Monday, December 11th

You know those people who always shop the same and at the last minute, hear more about them in a Christmas edition of Stereotypes: Nine's Best Damn Audio


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids can travel. Android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and we'll say to a download lake in the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning in interactive Iraq as gag. This is 93 point three with a plan that. Release K just rock. Drop. Drive. It drives. It. Morning show good morning it's. Monday Tuesday eve. King at the same money towards. The that. You know through this. I spent Friday night I was page yeah I did influential. List. We're sitting side by side. Plunged into. Went to trans Siberian orchestra doing don't have box dot org ignorance and hit and that's how Lyndon. Yeah and it is an NC before and I topped the that they thought trip illusion points. Well you should attach main. I had to obesity tribes that hey good mover on the air then McDonald's did not make it mirror well I am. And I say with paint. And it was a wonderful evening was fired and saw three of you have for receipts. It was a great time. And I feel bad that. Imagine if did not come down to where we work it was and it was a great time as a boy trapped I'm Margo allow. Guess assuming you can border via. Yeah this isn't a lawyer didn't do as many as snow and real hard in the house at 6:30 eastern border line what line on the road now an 800 house. It may not speak and they don't early Friday afternoon it's no words in my house are good mostly of straight at which it never does indeed month except Friday. They were sound and his agent on its DSL at 8 o'clock carpal. There's not enough parking how much how. Is there's been Linear didn't we never had a problem in any event down. You're never seen anything like that before I've never been such a well attended event and they'll let it smacked normally sound says outsell I don't get take used to. 181000 people in and out to show. I disagree he happens big transition. Yeah that means 181000 dollars that they moved probably roughly donated to us there and that's Thursday. Areas that are sharpen your chopper Thursday were about your monetary donations from the time our. But you know end. I'll voice. I don't say where are gone voicecon meets. I did last year and I had a ball. Exactly how many people went to tears are coming 181900. Interior. So as so that's how much it down and you're 181009 and two dollar saw a picture of her generation. A junction as her yet that was fun that was that was a good time. Also. Coming up soon you know we're going to be doing our big gift exchange here we are you. Let's see if I can remember I have Jeff didn't. Nine has page. Bat boy has pay you know how can I hit you Pannemon. Well all I need to remember is that I have Jeff. Yeah and it's an earlier years I have met. And years and her parents sort of trying to. Isn't that page. And then. Or get me. Don't take this wrong way Jeff going to be a better gift this year because you have ability girlfriend. Okay this isn't a problem much better presence we have a significant other definitely give Lesnar did cannot afford to let well autumn guess I would suggest an autumn give me a general. Would get nothing you'll only lose nearly a modest. But let's not post Malone and united and us it's crazy. A solid coming all that. Thank god okay not and you haven't yet page eight page as I have far nine Favre mom has. A descent not okay. Yeah that's the triangle right here three of us if you got. You mess around Montel monument avenue ever had your shirt or socialist if boy gets me certainly a number give pays them it's student okay now. Them and the Orlando all right. I admit that was that'll be soon and there's no lemon no matter and it's is as little or as much as you wanna get them. Here's the deal and try a lot of fun crazy. It's now time for a special Christmas edition. Of stereotypes were mad men and nine. This is where we stereotype thanks you do we shared time you buy these cars you draft there's. Partial. We do lore earlier partial mission about your winter wire. You don't hear we do all time isn't armies expound bar and I we did it with a little TV shows. Alia STV shares you like there was a girl who they really that sent a lot of people lost because they know what we're saying we'll try both. I start right there. We're talking about gifts here that you by people there's been what it says about ease through what is says about you near us and aren't. Let's start Vlad did a lot of Christmas shopping yesterday and did no holiday shopping at all about nothing for many years about nothing for Kwanzaa. But nothing and Orangeburg that. Those specific Christmas shopping I was doing nothing for festivals. And I saw a lot of buying going on to something Andy eat this says a lot about cheap. Don't give somebody a Christmas gift this Christmas think please I'm on. We're all part listen we Mario I fear they you don't know anything about us can you do is mine what's available and all look at calendar happens to be Christmas so let me get him the Christmas. Boxers and given to them on the day that he can Wear out there are too bad so I grab. My parents