Tuesday, November 14th

Matt took his Mom to the movies to see Bad Moms Christmas: Have you watched any awkward movies with your parents?: Headlines


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. You can travel. Listen to the rise guys morning explored many times just download the weather that we're instant access to the latest rise guys I guess the rise guys. Rise guys morning show. Good morning classic shading a classic. Not. Emo and am very sorry email and am here this is one of the farmers. He had fun Solarz noted terms in remote if we enter the well and make fun of Britney Spears and Chris Kirkpatrick in his baby mama and all that now he says and is now mama. In his home mom David Morse. Analysis. Isn't sat near us. He had a tough time. Good morning good morning good morning happy to sweep Tuesday. Yesterday. And spoke of this yesterday a to my mother does amenities. Yeah you their brand New Jersey here. Normally when she says at that solve movie I want to see. No normally it would be like a Kirk Cameron production there on sand or as some kind of you know faith based kind of moving she's you know in those terms and murdered her church brand might pull Auburn twelve people here yes movie to gear up for they would have a church group pricing yet seriously gets there's. Did this when you know. I don't know what she she watches all of them shows like that the talk. In the do you in Chengdu in the real and then as Wendy Williams I came on base is watching Wendy Williams. Mom. But down our map now don't watch is correct the it was great this is human courtship is Mardy don't awfully good opportunity radio like Kermit yeah. So yes she and never in my life taken my mother limits the movie's real. I just taken her to the movies I had been much urban normally it was you know family outings or when she took me. Yeah it's her so much she's actually is he bad mom's Christmas. At first has got them as a call Hulu. It think it I am wondering right so. Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell they're in the movie in the end a good lady I can't think for named issues and where the millers. That the other American Hong. Kathryn Hahn her own hair she doesn't that is an okay. As she's funny is crap. So knows our newest can be really funny as you know what. I. And you pay it back a little bit let me start to pay may reback for that. Scar that goes firm her. Abdomen and all the way up to her sternum area real well yeah yeah. It was a big C section Bagram and then. They get realize I was born in 88 Camaro I. They intend progressed to the way they have now of course not of course I do 3-D print maybe now I saw that you can no option they have wow if you don't wanna do the hospital or the pool or back home three different. We may ninth so. I figured let it shared a cinemas and what you saw. Bad mom's Christmas which was rated. Essentially you're there yeah. So. As I said earlier within five minutes in ceilings have her and she cannot whisper. To say realize my size fab way to movie theater where there are the people there. Yeah broker all I have let this I was the youngest early youngest. Industry talk really out there because they were all like. It looked like get a big senior citizens group to set separately then display it was like three or four together. And women don't set seats apart like men do you guys are exact return paid attention to that. They can talk. You know which had a movie aims are no matter. How many sand well I know lacks radar. Because the had a big Kathryn Hahn like he is a job. She worked Saturday is spot where they do waxing and she specifically waxes gentle ball. And are so as he talks about waxing blank piece a lot to hit and and then there is a small child he says. OM FG. Like ten times if she's like five years old so that rich it'd been an adult saying OM SG she wouldn't ally mayor. But the fact it was a little. Sweet little innocent five year old girl. Ngo why against Al Lockett I. Sir did did she say hey this tour and nasty she's a film room. She did stationed all and ace in the hole and while opt out prayer is heard the line and our zone well dude so I discourage you jerk. Add it course that it RO Billy sugar placards so again good Parker road there. Does that. So. It's beginning a scandal in a kind of last and that I'll you'll. Mommy what do you see this movie and that Melo what led to what this says. Then when it started to do the sexual humor but this. I one point. Am not even anything wave and at one point there is a male stripper wearing extremely tight shorts and you can see the entire outline of his. Parry juror emerged. It was his aide kept being talked about a lot and they talk about. I mean they were just using the most crude words you can thank evidence is geared toward women you know. They were talking about. Railing or roll like nations and all of this Kurds are true here and she's now looking at me and I'm sure not looking at her because it's that moment when your. You know look I'm a grown ass man that I am saddened