Friday, May 19th

Jeff and Paige have some early morning heat with each other on a Friday: Headlines: Sports


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This rest guys like gas powered by Sunnis can't travel. Arise guys so I could escalate its. Hello Lou good morning. A law. A and you intolerant. And anyhow. I am my cholesterol. I must be honest. There is no need house is used to be it Chinese buffet in the head of state and that was the name and a consultant. What the closest thing anger Rosetta Stone after Japanese as Jimmy didn't they tell me that means hello. The Hulu. Nino Weezer yeah hold regular board where was that a hero or that he's very. And any sane world. The dollar and denying that also empower. Me now Hulu. We don't have anymore page saying hello all. Flustered yeah a lot of really at all. Oh man there's some sound clips from back in the day that wish. We still had. A one voice now. You don't know your question must what it meant what was your question where the elbows used to always our cross strait a fake. Right Jeff. He says yes they Alistair. Arnold says Edgar Gardner I'm good. He had a strike it is Friday Friday Friday yours mine and everybody but us it's. But and liberals. My hero category I'll I'll I'll. Hi there well one trade together you tell me my man I found it it's good. I'll now that's when she accidentally a broad plan. Maynard accidentally. Well okay general purpose. I don't remember him. Actress he Dennis any kind of message nor Syria would serve to cops this morning as they disarmed we're doing your free breakfast they won't. And then only me started on that Bush's mood in the most places OK we can't give up our love affair. Our love affair. With the liberation. Liberation is where you try to match that two first letters of that a couple words like free form lost its indigenous. And in which that. They're calling today flat jet Friday. Because. Police officers go I may get free pancakes are legendary bank and earth image. Hailing him personally yeah I owe my brother. Bob and I'd I would occasionally eat hot cake. Originally occasionally but I eat and never once they flat jackets pancakes trying to get over I actually rational move and they know that I. Actually yankees' top 10 K I am afraid to order that at a restaurant nothing personal as a kitten. Apple flop so I've heard more news who women's breasts caught flak jackets and I have I didn't know I'm being honest threatening to close ones are flat object boom boom boom. In there we get clearance. So far it's been described as sort of got up portions. Of Atlantic vs there's a wall forward and you Joba yeah is it. Don't forget about I'm never let you know you won't you the brand well today eight pages in perfect timing weird to the wrong place wrong time I don't know you went into the number two guy was in there you all sound drops did you tell me it did it and recently but he is an old NASA earned. The system big so. SOA strategy what's on my own man opponent I. Are great mood are ever I have huge plans for the weekend age are planned to attend both. A flea market at some point. Owner and the Greek sensible and fair as well I'm telling you man draw down to hello how Alia I don't know fares and Simpson will have pairs partner. Not criminal indeed mainly the numerous serves little. And then we'll stop on jobs Zulu men. I usually I usually don't care for mandate yesterday how bad they weren't that I was leaving after came back. Number legally gotten gone and Nelson I don't go to bathroom room as they'd bring them back here as mayor. I. As good shots and you'll person has. Yeah all stories from all lost her daughter of actor real Barrett. While much storage unit by the way. It's air conditioning and has bathrooms into LA and we're here. And I'll say right now solid this year that really counts the issue square footage downloads. Pro so I thought about a site well if I ever have to go to the bathroom robe that. And there's there's towards you Linda my little charge you double cell Hindi poem out yesterday. Which is odd for him to lead by himself around us have speakers grocers radar. Barack Obama I did. Hey it was around lunchtime and usually to see him drive alone analyze usually Stone Energy America that I guess asset always thought Jesus. You do that here. Two of these fires put out today and it's gonna get a buddhism its shares sort of back and I did you. How long I mean I was always act. Headgear and 12%. It was her hall were brutal and Darlington he looks so stressed and I don't know what it was I didn't ask because the error April if he's Torre error in stressed about it not nosing them kind of yeah. And in doing you know. CNN deliberations reform how did how did again yesterday page I swear. Ever made it Nvidia isn't so listen to music which and a big proponent of while driving them into. Everybody is listeners sound garden yesterday everybody it was as. It is. It bothers me is that man we get it just we can't quite. Sutton their blank when they're dead daughter a lot of stuff they know who he was such a shock I think. Had a hell they're like people call and they did and there are occurring here and go ma am okay era and the beginning names and people except Europe's view that says I is brilliant sense asking them in and that's my last. I lost my husband and the man and I began that was mine. Not bad for Paul passed. You're seriously going yeah access. Millions of the exactly or extra police say it was drugs like where people calling in light literally crying. You weren't sad and then you know I've posted some. Some accounts face facts and have them Colin and I called and I put on Hawn and Jeff hung up on