Tuesday, September 18th

There seems to be a little controversy over the fifteen pound weigh in challenge, as in was there a winner?: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guy so I could. Good guys. Here sir Verizon guy. It is the yeah sweet tunes. 200810. Maintained. And you dormant. Great. Scuba as you know I'm good man and do it kept up a little. Was that you panda and there I would again went a bit it's a pretty decent anomalous. 930 goes well. Always about some aidid's I was in my easy chair at about 930. Of them. Ribeiro that was slowly agreeing with someone. This had bows and you know so finally go to bed. For some reason market you know usually are gonna stay of the losses. Now I need to trust DVR on a night. Money and raw nod is seen unit now usually just say anything at MarketWatch. New episode of the show got to watch it now. Trust the BB York via. And therefore you will do its job. If you when you knowing that house afterward fan boy he's the first person you your wife yeah or the television and stuff. Trial on charges TV's first and yeah. That's the only thing in his. His. What is it called a key sign your pre nup is he gets it as easy as the only thing and that's it. This relationship. Scouts to belittle the you know she used a remote. It's Flickr she is the selectors then change your life still as hell you have to get up and downscale. Yeah most of well and I got a map. ID bellow the flick girl Mya iPhone. Flintoff technology wins in an extra wins again. Well happy Tuesday let's look at the weather hey you know Panetta appears to silencing of your looking at bugs I'm just excited it's birthday next week Chad. And a week of the match Friday night at the well downtown Greenville. On Friday that no. Wednesday night are there we've done bash is on Wednesdays and Thursdays a month I will. They were great but instilling a Nike head allotted morning I would come in and yet committed distillery to show after. As you could really cut loose as like that and it's going back to war today freeway hadn't had me. That's an actress Rotblat. And it's awful is it's because in the utility alcohol isn't it over 300 prepares them. How much you wanna go have a plus are you mean are mir's gonna be there has to have a fee only drink at all. He's going to be Polonia. Rise guys. He won Posner might Thomas treat it will be its history to have that. Night and just Nestle sample or just a pint. Mean they're gonna put Serbia by the end. Even have a few. He's going to be wonderful. Will be at the brand new outdoor patio there on the side of the whales out or we're gonna have. Kegs of beer flow and we're gonna have a an open bar not a western open bars and it's opened its cash Barnes says that tax yeah. But what does it is an open bar. Do you imagine. You just know it's an open bar for the if you're not sold all the build a pretty Mort Vegas some alarm would go off figuring like. Moon bloom. Loomed. I can find out what's on that's. Iran says that an open bar birthday bats with a literally we're a dry county now. Closer than our own front of us are about to go to a nuclear. It's going to be a night. This. Greatness can be so be it in there's a lot of little surprises. And have been all over Hendricks is by. So I don't and a big surprise when you know I mean. He's happily married. Straight. Michigan giving hints it was a toll of hand but did today that she went lounge and when you get to birthday bash and we're doing a drink you angry so will be there. They made some really nice little. This is cheerful this they made some really nice a diet and so yeah well with a column. Solicit sex doesn't see it as well they're nowhere that word comes from. It's an old school in Saudi Arabia because I remember when I was in college for marketing they would talk about promotional slicks emotional sleek suit goes rules slicks and get us over and science and slit each take some pit. Shin. Not that last part of doctors doesn't appear slick track and RO Jason Blake's. Or so will be doable drinking greets it will be doing that out there and then out. There's some big just a big surprise a big surprise. It's not a swore me it's not like you know. Honestly do. Unless there's going to be there. He is he's gonna finally performed and wrong them died Brock Lesnar are not going to be by god not going to be there. I can go to the well today I have a very important meeting today about that is I can actually elect a what are you and your plans today usually it's. I'll sit around the office for our full come out with some stuff for tomorrow. And then you know pick up my can do all that stuff yeah. But today I have to. Are you have lights with the owner agreeable swamp rabbit. Yes we are working on a big collaboration between the swap Kravitz in ERG. Yet CBS is my entitlement muscular condolences and well they they needed. One represented. Does lunches served you know they're about so Vincent. Some kind of alarm