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Thursday, September 20th


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This was stub man I got say had grown up. Us all about some pent up girls were not pin up girls rocker chicks and of course I'm talking about none other. Then in this lead up Ford and I had a chance to interview her today and I'm proud to put that interview appear on the website for yet despite. How much anger laying in blubber now is doing. With the one and only afford so that said let me gushing again below. Or later this is what's it's odd how you doing the day. I didn't carry it thank you the day also look soaring today I'm trying to I've got. Seven interviews. I guess that the payoffs. Yeah by the senate that's homeland those spend the day off but doing interviews to just didn't like two straight days that I have the beach. You know we did and then we did couple shows before that. One show we do want to show before that so not too bad. Also and so how you like Kennedy on the road with a hail storms this the first time he's teamed up publicity in the gang. Yeah we have yeah. Yeah I took early retirement seeing them in met them and if they're just really nice people. That they really are they are one of the bands that. I have it's such a pleasure to work with them because they're just. I mean they're just is humble is it great people she could meet right right. Well and Alex I'm excited as you just are actually going to be in my neck of the woods on all four to any of holidays. Oh I am very side of net them so many times and I am working really really really hard. Try to make you with that show because I've never had a chance to see you live for me you have person and I'm I'm super stunt. Wow wow. Yeah you've got to come and see us got a great and got a great lineup. I've heard a lot of great things about Dorsey the opening act as well someone check the check them out as well. Yeah it's a great line up all the way around then intently. Salute and you get rid your sport now the new album that's coming out on the system right. Right time capsule come down on fifteen. And then we have a new book out that was released on February 20 shuck and. Until we got a lot of new stuff. Coming out and an opinion went interrupted books yet the book is it's done really well capitalized in the top ten. An Amazon did you know what to never watch that game is released. Our biographies. It's equivalent to deter they're saying. Yes it's been making a lot of waves is a lot a lot of ways and you know of course haters have to have to hate and command being nasty about things but you know I mean hey. When you write a book you gotta be honest right. Yeah and somebody hurt because it is true the true can't hurt sometimes. You know I know it did meet and that's why it in the book. You know idea didn't just hurt to people that you re unit in known. Such is due to your true story they're not made up stories like some people think I'm lying just to get the book out that while I lie about something like. You know. Well I'll I'll I'll be honest with with what we're talking about you know I I can it's I can totally see that happening because you know there's just I've heard enough stories about. About the person in question there and things he's done you know back with Ozzie and Black Sabbath and I kids I can see that I I can definitely I can definitely see that is being viable. And you'd probably want and the only people that. Then they'd been set that that it actually come out of that. Well it's it's one of those things people put certain people on a pedestal and you start coming out of like you know this whole thing about Bill Cosby first hit at first I didn't wanna believe and I Groupon. Watching you know me in my cousin were raised watching Bill Cosby himself we can recite all parts of that. Let you know you start hearing all this an assertion like well you know smudge just gonna. A story that then all these people start c'mon Ford you're like you know they can't all be line and so are they can't. No they're not lying by the press has a way of twisting trying to. You know they don't quite get the story correct and don't. You know like for instance that there is one article. That said. I was out conjoined led up one. I would never ask to join Led Zeppelin. Robert Plant sent to me. You don't play big studio. That that was hit. Exactly and in things like that get twisted and as you know. People see what they want. Exactly and and there are tight clothes you know it is possible for. Harpercollins to make it but it typo on something new and you know it it don't believe everything you read. Not 100% correct. No absolutely. Numbing out that that's what what how do you think you know people got on African George Washington chopping down a cherry tree coming in at. You know I mean seriously if things can get so so pulled out of whack they eat you get crazy stories. Yeah it true god you are dead on how. Yeah I'm actually I have picked up the book yet my. My office neighbor down down the hall here's got a copy and unlike other when he is not look animal still his copy I'm gonna go pick up a copy before a cumin seed because I've really. Wanna get that and get it signed because I read. Everybody sees a lot better not do with fiction because a lot of times. Fiction authors also an all these you know it's almost like they're trying the likes. I don't know show who's got the bigger vocabulary and I'm like you know at biographies read so much better like your set an arm this person they're telling your story. Yes that's true yeah this one is there really if you read eat you can read through this no problem and it's hard to put down because that story. Story keep you captivated. Either in a funny way or. In a real emotional way. There's a lot of ups and downs in this book the funny stories are so funny I just stop crying because you're so funny. And then you know gut doubters stories are just like oh my god what's gonna happen next. It's a really interesting book and and get out. I think a lot a lot of people are are. Comparing it to the dirt to Motley crew they're entered a lot of dirt and that. I and that's this date that that's any good rock Carroll biographies going to be that way up. Euro are. Absolutely not zero to grab a copy I can't wait to see you April 20 on the nine. Plans X excited and I'm still working on hopefully I'll get to come by and come back to meet you are absolutely right. And before I let you go I just got to ask because I'm a guy who you know when I had my thirties. My metabolism to crap how do you stay in such amazing shape. Now shank tanks I know a lot of people have trouble without that. You really have to keep keep your heart rate up once today. It to her radio in and got cracker to let. And you know. I'm sure a lot of people have typical man manual labor jobs where they actually. Construction is one that it really worked very hard. But job and so people have asked chopped worry you don't crack at what you end up doing.