the I know well that. Don and hang up on but I won't hold. What happened Larry uses it led to calls so busy he had just had to screen for you. No I didn't he just chose to. Go Peekskill heat on Friday. There is no I was I yelled at him and I apologize for yelling and competitiveness and. Well those are gonna mumbled. Was. Oh lead woods is an accident he accidentally hung up on the idea hang up on won't hold. They are on their home upon impact from now on. Suggest hunger problem there were two people on hold you go back to both of oh. Who belief. I saw him watching Monica argument longer right now romantic and there was there was wanna hold already has or should I won't hold. And in the other one I'm talking to. I went here and I put on halt to answer them one at a time is their colony and pebble has sound effects of the tennis activities and after going after each you know I am done good I'm Marty said my peace urged volleys winners. Three minutes if you'll why you why you apologizing and he hung the phone because I. And. I don't I don't I don't know. Geoff Sanderson well first I said there are only two and then he says there's only one side definitely. And a general problem. Please tell us the same consistent story we're we're again where law unfortunately be more inclined to believe her flat is that they don't allow. Several times mobile number on hold shooting a bachelor we everywhere aren't working with cellular gladly urgent. So Jan years and you play them only usually in their personal and called in right she placed him on hold him. And then the other one called in and and then when that happened shoes in the notes on its own press hold. Does mess around does have fun serving ace and then it was still don't hold. As she doll hung up bottom. But instead she didn't look down and we'll see how they were mobile mold who. Why even do and that when I was trying to do my job what he's an all along saying yeah Jesus cry I'm sorry you're having fun I'm I. How does your team. I would have done that in the year before the woods is true Wimbledon and go home right now it's a semi Hamlin now it was bothering that is in an instant. This is very Aurelio hammering India is very fresh and sorry I have so are we have fun and our jobs. Now you had sunny your jobs are we have fun and our jobs. Do about a month sorry we all have fun and are done now is if I enjoy hanging around point three. If if you're trying to make someone else's job more difficult. Thank you. Arabs they're. And. I know I'm here I'm just saying having a good time that's a Macy's or somebody else is having a bad time there. God forbid I do it again. Did you not live lice did you like this tornado. Hit less than me yeah. Yeah like someone else can. I had to do that what what I was just wondering why. Why you hang up all I did any damage. Person they were loose distraught and Obama. I've put them on all cheating a backed off they are just as it has said that there he's all that's why you all I would have had to pass and send us your just resting you know he said he felt the they did a lot of that should be score yesterday were hollow attempt to capitalize and seize the moment at the expense of the man and his family and his odd ones and those mourning for him signed it Jeffrey Furman Lewis neo. I'll bring him home that. I think they'll believe jet and sometimes pays for its ridges. And on the other. But bought only the only other and each. Doesn't think I'm done it's it was sometimes we'll get taxed the same did you have a formula B yeah. Not for little though all the lines are you. I think I guess who got. President fountain hang up on people on mount enough not. You do ladies who read it damage free yeah I'm coming from you here again. Yeah. I'm. All. This best day ever thinking you're facing a bull Morin now I just think you are motivate us also how cool community and I wouldn't have pages based disease there's stress those are the hey it on my day inches now and this prominent. In the early in my day to comment on that. Yeah you're right. People yesterday I made my day today Serb. It's small sacrifice is just having a good time made. Your day a little bit more difficult you had a bad time they ever had a good time and now have a really good. Aren't you sports here's the buzz I've. I guess did captured eight pages traditional treat trauma I know all of well how uninformed Valdez it would. Happen without going to be great for violent he's innocent kid thinks. Well today is Friday as I said. That's the last line coming up later on 8642414328. For that if your anger or maybe you're one of the ones it just hung up on mr. an error page forgot your don't know what ever happened real message for Jeff. 864241432. Late when mr. That at all if you encourage go to. I. Apple 86 award team for once for re too seriously if if there was a disconnect history on this reform call and NTELOS sees things may be is it forward that. We also have NASCAR all star race tickets later on as well that's that's tomorrow. And you don't win tickets to the pre race concert which hit more note just in more just or more in our secure borders and ship more there care more there there related. Thanks sir can I don't believe there are also will explain it later but Aaron Rodgers you have till 9 AM or elks. Out salsa. 