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Nine's Best Damn Audio: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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These the addition new home and on the rise guys morning Joseph hunt you're gonna. You make that he three point lead up planted a big red color Michael reversed you can lose your lunch to the rise guys morning. Maybe 3.3 up. Said boy it didn't work out today and met a man needs to show us. And so then tourist you being decent and smoking. Just mad man show going nine and ten. Mom I you. When I had. You. Seeing him. Nice. Let me. What are Monday murder Bayern rise guys morning show good morning it is nine to six tabloid that key word one more time for key ones to win 1000 dollars. With the JU real water. To a lot Angela you get a thousand dollars next July you take a great vacation yeah protect this is there again. And now we've done all of that we've given away the Charlotte meet and greets the thousand dollars three times already we've done indeed further wrote a WW wee smack down what is. Left. This. Yes no I know you're an electric current that let it grab somebody that you've had does coordinates. Jackie. This narrowed to open its port deal. It is spread out in size for a three to whine now picks came. Talking to wrap my name in its most filed the L hunley loan. So Jimmy Jam. It had some good stuff matter Fred calmer and try to be ambitious and get through 6 clips this morning which is a lot to ask him are you actually is more harmful down. Or shareware urgent too anxious decision so much going on mobile gonna get started. All the way across the pond in jolly old England. The United Kingdom LA today Britain please call in England some people call a Great Britain. Yeah whatever it's called this guy's in England and then he called police in the middle of the night. Because there. His wife was doing something. She wasn't doing anything in common and 114 torrents here right now. Good morning the hidden link taking action how I know what species that I ask my in my life actually he slowly. You bring in particular what he stole it or is it learning experiment corner look good under the laws of low income people. Colonel Groupon but and seat in case biting my commitment and you would like to. And my being that we could speak about it with the students the seat on the Kamal what are well when advice that this particular place about a lack. Attack. I may end and they make sure of the Lilly talking again. Hardly understand the content income that is not. Politely are there I'm. Figured the doctor in the morning marriage do that this isn't a police wherever you ever gone in you face five minutes later and really like being kicked in the door hinge shipping goods that you faced. And bicycle while not. Shouldn't you don't want to encourage your wife slower and it. He goes. And apparently this is nine bloody years ago. OK okay. It was sick that morning so we called the chicken. Sound asleep on the show. Him snoring room thought. Saul Rivera. Hurled. So live these ads that was said they had no charges found none of that but he didn't I don't think arrested for misusing them or one major storm due there hasn't quit watching live T because every. Segment I'm gonna reference live TV today. But there was one the other day where a guy can call 911 anyway to his house and he hadn't paid his phone bill this every time he picked up his phone it would just down on one mark. You see began the bid is closer. Yes yes I. Still why gimmick when their parents beware my leg the book clubs share the right guys so let's say an episode of this place. It's great. Semester Mario really transition you know. They are both Kobe Chicago August 3 content source is from Chicago and I know you've all been wondering what kind of porn content launches luckily Jimmy Kimmel you're just isn't. Do you feel like. You're attitude towards women has changed since having daughters not still look at porn hub and. What kind of stuff do you look at what category. Lacked is my favorite. And. If you don't have to go into that. And if you want but I bat in the what's the point of being kind USB chant let's breakdown yeah let's categories. Black or white obviously okay. Mirroring your own. Sell your own situation my own reality yeah and that I think it. And zoo he's taller now I can't you know I've said before I can't watch interracial porn I have to figure like it's meat there lights put myself in there and like the guy can't be to rip to either Murray or current race to watch the tape I hear a little bit here you won't support to be like. Throw a paper trailer I don't I. What is it it's funny you have a certain type in your mind seller you know it's like establishing tot if report. I'll god man you're asking the wrong dude why you have do you like all time Snow White interviewer guy who liked. You know Paul Meeks they've pretty SY girls with a big bucks it innuendo and you open up a porno movie lacked command any it was. A girl in the last at all you click through duke can't see myself but that's not my thing. I think he gets sued John conflict here on and on via