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Matt and Nine make the rounds on local tv last night, we have the audio: Open Phones: Headlines


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Stuart year old knows the risks when each. 93 point three yeah. It is good. Rise guys morning show. Good morning and say happy to suites is the day before Valentine's Day at all. I'll not know the dome then who uses. It's also Fat Tuesday. It is very. The job America's fat shaming day easily now. Ai is Fat Tuesday as the end Ryan's parents used in the end of morihiro OK Mike Turner Andrews the end of the first to use that there tomorrow Ash Wednesday. Mark and wacky Wednesday. Matt Rees to do wacky Wednesday evening time off and on holes yeah that's what it wants for her one of the courses closed area. Boy and felons that we did not go off there the Harlem that we'd we sent a car in the delay. Is very close for a long long time now for our affairs or is cold and into that also heels big hills. They closed Phil barker girls from two whole areas Goldman owner what is happening. Much urban sprawl who's. Feature only your Tanglewood middle school. Is that right around me all the got a new dispute cauldron there. I'm David Warren. Numerous nuptials this tomorrow we're doing two shows tomorrow so if you like this is can be a great day for using hate us all opposed term you need to get better taste. Selassie it so it's march 6 at ten and then tomorrow afternoon around five to seven will be live at the Rocky River plantation. Setter accurate way to Asia and Anderson Rocky River plan to a tendon and Anderson. There is some there's some issues with that last not in our own scene on seven on nine of them VS PA yesterday CBS. And down the glory you know when women when they start. Tom poston did Megan wasn't there you're from. I'm real sway real. First of all here's here's the thing that now a lot of people pointed out on Twitter. Is that they put us last. On this show. Now main event well how you can also look at it like he ever done a group picture with somebody in semis I know you stand on the end. That's selling crappy out later and I think that maybe they put us at the end. Just in case we were rowdy like last time they return holes on lap. This last someway there. We would not nice stage defy Maria tonight we got mad at each other is revered. He'd grab he picked up my glasses off my face and held him in the air and just drop us for this is it's many years ago. And then I guess I attempted to flip nine ever done and the cachet he was the setting and then it just what he's got no. And maybe an accident caused the market and I would get whole wrestling fans Costa microphone and you know threw it down or whatever and walked away. So would we get a yesterday. We're at the end of the show just in case they get rowdy do we get rowdy maybe they need to cut it out. Also we are spending the entire time or can do with no furniture. Yeah well my guide their version of flip. We were on the greens during this is at or near furniture means very little Laura Ling shares your regime from the door we need to get the building all the way. There's a green screen. Well I don't know whose doing it was there's decorative screen behind it's a big monitor big TV grown my have been there forever. You don't need to see meg and onward and so us there was these missile and store just not be enough nurses there TVs during the whole whole land is downstairs now cloud missile store and a very answer. Seven on lane on in my Michelin T shirts and then Bobble heads and Magnus anyway curse America bringing. Me good well yeah there's people quit work and places to Wear our shirts yeah. Remember I'm on EG shirts managed lands in BMW's and im a huge problem out there. Josh. I'm no dummy now Jelena no gimme all they're very very not there I'm Hussein's been Murray for a nice selection of Lauren collection co op polar shirts. Piano lessons he's seen the other guests Zito now live. Really like we were. We had I mean Jimmy went to lunch yesterday we did kill some time because normally like I think they tape at like noon. They didn't have less down so while 115 there are so we we when they lunch in this you lolly gag around for Lola. There does come down and wonder if Dana's idea earlier we're drifting existed I know we're gonna film is that once wanted yeah. Well they'll. So you go all one take. Yeah we lead Umenyiora takes I think their laps tape era with via his Nadia. Of of the deal last night what it would close to an air. Well all things to fifty Susan is when Romo there was and so that the folks Haas talk about. Was on the screen it said numerous nuptials in Williams and I don't know I don't know why that was this an Anderson here or Williams and there are screwed up cultural place I caught the rocky creek plantation is Truckee river now as I did say in river river river Roma round red river who don't forget we're worried about. I hurry home and I can stadium and Omaha. I all I know there. I've never heard Colin angel's son Craig Hannah and her however not want creek import didn't play