Wednesday, June 13th

Ring of Fire returns for Birthday Bash tickets: Truth and Consequences Re-Premiere

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And I. Jerry Rawlings. Rise guys morning show good morning it. Is eight or nine it is Wednesday June 13. And we have tickets we have tickets to birthday bash. Our big birthday party. Friday September 21 7 o'clock at B bonds sykora wellness Serena. Downtown Greenville. I'd take Israel sell now. I did he one's got to buy them may have full day early for not a 1272341. It's really easy to sign up and and always said. Eat a beneficial for for rusted to know who's listening and also when they send out those special codes to get this sort they'll be. You know that's an enemy must say don't look we just got an extra bunch of tickets. Reply if you want one I they did that some conserved again like two dozen tickets and then it is bloom out with. It's a sign it immediately wondered if you're not yet Columbia shattered Keiwan. Or permanently opened the Y bathe yourself little right. Yeah. So that that show got smacked shined down and special guest asking Alexandria. It is going to be a great time you can get your tickets at Ticketmaster dot com and all Ticketmaster outlets. Do we have a pair right now for free. Free pair. Free pair. We will go last week. Tell us what your wee before last one of those times we hit gold with the ring of fire. Guarantee what weeks on I mean really knew what month that was there I don't know brawls. And James halfway there already. Come. All right so for birthday mass tickets. We will get paired up. Wait years. There will be made. Vs Jeff Burris is fat boy vs page is nine will host because. Not insist he go head to play this game now that he thinks he's too good he's just really get at the game and always twenty. So. Nine will be hosting. The new rotation. Who he said he wanted to review. Verses. And Roberta why why reversal rotation does it always starts on page or just reverse is so we've we've rarely reversed it Perez you hosted figured you know. Reverse its own site thunder road used to be a good Caroline she might do there were there Iran and a backwards out when this special night. I'm getting thrown upon the person behind me now wonderful quest also heard from some foreign to what names and there are Kia and if we Searle page yours plays off the first name of my a lot of names out there where you can play off even name. Or like somebody who has a first name for a last name. Okay. All right let's see who is paired with whom we we can just say hello to them on the radio let's see. I am paired with Fletcher North Carolina is very young he won seven own sake. Paging is paired way is that ash bill's very young PUNJD is old news now good friends would Glenn Hubbard braves legend yeah. Well Jeff is paired with that. And Sam away. You gifts. Oh it's misspelled and users. Pinned. You get. Did I can tell you first sag PUNJD Izzo has been listening for twelve years because I know based on the age of the kids. Yeah yeah he's the super long term big brown to potatoes and from where Americans are sock he's zero for awhile termed strike it's very unhappy all right so. It's it's ring you're fired. You're young you know run for a waiting roads are just so people know how the game works from care. First they sent out through Alex Rodriguez OK so I would play off either why the playoffs either one that's the way we play by so I would go with. Ivan Rodriguez. I've been col off. The mechanical law. Bash. RSS CNN Saturday. You gotta play off the first or last name until you can think of no one else was considered a key it is the best at it then OK okay. That's that's that's topic I was struggling that's easy to send them in Atlanta. Emanuel as the Palestinian girl from fox Carolina can remember name. It's Alexa Rodriguez Rory. There are too early bird rights and that's the way the game is played that we turn this little game at that just floor higher and you only get the full. Hello again I'm scared. All right. I get so nervous now allows game it's a boring game meant. Here's your first then I'm ready all right the first thing Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez how low pests. Same. Al Bundy. Ted Bundy. And Ted Nugent. Had Roosevelt. Home in. Teddy art tonight. Stand. Naked eye. Run out by Ramon urges them ten Philip Knight. And I keep builders. Donors. Out mail he said Mel Karmazin Mel Brooks do. Now Brooks Aaron Brooks. Aaron Neville and have been. Air end. Wait a. Aaron Rodgers. All to him air corridor. Homeland. Jimmy Carter Nick Carter. Nick Nolte. Oh yeah. She's the only. I don't know yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. So is it rated first person at three wins are they're suggest is in the lead right now with the war council PH. Easiest name you know and get them backers said Aaron Hank yeah Israelis on the bus or two is a good charge is there a danger. I'm really wanna see it played this lightens when I'm drinking and stuff like when I have my own house party where displaced you know. Where we play a little ring of fire network in Europe suggest as one I have nothing pages nothing that boy this al-Qaeda. A lot of ground to OK on a rosary would you have to do just one routers are the same way it returns short start to start but there around when they're okay that's final thing and