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Hurricane talk, if you're up here and displaced then hit us up: Open Phones: Headlines

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The radio dot com yeah yeah. The rise guys. Morning chill up your fellow IAM I have you mayor I want my son and so like analysts in the mall when you're ready and then when I'm writing into our. You're lucky to the rise guys morning. Yeah I was so everybody. They stormed talk with the rats yes and. You mortar home. Bloomberg Rome homeboy home is Jack grope her drive and his bat tub. Rumor rules and Lance. Says here that if Jack were ever say three baby goats with his amphibious bathtub. And anger and in be beaten in Darlington. Knickers all around him is a good mile zone a holds what if here. Well here is did they do Asia by really rise guys morning show good morning to you 714. And it showed Wilmington, North Carolina draw. A lot of massed now has there been hit pretty hard and they're saying in 300000 people will be out of power. At. I just wonder like for real it. It is you know that those folks are a lot of them come and appear mean there's. A hotel would just roads gotta size says that sold out no vacancy and never seen them before can double up. Hum if he if you're up here in this area. A state of south Carolina's forward based out of in your displaced. Called Lynn I would love to hear where your from. 10774. Double load 93 and an awful get any of those calls because. As they're up here in their displaced. They're probably in the hotel rooms they'll sleep I would be. Trying to sleep in there saying there's a possibility contract because it was tracking over us but it could twist toward Charlotte. And that we do on the outside. So when B has been. It's real though I own my own I don't know what the weather. It's from aids is political almost and you don't know who to believe that by the all the economies are not swaying all the economy's worst has been fifteen years you go back and forced to win. It's up to. These people are messing with us I mean they said the other day this QB's biggest Uga but we get ready to get attacked by a big issue of a lie and I don't have. That's where that storm looks Sami and who knows some bail. Oh so now he can. Com and and then twist towards Charlotte which we'd catch a strongman. One news dispose go over us now. So argued tracks in the in terms there scenic dude turned toward Charlotte. In the miss us the still get a little bit all the tail. Don't blow all them allergens up here. On our way. We don't need anymore that. Or or maybe you're you're your being a resident of this area and you've had do open your home as some four X. That I would like Ed. Love to hear about that our dog here what's going on I. And I don't know anybody that lives on the coast Anderson people that have. Places it like oceans lakes. It. I think you give a place down there would return used to bad again they were saying yesterday that. Disney World had never closed ever until like seven years ago I think it was Irene may be. In the end every year since then they close one day a year because of some kind of hurricanes or it is getting worse seven. We know we got people on the coast reporters from up here and there. Talking to people who live there and there are some former kind of cocky like. That's not a big deal you know we've lived through a lot of old is born up and then you know hope the winds are less than animals for a. Remember yesterday because what we cheaper than on the good news in here at TV. Screen on the news just in case is breaking news that doesn't get to west for the Internet best of us. And they showed it and so this they're saying everybody get out get out get out. In the nation this older couple standing on the appear. Would sometimes says. It's not like some kind of you know. Old day be shirt or poster you would see about the importance of staying married and in it because they were to sit there where there. Their arms upon that appeared just looking out at the ocean and it might wish you weren't telling everyone to leave for safety reasons that you don't use. Kara ran screamed the old people off the pier narrator this succumb. And I was watching this man here I owned a pet store it where he was boarding or anything happening use rate hunkered down in North Carolina. Speaking is you know where we begin and take all his pats but still I think I ran track in this column somewhere Saddam not gonna end I guess you're much issue bot. When there were cut a hole and there were families out there you know just walking around heaven ice cream one on the art on you know. We we've always enjoy isn't everybody's gold that's the other thing I'm so I brought this up yesterday about how I saw Maine that I ticket as legitimate. And it said. During a hurricane. If you didn't see it for cat CDs settled it is only dogs. Take your dog. She gave this stomach not completely may be a bit like an area worst is bare skin and write the dog's name and your phone number one. So I asked yesterday as like is the real thing. Several people is sitting in like yes that is a real thing it saves many adults lives or gets him back where their original owners in this bill on hubris thing. No they're trolling you don't you don't really know I don't know resolve. They're again I don't know what nuts that secure way to bring some money you know that policy was the governor of North Carolina was talking about this possibility. Millions