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How was Matt's first weekend with blonde hair?, we get the rundown: Headlines: Sports


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Arise guy so I could legally yeah this. Rise guys morning show good. Morning. And Steve April 6. 2018. And don't ask you something within the tax thing c.'s so this fifteenth always deadline when but the cinema. That today would be little deadline but now tomorrow this mom what's would that. While when they get what's would that mean the announcer people appreciated that underlie. Where is saved. I don't know I thought generous this year thank you Donald. You're Monday because they know people don't do his stuff on Mondays I just news. Then it would just did not happen in it would cause more problems table do the bare minimum on Mondays. A thank you right there. Nobody wants to work criminals who started on Monday nobody wants to do anything ailment. So they know they say this we do it on Monday were screwing ourselves going to get until Tuesday there we say money resistance in the staples or Tuesday. I can begin the show I said Monday Tuesday nobody wants to except Monday. I don't often get a call from these usually Tuesday or what people do work on Monday. I'll do anything or from under a plan whoever's birthday or anniversary party they're gonna have. On Friday it did they don't seem to actually start doing there workweek stuff till Tuesday at least office people. Well by Tuesday they go around and get three dollars from each person to help pay for all sued for share rolls. Gender is still party in the cafeteria plan if you work awhile ago our homes environment I'm pretty sure that most people in your office work. Most Tuesday most winners and maybe have Thursday that's all you get animal rights and that's when there's no basketball gosh cabinet here. That app and any gym again about four months a year about three days away. That's its you have days maybe three Deirdre worker brother a give you that you're good work Brothers failure of her work number yum. Luminous slot right in the weather. How is go there partly cloudy had 56 right now it is partly cloudy and 43 impede mocked. Bring your work brother. What are your disaster kit when Nassau memorandum of the stairwell was more disaster kick you out thought ergo get disaster Cary Grant to face. He is a disaster kit Warren leader of the book club one Cody race. Yeah I hope that can you measure. Readers or otherwise the leader here. Known liberal king Omega is a gold glove these various things are out there. The I kid. You also more I'm very rare and I try hard. Caro wrote that there will lose but the move elsewhere in up. Yeah so that Scotland my end of the bargain. And Friday. Much too. We're not to his dismay that the first thing west's all fat boy this morning because I'm I'm I'm blonde now. I'm living for your blunder. I have I am Bolivia I think what is happening. So drag queen say when there are some blogs they're living for the items and zest I am living now drag queens and of people behind I'll drag queens are on the cutting edge ma'am what are there into will be popular couple years from them their chance at it they are gonna tell you trend spotter SY logic yeah album anyway I'm living. Well thank you but fat boy says we look sad and kind de tennis smiles in this us. I think you do. After your musical career. There were weird. Those more room it's. Opponent. I or message that I don't read the transworld real as Rory said at a bar or room. Mumble however I was a hit me I had kind of brings us a man that that is June. You say that it when anybody says they're gonna do anything even news. You always say you're not gonna do it. It what happened I didn't think you're gonna do you don't have faith and nobody specially yourself between two trough after surgeons and think you do it again. Did it but it. So he's saying. I'm Mikey minute think it's isn't he says the change Greg I asked her color my hair couple years ago when I. Holiday album or having a different color started surging showers and oh yeah some New Year's yeah. Palm. Was so at sorry I was getting a little bit and not peer pressure may just come. I think you have been bleach shaming fallen whether it's your grammar one MO Friday will really love to shame me Jeremy. They just looked there may get what what was that well is your nose so wild. He especially women I guess it was women who are also Brunette said have always. Just look at this. Lives to be blond hair seers are in her car and they were all just on the Ayers say and everyone in this room blob blob blog this is gonna look awful year I have orange hair blah blah blah it's going to be our hands are high Eli the gamecocks and now you have Clemson there half. He shares a lot. I guess what as kind of a fortieth slip these are talking like them guess what I guess. Well so I used did