frank. Okay and frank. And that's a mental NB Davis. And Wilson. Well certain role well and the improvement. Nancy Wilson. Wilson. Owen Paris is so little. Or removal we'll see how it's clip Lebanon thank you for. Early. Yeah well apparently daddy is doing all right good duplicate videos your video I think I'm just a and when and I Luzon what was it I had that's. Woodrow Wilson's restaurants etc. for tablets will still that Wilson you Geraldine she's. I don't tell and trying to NASCAR. Frankly rest table tennis Graham hey. And hash out this year's late may or may never know. I have a JR thing that we do and add it real yeah that's true for house I answer that habit. Disarm I don't know under the clock in that he knew she said I say to H digestion tabloid winded page nine net. As we play the reign of fire for birthday bash ticket sales are forever this time with the name George Michael. George Michael sports machine. All alone Arnold do differently if the pig it's not as if page change strip club you can't use hey yeah. Charlie how long now. George Michael Jenkins this true all right so on George Strait. Georgetown George Harrison towards steel. The animal. Susan. Page Lexington stand tall while. Steele's essay Steele worked yes and say steal say Stallone. Semesters to harm. Sylvester the cat the count the Internet coming out are doing to refrain don't they hear. Romanians. Frank shamrock. Frank Zappa. Weasels apple. Who knowing that. 00 I have no. Moon unit zappa. Cheryl moon. Share chairman Jerry murdered Sherri man variation on change is only yeah. Sherri minute manner look I'm voters if anybody had Ahmed zap me when I had a downhill and I knew those cells that I'll tell you know yeah. Thugs weasel absolutely sure me and red round and then no million dollar bonus. Jose doesn't harm thugs who live in thousand dollars or I want to look at the clothes are well loved the lunar kind of name is this order dame again. The host Laura. Think that the media is Paramount and I didn't I didn't. All of the plans now tell us right Phillip Wilson yeah. I'm I'm Muslim center right not eventually these guys destiny you three to win the match play this little flavor our. Now I love this fun I think. Is energy and like texting and right now obviously you're not playing you just listening is this entertaining to listen to it because its Internet entertaining it's hailed a play. It really is as fun as fun to play is still photo from your play next time they let us do bargain again again again and we're doing like a live show at a bar I want to play five and ten. Enough time intend at this ring of firing a fine with people recurrent okay are all I gotta get on the board here I really did. I'm Kim all right next ten rounds on page system that pays the analog and say mortgaged future remain. Steve Ralston. Steve Warner. Steve McQueen Steve Loy interest and Matt Williams. And airlines. Ted Williams. Billy Williams. Lee Hamilton this fall forward and John Hansen. John Snyder not painful just on Sina. John Laing. Reggie Wayne. Reserve or so for now otherwise. She's. I'm gonna have won anyway okay he saved ansari edged put that usage online now they said Jon minus a graduate joined Jeff Reggie White. Who. Original to delight. Reggie Jackson. Resolved any time. Oh or gonna. Danny Hamlin. Who all man Daon. The ball. And then mammal it's mangled your ass man you know Mano a right yes. Analysts say about the ambulance famous restaurant saying 20 do you sir I'm. Somehow lose you go yeah I civilian a tie game now I think in my underwear yeah yeah yeah. I'm not take off and that was a nicely didn't hear for time purposes only. Well you can always bring Comesa and we fireworks are legal or tax signs saying I love it they made life love this game we play the movie thousands spear are taken his buddies do I'd sit and listen to our play yet ring of fire is also listening. Damn cool game element Yemen are hiring far Hillary tomorrow orders and an industry. But usually only give his dignity. Would you wait do we get this video platform we're getting are crop often resolute this versions they play a laurel and they won't plated two parties and stuff. We're good friends actually game you don't need anything to Blake said some people he can give us your your your birthday parties will come and play the game for you guys view underdog draft picks the best you can play it doesn't carry cards or any thing all access you wouldn't some people were conscious yes okay. Let me yes or no matter what Jeff Jarrett. She asked can't. Just Jones Jeff Gordon mark Kent. Mark. Williams mark Hendricks Mark Cuban. Ash. Mark Sanford is judges she was on the wire duque is Fred Fred's effort. Homeland. Let's Fred Sanford just aren't available for drier. I am Freddy Krueger Freddy Blassie. All they have. Wow. I'll pay just for Freddy Blassie. Guys. Glass and a straight ahead. Exhibit for anything under way an employer go hey I hear you get a letter written back here. At. On the 95 braves right now nobody Freeman and anybody either on friends Randolph Reynolds training. Morgan Freeman a fast. And good news this. Couple whatever round by now when did we lose screaming for crying and I I. That's right Marvin Freeman you go down here and there are no definite agreement while losing against Arnold the mall. Right yes all newsroom storm offers it on. You