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What are some of the worst counties in South Carolina?: Dirty Thursday, Jeff gives his shirts away: MCM

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. I give me the only person who last somebody their name and then toll novelist and the answer. All right no more call me a braves fan too big corporations get through the team please frank use. I had to break up with ice cream and many facts and now I'm bench watching Netflix with Thomas and vegetables. LeBron James spends a million dollars a year improving his body I've probably spent half that distorting mine. Lewis feel bad cop pulled me over one time yes sir were you texting and driving less and no sir wasn't texting and driving. I was just checked my FaceBook. Nice mornings like to do. Maybe 3.3 double planet Barack should. I saw a great deal like that ended for more thing. I saw a Arab a great headline. And it says. While shows a Sergey first and then now I'll tell you I'll tell you in. I'm radio friendly terms are there is. Senators Susan Collins Republican from Maine breaking news Collins rips Trump's castle. And that's all I can say at about this country you know and it's I'm. I just all my talk yesterday about that word in every how everybody. Generally speaking says it but we act like that so so called bad word yeah in that was about countries which. Again horrible thing to say about anywhere I mean some people can decide where they live oak and I'm one album look at me born and raised here in an everlasting never gone. As Susan Collins deserves and this year. Our politicians have a different approach she does this this weird thing. Where is she listens to her constituents and here early candidate dress do what they want has been very very novel charged politics ourselves. It's nice it is it's different this trash it so anyway here's the question then I imposed on Twitter yesterday. Is troubled governor of South Carolina which counties would he call ass holes so your question am I right. If he would say that about here. Other countries in this beautiful world of ours if you were governor of Carolina measures will be a war in North Carolina thanks so you know what the civil war era aren't rational or are the south and mayor's corner. Carolina addition here I. Are we going out into war over the Panthers. Are probably not around a mall bomb Biden. Tom by the troubled by the painters and of massage lunar colonial player Billy breast so. Which they. Tuesday in general and put some folks replied and I'm glad to read you as some of the replies of it's trump or governor of South Carolina which counties. Was only 47 possibilities are. How well he's too good film. Allendale. That's one. And it now Andy bill Allendale. Samberg born well Buford Berkeley calories or good Charleston jerky Chester. Sheet I got the Tutsis dirty missed the second and you're back. The bears won and email as first is not Al and I don't know there's number three. And you missed you missed number four which is forty minutes from here. Anderson dismissive. And toy hall of golf you can I don't know her. You're you're an analyst says and I'm looking at the list of Los cure Kara. Well. And three G first before we do that some rare good and responses on Twitter please please share okay. Zach Gillespie said Pau mail is pure bigotry. On account from those are counting. Com spewing nature boy said cal fans can Tony. Our good friend had Joshua foreigner AKP one wacko flock has said Richland and Lexington. I don't know why he doesn't like Columbia claiming. Tyler Phillips said Pickens County fat boy. There one that nobody can be. Lucas bills said Chester Kelly Morgan said Richland Lexington Spartanburg. LP said the old mayor bush brings ran a place in the ground I must crusades Spartanburg. At TJ Richland. Becky said. I would say Cherokee would have the Al Amal. Good point Mary you know important Becky and you have is on a lot of is that you know a lot of responses kind in the same boat you know. It locally as an adult one is fear everybody grabbed the local winner as far as my Twitter goes. The local women now if we're talking in the state wide. As far as I see rich and in Richland and Lexington. And earnings are merely my personal Twitter always she could find that at no match. He's a single mall goods have been everywhere. The worst wanna soccer on the worst. County mentioned it earlier. Would it be released the city yeah. Been through this Marlboro county are. What satellites so badly there is no Austin mayor and it's like a Tom Ward man. A more solid throughout people Sorkin cotton fields down marriage for like you've been everything is old now. It is feels like you sent him back 200 years there's nothing there no kind of business and commerce not the I'm surprised Aziz ansari is from there. I'll yeah okay so I was wondering were you injured veterans from handguns that's right and it's real I hit it and let us unless pick it. I on the way to the beach. In