Wednesday, October 18th

Twisted Todd talks to Jeff Plate, drummer of Trans-Siberian Orchestra about this year's upcoming tour and reflects on being one of the original members of the band since before it's inception as a member of Savatage.

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Just dot and they improbable RD her but interviewed Joseph hold Chara. From transcend being orchestra you know that I'm just a big Ol TE SO geek and I'm delighted the fat I get to talk to a guy. It has been with transom be an orchestra from the big getting talked into none. Other than Jeff played brother how are you done today. I don't god. Don't go get ready for the tour. All of that then went when he does it started. We several purple here a couple weeks house. And we got two weeks a reversal and then we are on the road. Oh man I can't laid on a gas going to be here December 8 in this will be. The tenth year straight that I've seen you guys. Oh well well. Very nice. I started 2007 had a last year cents. Well. That's played all the time we started playing green built right here. Com I think Al started the year before and I'm meant to catch that show because it feels like. Every guy has played within like a few days have to render him playing in Greenville miles like man on this both of those shows and that was Kara. I tell you we love we love that town agreeing bill that's just the coolest little town and have a day off in. Actually the or been out falls park. How awesome it was crazy Rob Zombie was spotted out in a false part he played here. A week ago this past Monday. And none yet he he was spotted out falls park MI that's so awesome. I got out to Nigeria who. Who really like it. Indeed it is Yemen I have actually have a tradition where. Com I always get an extra pair of tickets or at least and at least next repair to. And always take newbies each and every year that have never seen transcending orchestra. And I jet because SM Lockett crack dealer only your first hits free. Hey if this says somehow this group. Has become what has become. Because it is a bit more word of mouth and anything and I think once people actually see the show. That they understand what it is that and they can bring their friends their family and and you know it's it's amazing this is certainly injured during it doesn't show any signs of slowing down either. On and an and then especially the fact that I know this Columbia such a rough year because of what you gas have been through this year between. Doesn't Paul O'Neill and knee is a bass player to listen David C was was hard for me. Yeah you know it gave me is. People always I thought he was my friend didn't make teacher right that I work with Paul for. 24 years so and David C Asia immediate in my bed my brother in arms for fifteen years. You know he's the guy with the onstage on the tour bus in the you know rehearsals all the about so let's. The not to mention that Dave was probably what he was definitely the best basis I've ever worked where in just one hell of a performer so we're we're gonna miss a lot. Not having gave but oh refined we'll carry out. Pretty much aside from like. You hadn't Chris may need as like that Constance. With the East Coast version of DS so. Chris the two members who have never missed a show. So I'd I think we are the only two members out of out of either Torre group who has never mr. shop. Yes and of course shells rates start Bakken sanitized to. Yep goes back a long ways. Oh yeah absolutely man that's that's why as I was really cool for me to get to interview you actually got to interview. Jules a few weeks back and he knows Greg get to talk to him and everything demand. You know it's like I can go and oh gee here man original gangsta. Thirty I'm. I'm really excited. Seeing you guys in. Has always put on just a phenomenal show and if there's ever anybody that preaches the gospel TS so it's this guy right here. Thank you very much we we. Appreciate all of you who preach the gospel it's it's the reason we are what we are. A mandate I just appreciate the that fantastic music there are a lot of late nights I work here in the office and honestly. It doesn't matter sits in the middle of July I'm cranky Nelson TS. Up up. There and then developed not seasonal stuff to really keep you entertained America and the out of are part of the year but. Yes so this is so this up by the Christmas record is it's rock and roll hall hit it applies everywhere anytime. And as a bass player tell your talk about how great David C is manned what do must favorites is the loss Christmas Eve album and at Christmas jazz is imagine that lets him record in the base on. The there are some of the baseline c.s do and and I wish I could find like tab for X unlike that is sick. Yeah I think that was one of I think there was an instance where there were in the studio in the Charlie. And at the you know they got the son bill written helped Charlie was playing it and I think Dave just trying to. Just got a giant and I I don't think initially. Gave a big part was was part of this. And what days are playing a lot of like holy cow that's not fantastic and you know made on the record. Incredible glad it did because that's SE or so one of my favorite piece is actually made it onto a a little self made up playlist I did just with kind