at lunch time I hang on wed until next year so thanks a lot yeah I really appreciate your great friend and. Doesn't just don't Christmas clothes is this Christmas T shirts or Christmas sweaters or Christmas boxers or Christmas socks. Christmas mean Christmas ornament on Christmas Day. That's what made the point here so every Christmas tree our own closet. For eleven months and then get it out music or any sort Christmas decoration. For Christmas bill I want some I can use tomorrow. You're horrible mired down the money if he had saved a day you would've saved 50% or 75% we realize that save the money. Mean more money give me more present. Don't overspend on Matt warned our money give you something about that person who's giving you their Christmas themed gift. A lot of times that's something they bought 75%. Off. The day after last Christmas. And they've kept it for eleven months earned. Right at twelve months they've kept it for 364. Days just wait here is somebody new will come alone needs gifts. Or somebody they don't near him forgetting about wants or needs sums they got this crap they borrow clearance a year ago they're gonna give you. Plus if he knew me better than you think you did you would've waited till after Halloween embody much Halloween stuff to the Zelaya Halloween morning the president isn't always talks. Next person. Don't give me some time against famed saint. Don't give me some kind of makes your own mugs of hot chocolate don't give me some kind of homemade banana bread set that I got to make you make the bread and give it to mean cut and out. You single stroke popular this year is you get a little cast iron skillet that you make it one cookie and I've seen him every store I've been an end man that you get a little tiny cast iron skillet you make like one big chocolate chip Goodyear did. Oh don't give me some I gotta cook do you wanna give somebody a box at Cape May it's on the day Hamburg say hell no you don't you're gonna carry eight. Eggs steak. Burger King. All gone. Urgent I would never watch anyone in my life consume one amber. There's only one minute I have been around so many of whom I could build a small house saddle just save you money. Don't buy it saying we know British police and sadness and he'll point settlements from port yeah actually you bring to zero. Don't give some might just one point sad you know better man or his first carry. Getting a Danish butter cookies didn't do that instead those are good library is not automatic this and and that was gone yeah I was gonna say it in and I pulled back. Because of the social climate I'm gonna go back to it anyway. It. Don't give the opposite sex underwear. Just don't do it. Don't do it unless you're gonna be involved in the situation where you're gonna pull those on or off that person don't give them underwear I'm talking about your son is how well they're at unless there in the house. Your mind you I'm talking about your sons. I'm talking about your nieces. I've been at Christmas is where nieces and gotten pennies from the single oracle. Mean. Now I know how well he just asked her momma what the box. Or maybe even neighbor that's when he she gave until Marty rat that shouldn't say don't look at that again or tag and it comes back from uncle Ronny. No. It don't give gifts that are too personal. Don't give gifts that are more personal than your relationship would that person this is not a time. To overextend yourself and let them know you wanna get a Mac it. It is you rent your family. This is why I think this ship might split right down the middle broker. I think she married men quite clearly. Just charger okay. Yes cards are okay. I would much rather you buy me a gift card to a website or a business that I really really like him a good go have a whole lot of fond after Christmas from the sale they're gonna launch continue to take it stands on that sweater and how he got ally. I listen gift card if you wanna get some. I knew that but I'm fine I'm Merrill have a problem gift card if it someplace all right if you give me one to large sums formal than to ever. Don't give me an American Express gift card you know why because they charge a percentage far and where does make in the money. I didn't ready just give me in lieu of that cash. Here I'll read it while winning American Express money burgers there's still no plan on giving people cash. So that you will go out and buy goods and gift cards at percentages. And say just giving them cash than they've been they've attached to stigmatize these things to cash gifts right you don't do it because or you want to cash in in stores or in circulation more sorrow. We do this as a service to use to help you out to tell you what your friends and manly aren't telling me don't give them T shirts who didn't do on. Don't do it and things are you gonna churn I'll love it I love it. As seen on TV items. Oh my god how far it. Almost as good as she don't let this young stubborn is always crazy angry so a but what it says it is our crab or Asian and today let's stop the drugs and so moment why half the kids even know what the drugstore toys are they now are got on the way to grandma's house. Give them a gift card to hear kids love gift cards and cell phone thing in order no