9 AM or else elves and you don't wanna find out what then or or else is. Whenever yesterday. But nothing in seaside links. In your word remarry amenities and editor under well or maybe an Emmy and they in sports Arenas of you can call us 1077. Affordable 093180774. Double 093. Of course she can text this. 73 for winding Carolina paper mill tax line. Listen step callers today as well man you can use that policy arm. You refer to me over you can snap 81 absorb both I recommend both I think we both have real good snap stories and bit different but funny. You can get our mash unit of HMA as fans EW it's a match you on snatched. Or you can now follow Jimmy at nine from TRG and I east front TR IG in and in front of the tiara yeah yeah. NIC and I in Charlotte that's very guys are. Our front court has project in any from TRJ well I had 31 have finally learn how to spell minds and it's true. Yeah television news Max. And can calm they don't try ice and I will do that good morning everybody. PG then doorway. He 93 point three the planet dry. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who right guys headlines not downloaded that amended state armory. On a medical examiner ruled Chris Cornell. Death as suicide. And by now you've heard all about it's and that of course he died after the show in Detroit last our Wednesday night at the age of 52. And Chris had his battles with drug addiction and alcoholism. But his wife. Released a statement saying that she talked to Chris before and after the show and there was absolutely no signs say he was depressed or suicidal. He tried to reach him in his hotel room early Thursday morning they can get through since cause somebody to check in armed. And that was when he was found on the floor. With some kind of band around his neck. Now they've played Wednesday night at fox here in a short and and then. The family friends apparently went around midnight. To check aren't. Which basically. The timeline seems it you've basically got off stage. Got back into the hotel. And then just did that yeah I used to do as soon as he gets. And maybe he calls her after the show. Whenever they had an Indian justice they have winner whenever and term. And he it she didn't hear form from anybody got concerned cease fire like oh boy he's with some code. Back to the hotel room. We don't know and then on the speculated the videos ever released of the show. Went viral. And the last song that sound garden played. Whereas the song tied on slaves and bulldozers. But then they mixed in parts of a Led Zeppelin song and my time and time is always in bulldozers sounds letter Chris stable and so okay. They've done that. Over the years and less terms or am I found Brian and so mayor norm. Yeah and if he was telling the crowd how awesome they weren't. Any said and this is kind of eerie. He says I feel a bit edit sorry for the next FC play sweep play that's repeat for saying that he was giving clues by saying that and then planned months up on. Birdies or the next place we play him why they're going to play another place maybe Osama haven't. Vernon. By the way I seriousness of the for real. I'm when we give a phone number right now and if you have. Things I can't have crossed your mind like even if they've crossed your mind recently. Right this number down just in case very very talks are special on the weekend is on the weekend you work hard you've had those distractions and then. On the weekend I don't know he may be gotten got nothing going on I'll hand you get. All sentimental and think about crap. Book or is this guy era rock star who seemed. I have it together pretty good sailor are pretty happy do with his family and everything at this point in his life you know nobody knew nobody closed and everybody had a clue what was going wrong with him inside him. I think another thing too if you have if you have to go to therapy and things like that I found out by talking about it on the radio that I go to therapy that a whole Lotta people go to therapy. So we have and where were we would you mentioned that it's legal under the therapist is like going to the gym I go there and the work on the body I got their work out my mind not trying to go to my therapist low more from the you know. Yeah emancipated. Goran religion go to the doctor ordered our military you know are staying carry yourself like any of those other things. So here is a phone number I am totally series even have EE don't have time now or or redeem you got your work or whatever podcasting later. 1877. 892921. Morning. 877892921. More. And that is not some then they came down from the top fails to and it's until PSA. And I says he's begun I'm known. Too many people close to me that it thought about it or some have even tried it matters hates it's it's not a good situation. And hurts a lot of people and and you know he'd get a whole lot of life to live. And many people that knew Chris had their tributes on Twitter and other social points and Gavin Rossdale said total shot great man great and great loss love every one in has world. And Jimmy Page says rest in peace Chris Cornell incredibly talented and incredibly young incredibly missed. Allen John says it's shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Chris Cornell a great singer songwriter and a lovely as many times. Chair I can collect know or they are not met up with enough. In lipsticks incentives Courtney Love. And exactly this isn't getting I I. For placing idle all or Milo slams I cried for you stay rest in peace. Last got a selfish. He did a sailor my dad and wire there Chris. You know who she was stuck. All we're doing drugs mergers that are you know coming to return a few out there from the grunge era and Shanahan there's Elaine sustain me. Wynonna. Lang staining. AG is on and yeah means. Remember transparent girl singer from Seattle it was on unsolved mystery issues murdered her issues that are. Him an audio slave Dan Maine Tom Morello said quote I love you brother thank you for your friendship and your humor and your intellect and your. Singer. US