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What exactly does Jeff eat to produce the worst gas ever?, he explains: Headlines: Sports


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Arrives guy so I can. Typically it's let's get this tradition started. I haven't missed in your ears. It is the rise guys and it is. Wednesday. October 18 2017. Are American maintains and things. 432 I myself. That's easier as that's ten days from mirroring you celebrate. Coming into this world. Ten days. The out that was when. They re when the labor for 22 hours you know where you Bridget Jean good no labor on the towards. I was born it. One in the afternoon earlier as you do in that area. Asked us a bar especially morneau howling there backed. In labor for 22 hours. And then said. Give this kid anime I can't tell you know more you're underwater following Mary's. Now. Now oh lord no regime is the one who wins she went to the store and it was 666. He would get very impacted gonzo would not be that number there she would say. Push him back again mayor till midnight. A little scary maybe. I think the lesson there. You always somebody in the Bobble there who was sixer sooners were big it's a mansion only gives them back. It was never in your right and whether you should put this back advance and handed out it's going to get some asteroids as they are the exact opposite of they would do it and about all right well let's spend more so we're not able to. Why does it doesn't mangers does give some back. Yeah. See that was that was a time when new. Well wasn't that long ago learn. It it's very bad book and as situation there program. That your ride that's. I negative numbers say that there. There are some hiring earlier you poster mom how do you get the last so we wouldn't. You know get that dark cloud ever Shanley yeah. What if you back in as Snickers bar they might have only been. Six dollars and three cents. There. That's okay because the fathers and held yet history has not. There's six yeah mama loan now it's confusing. I'm out. It's crazy mortgages. Were born when this goes out hey you know and and humanity and I heard it. I'll Alibaba. You have such Nomar out. All of us are due to all round well while I'm down at Daytona is a word here is it's gonna last very. Oh wow there I'll do swagger someday I'll let my uncle Boris and smackdown is on the west tennis now. Yeah it sure was I do now these are losers right now Mercer and attention. It was his night on the he. He's taken aback because this man I was there is a Seattle last night. There and Seattle yesterday as much unrest and it unless they ate dinner with O'Meara with Rupert Kevin Jones and Sammy is a nice. Yeah I heard your help in the patch at Princeton it together. Whatever it. Yeah absolutely and try my best is get blown belonged to and told me and I aren't together can I nearly event. Now it's all these our full five last night I'll believe it. Randy Orton when they did it or the one that against the perpetrators hours or could return to. I need to ask you about acetate indebted as gym bags and in some time. Castaneda wrestled through 45 hours then come back now and get on the fresh clothes and a great friend of the story merger Lawler crown. RB ABA in the program the UPS though he's. He did a lot of bad business deals back memories he had during the territory asked this of guys when he went to David B. They were still pissed off about us whenever he was like ball in light to the bathroom himself why does away from his bag they took his crown and each of whom like to turn hurts so when he goes out there for his hands that's coming day by the way what they were kept they all get billions same thing you know it's funny when he went out there in the royal rumble. His first appearance he wasn't wearing a crown he was carrying it. If you notice is that why he never puts it all because. He's afraid to let them and did. The sort of follows tell us that when we had them on the air what a great story that would have been asked about it when members and is this are some wincing editing great aching when did that make it in your ground. Yeah around. And to send a memo well we weren't armed army right at least about craft in the king's correct or is it true that. Thirty Desmond Taylor had something to do with the invention of the Dutch I read that and am pro wrestling illustrated book that I am. Traumatized dorm or closing bell labs are workspace noon deadline I saw a story the other day I learn never say inform our smoking guns. Alive Xbox. It's I want forward is 123 kid I guess who was hurt any did some June oh and he thought it was a smoking guns. So he put some kind of hypocrisy in the cowboy hats so they got the Reagan had cowboy hats were glued there. My eyes I'm here. Unless you have got to you know czar earlier they finally got to yank open they had like economic cowboy and a half from where your box you. You know I have Miguel would