Monday, March 12th

The Mail Sack: Open Phones: Candid Phone Scam Re-Premiere


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Listen to the rise guys morning snowboard many time. I'm just download the planet that when you still exist in the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. The end. So. I cannot. And those. Intel stack and even else today I remember you can always email us. At its TR EG at 933 to planet rocks dot com. At TE RG. At the planet rock stars she eats. To much TRG 933 to planet rock Stockholm. Again. I got Pena and Darren event artists including rylander. It's easy didn't get the email address email so immunity yeah. Here we are got a whole bunch almost our first with a strong. Netstat command terrorize guys have been a loyal listener for but ten years since moving here firm Virginia. And I love you guys you may mile morning every morning when I'm going to work. Page has questions for you. Why is it that you're always saying that nobody wants you that nobody wants to see you make yours a scary side or whatever the excuse that you try to say. And is anybody ever thought that she's trying to do that just to get compliments from the guys on the show or callers orders she's just maybe trying to get a date. Not trying to be meaner hateful 'cause I like page a lot but god I hate hearing her say that all the time she's beautiful. Why does she see this your thoughts guys love the show keep up the great word. Blue Jean nation and there are. I'd pay just free for all I'm the last guy on outlets tell me and be really pretty if I lost thirty patents. Lou Jolie is right now I am Sanjay. Not gonna date for awhile tell islands there he payments to memorize her my family nor does it. I didn't talk to him after that happens like a look at yourself. Now why were you mean there's a lot of star is there any worry we're jerks I'm not gonna mean massacre I think I got Lance. When I say that I won't actually put them on half the man that's pretty much in. And then and union happening. This thing is and. Comedy is like Libyan made it seem like a lot of women feel that we're about themselves are still some are worried about themselves failures upward there. A lot of women do feel that way. Com and I'm not saying pages so that way but I zero I can't believe that. You went out with a guy and I am I must say and I don't believe the story knapsack you believe he went out with a guy and then he says you know what you'd be really pretty feel lost some weight. Yeah what a trick. And that's kind of hurt my feelings and yeah I did gain way after Crist acts assassinate I spam every night and it made me feel better because I didn't feel like eaten any food. Order all the big bear dunes there because this this government must do and have this conversation is turning into what is email Isabel. I'm not trying to get no attention to our eye as he aren't asked is aren't there a way. And hurt my feelings and I started seeing what I really look like and I need to work out fat boy and his. Whenever I don't know much weight I gain or him enter. It really. Hurt my feelings I thought long and you're gonna qualify that I mean a candidate here find just got to this point and I don't need to be taught me give you two ladies said the mile OK am I gonna day as their marriage your feelings like that before oh yeah. Yeah I didn't just take what they say it is the gospel music business does this Dicks said I don't mean roaming is true. Down people's opinions don't matter the world. While her my failings and I do something about it so I have a better body amends and you know before I start run around dating people. But I never in that conversation and dinner or someone said that I would get make you leave you later on Santelli would you want and what you think right there was never anything like. That was me has said that favourite. I'll get naked for free dinner slaughter weight for a woman lose. Any woman there. Women are more tactful sort of shirts are a lot of women thought but if you also harder turner pounds at least. Here you have a shock very they would never say it even if they thought it. Now there's always. Eight as a real precise S went in old southern women have always sent bush. Routers and as far as are women I was vision and when I was younger. Yeah if they thought you know if I lost a 10200 Arizona had a shot even if they aren't they never sent it now I'm sure alone all they just never sent it knocks. And inner person sent a jokingly event in Reno a lot of stuff to set under Jess it's not funny and That's Hollywood I really thought and that it whenever. So where we're not going to be friends and we're not gonna continue talking to each and not that I'm hypersensitive about that I thought you know I had. I don't care what you staying right yeah hurt my feelings and I don't want to lose a guy in my eyes and Danny Hillis is sure nobody