of pigs. The diameter can. Does the bonds of pigs are red light. Why pigs dissent and what about Cal's and I and all the other stuff Agassi or more periods and anything else comes pigment was taught to pay native. Metadata next to it is all my god. There is that there's wins. I ninety miles an hour oh. What was that. Oh my god what is truly sad boys and tell me they. Larry King NATO's told me in I don't leave caller line and make him holy land. Henry's vocals and I can have a hard place when this is all everywhere at your own mind and an appalling Charlotte was appalled. Take a pacer. I'm doing pretty well Australian joke or the Alia are you driving to Charlotte NC state where where you from. I'm currently below I don't court oral beached okay see you're you're a better this game. Yes each week how Gary Paul. I'm Tony or obvious you don't remember Hugo that. Now now I'm missing something an old man you know remember Hugo. I'll guy idea that. I'm so what's the worst you saw when you were living on their own accounts. A couple years ago we had the water right 3880. Yeah. 38 feet. Yeah it'll tell how how deep dig your house. It didn't touch rather actually my health is on top of the forty foot eagle and then we have tenth but still. So the health of the Dutch. You're wealthy your family's well being than it sounds like Gil and I'm still. Now we. We just can manually load the and a hilly area and we were informed look forward bill about the we should probably built so just give the order right look as good point until he did damned golf car. Would have a belt. Well me it does so based on the golf course. I don't go away entrapment yeah artsy kind of buzz securely make it fun of people for leaving Zemin and I and there. Yeah they make if I really believe you. I don't fully understand some people because. Other people in our neighborhood or how little were put in the roofs were underwater teacher. So I understand why some people would leave that. How badly people should be getting up on the middle. Now we know what what movie was that where they remember they are trying to get that he'll law. Tuesday and Wednesday. Trying to get beyond the girl in the may be in the classic. I was Jack yeah all right answer. Paul thank you sir and I'm glad you shakes with all the would have been. Are. I'm left urging turn the Charlotte yet that it would. Well look that's a meteorologist ellenberger is what we're counting on it with a thank you thank you Paul Harrigan Lori answer it. The last will be honest and open term structural bigger handle have been shot in dude that's the hub at Duke Energy that you fix the power port or you're not that. I that would have totally effective. Us here and our power. Jack is in Canon's there's people manner. Rest easy read VG says Charlotte motor speedway L a we wanted to know about playing this aren't blowback to see. For some of those two eggs them here. And not landing backyard. He won Damon keying in kings mountain good morning her. Good morning. It says here you open up your home to friends from the coast work from where they for a. They're from morehead city bureau old friends from an art school. That where ended up in high school sweethearts and he. They say we have no place to go all the hotels or fold. Like they've become high school sweethearts she pregnant. Are they don't Barack does better at and what are you go in there are you do remember Cuba. Yeah when mortgage city's one of these ones that you've shown has been pounded daytime yeah. They're now are these people that shows you that you might have to deal with these people to like Monday EC yeah I mean that's that's true. Well it's not a problem because day. Enjoyed football and enjoy wrestling and they don't argues. Oh yeah all right Ireland and a workout did it aren't perfect year resident Rick flair to amend your about it. Nobody near Dario star studded really was. Player more all why is it that way laureate and he and all wise some ask Nancy that was great. Our dame thinking oh what what a nice guy you Orion many nominees for Jeff's an award opening up your family to high school sweethearts they have kids. I read to their little girl and eleven year old boy. Hope. Cuomo that local pork not immediate answer when do you stay in this that your. All right we'll Mellman and antenna on wheels when they leave their next month demon king had a good morning sheer. Thank you hear this Aybar got you aren't gonna African on the home on the Mon excellence that it has reiterated that there is an RV park. I'm listing on the Internet at bottom what continuous open phones 180774. And a below 9310774. Double in 93 that's a great text to I'm surprised they may cancel school on Monday. Oh yeah around here a brand in the Acadia parish school I churches are canceled yet. And they're gone bad this is an error. 