John Boecklin of Bad Wolves

Friday, May 11th

Paige talks to John Boecklin, drummer of Bad Wolves about the new album Disobey and discusses the back story behind their cover of The Cranberries' "Zombie" as well as their new tracks "Hear Me Now" and 'Learn to Live."

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Hey guys this page and from bad wolves here's John Berkeley on the drummer. Not Carolina rebellion. I know you're no stranger to the south. Yes and no I'm not. Thank you ravenous and thank you for playing daunting and you know an album came out today without your guys helped you know the record when that had a platform to really launch on this. Innovate. Now let me tell everybody you are and I know they've seen Donald Driver before and you used to be and that ban. And I hate to say that bad bounces like a super group now it. Iran are veterans of Moroccan girl right. And I. And that went off a road near her fourteen years or so that ban didn't come Mikey look that bad first serve and then it was time believe it. I need to got a redirect my my kind of musical goals. And that's what I did with that old you know. And that was the right decision for you age you peaking as bad wolves your first single is certified. Gold why did you decide to do that cranberry zombie song. Yeah on you know this simple. The ball cut just like any man to win here you know it around together or do you think about to recover so well we love and it's just started and Aaron we decided to do a little bit more moody a little bit more darker look so cute purses. To make that course. Kind of hit we think we achieved a pretty rights equal twist on the song again to eight in the lyrics is because of the contents of what that song without even though it's about like you know. Conflict in Ireland at a time. We figured. Conflict. Is kind of universal no matter allies and so changing the lyrics to 2018 did this make you more relevant than kind of speak the truth about what's going on the world you know. It's you captures something magical. In the video specially tear tribute to Dolores over aired and it just is so emotional I think that's why we love it semis here in South Carolina. Graphic thank you so much you know and if there was no other choice than they can Richard beat you to Delores and I'm. Everything down from where I should the director and shows you gave who played the Boris like everything was just so spot on my all the star alliance. So really we're very nervous about having to make sure that the actual it's representative of the I'm an emotional song like that at any really worked out perfect. It it's a masterful. Stricken in out of tributary you know. And just the hand trend on the glass and staying in the ban and then knowing what she sat on that that phone call to Danny the night before she died saying how could you war I can't imagine how you felt after recording that song and she passed away. I mean it's not even know what I felt you know it it's what hurt Stanley self. That's where my sorrow comes on you know it's so sad for people didn't really know or you know it's in. Don't doubt the last thing on my mind is how. You Dario it's more of you know what a lot for so many people you know we were close with her you know. The sun has always been Hans saying that the way it's on now with adults eighteen speech hills and the fact that you gave the money to her children. It. Polls on my heart stirrings. I react to it gives me chills to and it's. Noting the proceeds sort children is it's only and right choice to do. So it's great it's gold and you know after school care it's gonna go over Australia it's gimmicky and the board so it's got to the cause and not the bed the party that just. The more the cock and you've gotten you know. Spent besides zombie. Just a day is out today kitty you guys you're gonna love it it's not all soft rock is they have a good wealth but work on it like songs every member when shape shift here that my favorite song on merit. Is a lot song I think it meant to balance you know maybe lose in the morning mom for. Art trying to be friends is some money broke up with and realizing that you really love them hear me now is a song and Ira Ike and the woman what. Thank you I love at plus two. In my tank. She has a beautiful reliance. And when I hear that I think my gosh we cannot relate to that song because there's always that one and that you wish you would have Marv relationship way. Or the one that got away. Yes they acted. It's just on the road just with feelings about. My XY and musically I wrote it you know and and Tommy kind of picked up on that I that you just are there really is entitled to your name. And then they you know Tommy kind of I I needed I'm not a vocal about a lot of lyric writers. But coming off that the emotion that the music and really felt it would be suitable with the US like a woman poised to kind of put all that together so it's it's such a good call it. That's what you get you get long called every now which is yeah it's it's a lot of golf you know. Tell me where is your favorite song is on that now on west went the Monday either. He'd like to just get out there and display. You know. Let's talk like make its yeah I like with like playing like I had these don't like learn that they it's good I like. This energy and give it the crowd. From like they had pierce songs but also this is new territory for me. Playing you know security now lives in Dhabi lives. Just really seem like an overwhelming crowd reaction of emotion. And sing along the stuff like that it's it's it's amazing too hard to pinpoint one song but you know in general. There's plot side's deployed both urgent you know of all sides of the bad. There is there anything ounce on the album that he wanted to the fans that list now formally changed things up this is what you're gonna see with. Bad world this is that this represents our band. You know like Walters the radio side at the band which will be here now let's all remember when let's remember when Harris. I really really truly Carly story of but Tommy taxes true story that is twin brother. Like. There are basically. Broken entry on it's that it in his later that tried to kill and Tommy had Q. Prosecute him in put him in jail for seventeen years that can't about the relation between him and his brother. Super heavy emotional songs so I think the world will be ready for that. We're back started really here. A really true. And emotional story with an emotional solved. Yeah I and people talk about rock music but to me it's like modern day poetry it's about things that matter in life like love and and addiction. Racism. And war are and it's it's all and hear music. Most of us rocket metal you know we don't come from money and we don't come from. Those are our our goals you know if you got a lot of rock band that. Kind of stick with. That kind of late all but baucus Geraldine. And have a party is in the it would women. I don't see the last. You know I mean obviously it is deficit rules like kid rock and somebody got on but we just always comfortable more serious. East mentality and that's what enables day you know. So there's a lot of good buzz with bad worlds can ask Carol Larry Diane and in August. You're playing with some of our favorites breaking amendment five finger death punch August 9 that heritage parkinson's and down. Let's just show going to be like. I say no that's I think we have like a lot of like thirty minutes so you're just get a get a real quick paying or set of you know our radio shock or radio and are heavy solved at its its its option to watch people come who only knows copy. And then you know check up at your stuff in the at their long led an adult like users that read that it's amazing it's it's really. Crossing over to both sides the oh and bases which is amazing so watch you know. And my pleasure talking cheers John Barrett and number have a bad Mowlds. Thank you so much and again thank you for playing zombie in. They're really getting by the Spanish people also. Well I'm like India Monta she's like when my favorite female singers now. Off an excuse. She's got other relevant singing Everett ankle and urgency. Thank you for your time to do thank you.