equal rights for janitors I'm devastated and in deep police and that you are gone dear friend by ear I'm bridled rock power. Delicate haunting melodies. And the memory of your smile are with us forever your beautiful voice and beautiful south we'll always be in my heart is more churches on Twitter anybody. I have regular pictures statements. Long guitar strings here. And well and then shows you caught in the free form light said. They say anything Jeff hung up their. It's. Well let's talk about some angry employees. And a guy name and your stereo and sound on angry I'm Anderson Louis Anderson I was no relation to him. And he works at a the sloppy way she is putting the cheese and pepperoni on to Pete says. Now we start a fire Hampshire. Says she got into an argument with them and eventually escalated to the point where he pepper sprayed her. Or is. These things are. Anywhere is addressed on an Afghan told her it to head there she wanted to fight and stormed out unconscious. Man and a worn out for his arrest. For disorderly conduct and I imagine you can't pepper spray co workers. Let them out ambivalence. By accident. That was like this manage your plane may stall pick and it. You can't hire you just can't know sports summit has gotten pretty good chances Wrighster spicy and I error. Well this would be good news or bad news. One and four women. Aren't shooting their RK. Okay yeah I and that we have a technology Friedel laser in all forever. Ewing if that would be a deal breaker if you're dating someone absolute. Lose lose a little hair absolutely. That's how I will sign dress is you know and I yet. Personally I like them. And I can imagine what it the light my arm hair hanging around Lohan. Returns as you want and former Virginia. Is all women stop shaving their profits. What would you do then. You get what women who don't shave their orbits is what you wouldn't want to bother me is what we always do this on Ellen did they all quit there we were just we would still I don't. I would take them 11 by one from behind and while there are facing forward Alex are clipping their armpit hair roller girl Braveheart was harsh character decision does rub you are all under the armpit while they were there is being taken care of what else doing back there. Wily in you wonder why they're doing and is not a statement to be freer when Aaron not have to shave her would visit just laziness now own and a beauty industry expert says it's our response to hammer realizing that a lot of shade being an Harry mobile products are bad for their skin. So laser malls. You see the blazers really lasers or other fine I don't get shot with lasers necessarily. It's like a lifesaver they come and it would. No brainer he won't know Euronet aren't doing it wasn't caught won't want to did you want your bikini line and even you people are. Shame people are probably not shaking their ranks either they don't want them as. Saved hundreds they aren't they here they got lay here and our war why he and while you Don king and headline. Let there are a lot of and it's it on page and has your guys MI and. Stewart here owners for the rest. And each 93 point 34 CNN. Wise guys sports with the Joseph Louis meal. It's big downside. Oh yeah it won't read it. All right here we go. Yes men Gisele Bundchen is god yes also is supposed to supermodel. Who's married a patriots quarterback Tom Brady. She sat down and an interview with Charlie Rose who CBS this morning. And at one point rose as Bundchen. Is she wants ready to retire from football. And she told remission said no while she told rose as she does worry about Brady because of all the concussions. East hat. Her quote is he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much every. I mean we don't talk about. What he does have concussions all why howl swell whenever notes you know the features through either injury reports. Like part of a strategy. I don't live Belichick sleeves and you'll never find them employers have to harm routines doing what he's been on the patriots injury report multiple times over the last few years. However. Is not been listed with a concussion. Jack is you got to put him on their sums wrong Vargas and Poehler and many really doable from the mainland wanna go on protocol because he would assist. Then there's last year and by the time he went back to playing after missing four games meaning that happened around that time announced. Manner Paul Maholm I'm cynical. Now. I only use. Praise him and I can't help our that I don't make a grown man cry. Well it cuts right to the NFL's biggest problem with his album is actually the man I heard our weren't he's made me cry. Ha and so I didn't already critics are physical. You troll don't advertise a product of what he's doing that honor Baghdad you took out. Hot days inside. Can all take another hot down here. Unlike the drug and a forgiving Kenosha mayor I. The storm a year or cuts right and NFL's biggest problem with head trauma there's no way to actually protect the players back to the story absolutely. By the way. Aaron Rodgers again you have till 9 AM. Or elks. Or else and lose so we'll see what happens Tom Brady and his conclusions. What do they do now that like that when there's no proof for whatever she does and it probably gotten her ears and look. Don't break takes it Gary Faber and he's gonna not only now he's he's banging his head against the wall zed is dividing. And the Madden curse wall and Madden curse he. It was as if you're back four years he's never been listed on injury report with hit entries so it makes you wonder actually if they're costly continuing to hide something. This because they meet Bree. While