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Matt really loves his new iPhone, like sending Fat Boy dirty messages on his: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Arrives guy so I could legally yeah this was. Illustrated just started. I say it's kind of chilly out here. And we'll unseasonably. Boom there is reason that you know. Navy modern movie heart I'm always our creator mir's arm and your temperature gauge were for nothing you. They are worth a flop you have wind speed up Bob do you have one that doesn't Gephardt's the left on last Larry that it doesn't goal Oreo. Although it's only gets a little bit here is slightly shy about halfway ever asked about it just that in curiosity. During a. I did that in my dot org headed sex in the blood sugar and everything you'll say OK yeah everything has an incident it is going to be a zillion health questions and this. Does it mean when this happens and this happens. Via -- unmarked I'm gonna get thirty dollars worth growth saying we're gonna win the questions Joseph had maybe Ackerman coming up next Tuesday 1030. Or is really fast and it's always the answer any question you ask your doctor always bad is it we. Back some bills like that Rick you're really bad you really blame him fat finished first Tom I gated self diagnose myself it was after it was middle school and we've just done a lot of running. And in this what I would have had to look it up and some kind of medical book is there was not Internet and but I remember going into the daughter has said doctor I am I am pretty sure that shin splints yes and he said in his why you think vessel has on our part and flex. I don't particularly care should. I send out. How far the. He's so now I think it is obese all. Say well I am a brief fire just in my Irish in my blood doctor Hansen led now is only fat. Don't ever say fat now on have said. Yemen anyway. Doctors were they good start there don't Rosen who has. Whether alas it going man has his return but the unseasonably cool weather at least this morning in it's when it's cloudy few showers this afternoon maybe 77. Right now cloudy and 57. In Malden and I mean you go below sixty in low low Windiz called. I slow and all the wind is up. I mean yup. Are open via what he's not. Ice you need some Aaron natural we're good fresh air Koran or criminal histories mob balls often woke up our bench you and I went to bed it was very night. Sarah breeze going through you know with the blinds kind of going medical reports lovely and a then this morning in America it hung meet in the don't know colder than which by the way. You know I'm not so good at technology. In daisy listen to this show them what you know two. Not just this worker brother wins David every one of them in and all the days is really not that technology. Says through the years I've had help from various votes yes. Nine has set that would generally every video console that I ever had up until my kid to do it off our viewers know Joan Larson have always more of a hindrance and he's been he's Che and he would deal landing chains you know display colors like the Tommy change my display colors to purple on the charter and I couldn't change it back in the house. Remember once on US about fixing the cable there are switching improve gas. Jared Jared sort of patterned after her and then that's how miles had and that hard time with our two asylum phenomenon he went big house hello ha ha. And Hassan and you know I come asylum to the main video game if you we yell and resent. And big brown I would always texting and I would say a I hate to north of Baghdad or I don't know I killed poison I hear whatever into it always help me. You go jewel through recruits and drove home mr. Cruz's but I can from so margin she gets big brown a video game show on the weekends at. As big brown taking your calls. Will join combat it's taken Simon Estes phone numbers windshields. Are today. Had basically got to be Crusoe like what's he he would you know we didn't have this prank Conan it was a big brown had any data Contra cut. Down basket is taking my first ever to explain all the codes here he may receive custody degraded the best show ever ran. When our show when questionnaires. The tagline match at a ten. Our question we answered so. You know all the big Brown's been airing Nene and again that Jeff let me hook that someone needy and although it is yes things well but even if it is a problem. It's death you're. Good as far as the whole time we did its plan to imagine so what am I really you should see a doctor you are far removed page admit to this suggests far more than the three other guys combined. It was growth yes yes it was. And you look at this term and are great I love my stay here all morning and hit the as Al love the sounds but the boy this males are just turn around us at a certain point it's our mayor -- Mandy in hand if you ever had that this that is just some that's one unnoticed as we were just so overbearing with ours is just the new dynamo on. So what is that bodes pretty brutal. He usually Galveston. They're very well I readied the attache. No thank