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FOF Hotline: There's a list of the Top 25 Villains of all time making the list and of course we disagree with it: Candid Phone Scam Re-Premiere

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Stewart dear girls for the rest when each. 93 point three could play. Hit a big cities given money that's given. Us like ride the bus in middle school. Whether this meant that I had to build this man ever ball knocking off. RTM savage currency because the ball candidate. That that keyword one more time after 8 o'clock hour for about. Cupcake. Cup KC UP CA KE. 72881. Texted there you can win the a lot of chances to win number Yemen here and there before the effluent flannel sort remind you. Rock and roll up your sleeve blood drive going on today and tomorrow do. Give blood saved three lives when their nation get general perceived by draftees shared pictures now actually good to go after you do your blood donation. And register when birth they've mashed tickets registering five finger death punch autographed guitar yeah the senate southern stewards guitar. Guitar Hero. That's coming Amanda what's. Well essentially was two months from today. Territory first in Europe two months from more at all erratic yeah but it will be here Friday night that in the world cosmetic shined down as to Alexandria you give blood today general obviously blender and you might get into free. Don't take long ligature in the NL yeah they do they're the real good what they do. I'm it's everything everything we hear you. Which paper pencil you as a Ambon. Own ground okay. We'll create plus. And remixed. Frustrated you're angry about any thing if you're mad at somebody commanded us if you mad about. Any of today. He's had in the song 8642414318. Cents to 414318. Fab oil pick up on the voicemail and you get to leave the message you could do little bit inventing. Com it's been known to her to save friendships to save jobs to save relationships to save marriages. And ahead on good authority is prevented half dozen asked what things. And might start it's on through it something new pet wrinkle of ruin and is that I can win an infant about a four usually you would have us Mahdi respondent as somebody you have to remember locals four or air snell. We got a responses might last week some put the original clip of him in the junior the response that's great real Smart and good good work ports that you look you know Semitic that's what we're doing here. We got six and we got some neat. And well don't kill the messenger member. Let's begin. All. Right political about you know if Osama. Or. Or. Any. Low. You. Need. It. Who learned their men's himself or it was in the and art is vocal chords in music and needed. Like measures to be. Completely. Somebody digital things. Europe. Which meant to believe you look ya dude can understand what sit about those are our battle emerged this earnest. He's at queen's speech. To bring back memories now. Lieutenant someone's been Wendell dragons is a battle to Oregon rendered it in mine I don't know why it is a you'll all yeah. Thank god. These were about his throw. That us. Like a boring nobody. All the next and it needs and give as little as we can make it worse. Only. Untrained in the all rotting hop on a regular one fat boy that Johnny wooden the G. Own camp that would. Great I think if such were tired and so be it but I bad boy that looks in fabulous. See fat boy people are and they're finally getting on the bandwagon. And how many years reading did it to do it again it's my favorite. It was such fallen doing a man. Us and our retirement gentlemen and you did or standard bearer for more and more under the first call to order a long or buoyant and put our heads and this is a I don't know show harmless and Iraq. That there. You guys enthusiasm and called her. Month and fabulous one fat Lauren and memo. And my cats usually has emerged but then on the shirt. Nice when your team. That nobody. I don't know the synagogue called values on you most fabulous viable nice hook there serve you don't cuts but you accomplish fat boy picnic the apple for as well 864241431. It's next. Andy. Karl and lead the global. All. Right out of college. We call a I. Agree. And called. Aren't armed. Car. Well I call it. Played all that I. At. Her. And world. Act in any. Off. First off I'm not wishing you happy birthday after that Leah you can you want yeah it is or was there is firmer as we play Regis. Do either way it. If you ever hear Roger Ebert they had a birthday on this plays on your birthday. So you get everybody sometimes now on lockdown nobody has now. You know what the FOF in the past I would say a few months is really really stepped up. I mean there's