Tuesday, February 20th

Fat Boy weighs in and the results might not surprise you: Matt found a bunch of his old toys in his Mom's basement: Headlines

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ALC gears and steamy morning radio there I am I strange sound. If you're going through the. He's no stranger to. There's no reason. He's cop. Six embryos and then thrown my. I'm okay. Okay who knows Sarah. When you lose I am gonna lose weight. Drew owners. No matter who's playing. Fat boy fat boy bad boy you were a year ago. Let me get my magnate bladder out a strategy belliard. Well thank you open your day planner and didn't touch. Let's say previous weight. 325 pounds. First away amber. When we weighed. Would you weigh embarrassed by the way alma. I was ten pounds to else's pocket book by doctor coop MS but. Ten pounds two ounces srac. And as since 1826. Hours with the humanity years. There he is bigger. Is still had to go out there you go yeah that's a weird things and then they let him run and labor that blowing then still in there is exemption. Eyes at 32338. Point six. Was that your first wage so you've lost. Three point I don't marvel Roberts guesses February's gain one point two this week alone at one point two button. All right. So moved 3. What is our wait a year away last week. He's taken office payments new home dominate the armor America. Plus Internet near Georgia enacted prior bore Kevin knew Kelsey Carroll's. Well I'll my heritage because what he's taken office on nice boxes. Of flat panels. You left their from the winner where. All right Carrie yes. Three I enterprise and 25 towns is what he weighed last week. He wants to lose a hundred total. So far he's 33. Belies. Mail and take a lot of golf committee. All right Jess yes sir figure this out for me here clear way out of genius. With a lot of class. Now OK so. 325 is winning ways now and he rose three point six pounds so he's. How far the way is he there it's 100 pounds at thirtieth in the west. That's our yeah I worry and you know. Previous weight last month on Jesus is under stop look and you ante up the scale is against Italy every. As does color alert or we need to watch last five minutes of the sense out there are no I didn't see that let Janice thanks well inside this. Lose that. Is deemed audited years. Marquise say thank you sharks off freeway and route as. Well okay it's for last week he weighed 325. Pounds. Normally eats it shows a picture of the the scales in the at this point. Egypt do that. You know have met Tonys for his pants back on. He says hey I think it's a picture. Are all mama calling nine verified already been deadlocked and marriage Zorn is only available now on me and FaceBook live video Arab armor FaceBook dot com slash 933 the planet okay. I'm gonna give you general Clark did. Everybody's got what you played very well three. What it is. Seven. Are you in game 237. Judy we're each pledges and and Jordanian. So great when you fall NASA think it's album for all that starred restaurant and two children. It is the skill is. I don't know what scale manpower scales fall Merrill the now. By doing away this morning to three skimming kit free him in the work honestly yeah immunity area those curious. I didn't say that Norway this morning what it's are you worried this murder preaching reform. He's gained 3 pounds this morning on hand and that's let's among humans are doing a lot that none of us have been bathrooms warrants but it. It's still met scaled whether it's the one imagine that would your homes got that scale says she gained two pounds. Yeah according to last week scaled the same stale air. He games are. I tell him yesterday because we went through weights you know that's part of the programs lifting their noses and I think you're out in the long run to. Usually put anybody this is trying to Clinton has made them but you know I felt like casinos Cisco. In May put on some. Some muscle the first not enough that after one data to make that much difference. On the missile wants would you even. I say he said you had a mess up on Sunday Sunday an idea was it was sold like printer. And afterwards down longer. There was some home some in the war. They weren't talking to bill would you hear playmate eating eating you into the black intimately alone our normal one OK I don't care Delaware Obama's self yeah. The east about how the belts for him yet. He won't linger on with the wind is OK he's as writer. Matt and then as soon man I think you let Matt make about Taco Bell fans I original and only the size it cheeseburger. Only got a double. Only one time had a proposal both cereal for breakfast. And missiles impart to them organize. As it that's why you so much did you starve yourself all day long and then you go home they needed LM 1130 minutes at Sony melanoma alone. Now lumber but still. I did. I'm looking text lining your 7341. Carolina baby milk not Comtex ladder look at the FaceBook comments. For the first time some people are saying it