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Nine's Best Damn Audio: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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Nice. Jerry Rawlings. Oh I know you're. And that is what is good somebody you'd spend less coordinate. This narrowed to open it's best that employ real. It this red inside. Insured in 321. Now entail. Okay yeah asparagus yesterday and knock them in a freeze up for today my. Oppression and Elmer Allen men. I don't mock or to grow. What is going on in the world of audio and stuff that we can get licensed to play we had everything from a kid who might be possessed by the devil. They're a dad did you his daughter how to drive with hilarious consequences. But we're going to start with some from the NBA all star weekend festivities. We talked last week about Jamie fox turned. On him in the gym with Katie Holmes. I AM here would you know it was the MBA all star celebrity game of the weekend I do know that at. Knew that he was. You know announcing the the rosters triggered an actual game I know about the slayer I know that who is it. The coaches nowadays and you see these people want to host the game in his house. Balcony around. An Olympic took India Shanley did it for a long time. All I can tell you is Xavier he did a live interview on sports center before the celebrity all star game and when Marvel Smith. ESPN. Try to talk to America's new girlfriend James Fox has walked Altman. Who joined Katie Holmes played basketball malathion bait like the real love and basketball game. Three loser. You'd and it did we lose and he just got out. Things are wrong walk or do we lose. Kind of icing salt flip him because I had a look on his face like you know. Maybe is a bit and Amare really good employee ensued and it always is a bit earnings there. Always has been a bit Al least celebrities that if they don't want you to find out about them they can keep it from me I mean they can't. They don't have that all these celebrities that you see all the time all the paparazzi or when you want to say no amid they're there to do it. You don't get Ashton Kutcher does it got actual brain and said he wanted to get away McCarthy million dollars back when there. He moved back to wearing a maintains many people know camera body and if you go out and do more in Iowa or Cedar Rapids, Iowa or Ames Iowa you know. Your Ashton Kutcher and you have someone who recognizable on your arm. I did and I asked her dark matter eventually right Dahlia can't hide it you can't have that level privacy but you also can't expect that level of privacy now. Now it reasonable to expect that nobody's going to know in two very famous very well known very wealthy people. Are dating and go on about in public together he saved in that energies for Alan you know people Ellen I'll get that energy's energy authority and paid oranges they're tape again. Our wedding. They'll order pictures they could've put it you know. Big copy out on the air they don't ask him about I can win. They'll win DJ look master but Puff Daddy here and she said whatever she said hung up office. As the main goal. Jesse James promote you know. Is that we're Jesse James and we have there he hung up on a studio up is anabolic air. Actually alibi and scrap for years so decibel bombshell McGee marijuana that are determined that. Arm LE Lehman personal celebrities for years. From there we will go to someone who. This was featured in them bang your head bands but didn't get drawn more than cards. His name was featured and there are limits. I had limit of organism on this store Marilyn Manson and Mona island last Thursday planner Sharon had a meltdown in the Miller yeah and he people wanna they're in they're demanding their money back because he was so intoxicated and allegedly well he means love from you need your undying love in order to play music and Merrill. VOK. Okay. Okay. Yeah. And it's. Okay. How wound Cerro. If you say I love you he will play songs that I love you self if you say blank you he will say Google and complain themselves well I'll starter yeah. Our I know I mean I am I don't know dissent than than they get their new album was. Great as good rock albums have been on the people on drugs and an upside down arm and good grades and he's. Probably the best thing that he's done since the way they are hunger task. And Miami glam spells doom three I think he's better nor his older stuff we've and it's really it's really this can end up doing some something funky young aides funky in it's like it's it's it's got kind of looked France failed to it. In bed by a little bit. The good traits failed. Man menus on the program for people from Iowa or dump yeah well the ones I've met there. And many years in. Helmet. We have this to back up