Milf stuff and then. You want to some announce who has which were coming here for more apple all turned on the gruesome stuff possible. Now we steer it the regular sexual gratification surge different animal and yet. Comedy act against a distinct yet to be able to see yourself in whatever it is you're watching I I can't watch lesbian toward. And I can but I can't sit there and you know I don't know if now your life but it is our like Muslim rage fury here's the process that. Yeah. Wrote man. Edberg you know I mean. Yeah Warren's words I don't wish she won't let me add. But certainly can't put myself there are bigots and you don't like you know watching it for sexual gratification you logic has its China covered in green paint. Absolutely I. So you don't sit there you know gratifying years well that's not to say it. Mike Gravel and these videos where girls are using their seat their smoking cigarettes at the same time you're not gratified by that you just entertaining. No solid six you know it was there they were backwards through and then I'll usually order some out. And yeah. Starts out entertainment and then you are enjoying. Yes. There's you know it doesn't have to she welcomes captain mobile home early early I don't know. It seems to put him kept marbles lady. Well she said she hawk in China and. She should ever apologize. I'm an analyst expects it. You're you're the go to breast M audience went yeah that's what is really don't know. I'm I'm sorry bridge from what we just about this next one. There is it tell you what goes on and is next clip on this is a guy by the name of Troy west is from Washington State not the district. That means Pacific northwest a lot of trees bear matter fact Troy was doing some lock it. You still come up short hair and a mountain Carmel blog and trucks he drops a log in drug. While trying to Todd download to amber is chuck started sliding and the wheels pinned his leg. Tire broke all bones in his lower leg immediately. There's short talking about his experience it gets crazy after when I just told you. And it was split second decision it was either I get pulled into this is my life or. I ripple among Hispanic prayer. And now the tuck started slight and then went in here because the fighting came out this way it would take all my leg off. I basically felt or heard the bones in my leg break. They were all freaked out I should come down guys. Give me a tourniquet before bleed out. I thought what I wanted. Many 96 many many three and a helicopter. And he goes wow. Told dispatcher ago they goes the patient alert nor Canada go you're talking to him. I told. Anybody can hear the felt positive there's no negative here I'm here today to talk about it. God bless these those bands did we ever had investor Mario he ripped a whole leg out. You ripped his leg all pull out of that eighteen Wheeler he made he got pinned and any was about to get crushed entirely so eat. I guess bracing his hands and his good leg and he ripped his leg off his body. And then called in 911 on and says he told the guys working with him I don't mind Turkey and talked and I won't want total exactly the way helicopter isn't what mixed descent. Yeah Harry. At first I was just starting to get all lagged not just a bit then it is like his son. Heroism there are it really was just like in I would I would have passed out from the pain I was died. He's a firefighter so he knew exactly and table wants an extreme those guys at eight that job. He's like a lost leg legged disability also the company not the work fifteen hours water marks it and he didn't handle it. Begin a durable and now. He leads Fergie tomorrow for millions of dollars he would gamble give up your leg. My asking the wrong person it is or isn't as it is kind of on this feature. They are very glad starter cures what entire part light bag your you abruptly machine within their legs are losing mirror ball you know personal. And a there's no way I mean some vitamin price tag priceless. I'm just saying you're like well you know I think that people cram time blasts god bless him. There observed a name is Sarah hammer round of the schools instead of the day of strength teams in the people ripped phone books let Baghdad tell a story to the right. You're just very well look at our game global hot water bottle big deal about his leg. Because it's gonna motivate more hammer. It. It. It's not cut it did not effort. Into it with a blade heat cold using his weight and his. Or his body I mean he would then danger right it was bad. I was English delusional I've decided he'd be better but just had kids had a lot how PG I don't I'm not. And you could include the adrenaline have the presence of mind yet arugula and off right now. No way I just crashed truck gassed. I would've passed out from the pain that there wouldn't be a yes or no questions remain our own actions mean. First of law and UN have many running tree cutters service but whatever justice and the crane. I'm not a should have called old baby tree cutter all forms. As Portland should caught always and they brought us for again donation to us the other day at the all entries entries service are complacent