ordinarily I don't on the round hurdles vegetarian for Redman. And. Stephen Thomson. Ray Thompson. Recording. Terry or. Terry funk Terry Taylor who. Terrible idea. Terry Allen. Steve Allen Ralph Terry in New York Yankees. What wait what now router. Christina and she said Steve Allen always he says Steve Allan Meltzer rats and Ralph Terry all right sorry as Matt Stone is broke away I do what it she said Steve Allen he's around there I didn't even notice but thanks Jeff Euronet what does that say. This is Terry Allen Terry Jones I granddaughter you where yeah okay CS some Shia the jets are rather Steve Austin. Stevie Wonder. With apps I have worked for. I don't know man you opt. In order to page. Agency ordered up the order to Jeff's doing. Eating. Did you do now ski. Chests out she's a New York Knicks at. All right it is tied to me and Paige Jeff and fat boy when he looked at age are actually had grammar are nameless. Is it out who's in who's out. The one page one is whether record around so we'll start with page I have warning American news right now but also. Across. Brigadier injured. Rich. Anderson. Repeal. Lee who has written a play. How we doing this went that way it's time OK fine night. I don't know did you say Ricky Henderson she said written ill. Ricky steamboat. Richie. Morton. I'm current. Religious. There was three Sanchez ever wrestler probably simmering. Revolt players their coach Tom. Right sesame and now. Basketball Porter tour they'll on this rotation I was looking you know what don't you and it was going the other way. Our that was followed with a host there. Are so is sad story. First girlfriend is tied. Since when he goes to win. More down one loosely. You bring in our government. Did last are eating yes unless spinning everything was emperor. And yeah looks that I had a good neighboring. It's storage solemn Ernie Jeff this time are trying to digest babble here are your gesture Gloria also told our Tom Arnold Tom meal. Apart count know or care. Abhorrent to our president Arnold. Britain and our. Rose saying Clooney. George Clooney. George Jones George Washington. Herd he Washington. Martha watched Washington. Well now. And guy is brilliant at Washington's. And so I'm just felt business and though they don't tell nobody disagreed we just. I don't understand. Who I am JoAnne. From worst to first and access to their asses who was I had to tag team to win let's bring them my screen and now tell you Dallas. 21 separate notes Shockey and flasher. And the players' sake. I'm here you're aware then we did it well it we can't yeah let's simulate just aren't Omega official. But congratulations there wasn't here go to not injured wouldn't let his guard I imagine right. I call Johnson was shot and now we're asking Alexander a lot of bonds goal is great and I'm very. Yes sir you home right here off we're gonna get your from its congratulations against hockey. Yes. Inoculations. You are hosting Blogosphere rumor right and it is just their block out that is there's a reason no that's okay fine. Well yeah but like who was the last time the Chinese his sister age pension and Jennifer you it. And eventually alien being taken against bank okay I'm man. She didn't want that a magnesium head to head the ninth no sir no sir her belies what allowed that close I. Sort premier player irrelevant and that has made so yeah that's the other offering we have to that he once if you ever wanted to backstage pass we do news on Friday she command hang out on the show kind of chill when this. If we play five in tanner ring of fire whatever he play jobless right yeah right there. Are we gonna take a break all I'm gonna die here and enjoy this ticker tape parade I'm sure management's selling for my win and be back right after this message that. It's like to ask you this morning you know it's recalling her. Right guys read premier. All right so let's bring out homeboy Mexico. This good guy by the way sir you there. Your rear car. What do you think when you hear me say that me out. Seems like about half the audience early says texting and they're not on your side about this they say you're being nosy. You probably being pressured to do this by the business owner pretty that's friendly way to lead is gonna church with a. Knowledge and use our military truly he's a good guys are friends. Down goes on those on you because you what's doesn't bother me yeah I got to do right thanks a lot about. Friend or friend or both you will sister's funeral I think man. Yeah OK so which is it consequences we Dow the number when he answers the phone you would just talk to him. No lolly gag too much you know get the point what's your call on about and then when he hits the fan we will just phone in town is on the radio. Are eaten by mr. Jeffs will doubt the numbers will block it so we won't know where it's coming from. And when he answers just. Try to get to the point is we get some people here's how I need to end what's been up to. Yeah I'm a college and six months or thirty on the alarmed crews are here we go truth or consequences. Who. They would amend. We know. Yeah 88 who's sorry I you do one. Good many aren't. They have rather hang in there. Cool man cool. Yeah man definitely. There are. Just so look man dasher out pocono we don't take this wrong the wrong way certainly and was trying to help you out maybe not close. Okay. There