Bob you know who. The judges should ride. But about. Wrestler. Ranked wrestler pro ranks yeah that I've never heard a Jerry Lawler story Ed B one for yes. The pretty new emirates flare lied to me in on the the littlest thing about being a red lobsters and other. But yeah never and you know those are real and not a week goes bios may references that to me. I'm sure are gonna liberal senators Rick flair Karl you to your face a damn liars are not even a work in liar like I'll now line the line you're a liar that never happened never. Whenever I've never been there. In that town have never eaten dinner with the dragon in my life especially not at the red lobster. And they eighties in the eighties and I'm saint. You saw and it. He's also law output in their religion Eagles this on Israel says this shirt is it usually liberal and are you serious. No answers. And inherent in June 3 how well or are being owners Fred Phillips has never been through the length ghosts. Romo. We're only a pair of where we're lobsters. Here. Oh though he's dissident. You are right idea what is only a test. And get to Obama is it beer literally no joining us are now. Or is account for what you heavy owning your diet. Proteins. I was Barack. Momentum and taken a lot of proteins very little caller Jimmy EU EU it. You've researched this kind of stuff what what's gone only him. I can't tell any and you may hear these polyps in the background or you know like you it sounds like given their chair asked Jeff Barton. There was a note to attend Ocalan heard it was Jeff Williams so you won't let it. I'll bet those in the school of thought it was a senate calls on the road kids thumping around I was just aren't. Now. I don't know what's going home and I can't say it was Carl would you have thrown around. And his guests in loans from all the hitters and his doctor reviews in his own reasons for dad's from Romania some foods create gas. You can't see all the terrorism is over and detox thing delivers. Blogger pressure on an open calendar since its sheer and you're on your. Jim girlfriend cook a lot this. And does she do we both we both seem that the written this is a master chef she you know fit like you. She is. I know she is a singer I mean does she took by the some girl asking how you know and have a perfect body and then he like crap yeah. I hate them if we want KB women and the men the fight we want to Josh foreigner. Last noticed chicken thigh as in some it's worse throughout talent Jimmy at Bagram when had to say I had some chicken. Chicken thighs is different. I resting and dies and her they've denied an important thing we'll do it to sail when you get chicken. Now with the do you do you drink and he jury when you drink you drink a lot of beer or liquor. Dispositive now is why I practiced by can now. Decide I don't I don't go into a used to drink of whiskey gap announced kind of weaned off of that. Why Dunbar can just slightly makes with the cranberry Red Bull and vodka note a revival bobbed about like sometimes comics with the born jam pineapple juice it. Amex was sort of the way around Minnesota Tzipi eliminated Robb's army currents are. Are all that was like yellow and foaming should come back from the map for tomorrow yeah like now the Rob Zombie concert and beard also a lot of it is the first time like in east. Geez. News. Can he only exclusively drinks beer in Betty set that are error was mulling it until and it senator Rob Zombie Schapiro to lose like students. Merrill terrorism investment leaders. There must needs said wedding gift are there Saltalamacchia. And knock in the inner mountain. Yes and then on your knees have been over the going to be careful how much to. I had I saw this and and at sage of Omaha home favorite place is because I knew I wanted messages some point Essen good low transition for. Budweiser when I was in high school and college and I think called the party ball edited in it was lack. Eight a no the volume how much was on in it but there's sort of Bud Light. Out what is how much was. I can say it came at a boxing judges put the ball in your free could be put in the U Teddy -- Fred phrase that in their data between being a sit down real simple. So it was like until then all eat besides that you had keg right. Listen this. Budweiser has released. The Budweiser big packed. Lol it is the biggest. Beer pack in the history of mankind says it's far gallons or reportable pat downs and I'll do. This. Is. 3240. Chants and achieved. When where or under the bus why here's a picture of the Budweiser. Big back big heart. As the 3240. Chants. Which would be. I've I think 66 facts are gonna compete monger one right now well look. Now that's a ripple worthless and by this hour because normally at a cost consumers cheap birdie by the volume right. So I mean SA 500. Urged 600. And they okayed a bunch of bids six packs. 