and brought as a goody bags and T shirts and glasses I used to blast last night drinking -- our. Worst years in the house. Or as good in glasses that tree service and it's nice people through all next to her via. Let's say next up we had a bit. What does it sometimes and I did talk about how I think kids nowadays there may be nicer than they used to be they don't quite. They are why does mean Jersey is a big. Would you draw on that from the allies yes she said just. Hopefully this is all nothing that the he has hopefully the future is better and the millennial Los quote millennial seemed to be a little more welcoming to other people that's people between 22 entered its vessels and 42. There. As I always had to clarify that you know what I did applies opposite sex and identifies a damn millennial followed it sure does is clear for every single field because people still think it's like eighteen to 25 here right now. 1842. Here. Right to 43 and out toward your 37 or 42 if you. I don't you all man I'm sick of this crap probably and I'm sickle waking up in the morning with an explained the owners in my backer well nation we're still in Washington right now for breast MR impaired we have welcome back we're still we'd like Troy west ripped his leg off in Washington this next place this was on the Lewis river in Washington. If you grew up around here especially around Horton. You don't joked golf bridge in your day I would imagine now your buddies having you watched him do it at least I've ever jump off a bridge seemed labeled it has never songs from tire swing because I knew better. Oh port Melbourne road is to embrace each item in a separate tree there. They hear Sarah. The sixty year old girl named Jordan was with some friends and they were going to die off the bridge into the Lewis river in Washington. Joseph don't change your mind when you're looking over the ledge strategy in order but it Albert America down their arms for pleasure. You can't. Stand now. Many. The girls changed her mind and who wasn't a male or female pedestrian. I'm positive a sort of what this is the video board I think it's a dude there are things a long hair and you just June. Asked if that was my daughter I know you do worse never gets his sixty foot drop she broke five ribs and punctured lung. In my mind I'd read his leg off where you break ribs and punctured lung legit I turn and I'm all testing in dragon sixty foot and I don't. I think at this error error. Does he or she is there a change their mind it's a girl controller through the system Amazon girl put out interesting though every once say success for the pork Karl who was pushed in their faces are blurred hers is airfare by NC he had over the ledge over the railing stand on let you know in and her for a commercial or should I love how old is that the girls pushed in six and now to succeed there is sixty foot drop sheet program. And Syria where we say about it eyes and our kids might be nicer days they apparently not because. All the stuff. I'd hire. Banks and school to go in and into the bully that girl. All I can physically do anything myself about that higher than bully girl all your receivers or shut the sixty foot bridge now right now. No way guys that made an adults don't tweet other bad examples out like cnet's. A it might be added as an old it was the worst animal whatever that thing was retirement headlines in the people or sit in all of these things like cows crossing the road and eighteen wheelers come and I know I. Less safe than me net stuff I'm sure there are things. Now I solve this national influence vacation the Revis there I don't like blood milk. It's who don't don't don't act out take. Lord for your Iraq you're you're you're just take her home and don't forget who you're going to remote we can drop one of these. A first you river couple weeks ago we had. Weezer doing Africa by Toronto right. Yeah well tell us fired back didn't on the font they had they don't play in the song library no apparently they've the they've laid down. Do go wrong. For those reasons. Don't like it map and I'll wait for the bad wolves version don't care what would you rather your and a different Weezer songs they're gonna do we. His own ash. Is that what it is runners on this disorder doesn't say one this little slower formal bid because when they tried like chicken and when that rhythm it was a loft but even so money does embody holly just some of blue album probably. The first reason. Toda you know what they have besides Africa is necessarily they ever have any other song lovely big song was home. Coming along time. I. Rose twins. Are there as well yeah there's and a it's Christie Helen wondered Campbell present and a fifth. And doesn't think that might borrow half on the ground I don't robredo leveler going on that we sellers and tunes yes. Burnham finally. Island man we've made it back are we winning and we went to Washington and we went to wherever todos Roland that we went to Rhode Island ramped up photos from Kansas. Yes I'm Rivera. Merry Halsey is her name is in fact not my momma ages looks. Hello hello hello I'm hit I think I can I tell you bet yeah. I really