of like acoustic hybrid songs and adds I had put that on their it's one my favorites. So. So what do look at Ford's you know this year than anything any big surprises or anything I guess this is a surprise I guess you can't tell me. Well we're going to be we're going to be trying to go to Christmas Eve again this'll this'll be the third year were presenting the show. And you obviously you are Europe that are and so you understand what he has so is that for people who don't. You know the threat there orchestra is safe is safe I'll call eight seemed. Shelves but sex. The first half of our show is is is based on whatever Christmas CDs. This year it's based on the ghost of Christmas Eve which actually. Was not a CD originally it was paid television show that we recorder for PBS back in 1999. But this is show at the time basically consisted the greatest hits from our first two. Polity CD's is receiving other stories and Chris and static. So you know after we ran the gamut of our first street CDs and in the stories. There the company down all decided a couple of years ago you wanted to try this one and you know this story is. What is the fans' favorite Paul loved at all loved. The musical sequence that can really get into it you know absolutely loved playing the show. And last year after eighteen years is trying to sort of our most successful first today's so. Obviously the audience really like to do so we're gonna bring it back out again. Present that story which which consists of the first half of our show. And then the second half Marcelo is where we pretty much fought all they'll all the production gagged in the you know the big effects and everything we we feel all the rest of the night with a bunch of you can call the greatest hits but a lot of their favorites a lot of Paul favorite so you know really upped sample really intense instrumental stuff. We get around the Shell Oil well then. And in the end we basically blow everything up so investor that was say Merry Christmas. Absolutely and that's that's a great thing about it is like even people who are like oh man I hate Christmas carols 'cause we have. We have are all a lite rock and a sister station over here I mean if they haven't started playing Christmas songs already a problem they like November 1 or something and and as sunny humors like god god really but unlike if there was like TSA Christmas suns I don't I'll be partly fond of that. Well this result and it did actually. Happen and the idea I don't know all through this part was really by design by. You know what Christmas is Syria vote 1244 hit the airwaves. Everybody recognize that morality Carol of the bells. In parking Mary Joseph you know it's play. Holy cow I well I do I know those two songs that never heard it played like this I've never heard such a bombastic. Heavy burden of these dogs so. People or more hard rock you know. Heavy metal. Oriented absolutely loved it. And let's restart of recording these CDs you know there's a lot of music on there that everybody recognizes. Some of these states. But Paul was very clever in in taking. The rock bands that we are and incorporating the holiday scenes along with classical music scenes. They're making the whole thing in the original piece you know his own creation and this just really struck a chord with so many people because they like he said he no holiday music is. It is what it is but TS so quality music really really is there's a much more particular it is there's more rock and roll to a and you know pay millions says they have bought CD's and supported us over the years in you know we could be more thankful. Yeah and that was just originally just a track on what was that a winner album. And it rendered yeah that's right up. And and pretty much if you listen to that version and then the first GSM version I mean there's. Really not much difference wizard much based video switched up when you did it's ever got. They protect your original recording and I think there might have been a couple occurred maybe a couple little mixing changes are a little bit a production change you know. For the most part it really is the only true to the original version of that song. That's awesome too because I mean and it's so crazy that that that song is just. On thing you guested for that album and then boom it basically birth all trans Siberian orchestra. Well it was. It was something that we were all. I had it honestly when Paul insisted on putting this record record in this song at their record it whereas. There was a lot of curiosity is so we don't why is he doing this you know what is he doing I remember Paul and Jon Oliva going back and forth in his studio about. About whether this function the other record and -- always very very very persistent about this he just really believed in this song. I don't think he was seen you know the future. But. Always first turn the final version of the song everybody is certain lull that really sounds fantastic. But still it is the holiday Christmas song it's on a said the Taj record in this is just seems kind of strange. That record came out and has talked took off in a completely different direction. This is that this was the vehicle that Paul needed to launch to trade Centre orchestra and and GS so. If the all the elements all the ideas for years