Wednesday, May 16th

It's time to do some 5 in 10 to give these tickets away: Truth and Consequences Re-Premiere


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Android or iPhone just 7341. And most say to a download link for the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with a rap as guys. Case in 93 point three good plan. She. You don't remember that song heaven words. It's to do it and our allies the news I can't. Barrister mirror remade remastered remixed and made America. Wow I like it when she is edgy new law have music wrestling probably not you know the I great gimmick that would be it. He's an alien. Readies an alien wrestler. This hero mr. mayor for two and tennis ball well back when had you her walker felt certain as threatening to antennas. We have tickets oh boy do we have takes us. You go the boy. We had tickets to the NASCAR all star race which is this week in Charlotte motor speedway this. Certain it. Also Saturday night we have tickets to see Jack hole. And it windows dipping Bre XM Anderson on Saturday night burning the yeah that we have tickets to see poppy evil come to town at the Sherman met in late lyrics to our first Sunday night. We have all of those tickets how how will we give away. The. And I just for me if I'm wrong. Especially if I'm wrong. Right down on wanna buy him out there. We have one pair of tickets to the NASCAR all star race correct we have one pair of tickets to see poppy looks firmament Greenville correct. And then how many do we have a jackal. Just one error for today all right so that means. Two we have three envelopes with tickets yes we have two of to. Win does alt. AZ yet is ultimately that's who we're. Right so I'm intent my favorite game I ever invented. And Ellen stole it from foreigners. See history in time from abdominal so. We ask you. To give us five things in you have to hit considers today's this kind of a list kind of thing right firmly when Jim was in my little IE if you we will. Matt rarely does give Maine. It. Kind of cheese. Buddha Bree American. Suisse. And Carlo. Think this was a long surprised myself I'm pro on them and that's that you know what there and a whole lot of taste to it but did cases there is just. It's just wonderful wonderful yeah wildlife where before achieved a slight handicap chase us as far as their euros for our rare purple announced. Down there. Murder 180774. Double. 93. To win the ticket in you don't have to pay us a great question Dorgan to take no you do not. No hit bit. Big novel that they may have tickets and it may have resolved either way let's play some five intent. 180774. Double 093 let's go first. To. Oh yes yes good morning but that there aren't heavy wet Wednesday. Yeah aura and the rain dammit. 10:6 o'clock PUN true redhead Webb have all these great take you say we're giving way yours or one nature hoping two Wendell more than the others are you to. Pop is how are recurrent or create. IRA. I saw her throne or Karl alone Sharon is seconds on the clock did indeed. Five things that are fun to do in the race and got. Let negative. Granted total. Worse across. This whole. I'll hop. His night it's I'm riding high and high grade. Right. You keep going and wage -- call 180774. Double 093180774. Double 093. All boy oh boy. If he gets filed marvelous it was a few and Travis insensitive old Travis. Yeah. But do you. It's. Okay. Tennis and doing. Yeah I love and he's sure they say it's. Hello again there aren't perfect ours and Gary he's a hole them only get one now now now yeah yeah. Well yeah I think. I was I have good news ten sec it's nine was five things he wants from Travis is Simpson deal. Tremors are similar or give me if I'm talking animals out. I'm talking rattled Arnie globe could surge. No land I. But friends listen. Yeah Dick heads on the tech side I and we we realize it's weird play in the game as you are it's very heart we understand we have all the answers in our hands is brutal match did RJ's best trip. Yeah nine. Disney. Five women's names start with endara. They do and Madelaine. Nancy. Term. May see OK and no 1 Mora and I am OK you got in there. You see can be done here. Now and by the way they don't know it is Swahili for not. It down there and let me see who is there any scenario actually remembering and Alan want to check. Our former guest Felicia. Yeah I remember the there Reno. Takes Miami are big but in the beginning of his own calls now. Yes let's go to Shea angering would pay shank. Hey hey hey you. Create. I'm great I'm great ten seconds on the clock shape. If you would give me five things that come and not informed got. We can match it base that it. And. Hello