your assertion that people from Iowa may in fact. Be dumb this is Loretta Jones she lives in Ireland. And her. You're gonna hear some of her. And then you're getting here I am a police chief named Jeff Olsen from Cedar Falls, Iowa as welcome back into this big artists like speak for itself. Let let let's take at look at an emergency my Mercury has their dull I cannot. Judicial I can evacuating in the Purina. She called five different times but. Calls are clearly not. Oh a police matter. And each time the dispatcher told me that that's not a police Manning need to call you your cable subscriber or plumber you can't be calling 91. We're doing is learn our calls workers heard Toyota was stopped are okay. Hey I was wondering why did I miss that she couldn't do thing in this arena again just the beginning again where she's old structure. Let let let's take that look at an emergency might emerge feared their dull I get that. Judicial I can evacuating in the Purina. Bury your dead or are there asthma and terrible I would like she had kidnapped her manage her she says that look how translated drunk. Auction should oh I'm sure not. At all. Harris yeah fresh and not during this little anger chlorine that's true I mean there before slammer challenge and I you know and hurry up. Yeah I got Tina I was worried that she was kidnapped near green add that I his then you know kind of her reign as have been dumped her into. And in the Cedar Rapids wherever raw goes out of room lesser hardware ARAMARK call Alina Maginnis. Taylor you're very you're murders members to your are whispering that well you know just don't want you know I only know three people from. I know too well Steve it. I really didn't have. Those yellow fell out of the island it found. When the guys downstairs and will fund and hunter and Marilyn Manson now we will go to read. Okay earlier losses on some island cellist MF I don't know and I saw no let. And now letting them glory which when I think it's Smart and that's where we do that I'm. It's a round where you're from there to a very concerned far. A father who's. Trying to do good. Found it. As you can see from the video earned him a martyr he's attempting to teach his scantily clad. Teenage daughter how to drive that car. And she's early and I don't want my she's got to be half net you are driving less and that's distracting well. I'm when ideas and views on the YouTube video of course it didn't know particularly well here's why. Bill King now you slowly precious little of a police slowly pressuring them drink. A day and now lead the break go. But then accelerated or slow turn around turn turn to Aaron who he is there any hope we can keep turning. Thank you turning paying. Now he couldn't straighten bigger impact you know the word but it's. Start turning. The exact turning tech churning turn turn turn you know that's it. Golden State stay fake. Stop the opt out. You know when you wouldn't let me put on. The only crap and. This video abruptly stopped there now EC did that slowness laying in the floor boarded the car pretty drugs food. It's freaking out and looks to be. A brand new Mercedes. Though carnival knew Madson. Aria since this event non starter Barry NASCAR here he's decency once a year and fancy somebody's garage. She's or Linda somebody else's garage is really not even their own there. Oh Lal terrorism in the big push you ahead until. Your Jersey is you can't really get perspective from the video is apparently it's not their garage or how she I don't turn into somebody's driveway that their. House dude I. I should I that they cancel and the video my kid is fifteen pound she turned fifteen last month and and in all the talk about that and I I've I've taken her driving wants are want to stand. She she got her. She does said they were she wants to use Basel both feet and Zoolander is easy can't do it and she just got confused with the gas in the break era when she went the integration of the gas jumped the curb and almost went door Barack happened here yeah cheers exposed to stop and she hit the gas instead as you probably would -- SS scariest thing in the world to know yet I don't imagine my parents raising my kids more well adjusted than I was at that point and we are terrifying and have been they had hand over the keys tea. You know just to drink during Clinton's you know why jackpot there's a clutch British. And they are. I yeah am I saw that there. Other managers ought to measure Bremer will warn my daddy always Durbin to treat her really. We only had one leg thing on there won't be easy to move mushers as the Joker just a real life same story we always drove with two feet in many had to learn and sixty years old to drop of one foot because the only one left apologies or lose it. High gas to break for now. But is