been some evil there. And it's not doled it out respondent or you can keep up. You don't make is that what we Garrett now the group the one that response to. Not miss coming up like stores were discussing and like you could call phone call this a good thing yet you know not everyone's gold. Though not everyone is that there are created equal. Really got to strike. Soul seek kolbe man that was good start. It's just didn't go eat and get mad. And this for bill not all we can lead into. This might keep you run is money offer it in real version of bull from some way Google instant. And a objective. Like to blow here from old old bull forgot to aimed tool normal limit them on whether they're blade blade. All the next to you all blur and it's. There's yeah Jimmy you're not additional solar. There. It Jim Russians. Are what they have tape and saying art of war on Syrian red bell paramilitary terror. The Russians. More on home builder or the market where white or brown we. Farms in certain. And paid my most Americans are back there are random person Lou shriveled up Siberian nuts. Lunch programs. It's sounds familiar. Someone that better what is your thoughts. The guy knows what's going all sort of have been drinking or Britain tonight are obviously out we needed more calls. But I got an ear to the world could it wants an era in those skirt and that's. I agree women in the wind and didn't he Mans money market want to take it. Out. And thoughts. All. This is the point here we got the the response in rebuttal. Okay it's a regret the point where you play a clip from a call last week and then a guy respond to complain or sports. Yes this is the guy last week who loved ones you'll hear you know he was the only museum call. Are about emergent into traffic in the called Somalia here's his call from last zip emerge. It goes out to the dip doormat to call it on about people margin. At the last minute all due respect you don't. You are a shingle on the Google and look. When you merge early in jump entrapment like that it slowed down everybody's supposed to rumblings out there and Ian. If you interchange let me eat cargo in. Order. It definitely appropriate way to do what you did that you knew about agreed we'd. Who. Did okay and our response to that while mile. You know how hot that sounded. Pretty angry to maim and he pissed all the wrong dude who care. I'm. A supplier IR IE. Own or work out and there are yeah. It or are. War. And he. Our. Own won't be ready. Yeah yeah and where it. Card. Harmony. Mild. I now it's. You around them. The odd man SE responds the money. Which remains are you know a call back our own lives on top yeah let me hey you. Must take an anchor it might take his whip and and you don't. Yeah maybe so I mean. You can't from a back on my leg of it they've really done it tried to respond to the rock that time it would work anyway and it wasn't a response to bat in the lineup in response. And mother blames him from me now. Not a no ordinary one is editor of a cement. Me in time though if you're mad about you somebody has short temper. What ever it is 8642414318. You remain anonymous. Calls the best ones will make the FOM Friday line next week next Friday morning about the same time. Everybody throw enemies you aired in May. Yeah G now we are we had some good news on the phone report for more than. If you would go to. Line one. Again talk to urge him his name is Jennifer. We'll sub GF. Doing pretty good Jeffords pretty good man yeah a car you drive. All doubt absolutely or older who. And made love thirteen Doug Graham and you make about payments on both. I am I'll manner that you really like is a month ago when that would the other four. Heavy great okay will you address the IG friendly QE poured more whimsical pick up your payment this month a I don't. Congratulations Jeffrey went on ticket to a payment dot com he took about twenty seconds to sign up and is they offer you gonna give you free money just thought of that or form. I thought what about who co who I don't ask is that as an aggregate and a chance we will do all the money man. I don't know yet a good battle was I heard and a few Smart you'll hear his words as I elder did commercials say maybe. You're thirty you'll hold me. You know they don't Lola give them in touch review about how to pick up that money. Our congratulations to Jeffrey if you wanna win or you have to do is gonna pick up to a payment dot com and register that's pick up your payment dot com. I taught myself earlier took me fifteen seconds fill out the form. So if you have fifteen seconds and an Internet connection somebody might make your car pay into another winner next Friday and every Friday. Between now and the end of motorists right here on the