his selection I don't know what what she would do all you have. Welcome back this scene there's a mass wedding night nine this Valentine's Day and my instead and is not Manning nationally ranked guy and 93 point three Atlanta an hour here. To tell us about numerous national thank you so much thanks for being here pleasure to be here it is our honor sell you got this huge event on Valentine's Day coming up policy that. Well when you think of massive we have stayed you think of not enough Menendez now Canada is big mass wedding where we've got to. A hundred people listen let's say they're gonna sitting married or renewing their. This is same as this bill we've done over and over again on the last two weeks of the Shah President Bush do the same thing was an awkward spot. What was jumpers yeah now I know I am now going goes on what was your awkward what she knows was armored. Well what two things first was. US searches mayor. Our hair and I'll personal I know where there was a balls there is to use like she really don't say I can replay like that. The facts I made in my mind over over well yeah I can still see it perfectly clear what. She was asking Jeanne very sweet she said you know learn what all Olivia big party atmosphere Bob albino said you know hey here's a clip. While there are perhaps concerned. And I knew. Yeah yeah if they didn't that they think innovative that's how lax and then they have their friends and handling and is this and a big party yeah violence. Oh yeah I or where as far as we've yeah I mean don't you did you married now. Okay let's say OK there was a long ball that they are assertive positive note and now nada. It's animated face them all straight faced an easy she thought I was asking my day. Could you on the spot lab to take zVue on us now. It was like bad that you're the sheep are you asking her how I just you know it's bad. You know it's. RO it is see I thought she made faced them you know I don't know way as well as they just was escalating like I was not tack track I don't know maybe it's becoming one of those things you're supposed to ask the planet and long term relationship she's hoping when he last we certainly can't speak for the people what they want to be astronaut you know play you know what do you wanna see if they know what I'm -- -- no I got from a Jennifer. Oh yeah are anywhere as far as Linda yeah I mean don't you dig you very. How serious Aston that item now listening to the dismal long term relationship. Not thus you monkeys who. Yeah I think in new moon means kill any bill paint it. Eric I can now the other thing moves. As a wants to thank the US that show a lot your friend this year. I'm Muslim. Side wins. Our Charlotte Jennifer. Why didn't they didn't they should turn toward the key is always determine the camera Charlotte did you surfers and thing. Here's what Christmas I mean here's where I have disconnect with television. If runs or wherever conversation I noticed there were here and what it is Karen and mark your heart she's a hero to me talking to me a better. Look stupid as close a cut to DC all it. Passing he can do you famous name in the right spot recruit three people she didn't turn yeah led the last people they did show that make this one Jennifer didn't turn cyber lies. In. How he does eat candy stand Panetta. Are key can thing. Do you message sit sideways as it in my center shortly Jennifer and it was stiff. I didn't notice that part you Wear glasses. Oh see those guys and therefore they are O'Meara and I'll spare armor altered an outcome Washington right now with a taste yeah. I didn't know war is trying to steal it's a lot of work a Sonata tax alert and all that my meadows and work our TV in Ohio where he won a whole lot of organizations. Get home why else senator and they will play faster they've all my life said cost him a lot of money to them backwards. Armpit but the only gas like news enter because I know a lot of know what you wanna do. And didn't like a memorable bid or something and that there wasn't a whole lot of time need to really do anything. You know like I started the whole thing about in them anywhere and address and all that stuff and a few. I felt there there rumba game a little cold when I may be it said that on that don't know. On this that a positive criticism from a viewer or. I like the old whale wars the old sick and you know the count UC out the windows. You hang out sore for a little bit. Don't like sitting down on camera must register mountains around yeah I've read dilemma that unions have. Yeah I mean slated ala the best. Actress Kate and Bob back I'd rather be stand and send your rationality here all this stuff here all bunched up you want to spend and I'm Bernard but I just saw the face she may when you bastards. I basically dismayed if that is his little intrusive like. Are Christmas peace times and I apologize I had nods what do you mean honest woman her age you don't ask her she's pregnant or is she's from a man went in there and as much right you don't ask you look Gemma images tomorrow one way penalties early birds don't Wear him. And require him. Yeah