also drop really don't try anymore and say no way him every weekend. Well we need the contents to be honest with yeah I was I told jab at play in this very years as far as scared the creative stuff go and so we we had a new. Solid solid not try an issue. I've had fans threw twice and almost two months and overall so great event more energy and reverent among whom scale sleep better it'll swing is much tonight. It is is muscle late this can be a pain. Jess is that possible DI don't do this to gain two pounds of muscles from yesterday to today is how. Well this is it Brazil different scale. Debate and only cuts are doing is I conclude all from. From last week you know I don't know I still like if I symbolism hundred pounds. What do what if I lose you know let's just sixteen in a moment up to ten. We're so what if I lose fifty and any animal ripped up smaller counselor Phil good. So maybe a hundred pounds is you know. I guess the goal is is still early in the process with a goal is keep going. You know. Before Dell's going but maybe a hundred pounds is is too much. Maybe for me a 100000 nondurable. Maybe 6070. Maybe with some muscle I don't know allows Canseco. But so far you lost one point six pounds yeah. Yeah well I just started working out to the other thing is still the died you know still no wonder what. Wow. I don't have to say Diana get it and you don't fall anti doping are not doing you don't. Is this okay so the day that guy trying to figure out we felt through the walk. You weigh 325 pounds a day in lost one point six pounds. Now you've only lost one point six pounds total of so all the way evolves team gained back except for that first loss all of Manhattan. And up and walking through yet. You dollars and Reno dislike is like ramadi thinking about it normally don't do you down there is not is your children that I can't explain Amanda's weird. Payment picking their way back up but I don't feel like a Phil you know two months ago. As well as was really soared today from the gym or your. You be real source or that problem we don't later this Harry Harry it is not a plus ten NASA. Now enough let's. Steals just think that every other person I've known that weighed 300 pounds plus when they went hard core Intel it. Even if they had achieved today they still lost. Many pounds in a week. Like the first month to your real big stern guy that first month you lose good bit away 101215. Announcement yeah I mean if you like really words you'll lose more met. Maybe she geared. IR test and I'll gosh if I had a dollar and how. How are not understand that well maybe what he's thyroid to now may be what it's it would meet. That's what the problem was our right now he's gone by McDonald's on the way to the daughter that it. Does anybody right but you know. If you're gonna par out again Alfonso and get all. Alone in doing through what does this help. They're hindering Uga every Monday you know rates low left center every Monday or Tuesday in though in this case is that you know this week. Easy you know. It's all mental no starter competition. I do know like a fireworks go away don't try and do whatever Camden optional wait until he's just. Oh and trash bags and we'll turn the heat up for Ohio another escalate tasted good is it in Breslin yeah I still rests on course. I don't I don't put on trash bags turned the heat up in the run you said there's sweated out. I think there's Jeanne encouraging your prayers for your money goes through plateau your building muscle or sweat lodge we assign you a four. But she and one of those old boxes and just settle clean out lock in there. It's a weird spot election efforts and AMR I scheduled to go to the June. So I made that Kim walk outside someone wounded. Eight Indiana half mile visibility in a lot of follow her role. Eleven is don't get up in the sixties Mannelly reporter present chance of rain mainly this morning at all or walk GGC no more come by a mile. There. I was real measurement or just sit around so there are wary market generally isn't Carty era through Walter there's a mauduit Morris says a thing of George. Gas must sell battle it's surely a little doubt. I don't wanna go the extra the one scheduled to ask for a second because I know all the while they finish it as an amber now. You know told his dread going to the gym and I did when I get there and I did Dolan knew that's good afford us doing good here and not doing you know argun tired and drained it you know 45. Always heard talent abide guiding and training there was one person I thought and here they are let's go to Charlotte and taught at. Or your own kid never help them out the boy is is is a heads up two more pounds. I know I keep here and it. Clearly that thank you and you need you can't starve yourself it's butchered body into the state of emergency it thinks it is starving and dying and they try to keep only as much weight as possible. I don't know darn well you know but you know I guess I am alone not trying to. The struggle