that you notions of restraint. You can flip felt like butch Patrick do only dropped his phone is John and then drove a convertible Mercedes any worry about and running. They have eased a big big charities the last frame of the video she's got her hands there marriage is all scared she's got enough. Screaming and freaking out are you don't do as many as a kid never wants to drive in this bad has made a good dad and also think can. I don't wanna take her to everything jewels to go to for Dresdner damn I. You saw the video of here and just add to that pit stop I'm sure it all came out. I'm numerical. I don't know that's my content maximum. I turn it's so heavy metal singer when I went on testament if it you've got to do now. Hit new car drove assisting Muslim. Yeah. And work our guys I can fit now. We're growing all the lawyers were terminated Newark new Jersey's. You don't wanna go from Germany to Newark, New Jersey everybody nobody wants to go to Newark, New Jersey in particular. This toddler. Who people are saying what is potentially possessed on an eight hour flight from Germany to New Jersey. Now I'm never experienced this on an airplane owner bill on airplanes more about three or four hours a one shot you know having been the longest ever done has been one coast to the other. I'm just in the these United States right. There's video of this. Just off and on video. This went on what your body year went on how is the kit is toddler like to retreat somewhere in there my mom's on policies is eleven months what you're about to hear went on for the entire eight hours of flying from Germany to New Jersey. I just a little bit from each segment of the trip to its third before they took off. It didn't stop they don't own them play in New Jersey. Wound Jersey and it may see our kids can scream for eight hours. Rosie your dog can bark all I had all my relatives and mourners only I don't know how to and a nurse care and why do you think they would quit doing hurts. Bark then months. Things are rebellion in addition your kid this dreary old climbing around on people's seats in writer an airplane on how to control. Well BM yeah I have a two year old I don't mean I know for the reason I do. I don't know if it's it did sound kids flyer not demand that patent. First flight for tolerance turning should be eight hours or. Nadu India agreement to Atlanta to check it out here for you lack it everything you have gooder airlines premiered a murder makes me girl thanks served. You know if that is a two year olds scream for eight hours or an airplane they shouldn't be allowed out. Let's hope sometimes you have to turn on maybe they had to and don't they don't like about looters airlines they never had carrots. It is head jobs the worst happens Hillary is going on Larry edit I'm not and loved it. The rise guys morning. Thought he 93 point freedom. All right guys headlines with the aid. And you're Beagle who I already and that's. And then then then well. And then I live there. Yesterday and then man I had. Super here conversation about how I believe that. That man is investing partner and I agree yeah no there there is no there I like all the movies that demand remains still. He's seen it. I don't like all the movies I don't care for Spiderman in any way a former San all not not even I don't lashing down all the love story and now. Thank Nasrallah in a month. Well. And the fantastic four won bids. On hourly thing. As the commutes thanks so thank thing even torture is cold in theory and has stretch Armstrong he's called noon now. Opera man now different universe each member of the fantastic four I just don't like their comics or any of the movies just suffered done. A like each character and record when you put them together as the fantastic four and blue outfit Hezbollah from. Well since we had that conversation. I thought you might enjoy. Or this. And so on put together volts dot com analyst and the best movie super villains. That's also easy he would be you know exactly which one you may lose G. Villains yeah books half yes Mary super villains in quest. Go ahead. Well would you low list. Don't wish bad apple are well I mean the top five and then we can felony others leaner sound whereas mr. freeh says Playboy or nowhere is Sowers pleasure. I find you get tips and tip. And going ahead so low key play my Tom hagel senator Olympia that I wouldn't have. What is different wars brother door avengers without aura and arrests are never made his way that I was number five at the topless. And number four generals on plane by Terence Stamp. And Superman Superman tune. Michael Shannon did a better. This is 199 inning Kana and not agree with back catwoman planned by Musharraf I've earned the you know who she got married her she's grade but at the cameras the