Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl

Thursday, June 16th

Paige talks to Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree about their return to the Upstate to headline Independence Slam at Charter Spectrum Amphitheater on Friday, July 1st.  PUH POW!!!!

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And paints would Jessie. Hey you know I've posted on my FaceBook page I've post the video. Jackal playing in the Kmart parking lot. Standalone particularly locked in the. Yes that's where it all began and everybody has a story about Jack I don't think. We know we've we've been very fortunate to be able to do what we do put you know for a while and in big east has oil my aspect up that we just keep Kevin. Furthermore more potent target in the crest there that no excuse to stop right away we you know we're we're excited about getting the number problem and music it's just for the losses we've been. Don't tell children in South Carolina and in its upward incredible figure out internships and fill up their computer and whether they're Chuck Cook children's dust up Credo in a show and it and and then was perfect I'll work it back to that as we know we are celebrating America's birthday that we can run. Right and I know this is like going back to birthday bash two week you and Scott staff because I remember that was phenomenal at the white horse road fairgrounds and all came together on that big stage that one night where bridges and at. A Budinger radio station and looking out on the crowd and why isn't that insane. No we you don't know what planet could hear me we were like ball away that such a polished rock station to. It hit the Greenville area and of course that station it's all or control go to Atlanta and doesn't go oracle. One of the of the biggest region isn't in the country's quota lot extension goes so it will go all the way that they have that left her backyard and it's called planet Holmes so yeah Jacqueline is you know who we. When we didn't know that would square garden that it would try to give everything every single stroke because it looked remarkable holdco holdco true. Isn't what went public in the from strictly true. Public the article like WW we get we get is. Just seems perpetrated gear toward the hole I am going to be sun and yeah it doesn't need to pick anybody up there. Listen to prop up. Your tickets for the independent slam or play a critical view of pursche. Take a picture of you holding. Hero that your independent slam tickets posted a video of the planet FaceBook page and in that night you have to pick somebody open that latest political for the pitchers upholding the ticket and whom they won't give Beckett total. They know isn't that go along with a little chuckle what it back your foot split up. We have good you'd begin with a look at that stick and Lebanese and spread the word to the print it out there and that the that looked like he can help. Now I I know you and I knew that your very patriotic and I know they'll their red white and blue pants they're red tabloid this we be sport knows. You know like I could really go that oh Abiola Google put a lot of coveted free thinking about wardrobe a religion grow whatever. Well it would repair genes look comfortable for the moment Paul moment ago that you don't put up with applicable. For you know that you could deal with us. Will you be doing something for the military and independent slam. You know I would say we we we acknowledged you know we we acknowledged. You know there's this myth that the government is gonna since you're obviously well I think in the end we acknowledge that you know that the family members of the sudden the daughters of of everybody that knew that this wearing the uniform and it would take it lightly and you were world tush by the individually one way or the other you know across the country and Paramount probably built to do a lot of different charity motorcycle road is simple we have. You know when we got politics into the green the holidays and it's a war responsibly the show and there's not a more there is not anymore. You know Bob did. Giving big hearted fraternity of people out there that they and the people that rub it motorcycles into proper cut cut a couple apartment helpful. You don't go to the B port that eternity in god and they have really huge spike marks there in green goes well and end up function worked out about jackal committee chairman but you know it is not about rod motorcycle it is about fourth of July or so ago the letter Q about a probable cause a lot of motorcycle or if you don't give them a horse back out here just. Don't miss the ship omens looked a compliment to chuckle. Pretty independent slight bump that the it's a bill ever appear in regular Q would it wasn't an incredible being used to turn into a jackal bar and grill that. Right and a outside amphitheater in the Summers are you kidding me it's can be fun. With WWW total vendors still release for the Third World into that it could be it's been reported to be over because he got. Auditioning suburban little breather that you haven't tried that out by doctors neutral zone is open on it probably is an open it was a hundred. Thousand cases of the Jesse James Byrd and has been in just a little over three years netbook that that the typical socialist in the liquor business and yeah bill. Yup this sort of build put out something that go up in the disputed that ball to people at Boston locals 4050 hours a week or more they wouldn't go to that I don't think the second mortgage pop bottle you know keep deport but you were wrote. We will have the letter to show and and all back. And and what I wanna ask you is it music lies and you gonna play one well rain and down on me probably his nose or standards inkjet aus Gerald chainsaw. But what about the newer stuff I know you're excited about that when are people gonna say. Do we got you out drop in August the fifth end up. And Indies go rally Coke and and you can either pre ordered a Angelica dot com or you can you can order or iTunes got married if you ordered all I could go back yard you you wouldn't get three of the falls to that end up a so called rally ended up that you got have been extended its. If you have that you actually a break up nothing of they. Big daddy there was the first to grab hold of him player like build the could have already assertion in the country you are going to go away if you look at the opening music first look. There's a so called rally that. That though that we just released to radio this week is go threatened. End up just a bit like blocked remote control moral right then we got that got Augusta feel. If begin you can pretty rural local calmer you can hook you know and I couldn't grip through the equipment you'll pick because you got a check up there's one school. That we actually registered this one sold in the country but shorts it's called just occult blood drop mean you're right. Delaying it. If it is I don't agree but we're we're we're trying to do are trying to get the word out there about that can thinking you know about a concrete short with a bit of an object promote a little bit you know. Answer I am well. Lies first. Everybody's going to be there is here from the south and you know exactly allow money got to support these guys they are right institution who helped blonde sister radio station so what. So what do you ordered to. Probably part of the family and and it will be all government family reunion so my redwood couldn't get them into court cut that out well you don't building. Keep pick another hit it couldn't have been we decreed out. Whenever they first what would have forgotten. About the open support for well include. If it's gonna go have a cup Bakalar for it was a little bit and then there's of there's been another another brand is that bit under the. Hoping to pick and they were brought what looked to that this will be opening of the show and told talk a peaceful reintegration poll 00 yeah. That development I thought what most open I have what we know it'll support. Via the Nuba especially new bands are coming out of trial. It's good and then they're go go future ticket today thank you go approach your picture you put it signaled the planet they put the plan replacement player. The magnet integrity Q2 I would bet that autograph you're the bad acting at all or electric guitar in the political side it can go give achieve that they'll and tackle what. Jesse James Dupree from jackal it's always a pleasure. You don't do that don't go back to Oakland crippling it in the left lane and there will be working order but there over the whole web so. We are literally chuckling no doubt you're gonna get ready you are the first to tackle it independent forum don't make it.