are no Israelis took quite some time you know you hear you your brother. And I was taught the world your grandpa on Amber's. Got going listens substance. Well you know losses likely get a loses businessman because that's all you do. I who what do you mean. I'm go to church when the minister Sam Williams. Plays a good guy man but I heard from countless people. You know including some in the know that. And it didn't UBS and from what happened and I get hurt. Oh really down. Dad and I am just am not saying your bad man or judging your promised Matt. But yet to think about how this can affect other people but it. You finish it. Good look I'm not Charlie come up as a jerk or no at all it's. Mainly notes. It's just man oh yeah. It cleared certain refrain bay view passionate because there really is that correct. Now man I'm not at all man I hear you're. Good but I'm serious just. You know honestly didn't JA carbon didn't put crap you do my brother. I really don't know you that we're on our CNET and even get my pin number. And I got some mutual friend. We're up. Andre and I don't. Yes you are. Good morning. Hey Cheney hurting for you do with them hear me Jenny. Are you are entering Europe is still cheesy you know recognizes voice. It's Marconi nominated this is the rise guys nanny 3.3 planted down hearing Greenville. And will contacted us this is a legit will contacted us about your injury in the lawsuit the whole nine yards. And he's just here and they cheered your room he said that your injuries probably elected to base your town or by its intent. Oh wow well you can't call DiMarco yeah and go on the radio. This sort of talent and speed you'd probably ignore me. You're you're the cool yeah I'm here we go here we go no I'm not gonna know Europe Europe. You're trying to intimidate me you know what screw you coward act upon their. No god no I mean you know other than my hail and damage stuff you do everything you said so far has been okay your time okay. OK okay they will will you know what you have Matt address. Any time you wanna say some comeback hit it in the fatal police got by the door open it's a war no war OK you know ought to look. Now look at the five man. Oh yeah Iraq please click on the on the radio and everybody. Look he's leading journal live right. Well we'll we'll all come pick them up say man aren't you glad you're Peta are. I know your grandmother lives range in little terrorist you are right. Are made you do it. You get that old yeah okay hold on a minute we get away for the layer ram back. He job to pretty hardcore. Other linger on him. I'd just give us just say do we have to wait for you don't win the 82 delay and we have to wait we're two ramp back up before. We can bring them back out. When guys busy dawn yeah 00. You don't ever you know I know he's going to back off from there will. All right so he said MF for a win to hang up and downs out on it. So I mean these don't. Yes. OK so where are we in this I mean he's very agitated or whatever he wants to fight you now. Put it out on a lot of words he's still Wear his grandmother he pointed out. It's relevant here Eurasian area you're. You don't I so are you how is this going to be did I feel like this is worse than it was before. Course I didn't think he would just say you know your right as I should be honest about all this or whatever and even if you are doing some wrong and some might cause you out on it you know it's that Tennessee say. You don't know who. More here. Well Maine can't. Someone who's so hurt in surest course to one sided me. You know its share now arm you know there's so many things you can say domain and even her smile I was gonna cast a term will be over I'm sure right from showrooms in London and actually we're busy this. I mean how I'm gonna say yeah I know I thought the same thing is that they won't get most fighters there were few her anger and might well yeah if I'm hurt I'm a bad mood I'm Margaret start program. Yeah and if you will you were not like you knew you were not pressured by anybody to do this several folks are saying oh you know he's coming off self righteous right now all he's acting like you know his life is does that he said so by you need is live writer something. There was no pressure mine you might call undo this idea that you know them. Aren't well I mean you feel better about it I mean I don't I don't see how you could do it he she gets her point across actually do it is still better I. Well I wish. I hope we did the result so long I would put under additional better about. Bringing it bring it up you know. Down but really why not just call him personally I mean I am thrilled as its policy is made she did it on our show and we did that but. He he was to maybe you know throw that throw the fire. I'm a little bit right. English you'd probably just ignore amendment that's where I get. Out do like. So our director Jim Maurer. I don't know my mental sport you guys on a little bit I don't know. Yeah as well that's a that's my way I cannot all we don't know any thing or situation. We cannot think these are not known Marino's earlier we give me the opportunity to do it but there's been slamming him for people caught in wanna do this man I'm a domino as good idea the list to do it. You know they kind of thing. Some addition she now plays safe you know I don't go to dudes grandma's house