did the box of stuff that they came live or the you know that that we had provided or whatever there and and in this is also where those does that mean people kinda helped out they were said you better get you some co owner would that. So us a mobile. God for your favorite new hair for a five girls saying I need taller saga toner. You're always deeper stables and now I ordered it from Amazon okay it has bird that's why waited till yesterday. Now witness so that toner I guess whatever pagelet sending it. Amplifies the color I guess yeah it's not academic is so pressing again. Well so I put that crap on there and my head started burning power America I mean it's very burning in real bad end. Because my hair was who was so dark there were certain places were inside it was orange. So when Baghdad second box of that platinum blonde Lori L pears stuff that's why did it to watch singer and I mean it's even color all re did a fine how he damned if I walk in the air in Orange haired not even because the Clemson just because they said that I would there. With no wow wall neither Gary why isn't right I'll barn my scap as hard as I have student. And it proves T all richer wrong. At her like hale a really did alien I can touch it either because Sid don't touch with the bears scant time you know yeah so I don't. So I put on the but the gloves back on a common gloves like you go and change old Indy car with a big older black gloves. As senator discretion my hair because it would burn in so bad. This com. Finally her didn't but here's a thing. I realize last let's I'm so. Of I was obsessed with a that a point disaster like god bless it looks why don't mat side and not the law and so I who would keep did just that toner. So I took the picture in my head at one point because I was gonna send it to my sister and has like god bless America. The analysts like great players head nail. Down courage. Yeah so the blond hair. Which you know Greg England dark brown to blonde. But also present banning top. Because my scalp was so re ahead and my hair was so blind lower house went Hulk Hogan de doo rag on my head yeah. I've never Renyel yep you're right brother there are embedded yeah. It was tingling and it was burn and I couldn't touch it and it was on fire and you can see exactly where my hair was and wasn't in it was the worst thing that. Risks and yellow are morneau bella yeah so as I did. I have let my scalp calm down a little bit yes yes she's if you got a good relaxing these arrest these take a break. Yep so. I have. And ending in what you know and I swear to god I get a little rest try to eat. And and sit there waiting. I know I still have to wait. He had stairway to shareholders as we have reservations. And of this place don't take it and say they're way essence in this guy can you don't see some buying your peripheral. In your life. They do waive their body language was they they don't come out through this dude comes out of the bathroom and he does like a double take is like. Manhattan eye and and made it for a second Leslie I can pull this softens and calm him this is the way to hair looks hair. I came believe you did little cat suit alleges she hair iron. Most like literally the first public place I went him. Gate cult that. T any snaps of me now all right well no I didn't recognize you wish you re yes OK because I had I saw also might I. Too this is think you see a camera go up in your life. Persons can pitch for me was singing the same picture of anything that because I look like the more hell and I'm saying limited take individual may. And there are resistant room player taboo last Reza was a look and it's never as clean music on the phone. And I didn't look it's that much but this horrible governor already like Barry Zelman has faster view his hand and hand it. What do you ask yeah yeah it was a fishery and. I didn't realize it what you saw it doesn't that was sort of profile show you wouldn't blond hair so I didn't I didn't didn't process is boring and it was a big German Americans cast on her looks awful. What do you. And shame at all observe our resume. Well that was another misnomer that I was going to do the beard as well yeah that was not part of it is Elizabeth you're out. Of it doesn't look like him. Morales should not let crazy because his ball and had a beard but imagine that hit that same gab but he YN has blond hair now are now. New hair. Son. Ask. Not a good look page I am so OK well here's the only thing there's there's one thing that. It fitted in the beard and hair reversed all god. All man. That means haven't been funky OK well maybe next time they go to her and hugged the last think you've found your new hairstyle and then asked. Well it gives new host good Israel and carry it gives me more body page. Doesn't it did gives me more of volume and body. This it's still smells like chemicals who really. Smells like one of those tests that