by my mom who as I just. You know described here in her life has never been into anything like that in Denton last that in doesn't approve of it that is not her thing Errol. Hey I was afraid I don't catch an elbow. Because I was last in envy. It it was just weird. A terror when I was a kid would watch HBO we get it through the VCR on channel two and never pay for that was okay yeah. Offered up there I don't either it. And I knew like he needs some there was like I said before a GD or nipple turning fail Perritt yeah field. There's no turning in the theater you know no turning the movie off. And change a game muted so thousand named the movie you can even once it's no no what ONO in mesquite no you have and there are not. That Tom I'm surprised she's staying for the whole thing zones are nor does things were you better guard swap roles would you mama. We're now you got to watch that movie before she can see it you gotta listen and you CV before you let her nerves she can have modernize. Well just don't have full they're just they're full 180 on my mom I estimate recruits yet this lady is she's just addition mayor the mayor Michael W. Smith CBO whaling she did would you kiss albums wells so Lola. Three Van Halen right. There was a cameo as Van Halen 1984 has been pain you're smoking the cigarette you know. It was there was a cameo in the movie with a cameo of have we seen it with the cameo give anything away own points of how. Member of the story I told. It was. 1989. As a freshman in high school it was the late Friday night he nor irradiate. I'm assets last year degrees and Angela you may have noticed the trend is me for getting it mixed up at your age I am I such as I did the other. Right shock in the hell out of me. Yeah Orioles underfoot or you were infants. Yeah. That's exactly. You know what. Larry is considered. It as just daddy's volley put me out there. So it was 1989 mean I mean I am in my my dad is is not a home a decent work. Mom my sister has a friend ever there in the bedroom next door you know doing girl call came in lolly gag and talking about noise. I'm in my bedroom Robin one out because I'm. I'm freshman in high school I and that mannered middle America I beg your pardon but in this in the distance you could hear may re trying to go to sleep listening to. Kenny G. So as I am facilitating myself I'm listening to Kenny G area lightly in the Bagram I think now it's February KG draft. Now I'm saying that was the canyon. Any. Carrying a shock to. Yeah there was dirt or move for you for her for Burke now admitted they made here in May did okay mean made irritated some when she write fast in the movie. And the plot was good citizen like kinda. Well I guess I'll sit through this that Seif Al come together thing in and have a good Christmas and I can't say hello. Let's see all of hey Joseph T you got page what I was up what I got into Airways. Flores said if you had to put overbearing mother yes if which I do this for ten for money than I did and I. They're good as I imagine it ever end she did she give any message out of them every whatsoever. Now now. All the other. And the guy who is when a tight pants it was a stripper she said ceilings ever says this is the one he CBC the silhouette of his job she's. He's in a soap opera. So I can only imagine now when she watches as soap opera what she's thinking about you wish you had one of the Ian don't you come home. I am images sure with the with face on those I have surely face as shore attitudes they seller and a columnist and yeah. But. I don't know if he ever been and that always late now. I zero men and that that at that moment you laugh where. Knowing your kids when your kid is expected EC nudity or you hear. Some dirty image viewer makes you feel weird maybe brewing unit dull it's even weirder it is. Even freak in weirder. And I'm sitting there watching that I am over the age eighteen. Swaps era. Plus. And then and then until an awkward about it again age it was 505050%. If I'll laugh among gets an album may be. Or you know. Make eagle I think Jerry Dampier got Hickory stick him would be right here. I wouldn't be surprised. Did she says you always take me out so wanted to did a horrible thing in the syndicate. That's our promise them and they tell he's straight out are you all right Iraq ouch you yes I'm trying to gin this front and take what you are too low why now home. A strike or flared. And general donating to her and I don't get the awkward watching someone you mama or daddy bird about just with Romo go home. Plenty of during everything went viral problem walking and then on in stuff. Does allege that now just mainly in the do watch you know and comfortable start off yeah Bayer A doodle a bunch of stuff yeah are you one example Merrill. No I just so we're like no don't care. Will allow what does he calls hell 18077. Ford to below 93180774. Double on nine to reach the movie scenes and as an adult made you weird it made you feel weird to watch with the parents or maybe mom especially. My daddy what to do is think back. They would love him he would load there he orders her kicker area. You and ask you know nothing on nudity some one has nothing on nudity all had never Daimler is Germany says is that considered said that's the thing it's funny now it has 1077. Affordable and our three we'll talk on the radio right after that. Age that doorway 93 point three the planet dry. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 730. Talking about here is that that phone. I'm legion honor box from ground my current owners management when I'm on by years or volume one. He'd tell us from. You know he's he's he Merrimack. I missed it here's a way to break it all lawyers are numerous. What is the GNU Burma bring it hurts the stores are an insurance. Here users are usually a time okay. So I tell my mom to see bad mom's Christmas which she wanted to go see and was. Real dirty and I you know certainly made I didn't mind it but watching it with her was very weird because. I don't know when people talk about. Sex in Barea gratuitous way easy menus this slang terms for you watching it with your mama. Valves circuit board that I sites and sport I doubt god earned our way this is weird I haven't heard and a sad. And last moments on Dugard is different to do is grown so yeah. So we had a whole lot of people as similar stories 180774. Double low 93 that's how you get on your web this. Let's go to. Morning got played on well you cells. Good late president Yasser what's going wrong. Well I hope when I was the kid out probably fifteen in the movie 300 came out theater. And my uncle or my cousin who are much much sort of hit the top or wanted to goto the real. The real manly thing for me up super excited how would be very Alina. There's this super slow motion and really all that crane. It can't happen at sit in between them and it was just one of the most awkward thing I have ever experienced. They look so awkward that if you go much can't believe a broader than a yen as his vehicle when you look at them or do and that you would do whatever he brought it up in the middle of the bureau it was I'm telling you man that was awkward. I came moments I can't do but I don't want my I'd like in the future though like you know when it pays for calls over time this year. In the future though like if my kid wants to wax. Movies like Ellen may have found a finalist. Yeah I'll tell you that maybe are comfortable spot washing deliver us from the mama while the army managed. There are actors. Really wild what changes regular all we Lower Burrell Briggs is laggards. There. I learned a tough to look at where I'm here you know you don't want that sound byte it. Better. Greg is like the color purple when my momma can I. I was like six years old I mean I remember her brother he must really yeah I certainly watched and I rather than Damon's what my daddy and my. I'm telling you. My daddy were PJ soles a little blond American united alternatives that I'll turn our own horror movies within word broad generic hidden sex and stuff yeah and in every year remember Matt the first time we can record ever being in the same place at the same time ways. And it's screening event faces of death oh momma took Richard yeah may not show and I threw up in the in the math yeah. My dad and what lettuce watched the godfather together on. And I was very comfortable just watched the only pick it up felonious since well let you know the door seeing with your own father is just very odd and not my mom. We're watching blue velvet. With does time hour hour yeah. I can't imagine watching Matt in my. That Mozilla well yeah Clint plot of that I David Lynch movie here's our weird movie Ben Dennis Hopper plays one of the most. Sadistic police hit terrifying characters in the history of movies I am watching. Sir you momma gonna tell you mama if your mom away from that and that's where she went around. You know win then this shining the I watched that Mel was my when my parents about mom made me cover my face when they showed the naked lady in the bathroom yeah. Not when the black guy got hit in the head with the ax that was no problem parents aren't there homer bulb globe really big guys say there's blood in the elevators in their dad's twin sisters that's just burger. Don't let him movies. Yes as a van Walton for doing that put him boobs terrorism and call Frankie and Johnny without Tina. And he gets out of prison in short order cook was seeing were so Knuble the waitress. And you know his pretty pretty intense out sort of snuck in Salma moms though Washington. Took a bit more open man. I mean as she call you watch that all I want to those whose war I say how they read out anyway except when it release through weeks and here I. I let's go there she is he one ginger pain in Greeneville talk about weird not weird but does it movie scenes that you watch would you pair say were either real dirty your lawyer made you feel weird they ginger. I I made what was that you lights when you pair when it would tell us the whole story. Oh look how can