between residents. You say you made only the most cereal and and you started shelter at the main menu item they don't murder and like. I'm and sent it down in LA on my. But it's not a conscious you know this isn't like I'm Morgan uses I don't be harmed if you're vampire this would work mention not. The Lady Gaga ain't over tell him Hyundai AP all these series stars and sound many today though mailed and it's just not gonna go there at waist and said there's no I don't argue were. Yeah good morning sir. They tailing group if you regularly ever remembers Riverdale is sell peanuts and targeted at. I eating or get out that Clinton won more real quick call Pete Wentz silly dude she got thirty seconds to tell all fat boy what's ward tomorrow. Shares at the end just he backed up or it did that's 1% accurate that started working out that trend in mind eating eating plan. I'll being kind of jumped to begin with he had meeting six times with tricks candidate hoping to reach somehow missed us that my metabolism I dropped five pound a week. And I ate more elaborate before I don't understand the science but it does work so whatever he said no that. Our eyes silly just throw Selig is this morning you pretty measure that would Jintao about thank you sir. And yeah mr. enthusiasts are. Our weren't always have in Israel work I did couldn't wait do we take Ed DiLeo biweekly a way yes how thanks. Total answer. I don't know a real little amount. I mean I'm finally doing it every week so that I mean this is not really bother me the number there and those who fluctuate here. How active people were magic address history you know back throughout history they knew they were very active every single day day in and day out. They bigger and just work out three times a week as they worked out. Every day this baton survive. How many calories do you burn by coming Ellen obviously excuses on them now dark hall Antalya made Galley bomber. Aging mentor I. He 93 point three the planet dry. I'm sorry that I'm just. And we'll take you aback by the game fair and I probably gain more to stow away just killed a sandwich here you didn't last long. Yeah so long for you eight year big Turkey deli sandwich and also did what was the club that the the meal. The certainly knows we an oven roasted Turkey meal. I'm interested to our email. May or may be in the on Monday great value from a pinch of pain and a I lowered. Well continued success. Our marriage I hope he starts succeeding as ornaments that authorities have. You still Demi EU heads in Iraq in the right place I guess that's good. Definitely you know this is. This is one topic we're rug is an expert yeah. Like politics and sports staff threw at them they can't take that one pound away from me cowboy and a trip a I'm giving back here's a one product that we are important Ariza just one point zero. My mama listen this shatter attic cleaned out of her on Saturday actually. So that that's why whenever everything yesterday is because. Well I was trying to save as the them and ask these two and I Angel there. Mary had her attic cleaned out Edmund. You know look here's the thing as your son track claimed that probably. I have enough time hours in the standoff they've she is as real good. Men's group members church and they deserve routinely will go in and do things for. You know owners vote remains format so really I guess issued what some might not her attic meeting between now and that's of the gas from the church Kaymer McClain got Iraq. Since last season you come over in an end big here when when they do it because a lot of the stuff is shorts and as I will add. At Saturday mom Meyer got to I got a whole lot going on but I mall and I'm awful Monday outcome by their money's only yesterday. Yeah I I saved everything. I news and I had a lot of stuff out there and and her attic at the house but. I saved everything. By I I should go and do. Re decorate my height my like my middle school high school bedroom I can totally re decorate it went all the stuff like I have. Oh mile tenants say stay on the all have a Rick flair panic and I have summaries and Dale Earnhardt can and I was never that that was more of a Bill Elliott gallon as a kid and a Dale Earnhardt and then all these different things that you found almighty. Even middle schools severe middle school yearbooks and my middle school yearbooks in no I had all that. I have. You know remember when we knees as a thing and whoever won the big saying today's Super Bowl World Series whatever you may put him on the Wheaties box. Right here in the Wheaties box all the liberty is up. I have four boxes from when the Braves won the World Series. Of Levy's with the need this in her attic they won the World Series when I was six then. When our fair point three years of have. Four boxes of cereal they remained in Michael footlocker thing that somehow synagogues and squirrels and gotten in there I'm eager for a know what this says about Wheaties and mounted that even the grass what mess