as we're really do that oval until maiden name. Think that's that big a deal we calendars or what we do in Hollywood we want to know who's gaining hands. They deserve it could be a man did Selig will squint of them face we ask you where. I'm married just Connor of who are. Sheila guy is two people are not reading from teleprompter and by. You know I houses Hawaii you know I'm here we've been a wedding form is a lot of pomp and circumstance after. School years urged barge is just a slash user in a swindle on your hand signal. Do little toys are the rental paper three. I think the sixth circuit yeah. Who Scola does just fine shooter or. It's still have that the the the same camera people. Once you get there today is must see TV radio it certainly observe your info is there anything this is a note for you really it's mean. They're fun Jewish voters usually very little so it was go and everybody was referring to model TV hog person yeah yeah yeah how to look to let hot on TV because it was warm. Gloria Allred who's going home. Blue fall I did what I did that from the stupid headphones they push my hair up I look like them freaking gas firm. Beetlejuice here you know I use the end of the second at his table with the top half what it looks like okay. I hate that her leg irons off a door looking thing here out I mandated Iraq we are just a hair and makeup its carrier for babysitting they're into the underground garage to replace the Green River there. I didn't color my hair and the no watermark where we're going to evict them. More to do more TV give us on TV I think should be a thing you know once and good lord some idea that you got some time. I watched Jews in the Susie say things doesn't flip to the Olympics and us end the Shah. Well that's wish I knew that we were still on camera after they zoomed in on her Kazaa and instead they're in my hands I would have done via. I ordered to have there you know maybe Martina to a dance form get off my Johnson would put the circle now mama lag or something any anything. But that they care by what we we got all kind of funny snaps of us and then you know I was I was I was so. Man that was the worst part for me I guess is that. I opened up the snaps from. DRG yesterday evening about Sam PDA yourself you know and I looked at her. Our man and the thing just happened hub does things little arms are we missed it. There's no worries on the Internet and a big hello I am thirty minutes from the DR three minutes teeth he's. And she'd lined. Or is on assignment. You say you does really come backers she you don't stay in the invites local food. I think we still got a bad Alan Branch any extended quiet I'll go all the way out and there is on our side I've I've got back anytime I. I enjoy Al Mohamed my big span. I know. Some people there as I say where were little so people you know to tread lightly around this needy ones Alan don't. Ever Hulu or trend line or. We're in their domain yeah absolutely relentless only showed little interest to two months. You know who's. Like to. Murder people here. Oh yeah it literally you know wait wait do we do know we don't know we don't see all creative problem here Gonzales goes that some woman issues man and sit. No no I'm. After some else Smart fast and Michigan have a look on her face I should we heard apologize threat. Should bar probably block to already. I think I'll I'll. Hit a mile mile and again Americans. But this is man's home is handle you married I was. Why do all the flags and you believe in god his love good and bad. It is a little squared there's something there really notice the body language thing you know you do you pick up on a DC is why you know why can't be ready for anything. Yeah any question you know it means that nine. Owners. Of yeah. Those grades there was talk household demand your Carolina liberal all tried to in that got denied I have never been on the air. I'm reading it the only ones I'm going. Flares and times removed and I kind of art center thinks of how wool combat what is and calls 10774. To below 93180774. Down below 93 opens phones you and us talking on the radio. Aging mentor I. Ninety degrees going through the planet dry rise guys morning show morning CN. Let's send you 33 points companies. I'll talk to people who lose weight and I'm not America. What do you married Nevada north Greyhound SM SN and we're not only my drill an all out gaining that he knew. Anything or talk about questions comments he made it buys whatever it may be. She let's go to all of that more than one anonymous got anonymous number one then we'll go there. Good morning. Good morning guys Acer. I'm okay. But I'm okay yeah. Let amend this the guy that it had called the other day that Cust out nine as if they pass from Boston but don't necessarily should sell the OK and this man sure. We're doing before they happen. And our mom and taken part in your side numerous social rules. You know we kinda like my grown and we signed up for a but I. I'm nervous. I'm nervous I'd I'd I'd I think I got a back how. You know. I mean. I'm a mother. And I I just don't they they should because. I. I