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The Mail Sack: Open Phones: Headlines


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Hello don't let me ask you. Set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. Three point freedom planet back. The end. San. I cannot. Those set. Yes sir good morning on the rise guys morning show Lou. It is seven assembly got an email site we get into the rise guys that AOL. Dot com the rise guys and AOL about how. Does Vijay get through here in the mornings are you pod cast in the afternoon injury and in some way do I get in on the conversation. I. Oh start. Here. Dear saviors and my mornings since 2002 and my name's Caroline I'm Keiwan Allyn and Lorenz and work all the damn time. My favorite band Foo Fighters are coming to Columbia next week as you know. This is on vacation actually went nowhere to go this girl right here. But I'm mad a I am not expecting her bag and for no freebies. Attached is a current cell fate as you'll see. I have what I think is nice long blond hair. If you will give this very very loyal. I will lay it either one Abby lob on the air shave my head bald. Hair is what hair is and it will grow back but I must. Breathe the same mayor. This day for blinking girl before I pass. To replied this email here's my daytime number of thanks Carolyn. Gillette shaver hit ball. As she is beautiful hold on let me open up the yeah. The photos there. Didn't see. On our way around a coward wrote well. Julia. Okay. But Gloria hold on it yeah it's nice here. I was must be sent skeletal and help. Stronger radio let. I feel plan isn't really long like locks of love. I don't know what to do this. Story can influence his or her yeah. Yeah I'll do that. Yeah it has to be tomorrow or don't mind be tomorrow or Monday through one of the first to be one of the area. We should make oh boy scout coming into it that you make Jim Williams who for future. You wanna keep it here Natalie and now I mean there's any kind of donation to be Danielle would be Babbitt. LY I mean good news that it is not why we had too many years we're looking for girls militia that has for tickets. Yeah isn't sure I did some different things as totally totally your thing. Is that she's very clearly to the table now I sit I feel bad I don't mean I wouldn't do it right now my. So awful about it but I I think though. Xiamen and bald. Vs right shame and it's all Hogan called sag or shaven have to head. Diebold hated it out. As prudent for warm Jeff can I just. Give her call and see if she's legit and and it's so. We had a sudden and Itamar or even Monday if she if she can do this show is Tuesday and right. Characters emerge in Columbia. Yeah will be given way I think it's through her or him or. Now that they find any sign for your door apparently throwing shape he had no you Walt. That's actually just get her on the phone play that game. Mean it's eight blues Michelle so shaver head. But we can only thing we could get her chance to play and if she loses than me a fuels through the hedge. It's gonna do. Last resort it's okay. Yep that would be that had been nicer things she says she works on the day and town. He happens to be off next week where you get into would that do you universe who are shave my kids would take its insight. We did did did she gave us with the idea first you should censor of I tried it as her idea so we'll get her on the phone and I don't ought to play in national savor. It's like that do room RIK. Did either memorized as I hope you all are well thank you for an entertainment or years ago as just saying I'm a huge fan. I wanted to get in touch and say I will bet anybody on that show. 500 dollars they'll be no holiday trip in 2070. I'm not trying to be negative or anything but I've been listening for about ten years and I know you guys and another long day on a trip this year. Fat boy obviously does wanna go just probably would just. Hope everybody else forgets about it Madden I'm probably just forget about it change your mind. Page pride go but in that crane and not not talk about again so I've offered to sweeten the pot was my wager if you guys always said that if you really. Really really want to go. K line Tito my god. Off topic utterly. I would go for 500 dollars last they're rooting out are freezing the giro relatives were there and daddy's Clinton money her breast pays. They're very close eye on what is there to even. When is okay socialist slogan they let me look at the calendar years and this is the twelfth next week. We only have about two weeks of going on the trip prepare in the audio and then. Plain don't match Tuesday on Halloween did their driver and time faster and we really usually it's definitely. Yeah out because I can't go. A Yankee go the following weekend. Which weekend next weekend yeah divided between its when he first when he second Arianna I'm sort of herb I'm towards her here. I'm certainly going to fat wallet and who's going out there it's just consistent useless money and as bird where we go in that. Saw the masters are okay for an answer burger and I ran out. Mayor George credibility McCormick and that is an hour and a half two hours and our hand from here who aren't alone. I mean and why it's so our infamous one hour from my house. And we just need to figure out it. We needed doing closer to detente and analysts say hear on the audio or whatever for two these guys went to an opponent you