and this ride and Abby she's still better body feel better about it went below selfish capitalism. All right sir I don't know I ordered. Nine MM MM MM. Hi James Brown's hard we're gonna let you know. Will. Thank you and and have may have a blessed morning certain. You guys are serious. There still scam email because I don't know I really like what is that news is like really hurt and any growing up. In this shot about he's still with a grandma. And incomes are hearing he's he's still will the guy who made the call there yeah for his friends from church. Easy this is his buddies color or break me. Except there's. I don't really even know you use prison my brother right so. Valiant phone number I mean he's already BS and it's him he's based talk about church also lying to us are doing so you're remains I don't arrow arrow. Don't know why it's what would that book is real I know was lying a little bit at times during that call. In the I can't say he's still driven not but I don't damn sure will wind as well. Attorney rob I. Mary or texting and he said he noticed the dude never denied exaggerating his injury not only did not ever wants to you and I are very can say for certain that out lied about everything I know what did but I don't know exactly out. I thought. Kenny was a nice he actually asked to discuss its people just take liberties themselves he did later good man then. Word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. Nice nice morning show good morning it is 854. That just a moment here for the top of the hour but I will use his time to tell you that. We will have more birthday bash tickets tomorrow. Also poppy evil thing is tomorrow. As well as a brand new FaceBook thought sin but. For mashed figures tomorrow. We're gonna have it's kind of a game slash dirty Thursday. We shift gears all right wait for you to win tickets to birthday bash. And the hardest things he's from. And the hardest thing for this for me was not the bit that the name. So the idea is is that. We have a selection of shots he shot glasses Mary shots. Jeff will be blindfolded he will take a shot and before he takes the shot down. He swisher around his mouth they trust to tell you what it was from what was the shot the mystery shop. First idea name wise. Was what's ingests mouth then. When I guess Allen. Brother joggers was that another when they came up. It's just one guy so why has it Brothers charters in here urges Jeff so we're going to. Dylan looked tip of the hat to the great Ozzy Osborne has tomorrow morning Jeff will be doing shots in mid. Are. Proud of and that our. I was a pretty darn that's right. You be blindfolded. And then you'll take a shot. And you try to distinguish. What was in your mouth I own card what that was. All right. In the new give Pitt will get folks paired happened before he takes this shot they'll have to decide if he can figure out what it is in this and that ended the whole fund game. This doesn't mean bleach. Well I think it will not be any thing that we'll make you say belonged. I'd do it we're gonna work after yes. There will be nothing dangerous is right bad bad dangerous right bleacher battery as treasures America. How does your palate can you tell you know on South Park some stuff Monday or on the sometimes yeah. Kind of numb to all pretty good bye when you do shots DM a specific you like I'll be honestly I haven't had a drink in several months. No my morning all aren't. It's I have known him and me having anything to drink where austerity mayor. Started it's clear that there really did work there Dana bash is I haven't I haven't had a drink in a room and spin the drums KK out stupid and an ad that either I answer now LeBron kicked. Is there room. I hear a funny Jack Daniels more diesels anyway and and that why you not drinking just trying to wean off of it. Children we also random you know slim a little bit more drilling unit healthier lifestyle is so. Sindh assembly is so is it bad that move with Wheaties and liquor. I love that guy is I don't know why I am I you know close and under and now park I know that this is men. In three months four months applied that cease to go out to like blind her own posts and that's gonna say god I'm an out anywhere. That's very very hinting in remarks now that's a good job everywhere Bob is a jury one on my time going out as one on one of the shows. Then head home or hand down a windy actually no injuries self. And I enjoy muscle flaw don't they like what dinner and go watch a movie and home. And sublime podium he drink we hear that. Now Obama or Korea us constantly should get her in the coming administered the drinks vessel for years if you Austin they may be dual QA or so which is here. That and it. I said tomorrow morning shots in the dark wood Jeff Lewis meal. By the way if you get any good ideas for that cinnamon to a CP would but not suggest. Don't give him and I'm also unsettled. Send it to at a mass view add it. New way today. Or at traveling 93 victory that you girls. If you're registering users and our rules. Uniformity of Marin and yes. All right to every channel cheek. Google cheek data hadn't heard different behavior I would take a break into that righteousness. He's now wake up in the morning drives guys had a small regret it more in that way beyond. Three minutes roadblocks all day 93 point three the planted when rocks.