want to marry her because. By got a lover but I mean you guys are talking him yesterday about. You will get their hands bound behind their more likely to get divorced. And it's scared me. Plus Dana bash just stated stat stuff she'd be canceling our event that's at other events for talking about not our producer. You were nervous more reassuring hand you're nervous yesterday more we Irsay knows and he got nervous. Not a good I mean I would Marty I was already a bit nervous I was scared but then it'll curing. Jerry got to say that and then. Also the fact that it's arm. You know those big shanty house. Bye guys I'm not even I'm not even good address and I don't dress up and I don't even have meeting and nice. I have a suit. You know and like she doesn't have a wedding dress like god I kind of like a nice stress but it wedding dress and I just. I don't wanna let her down. Aren't you wearing wearing. Are you think to be let her down. Because you know I never got to go to a 2000 dollar rating. Since you wedding dress and serve. You know there's no high in fact we can't even do a honey boo control we get our tax return. And that's uneven in for a few months. And even then. You know it will probably just go to myrtle herb you know Charleston are so. No trust what is that's for sure I don't know I stymie mom mom and Betty wind and our pumps our own and they stayed married forever. Look you get nervous is this your first who have marriage and correct ER okay yeah is getting nervous about this whole thing. IE you know look. He lover. Yeah are you are mad Prioleau you imagine life without. Now okay. Asians and now. That's she's remained quiet. When you think she wants to do this so why is regime change her mind after the fact. I just feel like. She's got to realize that she married a losers who are gonna be we'll go on a garage and I don't have a huge she does not want to address you know what I could do it opened almost no Hawaii L torture goes. Yeah I should well I. Personally at all Indonesia again. Our country go out okay. Oh yeah I've always voted to go there is their gear for I want to Jersey calculus many cats too early happened right when they leave me in the want to mini. It's very non on the day called feet and you know when you have those big weddings and all the planning. You're just skipping the fighting part between your you in car because that's what happened at the stress with the wedding see you have that. When he got here numerous nuptials are you have to do is where Richard comfortable and show up may get the best day ever get married. We're. And this I don't see don't listeners not quite uneasy I was not MD thankful that you're not spending a lot of money on a vacation that you can't afford to pay for me tell you what. Are you excited here's the thing. I when you get married it's a lot of money Jimmy let's say you just. And I know he's a local celebrity and he got some some things here or not does anybody else get. It was very scripts which it did you go and do this for free and then take wall that money Uga spin on all that other crap and then use it toward house are down payment on something or are due to bill's tracts. Now Bernard attracting enough yeah Jean Brodie yeah and you also know that. She's not there because you got rained she's only ever fancy dress she apparently is there for you. We are. Yeah I guess you have premarital sex. Yeah earnings did you get between you and I'm not applicable alluded to last autumn I don't know why do you. Half how many kids that it's willing to do that. We don't have kids I'll. Let me. I guess real nervous unite our us. Yeah after Israel nervous and I just I just think she's gonna seem real that we you know 49 other couple's lavish. And I think China realizes that moment like oh my god I'm married a lucrative you know I don't want. You get this thing in your mind right now that you'll be the only dude not and a tuxedo and she'll be the only lady nine and then you have far couture wedding dress. And then right artery. Now. Earlier we talk yeah he's also xenon senate and here is again Barbara did they get married this and armor. Aria so my stolen. I don't know clearly was military in this tournament to tell you this a friend of mine just text me and says to tell you that he spent 40000 dollars on his wedding and it lasted eight months. Oh all. I'm sorry and I remember him and I know. I know she does love me you don't know where the long haul. Let. And I guess. I think anybody that's ever got marries always thought about that yeah I mean does trauma stress all yeah so stressful era. But like that in you know normally you know you don't have. You better show up tomorrow we got a fifty ample quota. I would help narrow cut off all these other people city gay duo we certainly can tell you got cold feet. You'll remember he's cute. I think it's we do you think that I. It's it would be okay in normal if we get our honeymoon like a year to now absolutely and people do that when people do that. I don't want yet. Am married in September strike where they're doing there are after Christmas but right now