go off down there. So yeah I am in my in my where business casual. Knew the words fly the colors were planning your well I thought about you know said lesson that Washington awareness and a I was told that I should go and where the swap rabbits colors like. The site. Our engine light navy is like there with the burn aren't I'll find out today keeps me that's the owner wrote for you know. Other states to honor our donors Rory read articles always get. Actually am I'm making a a stake in pershing to take. That's. Jersey friends nice. Fitch's corporate right but. So like this is this a it's okay that. It's later name my kid tell me that I looked like it was going on a picnic. My I want a boy to have a gold chain marijuana you saw button on the eyes happy that great a thing. Depends on our. Plus W I sunglasses fades it literally out as in every sense of the and knows what I am right well. Let's try I don't mind you're supposed agreed to when you're there on the would be due to kissel Eads chief. The mafia kiss. We clicked stakes only yeah its ice hockey and welcome writers to act now. The game and he. Just golf and I and the fire right now man that's going to be the students a big week and big week and again. When that big surprise happens wham O. Lamb of them. So much going on. Two days also going to be enough. Now and then also gain. I'll have you know fab less than a little bit in my time yesterday. Defending. Your ass Gooden and honor on the anything else to. Now is asked budgets OK so. Fat boy is on his mission to lose a hundred pounds of him and everybody knows that. And Liddy peer even though the show earlier this thing going to be setbacks. Bombs in the current and Leo there was somebody saying you know that like Hal KG you gain. Eight point six basically how did you gain nine pounds cinema and I said the person. I'm not saying it's all muscle be got to think that some of its muscle so in 95%. Oh man fitting that the the hounds word just unleashed all the muscle weighs more than fat is just an excuse of nonsense. A pound is a pound a matter amateur look at if you gain eight pounds. A muscle he would look significantly significantly. Differ and he doesn't. No chance in hell he gained eight pounds of muscle it's eight pounds of fat. And everybody's a trainer in the when you little trainer what the last trainer told Jews folic. It's no good everybody has different ways and means to try to get there at some point after let's when he trainers are going to be like hey somebody was right at some point right. Yeah other people think you're trolling the entire people and families have more trauma health and then of course all of the personal trainers and the UN family in this and that are all coming forward saying that beats you down twenty pence or three months when guys like name that it when guys is I give him down twenty pounds and two month. Geez I wanna talk to him which is possible. It was certainly calls guises bids getting old assail fat boy ain't losing any weight ever more chemicals from Brett. Brett via. On to Britain. Tabloid please get it together. A year after she really cares about and you're after more Whitewater raft and dismantle. But don't finger by oh look familiar yeah are we still doing this I would clearly hasn't made any effort to lose weight. Just let him be fat boy we love them all the same that big smile on that big belly we love that way the way he has he went for a par MIB. Now works. I'm there you know puck drops some way to sneak up and down changing apple. The waterfalls in the thick of the whole thing is now it's. And okay. Jeff you his idea list was. Misplaced for on the way or whatever. It Tara amber single and those on the list a lot of and then family obviously. Having lost the bad it's got to kind of maybe joy it's page doesn't have a mean bone marrow transplant. I mean dollar and her body and when it comes to coming right page you'll fully admit that when it comes to coming it was punishments foul activities used. Not a puppet and a sadistic so he knows so in Nim was traveling being involved in this now. It falls on me trying to have to. Vigor at Vegas this is what I thought about there are no winners list there are no losers. Well. Bill on the balance wise but he gets I won't lose fifteen pounds before you. That was that there was no who could lose the most weight via. Jack yeah now there are looser after truly is a loser. It's Jeff because Jeff says that I can promise you I can't lose faith in and right and it is not a single promise from fat boy all year. Well there was actually if you go back and listen they're welcome promise from him what was the promise from him that he would do it. No not that she wouldn't do it but that you would lose fifteen counts nobody you only lost three pounds up. I lost five of them at a cheap meal and right before the case when we employee. Okay well I wouldn't doubt that morning so I didn't gain ten pounds