Thursday, September 21st

Twisted Todd talks to Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Whitesnake guitarist, Joel Hoekstra about TSO's return to Bon Secours Wellness Arena on Friday, December 8th and the loss of Paul O'Neill and David Z.

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This was done anybody who knows me knows on the huge fan of trans Siberian orchestra and I'm very excited about them. Coming months Carlos Reina December 8 tart but if from my tickets. I have not messed it shows since 2007. So Al's very excited to get a chance to interview their guitarist Joseph hug sure you also know him. From white snake Gaza got clutter resonate on him. I'm talking weather right now brother you know and I'm great or I'll Nazi battles actually just check out your FaceBook page name and an. Rails cracking up over the Ole fat aside and guy rat in the turtle here. That was also an and they do that went to go check it outlook has style manna from our sister station. Class Iraq when a one point one namely he's been doing stuff with the TSA effort for years and is a big you should ask jolt he's gone ever make a coffee table book. From some of the pictures that he posed you know after landing everywhere he goes and unlike it's possible to check some of the stuff out not saw that picture unlike. It looks like me naked right eternal light was a drunk when someone like. You know made this us that sheer. Aka. Yeah that was I was national harbor for a couple weeks play we shared so I decided take all the statues and just got to take a little self she would each other men most of more presidential than the last and I thought it shocked everybody with that one. In your cup of coffee is pres and every picture it's awesome. Yeah that was the morning tradition they go and get a couple of copy and take itself too it's one of the statues. So good man alone that Nanette that's and casserly cokes free speech let's. Until Iraq in the dead bug man and I'm just like us all that tells like only god is even bearded like me and like oh so bad. Good sounds and so docile or you're on the road was share man how did that come about. That was just really sit. Mutual friend is recommending that the guitar player he needed somebody who is playing on the police and so mainly it was the other guys in the band on the voice that said you know you should check. Jolt still extra maybe itself for you and that ended up coming to fruition and that you know if you residency easily this year did fund considering white snake was not during his you're just recording those perfect timing for me revealed that hasn't come alive performance saying that was a high level still. Enemy and shared that's just that's got to be awesome and that's got to be pretty. Pretty killer game. Yeah I mean you know look I always look at all the positives at every game again there's a lot to look at there in terms of what's great about it in now let's say yes certainly great musicians in the advanced. Enable lower quickly get to know all those people is a great experience for me this year. And of course get ready to do trance having an arch from and a love it has every Tom. Every time I hear about a mole is going to about promotions guy might listen I need X nine tickets for this year's show have gone. Every single line. Starting back in 2007. That's the main thing that's so nice you man yeah I really it's tradition for a lot of people and it's always. Really great to see a lot of familiar faces out there and and obviously the stand Middle East and the holidays together every year so these guys to become my best friends over my time in the band then sorry it's tradition across the board. Yeah and I imagine it's Colombia a bittersweet when this year man just because of you know I transcend in north she's got. Hit hard this year and Anna and I hate that so much. You have recession we lost our founder Paul O'Neill you know his screw one of the most caring and generous guys in the in the world let me just say that tragedy in. I mean do I am you know portion of the proceeds from every show that we've done is gone to local charities and and over the years TS so it's as allocated over thirteen million dollars to local charities and that's culture and his vision of paying it forward and he lived his life like that he cared about all of us and you know just trucks from personal standpoint not offer that thirteen million dollar got a little people believe cannot just stand members so much he believed in us more than we'd be even believed in ourselves sometimes so certain are really tired. I think you know he'd he'd always expressing wanna transferred her to go on past Pannemon. We're just gonna do our best pitcher beat him I mean adding security express what he was hoping for musical he and in terms of contents in this year's shows so where you're gonna see that there is a big chair beat them we're just gonna try to make him proud this. It also really hurt for me listen David seek some of bass player myself and you know and I have. Had a chance to meet him backstage couple times in just super. Super cool guy and and it and you know he'd just gotten. The adrenaline mob gain and was just on the road where the men and that happened unlike the justice that's terrible. Bad game was a special guy and that dear friend of mine and also very positive guy just send a positive influence on everybody whose lives he touched it and you know he'll leave sorely missed in the band trust me. I can deathly get that vibe from and you know that's that's a great thing about when you get to meet people. You know when you say someone who's just you know beaming with positively like that man it's infectious it really is. Yeah absolutely line anyway that's where I think is everybody we spend time with our energy kind of rubs off final on another right we don't actually actually I think it's great would you do if a candidate scenario where you're on a tour bus for two straight bond sale positive people around him. You know the only way you look at all the bright side what's happening because there's always there's always you have to look at things reality is perspective you know and and that gave just fantastic at that you as always light hearted lot collapse and always talked about