know who believe you know I wanna go like close to the best birthday weekend sucking you that we can. This weekend to get mad world tomorrow night via the United States that get rougher start commodore let's say 25%. Fat boy he's going to the corn maze Davis I don't know. Look forward to put in that at since the stacks and stacks of old VHS. Well and everything to twentieth or somewhere around there. Thanks Friday camera here are closed. Well there but yeah I wanna do it how it wouldn't talk about 56 times yeah. Hey guys this may again thanks for reading my email about how ya make fun in my voice true. I didn't really think you would. I really didn't think you would if it made Joseph look like you remain or something I wanted to ask you know the question I promise on not being in a BI TC HT's don't matter who I didn't know I said did own ward of the rose. What kind he smokes. Maybe he drinks a lot of liquor may be added to BR and asked me that. It was just about smoking it your anonymous smoker vote boys lady. Forged. Your skirt point. You know what I added traditionally only ask and how easily as they try to guess. And boy does it certainly any verbal or else always its own members did you send their Foley. Harry Reid infringements about what he smokes. Now bearish are subject by Internet. Is there email lady is she this lady in this sound drop a mutt plant. I have heard saved as smokers last year but I'm not yeah. There it is more than a variation between women rises or Atlanta this month I notice a lot more I think and packages have loved just old old. Ross lived that life voice. When you say and why. Why if you don't mean I live in live healthy you mean like during the lakers star and a lot that's what Jimmy music limit lives. But you know I need a smoker gala. Exists. Let's. So I'd say smugglers it just shifts what is that about. Hope and I always heard women in my family and a timely would be. Just real nasty if they saw a woman smoking. She had been pregnant you'd be smoke and they know less about it's okay and so it's true I think there's anecdotal stated there if you're a woman and you smokey get judged way worse than a man who smokes you dared. Jersey it is. It's hard to be a woman. This is going to be so would do and yeah you decide you want to slipped missile over here. It's herewith smoke and we're going to be Tweety bird surer amounts that's why I think snag chat all the filters now mess up your mouth or make your eyes bigger and I think it's true women who don't have their faces Sonia. They are gonna send out early morning message is exactly what it is it's there. Everything's always more like I've told her fourth with a dude on here probably. Umpteen times I've never heard Israel voice mail traffic starts. There like old news the guys we now they're weird so I'm Brad Stone now let's not play him along like he went sleeping very. I don't lose OK here we go. And I add three more than molested two Lamar knew him back to back their breasts that I may have subway. An apology this morning that when we are out of parents. All right hey guys and it's got a promotion M a com am only been here for a few years is a pretty big deal the promotion is an in new office or company vehicle. The promotion is more money and I get to pick or wanna work from her seriously this company has offices all over the country in every major city on those coast. Both cut us. They depict grown ago thing is I'm not really sure are wanna go and have lessened suggests draped. A dozen suggestions and Tony seven single and ready to start in the last and where. Mean you but I have to lose any hobbies to list value pretty much acclimate to where I am. That's where I need help where he got has been fuhrman's. We're he'd take again I'm excited about December tuning as well as your input love the show and podcast Mariah and David had been Charlotte. Random things go wrong. Yeah if they literally have offices in every major city in America for me and one coast to the other I would think my interim employment agency matters here's and play. The only thing you could say to that gentleman is are discovered Duncan. Go west young man yeah west youngest girl last young man and that's when I needed as what I would tell him reader now here. One well are going anywhere other than the southeast hour ago last yeah. There then I'm not strictly talking about Colorado it is wonderful for many reasons now I'm there's rules through well there's also Oregon. Island room is or janitors. She knows how. How that happened there over the years and had no idea carriers are Idaho Montana Wyoming uncle he's twenties every single Tellme already live how bond got I don't know. Yeah I mean I don't I just say go west and go somewhere besides here go to the west I would hate. I would go to. I think they would get yeah I would get in Denver here. And it I would just because of just to Biden isn't about the weak stuff but about the good things to happen because of the weed stuff and all the taxes on the surplus of money. Yeah well yeah plus it's the only place where. Yeah America. I think the only place I guess maybe year mariners games. But it Rockies in mariners' games you can do is did you announce he'll take you for a few birds to a baseball game and just gonna sit there and thank we've. THC suckers and stuff. And it baseball or morning why the sand and maybe that wouldn't be good for me. The time a lot