you that's going to be the thank you how to get some good side effects of the page is gonna sicker so to Clark whose stained walls. So I had a signing his card Ifill Gloria and ceilings of the assailants fired a wealth. On mine comes. I got a lot of man. So fat boy yesterday. Told me some things on our phones residual an iPhone family yesterday. We are you any more territorial families grated phone technology that's where he puts all his. All is technological effort is in that arena good got a. Mod you up while he's not a compliment. Yeah apparently what what is the text things that you told me last night that I did not know about T told me in this only available on iphones. You are you have you made firecrackers popped up on the phone well you know concern aren't a little lasers. And yet he did lasers you know in the end he started show me did you emea center for our texted it was nothing about the show it was just. I learned you can draw got dirty things there. And then and made it sees send it like Jeff has an iPhone as I said Jeff the picture last night and I was throwing old wrestler is an outline. Okay that it would start off looking like one thing but it senseless and totally different thing I don't know it was great those funny and I'm sitting here zinc and. I'm glad I don't have what you all you wouldn't waste my. The moment I'm glad I don't like to maybe get one if you've had yours for a while merit it didn't did technologies and say. Gee you know I. I can change these skin color of all my most decent firewall I'd now. I see you black thumbs up last night SL news mr. I don't know like the Simpson's. So I am going to itself. All the different again I've been enjoyed or whatever was before that my whole life gamma very first iPhone never did any of the stuff and and all the different things or here are great and their funny in their funds for our view of your parent a school line yet an hour to wash in the afternoons whatever but. You might goes and gets the phone. Generally look to be around. I would say the median ages 52829. As just a guess but around mandates terror. You would think that might. It would be like teenagers or twelve year olds that would want to have bad credit. Is that that's the selling point is clear for that I'm okay but Lehtinen who owns a grant earth but just being taped the knew what. What is the selling point other than I control penises and animated and send the fat boy he can write dirty things in regular life blazers wrote it. It's is that they have this thing this is what Steve Jobs lived for we act very here hype about this wherever it. It is co and it's it's cute but it's like. I see where people waste so much time and I know that it's my married texting and Al the board of two or three weeks probably so Italy. I threw three days is only so many dangling Jeanne drop weight or certain fingers were out it was a whom are saying you know a few moments in the balloons foreign. Yeah eight and you can light a ride with a leaguers seeing all these exists. What a time wasted so cool thing so cold air and there's just. I know what I'll be doing all afternoon. You know. Sort of it he manages the power went out in and have a battery for Manila iPhone aren't have you ever hear dislike the weekend and I would it is as. You better do you some battery life for a whatever happens it is everybody got power now for the most part of stabilizer. Are still big search MRI incorporated have power to do this morning the same as yesterday owners of these words do you know anyone there below 25 from my bed dollar tree up to 85 yeah no power really. Here all the reminds me and the QK was close this thinks was. Closed the Waffle House was close I. Let it let you know what that dude I was close watch. Really you know not all I'm close duke power long has it been like they did the bad guy you know every by Italy's. Mean god do you imagine my slalom but still Wear on the big power to charge him as they suffer what are you let. That you know even before that storm before a storm somebody from the local office call mom momma because I don't know how they knew this leg issue alerted them or whatever bit. He may Harris. They said hey we realize that your own oxygen men who want to let you know there might be some power outages and Arab. In guaranteed issue and what's in the news order but these that we know your own oxygen so orderly manner that was pretty damn NASA does beard yeah I don't know faith. It's called the moms of celebrities or whatever but help everyone got a call now. This club and houses sarcastic joke in my last hour or maybe Melissa I think I really believe that. Giuliani just let it sometimes is rarely got out of Minnesota senator Srebrenica where thank you. Let's meet looks. Contractors. Has talk her through here sitting on stand Chad media social media and stuff. You sound stewardship and outbound Florida to get power back on our far right. Yeah Horry or else and you go unopposed power back out of Florida doesn't know it's that big serve our guest. Analysts elect John Quinones salespeople from Virginia say about. Our duke power