man can you believe or didn't do this and that's that I you know that's where our heads always need to be Manny can't ever become Fujita old musician is gone and let me just go out there and shorted them especially trans Siberian orchestra Melamine we wanna give people their hard earned monies were much and it's a special events so frustrated garden and do this -- and are. Absolutely did and I'll I love. A love get to watch you guys play 'cause it's always. You know it's it's great he does as you see the lineup change a little bit here natives cutesy little bit different chemistry but it doesn't matter. Who's and the band you're always gonna get that just signature trans Siberian orchestra experiences great. I think that's certainly they're characteristics that they they look for in in the musicians can't and the crew. There's. Politburo was there was really. An amazing producer in and had a -- night search for talent and interpreting the right people around themselves. And you know and and and fortunately for me man Madras is Christmas never going to be the same for me without David C Dylan is. It's fancy foot work has going to be some literally some big shoes to fill for. The base at a tough. I well you have to tears you tell people it's see it's not about to China. Due to bad TV impression you know the next person's gonna come up with their own special flavor you know but hopefully share some of the characteristics. Speaking of positive people you know it doesn't always have to be. The same level of animation or that or similar animation -- find out I really don't know what's gonna happen with that yet but will all find out soon. OK so then no announcements been made on on who stake in the based darom. No sir knowing now and then made here that will pull all the anxious to see me answer it. It's it's one of those things Leno was like with it was was slip not actually had slip knot in studio with me. And it was probably less than a year later. After that happened that Paul great past. So mean so I'm not yet again it was just it's crazy because I'm like I would never have imagined you know with Korean clowns sit in stadium litany that I. You know within the next following years. Albright wasn't going to be with us anymore so racist it's it's it's a crazy thing and it makes you really appreciate. Every moment you have. Now that's OK is that I mean you know it's likely that that's why it's like why spend our time complaining about these trivial thing you know it's it's it's all of the really appreciate what we have sent and I I've. We are just different perspective the TSA though I mean there's still so much a love you know we got nineteen band members on the east side I believe some consultants that effect through all the singers and band members and so you know that look these guys are my best friends as well. It's you know salad not says David but I love all the other guys so much I can't wait to see you mauling get out there and and at this Stewart. Absolutely you know there's a lot of people like you say you know why people. Complain about things in life like get the people who yeah a lot of people who can't stand the holiday season unlike. Why why you hate like such a large chunk out of the year because unlike. You know that's on my favorite times of the year in TS so of course being one of the the main things about it unlike at a still eight. I think people like to look at all the negativity liking all the commercialism of it and everything unlike David. Not all that aside and and look at things for what's good about it. Yeah I guess that it comes down to perspective doesn't it and it and it seems to be a bit of a blanket statement I mean things aren't always that black and white at my track we get into deep on the center do you maybe. It's I think I've got a lot more crazy and all that life so that aren't there I mean I see it looked like you can't just say the holidays are bad that's silly there's still limits could not. Exactly and like I said then you daddy gotta look for the good things in life trance ambient Yorkshire being what I mean man out. It's one of those things Amelie set of files light at the hospital bed you're gonna drag my ass when an IV in any. Uncommon to see TS that's all there is still it. Nice and I like that out like that well I think now mama blessed man did did you edit gate. It means it is become tougher and tougher and let us senate on stage of my best transplant and video music I enjoy playing for 101000 people an arena and you gotta go hey man I'm really blessed there's a lot of people they kill to be in my positions so I you know I don't ever forget that. Absolutely though I mean when you work to a transom in Yorkshire of course you're a Staten liked snakes. I mean it is Sissy you've had an incredible career man. Yes thank you so much man I have I've been really blessed and I it's just that's just just comes down to just trying to be positive likely be a darn about being productive. You know you wanna make sure that you work hard. First thing you guessed since November 16 will be kicked off in Erie. All the kids yeah absolutely so you know Gloria ruled that sort of number sixteen I think rehearsals begin at the end October. So easily get about two and a half weeks of production rehearsals get to show dole like. Sick by the time we had the first one that was always one of O'Neal's pet peeves was down effect on an historic era rusty on their first few shadows so we don't ever want that to happen with DSL. And try again especially with something AA is gigantic DSL is with production and everything like that we wanna we get out all the wrinkles in terms of the pyro in the laser light show and get everything dialed just to achieve before we put that first one. In mobile have you gas and full slaying because he gets hit in Greeneville on December 8 so I'll be in good full swing by then nourished not some. And I'm so excited and can't wait to see guys this year a plug it come backstage in Beijing and have detonated couple times. The past couple years aren't going to be awesome please say hello L it's little little brother and I appreciate you taking the time it's happening thank you hear how much appreciated product are you have a good command. I haven't backed.