you take we've all been had asked mouse when my hair smells out smelly chemicals and I can tell you what those tests coming. Compare Australia and I was also. I upheld it cast. The year up. And John town get a scan trans AM that what is smells like it was a member berries today come out stronger for Matthew's care. Carpio whether it from the un hum also. Boy. This is a big damn deal to. I just medium blonde headed now we just Osiris tickets okay absolutely the only calls for big land a show. On April 20 laugh lady threw them at Georgia state park. George state stadium bears and George stay stay him. They do more branding with that here. You get some ad that hear them Georgia State stadium GSS. CSS and never get in now they're not a way to remember this OF flew fighters tickets I'm. Also. We would. Be doing not only ourselves we use the it's a gob bless America we did all Latin. We did that we did every mirror in his video proof. The show and stuff math. There's a lot of that was tough to watch. The had a video exists now Lola. GM does exist in the video exists and you see all the videos in one place at 933 the planet rock star Tom right now as lot of hard work went into that and and as of this very second he takes dare to the Carolina baby milk duct come to Exxon gets it right back to your phone. You rat as a team mark Preston and religious is very second term. He's talking. We have this team of many people helping. That small I edited the damn videos last night at the house and then 99 made the page on the web site and balanced that there is working on their motors plans Agnew made yeah. For mobs. Well he's winning radio show our web and web master Lydia via video leveraging the aggressors stuff look at. Yeah come I didn't text there are 72341. Near you all text and see if it works dared to center of reform I'll try it. We'll watch the video. There. Were answers were mature now want to. Earlier restaurant or. Boom. There it is fantastic for her work or fewer and fewer watch what you didn't get to see Friday. Right or you wanna just go back and watch it again relives at all relive every minute of it it's worth watching wires pushing him Bieber sends it to people. Chad do us favor shared around Lejeune where we had stupid awful things when people see them. Now this is a boy this is a big Monday show we shouldn't salts along here in the opener because also it is our monthly fab weigh weigh in person it's time room. You know hey villain about yet I don't know man. It's going to be viewed that a wave suit has been six weeks yeah. So is going to be eager karma indication home where things are being in. Petaluma. I always say you can look at Intel and I can't right now. He shave your beard a little bit. Yeah it always blows me off each or lose weight by shaving off that they may have faced who whenever he can do I would get completely negative net I have page turn away. And I get completely nude and weigh in Bruce referred her record. There are tickets in town dump those more in shape you reference to us. Or how. Seattle I would be shed in my legs my our heads east Carolina hair I stare him down into enough and in it he had no eyebrows often does Troy ounce. I'm. I analyzed frozen I'm in my life Pedro Pablo is good. We all know when you're in a row. Let the limelight Jim's dad my eyebrow. Heard it there. I. Love your hair in the contrast were the eyebrows and dark still but I Jim's dad but it. Also a little little girl while firing him the Honda I don't say that. Or any of alienation boys' gym buddy Riggs. Thank you appreciate it black I can't wait to see what since I think it now that. That's going to be Eminem's parody songs about who have figured. A singer there would be one delay I stated we know who would Blondie or substance that was five complement our delay its. Some wonder boy Stephen Thompson will be in studio today. And he's a model now some ceasing gaming contract many that maybe now that I have the new look era. The stimulus more debonair. I think it's good. Or is it more debonair more John what is the city. Pretty Jon boat zip thank you that the successor that's Osbourne for some people weren't Tom Ford I Wear John about this as radically. Stephen scoreboards Hassan will be in here today so we'll talk USC 59130. And we'll talk about old he'll. Lou a panel that named going to be a big fight. Corn season he says can be easier and Johnny Hendricks. I majesty was talking crap. Till all the hype in the world that these door and guards Stephen Donaldson who does what he does kind of a better yeah as bad idea and a plus email modeling contract. Team members you can't get their you'll do anything model now. Who now. So let's work back we have Foo Fighters takes we got to wonder boy in studio we get fat boys first weigh in today. Come we're gonna talk more about that their wall and all of that. And also a brand new phone scam from Jeff Lewis