where we were going it was a record breaking cold so we decided not to Darrel yeah pleasure residing on the go about two weeks before that record breaking cold but the only looks marvelous. No pesky dead you know get that tax money magnet and honey men then does this bring you undone now let's just mom earned armor under alligator adventure. Best place down there by far about our policy Emmys ever honeymoon of them twice on its face amount learned a lot from all of them from curator of me is he now it's all in your hand and it's on your attitude meteors. Have a terrible and Mario will say I have a great day make it's special for both the U. I listen you wanna hang on there's a lot of people wanna talk to you. Are you an Alaska you and listen and Saudi Arabia. I carry her little bit our. Whole arm. Let's go to Michigan Geoff Michel led to the when he gets in the shell and Henderson hill and Michelle. Hi how are you yeah. And I don't know what the threat that never been used to act on Allen Blakey. Each radio right now. Elaine who got sick and he didn't. What is this current. And it sykora hit the court threat. Michel and ask you some why wasn't he used. Well being parents. It didn't work out right now and not right on I should ask you handsome android. Pines that. 'cause undersized and they did did you sell about them that I'm serious put it on the Michelle thank you honey and our morning. Turn out all right good luck seeing but don't let it get. Into the normal little. Let's go to. DS branded. In that Jesse HBO Brandon good morning. And Mario well he's. Yes. He has some advice for anonymous about his wedding tomorrow. I'd this. Men who love her out then there's the rub our people are the government they're bigger part. It's ours are. Scale has ordered an if you look permanent it's not about our you don't have or about a 2000 dollar per hour are sputtering on that you replace bury later that might be the I saw that mattered America. Even that anonymous. Yeah our our. You don't spin anonymous. On his eagle on field. I think I just needed to Nadal. Idyllic talk I have to talk about it I just have to kind of get it out in. And it probably maybe I'm in my head a bit and some good I don't know like characters. You know I see. You'd better be there tomorrow because you'd you'd you'd better be there tomorrow that's all I'm saying. He swore he would be story when we get a pitcher out on the Internet EC in 31 and silhouettes. We get all the pictures of the couple's 933 the planet rock star calm because they were in the silhouettes agreement hazaras. Ice I tend to over think things start tremendous. Well I don't think you come up thus tomorrow lettuce knows that that was used so we make sure you were there effect. Well actually I was gonna get out of my head and I. Here you Sheila it's a Jack QB just aren't you dirty air. Time or friend we'll see mark. Police ever. Are now hey how eager still I'm doing a prop bet hang up we bird seed here are our own Jason or William Ward Travis analysis selling my goal. Or com or Louie or. Man view or patrol way or the other with. Well you gotta listen like Verizon guys FaceBook dot com slash treat the flat. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who are. Always a Massachusetts. Man nabbed. One of the lowest forms of scum out on this. Age is a man dubbed the a bit bandage. Yes then but the guy did is seeing UN. Read obituaries and you know like what happened. He had this is a 35 year old guy named Randy burn down Plymouth Massachusetts. He's a burglar. And apparently his strategy was teary nearly two Aries you're out when a dead person's relative would be at the funeral. Then robbed their houses. That's why I hate that they have that church on TV now there. The I don't know if they really go on and on there who don't quite get to the guy who runs his from Plymouth Acer's told people year old son. Because of you know who's the pilgrims now. Say Iraq it was only did. Iraq. Well they're male around it happened. All of Randy Brunell. He's actually had been busted for doing that before back in 2012 he broke in to a cubs house of Sumner right. Well covers attending his mother's funeral granny got eighteen months in jail for that. Got I mean it. Mom is here and he's a cop yeah. Of course spry as seen under its so wind and the feral burglary started happening again icons are prepared to bust stamped highly rob school teachers but never during the summer. Yeah you're right now is probably good time for about ten minutes of great term and they kind rainy in the act. And then they are prepared to. On Friday night Saturday. Day after they found some stolen dory on Iran. Holdovers car. So he was Preston is facing several charges including felony breaking and entering. A. So I no longer asking some bits out there playing in the Super Bowl it's his house from. The best punishment for this guy is having his mug shot spread about the town he lived in his whole life. On the go these unfortunate load images because and everybody will know it's this dude with the neck tattoo in the that the defend patchy beard in the. And they