you know but it was a murderer and that fixed me up in the sky that. He says for so many years had a crush any Intel unseen nagging game ranked blue. Sure she'll do you wanna listen this is the and I'll air you know I am sorry to burst bubble but I am human and I game I just like everybody yeah well. I was sort of super dose limiting nice and I didn't submit my head shot and I was in China at a modeling job from the sky and they're also willing or your girlfriend is shipment has Versa. Where is it. Most limited and I Nan OK Larry whoever she did know that is that you are not meant to this guy was it to class saint chair and first fine. I don't know how anybody real mature as a joke with federal believe they ever have pure intentions I had just go out with a nice guy a close call 800 CNN pure intentions I don't Murray's seems like you're SARS and kind of nightmare breaks sociopath when woman's as a woman a wondered how. How he saw the women always like the cheap wine single friend of yours my decision to attend Monday's arm bright fresh. You what do you early time you shouldn't sit at home alone we weren't taking on have some fun Saigon have some fun and and I feel worse about going out in the first place my should have been setting an all time. The women do that doing cast area guys is bothering them multiple friends. So startling news that but I think like women's. From what I've seen in the past women always like having a single friend Finn and Dana in the wings waiting in case they break up they'll have a semi to hang out with somebody they know what the red tees might go shopping we. Find that good. Com. Theorized guys I love you guys they did it can you guys not seen if travel is constantly geno does die and he's really not taken anything serious about this. Yet it does take time lose weight for their people out there who work hard and stick to a well brown balanced diet able lose 1015 pounds a month. Travel is not die hard just following dial without getting ICI hate me now these things. This stuff again you know what you've probably skinny he went to salt pork or just. I want it and never had to worry about watching your figure. If I hate when people say he's not that hard because reality is not but it's it was that easy we wouldn't have this. Problem we have in our nation physically very easy psychologically it's some sort of. Yeah I mean you have people who say Americans are starting. Boom some due to say I'm gonna for a month and haven't cheated. You know illness also results you know there are parking your past like three reporters usually I'm only its its middle it and they all know blight. Welcome blockages. Maria says talks Amare America a bigger billboards and going emulsion or look for our history answers to all insurance and we don't amendment. I say or words do we take this to now about Reagan lesson and nice with. Israeli. Decision Jeff Lewis nailed. Whatever the hail was involved in Macon this week's phone scam. Please repeated I don't know what the process was may have but it produced this so I say keep it up this scam was farm. Was by far your funniest one ever to me and I can't wait for their excellence. Baby man man was right maybe should just scampi wants now owning use that or at least for a little bit. Jonathan inclement. I I am I enjoyed. I did too and I've got a couple emails from. You know given me scenarios as far as what's happening who played within their lives. They're good citizens can't read this and that some scam ideas aren't good that's good news when he says don't go there's no heated animals and important program on what is it talks you only get lucky one illegal biweekly and that's probably bi weekly biweekly Luciano Legos its arsenal it. Score I just doesn't have buoyed by every. Logic original blog I know I sent the weekly it was this cannot. We're gonna reach a mayor and. Again later if you miss Jeff scammed a lady got married in numerous nostrils and floated that there was a mistake and her husband is still made too is excellent student and she lost her mind and the problem is great arm time for another death. I this is thinly veiled toward me and I'll read which again. The rise guys. Still appoint a snap callers is three guys just to build followers if you give value snap handle with a list of conditions in why the hell I even bother. Add me but I won't follow your guarantee value and open your snapped its way pretty much mainstay. Do what I long would no interaction and we'll get along just fine why not mr. Graham shout outs and FaceBook shadows while they'll snap chats are great. Are you guys investors and Josh Pete from liberty bell South Carolina. Yes that's toward may and you know what I think you're you you're absolutely right I should not. Come on the radio say follow me but I can't guarantee I'll follow you back Europe understaffed and this trip. What's the point I didn't