10774. Double 093 I say that is former Baptist 10774. Down below 93 your questions our answers and responses right after this. Each and centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet from the Bronx. His morning show good morning T it is 733. Jeff says that everyone is calling just has hurricane stories that way we don't wanna do so that we can save them from Monday post hurt. We go hurricane I want it talk. If people that are light displaced or have like they do earlier that. You know that's this is what it pays to not have FaceBook which I don't have anymore but the dire owners I can I got some. Some friends from high school I saw they were high school sweethearts Serbia were their two kids. Because you know they were from what. Reported some morehead city and this away page did not have FaceBook because you know people that are. Means I started jerk Wyly age might if if someone I knew you know needed somewhere to go obviously out of my house now. It would take them call me three or four times remain answer. That I would. We don't have they sought here are just it's it just sucks that people staying within your home now yes I would let people just. I'm not being sarcastic very end you know trolling I I I would let people stay in my house I would do it begrudgingly admittedly so yes. I just Warner's they captains us your diary sell like hey we were in school together. As Israel I don't like they're probably don't FaceBook say in who we know in the upper part of the state went to stay live payola. There's Kevin remember him and escalate him uncle Matt a bill like okay. But you'll be one embody you'll meet two when only good vacation X. And my sister Angel and brother in law Scott they'd they'd be you know. And hundreds villain and they are in Boston this week for just a little while goggle lolly gagging. Go and now apparently is moving up there non auto gonna move up there now it does storm you said you are and is toward Bostick. Storms going their why do you witness. And old in fact he that they rendered by the way listen to this so. Where did win the news this is where the news it's funny they start like breaking down different little things about you know the storm and all that. And I did not realize this and I freaking Google insurers the world is true. South Carolina the state wherein in time. 19%. Of all Holmes in the state of South Carolina. Our trailers. Are dear old pulpit. And would you think that I don't realize that there is an installation of trailer parks right there but there's also. Homes and subdivisions and neighborhoods and all this how can indeed that. Ogle practically 20% that means one in five Holmes in the states after latter trailers you have to consider recently endorsed days beyond number one in the conjured an ends it is the most. It is the absolute most. All men are all going to be appear current Charlotte did a good lord I had no idea. I've literally had no idea there is that many mobile homes and in the state of South Carolina. I think most of Merom Pickens County. Welcome you may have displaced people come appear one mistake and I'm not gonna go back you up that's it you're displaced if it any point 180774. Double 093 or you're taking in some. This placements though to a column displaced people I guess are refugees pagelets refugees that's right that's right season. It is is it that. He really he said refugees. Is okay. Ice podcasts and boards overtime wrong I don't overtake amendment. It would appear in the answer. Duke. Yeah there was like Kelly out of food for me. You you wouldn't like good at least someone like putting a face looks say we're down here and Charles and when he subordinate state question and a comment and say shirk when miles but it. He is somebody and they said hey. When I'm anywhere you'd come over I would I would Moulton later I'd say I wanna plays out next summer in the Michaels is something we need to appear at your chip in the law firm played the goes around is just a work Retief and here's the thing. Of the opposite side of it if if I was displaced I wanted to stay little review either or any pot yet you feel we're doing. Like germ cause you sound like thumb. You know we have family come spend the night maybe I'm just a jerk I don't know but I just don't like. Who overnight guests in the house. Hopefully nothing happens to your house is wearing and that's what I do is say I promise and again if with act and attitude it's it's it's an honest attitude is what it is it is it negative a little bit that is honest like I would not want anybody that stay in my house. But I would let them and I do plain old cup then you what I would let them. I think some of these people want to streaker had arrived this sucker out. I'd rather have a hotel they have to stay in somebody's house now I know in finances and all that so please. Don't send me all the emails about Powell. Blah blah blah blah blah I give it to be an honest and talent like even if in jail. As well as anybody has any wayward. Page call and say hey Mya arugula fell over in in my house yeah. And a lot of hurt Ella. Casey added I don't I at a fast or even though are refugees if I ask and of itself. If she causes that have anywhere to go organic and I'm here in I was like yeah sure come on average you can't bring your dolls but kimono. And now unsure what neither of course I would have had a great whiskey but the sacred event. Upstairs complaining. And the list would be three and seeing how pigs got too much begged his companion animals during that breast yet. It's kind of hardship on them. I'll by the hotel view I was a little. Now if I am last night at a hotel on I can stay where's Jack great question if page came to me says. We have and displays any sort of stay in if I said. How about giving my debit card you get a hotel ate it in my being really nice or Miami and many are being ninth I mean you're given her money of pimping him. Because I'm not Sheridan one thing I think this room. We're on the same page let's get to log Connie in Salem South Carolina. In mourn Connie. Good morning guys how are you know well. You have appearance here on the coast