would have driven through on this is gone all OK now I have never knowingly been there. There was ads on the left that party not an hour and handed it to go to mountain I was in Westminster of those coming home to Greenville. You both Lawrence county in their two if you want to that's not accounting that if Florence county. Yeah that was part of horny. Enough Lawrence's own count Horry county best Kellyanne yeah her problems along side. Melissa have made up yet and contenders for this in my personal opinion and it is. What is journalism as county signed Cyrix and any men to have twelfth. This is your personal for me entire stay don't have dual well let's just how many I wrote down I went down a list of counties and yet that one is not good neither is this Mario with twelve. Eighties most of them through the middle part of the state only I'm only dove only got one you know. An island close listed as far is he learned union tournament a top five. The ones where people can be listening to us right now OK okay because I doubt to me people are losing a Sinclair and they're borrowing under Calhoun heard Eleanor Fairfield or McCoy probably don't Williamsburg or some juror Florence county but. But they can delisting us in Chester county. My god why yen us on the so there was wrong when Chester county and you've been there. I don't know what what's what's a city of Chester Chester for new news is gesture sure all right Jim it's driving through. And in Chester county com. They've had their problems with the opiates and stuff coming not out of Charlotte over the years it's a place where finally you can go by a beautiful big old mansion for like 800 dollars it's. I have real estate prices like chamber the Detroit mayor and that's something there's nothing there there's a magnet or else failure for prime minister Charlotte rough and so what should you the number one. And that I can't get them along as only am. See this tour it's hard man is proud I mean opera Chester enlisting you he would be ones of Chester bit. Their neighbors and Lancaster a much better off. Is I am and I've been there gives us more about the size of the interstate marry our same thing down and you know I never. That's a short man. It is you know and then you add that. It's a mood to okay. In excess follow here starts paying their taxes and are you look they would do it together on don't they want that's Burleson and the character profile so I've ordered Drew Bennett. Aaliyah if you go look you know we got to counties if you go to Rock Hill and York around their that's not a bad area but in between. I'm on said Dillon Florence in a warmer all around there is nothing. Not a damn thing there's anybody or saying I have to go out. Well stay sane I just it's Tuesday it. And corporate ten million I'll say we get a bunch of people takes an in between on this call because I I had I'd love cement me not that you know it's an even had lost some explanation why 180774. Double 09318077. Sort of elementary. In order and birds are molesters right there is that in those. You know why that play. Exam every windshield management on the show like using years and years ago and I remembered gold went on Google trying to find something about Orangeburg that I can mention in the interview and there was nothing to find nothing that drawl from Orange over there they have more about Arlington I mean it. May resemble one race there anymore but soon I don't want to race had nothing to split right just. Forsberg got a mall in the school yes it infringes these these critical sir. And I streets of Pickens County here one race only as well. Rob Morrow are now calm boy Lou. You know I am surprised by this in there's no explanation when a lot of Greenville county I don't know I don't know why. I was when I hear Greenville county I don't think of the county ethics cops. If I here's my is that. And watch a little counties are there probably be higher fees. Yeah no matter. Great county sheriff's deputy Graham's down as you are coming here is my worst county air cop yeah answer Greene County is sailors airmen and for America to manage this charity match. For some reason city kitty kitty kitty jets what are called FiOS in my term incumbent prostitutes to analysts are now now let's say for a cup cars in imminent. He had Greenville county alive Spartanburg county a lot there's that whoever takes him moaning count me there's no such. I met most of counting down right. Let's go to the what Johnny gray court. That's big green bull slash Lorenz maybe apparently our runner he wants all skater good morning. They sell. What went what city during the way county do you let things crap hole. Actually Eric Dover Delaware. Yeah who food and I'll speak deletes. Alexander Hamilton and as soon. You know what's had a battle is nothing to do. I only added that the economy appeared at all told they're they're not need to know alert stating that she did. That. What would that part of the statement you just move and there have been