and wow. Man until humorous that little rights begin airing date so really. Yes I have we gained almost nine pounds that Jeff you really only got a fifth of the way on your journey. So it is true yes so I haven't come up what does the punishment now that nobody lost. Nobody structure. And got analysts say about it and ball. Oh yeah. Yeah. We all. Just thrown it in the fall classic. Rule what am I mean hang it aria and take it back and I suggested that on their. Saying if kids are branding on I'm coming through this Trenton area unless I am here and unpatriotic and our and the life he days that if they find like math or something and a car if there's four people in the cardinal back claims it mail for charge. I'm through commanded double punishment I don't know it's that's something page sister independent authoring hear what he had in mind page for a double punishment. I don't have anything in my daughter's these series is frozen in that I have anything can come why is there for the use you here again or old that's on the needle is a uterus sincerely let him commode punishment. I'm not had any hand in that new home in just see what kind of dark evil bit that suites curls and perhaps even now. That's like Smart clothes or something you know be something like that. As they can and the whole contract awareness silverlight I. Did you learn anything. Yeah see I'm not as soon as my eyes and embedded on a can. Only affect tomorrow you have to your shirt inside out the top. That's still busy you haven't really really cared do all they love it I. And always says that physique and I was a million eyeballs do you weigh. But the fact is this a possible global bonds been now that's cool and ought to do little. I'm with a two while I do wish that regardless what's good for the goose is good for the gander and that right page something. And from Vegas as. A global will die if we can figure that out. It's only fair I'll tell you miss some people. It'd pay too much attention in this case it worked usually the image. You got the other is hard core is minimal study every word I knew people who go back on the podcast via the listen all of it sometimes twice now. Coming up a little loopholes that stuff people's centered in so that's good. I guess you have to remind me people interviewed two years yeah. And I'm afraid just reminding them and Evelyn important and I didn't hear I didn't have a that was Summers have popped an alias of focus of attention. A smile Allman all right well story so that's something and that that may be contact page at page 933 on social media giver some ideas or dies what the pars as I am now. It is pianist and its effect. Isn't an infant and have to mix up the Yemeni jet had oh okay. Yeah the good. News is that the French kiss and. Our moment that regardless of who you have anybody at the Wally and and and and and jolted around there is a woman here in the upstate who believes it her. Boyfriend is cheating on and today we will try to assist her wood bat. What they brand new war starting off and about 45 minutes assess. And that's amazing that we could figure was she said there in the neck and it's just literally I mean it's it's it's. It's weird that she can dissect and understand the really what you say. Old Evelyn and malevolent no answer or if this hope the war did say you know it is results we've been having some bad luck when it comes to getting people on the phone and all that center. Here's and also speaking of the mash we do you have a pair of tickets today. You neighbors speaking of the diet months and months ago I attended pick up fat boy in my knees buckled and he and I self rule. You know that is that really happened wholly steel and repaired right behind family and today. We will put a mystery item and fat boy's hole in the wall. And then somebody will put their hand and and try to describe what that item is if you can figured out you win matched it. It's sad eyed beauty yeah this has earned. They don't find game just record her talking in the in play and have the answers yet and and we just tried it and it'll final game we play with a yes watch page may have picked the brutal. Most awful punished for you to do is right in the senate friends with a lot. Veteran serviceman I don't have like. He always has decided to make ago Wear underwear and Tara. And I tell me take off running back I just it's something close remember resettlement or Bernard. And wall Smart to be there in the area I don't. Guilty. Now now yielding and of course now and I can you play is not a horse well now. This. And from the Christian eyes up this. Year's awards. It's at all a whole lot of fun today hope he will join us 10774. Double on 93 can text is 72341. On the Carolina paper know about contacts like. We'll give him some headlines with the sweetest sweetest woman. Who's about to show her dark side later this week. Criminalized pagelet headlines right at this morning everybody. This. Rise