of these contractors were for a challenge usually can but it it's what did you learn Virginians are ranked. I don't ma'am. Merrill under the come down here and put power back on the good all the bids from here on Florida opened their power of the poll the vision and great. All of this placed contractors from Florida's should put power back on here. All the dudes from here on Florida to work on that out because there's a bunch of contractors who had to evacuate from Florida and there are a beer hanging out for a few days. So things fix power here obviously you're gonna fix the power you've heard. Join ED think people that were displaced up to this area they're like how was this green hills kinda nice. And then they just said they give back to Miami in this is get their stuff and they come back stay here. That's gonna happen compared to Florida this phrases and right now special them right now especially any term they said that people in the Keyes speaking of the keys. We'll let that comes as was all players are going to be keys. There's a lot of those folks on the back for three weeks yeah it's easy. And it and it really sucks. I wish I didn't know indie stuff like at least contract is don't take stuff. No were. Oil way to a state of the girl who insane for. He for the girls frozen Christa now that princess I am and I know drama dealings on our phones for everyone has display ordered the you know tell funny jokes or may be order. Page load do. Jump rope do that mr. Jack's double double that and a I will tell stories about having to go upstairs to use the bathroom for the don't have one downstairs call. Tell tell stories have had been. Hey look everyone I know you're displaced you know by your houses and let me tell you about my gas people I had no easy he got a bad imagine my girlfriend how she has a right now he's thank you that. I have the worst gas I've ever had in my library. And I. Thanks to this diet. And you know you have power thrown around here has his superpower honored her breasts are immigrants to straighten your group enabling their power demean her and its problems. A bit all Augusta road as a male two yeah distill out coming in detail knows. Your downhill preview Saint Francis. I'm sure cold voice it's coming back now he may rather to be Jonsson community I mean they didn't par does turn in the power back on and Johnson is racist. And a lot of those may just be turned off because it pays off no. I learned that isn't necessarily racist classes yes classes to classes rather jazzman it's a mixed community Jeff has fantasist. Opulent. Oh we got a big old worker brother wins to show planned for you today first of all we. We get a OP PV we will absolutely get to today because it's. It's a minute's not vetted south and then. You may or may not have to deal wit nor have dealt with. And then you know they are that's funny it ought to be obsolete AME me there's no funny and it at all. But it's Sunday aids aid I think will be very helpful to bat boy do some somewhat similar. There are a little bit and they advised his way here that's essentially staying warm is certainly one we Garber are also we have. A new game idea that we're gonna beta tested today should be embarrassed can be a beta test as today view of these thirty sex perked. Thirty sex per. This 32 expert yeah go 36 per so mullah war beta test that today before we roll it out in a the prime hours here. Well did it closer ended ended tail end of the show and well I'll quietly made people listen and I and a big big big. I urge you they own fat boy's bare wall tomorrow. So we have lots to do much to do we would love to hear from you see with your 2180774. To below 93180774. Down below 93. He can text us on the Carolina vapor melt tax fine. That is 7341. Page he working on intently in the flat. What happens when your brand new mascot looks like returned. It will make fun event on tighter spots they really think that's what they which restaurant business allies us and we didn't do well are there. I was under the restaurant and the turner and then the first name and all that next year rise as headlines morning everybody here's the just check. Hello I'm sure rise guys morning show 93 point freedom plan it. We'll drop. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Right guys can find lots and letting recommended stayed arming. Last night hand in hand telethon for hurricane relief. For hurricane. Harvey and Irma. Threes more than fourteen million dollars in counting. He can still donate rain now. You missed it. Essential self facilitated through the Red Cross. It's not so different thing almost 25 books yet. Though bidding you be an option it was only and only to donate twenty shot. The wood to Wal-Mart yesterday and they they'll thing popped up with the Eagles self. Pay your order are we exercise area are very air they give me the option to donate payers well. I buried anywhere repair and a sand kicked off twist. EB wonder singing lean on me with acquire do we have that grass Stevie winners David. Do you want anyone watch any of it at all I saw a little bit of it but those are the only cable. Or Stevie Wonder saying we got a law water to this mix. What is that is okay. As we should take him to eleven value option. And anyone. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people line. The lower. These safe zone. It's. It's. No it. So easy and Hollywood's award season. Hot water for saying you'd have to be blind to Don it's not blaming global warming there's humor mercker picked while he's blind you make negative. No I mean I don't talk about global warmer. It's no you're not there wasn't supposed to be politicized and then the telethon here. Here. Is that the only loser anybody ended did anybody as say the Donald Trump doesn't like black people. Senior sales commercial from Ferreira or more sugar and very. Followed by the opening remarks found Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx that was next. Other performers included Dave Matthews. Are Randall Lambert. George Strait. Answer all day you'll towards yeah dances are. Can dominate your. Okay. Okay. So assault me. I see America. So they did all these live shots from LA new York and Nashville and then Texas as well and no mess ups. I mean. This board I what is I do that every other thing parents Mary that is your may tell you. I know it is some stations who is disconnection on the web today there was Buffy why aren't they are shorter wire run outs aren't. Placements and usher you Loescher now there's these days got a guess whether is gets cameo you might enjoy it. Maybe this guy. We'll. Mentally sound man yeah. It's. What country has fallen. Is the older guys get owner. Came back gala bit more money and then he's Leo again as soon. Some yeah it's big in the new generation in the country singers coming up real quick did his duty digress on that. Man it's what happened to sports center anchor square now it's just beaujolais. Energy awesome bull Bob look for white dudes wearing cowboy pads are the same thing now it's just carbon copies of one another's garbage and people realize they're doing. Arthur on and then we wore Virginia. I know Leo his book RNC doom these longer cancel out of London that people love. Kennesaw Georgia lie then who. Strongly. Other notables stemming Nevada Darius Rucker thirty. Beyond saying Matthew McConaughey hanging. On our rock. The raucous and asked Selena Gomez wells meant. And others spoke is well how to wash and on the route was going to be and there was also a prayer offered by. Clergymen from several denominations and just may pertain to these great. Now. Red meat you ever heard in Beirut. Well he was there are older. You'll and you'll color. Do it everyday pages as sexually Janice. Yes would look so good on the day. Okay. Now only when I'm home by this point is nothing more than concrete slab. She won her family she wanted to memories he's one of something to hold on to shoot very strong wish to understand at all. After Alonso are so down mass transit look what do you need right now. She thought about Jesus. Well I wanna pay the next step forward. But I don't know where to put buffalo. And the direction. And this is what we hear people without donations tonight. We can't bring back what they lost. But we can't help them know where to take the next step and provide some solid footing. But it plays the next book. As I have flexibility. Two plays everything rebuild. Let me you need and it's what we get well you know is seriously a studies and the all right now after I had that I said hatch bill part of the mood. In my you'll see it. Our concern. Get tired of doing good work for the both sides let's make this happens to these people we just need to live com. As hung his head Charles is utterly. I use John only get across the states and plans bizarre commercial. He. Well have you heard and snapped the slams. People aren't like in the room on Twitter their making fun of the pork and what is it all. Snap the slams snapped the slayer was Emily is arguably well Denny's news sausage mascot looks like a turn tomorrow. I'm a typical analysts find it now he's got to get I think. Picture what is and what is the what is a slam after Grand Slam vote vote vote. Terry fair and a hat and a big smile on fears I'm offers menu served. This mr. hanky yen and as best I NS and not like a link to salsa is I won't. Well I'm in this to save coupons there haven't been kinda snapped slams and been making fun of him. It is best to look like a sausage link. Plant people say it looks more like a coupe with arms layup and a little hipster Fedora on a sand. This whole similar does things has drawn us I don't have found them to travel it. Anyway it is this sausage link them and they animated ad make you strip the egg and the pink really. Yeah the hole and yet there's a whole line of the cartoons. It only the supposedly this kid. Large dogs to. Harry and make it look any different weird things have lagged. Vision thing Els birdies right. Meat and eggs and pancakes. Well said Jim and we need to cut oil. So I can focus on all of snapped slam you know fifth you know the god I would love to have well here's the west but is saying is that. The home office for Denny's is in