nails today right I'm right I'm. And I finally we have it. Why aren't very good roughly his long to edit don't blend our reserves at this weekend. And I think it was like when people like in like 1908. When they found out that the world's fair was coming to their town in 1909 notre how excited they must've been take all all these marvels of technology analyst heavily in our town and we and we can see all of this week NC. We should seeks future. That's what it's failing whacked around here with the jets closed no phones and today for a very decide the world's fairs coming to town. Here are we're very mayor Mary Leonard in Seattle Seattle where is that the Alaska Yukon Pacific exposition. I know 1982 was income Knoxville Tennessee mayor. So it's all you heard about around here him. World's fairs three 22 or three states away from the neo has come so we got a taste of the world's fair now. Our world just a question I think they stop the master they didn't Tennessee elect held this remind them it's is a rule it. And he's Ted talks now what that there. So ruin. There billionaire dirt. A sister world's fair now's known as a shot show in Las Vegas says the shot shows now the world's fair. I so fool proof fighters chase wonder boy in studio. Fat boys weigh in jest phone scam my lord. I had. I don't have anything to do everything he did it hit the world's last year and has experiments are model I. Wow were born answered the button on lap Allenby who aren't allowed to this should lead back. Can bring my work day. Still freely contents of any for the Carolina every from a dot Comtex finest 72341. You can call us at any point as well 180774. Double 093. Page what is going on in the plaque. Well she had declined to be identified or released eight hours after their arrest because a district attorney found no evidence of a crime well get into that story next in your eyes kinds headlines. We'll get right into it headfirst happy Monday Tuesday eve everybody good morning good morning no 100. Years. You sank. Claudia rise guys morning show 93 point three the plan and we'll drop. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Good morning everybody and marina. Death happens in threes they always say that. And I do have three guests to tell you about over the weekend we lost three people on that. We may have lumped. First off. Amendment's been on our show a few times actor are only Fermi died of complications from pneumonia Sunday at the age 74. He was a Marine Corps drill sergeant here when I'm playing. We don't drill sergeant and full metal jacket. And. Is goal we had him on to your 109 speech he out first time we ever had him on analysts promote our twin in our Toys for Tots 'cause he was. Yeah aha heavily involved with a bat and then after that it was. Some TV show the end but he would also be you know always talk fun stuff was beaten. News Jackson Julia Campbell on music builds you as raising hundreds of broad and erratic medium died and it came our. All we know there's there's good. Who else plane's voice of sergeant Toy Story. And also. Tice Ryan and rocket power. I was born NN sponge Bob square pants or it was cool he. He green here he was a marine Bridgestone for Toys for Tots and talk about towards the thoughts and some very much celebrity endorsement if you Marius oddly enough like a weird 9 am and I don't know exactly why it. I don't know of these people are worried they're you know every Rivera started labeling you as frivolous compared to some of the world's problems because we've heard that a little bit over the years ourselves. I think it's too did. Because of the did the military involvement. Oddly enough it's artist's famous famous famous people yeah they don't wanna be don't mix up with military mom and once marine always marine. Lerner. Now that our earlier re his Nora rose we might be the mowed the closest thing towards Qatar has to celebrity endorsements. I think you're right. He was great in savings government takes that was so yeah she's not here is Kerry chair zoo is always the same kind of care during a sense and a lot of the movies there are. He was then add some horror movie but it was he was then Texas chainsaw Massa and remakes in the end is to share from there. The victims on his family's protests it's awful they can call my other neck. Yeah that's true this is telling us it he Sharia is a very talented actor. The media and old Gary surgery Marine Corps he was a very very talented actor. They out and you us he was also in movies like Mississippi Burning. He ads than he was in Fletcher lives. In place doctor house is father on house he's. You know hall you for bring it appears influential Lipton was another sergeant seven through yes he was again my heels to little. Cheer up. During years of crap. I want to listen rooms never seen from a older PA test them. Happy goes by the name of I mean images as it may be just said the