they do amended it pitchers injured or it's always and they. Well what state of California. Where there's been a drop stripping California. Ralph is when I was drenched in record breaking ways in rainfall this winner. However it's such as we try to build it NFL stadium. Is rams and chargers are soon going to share a two point six billion dollar stadium in Inglewood California. Construction started in November in the building was supposed to open before the 2000 or 2019 season. Similar thing happen in Ottawa with the bulls aren't there whatever the rules are auto club however has team announced this morning. The timeline has been pushed back at least a year because of the heavy rainfall that essentially stop construction earlier did you go to vagaries. For. Where in March. You. I don't so. Then that didn't drought is causing the calls into the lawyer I mean because it's so hot the workers can't I don't understand any stand down until it was too much rain and gitmo is is. I mean they would they would have put a roof and everywhere. Out out here if there was a drought. And error. With the Los Angeles Times reported that the bulk of the problematic. Rainfall came right after the construction workers. Had a excavated a huge hole in the ground. After five million cubic yards were removed the ring came and turn the construction site into a a lake with a water staining twelve to fifteen feet deep Sierra Akimbo save Americans Muslim. Though pushed back two years now has 20/20. When the new stadium's going to be opened up. Well that's when the cowboys don't break off into the ocean anyway so them and they're so new falcon stadium on TV it looks sweet. Yeah video board is all around place you still don't go I mean it looks cool to look cool to watch on TV right or what Tressel. Against a watch wrestling there always knew when they do around Romanian and I'll work on your watch football and yeah I don't care about the elks. This. In the state of Chicago. Or according to a statement released by the Chicago Cubs in the Cook County medical Examiner's office. The cubs fan died after falling over a railing at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. The Chicago Tribune reports. But the man 42 year old Richard Gere he was leaving the park at around 11 PM after Tuesday night's game. When he fell and hit his head he was pronounced dead at 3:33 PM on Wednesday my. Accident that happens. All with the Fenway Park you're in the ticket towards they take you agree monster seats you know and very much remain hugely over to grab a ball and you'll really pay attention to all thirty feet. Now without even thinking about. So be very careful when your prices. Gary was with his wife and some work colleagues other details of how exactly he fell or not known. His wife for Cuba was reportedly not with him when he fell. So yeah. Happens every year it seems like there always baseball games always baseball even go on for the balls I guess are rather they're trying to catch a baseball something that usually happens is your college football day errors thrown game wants to Mars for heaven's way more baseball games do but there's more baseball games in their fourth throughout the course of the season when more people attend baseball game do you remember when Jimmy did Clemson Virginia game many many years ago one of the or whenever co workers what Willis and well as vomiting off the back of Death Valley stadium and near fail I wasn't there when that happened ol' boy there and remove story round was not added I wasn't right there when that went down. Well I tried to push it matter if you don't vision speech and to have an internal Bill Lester got a fellow to back. Arab is a couple times there are injured her Rangers started here it seems our sister Steve Hartman should be glad he's alive. Is that. Or easy time in his return to happen one time in Kansas and. All right this injection statements and or murderer restore power. Rest of trees paper in them mode Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter they wanna bidding war for the Miami Marlins. There going into business together hopefully. And it was a more sobering report from Forbes which indicated that the deal was not quite as locked in as originally believed. But was instead more of a non binding agreement between the Marlins. NJ and Derek Jeter however yesterday. Another blow came to Jeb and Jeter. As their baseball dreams from a Bloomberg reported that the pair have lost the backing of dramatic irony you know how to pronounce. Wo G. Q you owed GUE. It's a capital founder Wayne Rauf bombed. Was reportedly gonna contribute 150. Million dollars of the one point three million dollar bid. That Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter billions not millions. No 150 million this guy I was gonna do but. It's one point three billion dollar bid Jim and energy we're gonna put forth tomorrow and I'll get this money and give you money. Just an easy task is. Mean he's not he's going to be in every game or arm. I not getting guaranteed that you know he's I got a real my house down there is beautiful and ladies laying everywhere naked. Plus baseball wants a guy in baseball however Cingular. Is arguably degrees and yet let's just try and be like W. TCW. Slow. But that is in the W video or is that the Rangers game of in my pocket and went to a reporter did to report he'd just been Evan walked under Saddam stopped and Obama. I'll got a break up does that make him an ambassador to something yeah multi millionaire once in a while business. Bryant on jetBlue is they don't regulator to address as sport. It's business as usual but funny business that its. The plan it's taxes.