we will actually be out or take out and I don't really all I would Oregon dean. Really the inning and they know CI. RC it. Now when they're robbing her of her column is somehow balance. Did you all get up and leave lets you make you leave just stay here. I believe any luckily right where we were late and we like we might. Hear. Me again and I see you. Know why you are. In the second and Huey Lewis and The News now imagine you like Phil are at bat that can get taken into the morning. Have to return some review. He called isle grand here's some new words for. A television providing company you know. Turn roars are all man's house complaining about the awesome Cheryl pixelated he wants you to wash wearing and I I lament the good life why. Our foreign lower for the same company. Years and years ago campus when viewed the video on demand for us came out here are and it anyway as a change agent and the guy says. You know my box is not working what is bill was 2000 dollars and porn channels. That's why did armed kid what you just ordered all the foreign yeah but there's none lastly can switching boxes on the kid doing intuit CLX 101000 dollar bill before anybody calls. Can't Spain is at a rehab for born. Good rumors is there's little lambs to the weird part is is a lot of myriad. The talk the talk seems Dahlia good good my horses and all that is our man that's the one it was weird to watch with your parents are the real beginning weren't so migs says tour yeah war and who walked past the and that hard there are about caballero want to remove my mom and armament. I'm comfortable. Let's two greens bills she won that one guy on line 1 oddly enough the morning. Oh yes good then what what movie was that your Washington and which which pair. I would certainly look mom mom and my step dad when she may be watching beer bash. So I know that's a form of. Wow and was she meiji watch it. Yeah we weren't just college setting men she turned on the air fresh he recruited the job until they get out of management. She doesn't let you. She she made you watch them. Yes. He aren't. Aren't. Gordon. Or. One of those proposals in here when the new. Alaska gas. While Canada they get to where they were in Bill Clinton the Playboy he girls in the ACC the closing girls they regularly yeah. Million did a good call we are parents think you. A soul Forrest Gump in the funeral my mom. And I had to leave before even you know. For the six seen in all you can do is hear it. We're going to his neck and on stage in the in Jan it was that they're they're good top of the chart I had to leave. As the council's maazel now we should shield it. I don't know guys good thrillers it's last year and also trying to. I lowly awfully example markov Jimmy Timmy were and among news lets you look at the call screen. Man. Carol like. Richards called it doesn't and Julio Benedetti mention that I went to see that when my mom in theaters tape OK even more weird this is gonna. It's an astronomer Richard why aren't more hooded eyes so. Strange how this is the movie SE then on the screen that they'll tell a story to get to and Amanda what's your story would striptease. I had asked my momma question. And that lackluster more room to look like socially about violent takeover actually pick a school and took me out here. Overheard it goes CE without pitching up and mutate to a movie tickets we didn't hear rumors starts march. All of a sudden starts but he stripper dance or not what we're on our. And he's done well lately amount taller that the question you asked me after this Bibi used later explained that. Or perhaps watching movies and sporting massive amounts of more for next you're fired for two hours. I'm sitting there holy popcorn and he looks at the end slaps a much shorter go to idea you liken it. And that's. All well and honesty and so the question right now and your own pop music agency did it. Yeah. They kind of know now man community did that Jody hook it and it. We looked at me and say what you have to ask that question many more times they will let you move signals. Yeah all those seeds we need senator thank. I know we are so next we journey and now it's not. I don't know we were on. Their home awkward situation members are. Thank you re right charting the course and James Richardson yeah are not okay so I. And you went to seize it teased did Demi Moore movie would minutes and I didn't know what a tree ordered our marriage twelve. What while free manner well. Again diet and we've seen the previews are jamiat does this in this movie looks phony. And Palin. Why do liberals these and it I don't know it did not my son is a comedy movie not imagine moving. Even though the my kids in Broward Zain Demi Moore neck and. Can lose she does seem that no movie of these amount Danson is called boogie nights yeah. Are crucial it. As a result Lou mom hall of Wales is surely we're in traumatize his main point in certainly didn't have her contentions and school I had I was. As you clearly see Halloween the person mark Myers and leaders are scary Mary as a kid well. Don't make sense now why is it usual watch requiem for a dream with a mayor. Yes please don't take go amount police. I than any other day the national debt and I'll make sure you review the card no Christmas from irony got to make sure you are just so the very last show they had burial last veterinary and wrote a most prudent. It's been up way up now as he led again mask as seen in a pulp fiction okay hello. Intelligent and a has with page right after this whole. As guys. Yeah its fleet at. This is the rise guys morning Sheila. 