ultimate if they were all sexy though they need. Have some big 09 jags look in this chip players I have around not a girl that I. That hey I know I already scared out of water so that I want easily if you have a man even nylon Musharraf I amber and especially at a rent out this is. Or. You know if I can still play around. To avoid this my walks passers as usual routes. I won't believability. The show of Africa alone was great mail order first and verbal section. Given its signature and tried to do it or. We shoes licking them in Liechtenstein and no I roll wrap our anger kick my ass. Tim Burton Batman villains should be on top of this list. Her penguin Joker camera and penguins. Play the talent carved from well they're big debate is penguin and them Batman returns this claiming I had met this. I only half human being in the rear flipper our hands and it's I mean that Ariel Grady it's a lesson toward people lining your face right hand man when it kind of character this guy was like. Perfectly happy phone was dead and fastener whatever I have this web when did you agree fell amassing. You keep leak free agency to face and the crew's knowledge that a man's right there and cargo ML skirt let me tell you I heard over the globe. Oh weekend break here and that we had I don't know if that's true might just be a stupid rumor or not but they say they're grooming for the next Joker. And now. As you give them our guard did. Yes. They still are strict. The president and oh yeah. Our parking feed Joaquin pain at all yeah I think I can my well that would be he might overshadow he's ledger. Yeah guys are not I don't think you're sharing legend Alan Ladd finds you smile try our exact. I mean I really truthfully believe USA Jim Carrey documentary yet here. When you talk about becoming a character in even if you like they care turn right Jim Carrey's Jim Carrey. But when he becomes the movie guy Jim carry out on the red carpet he becomes a character show any said he can't separate himself from. I think that he guided Heath Ledger got so far into it that it just overtook him with some kind of darkness. That the drugs. And pain aids just incredible the memo he still gives me that he be GB snow since that boy the boy oh boy. And in fact a top team that you mentioned Nan and second place from the new movie black panther. Michael B Jordan this character. Made the list says that at ceremony on Superman on solar and Dylan to black panther is also black yes. Is really good and it's what's is that as my alma and my Kobe and Jordan and Eric count longer I'll and they found he's got he's got another 1000002 million. Jeff I don't warmonger back in the death. Oh give nothing away he's really also and a please not from Andersen's eyes you know you MySpace and an oil highlight why can't I think so I don't think that I mean give little time to listen to a story there's some action. What do white supremacist light black panther should remove it. I write this is closely watched that is house but then never want to answer is of course he'd like yours. Joker in the Dark Knight can't Ireland Alan. I'm Jenna knows his joke was better rules cartooning this cartoon and nobody using Indiana credit but it is kind of humorous scene and he has. Devious. Smile and things that he did anyway isn't. It was creepy poll is. The one scene from Heath ledgers Joker they're really solidified their role. It was the nurse when he was dressed as the nurse when all that stuff was just on fire and everything behind him and he is a standard I'm Danny and it can't all law. Before you orders but I think about the interrogation room were the jail blows up when that man beaten the dollar Blaine Kern hot in here now. I bet man's being muted Dan continued just a Latin and it's my. Not cease. You know what I was watching things I wouldn't say their role now they're trying to boy sitting here are you and I guess myself but how do you beat that it's you get the solid Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis good Johnny yeah I mean you know off. Johnny Cash. The Joker what's next. The cash. As our sailors and oh yeah you're Johnny Cash beautify Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis. I mean I believe Johnny K yeah. A good environment then you should condemn what mark Hamels cartoon character we just been tremendous can also trying to have sex with black and computer in a movie. RC no walking Ali yeah you never know he isn't global whatever that may be right. Was account at a machine error at least that you all know all grown. The parent. Voiced by mark panel. And the bat man mascara and antenna in a big cards and stuff like him on the net movement really the bad man cartoon series in the months. Era bears the mark Hammel animated Jerker he's good he's good at but