Tuesday, November 1st

Twisted Todd talks with Avenged Sevenfold bassist, Johnny Christ about the surprise release of their new album, The Stage and their upcoming supporting tour.


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Just was dot I'm sure you know by now that events unfold pulled a fast one honest and drop the new album the stage. When we all bottles can be. Called somebody else and out in December but now it's out now and I'm talking with the bass player from the band Johnny tries now it's up. Oregon map Irene Dunn served under gray Campillo and now's not the same the same leaving until. That's so is this what you expect these days then your Halloween push in the new album. Oh yeah I gotta get together dear perfection deep down that employment of actually and actually get not let up belittle. Annual party at a bank's I'm I'm I'm just kick it back now get ready for that shut the hell yeah they argued that it. Absolutely. Man I gotta ask it was this was a sudden drop in the album out of the blue planned. Our end and the whole like hey we're gonna put the cell mound December kind of like a false trailer. I was there like a. Tissue I absolutely. This is this is an idea that we had who we were still in the process of writing the record you know we. We got together like a you know what can we do get into a dram industry's you've let found some creative people are doing and the way that they release the records. And now we can wanna put our own spin on it and that. Yes and they wanted to come we wanted to do we wanted. The job a true surprise record not just digitally but also physically in stores and everything we do it via card undertaking any. I'm pretty difficult to keep everyone off the senate. You know really it was it was a fun process ever wanna capital and our management should and everyone involved our whole team I think did a great job. On the way to. Yeah on the way we after a string Chris Jericho. Please is that social media crowd if you two there really blow this thing up and ends. Driver went up this you know do the least that's they title and take. Release day. And every one bit so I can't come up our challenge. Everything went we're now pretty damn well. Yeah indeed EU deftly fooled me because also are like Voltaic oceans out December whatever was also like what. Our man yeah you know area is actually ridden. Appreciation of you know good sport about it we're having fun have been on our hand man he's watching everybody. Announced that he talk about it and speculate and everything everywhere on the on the radio in the navy and online and everything. It was just it was really fun for us it was dark and suffered a combo and I appreciate being good sport. Oh absolutely men and hang out I'm excited to hear the full the full lob which I've not had a chance to yet. And the title track or what I guess what is now the title track is an amazing song and I knew. It was one of those things it was even though this eight A half minutes long it didn't seem like a half minutes long. It felt more I read what I felt more like six like I could tell it was long because you know there's so much to it but it didn't seem like it was quite that long so. You know and l.s like als wondered how they are gonna come with an edit nine I figured the whole intro part they would kind of headed out for radio. But there was so many just Ian could GMs and says stuff in there and I'm like man. They have to be real careful not to just completely butchered the song. Oh yeah I mean we've we've do you kind of grown accustomed to that my career happened. A lot of longer signs we need. That no real lottery yet sufficient to prefer to cut down a little bit leaves so we got a little bit of experience within the past we just can't act. Dissected or substance anyway you know what we can do it is key integrity that's sound meanwhile teaching people Porsche. Oh that's cool see gas got to have a little bit of low. Hamdan and being able do that so that you just don't have the labels you know just basically bastard doesn't your soul. I absolutely F we've we've we've we've always been very hands on and all of our staff and her and I created. Integrity. That's awesome and that's really cool it's it's really good. That you get that it because you know I heard the nightmare stories aware you know. And going to record and it's like the album they went in near record wasn't the album they got back out unlike you know that's got suck. Oh yeah you know I mean everyone's heard those horror stories and it's it's very fortunate and eat that's likely they want me that was sort of the mindset that. Now whoever we're working might remember we're gonna look at the science assessment of the where. Where we're very comfortable on kind deep people their shops and galleries and the that are less. Also man and that's the Leisle got to be man because you know at the end of the day you know. I know it's it's real generic be like well your still artist but I mean it's true you are. We have really take it you know not at all itself music regularly. Yeah it can't be you know taking over the he had serious but it would be taken very seriously our on our hands nowhere where we're very fortunate he and lucky to be in the initially heavily also work we're very very hard for the same time so and I don't want to take that for granted and you never openly never won you know just. Russian under the rug so to speak. Absolutely and now that she got about their now that the cat is out of the bag. Of course the next thing to focus on is hit the road with a. Absolutely Elliott we're gonna take. The term the next couple months promoted a little bit. And care stage you know and marine unit hardened to god something's gonna tour with that stared out there and you can't and and then we end up Europe. I shortly after the and that. Are certainly gets stuff put together actually get them back to the state he bring that he had asked that he's stayed at some point and then just keep keep torrent. A man that's one thing you ask don't disappoint wins is the stage show man and then having just. You know and that's that's the great thing about getting a band and being a band that's. I know you've got some clout under your belt is being able to put that into a stage show as opposed this being a band that's up and coming. And it's like you got your hands and ends in monitors and that's it. Yes you know we just put down on all sides and you know we've always tried to find a way somehow he the world we're living in a ban on pitched pennies a day. And and chat and across the across the country before we hear anywhere global anything like that this you know. Stefan those hard times and just tried to do it my bring your show another way is he believes take a lot of pride in doing that and that. Now we got we got some in store for everybody this time and again it's it's going to be. Any completely different knocking it it's just it's a different. Differently than than some well that's your shirt and I'm excited surveillance yet. Capsule and then I'm excited to see it so hopefully will be getting imagine Elden announcing some sort dates hearsay and and leasing you're gonna embassy's first. But I do you have any idea and lack should be hearing about some US states. I'll probably appreciate pretty pretty shortly here anywhere where we're focusing in on in this release. More than it's out there and now we're saying about everything really had a lot of focus on making sure that we had that surprisingly it's now our. Insert buckling down and I guess you got to keep working on some some rowdy and detours in some places you go and which should be here about a creation here. Yeah and you guys have been on Carolina and then a couple times so jealous because he goes back on that again. Oh really settle without special achieved that it worked out this time around but yeah that's that's that's to be determined a little there are gonna figure that one out. It's we have everybody in that get to camp on board he. And that the secret to make that happen. Absolutely and allow look forward to hearing about you guessed it the red. A look forty here in the full album out asleep just did not have Tom to stop this weekend. Even get a chance to get a hold of the so I'm I'm very excited about it and called a muscles are an accurate period and about it. Absolutely brother lesson and hopefully we'll get to catch up Peterson our premier are worried. And hey. Again happy Halloween. Or America and what are brilliant at the same.