guys morning she. Thought he 93 planes streak of planet rock. Rise guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who CNN Miami right. Topping our news is. And we have to talk about a 53 year old guy by the name of Kenneth Lee and Oklahoma City. And he threatened to blow up a building after a woman when do what form old man can say on their any offense that isn't this. A ha now. Now but eBay you're here on the right track except this one high I'll hand it is. Say a few hours later she started getting text from this guy football is though what was the really when he won and pictures of her so. This is the back story last week he helped her out. Her car broke down outside of a wild greens and so on and giving the guy her phone number a few hours later she started getting text Fram. All can inflame. Asking for her pictures of her lady parts. You know we're talking about US DeWitt the third day for the right page via. And kissing and that's going establish if it's going to be friends manner. That's. I. That cold move is to say. Do you have any nudes and it's their lighten and say I'll be right ever with my camera. Doesn't. I would. Does that seem as sexy a and if I wanted to show your camera my part you have to talk to wash your baby's only takes naked and then it's my outlook yeah. The able. Little Teddy bear in the air. The actual weight that imam button. Well she took her in his text messages over the place and the next day there as they can't. Several charges including me making a bomb threat so. He literally said if you don't send mean isn't gonna blow where you work. Our building. Came up. Now he might get news from somebody just to keep it from a mug like Caroline receiving. Usually you know three and pronounce Escobar plus I mean if you like what would you do page would you dislike. Go online and just fine pictures of some other woman naked and this is passing purging and a few even open and order that. Each and not respond but I'm betting he really did have a place. You know triggered to to detonate. Well that there are several threatening messages including ones and then he was gonna blow up her building and that she should make sure that children aren't there. And at and do anything. He also demanded his twenty bucks back together some money now around AG's it's Obama he just. Lets wanna bugs that are. And all that stay in the includes aunts. They cinema and after about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and placement with him man at a home. The hunt a hundred block. Around worry as an Oklahoma and he is questioned him booked in tune. Oklahoma county jail says he's being held in and the 151000 dollar they'll. I'm just like aging air. Mean from Oklahoma right that's towards him and native is. He perform and act of violence making a bomb trenor conveying information to be false and driving under the influence of area being from a previous president also he's than some prison time in Oklahoma and number of convictions including yeah. Get ready for this sexual battery. Forcible sodomy and crimes against nature's economy. And. It means when an animal. Yes it does. Crimes against nature it would sodomy dad does because that's bad I mean they can't coliseum but sex with a bear shipments slipped I don't wanna do don't come around no more. That decision. I wonder why you're out there grabbing its best I mean you know. Yes I mean that's what it means that life saving people time and trouble from Google right now is to be an official chores of the but six of their I think that you in his court I mean I swear I think that's what. Are now. I mean it makes sense for short. What else wannabe. Sometimes lead to terms herb synonymous sometimes sodomy. Since I'm sodomy is taken to include. OK he had BCA out at a town of overtime a re network. I don't say it looks like bestiality is was or what happened but I really don't morning and now we know but dentist you know. Dissect in this horrible horrible people doing normal things why you teach an animal. Six and a and that line. Was. We say to. How it hairy weird billionaire he can give just about anything you want right. And Iran are not crimes against nature that now who did you offer that Iran must remember him he had do you hate him. I hate him you called him an evil little man ice or something they donate more hammer fell and Selma. You know you hate anybody deal he said you'd rather. Grow sugar that you all aluminum foil than to listen to fill in Selma speech slurred. It was a don's gonna fights which one and a Elon Musk life and it's always kind of. I don't know I just in my case white power not to staff right now I just went and that's an entertaining to me right. But I mean he says gave back on Monday and then he went for that I just uninteresting but Eli must so what do you are. I'm last Adam evil rich guy now that the fact that there are kids that I'm that soccer team now been rescued and am as a serious