so it could bang it around Paul had for years. And this was his opportunity to put this whole thing together. Put a name to it which was to turn to bring orchestra. And we record a Christmas Eve another story the following your release stated it's you know it's still our most popular C today. Yet that it's always a run up between that one and whilst Christmas Eve for me and am that's it well that's just. It's because TSA has had such a massive billion you'll see. No heads like me come out to it even if they're not normally into you know that sort of Christmas. Then you'll see people who are there just for the Christmas type stuff. The near people that are there just to see just a fantastic show. And it's such and a great eclectic mix of people rate. It was one of the things that only first circuit soaring. Debt from the very first show we realized. Once we got through the show we realize we have something and you know up to that point. The music itself had already been successful those. Christmas cease cereal was it was it was a huge hit during the holidays. That this CDs were actually selling quite well and eat up a we hadn't played that life yet we had brought to the stage. So that was the real curiosity was to see how well this is going to be received in. And hey you know I know I know in the beginning people showed up to our show expecting seeing orchestra. And and they certainly got something a little more than that but for the most part I think everybody really loved. Not only their musicianship and the production. There was in front of them but is also this story that was that was surrounding the pieces and Paul was very very good at that his lyrics touched a lot of people. That first story. Chris Europe yeah Christmas Eve of the stories that that story in particular really just struck. At the heart of so many people and yelled at all what seller list. All of the above but see your point I I think people in general if they have no idea what she is so is or have never seen it before. When the show starts. You are automatically drawn in because it is impressive from the very first note. And then hit the show continues you recognize a lot of these musical themes whether it's. Whether polity seems so whether it's classical piece you know Mozart Beethoven and the like. So there's something in here for everybody. And even has something about the show here there's an element that maybe turn jalopy are should be something else to turn you lot. And I think. Once the word got out that that that the show what this that this is one thing really snowballed and you know here we are nineteen years later we're still torrent. Oh and all of the fact that you guys will bring. To the table and introduced to you know what's probably you know can be predominately on Christmas audiences. And expose them to like you know some of the darker material like from night castle. From Beethoven's last night you know stuff like that. Yeah we we're definitely not just a holiday band and I think those two CDs in particular really. Really show that other side of the good of the group I mean if you know in our core. We are rock band Paul O'Neill was a rock musician he was Iraq songwriter. And you know these other ideas that he hadn't had. Between himself and John leave. About people. Who was originally with a group and they did a much songwriting culturally. You know they're able to take Paul's ideas and put this whole thing you know it make music out of it. So when you when you Ellie elements together you've got something that really can just touch everybody and they're not to mention you know. Not just musical genre as they age groups so you'll you'll see an eight year old child sitting next you went there right next to him is. Eighty year old man or woman and a defining him is is you would Metallica shirt so. It's it's everybody you know young and old all musical artists. Absolutely and I got to ask because you know you came from like seven times I even played a metal church. What's day how is that lights you know as a drummer. Was set experience like for you go on from straight you know metal Dylan you know what transcend in orchestras. Well if you saw I'm still rock drummer yeah it is it is a different. You know it's applied a little bit differently. You know there are some songs where. Where it really is one of the same you don't songs like the mountain. It's very intense it's very fast that it is point. You know other song sparks also. Offer of Mike Castle that's that's another side to really that's a rock and roll song dipping drive totally true that. And then it goes pieces CLU data Christmas if Syria though. Slippery rock until it I mean as far as the drums are concerned. Debt tribal drum beat that TomTom scattered throughout their entire song. I mean that's that's really pretty metal what you think about it but. But they're all all the things you know they're we all you have ballots we have other other songs other styles. That they would get so it's a long shelf. Digitally over two hours and inlet and luckily. You know is not act is not a straight. Two hours we we've got a number of musical pieces and then and then we have ordinary or come out and buried the story of the company's the first after the show so so there's enough breaks. Along the show. Where