not in the top five and number six. Jack Nicholson. May hand the Joker comical too happy he kind of event. Just some that don't wicked smile and I didn't pushing more grotesque. Killing each end and there I'm not you know like what is she I what does she lets my beheaded. Mean it's like they're Dole's primary here every real nobody blows up a clan all men named in that you know is ash and everywhere some silly like cat. They probably the most hardcore violence I've ever seen it coming movement we get it right. Ed the most hard core. I'm slogans but not enough and wants publisher. I Catholics all right bill one times Jane. Not the wall was burn folder drummer and I'll nudity blows all the scoring yeah everything ally in the UK good random and this year he's got a bulletproof bought books and bulletproof but it's. But Mo approach. My Canon law. Alas I get a guy and he won't do that you ideologues and you probably have Netflix could he had been. Country when cellphone. Case I don't have that are. I've never well how about this guy you're correct in your. Yankee country. Are you ready for Easter because you need flavors are carrying out the uniqueness of these methods meant. Maybe you know our our case are so savvy that we have to change up all the time. We're just not gonna like normal Pete's I'm not sugar color server. So now. There are three mystery flavors available at Wal-Mart. They like being those of where does not taste like cat here occurred in grass clippings thank goodness refined our Yahoo! board in May be going a mile sometime. Pancakes and serve claim her grammar. Saying you know what I say about syrup when you Laney and pancakes or waffles smells like pity. You try to go home leave a little bit on the counted tomorrow maybe I need everywhere. I'll let mental serpent and targets change in an apple opened it there and mama's house rates sicker people availability. Yeah orange server dipped in science. My peca and and Lamine server and dipped and science. Can also get Neapolitan peeps. Some wild. Yeah that's ahead. Abortion policy and and then how about this what scared this is not something that I would care for about my son and I can. Sour cherry peeps are senator became chief flavored peeps at. The gym trail flavored we have that could now well. Make economy moving recommendation to everybody listeners some we all seen his or had Glen bat Amanda killing joke. I'm Randy graphic novel. It's him on the cover early this camera Airways. Animated recently now the thing is the big guys are guys or guys who wrote the graphic novel back in the day frank Melton. And anyway there or not the biggest fans of their work nowadays we have some of the contents are not big fans are but it still animated a couple of years ago remain into an animated movie. Am I disturbing you all really isn't Boykin disturbing. And sick you know it's a bad man animated movie good Alan Moore eyewitness. They went too far didn't need to happen Yoko Robin I'm Arnold drilling pleasant day ever bracelets aren't aren't you are out. I don't worry that. I married. An English or mail only we're a team picture bigger asked that I'm ardent. I Scottish national is they married aren't usually Xavier dye manages to do once he made assurances vendor and managed to nothing from. And is your arm is the only one. The polls last month's prescriptions only to ultimately a rupiah. To a dollar Cooper's notes on. It. Aren't and how long you rotten I'm trying to ask you got it didn't call time this serious and I ain't kidding. We'll listen. That's a character well yeah I wrote is that how she became that yes oh wow yeah well yes that's how oracle becomes oracle and in the insurance or your. And Indiana and that's how you've really got to get initiated hot. I'm Weinstein rough and these others. Now man it's dark bay let me do exist. I never saw what are heard about well I didn't read I read any of the news stuff but I've never seen anything about. Anyone watching knows exactly. That's terrible. Right and is fully recovered well police are searching for an interesting beat. In California. They're looking far a woman who was caught on camera. Stealing packages from outside a house last week. Wearing just a bra still in patches packages and packages wearing just about. I heard it resident bad horrible looking shoes running jacket. Just to Bryant's son Ali jacket and a brawl yeah announced. And they're dressed. I man maybe she wanted to give them something when that happens you Wear britches. Cast your warranty is usually just a rise in the image image recognition whereas US talks and they can seen rob we knew if she comes up and you've got a security camera and may be desperate scenes Madonna added that thirty years ago it wouldn't shock me now when he's a girl and others