rise guys morning share. Let's sit several upon always do business gave away some money thanks to WikiLeaks pressed or does he rarely QE Fordham Mark Williams. Let's catch morning it's recalling there. Come back rise guys morning show. Eight shortly nine right now you'll keep text and blood to 734. And that's BL OOD that gave you that the link to all the locations where you can go. Donate blood saved three lives one donation take part in the rock and roll up your sleeve blood drive the New York are still seemed evil takes in this morning. I'm asking about their tattoos in their piercings and some mental conditions and and as far as I can tell that the vast majority of people are okay to do enabler and a if you're wondering if you aren't. You probably are I I have tattoos I can give blood it's time. Her and that that rumor still persist summaries are a lot of people is does have eight and thereby. The Euro dollar good. A little more gears on immature. Here is where it is did he wore his I have mine yet and argue and a shirt pfennigs can't fit in you know you as we're certain this or go do it when you give blood did. The good news. I'm mark. About one of these wal mart's rally just I don't know element and it rusher and mustang and register birthday mashed eggs and register for five finger death but autographed guitar. It's in announce news does not and all the events now and think that long but again. Text blood to seventeenth reform for the link get all the information. And like I just said there you could win birthday bash tickets worth five finger death is autographed guitar because you gave some board lots of reasons Jill it yet play your reasons to do most of all this to. Go out save lives right analysts say bloggers are saying it and a case detect blood seventy reform. Or go to 933 the planet rock star com find those locations pick the one nearest you and go donate some blood got today and tomorrow to get in on that. Plenty of time angle confident now I'm we have this list of the 25. Hollywood's Tony five favorite villains from Hollywood report. Found ways to look at some other look at some pages seem as well. Yeah hands are where order transition from blood talking about people who spill Bledel screen they'll ask. You want to. This is a pretty reputable magazine than a hours have been publication. I just think there should be committed for you put out lists are gonna film this wasn't agreed Omar more than one part of and the issues within a 25. Favorite awards earliest it it's what is tired. Most entertaining best villains in the history of film and television. I'm actually it's such a good list relief from top to bottom the numbers were fired his agent Smith from the matrix who was an evil evil villain. The other is a Boston answered yes how are considered I don't agree earlier. You know trying to kill me yeah there certainly an agent Smith. While we biodiesel bit silly. Ball Laredo scar from Lion King mean relief and scruples don't. Yeah and pride in my mind king and scars terrible storming kids cry. Steelers are not I'm. Then again of making kids crier and probably like Ric Flair and undertake to be on. Federated. Now our Lenore was totally off the news here. You have remnant Tony Montana from scarface the 22 best villain ever sing it is not really villain but you know. He's got trying to survive and trade were everybody's. You know not a good person. Star Trace there are no better there is really no good and bad it's just all bad yeah. Now they characters you have empathy fourteen no there's nobody good NASCAR fan is not one sister. One easy and getting our. You kind of what in Valdez is argument is you kind of feel for Montana when he sees via the change Salma and so. That'll clean air and on the yes and it turns them kudos to Bob moment yes yes and if you go on the list them. You at the shark from all. Of that nature shark sharks. Terminator from operator of the first terminator Arnold evil or a bug or from parter. So I think benefactor calling him or his or talk about that character. So he's you know restore assault ban. They was good yes so I mean you can't throw meant as a villain he did more good than bad blisters heal me term maybe there and then. Alex of clockwork orange disorders and very disturbing. Nine nuts certainly insane person I'm Bret. Alice. Alex don't large from a clockwork orange is more insane than. Villainous you know begged birds just nuts is all avenues in Blake increase. I'm missing element ambulance also he should be much higher. On the list is the most interesting characters in the history of fiction version you'll like news for you you would love the way more than shirt not your sick mind you have a okay here's your set point you think