4609. Dollars this morning the dollar beer. There is well entertainment dollar burger says it and just one big block current and I mean he's out of power is gonna say how would you have been delivered to your house. This is for birds and sure yeah it's that's firm people throwing huge parties or people try and it. They'll be fraternities and authorities. Think Jimmy going to be their mission to finish another weekend Bill Gates again rush week things like that. By the it's odd how it's it's it's in a big huge box you can imagine. 3240. Beer cans stacked up and achieved and then in the need. Shifty. For 4006 or 99 dollars free shipping may like a 6500 bucks Selma two dollars apiece. You have to emit heat won't where would you do that and I mean if you owned a bar or semi that you get cheaper and act on it. If and then you only painful to sail problem. Which is somewhat now as it assists and he'd talk and not talk about you know the 6668 outline Atlanta's instead of more now as we did. Or more more more we're neglect and hurt our party Pallet. Did say that they just fired off and touch it until a deal Laphen dollar. An hour look at the monitor here now is handling in there and those who. I'm not going as I mean they're not gonna come out whether any you know highlight ahead Coca-Cola has to come out the little kid sized cans now. Ain't never learned that a beer then it's always is way bigger never like smaller. Our airline Belfour is trying to Cannes for that big parents how mighty its third row as the case. We're oh how nice and bear for that much money I don't I don't hear anywhere. Adamant opponent it's funny that you know I would tweet out the picture but I don't want them. I don't wanna promo would that any Dahlia does an excellent. So anyway that I thought he Jeff. You had this year drinking exclusively bod generic set when they robs IAA said Rob Zombie concerts summit to get them a whole bunch of vodka for. And while I was wine and beer. I don't want war where our eyebrows and have mixed drinks and Rob Zombie I didn't see any ultimate support. Hard I have big cheer us up there they have the that he shouldn't drinks and all that stuff. You know you decades and all that vision Gerri I have had liquor about those serie a box stores and won't score in the whale. All we see that cowboys games Packers. Genius whereas today it was caddie yet and they can be made of yogurt and as he followed. From so the way I see it. It would take five. 1000 dollars with the people and pay off to buy the biggest budget pact in history years or you can just go remembrances won't factions are farmers had a ton of money or pure and pressure and serves are so. Our bird suitcases for served here for our. Yeah and he works for them clear yeah when known him for a decade he's been slowing in more beer and just used to it and now that isn't locked again. It's is hold more beer than jury reroute Barbara hot ramadi and Caroline were. A slot and he never been. It's crazy. So thousand dollars as well as into him that giveaways that we weren't male birth and here's some piloted camera yesterday or the camera Jesus Christ the talent Karen broker. And I say geez. I'll let the calendar and I was like hey. This is it don't last forever where attendees who Burton now know that a little payoff. I we can't get lags in Gaza another day thousand dollars in the next thing you know his talents on same use. Don't dissenters who I'm good right now dying destitute trying to win this thousand dollars my god. If they weren't thousand dollars or drown out all you shut up. I try to talk them into bags and after the war. First ever 1000 dollars or don't mean to actually. An adult I don't wanna thousand dollars said Ted DBS are Buddhist monks well. They should take it and integrated into bailout money are they need money I have to use money this stuff need robes you got to feed the tiger as you have a monastery and razors they're inaugural ball there you're saying they had they do that we're sharpened rocks nodded again probably not anymore. As his dusty roads. Aliens had imported for that we have. Thousand dollars giveaway also today how about this is Stalin's Russia. All us all morning long. Meaning. You will call land or email or you can even. And you can tweet and text these things but did you know when it comes to a good hard core sage advise would donate to talk to be locked. So you didn't see if you can emails a rise guys and AOL dot com give us a brief synopsis on includes daytime phone number of we can call on each on that way or just when we do it. I will be Dylan on the we generally don't atop the hours and so I sent an 89. Would do phones those hours and what it's IDS and need advice about work. Home lives relationships. Should I JG socially beer vodka and I think Jessica helping Elin at all fear enrich. Any thing we can weaken it as you did well mount a lot of some things. Yeah so anything is why we all know it all obviously but there's people out there that improbably Dell what you are dealing with so they'll be around. Yes so the show has been really good people who have brokers manner matter how weird you think your situation is Barbara somebody else has been in the same spot. Yeah absolutely not absolutely so I could keep these numbers handy 180774. Double 093. 