hear your snap Chad on the radio later but. As turner and he drew on a busy but it is true too yeah I know I never. Ever if I see purple I never opened the videos never. Play our own commander and the sheriff's refrigerator which are firm there's pressure opening video at noon today they came in at 730. Any anyone tell you come out not a clue not a not a clue robs our. Arm armor Hearst. Well I must say this matter firm must have so get as many views as they did we have days mail here. For as many used as and I is obvious and I think we use it now since the update yeah. Well do I agree with the I mean I still use him and I'm not going to I think San polish shouldn't be a thing of the past. There are trying to say they did today is a good point it's eight we got caught a did it when it first started and Bob Bob Bob and now now it's like you know. Who. You know. There's people or parent losing in Iran was but mostly stimulus payment gimme or are there are your community or town earlier in the name. Yeah we're not recall yet a date this point 47 not just don't yeah Friday night after 2 AM early for you got to put some good for us to pressure or are we got a whole lot more you know to get to TRG at 933 the planet rocks dot com we'll read more here eat now. Actually it's okay. That's flying to rest this morning you know it's recalling her. It is good rise guys morning show good morning it is 830 straight up. Were in the mail sacks TR AG and 933 the planet rock star com. Anytime you want to talk to us or comment on something especially podcasters. Still treaty must your GM 933 the planet rock star column. Back to distract clearly enough. We'll start here. Wendy does normally do the dating game is usually good if we wanna know what happens after that it is there any way that. Is there any way you can go on a day with the cup or set up the day with density and film at the interaction between the two would be gold. Can't do that how about a they once in a blue moon they pick someone on the show and then nothing NAFTA that come home man. I wanna follow them all the way to numerous nuptials next year. Well maybe not that Favre is something more than the initial segment would be nice. David in Greenwood. Please don't listen David's. We gave you an update. On the the last dating game you might just missed the other day was. The dashing they've never called. Today and I happen here in which that Alice thank you wolf why wouldn't we automatically. Gives Mindy. Guy number two his phone number and you know remain and a are are do are we are isn't you know. No system and eBay have we done that from Indian now in them on someone else. Always I mean I don't know only should she would be a guy number two or Henderson got a number two would be an indoor for that really been rejected. I'd say I mean that's why it was a love connection to go out with a guy and it didn't work out they say if you wanna Garland got him to pay for the post guy number two I B yeah. I don't know just freed very much he did take me first round. The bat better candidate PLO figured out you made and that's that's what I would say a coward and a return do you believe he took it up Robert asked over mate yeah. And Robert FC east. You know I'm saying and I got so would that said. You know we we tried to help out Mindy and and it didn't work out bad from this point we will continue to do the dating game. Column you just have contact page and sweet talker who. Pages did they gatekeeper fur then feel invading ladies ladies ladies only ridicule toaster there and Mindy had a great attitude about it who has an angry residents senses like oh well. She's issue eye opener snapple snaps at caesar's so here's just she doesn't have a crush on somebody on the sand that Jeffs now. Not now pebble now apple. Yeah. Blogs fish that. Other thing your impressions on him. It's my cross to bear urgent thing. Experience it's always been has been stored in my life truly beautiful days are criticism. I think it's a and RFI can beat him guys off the stick. This hurdle. Brightest guys there's OS lion is on mother blank can fire the last month and I don't know what happened but it's great you got people being vicious against you guys each other people literally been out. I listened to and in my work truck and I like to take. Sides aren't too I agree where they enjoy adult life again I can and I can't. And I can't tell you how. I hope he calls pot. Either way I can't wait for Friday's FOF just how lot of my weight. It's a hunting term for surveying the land in case you guys didn't viewing glasses. Blasted as a glass and surveying the land. As the last line I love that 86424143118. Now he's bled to mail sent. Little afraid of money disease around the orange Frist Breaux Lott today another guy's death and he won now but herb page who are butter tastes good until I pay the price is exactly the same door all