Spartanburg, South Carolina advantage that. Mending towel man Danny there with the big big innings arms artery at big big so I am not saying that they. OK it is and I imagine there's some of promotional material planner. It at some restaurants are few and it well. And they should nationalism has a links land around I'm sure there or they're probably hide them now fearful of college kids steal and are now. Yeah I imagine and people are this is irrationally that Clemson student Jordan did in yet and still don't CNN her ex. Does that reduce. Our original business now and girls Arab business Richards remodeled joining very Rory sooner than they really there what do you do when angry but which one. The world the way into the into one angering the there's longest road somewhere near. And mister bays are used throughout limiting care employment and hours and never will that's. And he's on to do damage after the slams Grand Slam in the morning. I can keep but I mean how would you re model it to not look like a group. Mean I'm the kind of hard because that way it as sausage links anyway and it's the same color every user in a cave in cornyn bubble gum out of it. Yeah they it's this wrestle my man also ours that's our task for us it's the cabinet does that I'm pays. And I. You're right. Rides guys boards with that hole. Freeman a bad guys more audio for your favorite moment. First off. Got a new list all the fame nominees who proof of all of thing this is always. A way to make you feel good racecar so amount. The news. CP does remove loose through what happened at that OJ Meghann. I think Suleyman and printer but that they took his. Oh it Ray Lewis he's going to give him now. No no I don't. I don't think he will. Earned he was expecting he and OJ would be in a similar politics. Obama Brian Urlacher. Home they're worn suitable. Went to war and Peyton Manning beat him he won't be remembered as fondly. Mean he already is and he's kind of and a lot of people are being forgotten about him or outside of bears fan Loretta I think they should put him in the tattoo hall of Famer Angel is American flag motif. What about straight cash only. Just dozens of the vikings' ring of honor Monday night where animals we know that question could knock out for. Now nobody gives our random false memory any balls they year he played with Tom Ridge. Seven yeah. Dude that was the most. In same season I have man I had vote them out blow everybody out and fancier a year I destroyed everybody gears Brady Jamal's Brady Jamal's breed malls right. Fifty blanking times man who are all some pal Mandy was the best I Jerry Rice is the greatest rating also is best. It was pharma wants. Mess they reserve Saturday. No little new and Argo in Oakland soon net the guy guys are returning from last. Last year TO should go into. Paloma widened. I mean statistically he's one of the top ten receivers vault are. There he should be and Steve Smith well Rusty Smith. I am admit I don't think so I'm not talking about Steve Smith senior. Quarterback Steve Smith these bully who giants. The death enough. That's reliving makes so let's say god eBay he's still place now retired they Smith the editor but he has a retired for five years boy which is a stupid Berle. The Panthers really made me a mobile. Not did not contain themselves make any lane before this season fat boy you're there your own. Claimed this thank you brush with greatness well now that we mention it. Because our way of should be there number two quarter wrecked and they say rolling glad to quarterbacks in like two days later. Sombre Qaeda is quarter wreck. To go backwards. Passed her came has come through next tires hurricane tight. End had a Kitna let's when it. Eric Jon Kitna police he drone or receptions from burns as sponsored by gamut there owns. Steve Smith ever thousand chances nearly 151000 yards 81 touchdowns implement them. Oh I don't know the qualifications for the NFL bled to Major League Baseball by you know as far as the hall of fame. I have never in pay attention to it is not our thing it's a stringent in football prisoners. Stricter criteria for the pro football hall for employees she then you never hear about the pro football hall famous sports they're never sportswriters. Sportswriters write him in as well or is it just a committee. They're both. It is commemorations there you never hear main newscast hold an old players by the balls slightly to Major League Baseball guys -- old players you know the way that they did it was Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays back in the eighties because they were spokesman for Bally's in Vegas as gambling in there and it will Pete Rose less cash deal is yeah unless caddy even baseball is just a bunch of bigger and women. Tell us any as women. And everything brother hit each other and they spend three and a half hours at a time to sit around talking about. Whatever. A five point any other team in Yiddish for their. While speaking a Monday Night Football. Pre game saints lost Jim Mora senior. Was only a local news station New Orleans are about who Alston but he ovals flip book then. Fletcher