let it really is the box and while they were in patent. Thanks for some reason I would do this I would save. Things not in a way of on this will be worth something down the rat trap. Listen this is a blow your mind and I need to get in touch would like some toys person. I got all my GI Joe's and then I'll match transformers. Got a transformer command battle center of the call when I still got. In the boxes. On in the boxes. Never taken down yet to play win but I've packaged them and I don't know bonds is the mile race tracks. I have all this stuff. And and I'm like sit near a whole oil all I just I had hit it and I barely got sail without Carter got a if aids kids. It's it's too much is so I don't go into all these different boxes and containers and I'd nicely packaged everything up. And this is the creepy one. I have my chick filet uniform. Apparently the last woman ever wore us mormons are pants. And this shirt. And the name tag that says chick filet and Matthew Harris crew leader. I had its ice ice why did I saved that. You can open a museum for yourself what also golf. Normally screw it all up. Are there because. I mean it seems like everything is OK okay now. What happened because you were on the path to being a horror how do you enjoy lawn so what. Happen to keep you from going down that path. You happy you possess somewhere inside your in your brain is valuable information. To everybody on all the important TV shirt. And went in London because there's something that happened along the way they can't do you for a did you can't everything apparently there's a marching orders is actually would probably helped with the order now and Monroe news severe marital. You know what though I think part of it probably was kinda like this as a kid you know I collected stuff stuff the values you know sports memorabilia things like back and act I guess in a way out was kind of looking at it as a time capsule. But I'm I'm left with all these great things about. Oh god like there's mired covered commanders in all these great G edge or toys in the box is south dynamite. Woman doing that Kendrick an extra start get a daughter she go to Warner sexually all I can go like you don't make hundreds of dollars on eBay went in and waste. The weekends put it all man. Do you think maybe you hear you're cheerfully uniform rewind a bit of music you know okay Aaron but that was I think in the back. Fred. I think in the back in my head and I really thought it was gonna I was gonna have this life that I was and the like Einstein or some might not one day they're gonna more much actually uniform. The wanna put this and if if if if the museum in Maine is nobody let my house be demolished of their co mail now Biden restore didn't do Carl Sandburg tell her shoes turns out yeah. Take it give it a bit over the stadium every downtown Cincinnati bags youthful legs all flatten now he hasn't given manner celebrity former employee is there potentially music when I can also this is don't have. It's a collection. But could there. What happened I guess Jimmy is that I'd. I got married and moved away no carrier embellished Democrat there must not crap. Is slightly it's valuable stuff to samba beat. It meets and is so much stuff and I don't even care but I know is it's enough that's in his fell away done managed charity. Why not sell it. I would donated to charity event you know what happens when you do that you know as well as I do the people that run against her hands on. There are a lot album. Might be real or assailant the people who are seeking it out. Now news analyst satisfied they're because you're not satisfying their meter there won't you know because they're gonna buy these old toys your mule when he married. And there are going to be a man I had this sort those kids this is also litigated is gonna get there are their program and take out of the box you ship and end and it just gonna forget about it. An amount as well still be in in the in the attic right you're domain I should just come on and I'll keep your mayor's out yeah I never use it there. Are there. It's it's it's a big cluster in my head about what to do web and plus she's like you know now it's moved from adding to her garage she's like you know this week you need the Democrat patty. Already got a ten about thirty storage unit actually get into about 45. Stacked higher places you Harry's foul and a always say when man so I as a good checks given to you nephews they wouldn't wanna be there is old. Told what you stated they catch iPad two crap now and only real till it's still the plan was. Actual toys though right. You don't take a matter of their crisp commit condition within the boxes in a girl when I do yeah. These amateur Steve Carell from forty year old burgeoning to sell at all to. Plaguing voice you're mirror mirror what they're not gonna play and where they're no different and an open. But maybe a was on the way to be in order if I had not. If I had not gotten married with a grace is mama