am not BS news foreigner will tell you. That the way they Yang Yang twins come came on stage is all the lights went off in this came up on the video screen at the firmament and they played this before they can now. Good man was free Alice. It's like a million times this video of nines on the does not MO watching Bruce say on the Internet over and over again does not look just like her it looks this minute I get my. Yeah she's mastered this yeah weren't screw true. Mean dressed the same similar glasses similar haircut look just like Obama except. Well ma ma McCain must. I'm married now. Now she doesn't even remember Sunday there. Yeah. See who. Karaoke. Yeah studios don't get a pedicure. Did you hear duke. It's like yeah. Very. But it kicks on yeah. Sure yeah. She is no harm no longer than by the way this is now in a park apparently once a month. Do some kind of karaoke neighborhood saying there is some. She's also bends things occasionally and she's damn good actor but this really that was lovers you SR put them over and we're really there. And I thought I was pregnant like you know it. Look just like your mother Jeannie Carolina from head that's so if you do a whole song even the one Mon. Yet the thing at that thing ascent ever was just mr. Graham that they Jimmy's got the whole video of her two and holes all she knows the entire story like karaoke oranges don't you eluded him karaoke zones us for times like. So now since we've told. The yellow alert from Wal-Mart we don't want him from birthday bash and we replaced him with the kid would sweaty but cracking balls. Will dislike replace him. So let's Tweeter and I. She will come performed that birthday and she. Also has its order for gas from Rhode Island and back she needs gas and birthday bash tickets are exactly. Get a ticket to performers and reviewed and you're from series. Yep because it was they can get in South Carolina. There is somebody who was scheduled to perform some rappers orbiter yeah I can get into the end ticket is a constant. Military and left AA he refused a good idea to go on allies. And Gilbert Arenas was a record low hit Newsom after basketball. As best I think it's gone. This. Rise guys morning. I thought he 93 point three that we play. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're beatle who. Well let's talk about sex. Sally. Yeah. I mean we learned it many times and I guess again we done for 15 AM years huh well. This is something that's gonna make you think everyone's. Having away a less sex than you think. This is according to a recent study. So if you're pretty sure that everywhere and having more sex thing you know. There's some good news there having less than you thought so. Basically no lions. Out there with a great sex life. According to the study so this is what's taken teammate in main thoroughfares and says this study asked. People how much sex they think an average person has a month. And the average answer is between fourteen and seventeen times or once every two to three days. But that's not anywhere close three Alley. So I'm were actually having sex an average of before this six times a month or roughly. Once a week if you're lucky it's. Yeah I know Lotta Lotta Lotta people and I can tell you this film that was much bell went. A lot of my friends are too nowadays but I know that I can match warnings. Went and had a lot of single friends hang. No it was bright look in every second or third day now. Or average tournament. I know I was like on chairs they get on Thursday that on Saturday evening and on Monday they don't like nobody was hitting it like that now. Any bigger very few who we don't public and. Strange thing is men think that women have nearly four times as much as much sex as they really do according to the study with sex on miss perceptions. So the researchers asked men in my men how often they thought that people ages. Eighteen to 29. Had sex with in the last four weeks and that the man guess that the women had sex 23 times. The actual number was an average of five to six times. But this is still. I grew on them being honest. And the poll. Yes it there's there's no way to find out there really lying in still most people unless they're just like you know what I don't give a crap. But Ellison a survey the other day in work related malice and completely honest and it. As it was allegedly anonymous there and I was completely honest and but I might how many people really unless they're very passionate about something when they. Be completely honest. I mean for this situation my original line though it's for a study and it's not for them personally. So women are slightly more accurate they guess that women had sex an average of twelve times a month it. Was still double the reality but overall everyone thinks that everyone else is having more sex and they actually are. So if you're lying in the wrong direction from what we would think yeah so the poll found that men had sex thirteen to fifteen so I have a lemon they'll have to line any direction Jimmy mr. assailant has been a season over the last month while the actual number was only around 45 times seller probably more likely. To