you. I think is that it goad me into this sample maggots. On the tiger. Is efficient system it says that thanks sharing room but it Asian users are here. Now Miller's all guns or consonants. There and let me 1077. Affordable 93 let's go to liberty and talk to Alex Alice good morning. How short little silent and he's a lucky guy that would love to get any of these events valued I'd be hard to pick right. Okay ten seconds on the clock nine what are five things you want tomorrow buddy Alex. Fryer Dave fox sports teams got. I filed court decent sports teams yet. I own it but owners. Well. Low millions of Elena and what is AM the guys and if they list of fun when I get city and so I have now and. Death. Now on around our local yeah the real little you know we've always had. Yeah. It was a bombers. It's sort of a narrow right through the mayor lets you. Hard to. Strategy has been a second thought gene paging. Gene. Yet certain of Zagreb Poznan about that. This is him as it did you say your death forty years ago and moved away when another family. Jeanne you their output curve took it is certainly changing ten seconds on the clock. Tonight turns him those returns this is on the clock now what size I just the first course is only shrank ten seconds on the clock gives me. Five things you only do when you're sick got. Worry. Group. In group. What it. Eagles thought. Ali and I'm sick as a dog is wavered Hoover. Our Ali it's horrible I don't know aren't you attribute is I don't think that February is eighties there were allowed to do couple more. Here a little more more real quick one more quickly and our listeners time. Since. Every day and enact Samantha and force it pays Smith who. I had a uniquely Los intensity. Are okay ten seconds on the clock nine what would you like from some did mean for our TV moms out. I eat there is. Loaded. There is. All right. Lower. He's earned her grandma. Objects prayer out could crash at cramped. All right frank fewest amount salon he lined Steve the big rig driver. And one open slot call now we're gonna play another outside into an all these pig it's still up for grabs. NASCAR all star race takes jackal tickets popped feeble tickets were like then take a master this morning. And yours for the taking in more thought into and right after this. Less money it's. Calling there. Okay. So nice and we should make disease usually never again go faster. The whole argument great questions last month and it's just hard domain name. Possible to eat right most of the ones I've asked I have answers to yeah. Every chemical played in my own mind real quick yeah led the nuggets got. Catfish Trout and shrimp. Chicken. To hurt right into open murders oh in order to homered right. The job yes. Dikembe Mutombo are Marcus Camby yes Earl Boykins sure yeah mellowed Brandon not here. There will be a little bit took him 180774. Double 093 remember in that class of 97 any day. Right. I know Nancy thank century Samaki walker. I'll not do it 10774. And Evelyn my entry played five intentional simple we give you ten seconds he was five things they were looking for. And I gal five envelopes we get its biggest pop evil to firmament we get tickets a jackal Saturday night at. Wind chills dipping branch Anderson. And tickets to the is it the cult cult all star part is they not get that again losses and as Karl saw just that while there I don't screw title sponsor huh. The monster energy all stars hollow when nevermind that records monster I just I'm doing is that a monster descended and that they they do Carolina rebellion and met him. Then the lord. We get them sponsored traffickers and now here 180774. Double a mind to show you one smokes a lot send tend. Good morning. What. Europe if it cigarettes needed to calm down on that. Now looking for a while then all you want to. Ten seconds on the clock isn't on Jimmy Jack Jack I believe Brad did the last car then I'll go with ten seconds on the clock. Give me. Five places you might find a volcano. That's it. Gilani. Ever. No it isn't it. That's all vote and how. Who let's see you call a am a wife. And MO and ammo and mom's labs. National park them. 180774. Double on 93 girls are. Soros get a million miles a match I can't or not. We are or aren't. Mountains. That's incredible to me. That's amounts that's American ingenuity shoes Jimmy ten seconds is what I have to offer what would you like from. Five things you've never seen a pizza. Sorry you missed it. But I didn't know pepper. Once school. Unknown is not trying to make hello kill her presence when somebody has supreme releasing them I don't think it's many parents and they each at Wimbledon went