street where in just a pro. Would you go to mass or are they she's on drugs. And. And yeah. About how are so much in our prescription error for 200 North Carolina did you just able pills don't generally get your packages can be homeless Hugh. I know there are headed beginner to stops rational wanted to take the picture soon. She discretion as she's walking this order your America. And Hotmail on diet and kind of learned a OK okay out of it gets there mess up your ass. Yeah. There and think many people get so blank debt that they go to the Zacks please look into xanax. XR. Zach zags and exactly he's the star opened for them now now. Did. Well office annex as. Restore Buffy think it is and they got a Zacks fees they think it's a full storm finally down. And I'm world there insert its border Mexican. He's president changers as Eliot salads salads like February it's attractive pharmacists they're out there any sort hash. It. Cynic concert or you're not a security camera British to see if making an attempt about the Mormon in the neighborhood and maybe somebody knows who she ends. And maybe they can put some clothes iron retrieved the practice either of the killings that would ban the armor and by the now shoes so she gets paralyzed as well yeah there's shocked. I'll inspire and asked her birth die first through the door for a masters last that is freaking nuts. Yeah yeah yeah they ought to be ashamed of that. The guy who's a guard drew some. Fox something out more. I'm yeah I mean her. It is more especially as the interviews tomorrow he didn't give it wasn't very good I don't mean you used to express and the man was he and his. And it realizes too that wind the Joker first appear in 1951. He was not bad McClellan but he was wearing a red mask the room hiding now that it. And it was twenty years ago is 1988 Carroll praised thirty years ago. Thought sure. So it's a Joaquin Phoenix character he scanning Dan baca until the early days like the or versions of Ariel getting him the character oh. I can be interesting to see how it develops and to him being a crazy person. Yeah kind of thing I don't know the truth is it these fall and that's the best weapon in the first that man right Jack Nicholson fell on the bad ass in the mountains. Yeah this is where do mailing. It certainly is. And temptations almost have the Joker turn then the name Alex from a clockwork orange is certainly our manners which not the same carrard quit. Well we got to have a new UK and we normally lose Joker. On his daughter forgot about him that that was such a. Was beaten and hype about eight east not that it was just going to be so evil that was the Harley Klansmen beaten them all analysts. I realize that either. I discard it and what its like suicide squad none around. Two dog. And I look at it I'm gonna cash I don't like movies where there's too many different care disaster figure out all their bag because I don't know the comic books to know all that's. It's too Cumberland and assess firemen yeah like firemen that was one of the math well. I'm not only can only that I designed to scare different items and there was a scare me if I made that up and bad back and it starts iron champ. Oh he told firemen and really don't think so I'll. This is no. Yeah I am ready name whose retirement is active in the money smoke man right here. Seubert Siebert talent you on the way yeah tired and his fingertips. On page and as your eyes as blue lines. Three freedom its lead to ask you this is the rise guys morning she 93 point three the planet just drop. And I am amazed that FaceBook tweet is instantly and he may challenge. Postcards. And everything already don't NASCAR does a great time and don't forget Friday we're gonna head to Friday I know but that's Friday we will have. Brain left the last line keep that number Haney aid since Ford 2414328864. And 241432. Great. Tomorrow's Thursday it's. Is tomorrow is Thursday we will have more tickets to see tater salad Ron why are. We will have more it's against Carolina rebellion. And an all new phase. I'm sick and then. I did FaceBook doesn't do you think there's dozens of if you look under your chair right now is good and Hank. Now that's not really there and enterprise is and that if you know the answer to miss this place. Lions he has no more. No but good year. We called the one. North American city this morning for war what city did we call to talk to Rhoda. I will give you a hint they have an NFL team. Text that city to the Carolina's paper mill dot com slash kinda kinda and then number is 72341. Again 723419. To third Greg dancer Wednesday's Toronto shout why. Three game page Iraqi orange tabloids. I'm his six think he's Nationalists have a blessed day particularly as it is good. Controlling laid out. I'm glad she's. So you back.