of hot Broward and intolerable and then I'm bad I don't met a man I. It's just can't get you where you would want ago I mean Jimmy says that when asked I. It be foolish me to tell you we're again I have no clue how to Bagram is an of that stuff. You ready for the Emmys again aren't I got an email burger at a offline and I get in the apology that someone was saying OG all innocent medals leg. I'm so mad I could spit earlier in the beginning it today show Matt man's done nothing but the little fat boys trees big dance sandwich he was eating for breakfast. What gives a blank. While she makes funny him he bully. Ewing and those you lose a long way in our about haven't had done that fit the bully fat boy every day. Matt may and you know the both white trash just got a nice Muster has song says and that's onside. Think he'll always count bully and about the Sanders is a big Hanson sandwich or Portland delicious a minor mistake that obviously enough. It was a huge sandwich and so he would age. I don't know that he lasted fair to inferred for it to be same but it was right here in the middle everything you're it was dubbed its half of aid French loaf. Our third it third yeah and hold back to him the sort of hard. I mean it was just big just a big dude Baldwin ball says sandwich at the open. There's no bullying them I didn't not until you the same hell no hell no way named in the end. Where's your bike and I did I write about south tabloids Deng mustache and men and why trash and spent again. This you William you are designing how big a sandwich what it was big we all recognize the size and it and how long to competed well. And Indian it the other segment VNA about Ralphie May has like say in the I was being very nice about that Sam Heyman. In business and news isn't motivate you this quitting on him I guess it didn't. She US five hours per day IE outline how low fat boy death. And it sort of address and then look at this as I got it could be any time yeah. Buoyant gold Germany over inflated an integral part in the league mile wide. As her. Australia yeah that's very similar retire from management yeah. Where it is an open phones now 10774. To below 93180774. To below 93 and nobody Chevy or call an earlier about the boy scout Girl Scouts hanging call now for that we're in sports earlier obviously 18077. Ford down below nine to eat anything you talk about what do it next. H I thought I had 93 pointer is over planet rock. Rise guys morning show in morning is 733. We do an open phones 180774. Double move and 93 yeah anything you talk about flourish your all's. We will do that right now again don't forget Friday night and you hardcore is now an RA and I'm tired and right now by talking to live. You know those people that you hate me are only got a ten minute drive to work here. Let heat. Aren't your car five mayors are murmured outmanned. I was simulate an endless tabloid the news they're showing traffic donating five god bless shall we better hurry if resume her partner. Yeah yeah yeah. Friday night join us down at mad world the rise guys yet he mean great night we the end. Mean angry you name will go through this the whole haunted attraction when he takes over half hour to go through. You hit like thirty miles long Israelis said Jimmie has grown half mile. Edwards is called the America's ears. Yeah so again go to get my perks dot com perch with a K and get mine perks dot com and has some folks were disappointed the other day when they went to the site care through premarket wrong you'll find perks for the K. Or attacked scared to 7234. Whining get it that way he's he's your man 220%. And Lou that's Friday thirteenth. Let's talk to Kevin in what did you phone lines for Kevin. I don't yeah yeah. Yeah. This is. Rather it worked out the wrong. That don't agree with a own. Boy Scouts are now allowing girls to join they will still call Boy Scouts and the girl's. I was saying earlier we never found out who is upset about it. The girl scout surfaced. Yeah yeah. Yeah and hit a Kevin. And don't tell them that the latter. The globe. Alone. I am able to go hey. I guess eagle years ago. And I know. I didn't have an opinion about it oh yeah. What is it about I mean the the opinion is what that. You agree let me that it's a needed. Yes well. That note this there's doubt in America. That Palin need to be. May be updated. Ben earlier bid that's sure if they're not. If there's a bunch of girls are getting what they want from girls counts maybe there's a girl's house to update their life. And what about data but this girls leaderboard make you aware it's actually here in some kind of beauty contest to a is that those lives with. Jeff. And it added distractions that's what it is the media is run and added distraction so now we go after this. Yeah. Well. It's better example made. More than. The one who worked out and learn. I'm banging. Learn. Brutal thing. But they're. Sold but there. You know ability. The usually. Kevin your various and I can tell you you're at a loss for words we're budget hole as you get yourself together are out there. I objectives. Let him off. Let's go to. I wouldn't bet she's. Patrick did you don't mention either of them and it's early in the six or not behind yet what are you going to play the most professional force some like get. The official Jamie Halloween song monster had played she said you are white trash and that's like and a I mean I have been