it's true. Anything else you look at. Stuff from our catalogs. A glut. Let you get I don't like this from Nortel are the mail order catalog I get in the house all the time I look at them. It's always stops from several years yeah yeah most of it. And it's usually a lot of early like. I don't know like. An old army of tiny replica popcorn makers who looks like summer movie theater in the 1930s. But it it doesn't work in right catch fire. Our depth and I don't play radios are either through I know you. I doubt I hater I'm now amount Clinton. Let you go bears this Christmas edition of stereotypes when Matt man in nine I'm gonna go in the bathroom denied the news and best damn audio right after bit. H then door I. 93 going through the planet dry. Oh I know you're. And that but I grab somebody and you spend less soreness. This narrowed to open it's best done imported yield below. It is red. Inside. 4321. And now I'd say yeah. If you're. Straight from mama box. So here are some fun stuff this morgue. It's all real large parts are Brothers Morgan only one famous person involved in it. There really is several but one clip of famous people anybody else just hours. On that allied to give media spotlight to the common make yeah. Some of aplomb. Everywhere firmer. England to Canada. Or to Oregon but we will start in Tennessee. If the kid who became a star our land come out king Jones yes I'm. He sat in the car when his mom of two scoreless for Aaron talking about being bullied at school with tears in his irons. And there read the whole world responded to keep her very from NFL players are us the majority of you have seen fires student. I us. I escaped when. Grass and that's how I say that's Arnold made I was asked to re tweet this referee calls there. Earth and I did here is. Keaton told her mom last for a. Do you shut it curiosity. Why do you handle what what should put others who won it I enjoyed it didn't. Bold. And I'd like me may do it. Okay what is sexy. It may not know and probably not you guys I don't know print. But they dictate lunch plugged of cognitive and got my closure then and have very good at dishing. Out. Whereas another kids say they feel that way. Say this doesn't refuse to. Huntsman. I didn't endemic in the end of this year though the good news and you don't know. And people are different it don't need criticize about it. Bob. They do not bad but I do so. Don't let it bother you. Stay Chanda against. Barton. Probably did better coordinate. I don't show a lot. NASCAR boys are some parents call and some rumblings grow stuff. As has spent over a hundred bear it and there's Keaton and then. I mean everybody very got to talk from former vice from right Chris Evans and Justin Bieber Katy Perry and everybody has some say to keep. Every hair. As this awful I mean like saying SA and I I had in day you know I've aggravate kids' stuff and I was also regularly you know. Bully span. This it's crazy and sucks Mira it's all different when you're older than us what sucks is what you wish you district. Somehow she and figure it out when your kid you know it's so it's. You don't have all the pressures of deals and end. Work and suffer like he should be so easy but is not know when you're older knee and you can you got all those distractions then you realize that stuffs that I. Unaware then why we can't communicate that in a way that is. Is easy you know look I get an apparent try to sit down with my high school students trying to have part of a parent talk or whatever you know when it's. They don't wanna hear it again it there don't wanna hear but they do the break down from ID image kid to win you give it as an adult I don't know war I don't know why the wind that continues to happen being. It isn't very young kid you're hurting guided your and they take it away from you yeah the parents and everybody takes it away from it and then. These terrorists in your life trying to get back to understanding it the way you were more understanding it now it's a weird weird thing. They're remembering like LeBron James are a lot of people want some Keaton. So I played football just as I was screwed with my eighth grade year so bad then I would like I would just leave school I would like there are no watched. Break I woods as I would leave out walk home Derek. And I Bayside match do you play football again yet are you gonna go in the school you go to have the team they're going to be your friends all four years. And holds true for the most part. There works out there weren't. In the room or. That's there that's Keaton and then. And from now that's too bad is bad news now I'll rat. Courtesy of the Graham Norton show which is some huge gas in English. And there is big names and big announcements to. Is it not as Graham Norton is at a New England. From mainland and the show's done here though rush hour there Larry was people on the ship out of Europe are older console is arming those people on alcohol induced. Baby saying there's night. Serwer didn't. You can ask for much of foreign hedge. Anyway. And I. America will not be saved if Torre Tony. Now you're in here's Lauren here's another rock program Norton the rumors are Dwayne Johnson. President pledged that yeah. Okay. You. No relaxing out yeah. Here's