connected them with some other. Robberies and anyone his home was broken into during that time it with the funeral home last for the past several years they're asked to contact the police so. It can be seen a lot of time. This try never rob a bad just when it's raining on Sunday page nobody homeway knowing. I ain't where their guns and now do well there. It was something that was published and animal Malaysian newspaper. It's how to spot the case. A checklist that was published in their newspapers at all. A birdie Malaysian comedian or Netflix montagne that share but how many trillion his limbs Cobb NJ. This is sparking fear. I wish patent and Malaysia and Malaysia and a gay community. According to the story. The article was published because of a proposed soccer match between Malaysian and Ukrainian national taints. So it's illegal. To be gang and Malaysia men can be sentenced to twenty years in prison who were raising well that's where that I want so. According to the newspaper. Prisoners as we know what though they don't have a lot of gay sex internationally in jail it's really like Cade say it's because I thought it's kinda like. Lot on this continent. I mean that's what I hear from like. EEC like that that's just doesn't happen in other jails the way it does or especially in the men's prisons are. Is rampant is here I guess it is it's mainly here and I am at least in and legends about Turkish prisons but there otherwise not really cornered people have been there. And sandals prison seal unless you wanna know aren't so look out for. This cleared land Malaysia we want there's Sox are playing colored according to this. Newspaper article and I just air tight close to show off there. Six pack. Have missed tests and they go to the gym to work counts on their towns and also to our ball man another man. Also apparently and door beards mustaches wait a minute and name brand clothing. There are some rough prisoners. Mary chuck Zito talked about being news Japanese prison and then most of those were really a real. Not gay stuff though no decision 08 year old here keep him on the saint. It says is very origins of need to be aware yeah. Is in his wrestling where it's gonna act on it. It's wrestling tag though that the problems and name brand crabs aren't then the tags is that we did mean Calvin harms from. Evident that all lesbians on the in hand a lot of they in RS script is flipped my game to another and holding hands. Very ambitious and can be spotted by eight and now alert readers see snow BK is today. Hey man and enjoy belittling them. And I imagine you have to sit there and arrest on and if you use in that no woman. Is a lesbian you have to sit there and Hannah. Nicklaus and see if she's patent in down. So Malaysia right now it's Kerr is on the same level as people here who were like 95 years old. Some of my all on solemn. Yeah and I mean and that I don't know I'm that old Islam that you can be as channel for being gang. And possibly get some bees it's entity offer had to try nearest me is colonial. Era. Law says all Mamas and guidance for alarm 1080 gay people dead because they didn't subscribe to the whole family. Thing that they were trying to close out there not just that even. Even movie chains in the area and they've halted their release and Beauty and the Beast because. He hits. BC out loud and gay movement. Or else are good that gave thing ultimate demise singing there him. Sound. Is it is sparking some fear in the gay community that these people might tales is old is time. Q and is engaged in them this will. Then to Newton presents. Slowing beyond serving those people over us. Certainly the thing is with the police say call this colonial law and act Malaysia's does that mean it's like the old British law firm and today they still. Whenever they establish their their government there I don't know that's the old British colonial I imagine based my little all of the world is from Britain. The UK no longer remain AA Helio being gay in the UK and AJ is all there have been Malaysia still uses this. Completely obsolete colonial law they're no longer colony but they still have laws from being a colony even though. The country there colonized and has since changed those walls so they're walls is completely obsolete they hindered their rear our constitution has come here. And advocates are worried that this consent out some anti gay violence. It's terrible. Not many people are little feminine are little you know masculine and chairwoman didn't they're going to be used in American gay or lesbian in their non. And then like in Malaysia today imagine you might read what's in there and try to be just voted yeah that he didn't shave your beard. As smooth who's married. You marry. A really good jump six days as you didn't Shani bay easiest. Way to find the gay is people are the people who hate gay people the most as the gays people. Okay that's the cause and I can't. I got to I've seen American beauty and now. That's right and good points at and I'm Faison is your guys' minds. So. You've tasted so good player you're listening to Iraq guess. 93 point three.