had put that in there I tell you that normally don't claim a lot of things on this. I'm proud of this. I am it's like every we've been playing it for like. Eight or ten years now every year on how only hello. Raided hit this is just trees lash emblem can anybody else have discerned or radiant and not listening or just three early gift. Pomona cost. It's real drums. I was lucky clothes clothes this long. My lunch on the minds. Underneath there's times plunge only go round and having more fun feet the ball. It's mutual mosquito from geology. Belongs to the tank like pat poisonous. Just like my man's wind trying to. Nonstop football is still. Come on mommy yeah yeah. I appreciate your. While we appreciate you sir I think Angeles in the show. Do you the other thing last summer called out I want to Colin to destroy how much a light show and that I always just trying to win ticked off here. And we were kind of glossed over the fact that there are a little bit so then that didn't call you try to give me tickets anyway. And once it gets you into some. A couple of hundred trying to recruit fighters figure later touchdown yet this one of the same outlook yes. Hero tomorrow it never Morton. And now I'm looking forward here and don't release so he got the yeah and I tomorrow. Well we look forward to a block inside we'll miss is Balkans be there as well. I know all my my daughter. Little blown into a leader and oh yeah. Why was seen in my nicer had a good morning I thought there as a kind of reunite her delivery her here and it's. Okay all right H yeah and she says I wanna be stuck in America. I'm out tomorrow one more ticket fur around my other daughter and 55 bother. The VIP package further is going to be though same thing that that I wanted to on the triple questions about it. Yes we will nine says yes our our mountains everywhere body. I didn't fit RC. Is like a forced move a contest winners we are and were smuggled chlorine in the a sled dog as altering thing I do we need a fourth with fifty thank him. Melt when my. Ticket. There's a little more now when more. Let's go to. Amber in Spartanburg. Amber. Perino ease. I don't pretty good this chapter about the school all not at all cool. What's making. Me is that euphemism you did make it better. Yeah city. Wasn't you know. I think you got to laugh at my nonstop thank you can take you. So what do once it's and now it's like this is Chilton and kids are off to school. Are mad that I got to start the car care. These aren't at policy goals at what's on your minds and I am. My son and I are actually having this discussion waiting in the line on the attitude every superhero. If he had any superpower in the world what would be. I. I have BE said out of your kids said that man. Well yeah are you got a better backpack okay yeah yeah that's the massive hero of all time. I could well about you know boot strapped they may not having super tired doing here on the way that kind of thing but it is he could have any superpower voted beat. Because that side the caddie and I played. And while load one of our nine can decide. I would like to. Let's say what would be the best for me I. I wanna say flying abilities but I would get sick and throw followed the people's houses you heavily regulated it pretty good news or bugs all of my. Yeah. He's seen the error. Well yeah that's excellent as cool my he would be more like a Pollock then it would have banks see it and hear her sister firm but. I wouldn't she's flying I would choose the it visibility. In this. Just a little bit and this is a really good and also are. Luke cage is pretty particularly nice set of superpowers in that he's as bulletproof skin. Sarah you can't blow amount or he can't crush him you can't shoot him you can't stabbed him yeah I heard him. How long live forever well yeah I mean he seems to be aging ages is in the drug war the same term now. That's a pretty good one but it visibility flight and bulletproof skin are among my very. But it is visibility in amber may be on any hazardous if I let's say. You know I know every single home that you're gonna go hang on the girl's locker room a day it's day to day three may be they want him going to the bank. If it it is everything I've touched go invisible to or will you see that big bags of money flood iiroc the bank. I don't assume your can't go there unless your like death incredible moment where suddenly you know. Erie naked at first we are starting to power it. I'll what is your the color. The power started to subside and then also niece in the bank they start to see a big huge hairy naked guy yeah there's no linking that you didn't really see you gave her visibility requires a Jimmy naked that's kind of what an aberration or something here that I what did you say amber are what would your answer me. My aunt there oh. I I think. I know what it actually decide on top there are a lot of them in lady Eagles on the golf. And I'm no equal pay the film like that book superpower problem. We have it well Wonder Woman ought to be doing instead of flying around any visible jags go and solve this equality problem we have in America again and ending your boyfriend now. I. I. I would want the power to light the Slater charm anyone can do and I want. You're a woman you know earnings. Well. You know I had when it happens all the time not when I'm being you know particularly witty app got gotten my Starbucks. Geithner. I actually just