93 point three the planet just a rock. Right guys headlines with the aid. And you're big goal who. Right I had my lunch in the anybody can imagine stayed marine well if the problem is so big that Jimenez. Pizza party wouldn't help what beginning duke back. I don't know that I always encouraged me so near Trenton when I was an elementary school his party pizza party or limo ride around. Public masturbation as such a big problem and it's rampant in Chicago's Cook County JL that officials offered inmates at pizza. Party to stop all via problems jurors could barely. And I'm not positive. Say oh god yeah that hundreds of female public defenders and law clerks working and the gel. They had to endure. That's sort of thing on a daily basis. And in when the when they would go in and see there yet alliance elite elite status. Penises for scene now an inmate who do such a thing run burgers as Ramirez. If you go there are always thought that's what you expect. They would also engage in other acts of sex based aggression on threats and harassment there are being his. Did you do if you're handcuffed I think that it. Why did you read it at at yeah we are happy about my check out our did. Pop that. It's sad. Yeah album my momma used to be a nurse at a prison. There's really as a registered nurse she worked there in and Lotta Lotta stuff very sort out what she described as all manner. Really I mean as a prison. A signals servers by narrowing it I'll trust. Evans there to Erin hi everybody imprisoned obviously isn't that matter and animal black. It is prison so some of those people who are that bad are going to be there probably in our higher concentration than Brent. Your other places outside prison. Now Robert. Says now the women have filed an action illegally. And remain we shall lead the way it's put up a. Well they probably do it for you to if you are walking a bit then says absolutely no they were in. An average last week authorities have done little to stop the hate is sexual misconduct according to the they now lawyers. And efforts to curb the behavior has failed that's including the. Prisoners inmates we get thirty days without mention masturbating. While they shouldn't steal our stuff through diet. Very NS is. That's more if you tell rumors trying to stop the war on drugs are trying to win an armored. So I jump suits for banning access to that. Genitalia. Also did more. I know we know these. Aren't wanna be Hollywood directors. I'm honored on the wouldn't. Brazil accounted. So I don't what I hear masturbation stories I instantly think now Hollywood directors. Everyone I'm now there's at this but we see case Sharon to get locked up as we Sperry. It's all. So now they're akin ads out where they're gonna do especially if there's a lawsuit in place they're gonna have to do something occurred that masturbation. Now. They should. Pays them what they did pass they would have been salt Peter yeah. Iran and parents cry and literally. You can even to push up into. It's obvious as to jot down the sexual act you know they use it whether used to using dollar and now they realize that it's campaign next carrier. Earlier Iran just it's just people you have to do it's. You are supposed to back yourself up on health. Yeah but not for fast times a day tablet yeah and not necessarily in front of an audience sitting on the washing your guess is for real server now. This is his. I mean you address and going into market if it was more than one person Q imagined just walk into hallways and seeing that. I'm I can never in my now now I know you say you went and see you and women's prison and you saw that. It would would it gross you out you know him well I don't know way I don't know what I would say to. And literally hasn't had a women Fiat it can be really grows a little zinger and. Eads is really gross I mean this have on them and yeah they shouldn't be subject to do that now if it means they used. They don't have to be walking through. Like the cell block wherever that's going on your I. Asian brand they're walking down the hall inside the Bellagio gone off I don't think that's how I. I'm not a quiet why did you just did you go about doing your job measure at least be a different hallway you want government that don't happen in all right. Death because if that happens when hot mess that's too many times. Are may be you know. It's someone walking in front of them and making them and remains behave. If they did you can't or else. It was out pretty