. I don't know man if you sell the team should really have a say in all this stuff and work natural contract to sell Chrysler. Not really your team. You know may change slightly William wind when ownership of sports that. That became light that came rock star status Biden mark key event in the you know like Tillman for teed I mean they like it becomes. And knots in your belt. So like when you have idea O'Malley family who you know or who's the other big family and was a good Mali's would the Red Sox is that I'm trying to. But he Stanley owns James is so it wasn't like there was a guy it was it was maybe if family owned it or whatever and. It certainly you'd like to terrorism remains and stuff and the podium alleys and not criminologists. And an unfamiliar word again and is apparently on the developing still a couple of bad and so but now it's just like you you become like. You know slightly in the president. Well yes you know and it is it's like oh there you won't split families up and as the meeting another match. Kids are back. They this comes from sports correspondent Jeff Lewis mill here. Who's got zero sports entertainment world real quick Mueller's Trenton new stadium or anything in there irons and prepare. As yours isn't there it's fine after that it was coroner. Says it's Debbie Davies Nona had do Brock Lesnar is impromptu. USC appearances according they've melts or. Who depend on new US in the business. Kama might be full of crap. He is not absolutely is for Europe a people who say your lying through their teeth as sustained menaces hard to pick a side. I. As you give a stuff but some of us those really accurate he talks to people in the company and an intra party does breeders'. I'm very bright. So there oral short term contracts. Lesnar in the ability to beauty. In this terminates. Maybe Vince says like it. You know I'm on the site and all I. It's certain. Dornin business for himself kind of thing because. What I look at it is is that he's good they're wrestling champion rank among so many goes any peers in the art Cabrera USC. And he's got a title fight USC heavyweight championship yeah so it's a foregone conclusion that he's dropped that wrestling belt soon. So we went into business for himself kind of brocade Traber in the wrestler people are upset with her manipulation. But he takes the belt in the USC paper here and drops it in the trash can. Medusa yes there are on live TV Canada but there are generally very very Brock has a price. I don't need a native I don't say they need Brock Lesnar I don't think Brock Lesnar sells merchandise I don't I've never seen anybody wearing a bra Lester T shirt. And those who already Jimmie Johnson and I think with the bronze trauma master monster. They donated. I don't think they need him that. They just signed a bigger TV deal when you have seen yeah more money because more people watch wrestling in March USC it's the facts are. I don't know what USC stars really do for you if you have more fans than they get beaten it doesn't do that much Tori read think they need the world championship already show. And many creative direction for that show yeah Missouri is one and Monday night was the lowest rated episode in the history of that program. I don't think we need him in the past few years now undergo punch punch simplex duplex that we can't Hulk on top of that. Championship belt among the wrong remaining him three terms a year now. Anger it's true. All it's all Tedisco. The surgeon. Who recently operational Fred Phillips. Ric Flair and self yeah he had intestinal surgery. Says here to hopefully reverse some of the effects of a previous surgery that calls in some issues. I talked to guide to see with the inside that looks like and after all the fighters are livid and drinking and then over here to do anything else. So police interview with the surgeon you would have pulled out a camera and antagonists LC. With great players body you got suit on you got to dance and doctrinal and who dances you know win or patients or knock down she goes through the area. Would you be curious to see with inside a hole Rick looks like. Her neck to ill. Eager Arabs for a certain communities and government bond street protection in San February march comparable. While there. Aren't and ours in a moment it's gonna for a bit there you know all will have engineers either. His resume we'll we'll swap out from an artist George W. Bush people are Texans are everywhere we know who will ethics and her commercials storm although he really does has called the rest of the show that's sure is yeah this. Is my children's sports tradition good day again. Little more funny thing yeah for the sucker blows up. So LeBron officially signed his eye contract with the lakers and a pizza chain now in the the California area. We have doubts pizza party to celebrate his rival. So LeBron breeds Sweden he says haven't been to a pizza party in a minute stretch in channeling its sky Mozy. Oversee any question mark big eyeballs pizza motif. Everybody ram with that like he was going to be there come home so they've lined up around the block for three blocks hundreds of people who show up. And some sort of a bad continue what happened yeah. So we never send news bulletin now getting the people homelessness is going to be your plane. Her pizza place in a big way and those guys are doing that some people in Cleveland is he has guys now I mean did they shouldn't. They really should he did a community even the state Ohio program similar record. Yeah I mean you wanna once came to Chicago went another fifty plus years. But they took assigned down immediately after he signed. And the next day ninety since a few days to take down the lord treatment now more kids through college brought to the education water ago. Oh Patrick Ewing they paid for my seniors attend. Residents and.