all those counties that border North Carolina and that part of its stake. Ban why mess. Beat Carolina and then there's no shot and killed in the local area. It. Doesn't break her. They're so small town. South Carolina small actually small pay that things are console sold scared it's small town south it's all these cities that were arriving in flourish and with textile mills. Everybody was making money in the annals when they take them away and what wasn't happy at all weather comes Wal-Mart to save the day will give you jobs. But then all those businesses are closed down their buys worked for Wal-Mart. Dell is down American story is there's so you know Dillon county the entire county's population is a little bit and 31000 people all 79 people per square mile. There's nothing. Yeah I mean there were jobs nobody who were comparatively high more cattlemen are people probably in order Moore last on the people downtown don't you know comes scenic. And there I remind you that south of the border is in Dillon county Hollister technical. Sharon is. We. I just this meal is out somewhere and a mystery location on would you throw Jeffrey there and I am good morning Jeffrey yeah. I already did did you take suppliers we need to hand out 1000 somebody get a new T shirt. I did I did some people are labor and now they protect suppliers what don't want it oh it is. Business can Lynn Greer Lola brown he's gonna recover the same treatment found acquires. A guy they don't you Willie talk a salad it really talker for a 00 in London and Atlanta. Londoners. Or how to tackle. Jeff is out to do any T shirt giveaway we we thought okay you know it's if we say always at a certain location if there's a mad dash semi madman well. Yeah you know what I mean there's certain legalities and all this crap your traffic area and a lot of people listen and he's wearing a deal surely displays on the action right here you. Dorm where air EDT oh sure now earlier wrestling related nonetheless is indeed you can yeah I so humble. Now the whole morning because we said we're at jets out on dirty Thursday given out free T shirts or is he said Jeff or all the things he MM and I've had a yours you Ballard and UT. Each yeah there's been telling. The world you do it you probably have some people come out broke crap that. That's what realizing how I tell people to go and throw eggs at Hemmer rotted for you do something fairly decent to well first of all an essay where they do or say he's also would you broad somewhere. But he's he's you know giving away free T shirts and then why can't we did some nice gap. So what I'm not saying he can't you know I'm not saying you haven't done anything aren't as you look at what the book or this today thanks yes. And if there's a lot of tape almost pay for some reason. Guys Raymond does all what do I think it's nice no where else will murder. When general well so where is so. Sergio and awaited T shirts start are you going to T shirt or got to open this Erica. Obviously tape on and what's its handling little wet in the flyers we deal with things like that hasn't earned. I'm in any somewhere else or wherever they're on the side of the road assuming there. Yeah I'm. Or do you want brother. This order shirt or that. We're all although it all what do you know you. A telling us in the got. You know talking all your own here work so well. He sure that we are here. Where are you on this show Jeff. We are allocated earlier so I guess so you don't want to be poorly in the future T shirt giveaway read. All are all on wedeman what are what are. And by her. Hashed out at. And the way things went to bear Omar was just I must have gotten work for thirty. The brand new or shouldn't it. So you get my house. And we get your should leaky or American Idol we might easily around that you know what we're sure. You don't get our hopes the mind I don't know how to really get you the wrong bag again. I'm inside your house and I think Jeff pleasant and apartments stores and I've never been inside never you do is very much domicile. Jeff. Oh sure you like it. Would just what we didn't know in your apartment or your house or anything. Or get my shirt. Sit automobile homeowners program who have always turn those brochures that your girlfriend hates and I sent her she was shining a rebel side anyway and I was talking and I sent her a message day after Thanksgiving that's been brewing for a little while and she waited until after Christmas I guess she cleans your closet out those are our energy cleaned out. His shirt she hates she was equally important to. And then there's Florida there's really got to get your gut and now slower and it. One disks it's what she'd gotten Christmas. One our sister I mean it's an affliction shirt got what she gazed. You pay at all eyes it was just suggest close. Was why have a whole thing. Much to get it all together that we're all here. Well part of your daily and jerk sort of ask Ali Ali wanted to gesture. Yeah. It's usually aren't sure. How