Shareef and coach Jim Moore the later against the less patient coach gets this Fletcher injuries guys. Scott just simulator against in the last patient get witnesses that Tripp who said that Scott. Hot crack house guys though. It shouldn't cause I don't there was a local musician the world's that's great live TV. Oscar. It's great. I don't know. Euros a share hurricane coverage and wait for blank or blank heated pop up is Lenny from Iran in Florida. They Smyth did at an event thanks so tomorrow we're now you lowly Jeff. But that's that's definitely Ottawa but you won't hear from Sergio Duca apologized. Some video rescission I have to. Now because you know what everybody in town that yesterday is that the English as a second language from now. Ten hits in his point the network shouldn't put on a guy they had such broken English on there and expect him to it is go out there and do well. Worries IDS she'd broadcast before raises some were wrong when her turn in a shot Osama says is that it. I use it maybe is just he was ribbon Mike Adam when. All of God's. Is older we divvy days. This runny meant to. Do little ol' chicken form yeah we will say it yet. There's not all of this ever happens when athletes. In any major sport ever. The lakers announced that they wore retire both the Kobe Bryant's numbers number eight inch point four. I don't know. I can't remember. Her daughter bulls did 45. Thanks. Donald thanks I guess not that's only one I can think of it and everybody else generally speaking at the same number. It's pretty stiff who do you think of Jordan is all the income is there reason for that with Cody. Anywhere between four and lower Marion. Don't think so blessed I think he's was Tuesday that. Of those is that it's now okay. Was this little it's probably I am is that playing your gym living. Are so we cart girl I'm Boulder, Colorado against the number right now she got it in a out of court settlement. Is it better to have two numbers retired the same chain or. Numbers retired by multiple seams are Shaquille O'Neal. I'm Sam Lance need to retire my number two all the time there they say hey keep it away that's an eleven door earned. We're very Eagles and Packers both retired nine through for did you worry. Now but I can't see when he came to numbers there there are two games 19 mile. An hour. Birds soon yeah I mean. Kareem had the lakers the bugs in UCLA all retired number 33 but he always worth 33 forever team ever played for. Oh wow and Charles Barkley you have the sixers the suns are all earn all or part of the same number 34 for him. So I was gonna Jordan for that the 45 deal come did you know that the Miami Heat retired the number 23. In honor Michael Jordan even though he never played for the pain for as far as stairwell led Major League Baseball game was forty to reject your arms. Here. We are today. 33 was today 32 was retired by the nets. The sixers retired number six and you MasterCard number thirty twos threes get to numbers retired but still he's only one out of 51 teams and numbers. I didn't seems to numbers. The lakers are retired eight in 24 OW media here hero ever so that's never been them nuts at first her. He's resorted to inflate her to ever retire what does it take so long like Julia Carson. They sit there will retire CJ source community well they haven't. Now they're gonna retire the number timber and Osborne added to gamble where edit. It's ten lakers counting obesity numbers is the tea okay magic. Kareem wilt. Coby Coby is five Shaq 32. No Maggie just was 32 in the done that he was 34 for the lakers they retire that one. Yeah there is that sick please yeah 34 entered their return Jerry West George my can't. Why album do movies and listening Minneapolis lakers. Yup guess 88 seeger and not my whole now. Now you got Jamal Wilkes and institute. Gail Goodrich and I aren't old school is a Elgin Baylor and it's no. Room towards Mike and that she's scarred us. Where to go with a good feeling a black guy wearing dark rimmed glasses a nerdy Gabby great basketball and sixty twos or Minneapolis Flickr aren't yet in his return there. There. So are most. Malone had multiple numbers retired there's a hundred days old when assessing multiple numbers there Moses Malone doctor. A wow that's a royalty that and a. I'm sure this is a shocker to everybody. Jon bones Jones breeze sample also tested positive for banned substance. At two people were saying he was you know allegedly crying at the news. Well it turns here carper and they should tell him if he can beat Floyd Mayweather income. I mean now this Max deal. That people still pay monies CM it'll still consider more the greatest ever there I'm mad and pay 400 dollars futile Jim going to be drug tests. So special guest referee Roman rain it's. And I yeah. You got the issue of credibility when because of the sport and on the other hand and really matter irony order or cares MP that's what it is is he's a double there all right captain. You know whereas if that was me mom and smugglers Northcutt. The arts heroes have feet the drug does porn no way. And I think you guys as soon. It's a fall back.