words. Are your serves or he's not bad boy and his unit known most of tabloid nickname. He's never seen how well. I don't know man never really heard about insular came here. And Jeff is talking about a new guys talk about Washington here. That was one of the like. What is your man that was like one of the biggest like sound board clips in radio man and some new light on all light through all of radio that was like so many people use that sound clip. But just don't have boys since humor trying to out shock because of vanity did the first 45 minutes of its full little Jackie would be. Bite your favorite piece of cinema ever fashion or another we'll bring me close. Especially with her nobody connected law and you're. But then movies like two different movies in one like I don't enjoy this second halves and it's is a new first Asner and the first I think you'll shorter too yeah. What they should call what's your major malfunction numb nuts on a limb and say it yeah not accommodate your man's a murderer to do pounds U boulder. In mount Hamas schools are old people blank. Tomorrow they have an hour Charles River was many dumb ass is methods. Found it does you certainly the deaths on the weekend happen on Friday director minus Foreman died Friday at the age of 88. Lowe's is it a mile or mile us close out mile us what's he was his big thing. Well he won an Academy Award far away and flew over the cuckoo's nest and ominous. It is also nominated for a and the people vs Larry Flynt as other movies for men on the and that fireman's ball. He is the line in ad than than the documentary about a man on the moon that was heavens that's a difficult talent Jim Carrey them there and he finally had a candlelight. Played a low gamer you know we give up on the project. Here's a clip of me loves. What's your mail major malfunction and that's Pena's spot als trial plays on the mills wrote music passing them. There was the extra mile over the cuckoo's nest that one flu illness. And also can tell us from vs Larry Flynt table. Thought I. Op radio conspiracy it'll lead gen Art Bell died on Friday at the age of 72 Healy is best known from the show can stick kind of instant. There's no word on the cause of death he had backed down. He's he was on there for many many years mean and like alien share rooms and those shows. We had some word on the cause of death for his prisoners are your run wild with conspiracies or. That guy was and went out as shadow of doubt be a spur variation for mad man's conspiracies this conspiracy to what was it called when you have a data while this fierce theories. I would wind when we first started this show I would have to that today it has to but I near it between 334. By idly and hopefully you're not could have listened to it on the way and does it played on them BO RD and it was like. Something like I had never heard on the radio in my life. It was it was in crayon they were taking calls and it was just so dislike. It was so now looks and really look at the there is great though man I mean it was just. It was like radio I never. Heard before ears a lot of fans are obviously terrorist occurs people do a lot of people all our nation migration coast Carroll's murder. Lot of interest in people like care are one of the things there's always Chris Jericho was talking about how much inspiration he got from Mark Bell he got in the broadcast and podcasts you know let him really are mills one of his guys was I was wondering why he had like a platter of conspiracy show last week but that's. I guess that's why is Air Canada yet. Prius well inspired inning. While ten men and a certainly a little bit this year. I tell you though. They've they've got this summer now George Noory he's also very did. I inside I think he's better call coastal marketers aid the bad Art Bell the man if he gets the point where he was that I don't know what is Lina on legitimate or Lebanese I'm SEC's against Faso west to do this show from like. Ballmer somewhere. Like you please say that he isn't emanating from another country because he was not allowed to do the show from America but again makes no sense that there. It was I was always has had my imagination themselves. Very good thing in Nevada desert revolver barred the real legit conspiracy beat him. As I think Elena bothers me more than the attitude a let's rank him right now which one bossy she's just. Off of our citizens and earlier in our own. And AM here and then OK then Art Bell and then me loose on us our. Reporter for me to resume let's ahead has paid his debt now run there's bad cop out. Usually you're most proud he's got alzheimer's are you so upset well lastly. Q black man more Starbucks in Philadelphia on Thursday and there awaiting first friend to went to meet with them before they decided to order their coffee. And that and by the time the employees call mime on one and send the guys were trespassing some cops