it's great to have you may deceive clockwork orange chicken and a six to the frat or is this is a human being is he is as twisted human beings he is he's ever seen clockwork orange are shocked that surprises me as I've I think it would do when he or top ten films of all time he's a man alive hit a hydrant in red box not. Think about it devious Hollywood nights I'll pay. You watch a movie. Eight and ninety. Because. I don't know they need it Tommy DeVito from goodfellas and Alex to large eat at noon lunch. Com that's that's ago when. Is delivered again and I would do is right not so yeah you got to switch the rules of the raking extra mile and I mean he's he's not. I mean come on he wasn't it wasn't a good soldier amused blues came in from the did you. So I mean he was actually villains even as a little kid he was evil now. But it didn't get from any other that Tommy and Joseph Pesci cared to goodfellas and actually on the list is Michael Corleone from god Fargo are terrible not a villain not at all and leave don't. Personally entirely the good guy in the first movie beginnings and he gets little cold and when he kills all the bad guys do it. He. Tries to have redeeming values aren't ami transits home for everything import three wood she I mean you can sail argues a mafia settlement. I mean you can do the worst when people do in those who have written now and impart to what is already do that that impart to really says kill little brother yeah compared. Congress. You know delight and think about Sherlock. Part of it was all about his vengeance for his arm and part two was nobody in keeping it together in Lincolnshire. Old drug for mass of the whole business and they're they're moving to Vegas and all the bad guys are. Trying to use charms Rodman and it was a nice guy bad or turn gives family together. I was amusing to watch has been at New Orleans skip ahead a little bit you get down 9000 more bold Mort regardless of that Harry Potter get comment from. Alex Forrest from fatal attraction Glenn Close character. It's great being funny burner psychotic yeah you know very. And we can certainly do planner and a mechanical parts Michael Douglas is fault and I don't know Alex launched I know. Modeling had to be so good when it you know and lock it down while he made a deal to medical equipment chewed Jack Taurus from the shining who is the first shortlist is is like. The badger yeah I feel bad for everybody in this toward him like. It was a villainy just was being lost as my now. Yeah insurance too ridiculous and an ax and yeah. Oh editors. And understand. Outside. Yeah. And other people there on the film rules get baby Jane what ever have the baby Jane because none of us eight years all of them that movies way older than anybody in this room. Hans Gruber from our hard. I mean what's that backpack he wasn't really don't kill anybody. I mean you forces sand. Even Ed I think John McClain admirable what is as the rumored from arm and he got the cobra gonna come neutron you know talked a little organizing Johnny Stoddard and try to get to. You always glossed over kind of tennis been that way. We'll Dana's little bullies aren't you you wanted to top ten villains that. Made it and makers are all strong that it is pretty good. Anton sugar from the country for old men did and I don't I have never seen this movie but I have heard it is awesome and that character and time and sugar is. Great now really goodness are you and then and I'll bring mine's you can bar and appreciative of the six movies crystal home don't quote Julia what was walls is weapon and a he had that. Bolt gun might be used to kill Cal's. Not yet given the compressed air tank and his is that bold amazed at their slaughter cattle for host arguments why Carol. He's like knock you dead bolt off. Hans longer firming glorious bastards absolute number one most evil on the list did. Just scary Smart veil and man the Baghdad the main bad guy Nazis and not Hitler but the one you saw the most of glorious bastards Christoph Waltz he was so. It was very volatile so we will big daddy from Durango and chain and the list anywhere. The national is really good news is it's Kathy Bates is as it is misery yes there who wish you sit peace award between us meet our. Is up and single question they don't have to back. Jerry and I'll call her return goes all that frees you missed it. And the sheriff you share was gonna give it. She's bad she's right behind Norman Bates who soccer. This is a good news human yeah. I understand. It's like those not who don't now though workers get downward Pronger saw. And that the granite priestly whereas. She was line misuse pretty careful what you know Jeff and I had a life. The top five start with nurse ratchet from