the how long it will last. Oh yeah sure that foot out left or pat. As brother and you all luck this you the reason he couldn't sell you forty dollars or brag. Are sending them home documentaries and freeze teacher giveaway. Saint bite and side. All are I thought yeah this which is only one. It it's what about paper which hurts though he's doing. She's trying to senior messy and there's a lot of affliction and man. And he knew you know I don't and hardy shirt I saw that one in there. Remember remember that little gold they can have Alan here by us. So just anywhere odds tomorrow off Woodruff road you see Jeff standing there with a large trash bag by side solicitation. Aren't. I think there's a polo or something new to sell out there it is there's also assures reject used to work in there as well something. All. One thing that bag. To get back into view all those flyers you know men and an hour commute on T pass on our guys out the T shirts Jeff has an order from now on your girlfriend and is thought why did you not shirt says she cares for. Wow. Yeah you've got Mike goes but rush at all. I didn't own I didn't Wear and James Blake added ghostbusters teacher sat down under bitten her assault and your yeah. Well he even come back when the the matters NT. Trust me illiterate people come all pertinent. I just clueless they'll go by and see him get one of these T shirts and I would think this is only restricted to medium and large side people are and I don't think there's any accidents or satellites is there anything there's mediums even yeah that's our. You have this much or make its leading market oriented or. Now lobbied and blame them shrink up but I'd just lose nailed a three T shirt giveaway hits right now on let's throw while supplies last I think there's 2425 shirts in the and so. Get a load times yes. I will see here a minute. Very area in the news and surged Marleau so rigid. On the ovals. Are content Ayers and I as the best he man each. Does this mean I love when he's walking around just. You know how he walks results are better off the error event or something just comes and cuts his legs after an inflated I don't ask Tammy descent and I love that. I let our ethics. Other important trainer summer. The weather bird shot toward thing mirrored summer Alia German word for enjoy the misfortune of others can't they need he's reactions what makes a fine his face his facial expressions and the source element so hard. He was less sure last gesture is last gesture and one day she gave him for Christmas Day I guess once he put nonchalantly alert to sounds good managers. Are you yelling out is which she doesn't mind to try and how exactly. A morning show your mother hates. You see drops you at school arrested this morning. 83 point 30 why are. In 2004. Or 5:10 AM a UFO was spotted over Easley South Carolina. Easily done 11 was flooded with one call. The one guy who saw this committed at least fifteen minutes from week to look outside of what the media reports. To read between the lions. That is huge bushy bearded with a true location of very of 51. It's no time for much Magnus conspiracy. Mystery it's. Not released now. It's a chemical they dropped from the airplanes. Our graphics and they were her parents are Ricky Morton underscore character. And I can tell I'm. Maarten Yasser Arafat for our legal argument now and is now. This right here again a lot of people. Here this information say wow that is awesome other folks will tend to be very scared off this. But technology new technology is a soft and scared. Yeah anti nausea astray at jab at me across the road here are three filed with the heel and he was off FaceBook live porn in view sledding marrow. We were trying to video hand down they are possibly we got a ping chairman and pages video and I'm from up here are. And it was all a lot I mean in that technology is pretty damn cold. Oftentimes scary that and you know win that one of the things it definitely through. And that means conspiracy mystery into be in the thing is that two things one aliens. Number two false flags at became a big big tall and it was huge there for awhile false flags meaning or an event happens and people say there really never happened in his just done to change walls and in Ankara this indeed that certainly came into everything happened a million people started screaming that didn't actually happen no matter what it was they would attack a lot of these families and say you're not really. A parent of that child you know a lot of people are being you're actor you're there there are being told CNN that these plotted these people went through the last situations. Armed. But the one thing people would say is. This person doesn't exist that that's not a real personal it just doesn't look right. Well. Artificial intelligence we talk about it once a week in the news if not more and it is a big thing especially with computer systems and if you play video games you've probably never process or any computer very game made