internationals are linked to. Now he's one of the you know. Now if you don't. Who is that we still don't know the name of the older gentlemen that calls then and says that you know health fighting anyone trusts. Are very bright person. Yeah there are all locked them bastards and I. Him listen birdies and keep the number handy dandy the FOS line 8642414318. A I tell us did you do FaceBook live during the show now even though the audio quality is not as good as it is on the radio I'd rather see you guys talk then listen to it on the radio. No you can't do it all the same time that is there any chance just a chance. That one day a week you can go live master the show maybe get some material that's too dirty for there that tour the building maybe your office. I'll take whatever I can get because I love beyond the geek behind the scenes rise guy stuff he won in red dragon. Library when we have right here you say Brian Sears no question of the day we hit library things are bad rap yeah and you see what happens after that. And then when Glen when we leave their army colonel who put down and focus too rosy light after the after the shows he'll see legacy as we're done is we had in the bathroom for a boy has the production room okay and a they're mad usually sits in here knows something. There's we had it right after just you haven't we waited a little bit to be funny. I said here woman had gone soft pertaining to listen to music. Yeah there. Page status occasional talks and yeah. It's not China or are you when you beg needed talking I guess your last day in here decide who gets them in a game winner private time ordered caller who went to a page right. Speaking of page. Guys I remember you talking about your cut off limits your dog geeks get sick and reminded me of my aunt. She isn't. She is it wealthy but she's hurting either she had a medium breeds lab retriever and aid. Be shown freeze the say. He's a they shoppers and the visual freeze it. And don't. And Randolph have their own Rome can you believe that they have insurance as well which in which is an odd because apparently a lot of people do but she pays a ton of money for these dogs. I had to help her pick up ATV from the store for Christmas and she said it was surprised. I told her I wouldn't tell me by the guess what they damn TV was for the dogs that's right. These damn dogs have their own room not only that she transform every night they eat. What she wants I can't believe a man she spends some time so much time on them now there's no telling what her golf would be. My wife and I don't like going over there because adults even have their own shares at no one else consent and that's enough a crap about what her on the love seat and one of us has to get a chair from the kitchen if we always sit down. I don't know what it means that nobody should love their dogs that much pass from David anger into. That is a bit over. Award for hero. A lot you know what has a lot overboard here is routine in my house that are dogs off counts you do get your ass I don't sit here now than there on the room their own TV and insurance which now are down you save yourself some money. They teach for dogs. Told all TV. Who has been visiting each overdose my dodged it care about it and just interacting. I turned it off for my Baldwin's animated not like it at all. They made their ears went back in my career here and burglars is it is adults or they are seamless and all playing in Macon called noises and my arms are wonderful dogs are much are to room program once they're all supremacists and over one Grasso and hasn't learned. Mean in my old how much the choice and a world wrestling drag queens what they liked. Well baby sitter and all veterans here as a recliner a little cooling mistress she's figured your nails pain in the mobile federal answer. Was still a he's an end a little tiny chair was elected chair that you my I would say and then if you did know was this priciest sort of families who is a recliner right beside nervous. Q well there is under Torre barrels of things vehicles observed all. Donnie can't have a name and be passed but it is not a zone. It's. Well. I'm not. Try an alternative. How big is. Sasha is really about 33 parents don't there. Argument you don't mean I mean you say you have a daughter could literally daylight. Like that your your dog rusty meant yeah it can be a 185 pounds of adult saying could be anywhere from 585. Pounds of ball. The blue and there's no way to know what I mean this you get specific as though how do you don't. Generically I have a dog you're dumbing up and it to be taken literally wait to have pounds or 200 barrels. Zelaya is rusty after the Griswold. No rush that was his birthday sort of mom and implement it. Breast. Com pretty one more point in time for one more mainly clear out on top again. Rise stats don't you say that the guy. Pursues me prize guys don't you