date be about the same beacons in them. Unless they're talking to gave people it's not hot if I. You'll like this study says. It's sick is that we all sit around Adam's ex about the same amount. But we think everybody else is doing a lot more than we are. That's what this study says that's the finding that I I order from what page is said is it. A lot of people are sitting around thinking that a lot of people are having a lot more sex iron when in reality everybody's having comparable sex now. For the most part I'll at least in in the amount it did these terms of quantity not quality. And then also greatly over estimated how many sexual partners lemon had had by the time they reach middle aged men guess that women has slept with 27 people by the time they are aged 45 to four. 54. But the actual average number is twelve. Think we are it's accredited happen and take every. Yes I don't trust any of this no magic formula firm. An individual. I think the race and I mean how you know how many sex partners and they have much to ask them. I think Jai I can't let people and judge really Ilia do you expect. You think there's a are any allied. Five to blame Israel and they ran on a horse and I. He might wanna say when he earlier on their Horst. It's cowboy he's mr. there businesses that sort of thing and the fun thing. Production thought absolutely trying to help you knights and horses that he what was horses and it had started realized it was remembering. It communal. Way. Well if you elect him for alone and got some advice for you of silicon for love fix that crack screen on your phone because people don't like that. You know if you're gonna and anybody gonna bring your chances. Almost half of the single people on a new study. There they don't think it socially acceptable to have them posted up phone. That is where women. Really yeah a guy in gonna look at a girl and her in she you know everything else is good but your screen is cried guys are gonna look Aronson at all now. You shouldn't you really you what I know if you've. It is both screens and and if you're gonna judge people because his busted. I think you should start or would people you're gonna date probably because usually so it Brooke screens drug is both. What would what broke both screens are dropped its reckless and always debate the well. It's also been about us yeah it's also a crusty ground there. I'm yeah yeah. 10% and is pupils and when they see the cracked screen as a major turnoff because it may she seemed she clumsy or careless. They're not gonna date you because they're like you don't everlasting natural response broken consumer regular hot restaurants. And I think not that aren't. I've I've had that and like I remember what time I went out with a bar when a where there twice and on the second day I saw her car. In the backseat was it look like may deal she wasn't a border but it does look like her life was this at a border and it was crap anywhere else dolphin as like. Last day expect ever I don't. Al may she was still married his I was part of not. I thought I knew this question Matt let's say. There were gore today right on the guy OK let's go to the Q Sadie Hawkins so I have. And immaculate. Foam. Eight plus lets you. Around it's in perfect shape not a box and everything's clean looking but then our role. In Asia is pretty wagon. I got the latest and raised an iPhone as I got that iPhone next great big. So I have the latest and greatest in my pocket mineral to open an 89 Chevy celebrity wagon with my brand new 2000 awful hey you look. And as American Qaeda second near mountainous island. A disorder it gives. We would you are we okay what somebody who has a good phone screen but they roll up an 89 celebrity. Or do we prefer that probably gotten as he he's not me or am I mean it's just suvs not a thing it's it. You gotta get the work to pay for the phone kind of thing. They share these levees sort of 4000 miles ought to be just a thousand dollars or phone you know first thing your car. And a mind Manning. Out there hasn't Butler. It is the biggest deal. Well me too. It looks like the cottage cheese ball down 'cause she kind of smells like to do so according to this. Don't tease our analysts surveyed say they say that 30% of the people say that they stuck dating thing when they have an older found like a flip around. Well that would support apps that they have at the. I mean I don't know what kind of judgment and pass and on that but I would data flip phone. Well one would want you got the phone got to put grouping similar rules a lot of rhetoric on that warmth. And help it serve over the import. Our own junior automaker called forward Joseph Don Wright Jimmie yeah. Well what more would I think be free is not a good deal breaker chamber where you kinda like being quizzed him as to why this is the way it is. And there's a lot of red flags but mainly it's like behavioral things I would observe and a person's not. I wouldn't judge you as much on like what they're wearing her in her shoes during thing it's more how they act and I'd be little little bitty things. Down instead soars in and out our arms shipment later teeth along and