by a company caught Nvidia. Indy ID. Hey we made the graphics chips GeForce. Well. Using artificial intelligence they can create people from the effects. Now those processes. They work with the phones and a lot of the app providers and when you sign in to what ever happened you say I give them this declares that Clarence whatever. Many of these and I don't have a list of apps be deprived funded but a lot of them will sell that third party they'll sell this stuff. So what to expect Barrett he kind of do and quite frankly I don't give a crap you've given me a free app take my pitcher. My picture please I beg people to think that your. You Kissinger knew the Facebook's Obama. Everyone knows well what they do is they can create people from the face so they work when this other company called. Picks two picks PIX. Two PI XM six to fit and I see you both fat boy and nine yesterday a snap Chad I sing you a photo of what this does. You can pick a category like for instance I chose the category cat. America things it was good that they were you put yourself in the big Google software and it shows you a piece of art it looks like the how Ariel Sharon that's what you consider O'Hare picks to pick you pick the filter for instance I chose cat and I drew eighty. Horrible picture of a cat. Ended it rendered it new budget this. And renders it rained. Is it into what looks to be an actual photo of a cat. They have another one that does it wins the sides like pictures of landscapes and buildings and stay and stuff. They have these blogs that you take. A name makes it look like an actual build them when it renders it here's the cat picture look at this. I'd Pruitt will my mouse into what looks to be something like MS paint and it renders in to a photo from. They do with the there's one but this year there's one with a pocket book. They do anything that you draw through that filter it will render it sometimes very crude but the one SE yesterday and there. But still in the Arctic cat although. They used and knows are an eye for the nose and I don't know abstinence rather abstract. Yeah but if you can draw worth a crap you can make anything you want to end. So they are working together in what is called. Deep learning techniques. Google's involved with this with a platform called wade met -- and what they do is they take these images especially southeast. They take voice recognition. And they can make movies they can make video games argument straight news page false flags anything they want to. Breaking wag the dog workers. Wag the Dalton. Ailment that he tipped as I got some for you now there's this other. App provider. Computer. Generation. Company I think they're called called liar bird ML. YRE Byrd program when they did they created an algorithm that. It's able to synthesize a real human beings voice in create dialog using only sixty seconds of their force him. So if you talk for sixty seconds thank you recorded and then type in anything feed to say there. So for a demonstration. They added they're apt to Donald Trump's Twitter era in May take what he tweeted and make it sound like he's saying it. Well it's a little rough but useless. The United States is considering. In addition to other options happening all trade within the country doing business with North Korea. How you hear a little bit of computer error on there and they even say and he tweeted that they they took sixty seconds of his voice don't do another when I mean it's. It's amazing thing. I will be meeting general Kelley general Mattis and other military leaders at the White House to discuss North Korea. Thank you. Through all crazy I normally do doesn't seem to do series her voice general coral blog stuff over longer time out. Affecting your downs as this quick all of whom few phrases of 62 seat they can make you say anything now you mentioned. Wag the dog here now regularly the great great movie tango and cash with Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell Euro area member why haven't Kurt Russell. You know I guess trained they took his voice would that computer and this is back in the eighties early 96 and that voice. Put it through the computer and had been saying all these things he never said that framed mom knows that lay back in the late eighties earnings early ninety's. So a lot of people. And you got to realize this till about business in America you do business with the government there and do it there or you don't flourish you do business with the government after. So a lot of people are saying that. A lot of these new stories that come out are not even real people. They're not even real photos they're not even real videos there's a demonstration. On the liar bird web site. When they show a guy take a picture of a field full of cattle through and with two clicks of a button cattle disappeared moon isn't golf. It's incredible and now it's great it's amazing what they say that eventually. Which weren't going to let them Microsoft Xbox. Microsoft is looking to