crazy and that's sort of does this so easy it's hard elephants and yes or else and never neverland aren't. A tale of these elegant. And he when he ran in career he read it. Or. I think it's as. Is that this game is taken forever and we still got all the prizes left. I catchy tunes and Eric are here we got ten seconds on the clock no matter future. At least five other words for dumb gut. Steep bit bigger. Absolutely no way you forgot about it retarded. Then. I. Stevens I don't Jews on my show my horse Steve and I am on the X and how to say thank you to. Mute mute yes. My mom association named me how do you need man I told him there's a frank and Lawrence Frank. More analysts to win and I wanted to win tends Agassi on the clogged Jimmy Jack. Every five video game systems from the 1990s. Go. Nintendo and Nintendo sixty yarder in Nintendo 64 Sega Genesis. Sega Saturn. Me. Gosh. I got to take a whiz I'm ready to go and tell him. He would truly though is Charlotte. Leah. Don't know where it allocates I can tell you are here ready to win this is going to be easy ten saying it's on the Clark. Leo give me. Besides say give me five places people are ticklish got. Under armed barely neck. Under there you go back of their knee I would see. So you start would seek the former sets pretty sad thing here or there. All right man I'm gonna to get some amaze you and now. They outlasted Connecticut these things we did miss season Malden. Initially. We named after the cigarette. A lot of isn't clog misty Jimmie would you like him there for places you can efficient cult. A belt or. Wal-Mart Kmart. Or else. I could not efficient mountain JC Penney does yeah and tell. Yeah that's you know an employee and as I say I. Can't I just did not nurse there Sears catalog. Jim Sears Canada Szilard year. Well gosh that's great guest she's back okay he has enough for a I did an envelope now 1234. Or five. You need three. Oh. Graduation you going to the NASCAR. Star right. You really wanna get that right. You are that was the one you wanted to get all agree now wanted to open it didn't work well and I'm so there might be somebody that wins the jackal tickets dual trader with having maybe I know what are you are hold on this thing. Or so far she's got a NASCAR all star race kicks but I. She doesn't wanna go into someone who does and vice Versa I'd rather do that review all right let's go to cookie if you want Turkey and gave my coaching. A little load ten seconds on the clock. Give me five things to do would say and. And capital. At and shoot. Then I don't know that meant that. Much does. What that there is Sam has a has arrived status and and deceit and Erica liberty. Online three hey hey he's. Pretty darn it they're demanding ten seconds on the clock and Jamie let's fire things would you like from. Erika Berger America warned earlier it was their anger gimmick talking animals go. Not talking animals apparent. They can't let. Yeah I don't think you're better Amanda's includes an allied to him and carry him. How is your last name had to hold. Ten seconds on the clock you give me five things people file goat. We're stronger now turning out. Oh. The yeah yeah. UH yeah. Yeah I love that you like he deposited. The labeling you take one. Pain is in Taylor's aluminum direct fire Odinga when you got to let that go by Dahlia expert but we're almost there where there will be all right. And yeah. And literally for the delay the back end as she said Edward rising gas and I. Goal. God. I. It made life don't. Third time since 6 o'clock GM you know nearly five TV ads out. Is. Not. Running on Saturday by a lay on about two seconds. That's was that. Cruel. We're changing the three incidents there of of one incident. Dana's in tailored ads hey Dana. What an asset that as the main thing. Dana give me five famous Latinos up. Five famous Latinos. Got. Jennifer what it says. Guy so guys. All of our armed girl. And it's just one week after a RY nine days after sink into my heroes. I'm nineteen and eleven days ago. He went to Jason and I hate this game now entered a TJ I'll run. Did you say there. And then there aren't aren't perfect. Ten seconds on the clock medium. Is and Sony Sony is okay give remained. Favre car should be embarrassed to drive go. Ugoh. All of a Ford and Chevy Nissan. Toyota. I don't agree that flash and there are you walk a lot of pick anomalous now 124. Or five. I. You and no I. This is TJ we have a young lady don't hold who won the NASCAR all star race tickets and wanted to jackal DL on hold on a number do you wanna if you I trade her you want to tackle tickets. Greta and we also he would rather than NASCAR gets a switch grill into our heart perfect congratulations take offense sappy I everybody's happy said many. This game Bruce pop able to create human life. Well we may have to do is do those who is that you're TS no question that agent broker because this is going on too long. You know I'd tag and no alarm are some people who played didn't win this writes that try that was five and again we're entail great ordering comebacks let me TRG to go right after this. Wrap written word and 93 minute grab. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show maybe it's only three. Right guys read premier. I don't. He shredded again yet. He. If that's really your name illegally Asia by the I do that that people listening now Arlen guy that's on his own name Obama. I believe them. Spelt. ET OK well maybe it's half as there are you sure you what it did is Leo Leo we're not making you do this you gonna do this on your own accord. Yeah it sure mark so when she answers you'll be talking to or end. Whatever point we feel as though is the timer maybe if you wanna ask us to come on whatever. But we're gonna call her right now okay. Our criteria should think that's messaging strategy and I'm nervous I'm nervous to services and their steel. Still in their. In in a lot of people it's it was just nerve snows there's just on the dial that's why that's why. How he once a. There. They're looked up. Eight eat very new earlier turned the text you up. Are. Lauer. Hang around you know and to consume those I call him. You can do and what if any can. Yeah I'm very certain. Early in the and it won't rule still. Got to know him. Much. All looked. I know usually. I'll be you know we meet up or whatever but I haven't heard you bet but it is want to see you know what was going home if you are and how you're doing. Yeah. Yeah I know I still need is being pitched. I don't know hurt and we've heard. Much. You look great I just thought they at this is killing me and I haven't. Heard from you and I am the more and more I don't hear news it's thinking very much I ate content we probably shouldn't do this anymore. You may not be learned about tapped. Yeah. Kind of you know the marriage thing is just wearing on me a lot. Combined with the fact that I don't I don't do you much. Just. This is too much going on to key to open up. I thank you your grand. Definitely Messina and I have temperament antenna and the digging the hole. Situation in total to proceed with it or not not just indicated not at I have been distant uncle Ted. Yeah. Should look if you wanna stop this spring cold Turkey and so are corporate it actually what I want common. Competent but. I Canada are you one question. Okay. Nice aside to console console within it's not necessarily a bad thing or brutal out consultants. Armed. What is your question. Basically wanna fast if you told anybody about this. Namely you know you told her probably about this thing. Lou. Can I don't I don't I didn't know what you were trying to work anything out or if there's anything to work out what's going on with you too. Why this whole thing we can. You know pretty. I'm going to media Serb. I hate seeing you are an honestly that so that's what has been wreck and with pictures. Leaked and don't even really pretty tight here lately I mean he's made an anchor. An and we're we're actually really did they say it to your question I'd have to not only. Eric thank god let's I have. I yeah aren't part of I think I think it's some playing at until it was only am I have to term which can go wrong. Or look again at. Okay no school you're working being down it's progressing and everything that you know. Why not spell out why you can introduce anything middle damage that it Turkish. Our question what you have going on and now we know predictable in the community pelted the and that they can open although they dealt with a total builds and builds and source on your work something out or somebody. Are you lose your mind its site. Not a bad owner bad so that they drama also in the past few tips at this. So that addition to just no way to go into repairing your relationship while I guess I get that but you have to understand we're going to happen it did you you're gonna stay complaining you can ask bunch of other questions and each of your opening. Yourself to something you might not lights and I mean. It didn't might mean he want this stopped and you know what mark. You stopped hanging out with certain people hurt her change her job to another company or do you just rubio a lot of stress you don't want your life you know. Yeah all that a possibility that. You know why he. Why do you care about normally character