one flew over the cuckoo's. Us my eyes. This is that we need to know that Isaac and and I am I don't really it would Jack Nicholson and it really haven't seen a bowing to a much economic this now. This nurses in the top five years don't know anything about chief and referred. This Lewis comedy is a little comical. Well a lot of people out of work that we ornaments Michigan's top five orders to the Joker Playboy Heath Ledger in the dark yes definitely. A huge fan of Heath ledgers Joker. I think Nicholson movie emitter if you gave him that Joker instead of a court to be comical Joker. Visit to put Heath ledgers book with his performance. Religion wasn't bad that Amir was really. Asked. You know where I mean exactly does that thing is Nicholson played harder edged Joker. Maybe if he played the Joker a little more. Or kinda. Once over the cuckoo's this yeah toward assuring it would have been it would baloney later out of the water if he did his chair and let go as the Joker was just. Joseph no pun intended there is generally acting to me airing it but slash go eat some eats. Painful answer he was constantly scanning you know and character and again and that's why he died from this role. Very Jerry letter were great in Dallas buyers club hundreds and Manny is admirable and all come all hairy. They're Goldfarb a schlep in the TV ma are right now. That's an American I go but even that movie he's only the eighteenth best part of the whole movie for you got some he's manned the it. I think he was the worst bad guy in panic or are not only would Dwight Yoakam and and Forest Whitaker is that these sucks compared to those guys like I tell you how almost dram and Gary we'll be dead he had corps rose many and then skull and all his solo sound exactly the same I can't tell park I hope I don't we had amigos and you know urban Joker was still I was an only bad spot earned the top three villains of all time apparently here of the wicked witch of the west. And not permanent. Treaty and not scary enough come. I know you're hurt no we none of the big joke I'm definitely beat up my house. I think Hans Gruber to beat up a house I think Jack Morris in his acts to get passed the house. Lord Baltimore can get rid of my house Michael Corleone in his guns could blow up how else you know the wicked witch of the west is the only person on the slim. To get beat up my house. A three week. Method speeds to wiggle through Mosul in New York Hannibal Lecter. And man. If you're twelve and you have seeming to watch it now sounds Lance as one auto console very good movie. He's normally want these are really good one but number one on this list is dark straighter. I by law Dave browse voiced by James Earl Jones Darth Vader or Harry now. Darth Vader who's doing his job. It was on the military figure in casualties happened and I was a master manipulator by Darth Vader was evil though he wasn't just doing his job today because he was in the dark side before she embraced evil evil take him over. It's basically the same thing is Byron venom. Kind of vague about it apple has. A major problem on this list would you putted number. He got a Pulitzer normal and I agree and we ask does senator Lamar and about breast feed McKee it. I mean it was is he able. Don't want that I would put number one is not on the list. It isn't Jayson Mike Myers in our marriage should be on the list the number of the the best villain in movie history is that the monkey for monkey chants of yeah. You can you buried there are there to my top two meal room is on the list. One of the first ones is definitely dole hard Grayson sling blade because that's Billick I've seen in person several times I drove with a bite I ever in how I've seen anybody like Tony Montana or mark Corleone but. I've seen a bunch of dudes at all arteries it's kind of scary when your kid out. Well I'll evil character in movie history by miles and miles and miles and even close is frank Booth. Played by Dennis Hopper in blue velvet. And on insult that only degree advancing twisted man. Die if you wanna be like kind of scared of a man acting in a movie. It Dennis Hopper blue bell has scared. I don't know I'm not I'm really fat boy that eating someone's brains and cooking in an on that and told and a animal I would say number one. Second place speed demon from the exorcist is yet. That's really a villain in the NL went. Surprised that amid the list. Kind of violent because it made the list but it didn't but again I think that demon roared away from from all blue velvet. About the worm from not the demon spark to the command a lipstick I don't know with. He went and Bradley humans simply to a certain people yeah. Yeah. Beyond that list you don't well yeah. I'm watching her and and