180774. Double 093. Will be doing those and again keep keep them handy for when we open up their phones. It's open now for we're not gonna take any calls yet because we get new headlines right page absolutely what are you working on in the collect. Our restaurant in California is cup serving is something and they say they're proud of it on Yelp. Tell you it that is next in your eyes and send mine. Your citizens is delicious fruit is indeed. It's a type of meat. I yesterday Nadal are certain people. People make it big as a guest art will find out next and your rise skies headlines morning. Here's Matt yeah each and centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet. The rotten. Right guys headlines with the age and you're Beagle who. Right guys headline is love and and in my comment is stay hammering. Well there's Iraq. Star on end Long Beach, California. LBC I know called sweeten Dixie kitchen. Can already gaining Yelp reviews at least in town. Last week that's when a guy named Tyler is heating and air and he realized the fried chicken and they were surveying. Tasted just like pop eyes ticket. And when he confronted them about it as waiter admitted that they. Bring in the chicken from pop flies low and kids are perhaps as we still live. While at a time just felt ripped off considering they sell their chickens airlines for twelve dollars and fifty cents east lots more than what he. I cells ears or and it cannot Tori posted that information on your out. And when this week Dixie kids should respond and they didn't deny they actually bragged about and think well we proudly serve Popeye spicy tenders. It's always been our goal to feature local food and guest chefs here. I also content that's carried through global food and guest chef wow what senator balls or the death fun. They owner tried to clarify and they spent basically she said that most of the stuff at every restaurant has brought in night. They'll have their own chickens land Hanks for dishes are cows make him now pay grade point. You have eight gross pressurized environment through there was took your other restaurants and then my corner conservatism Grammy Cordero and scrape. I if you if you go to Mexican restaurant odds are that he it is even though there's sizzling like they were just got all of our Erica get a different urged him restaurant and they brought a man. Led by everybody advisors say he is in the lane as I read rarely did yes in themselves really either meets. Soundness and Preston and. Team manager continued to say we will continue our business the same Wylie always have done is any legal to do well. Idea have to put it on your. You know information hey. This is she not a religious swords iPod doesn't tell you were there Hamburg meager their canes came from there. But that's just a way to show you is this forum to table time I imagine legality. It's as long as it's healthy and. Past food inspections but as far as. Yeah you know I legally using and other products that might be some kind of copyright infringement if. Pop ice gets upset about that what is their body from pop us and not stale and they're paying for it and then they I think that's just capitalism. I don't know aware how it works as far as Charles turns in different jurisdictions are Buick has stayed than counting the the city kind of thing apparently are. But I'm sure it someplace is probably have issues would you do in that from a health standpoint. Rear door and I'm prepared Schoen and taking in and present her as she prepared. Yeah enough. Fires are not as you pay 1250 for an hour sandwich you mean you didn't. You do you kind of deserve it does it brunt trailer was Brescia brunch as a place where you do pay three times more why so mark calls for some memories and now have been tornados are for breakfast sixty dollars and has brought it should how to handle that happened did you drink that. And it's like Indy if you nudging a brunch people look at you funny period non green energy should be some ways with fewer hour halt. Well are you a little later and I was Emma Allen nominating thank you hypocrite it's. Well let's talk about the battle of the predators about all of the Johns who would win. An alligator or shark it all depends on where there's cotton EMB of the water that they live and precisely so an alligator expert. Thought Landry that our researcher was kidding when he asked if it was possible that. An ally Garrity shark. Well as far as our research goes. Stomachs for comes as some might 500 plus alligators. Live Tyler. And they found that they do eat sharks. And fresh water type people women. I imagine so I'm not big people went but this is. A Thai people. But I know there's an anomaly but I would say that they would eat anything that it's fray late for stations birds anything that's around them are even finish that pass on right now. Here's insurer surely he is anything ranked but these your problem these are probably leave baby sharks carried. I mean they're not gonna guess too great wide gray why in the water wins. What we are narrow this the other alligators in the ocean of great whites. Com search wherever you are sharks then they did you know coming into their their territory which wouldn't be like big alpha predator shark sheer. Doesn't mean smaller ones es say all in the water he has seen certain NATO evidently. 