M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold

Friday, October 13th

Paige talks to A7X frontman M. Shadows on touring with Metallica, the deluxe edition of The Stage and dealing with the deaths of Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan and Chester Bennington.

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Everybody is pains in joining me right now in studio yellow love on here is an event is seventh all the it's and Shannon. Hate am regardless I'm doing well and you had a phenomenal year. As we are liking have to get his techie guys out and and alana suntrust park along Metallica and boldly we take a whole bust it down to see that sand. Oh very cool like how whenever I remember correctly. It is dairy hive that black app performance. And enjoyed a tool or at least your favorite part about the two hour. Unlike your apartment getting to watch Metallica every night. You know not only get to play bird acting. The children walk out of the audience and then again. Medium bowl of rock and metal fan every single night they played it was pretty pretty spectacular awe inspiring. And I was a blonde screaming for you. And the audience. Is getting you remember you are being you're the only one there is. All along I stains that you had there not cross I was quite impressed because I'm thinking and in this exhausting every night suggested to you all about it. Yeah you know we didn't have the you know daylight when we played we can use of video wall I just had to be up there and there's all around in all over the place shops there was quite is quite work out every night. Yeah I'm sir so let's talk about the new stuff the State's. Role. What's the process for coming out with the covers on the stage. Wolf Kurt put the covers you know we were hurt there would be an agreement statin. I brought up yet do you. Maybe recording if you cover songs I want to record we're sure here. I Pink Floyd and and I the other guys what they want to record an after a few iterations of their choice that we kind of settled on. The song to settle on an. I remember after regarded picked our songs Republican mr. bumble song until you saw. And god only knows but the Beach Boys accept or we were sitting there having a beer. Johnny's house and I put on the scene on version of you know Malaga in. And weird pregnancy decree calling that chord changes are beautiful. Lines and factoring a lot of jango and you know what mangled car. It covers on and you're happens and then we can't allow a judge in Spanish. Another open didn't benefit you're their way to look at it came out so. The whole idea of doing those songs with the kind of you know let people into our. You know our our heart and soul you know growing up in the music that we are Colombian and trying to turn more stand on so what. What we really appreciate your query are on and and in doing so hopefully they go explore some of the records. I liked the Beach Boys song and I love the Pink Floyd but of course somehow like that has them in into rock but it hitting out of the box and things that you expect and is. I've thought about her is I can't even harder to talk about the weekend so that's. That's our didn't it typing. We're the same I can't either I actually had a friend speaks you know we were Spanish. Commode. For every day for two weeks and we practiced and and human the studio with me. And you're in up to write get my blood and hair and have kept it can be good over and over her kind of hard to get Libyan. Time to be in June when you also is leaking word that you you have never done before. And you got a really your tie in stuff seniors seem like that in I'd I was Terrell Owens the troops that's like ripping Californian like I'm there. But I'm. You are performing at the Lincoln Park and friends Chester Bennington tribute he had any idea I'm right you're going to be performing. Well it keeps changing honestly Tom I told my we were seeing. Any song that he needed at the same commune griner replaying. And it started off where if one song and then he hadn't yet been said some people. You know wanted to sing that song and they'll be easier for them. I should do is give me sovereign and L so right now the donkey exchanging and I don't wanna. Put it out there because they'll probably change and as a health our show you know and it's not our shows so it played there I want them to be the ones that. You know without your permission when they wanted to out there that Mueller will be airplane in a replay will be Lincoln Park and the mood LB their record Q. Corn. So. The horizon. So it will be able insurer friends celebrating another firm like. On the person on that my husband passed away at Christmas time my son. Plays video game. All the time in that's how he deals with tennis his sorrow. And I read something about you being a big game and that's how do you deal with relief. And strategy. As he knew you like mortal combat just like my son. So I appreciate you writing man for people on how to get through use of them might that mean that what you guys have gone through. And the rock field losing this car now and Lincoln Park. And recent era others. Europe and in a society director law than our bench. They're your son. Earlier in the night and I lost forever I pick the game and I got online and hours. We're the community earned it and that's how warrior I delegate and it was easier for me non Grata house is obviously. The real emotion you're only walking around town you wanna be out to dinner and keep people at least are talking to cannot close yourself off but I think in another way you open yourself up. But other people online and not gonna like doe that well. Hopefully it worked out. Yeah it. And hopefully there's an open dialogue for artists in your feet down with depression. I'll sit here I think. Sorry it over the door quicker I'm I think you know not only their the Lincoln Park can't really. Talking about because what we durable and serving disorderly widely reported to with a lot of copycat who resigned after just. Hand people that we're doing the same thing as cam which is just horrible that. Terrifying and I think anytime you can have a big you know community of people were. Well artist reach out and let people know. But we're not alone after okay and and trying to spread the knowledge of you know. I'd like to talk to stop for everybody and we got to help to to get through it. These important they continued to go. Yeah it and and so what's going on with have been seven fonts you have any tidbits that you want to tell the fans about that's coming out. And we just kept deluxe record we're doing the things for the Grammy museum coming out. Palmer had wondered aloud where word on the regard keynote tour would bring you Benjamin involvement Valentine upstart. And that in January and memory to be booking a tour. A lot of the major cities next summer so our. Lou Roland laughter club stuck on. And you have. A huge following and I have to say. All three of the dance that you soared where at you know metallic. Ball late in your sounds you're kind of perpetuating rock when people are saying rockets dying. You're showing that it's not dying. And this poetic form of what we call rock music it's not all negative it's actually expressing. Culture. And it needs to stay. And people need to appreciate it. Yeah I think Jeremy you know you can't force people to look in Iraq we're gonna take a look a lot of artwork you know getting some good radio station playing some good rock music. Artist being harder they're not trying to. See each other and collect up for the radio right now. That you know. Are typically speaks to them and speak other people. Rock music never gonna dying in Alec little metal music only got one of the bigger group loyal following. Arnold worldwide. Scale than any other type of music. I'm just start right now at ignored by the mainstream. Let's look at you know a lot of kids are gonna find a lot of young adults are gonna find it because it's shunned by the mainstream not cannot make a cool. Let are they going out it's been a fun again and has got to be a lot of good been waiting their wicked songs. Martin and undertook plummet just of those people and you find it. And lastly tell me something. Something funny that happens here recent buying anything good to talk about. Plume you know the world and believe. If you are now. They did and a lot of you know terrifying night. You know looking at reading newspapers reading an article but I. You know like a candidate premiered. It get a got a lot of good friends and I've got a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids so. I guess a funny experience is that not to my son to school the first day and you know. Kind of a young guy what bush got used to so yeah. Total scum bag bring them to school and I enjoy that proper scenario like being. Yeah outsider and I like haven't under the let you know Halloween coming up we're getting ready for that not fond. So like not bad just we'll and that's scary predicament to support. And thank you for always sad about Chester Bennington in suicide awareness. I appreciate that. Good good no word at all. Yeah I appreciate I think sugar and talking to you. Analysts see around here when he come back onto or. Thank you end status and and then seven film. Absolutely. Are lunatics eat you learn how to get on each you know worries.