as they get a bit tired to persuade people. Not at this fairly I would use that all the time for eagle and yeah I think that would be a fun one. You really gets you whale the time I mean I think he would. I originally he act like important time right hey don't jump off that bridge or hate. Didn't equal pay period that was either a good you know. Alan. You talk any kids only school in my mom and every Sheen talk on the way to school. Mean have. On the steering wheel just looking ahead. Hey mama my kid 88 BI and Toyota not saying anything. So we have conversations that aired in public space travel parent. Philosophical. What is conversations. I think he cannot eternal. Yeah well that's good that he created beat think you're being gallant. Yeah I'm sure we'll get jobs but we're oriental it to go that thinks Colin have advice. I've had to wonder mom thank you. My aunts and wonder mom she wonders where McNamee is he's got a got a drop off cab collapse of the or superpowers going to control and receiver for hours and over there's a bathroom available and mr. Klain. At all times. Good talent wise we should balance right Jeff would you apologize the yards and eight Stanley on the phone and he'd find out about my invisible cloak. Arson FDIC. Insured. Properties and business. Here there and wizardry Doctor Strange that be cool to let you know what do we mean he's a wizard. Answers or sorcerer anywhere is a dunce cap carries big statuary wears a cloak could you talk about and they can as a miner was horrified people and stuff yeah there's nights yeah you carry enough to be club can nagger her. I mean you miss her tag team. Our full attention to take complete comeback and his bad lies that I have is a. The rest I just take. It's an inch 341 day you're listening to the rise guys morning show right reborn breather. Rise guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who sprays. I headlines like ten minute by Jimenez stayed armor you haven't this tip guys at a Taco Bell drive through refused to pull up while waiting for their stated and get arrested for disturbing the peace. It's a nineteen year old guy named Tyler Tyson. And his eighteen year old friend named Elena largest Sony. I can feel among this group a ad man used to get so married him had to pull ahead and wait I know I don't sit there for like ten minutes. Says they weren't the talk about drive June and Stuart Florida last month. And after they paid they are asked of cola which happens all the time and it's not and disclose how much they ordered or what day exactly order because that's good to know. What not to order because you gonna have to wait on your corner there and everywhere from chicken yet they refused. To pull up. And exit. The says it's not clear how much did they ordered and so called the costs because they ended up arguing with one of the people behind them. Because you know they're tying up the line. So when the police got there at the people on the other car we're gone but Tyler and more still. Walking around the parking not yelling obscenities at people. And have our Al Berea and then cops arrest them for disturbing the peace apparently wins. It went through there. Parking lot antics not for China BS traffic Kleiner arguing with somebody which is ticking you know scream and then. Alan garner it was somebody didn't even argue with less than just literature and arguing everybody. That's funny. It is just you know if they want and some thing and there are things that you should not order ever and a particular restaurants and they should disclose that they don't multiple award mr. trichet in order to Asia and amortization. Have you waited for ten minutes for an item before when you had to pull forward in your wondering if it's ever gonna count so I can't blame Matt and that at all. Yeah I guess crazier really impatient when it happened really really impatient when. Are always there and. Well how about this more Americans are single now than ever before that's according to some research by the Pew Research Center they find that 42%. Americans. Are now single. And that's up from 39% just a decade again. And there's significant reasons because people women are owning homes. Are not getting married like they were before. And also people are just staying single and not leaving their parents. And it at a younger rate hike there or before in the past. Guys do a people would are literate homeowner loan. Yeah if you're not going out dating in your in the same situation it's hard to meet people these days that's a factor definitely why people remain single. I think this economy. Thanks a billion minutes of mental want to move out but if they can't afford it they can't afford it anyway just anything to do would dating percent. But isn't hurt economy merits mainly have been on Wall Street and not around town as much. People here there. And are you a lot of people goers spent a lot of money about a bunch of houses and start your way with everybody buying up all the houses and stuff is really economy are strong heart now. Dad and and you know if you're buying a house in you don't wanna get caught up then and a relationship it's. It's kind of tough these days to find someone that you love you know and I mean if you're saying on your just gonna do for yourself. Yup. My house is going. A campaign to measure has kind panel that we did one story. Where did talk president we didn't I was so much. Racks.