thing any sense that. That's submarine and got out. Casey because they wouldn't use it well. It now it tipped them dazed is to decide what they're gonna do and how their NN. Yeah it these boys out of there and that he should still remain grateful that they are on anyways. And that feeling he should be used against him while I am so what is he doing now as well. You know he's got the SpaceX. And Maine he. Has the big Falcon Rocket space ship right that same the videos I think it looks like. And it was like a spaceship is hearing an atmosphere or something and and Tesla and space. So who now now. There is. One person a private person and billionaire. Who is going. To an amendment and this guy says I T used to catch the man says a Japanese tight camera and he's day. Fashion time can you suck at. Is my cell Loc is going to come down. You know if we don't know exactly how much he spent to go to the men. But it's. In hand there 100% certain and they can bring this to you for Shannon and launch this flight the man. He's done a god. Trying to do this its empire zone paid income while army embrace those is trying to do too. The impossibility. NSA themselves say this the van Allen radiation belts around our atmosphere our impassable now. Somehow it was in 66676869. That now. Can't permeate. Wanted to we've won people on board the space program. Going into space is like going through darkroom and watching people facing different ways steer the wall. It's the same concept well. He's not just big in this tycoons getting got there he's invasion he mentions. Sending passengers many of them out there and carted tournament and Mars and he's gonna colonize the air and space. Would you do men Jews and don't know when is no way not aside there's say a he had an opportunity and burning up now I don't wanna be and Gus Grissom. I'm good at it. There's enough crap down here in the NC doings and integrate canyon I have no business in the bigs old world now. And Arctic pass the big mystery on earth and yeah kanga yeah well. You can go to certain parts of it but there's an international treaty that no one will drill no one war explorer no one will colonize on an art. And makes zero sense to me. This tell us why. Something must be something down there's some gold some poll don't don't. It's natural gas to crackle and I don't know what it is I don't know maybe that's the holds and her name is Chris Cornell is talking sacred black hole sun anybody. And from them. Or go to man and Mamie and we shall see the cool thing about they guys he's a billionaire from Japan and his name on Twitter is at ease such 20/20. I'm not can't play message at least that's what her hand at. You set up 22 and as I don't get wise Teresa space I don't know how far today's news is that. He's he's an all is private money and funds companies only making more exams on and start doing Christmas trees my delivery. 149 but were prime shipping you get a Christmas trees taken out and it's it should hear I'm not can. Now my nine get everything counts finite I putted from the mom and pops out of their eyes I'm sorry. I know that it. Realtor is affect real treats us and I do not now these forward tree farmers now ever visited last. A live in a trailer on the side of the road for a month in the earliest ponytail. Yeah you Canada's online and pick out and play. So is Michigan the men those solos and our trees from there. Still Abbas mayor books would. And say denies your eyes as panicky page I will give him some sports next and then a brand new war kick it off to 7 o'clock hour it is the rise guys keep their rights. Are you guys doing. Any chance. 3.3. Yeah. Big stuff happening in supports yesterday. But it's before that. They have the the special message. From LSU had coached it'll drawn after the Euro the win overall with. Georgia and Georgia. Okay. Yeah yeah. It's. So the be all we're going to fill goal fourth quarter and then the player yells out blamed him. And then oh in those says plagued them strikes. But it was early cancel Augustine. Original of that. What's that thing I thought to be a big story out because somebody was Sanchez and there are is to ram liven in the locker I solve yeah I know is that as of that was one of his players thinks. You know Antonio Brown did in the playoffs last year and a call this is the cause player that yeah. And he called Mike Tomlin same you know the death. At the pictures for some the next week or something like oh good lord. Yeah things football understand football coaches 'cause like jail if they don't don't trust them what do people like you know. From a player and coach respect to the locker room is secret. The one issued a know what goes on in conference thinks the locker room is full of mildew and in gross things. It really is. I still I babbling my Athlete's Foot on. Them and also my Ohio march as something to do it. That's that's of I can smell it in my hand now I actually been in that locker