came and then. They hand Catholic guy cinnamon jail and they aren't now from around eight hours until Monday and decided that Arista for nothing. So now. Does she Aerostar lacks apologized on Saturday and send any night to meet with the two men in apologize face to face and so. They're not gonna pressing charges because there are charged to be pressed against these guys in the hole famous on film and then. Black lives manners came and then there are protesting at the restaurant in Philadelphia. So all zero rest. Was trespassing durst fresh air because they've refused to leave friends now police got there are now essentially where they customers we mom they weren't waiting for a man to show up before they ordered which people Dana there. It's can't do that. Parents. Are as weird things where or what moment do you decide do it for sure restroom for paying customers only signed. Need why is I don't horse around these hazard because I'm pretty sure you only have that sign to prevent homeless people taken mavs in sync. Kara and so if somebody who looks reasonably well grass is just going to the bathroom don't you just assume maybe they got to pay before they order coffee. This is they drink coffee may be a lot. Yemen CVS thing a that is why profiling their right. I think you know I can't it's not fair rights a look at some buying say well. They're paying they're just waiting. Yeah I mean he did very good early I guess it's just if people are trying to usual bathroom and you don't think they're going there I shoot a pair ordered take a bath and sing I guess around. Now there's a lot of trouble for a strong points and it's rhymes of Maurice did as a dorktones. So they want you to go to the bathroom was Abbas on. No real disciplines code. What how well servers you'll sleep and parking lot to hear sirens to muscle her kill is great because I was Watson. There was alive but those lies PD the other night and I slipped it on its way to first season as Graham a south Gaza card and safest anywhere and that when you know there at cherry dale. The Golden Corral your favorite as they earlier. Because some guy was going through the trash can stricken people left ever lattes Starbucks Mandan area and in the zeroing via film like three seasons a man illustrated through three guys out there for the guy who's drink and Lester coffees and trash cans tell. So at the time when these guys are getting arrested and the demand that they were exposed to me showed up. So there'll where they're waiting to meet a real estate developer by the name and Andreotti to discuss investment opportunities. There say brokers right. Mound they're Alison Don and went their titles are bent on. So their lawyer saying and they're gonna pursue this obviously. I like to meet these men and offer minimum wage jobs. While. I am I'm glad this never happened to me when I was right then only white there governor Hamels kitchen nobody was ever scared. That in primarily. Muscular black you know you have been nobody there or you know call the cops on rings are only right you can voice your main event therefore it's good good good biscuits and it sounds like those hours and that's kind of how I numb nuts and they get a this is a senator go on the right day seasonal change throughout the day. Milan case measure has got. And I just. News wrap. Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll say to a download links in the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose if you run every morning and interact with the rats gags is 93 point three of them play that. And now. Rise guy's sports with the basketball. Look try to be diversity sports department here. I got some sports entertainment stories. Well regular you I think of diversity. This recruitment. But it's an odd combination stories. Probably not design intensively gambling got to put this out there. Is two or one huge career probably gotten away. All of Columbia worked or not this is officially hear the John scene is now single man. Please think of a in south. And mayor. You oversold. I heard that she was caught pocono and necklaces what this is all about. After Pennsylvania was yeah this is good anyway there's a teacher student situation. Oh. I want her or who is this has gotten so much coverage overnight yesterday even in this morning and these levels and obviously we're gonna talk about the level of coverage it's gotten on all the big Mike mainstream news web sites blow my mind. Imagine in 1980. Or 81 was it when that can you imagine if Charles and Diana broke up before though that the wedding than you imagine. Did you America. And Gaza horizon coverage. Thirty shows huge issues wounding some scorers and aren't a lot of mainstream. Like he is a movie star now this I mean he's been doing movies for a while but like he's. He's in the mix now. Everybody has seen her kids love sayers and his Ford commercials here when the actual songs