I get to catch my breath I get to take a drink you know. It doesn't it doesn't beyond me like it was playing a metal church shop for an hour straight so. Is intent is it is there's certainly enough moments right can I can certainly. You know I get myself back together and catcher Brett. You know it nonetheless it style playing with a band like metal church or sabotage. It can be just as rewarding is doing something like DSL and and our secure so we're we're playing in Arenas. We're playing very large venues sometimes twice today and I mean that is awesome dog in Iraq but there's also that. The debt real thrill. You know playing in the club with metal church and the room is packed and it's hot it's sweaty you grew up there and yet. It just kick butt for an hour and fifteen minutes and you come up to stage ended debt can be just as rewarding at times. Yeah plus two year and a much more intimate setting. Yup yup the Cinderella Tapia. You know and I'm glad you said that about a two hour show because that is many think yes here a couple of years mean you'll have been rocking out for full 24 hour period. The thumb and I discussed here is sitting here thinking about how many hours up racked up rocking out to TSO. Now like I can't even imagine what I've done so it's. That they are pretty adjusting. The number to come up web site. Just got to carry out today I was sitting with Chris carefree last year we can we surmised I think we played Christmas C Syria able. Released about 15100 times. Be more. Pleased playing playing show is doing rehearsals doing sound checks doing television you know doing this doing that is like oh my god. It's just amazing how many times we've actually played that song. And I honestly every time I play this song is just I feel the same energy as I did when I first played at the audience. Reacts to it it's our biggest on the shelf and it's still you know it's all our ports is so fond plaque. Well I actually play in my church banned. And last year we didn't have anybody. Who could play you know who was classically trained with the keys. And this year we do so weary talking about you know other do and that's. Some like wizards and winner Ferrara there yet for our our Christmas service I can't wait is I can only imagine. Being up on stage and actually physically playing. Oh holy night would be a great run you know then there's so much to choose from viewing you shouldn't have any problems finding the right side. Well no button bile mainstay of the wells another favorite of mine. Else. Just love it I mean it just goes on and on and it's like their last three months of the year always my favorite time here between howling Thanksgiving Christmas that's probably assign the fact they'll never grow up and he got. It's it's amazing and and right now my wife is six months pregnant when our first child and unlike. I can't wait till I get to roaring hand to his first Q a session of. There you go that's that's what keeps cigar and that you got to bring the next generation around and you know and I think it is still it is like. Distress are very orchestra is is such good music it's such good musicianship. India has performed a presented so well and if you can bring. You're bringing young person's workshop where whether they have any idea whatsoever what we are. There are always impressed and in every time we do the autograph lines and into the night the young people come through and they're just they're beaming from ear to hear this. It just so rewarding to see that in an eight you know you want to you while inspire kids. To do something with their lives that they wanted to be musician you know hopefully we can hopefully we can do something along the lines of inspiring them to do that. Absolutely man I hope you know my son grows up to be in the music but unlike you know it out to support whatever. If he chooses to do enough I'm really psych is not tolerate thought of all kinds of instruments to get the let him play around with the house and I'd love to get an actual big set a xylophone scares you downing when kids grow up. The first thing they get inch in of course edged I'm sure you know percussion instrument. Yep yep it is easiest thing to do which is a natural. It's just an actual activity natural act is to pick something up and hit something so drums and percussion is ages or where it starts but. But your idea is great because you it's now only. Percussion hit is notes and firm for a child to learn theory along the way I think is very important. Absolutely Jeff and I very much appreciate you taking the time I'm Sherri probably got to get someone else uncounted. Taken advantage of the fact I got here early so I got to take you for a lecture time there. No problem I don't mind at all. Absolutely brother unplug it come backstage and see you again and. Yes. It just just make sure that you you get hooked up. And you know what I'd love to know exactly don't like what show you're you're becoming too that. Pretty sure I'm I'm pretty sure on come into the evening. Okay so we know it could mean agreed afterward and he nearly all the press and people like that that are that are guest of ours will be. You know we all welcome back to meet everybody's so sure about what to say hello. That's liberal you have to do and then I thought you today.