room and says he 1993. Acting close my eyes and I can Smale. That's something. As milk bread physically kicker and the browns released their kicker. The vikings release of their kickers will cut them. But the vikings got the bitter end of exam Bailey's a viking now the year Pro Bowl all all pro kicker. It is a Howdy Doody in the old man in Dallas can. Tonight as a viking. I think it played buffalo this week's I'm sure will trounce them now a good bit I would do the not a good day to be kicker the browns fans in New Orleans kick him on the streets Mike Vanderjagt still play or not he's done come out of retirement. Sitting there some buy another house like Jeffrey did some of these guys Americans still kick. It thinks. Morten Andersen should come back party should act is to right guys still alive in the greater vikings kicker bring him back he still part. Lou the toe grows I remember him for the browns as a legendary K I don't know how your legendary kicker other than earth. Imitators it is the oldest player in the league is like 46 have been reported god bless you still okay. Come come accelerators guy talked about it a man you wouldn't wanna get like in this whole terabyte getting your ass cake like. Taking a kick from an NFL kicker to the acts could be one of the most painful feeling you may have. Member not insides of any rib cage they did it one of the jacket as movies forgot kicker. But he kicked the ball yeah I found that literally he kicked your ass aria. Well god bless you take what threes and lacking three steps over that put his hand that he's he's pollen and then everybody would move in an item. The pitchers have a way of finding talent trouble talent rich get richer they trade for Josh Gordon. Who's got talent but I think he's put the total of six to ten games mark for years. Drug problems. He hurt himself during a promotional photo shoot the other day I'll. Someone's answering Cleveland's like get the hell out yeah Bosnia. Tore his hamstring or something that if there's still work acts Brady does really ME receivers in Seoul. Settlement comes back after the next game suspense. That's why it bring any props to our photos she I think when I get injured by stuff actions toward enhanced that life Catholic I have hamstrings yeah you got it's viewed as hand. Fortunately got a lot of ham actually. Or answering their origin. So log inning give a must to get him they get a big and pick back realism sort released. Them. Soon Athens. This is this bowl is let's have a Tom Brady younger than. What's. The WW super cards returning to Saudi Arabia. New concept this on the crown jewel tournament. Called the world cup of wrestling but nobody really knows how is going to area. It's not really set out was gonna consistently allow women no still no women. I don't know when this gonna have. Page take in the you have accompanied. WW EU and lived (%expletive) is trying to make. Moves on. Equality and stuff they're having a women's only paper view and they have they don't column divas anymore they're just female wrestlers and Alice they have my email announcer now aha. But when you do it's are you sending the right message when you go in and to a country that doesn't allow women to be equal I'm not trying to take a partisan with the either side here but. What you're saying you women yet we wanna help lift you but now we're gonna get get all this money from a country that doesn't respect your kind of people yeah I think that's a slap and a thing like this even Stephanie main man get to go she's like the head do you have. The email the company. Still allowed to go ashore faced. Our words. And then have to do if they do indeed wrestled and you have to wrestle differently then after hour mark clothing which is not fair. I don't Lopes gonna do is goes Crocker cup or want crock target counsel well yeah. But you know as somebody knows how it's going to whoever's book in this stuff. A 5050 bookie and you'll have you know. Problems were women as a tourism thing with the Australia I was trading Australia's trying to get tourism dollars again I guess nobody goes to Australia anymore and the Friday. But so that was a move that they're doing and obviously the government of via would you say united air memorex is Saudi array dancing. You know it's somebody's getting paid some money that's been ahead in Canadian oil to be on to go to Australia yeah. I mean the money there and they never put on a live performance they like as rates as a Taurus that's what they're looking for arming and. What do you get all the skill look at this the opera house oh I don't generally go inside militant guerrilla. The men. I don't know it's it's a pain in the us to get through me out back. OK there's one on it needs right now. Your car and validate their Rutgers apparently got a brand new war coming up next the lady thinks her boyfriend is cheating we'll get to the bottom of that right after this right. It's up on that yeah.