simple really if you if you can't do better than we don't cut it off seems fair to me apple S not gonna spewing need for speed. Who's been in this long worked for years I was trying to. Well let's get him on the phone and. According to some new resurgence by Boston market. Americans again to an average of one point seven Thanksgiving dinners are males this year. So one or more. What are they counting you know it can't work and stuff usually with me it's don't need one me on and you go and have dessert and say hello have for the next. Yeah but that person that dessert with knows that you're not. There and I struggle aren't you like given the second thanks really in a second Thanksgiving. Not this high sloppy second Thanksgiving. One things you have a lot of things given her home. DJ IAE generates Chinese that type of meal twice and one day you know hours and make our way out. I know it can be done remembrance. Stuffing don't ask why don't his. This day or maturity needed to Bahrain. By ear I don't wanna like Eden so miserable wires now. Now or do that warrants and usually don't you pick and one half an hour hit a hundred. I'm allowed to do first. Raymond Irwin its usual package should be made waves are secretive program that a lot of the letter from Iran unless unless your wedding reception. It's an editorial harsher and as an illness and how is this your brother. Now some. Ground there's a bit Ireland and London bureau drawer liner and learned nobody you know. Well are you end a thirty percentile or the people letter stressed about having it's so complicated to juggle all these arrangements. At different places that is me. Is to try to get from one place to the other plane Ali data again I have to can teach travelers asset to any arcana have to tennis star. Yeah me in the lady mayor analogy here. And I cannot plan. Obama than normal human element says it try to get three points with and. Two or three hours just how hard the dimming you have to go to this for you have to girl from New York started you don't have to do our you don't have to torture yourself for the benefit of people yeah dissect post also LA nine burying your I don't. Have to do I'm. I am because I love all of them and I want to make sure that I see them on the hand and. While a bunch of people but a figure that it be better for us they have like a different time. They give them the guilt of well Jimmy I was trying to comes sales when he crashed into that trees. That's Christmas by the time Christmas is our I'm exhausted. And have you driven so much to get some learn to. Give people present. Mean to give your hard campaign rhetoric has made her body in the room everybody listeners like. You do some for you as you always do it for everybody junior had police are covered collectively all. That's about a breakfast this morning and thank you and a scanner and have not really I'm working off later I have I need team that doesn't fat how much that are. I think I come on old departed via Smith doesn't it tells duels Bavaria in Florida it's I may know late commercialized I wasn't there before and I thank that I ear get them. Mamie deficient since Saddam fact that marrying a like dollar ring you know. I say that's my that's what I can do and the ironing. Out this this I can hit a lot of us are too. 5%. Either restaurant at least one of their Thanksgiving dinners and yes that is me I army some minor restaurant I'm getting the other place. Which is easier because they knew make everybody happy and you don't have to make someone do dishes at that point. The day after Thanksgiving we always do or and also it might take out. Hour and a half I don't know why it became a tradition I think he's kind of a play on Christmas story. Arcadia laid Chinese food and after Thanksgiving story yeah my they're on they're doing is not true. My own thing is either Christmas they Chinese restaurants always Rupert now that's why you're there or Christmas cheer Amanda and and good enough balls and line and expressed sorrow and were murdered in new pair every candidates do best path. All right well a quarter of the people will kids it's a friend's giving dinner and says a family so maybe be with friends are. The better arrangement can any one of those really GM. There were friends getting crazier thing you're a good one term. When never happen again. Several snow earlier risen star that's telling now teaches them over the air. Chris Harris we knew that one near you an idea when we come back Larry you. It was good just Luke is good groups so the biggest the crowd that being said dinners the average Thanksgiving Darren have nine or ten people. Which is small I think and you get out pretty easily on that. But it is more than you know talk and anybody is still Clara and then after that I think can arm right ash have that's in addition store up. Yes well. To get to be immortal woman you know that's campaigns and those are the guys at nine. Some say is from the Carolina metal. Hey you're listening to the rods guys thought united 3.3. To play.