were there. It live on in Myrtle Beach right element in the un ranked. It's just you know more they had it. Well they are currently online at Florida Georgia line. There was your thing how do I did. Put on that ear plugs now you're saying right there on the line of the states not to horrible country got so why didn't when they come out here. Coming would let them out this little ones. Now I actually wanted them on big money I'm here because they're gonna have bad weather you know. Incidents like going from I when you're gonna face and not consumers sunny and a strike outlook it has a man but Arthur they they didn't. Or they got up there are tornadoes phone and influence as sly digs. Let's see. That's a good point seem now to quit it's being honest is that I am because it it makes me come off as. Not is welcome you can hire him and got a Camaro was. Tomorrow and pay. You don't is good it says here that the you have something persona think about what is that what it was we all think about it. Well I mean a lot of a lot of people come up here are some merit and it starts when they go bad and I don't have a job and I'm out and about bad boy you're talking about how people. Manual which had been removed in order to come they were them or whatnot but India stated I don't have a lot of money. Well I mean why would they have a job you remove physical place actually working out of the building might be ego when they were out there are commitments and yeah. Yeah that's that's that's a good point I mean plus the other homes and their cars and all things yeah. But let's be honest with me though in a news made a very as sobering fact here. If you know is someone that was down there and he called G Hewett a grudgingly say yes come in my house right. Yes I would but a lot of my cutter she's she's today hope. Oh yeah I are very good thank you sound he made me feel better have a good morning. That's what he does need validation that I am not is mean I think. Missiles this. I don't mean I mean I'm just like being honest and tell you I'd like woodland but wind would be better to just tell on mine I want you there and not letting him and in the as jerk and just like when they conceded. I'm really they wouldn't see that but check out is 11 o'clock and. Ohrnberger morning. Ordered hey I know what I know bud well certainly you know but though this hurricane storms at all. You know I got about eight people out cold call that aisle when they come from here. Normally. We are a lot from the ocean is why they Payer. Well if you stay the bill morehouse gallon that can't in my town that I don't let this time do you look at it and who are these people. Early in the white shirts. There'll. Little player alone so either but they're also loose. Yeah I go home this weekend on and you need to do is be some good cuts and a bag. And other. Gonna basically go at him and they're gonna go. I don't think we'll. Overrule him and what they do. I'll be doing. What I can't you have children. No I don't rights issue in the wash plus eight more. Those numbers so it's nine Filipinos verses one year. If you want us to come over and stay with the you'd even things out there still are you OK just people saying. The. It despite that it. How they weren't in they can be in about an action now I didn't. Our gadget of some. I apologies she year a year I bearing ask god bless you should watch for NC don't really have a choice in the situation right up. Now I'm really don't conceded even at that spot those who may or politic there might want. Now why can't they are dealing and is there. Yeah there you wanted to that you're 120% of Americans in South Carolina it lives in which. Trailer to now eight more people Incredibles her know area. Think that I would like to go to die. Highway bombers. Wow out of juice. Be safe and hawker dance club as Pate says it cranked it already. I put there are zebra. And some DIC you know what now that I know that one in five people that called his show live and trailer most are arrested. And what you know and nailed them mcedwards. I think he'll change in the take up and people and there do you. Looking into my guys and you would see me saying no disdain. To some headlines throughout the rest. Are just. It's an inch 340 want to you listen to the rise guys morning she had no right reborn through the. Rise guys headlines with the age and you're Beagle who. Why can't see this. Oh how well I don't ever mind you know I like the what gives me goose bumps haven't of Pete probably more than anything really do n.'s drew. Round. Aren't then we usually let me ask you did at the turn the tables what gives you goosebumps it's. Music I could really get music that just takes me away. So there is a study about this. The very thing that was done researchers found that about 85 people. And have strong emotional connection to music. Or more likely to be healthier happier friendly here and even wealthier 55 people out of what. 55 people out of the study. Hang around them again now. A hundred festival go or so you 5% that's the gap. So. What they found is you know it's like when you first here's something. As a study out of Harvard when you first hear like a song. For instance like yeah American I don't learn one of the shows. And it is gig he's done it's because singing is so go ahead. Team not feel that way sometimes when you hear people saying in May just have some kind of talent you've never heard her on americanized. Well I'm at that's just an exam now I know