like Alice somewhere the other radar heard him musing about what. It's all. I give us the one who does it say that your efforts. It African Schneider is in the commercial solutions and I think as we stores cast never mention that got some athletes on here I Greenwood represented. It's it's. Dance with the stars is doing just athletes are just adding some in a way dances and summons is the normal low. Normal season Pomona Gaines Adams tour. None not him rest in peace. Josh Norman all. My Edwards Washington football team quarterback Josh norm. The guys Gaines Adams died he said that. But Josh Norman if not only will. Former. Red Sox world champion turned traitor sciele with the Yankees. Johnny Damon's gonna be home soon. Oh and he was a Kansas City Royals for so long and nobody ever mentions anymore. And it user role for years and years and years of the primary is career was against Satan. Those are great after all Jermaine Dye and a corals filtering was good. And the tallest. Brick. We leukemia. Aids people. Liked when the greatest MBA players of all time top five armories and movies are also you can mention an engine rooms or not a nice guy at all now. Remember eligible. I sold some documentaries and and self consciousness a lot of as always is never a people person now. Well sender. Hold me dance and how does it live here but he was all he does all these are reality shows whose home diving with stores appear more. This diet mean yeah that's I don't remember that tried to teach a man died Louis Anderson Mosul balances. I'm going I'm alone does swamp hunting with the stars they're. And yeah. Poverty rooted Gerber Rudy for a mud cosmic shoals mentioned though here. I'm the host nation not one of the star. And different and Katarina 71. Seven the horn seven foot tent hey I can't believe he's lived that long. Couple more both. I guess cash and then on his recent Olympic fame member appoint the skater. Is going to be on there. And she's had a movie made about her Tonya Harding. As who's supposed to be skating union two's I still think usually just like for it to do. Our three athletes spend that as a boss there stack it among member it is normal celebrity wise. I don't know reveal one's from his glory and it was a rumor. Those Muslims that leads. There's this current. There's going to be next season or get one. Not all athletes Susan's gonna work now. Or in the Bronx terminal mirror new Dell made some all everybody at apple bull. Watch this season of Dancing With The Stars for the first time ever put rostrum and all it did teach feet. I've never watched an episode ends and the stars of the it was on their. I would tell them what a mess Disco inferno as on the air America. Nobody ever can guarantee you see him in a pasture. Dozens more and more TVs all they turned him yeah. Doesn't rock salt areas. Cleo KJ he's American box of befallen makes embarks last Thursday Francisco Vargas area that it was gonna bring people barks and you know you have someone of show. The other tall to little bits showboat. Well you do that he wore. Border wall themed trunks. Is that a brand name now now we're talking about drums of war on wall. Or all think's wrong somewhere in women's rights pants today. With this help him because bars be human six rounds. With the emerald open of it is there's cakes and has worked. I mean there weren't necessarily think we have the border walk as his trunks look like a brick wall instead America's first or across Tom Jones. I'll certainly got his or her German troops pound man. John fund pitcher out. Did the book column. Where people trying to crawl between his legs. Have to get out at a time when the odd yet but I see they had families have their picture and it's. He had to be told that that they were border wall feigned how would you see that and think how this guy's. Maybe he's from streets but he's also patriotic there really is an aspiring standup comedian. In the eighteenth down. Oh boy focus on those here Dez Bryant a free agent released by the cowboys. People short Omar god this is in the thirties and that'll save a lot of money just sort of health alleged to be OK enough at don't jump. The clearing gauge now Russia should at some Dez Bryant to the Panthers rumors account pick him up staying. Synchronoss room warm they could printers don't really have a receiver. Greg Olsen is he coming back. He does he know yet if you mostly football again her beer commentator. Already cast involved I don't know how word I would Cam Newton under the branch in space. Steve Smith is the only number one they and the news I was short of being number one did well written. It was an ideal size for target but he was so great to have you in my Iran he and his mouth. Iran now from our market larger. Patient bag as border wall shorts was the Mexico or us always a good question. Or not exclusive paper one leg. Right now or there at the front of the