the problem right the bread and and which has been. It's been very flattering right there there's good business really interest in. Uptick in the end public opinion from watching that happen but the problem is this guy to my right were completely sabotage or Canada sent. I honey and water. Yeah and the guy that literally sometimes from inside yes. I'm I would take you down. I don't want it to happen just because that would make you that much better than me in I'm. Hide your road guy right now and. So what is the answer that he will not run because Jumanji too. Well you're a man. The short answer is there Kevin Hart rule sabotaged. His campaign as he tries to run. There can be president you. And and likes them and is also how is me. Is an androgynous character or somebody only to see it or SA very Amazon prime remained guess it last very yeah so it was triggered. Senator mere game movie project like to be and yet. New suitor errors on primary as they were able to go see it last Thursday you begin may not exist or otherwise. Op client does special emails. I'm member bill until many had an as yet you are Neuberger earlier had Jiang I don't need shaking her. Senator February Jersey Maryland mayor of frat boys are using their email him in town to check here if it's. Jeremy died ellenberger and inner Comdex now. Herb lady named head of this realm. It sounds like a drag queens and the system realms isn't drag queen she is a woman from Britain now. Because she's an English lady who aren't. We're G especially girls when does renewed. Nothing new this show you heard about this for you not televised pageant twelve like Michigan but yeah you're preparing their you know. I'm thinner this year we started this before New Year's couple different times several different people yeah counts. Yeah Bobby brown and sex and go search for Garros we've had some artists and listeners and callers on phone that's actually Garros blamed it. Murray mutilating you claimed to have circle Bedford so here's one more to add to the problem and it's just ray don't. Besides field. Kind of depression and maintain that he cocoon and I nice. Way since. Unless it's so long and then click on the villain of what they just can't help but they TK in a penance of justified given up high misspoke stands foods sees fit came to me. And hundreds and I'm. Some have likened them yeah I'm. Adlai Stevenson had sex I had sex with Dennis when Dennis. BU how much your arms around the gates. Not and it sat out what how things that he does how does the sex that happened. If he could still fail that let because time. It's difficult to explain to wait to come in the way that the same time late less and the physical was the fact from striking. Parents and that she is laughing and is she was a look stated it did feel a connection and dons a sexual experience with a Geist and didn't or Gaza. And for me yet that the president my offensive against. Has hopes. I. And so it's we have power has not scared. An organism of I'm in my personal growth the whole story reporters that she claims that she hooked up with twenty different heroes. A series goes better than living meant that same time senator America I know. We'll get a tennis Sammy I think she said it was consensual. Semi scarce than living there yeah I yeah. I should say. Do they pose the question. Are just it happens. I'm not like patted. The browns didn't ask it Boone I think she just sit there and you know accepted. No more dogs and white and a much and and okay. At cern. Earlier this blockbuster bowl and that's a good movie yeah she's also ladies and vibrant very excited during that there are gonna cast a. They're very very you know where we're kind of we're kind of medication she's on average terrorists and has been our lure Haley transparent Al I Ana Cabrera and rumors. The last powder rednecks and Canada may have a lot of matter must yeah any red mentioned Kerry. That would be I mean like. Canada it looks like the balance or shooting people and looser redneck. I'm Obama now and how you shorten my suspicion is the most redneck thing in the world. There are very narrow bridge they do get shares that Masako eleven. There's been I can't senators outsiders ranks of zero cold and they announced earlier schools cigar drinking beer snow cones that. Curtis on the left. That's what that's what I'm. They also have. The mailman from funny farm is tired and really Ali there's worry just run out once this is this is funny it's a video somewhat many candidates is called out a postal worker for dropping like a maniac. And postal workers. This lets this weird night. Movie villain Joker sounded last and then speeds away. Parent loses it Jersey how well you followed it. Yeah I. Yeah. Are. A lot of. I am not but you know. Game three. Tomorrow it's like you're William La here's where. Thousand and I hope the wicked witch of the west that the Israeli people they units a smelly pin. Yeah. If you wanted. She didn't quite I don't Christmas movies list. Funny farm last Christmas you kind of in and some some Christmas. Things too big big I heard it right it's all seasons and irregular or gear I'm Matt threw the damn travelers rest Christians prayed Saturday borrowed Owen lives farmer's market went back. Later in a