and it ain't JI Sig I got a PC says the only thing I can refer to get ACC NS AC say getting miscues poems. Spent some A-Rod does. Let two games Singh is all let me write something down and will play a game. Fouls best tickets now it's not a game were stuff left. This should be a thing to see if everybody listening. Also gets goosebumps office. When fat boy plays that if if we can find it because when I hear this. You know don't talk about aria. Okay. So. The what I hear this particular person was killed. Aren't we aren't ready so I had the arms laid out if he can't and then see if this gives you gays vote. You know this techno version of it. Though are gonna fuel here I don't ask the rock and roll overs about it Babin maybe doesn't didn't disclose. Susan's from the as the actions Monday. Asked metal when I home grown in the moment. Do you have the reggae version. Close please let him get through and none can decision words. It's certainly makes the hairs stand up look at wound and yeah you bet I you can't physically make the hair on your arms and that any of us and you guys hairy Mary on the enormity. Us yeah urged mayor. It. Up you know but this doctor doctor Sachs he put monetary. Yeah my earlier that number the next with Kate. Aids a thought there was a DHS one of those shows on scam act now. Speaking of monetary prizes aren't a hundred festival hours. In that Saudi. Determine. My head when people are getting emotional and getting used guns because they hear particular senate and my tail Monica the call made options. This moment he's you know he's sincerely are RC any. Interest that was blocked so it's so according to vessels and in the study 25% of them happen has happened someone saying let me for the first time and they Aggies bounced. 43% and and it happened when their child was born in our child was born in 16%. Had them when them. They started their partner walked down the aisle at the wedding ring and save the bride cam you'd see hear about. Pardon yeah cookbook but yeah I got Kyle yeah. You know. But still getting Guzman Vanessa are I mean I don't really give him from all us stuffs like you know listening user being cold. That's about it and I do on time. I see pictures of my kid my house and her picture last night. Of my kid I'm Horner are in my arms she's two years old or whatever and that's like I had it is configured on your hands where they held it on my hair again. And then on this up to literally that'd I was like. Oh man this is like such great field but it wasn't like goosebumps. And I don't have any hair on the back of my head to stand up. That's what I learned that my nephews narrowed as I have more hair on the back in my neck and do the backlash. And it it such men so I'm fairly well what else did you use body king. Food gives you goosebumps. Yeah I know it makes you taste buds do maybe when our water and that's where they're bringing right. Your favorite to the table line waiting for the waiter to put an interview make it after his as these folks know. Or somebody walk like I. I will walk behind as to what behind page so leave the room some times. And sent in I don't even touch her but sometimes I think the wind like this hits her back in what she's citizens who little. Oh yeah. Lot Pascal and I tail end this as it's clear hypocrite never known weird and. Yes I had signals on the beach is weird. Animal science and sometimes like he you know he wondered what was or ghost. Was that Norman was Intel win apple person. Gas here. How much this there is the man that did the unthinkable. Batboy. A man is pulled over for watching point aren't while driving. This didn't happen in Easley South Carolina happened then and die Lancaster England. Guy last week mr. animal erratically. And now when the house approach and think and say erratic clear erratically eradicate. Actually. When the cops. And scheming and the I'm my concentration. I found out why the guy. Had his cell phone propped against is this his split commoner. He isn't watching you perform while he was driving. Talk about distracted driving. You do well I mean I know how but why I mean I guess he wanted to get him doesn't get there two I don't now. So was he manipulating himself or was he watching it. Well it just says that he was blacks in the morning and say if he had his pants on on. I would be a different thing right. Our seat you travel is not the person ask because he legitimately watch is pornography for entertainment purposes like he. I mean he's not certain air like readied you know and manipulating self he's is watching it to be entertained like it's. Tibet the yeah hunting show or error is like watching a movie is chicken and a timing is not like you would have that. In your car instead of listening to music you just say. Okay we're all four of the drive home I'm gonna put on this video for I entertainment Europe says yes well I think Gotti was carjacked. I think you are you imagine they would gather the phone though the car everything. Now so he's it was it was several charges. Even now he wasn't doing any use in him self gratification. It's our resentment really and a it was impounded button was impounded all night long. Well. What a mess page I'm now not what started I can't make this app. Please don't want pace and as your eyes as a mine thank you page all right it is Friday. And I say this to all the 8642414318. That is the number to the F the last line and next we played this week's best of compilation. Run afternoons. I saw on.