and aims to involve special needs spot too I'm finally go onto. The most Italians and he needs to persuade you need a weekend. He does it need clockwork orange blue velvet not be sick a month ago now. Around us. First person ever to have killer from an elevator I. That was our creed news you may. Pick. Up who goes his mom. Travelers ever uttered a nods as we get watching this movie we just don't want. That Venice Film Festival on rise guys are shareware in February really get a new phone screaming and yelling go into her. Johnny with the G if you missed yesterday's currently about 45 minutes. Volume added to a list like that right guys yeah. Right guys we premier. You are calling and deleting personal genetics service. It seemed that south wind if he had not yet McEachern thought he had questions about your order or. You. College students at college monitored at all and interpret as. To help you you are you doing to and a I and then bring it are you hold true to do pretty you'd my name's John who was Judy and a well I'm calling you today in Baku on the U does have lose. The do you may exist to choose to people what they are you were there for Roman war and on the short end. Well. I'd seen June Gaza DNA sample Linda I was kind of wanted to give the status only concede RD SE what do Wallace in on. I let a curse I had include how much of that EJ. I remember that very ill. Look I do it this actually Johnny was G dockets Roman name for you could mark a you. Are connected so GF flaw. Need. The optics. So those silent you know look. Best moment in. Any area that's true this letter from a motor is also do you have been system their. My blood they got one of the he says in the eastern only on the dude who you know they told them. How much chair T he's got in here and saw mostly harmless shooter TR got in the east so look. I think she does and tea styles hoping maybe you could bomb me until we will little woes. I'm sorry I'm putting him in that I don't believe in and I am not able. Sure would get it on department and make sure did you and that you Howard Cooper and I'm a bad right. Yeah I logged all men know a road or Majerus and yeah since adults and they didn't really say how long it was going to tell you bottom his little Tom ago I had some time Q also out altogether it by mail. Are. At noon and. It won't do that you have to hear what you mean the tears. On the labor into. Oh ya soon to sample bloodied in the highly viewed cute. Are you. Can't girl. And when you sure that we're right back in the late and then mail at all. Blow that it would be. Maluku and on and no buck Leon and no bug cute mambo didn't assume that but yeah. Yeah I assume to sample books and wooden a woman saliva sample. Not end and control. Don't turn. A little while that part of it. All old. And that's where oil. Not exactly. No log in and do it here either. On and on and on what he. Did it. There are a lot of important. I don't know what it. Oil on it and I listened in the Blue Mountains you'd want to worry about that. And the aura of a blood samples. Oh my god it. Well I mean and bush I didn't know what else is there really when you does thought as true sample that's what I'll call loyalists on a slow due in. Yeah only got the armor and an. I do look mob buddies do mention though iron out the large data agency did you send Sam Malone in the mountain lot of kids so bald mom bill but the dollar store and waited to Tom's run and I send at all. Hope you've got a mama helps. Vick couldn't tell. Our. News on the joke really do it soon to sample all. All's prewar delivering lay out all fall watched the little golden girls rule bill argued Roman did believe you know and slammed her. I. It. And we want. And then I don't I don't know. Didn't. Make. How would apply anonymous jerk here got him Ahmad the European some I don't know or mama want an eleven women laughed not knowing who line them. I wrote that you had. To. While the limit the ball so many people know and only then and there. And then and I have heard. More. I don't know what you think about acute alcohol and Duma so suck. Look if you can do is look out for money to do there today it. Now I am not looking back and I'm going to do about that and believe me greatly. Well look. I don't know in Australia. I mean our sins and other wounded tunnel of doom news you know who knows. It's your home built somewhere. I Byrd got. Don't ever called it more I just wonder Lionel little loyalists I don't know what else is say I do somewhat don't you move the company because I got a couple of reasonable John Phillips I'm sure Somali Tillman will I am. You've. Got another company. Oh. Worried the conversation with the arise again it's a great show and he three point. Planning to.