or borrow it or not it's your relationship all unity and in learning yeah but it's just not a good idea you know if you if this is over and done today. Which we can agree that there's and he doesn't need to know. Ari agree that's an anonymous good morning. I would what I know I'm Tonya anonymous. Because we're not saying your name on the radio this is the rise guys Manny 3.3 to plan. Greenville, North Carolina. We're though the whole calls been on the radio and why. Right and in my mother and. Sorry. Do you didn't get it in your colonial creating an undermining what. I never said your name whenever they do a RD I don't WR and game. I am very confused and I am not happy. OK so understood so went when he called you like we've been listening to the whole call he wanted to call you and find out where this stood. And all Friends With Benefits thing and if you had told her announcement he did not say your name and say where you were now about. I'll. You know let here's the thing down. PDU wanna say anything else you know. I don't want to get you on the on here and I wanted to get. Nobody else would fight. You know perhaps somebody mediate a little bit but I direct I feel like I knew that they were going to be over and I guess that you want it to be over but I just. I don't think. As well. What are the consequences unit is mirnyi who didn't none of. How funny it is asking my returns are yeah and sororities turns her off of him. We're from. You don't want me. Why you're out you're afraid my husband gonna come after you. Oh yeah yes. I think we're for a legitimate concern. Me I don't know that. Mom. I don't know what you told. I can't until I'm not gonna say anything. You do not jumping to their when he knew it right now. Here's the thing is for some reason your conscience got the best every year year in some kind of counseling or some kind of thing when your husband. I mean is it important to you to tell him who the person was I mean UN have to say by name or anything like that my note and no those are the pair now. And. I. Can't plumber could until late. Yes you might get kind out of bound LE eight and my husband. Might eventually know who you are I don't know I don't know which issue can be an NV. Earlier I can't I can't hold back or hide anything. I'm repairing your relationship pregnant and can't be dealt on lighter on my marriage she is above your happiness somewhere to priority anyway I'm really concerned we bought. Speech even in the peak is important since I'd like he learning you know who you are you know I don't look that all the billboards and analysts are saying it's. I don't run out on time ago I hit I'm not a long time ago could buy cheap. It was she's doing well these can understand that. Demi really like had to be and we will win in over this was gonna go minimum. Know you're very. I gather items freaked out now you know I. And third Greg come looking for you to remain. That's true I was you don't once and I never I swear to god and every villain not the guy I knew exactly I knew his name I knew I had no look. Did you invite you can break the guy's heart in that case she hates it he married her and you're just as far as he's got an okay is she. If she's on the true place she's originally was to ensure that she's gonna tell him that she met a guy. And then I didn't know she was married they started looking around it and you didn't know and he knows that tears in her command. He's reasonable. Says here she's married bronze stroman don't blow the guys. I'm. That's that's dangerous in LA so many times in our lives we sit there and worry about what might happen you know let it. EJ BK you made a mistake right are you emitting that this wasn't a mistake her now. Yeah it was that going OK so we don't have them mistakes and then didn't down the road. You know when you sleep with a married woman that you need to find out if he'd kick that guy's ass first. As an offer so. I don't know at this ordered birthplace there. Bundle it and you look. Canada menus for doing it the way you did it I mean it's kind of page and had a romantic Lilly did does not. Annan welcomed does any of this German or Nash now not one model tiny you know smidgen Pete I can't even offer that there are women on here saying McCain when they need to know I mean it's this is not a good day. Is not a not a recession we're giving them the respect. Regardless of you are now. All right hate it was a pleasure Serra be have a better morning okay. Right it's okay man and good morning. All together tombstone people I'm Haiti man oh man we'll call him a couple weeks for sure. He wants anchor call. We're breaking it. 93 point three.