think the girl with the large girlfriend. Could learn something from the woman with the big boys for remember her she's had her boyfriend's gonna break it off for carrying their live and assisted living so my question is. Why wouldn't the girl with the big. Girlfriend and remember they were lesbians there can hear about this and still have questions on what to do not to save her girlfriend the big girl would leave her. But is it ever got to that point. She would know what to expect I'm just saying that. She didn't seem quite a tart who wanted to be around to see if for girls whatever lose weight so don't be surprised if she kept making ran. Can't blame her though people like what they like. He went tame brush. You know what there. And so many of those eye to eyes sometimes I can't separate. Our show from my 600 pound life but I think about. It is we had a girl whose boyfriend in one year gain 250 pounds there. Is on disability and going to live in a retirement assisted living place you know as he weighs 500 pounds now. Mean we had a lesbian. Who met another girl online just using facial pictures and we should matter in person she was very very heavy. If she's like I'm not a tried to do that. But I've fallen in love this girl hero. So is a lot of talk about that. Here is Sarah Maynard as it is a lot of that. There's a whole lot Iraq. Is way more of that and we realize and I'm really really really big people Al yep there. There are a lot of what do you consider really big I consider really big foreign plus yeah I consider really big 400 plus produce. Unless you like five but it is seems to me when people get I mean obviously you're limited physically a lot and you 300 pounds plus two. But people get a 400 pounds it takes root I mean is you know that's what people have trouble right. Working to older age your main area that's when you see people are just you know you don't know make it. Probably are your forties in the current shape. Even you say. Those some of I hate to say that than my six repel life like I know people die on the air there sometimes or indicted last week. I wonder what's in percentages are someone who had the surgery and then lost. I remember when I sort of watched a woman lost like two or 49 pounds from. And I might did steal your heart in your bones and all that. I mean I celebrate him trying to to lose the weight but there how much they take off her life but I mean then they. Some are certainly. Ridder is. It's it's hard to say how much because is less than 5% its success rate long term work better weight loss surgery and start. In my as some people put him back coincident. Emotional moment there OS to they have what do they do on the and they do stapling your lap band I think he's differ write it depends on you must get to sleep it depends which. If they didn't. To bypass some the sleeve wherever they do that you get for warm start to notice Ballmer should lose a little slash Shanahan hate. Melissa hi yourself on that di I am Houston London Canada us policy here this also goes all the surgeries to remove the skin and going to work on that. That stuff they get with the giant right leg stuff yeah it's a matter of he does that surgery through that he does all the surgeries. Was that stuffed up. Eternity champagne right page. Where I read college and there's a lot of there's a lot of blood vessels employed were very that's very dangerous surgery and during lags. Are a lot. Of proof. I ever got bad about the way where I was when I was really really big I never got. By bad stuff when my legs like they get on the channel down and that's the thing I'm most thankful for. Remember being forums clown for a thousand plus close to 450 an hour I'm aware of him. But I never had that stuff in the legs from under tomorrow I'm most thankful for that 13 biggest ever so yeah it was 430 on a scale. Yeah the biggest ever got a scare almost 432 bit I think at times a little bigger there as far as earmark it for fifty as Myanmar left. Rise guys you have an update on the guy who's having cold feet ran for numbed upset over member's name and Alyssa the whole show I never heard anybody mention anything about it. It's funny how emotionally involved I get with the people colony your share. Please do more updates on these guess because I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders what happens in these people after the call. I just hope they didn't get married in the broken all shortly after the wedding things read my email let me show. She's related to dean. Hey look we try to do that dates and if people don't return our calls or emails and means a prize went sour because it's a way good they'd loved kimono Telus said. Here we go listen people we rim for Jeff to call the day about that strategy and Johansson does he worked for yesterday's show sounds good it's not based on reading your Rivera who. We didn't hear back from