and and that whole deal then I should've been on an episode of extreme morning. But you look at all the coolest stuff. If you would you really I don't know forty ETE suicide. Houseful of antiques and I was necessarily do and don't all get excited here there are belliard is rich you are very near you your Canada. Your pack grander player but I and you never. You have a lot of stuff clearly it's a valuable stuff so it's different. So I was waiting on and I'm sure it's happened I haven't seen them or orders river going to some dudes house and he's got. Fifty million baseball cards stacked up in boxes all over the place are sure it's happened I haven't seen it but I'm sure it exists. Well if somebody knows any young kids play baseball cards Holler at me because I'll give you a bunch and they're not any of the value once they're just all the comics that I have probably 50000 now we have enough to give all the kids something to make noise on the bicycles. Up. And that's what they're worth at this point they're I think you know all Katie man Mandy crap like cat Valerie Jarrett made too much Havoc here's I want route -- death. MA usually is recycle the baseball cards at this point what they work anyway yes almost order. And now. Now Marriott. This is an examiner is somebody you're not so this could distract from now maybe a garage sale and has yet I did get an a lot of interest on pay her purse or. Yeah our gimmick Tina and a charity event needs them in and then you like yes I mean I don't like Jeanine charities except for Toys for Tots. Are you then have important to celebrate more month to cool it was released you'd feel good about yourself helping hand well I didn't. To sit and pawn stars I. And I get my buddy from the toy shop what is what the toll shop Rick. Are we take brig commander activists from. How are more of the rise guys morning show okay. Right guys headlines with the aid. And you're Beagle who. Topping our news this morning some controversy eat in the wake MV. Parkland. Florida shooting or something that was quite shocking on the Internet troll and bop tracking sites reported an immediate uptick. And they related tweets. From political propaganda and linked it to ration months. Does that mean. Well it means sat down there is a a group the airlines are securing democracy and they are tracking Twitter activity and found that there are. Spots that work. Sending out propaganda about gang control. But still Latin Jimmy did. It's plaintiff for someone we minded like me what does that mean they're mayors they're home they're like algorithms are making conversations. It. Means it's. When there's something bad happens in America yeah. There's term. There the Russian Twitter bots which did look you can program proposed order you want you know in the coastal reserve for accounts assist people in various. Recruiter counts. And then it'll basically they take up I. I believe both sides of the argument and just makes stuff worse yes says they hijacked the conversation in the east Austin and they are focusing on any thing bad. Was divisive. Red get any thing try to control eats and then look at the replies. There is just all this crap but lawyers is like these robot. Thoughts from Russia. What are you both sides are still argue your side and they're sack. But I mean. Are we met a we just mad that and others and other countries doing it now does that mean there that's been going on for ever every year you went out bots. Well there's been parts of the government there word just you know they are paid to be trolls. Doctrine thing from here they're similar. Governor doctrine was that thing where. Other countries are not allowed to mess with stuff but we are now Blake here you don't like it so that is. Back to the story this Russian bonds were linked to tweets. With hash tags my cast and NRA hash tag gun control now. And they are sending out devices. Divisive propaganda. So it would just flood all the information that's coming through Twitter. On both sides win in here we have a horrible tragedy happening. Where seventeen young people have been killed in this kind of known instances happening. Sued terror country apart which we are so divided right now. We've seen new money through your load is so we controlled newborns president compare. Man. That's. Stats. So a lot of people are sitting here arguing with computers. Yeah but no signs. Shooting with computers. I don't know how many times have banned computers on Twitter now there's the boxer taking out both sides of the argument they're arguing for and against gun control with real people. Thirty did you put all of mountain. So I guess what he's just like anything else when when you argue random amongst yourself that's when they enemies swings in and why not teach scared down. Our society and our political system. According to have any election. You need whose mouth is all that's happened in every election. It's just more or. As I don't Monroe doctrine is exactly noted as if we sit