slept. There aren't aren't you sales into Marley did a video of this FaceBook dot com slash 93 previous plans and a I don't know here's the they're the postal worker. I've when they have their argument the postal workers to. I think it opens our our our. Middle America. I was named John and John Harwood involves weren't just froze over the driver side door after the woman's face more. It. Canada's only applies. I saw the guy yesterday uses them and delivering Amazon's packages was also an overdrive has that's a damn hustler out there man earlier as somebody out there make him a Christmas during. Didn't sound now yeah. Honestly they're not not stealing packages delivered bag is due to an honest right death. It or again there is problem actually ever of the problem people stealing packages it's that time of year. Porch pirates they call yeah mandated cute name they're staying scholar common Fave stuff element cute nickname. At a higher installed but Sarah huh. Yeah I don't know our own an acute pain they're stealing current occupier or don't give me cute nickname. They're they're cute name they had to be arrested for that prosecuted for still grab people's porches Porsche parked. There were there you're. When he at all. People demand delivered things aren't that good companies need to realize that too. Why did you deliver if you order something don't put on the side of the box boy it is an and then the post does is leave it on the front porch. I'm mark Ernster that's where it became a box there pictured terrorists there aren't any shipping label. I know the more revenue up blues great little just came in the box like you would have bought at all for shelter in surges was terrorists or box with a shipping label or how low side came in a bag chair of this said love sag remain on the side you're seeing really shipped tires to people how little is being entirely additionally belong. On that that's fine but still talk about some more so Murray do your crazier. I decided charred tires also worries force here it's hard for our retired fairly easy you know lane as my horse initially need multi multi non Collison woman's will. Hester might be nice as I said. The biggest hole. I'm did you they don't it was a cop that showed thanks very high anyway any business arena players Oregon had packages storage report says she left eight fate package on the porch last year it got stolen too what was it she told the local news. As the season for stealing my next Thursday I got an email from. The story saying it was delivered and I did not receive it I want it to us. Get mail that I get past aggressive revenge how many dirty governor Charlie 81015. Dirty diapers so we said that how dirty. Well he's been sick the last week. And that. It's pretty grads who knows Canada well a bit of relief and just you know fun to come home and see those Garmin. We had quite a good laugh and thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers thank you know they're gonna get something dead and it's not. There last Sunni go to the next. And it was money the sentencing last year and a camera never found out there and found a gift to the old neighbors and I'm. Over a career ought to do it now Austin part of this man at our office. Armed guards put a fake package up there as many steals I think tabloid medicine how. Yeah how are you guys aren't you know big paraphrased candy yeah. There are only through the four month old kid. It was the baby's Christmas pajamas against god thirty almost four month old Christmas pajamas they went back the next day. See what and maybe closure my there was still think you get sold I'd pursued a don't. I hereby establish bread you eat they'll they'll keep doing it and and you know. There's no stopping there's not stopping. There and this isn't you know what this what she did. Midget cups. But then in the boxes. Perfect. We need a Lotto and well. Stars' dressing UPS solar neighborhood they're dropping off like twelve packages right right right there 01 at a time Manila nailed up. Three are back you know. What security companies out in large part though should the door real cameras. And then they'll say you know if you just from tape they'll stop. Yeah so you're watching the camera New York anybody stop in the gospels the bags down and walks all I know never happen. We have a target given that it bed yet. I give them on the why don't have and still made this bomb alas I was a solid and the camera. On the door. This thing get delta ticket anyway it's still my doorbell there and helps it at all for the rest their religion. I was ceases icy quick truce. A lot I mean local we've always. And the rise again. I'm good news. Ever and now it's time to get. Answer 125. Hundred dollar engagement ring from Scott tells. Nadal there. Hundreds of women have proved themselves at my feet but I lol who only you listen. Guys every week they had paid for the keyword. Yeah examined 2341. For a chance to win and he won finals wager on the play. Ring toss game on Saturday December 16 as details and Spartanburg reasonably want to give. Hello know that they're gonna win an engagement ring valued at twenty mile behind each it's very strange you know. Our message Intel loses Spartanburg and many 3.3 of the planet Iraq.