that's. Until bottom there's the range and. Yeah well off don't want him and mix them Haniyeh Ari says it's 40% say that they're turned off at the person doesn't have the same operating system like an iPhone. And android. Which is kind of heading big time. I call me rich in any manner that does have the same system and have my guys you want is for rain. RC backseat. But it's early yeah especially village kids I Wear and it. Yeah as a message of the indeed you can never be with a woman who has kids that is not your kids. Is that the first power yes. It. Jimmy's bear him in. Her. For a factor just never had it isn't used to and that's just shy please respect that Barcelona goes you do have one. On to do with solar home. For uses. Of anything gas station. Is she's been thinking that. Every year legislator at all in education graduates. Should give you a call harder something fell. I don't owners say please don't change and I was told by previous girlfriend that the childless is any sound after the fact it was there. For those that door wondering what Dalia talked about. Mine on the big winner of the box office over the weekend as the mag for four point five million dollars for that and all star Miami. I was too busy sending hate editing getting to see it that I I toss my and in its it was freaking awesome. It regionals. But as far as his. Sort of fun movie it is and don't leave me compared to dolls from this 'cause it's about shark it's not seen them thanks to Jim did Jerry. Jason state the shark you know just it. Is it good for sure but probably just 'cause it's short portion compared to Joel's. We shouldn't compared to an average classic language holes because as Jason's leg of giant shark. Asthma disease are the shark at any point eight Johnson like I just see that happening in SY it would there. But at some of these islands as its clean I'm all I don't know about all that yeah entertained. About John's has you. He kind of thought it was ram Stein and mine. You're afraid to go back and go to the beach after you watched John Lawrence idealism million out of stocks and assuming we also apparently thought the X is for real master. Nine in the semi we have everything in Italy and Israel with the energy bill orally actually watch and happy college tour viable and timely they used the exorcist as the plot of the sermon. You know I'm not keeping an eye opener throws that Illinois national welders revival IR Savannah Georgia has bet big arguments heard about. Yeah they. Can't workers would tell me that people would axis and then walked out of the theater and get more credit trafficking about cars I don't know. I don't wrote that ever happened that's what TVs to say it happened and and as student loans has nothing to do that lesbians at all though nothing. Now and I and of that for awhile that's now Scott Ellison told. Says second place Mission Impossible all twenty million that's still doing well censored nugget there and then third place. Disney's Christopher Robin and seeing the dollar movies anymore. People like cheap. Big movies exactly why they don't pay. They won't and they want to thank my name that's why they don't well. In the theaters it to my understanding the movie theater does not make very much money off of movie ticket now they would make just as much money off a dollar movie ticket the reason I think dollar theaters little one away is because. The dollar theater would be I mean the movies be there for like three days exhibit six weeks to come you probably were. Now it's almost immediate narrowly used to be like eighteen months later he you know VHS that'd be in the dollar theater for years I guess that's more. Well that idea and a lot of lot of movies now are releasing oil demand this error is due in theaters and that. I think that's great and didn't have men and movies here here. And patent issue is back in Korea and a lot of that was that was movies mid am hookah. Yeah. There is intoxicated. Pressure. Or better human family wins. And it's. Got some girls and I'm never we're going to. And whenever my way camp and national theater in Hollywood the one that is the church now however there on include. And that is the user agencies that are now it's that's where the Simpsons arcade game that you senator. I was right in the center of a Christian thing to your eyes as. Gotta do this like the right guys at FaceBook dot. Com slash 933 to play. I think everybody called FaceBook answer Randy emailed snap all those things. Major yet today's podcast go to the rise guys dot com iTunes Google playing or tanks to podcasts. Is 72341. Two marches we Tuesday we have a brand new wards of Mars start them. Little after 7 AM we'll have the the queen herself. From WWE smackdown. Charlotte players who will be in studio. And he went shenanigans won the the big. Right guys WW we zip code lottery this morning she'll be in tomorrow morning to meet Charlotte players well and sit ring side all courtesy. WWE smack. As that front pages on Iraqi war next with another. Only allowed six thanks to listen I'm a blessed they take on guys it's good. Control ugly oh. My blood cheeks. Extradite the 83 point three numbers.