take this where you can put yourself in the video game. Really experiment always sort of indie video game and eventually you can make your own video games with your own gamble with cynic and uniting insane and him ms. algorithm and you mentioned it would be great but look at that's good the positives. But look at what eight do the other neck cannons would be how it'll come out at that you have a new phone where you can call fat boy and pretend to be Jeff just talking in it would come to his chest voice. XS is dangerous. For her arms are up for relationships our hair out there you know it relationships that work. Yahoo! anybody that's saying there were not equipped to handle this sort of attack. Oh we are screw everything up were not equipped for this is the society at least speaking as people. There's a Lugo Marjorie prior moment he saw me but there's there's not older lady who lost her husband years and years ago. And Jon Hamm as it via digital re creation of her husband. So there are eleven other memories together through computer generation now I got transcendence will Ellis and that was a bit that was it was a good movie exists for instance and that's where does Johnny Depp yeah. You know it gives you would artificial intelligence were scares me is when they start using it in Korean algorithms to figure out. Like. I know there are Yarborough winning it really lends more and more to marketing things to him through. Because it plugged deep learning artificial intelligence. It's very intelligent these are official look man it's her and me sir answers to develop these things and then. They're finally going to figure out how to just sell you anything they wanna sell you or or outages. Tell gadget where they want to within the selection of music or a image or color or whatever it is they're going to have the entire playbook or how to manipulate. Us light puppets arm string Shia. I solid if they don't already in debt and outsourcing calls to other countries maybe they can do AI here in the US and have a phone bank where anything is triggered we. I have a problem with myself up right and you had gathered to anger matter Horry and that person would answer from whenever they whenever it was programmed into it and then suddenly go cable company and yeah about interest rates here and called a real person over Maria and yeah. But I I think what's what's the future this wicket I think one day. They can decide they want them put John Wayne you know we talk about that going in CN holograms performing concerts I think John what you put out new movies. I was busy with a daredevil I was little kid. I've studied this did. There's no telling what it is your turn into the air a great need to be real bad who stood guy had the dead actor on the tales from the crib meg it was Humphrey Bogart or some hired. Jimmy still orders are right it was bad then they put him in an episode Tales from the Crypt like a hologram kind of thing now. But it was actually bad actor playing a role in the show wasn't. A hologram but Humphrey Bogart Maltese falcon or some it was I mean it wasn't an original story isn't that actor Indiana bad. And he had wanted to win was also differed availability of the you know even when your phone the availability you have to technology now I'm. Even verse is like three of three to five years ago mind blowing these kids it solid neutral and said they all think that's just the way it is Marco. They're got Luzon memory chips including Sylvia had stones. We can scan and you know look at pictures and stuff like that and I'm glad you said that because I need to mention somehow found out about the range yesterday. I'm an American McGee mentioned dudes later. Now not only a little injured although it's all well some group I think once. I'm so anyway I'll I'll put a lot of links is the stuff that I thought about out there especially the liar bird demo going there you draw anything it'll turn into a real picture then so if they wanna say. There was some flowed across the scrap it and draw they're putting on the news has done. Certain issues that are yours. Seeing me here this in the wrong hands because it is a problem. Today record but the good thing so wouldn't you love to play Mario cart win you talking on the game when your face or would you not like we did see. Or are a new CD from Hank Williams. Would not too and I think she's this stated the status trance to decide they want to put up purple rain to an antidote. Now our visit him isn't Hank Williams or robot singing pay premiums is not any Williams are buzzing in prince is not brisk. A robot right and often algorithm the songs and Hank Williams may have written. It real and I still the difference between real and eight real yeah. Digi before like you got worked by a Milli Vanilli and I need it. That was too well. Well that worked on through your. These guys wanna college stated we. Get ahead keep dedicated work Sharon is or yeah Al lol I do that they think Dell Dell every day every morning. We.