12 or three Barbara for that outbreaks are now. I'm saying that an alligator. Well yeah alligators can swim. Yeah okay period nor yeah. That's what source can't alternative fire Cano from god. Her the last so it's document that alligators can need a lemon shark and nurse shark and a bonnet head sharks. Even stingray secular under fresh water and not a hammerhead. Sure if it's small enough. Nursing a baby hammer and they exist are robotic handlers trying to hammer her. Yeah Burrell was Margo bottle opener. There are insert some news or amber sort of similar to hammer has yet they're hammerhead too. Now on and you know may be with floodwaters. From hurricanes in the am planning can cost things like that happen yeah him may be detained. Please tell me yeah. It is exactly. How much download that little Sam Sam my side hurt them on how well yeah I mean soon. Via itself the birth emirates or when the via. Guinea and it's not I thought what is it holiday not Byrd pitched. It's called breached. Are you sorry you or no effect coming out sideways. Numbers you have to be just right every term I had a number two like it wants an ally or hemorrhage or not just came outside well I think I'm a us. Decent ride and a miss Molly measured shatter our campaigns Nazir ice center. Iraq this morning. Beltran and. Rise guy's sports with the apple. I guess we give rise to the big sports story the story and now. Last night was the opening night for the NBA. No carrier ring going back to laugh Cleveland aside even the story of the game. Celtics loss but Susan how quickly a season can change. Less than a quarter into the game Gordon Hayward golf for the year. And a Koran is gone or may or is golf manages got a big free agent acquisition of the summer. And you'll hear hear what happened this is. Reggie Miller Kevin Harlan to on the call and the news you'll hear. I'll tell you what happened and I'll show you picture to under the salary and go yeah. I now this is just awful. We're somewhat in the game live in UC via. You'll see the angle yet from all but she sees the crowd McClure were to happen turning away Al got the Vince for the. Men and women. As enemy like Sid just does that come on mantra. I would amendment. That. I just picture. Ish. Now he China page I assure you has brokered. They're the U dislocated ankle at first but he broke his tibia and broke his ankle turned her on. Six it's do you have the video of him but I. On why that it is in the sale are you'll see them up on the wings coming down. I whoa that's one leg that's rough the mighty yet the crowds turn around minimum. Is stopped for about ten minutes managed care mound stretcher got sacked. They also reset his leg Arthur home court Gallup probably is compute you know there may take a camera put his face after he sees this as well he's got to do you've just got to duke earlier this crazy talk about the Yale. And they're going back to Boston tonight anyway for dances when informal. Is sucks man because it was going to be exciting to see weaves into the Celtics. Or there was a top employer twosome was in the rooms. It's big bill. This week when you break your leg like that the way he did I mean. He's career can be over wit and write me a break a leg as a basketball player known for jumping to crazy heights Paul George Burke is and it took him by the year knew he came back in Jerusalem do. Your own signal it. Paul George bridges is bad is that how I was polls are almost certainly does prevent I remember I thought it was pretty bad record over called and there are yeah I mean even. Shaun Livingston can come back from what he did his knee was the result of years ago and still play ball. Yeah they are trained American barely hear anything at this point he played last night tonight. And then you know if it's a clean break our yes tap plates and screws and that means longer. Where Sharma racing came down and does the upper part of his leg was beside the lower part of his leg from his knee was beside itself Omar guard was the worst singer. If you have surgery accident leaders Colombia for the year. It's brilliant man my caddie are scaling get rid take an hour that Internet. Spear of the MBA there's a list of prohibited items NBA Arenas. Earth so fans can bring. This includes so to sticks. Missile