that. I'm particularly our current program. Mike we were pretty sure he'd be was not there at the way. I hear about the guy he's had to cut off his beard for his job but his girlfriend was gonna break out with a machine get it do you remember that when. Yeah did I got I was adjusting and then we had a guy in the an Anderson. Who's going to college in these games. Family is these days parents have issues whether they're grandmas Colin Alia or your Mormon him. And as you can tell they're care that replaced a little pump. How involved. All right if you want to email us from every can do that at TRG. Had 933 the planet rocks dot com TE RG at 933 to planet rocks dot com is your girl and you want to love be on the and then if you want someone to insult scam a friend of yours or family member he contact Jeff here which is what happened last week when Jeff gave us. We have the best phone scams he's ever done brewers bear bear arms scared yet here if you if you miss that we're gonna read premiered Korea Jeff Lewis gale Cullen a woman sandy is damn tired to guess what. Your husband still made his ex wife imagine now that phone call would go oh we'll give it to you right after this whole off. Wrap written word and 93 minute grab begins at 10 this morning. More of the rise guys morning show many things only. Right guys read premier. It. Oh hello good morning man speak to us clear please. Her. I clear this is Henry got one and I'm calling on behalf of the county courthouse are you doing today. And how are you know I. And doing go to listen I your situation was afforded to meet by some of the other supervisors. Here at the courthouse it shows that you. Pits and your marriage license in a bully who was on February. The us. OK okay so obviously there's a situation I'm trying to find out. What exactly happened now I'm Sean excuse me just wants to. Acadia that's correct if so I'm I'm showing on my on my information right here in front of me that you're in actually not legally married. Them I don't understand. OK so you got married to Richard. I assume. Yeah okay. So it shows that you guys are not actually legally married and I have I apologize to a formula that however the reason for this because Richard. Is still. Technically married. Ways. But that's not possible because Richard was and a marriage before my correct. I'm. Yeah but you know it he's a long time ago. Yeah so yeah it shows right here on the paperwork that he is still technically legally married so. Once he had Newton once he goes to the divorce and once he gets all that settled the new guys compare a the forty dollars once again. Have another ceremonies ended and the new guys will be legally legally married. The UN that began leaderboard at stupid bitch a lot of I'm a go and him and I are married to go. While ma'am I'm just telling you exactly what's in front of me right now you know you don't need to curse me an idea I'm just on your total media start to do a little on early and I don't really appreciate it. Second are you kidding me and you're mean you're telling me that I'm not. Legally married and you still Mary dumped into an ex wife. And you're telling you I'm dean on who we. Well yes ma'am I on this do my job. Shoot the messenger. Oh I start my day off would go. I'm just I'm just doing my job this is lowly paid Duma supervisor and I handle everybody down here down. I wanna eat. We want to do next. Well what you're supposed to do was have your husband you know I don't know I don't know him personally however if he just needs to go ahead and get the divorce and that way you guys can carry through your marriage and that way you can. You know live happily ever after. Yeah in theory got course. I it shows right here that's he is still legally married apparently things and go write something to do all that. Oh man I. What did you tell me somebody I'd either you either can't I don't know what's going on right now but the OK I mean you know I mean you don't understand and all of these are the Macon some aren't isn't going to get their acts. Handed bat all right we didn't call right now. Can handle it now edited into later I had going on in my life I don't need right now. Well I'll tell you one thing a player is it in my correct on that again. My name. Okay I can tell you one of the supervisors that told me to to inform you this is. Richard himself. I'm sorry it's occurring caller is Jeff Lewis Neil from the rats guest on on a 3.3 that the current value to our. It's. Hi I gotta tell you are rich it's semi messages saying that your very easy to get that I needed Craig Gaudio. Semi message saying it was very nice to meet all of us in numerous snub jewels. But he kept saying I need to get Joseph McCray and also now's the perfect time. I'm not I'm an illness. Let's tackle don't that is yet on the net now and now I'm going. You now hands. Every damn day. Maybe three many nonstop drug Glaxo.