here and screw with the elections okay down that you best just like. I can talk crap about my family that you better not there are we've overthrown in our governments are hard to have our hands right I mean if you really. Did cannot agree to things for yourself. And that's your problem. Iffy if you're swayed by whatever everyone else's dorm Twitter. Then you're not thinking for yourself let you know if you're thinking. Not that victims and that's your problems knew I shouldn't. I'd take that but to higher degree though it's not that you're sitting here say it all this this person who said that. You know angered me or winning guess what I think but it's more like. It would just read truth there I don't have FaceBook and mormons FaceBook comments are news comments. And just sit there and just laugh at all I let him like I don't sit there and Amy have written thank god. I can't believe they said that it it that's what it that it embarrasses me their countries accurate way there but we're at it that way against. Robots can Wear me out. They're Poland puppet strings is what they're doing and it's a finally got a triple what it is the Russians if suffrage heat begins not real speech is not coming from human. The table is for the Russian box and all that we set the table that ourselves because. Green marketing made everybody insecure men and that's at the table for this afternoon would box. But that's how honest misinformation. Gets out there earnest perpetuated because it's a halt all BS. A lot of it is like. Boy Tom and. Really I had eighteen school shootings this year most of all as so mr. misinformation. That the major networks are putting out there. It's a give us shooting happened within a mileage of a scolding counted yeah. Many have we had to do we not wait too damn many surely see that right there in itself is of that but there is the problem when I don't know alluded trust with the information no. But everybody in the end I'm guilty just I Deluca and myself and I think nine you may have been the one actually brought to my attention about they'd seen the yeah I was reunited them or I was like. I didn't just room them sit here and just. Spell that also goes is that. Is only that the wind on the list it was you know. And Parker mark enemy in a locker in a backpack all of a weak yen by a high school student yeah they are we can't win grass was I mean just different things with. At the end of the thing is still too and it's enough to gun Valero scholes way too much look at this country damning amateur. Or doing here are young people on their rallying together to do something about it so I'm glad that they younger generation is better than there in their parents that sit there and and argue with each other. At least they're trying to do sending it to change the violence is school and feel these are young kids bring them and a well I mean we wanna live in fear. You wanna go to school every day and fair you know knowing that you might you find this kind some. Same here and say one generations make it worse in the evident that the kid to millennial as a got figured out now they're trying they're trying to do something about it. These kids from Parkland. I don't know what they're too I'm seen as is as society were not do anything about it other than just keeping erroneous that. Sierra I mean I do like they're good kids sure are we're walk a stolen joining third and 10 AM. For seventeen minutes I'm just instituted just to make a statement because for years years years are you grown people have not done anything. About any of nerves. You read. I. Roughly about the same age as all the kids who were at Columbine High School when that happened. They might be years or older than me here urge older than maybe Brian earlier that morning I was. It at home school in South Carolina McAvoy you're the same age to observe. I mean. Ever since we were there at age we've seen this happen over and over and over again and then this is based say the same thing every time it happened. It's we can have a conversation. Distributor Rolla. Nothing that happens. Deceiving mentioning you. Either side. Senate for a I Murat and aid aids that's weird and as you really taken aggressive stance for once out of the other day you get real man. And say blink you'd the other side of those sides of magic not get started remarks there. Any if you agree I'm patent both points on both sides saying you're non you're not on one side and yet you can't. I agree that everywhere and she be I'm not happy I own a gun are. You know and kids should be on a dentist go without any violence. Is has to be a systematic approach to let everybody can agree on because they know more scope. I don't pay me an extra to the ads you know what I don't care what side you're on I'm on yourself if you. I'll post to something stuck on tension has your has guys can argue about us I killed. Nightmarish. It's morning show ever should ever have to watch as guest Huntington disease mind. 83 we don't play.