like objects. And optical illusion. Missile like object you know. I don't know what that means the so thunder sticks you bang those together everybody else. Bottle shape but rocket plane from models or anything me trot on. NB a bottle rocket page. Through he can't Camilla I was angry at. Alum became Camilla pepper spray aerosol cans that's fireworks. In the Kuo must like on issues are. Bottle rockets and when the polls you can't bring poles and hanging out Paulson a laser pointers even really care water. Okay did they specify. What foul play flip bottle there in the air commercials at Christmas violin is reported you can bring in both sales and optical illusion. That's always a point what is. Some crazy tied bad teacher. Being that's a point and then things we can't yet cross tries to see the division. The message. You look who are ailing Jimmy daylight Chinese letters and then you turn your head and it said at need. Aaron that Merck and not about that dispensers in the momma shredded it. You seem drawn picture return on Sunday alleys making offense. Not words that. It's like one of those parents saying that four man. Always illegal Eliot but it's there on the right guys answer and if you as a never in the NFL say there's probably enough evidence here we assume. That you did something Basil Gordon suspension. Accorsi went Gordon mania throughout the NFL when backcourt and is high you're suspended again not now. Zig when the courts I got that thrown Massey plays Sunday. Is going back and forth and ping pong in between suspended not suspend. For more her food borne hood as you know and while I'm a little. You're saying is if apple could daisy is not be a sport on the field are all trapped ball. Also important those. Is it we get complacent is San Francisco. Is a run rough shot on 2009 Ers. And one this year and I mean you need to go and bring Al cat back. Now that that's the thing man before. There's so Mike McCarthy goes to the Packers if you look at their predicament they're true because of Pat Hurst I urge our trade gap snapple we got to seize have you always done now. Was in that situation probably is probably. The Packers on Simon guest. Now so puzzles like Cameron it okay do this was still bad it's less less let's take us to contain. Utilized Singaporean out of samba Brazil I do quarterback and a bet the kid addresses that I wouldn't be hard. The quarterback now. So Robert Cameron death at this point it got too many is a better options amid these Sam brain and we beat the titans Newton is always me. The brought him back when the Panthers Simon. Oh points or about alama. Now. I mean remember primarily conservative. Why do you but they're not you know looking for is starter when him a bigger audience fills in regards to my ass assigns a little or no stroke like Seattle or Baltimore. A number and waited and is he doesn't look as old as you. Mean this is old as you are but not as old as you look at may travel terrible. There these are brand we incinerators. We both have more wrecks. Esther and page Baltimore had a chance that they didn't sign him. They could go back and so on its. The yardage Ireland calories and fat boy play football team going get his quarterback. And I. And why you say never come ensco closed with a or MS. I'm pressed him on anyone says. Vienna Phil owners male players. And they did not ask for a commitment to stand for the anthem. Pacific talk about the issues of players and trying to bring attention to a will say during the two NBA games last night nobody stepped kneeled runs that a good. I thought of something you know it is kinda miss guided it did they hate should end all of a good. Animosity going back and forth with the kneeling for the National Anthem. How about this. Kneeling is kind of vein. Whether it's intended or not it is kind of not so nice to those defending the flag or did. You know soldiers and and the veterans they were. What is it rather than kneeling. You put your hands in the air because it is and and I'm not being facetious and I say that that's really the intent of the protest is police. Brutality police issues and inner cities though that the why put your hands in the air while it. There isn't really playing junior collection that serves you right. Not down here beware there's Catholics. It's like you're the year you're ending your solemn years in and and and complete solved. Is deeply respectful apparently yeah when it becomes junior collection like that happen mailing bit. Again it is we're down here and there are many earn turf where X and lutherans and Pino who understand that. Zoo easier just a lead in the locker room about the way it once what do I get on Jeff's shoulders during the National Anthem. Need to university mailing I'm in fact taller than everyone else. Personally illustration on top UN thousand bucks coming up throws transported. The rest. Hey hey that's where they talk about some crazy stuff. You don't plan.