bat. Well your bag or do only candidate for welcome notes there I'll tell you know our own okay now we're we're turning things and pants. Per couple millionaire Brett Favre says he's had probably thousands of concussions this career. I'll flick that's why he's doing on the mile and hey man Wear this bracelet met at a copper may still good. They certainly has suffered thousands of crude 'cause of blows to the random. Normally whirring works and I agree on diagnosed concussions reared their immediate viewed jarred my head to head that's a compulsive blow yet age he was a contest when he had sent that bailing picture. They probably know I Astro moves off Oman the at least not after during demos whisking. Like emotions looking that is more pro in you know guns trying to rob the closest thing he got like I didn't break his leg last four Wheeler and that's how we found that he was they did pills. Now what it was. Out there are members of the four Wheeler accident. It is coming out. Over the of course his career came around the time they beat New England in Super Bowl I think either before or around Latin around that I mean before aftermath run around than actual members Tuesday and Wednesday Addai and 11 of the instances. Halos around that Arnold and fell. Yes he was hooked on those. But man he's got it looks a lot older. It's sad to say for maybe you won the next guys can't remember war is going. You know Jim demand has a problem now he has memory issues be sued his book counselor a golf tournaments for some reason. Ensure ia a human still gets said analyst jobs Jenny says the same thing over and over. It's really mess. Farm bill that bad are you looking at him with a beard are and are just the grey headed kids is Carla was Lotte Olbermann Malia like remark and you should look at that entry from birthday bash 2008. And a beautiful. That you like in May issued Brett Favre there jewels and isn't this odd story. This food. Well you know drinking Mueller had a heart attack on all new show it's of course they told us he had one adult to do that as a war climate ahead of him. Like almost to me is really dedicated. Not. Always you worked Terry if you Lawler had another medical issue. Is sixty years old yet stroke. That's one story the other story is. How we had it. Had he had it in this is led declares Carter's Unger. These troops in the last all you might have been it was every six what he had his stroke. Care of one now. So I got up and I says something toward what I assume is his girl I don't know she really exists or she does spend his picture or if he really used with a woman. They are detailed grassland is there in Victoria nine year old woman he's been there for awhile is it capped a back seat belt nodded K. It's a really Joni thing. You guerrilla boy he'd be with the possible for Alina. He says it's ourselves and now they realize whatever you Hussein didn't sound right do she looked at him and say go look in the Mir. You walk to the bathroom look in the mirror and all rise out of his mouth who's drooping always downs Spin City could not speak. Imagine OAS sexy still wears the king crown. I imagine any way to look at is strug face they had the king crown was on his hand news to play. Lehman he rarely Wear a C 100 advanced image does it say it is anymore as I just carries carries he has weird. Cricket are opposed carrying the crowd about the fresh from more than boys did do it so yes yeah exactly only heard about that no haven't. When he came back to dividend be like a lot of the guys that he is screwed over in Memphis. Let the story that is crowned with a total count now. Gimme a minute or a regular little a lot of guy breaks also losing one album I have no idea where. Policy her quote in the boy is that they should probably sounds like oh my god you have the strength. Massachusetts. Who. Is getting hammered in his brain according to doctors use police and I see you came home blew all of well. Gmail look into it. To death wish from Google. Or say because they definitely. End when I heard that I honestly thought of door pennies born back. From a I don't know girls and how Stanley died there are having sex as dozens are looking for him maybe he is a woman more his age. Puzzle piece of work the Jerry Lawler and Mi eight let's guess I must say he's worth ten million dollars and so are 80000. Let's see record seven million dollars plus 7 NEWS boy is no morals guns you know. Very master six it MS is exactly so. Earlier rumors about who did federal dollars cook crown mainly Scott all under inter inning and a and a couple of the guys are lesser names spectacle can be just perfect apparently did like you may have been in the 93 roll rumble. On pro gun blows also calls I suggest a but I doubt on the saying name the sports. Yeah that's unforgettable everything naysayers let's just run. The phone calls they make it gets me very much run as good morning you know.